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1. Zippo 24651 All In One Kit

Zippo 24651 All In One Kit

Fuel: The lighter fluid is sold separately. One can of premium lighter fluid, one street chrome lighter, and one flint dispensers. The Distinctive Zippo "click" is a lighter that is refillable for a lifetime of use. The flints are genuine and compatible with all Zippo lighters. The fuel Burns cleaner and faster than other fuels. The clam shell packaging is made in the USA.

Brand: Zippo

👤What self-respecting, red-blooded American hasn't heard of the lighter? The only lighters I have used in the past were the cheap bic style lighters and the long grill lighters. I decided to upgrade my fire starting kit to include a Zippo because of 'Merica. There is a It was a disappointment. I tried to use it for a few days after filling it, but found the fuel was gone. I scoured the interweb looking for mistakes I may have made in filling it or reassembling it when I thought I had a bad product. I realized my mistake after that. Apparently, it is a fact that Zippo fuel is very dry. Is that really true? This is the product carried by nicotine addicted vets during WWII, Korea, and Vietnam? The check-in counter of the local VA has a "Thank you for your service" mug next to it that holds two dozen pens that don't work. Just get a couple dozen disposables for the same price for any kind of emergency EDC, and ignore the "cool" factor. Lesson learned.

👤It is a plain metal zippo. It's a no-brainer to get the original. The quality is still there. There is a What is the difference between a zippo and a Hippo? One is heavier than the other. There is a The product is still made out of quality materials and has the heft of a well made product. This is the product that you remember, as good as it was.

👤It has everything you need for the basic experience, a lighter, fluid, and extra flints. I've filled the lighter at least 4-5 times and I have half a container of fluid left. I used one generous soaking for a few weeks. I had to dry it out and refill it because it got left in the wash. Only thing. The quality of the lighter is something I will discuss. It seems cheaper than I remember. I dropped my lighter on the patio and someone must have stepped on it because it won't close properly. I carefully bent it back. It won't close. I don't remember how these were, but the lid seems cheap enough to bend if you pinch it hard. It's still a pretty solid, timeless lighter that beats a Bic any day of the week, regardless of the quality of it. I might check out an old one at a flea market.

👤This is not the one I had for a long time. There is a It's small, impossible to hold one hand, and small. Did I mention small? It is small. There is a This lighter is small, hard to handle, and a very small replica of the original one, which I dislike the most. I guess they sell this thing to ignorant buyers. There is a As time goes on, less knowledgeable shoppers will buy fakery and corporate stuff.

👤The product was opened. Someone opened the lighter fluid can and used what they needed to return it. The lighter fluid can is located on the bottom side of the package. Half the can is full.

2. Zippo 29889 Lighter

Zippo 29889 Lighter

Fuel: The lighter fluid is sold separately. A genuine Zippo lighter with a distinctive click. All metal construction works. For optimum performance, they recommend genuine Zippo premium lighter fluid, flints, and wicks. It's made in the USA and has a lifetime guarantee that it will work or be fixed free. Fuel: The lighter fluid is sold separately.

Brand: Zippo

👤I bought this on February 24th and now on October 21st. The painted mural on the front is starting to chip off. This lighter has only been used a few times and is mostly on my desk. I'm not happy that the paint only lasted a year and a half when they said their lighters are capable of surviving 50 years and more. This product has great artwork and a great finish. The sides are polished to a shine and the front and back are a nice matt finish. The texture of the artwork adds to the feel of the lighter. This lighter has a long life ahead of it. I have no issues with it, it's just a loose hinge. After the photos, I swapped my traditional flint and wick insert for a butane insert. I highly recommend this!

👤I read all the reviews about zippo lighters and thought I would buy one of my own. I wouldn't have to keep buying cheap ones from the store. There is a The insert is a nice lighter. It takes a while to light up because the lighter fluid I am using isn't zippo lighter fluid, but it's fine because once it's lit it's good to go. The whole selling point of the product is disappointing. The warming label left a mark that I can't get off and it came with scratches. I am very disappointed that the back is not glossy and clean, but it does have a large mark and scratches. Very disappointed. It was expected to be better from zippo. The aesthetic is ruined. It was damaged and marked.

👤There is an update. My husband took a lighter. The dealer says the reason lighters don't work is because of the copper in the wicks. These lighters are not legit. He bought the one that worked. It's a pity. The zippo is good for its case. I gave it to my husband for his birthday and I am really disappointed. I was excited for him until he filled it with lighter fluid and it didn't work. He thinks it needs a flint. I hope I can find a lighter that he will be able to use. I am really sad.

👤30 minutes ago, I opened the package and took the lighter out of the box. The plates with the beetle fell off when I opened and closed the lighter TWICE. They used cheap glue and paste to attach them to the lighter. Not welded, soldered, or super glue. I will probably never order from them again after I was disappointed in stealth rabbit. I'm going to try to get a refund.

👤I left it in my bookbag for less than a week. Went to use it for the first time and the light fluid was already evaporated. You will have to fill it everyday because it is not sealed.

👤A great lighter. The graphics are just as hardy as the color. Since purchasing and still good as new, photo has been carried around in jeans and heavy outdoor work for quite a while. Will be buying a different graphic.

3. Zippo 121503 Fuel Canister

Zippo 121503 Fuel Canister

The clam shell packaging is made in the USA. High quality aluminum. A slip and split key ring is needed. Protects fuel from oxidation. Quickly loosen lighter flint screws. The flint screw tool is in the store.

Brand: Zippo

👤I use this to carry some spare fuel for my lighter and hand warmer. The good first. This is a sturdy item that can hold a lot of liquid fuel to refill your item. It doesn't leak, the cap stays securely attached, and the ring on the top makes it easy to keep it accessible. There is a I gave it three stars because it was not all good news. I can't get it to fit the spout cap. I don't know if there is a vent hole missing or what the issue is, but I have to take the spout off of the canister to pour out the fuel. Fuel spilling everywhere, especially when trying to add fuel to my hand warmer, is a result of that. I need to fiddle with this to see if I can figure out a way to make it work, but in the meantime I just keep it around as an emergency backup supply of fuel. I tried to use the container over the weekend but it was not usable and I decided to change it. I carefully widened the hole in the pour spout and the breather hole after taking a few small drill bits. The fuel was poured from the container after that was done. The mod took less than 5 minutes to complete. It was easy to do since the container is aluminum. When I bought this item, I was expecting it to do well.

👤If you have them in kits, please test them frequently. There is a If you have zippos in your kits, these are necessary items and I knew to add them to the order. Six weeks ago, I bought two refill canisters and put them in semi rigid cases in my closet. When the lighters were empty, I opened these to refill them, and wanted to know how much they carried. Imagine my horror when the entire upper chamber came apart, spilling all the fluid. The fluid only used a few small items that will be replaced. This is a majority safety flaw, and it would cause you to lose fuel in the field, and also cause other gear to be soaked with lighter fluid. If you have a fire safety issue with your backup Bic or matches, it's because of the result. This is not a biased review. I know there is no chance of a refunds for these add-on items. This review is not influenced by a potential refund justification, only a desire to warn others, and sometimes I question the long negatives from non super-contributors. They were purchased from Amazon and no one was concerned about them being knock-offs. I hope I got some bad items. I want you to open these when you are testing other items.

👤The concept is great, but too much is happening on the top of the canister. The "split ring" can't handle it. I lost a flint, rubber holder, andthumb nail when she opened it. The larger area for the key ring that comes with the canister and a swival would be all that is needed. The canister is leaking. Losing fuel like other people. I will be looking for a little thicker washer. I wanted to have a small unit for fuel emergencies, but it was too bad. If the backup canister can't hold fuel, I'd use a BIC. To light a cigar? Do you keep in my bag? Lighter fluid is more versatile. If a solution is found, will try to update. I think I may have found a solution. It was sold by pphish. I bought a mini set of fuel canisters and peanut lighters. The canister is just what it says on the tin, it holds the fluid with no leaks. The peanut lighter is an added bonus for me. I think it's made by ZORRO. Not a bad choice. There is a listing of my review.

4. Zippo Butane Fuel 5 82 Oz

Zippo Butane Fuel 5 82 Oz

Fuel: The lighter fluid is sold separately. The fuel is 5.82 ounces. All butane lighters are powered by a universal tip. Will not affect flame height and function if burner valves are not blocked. This product can be used to fill butane curling irons.

Brand: Zippo

👤ZIPPO changed the look. And size? The can says about 300 liters. The number of liters is 290ml or 980oz. Is it authentic zippo butane? I don't know. The back of the can has warnings and directions. "Do not refuel over containers such as sinks or near a flame" is one of the sentences. I do that all the time and what could happen if I ran out of gas? I don't know if this is a fake or a Misprint. I think...

👤This is the same quality of burning as the most expensive torches, but it is not better for less money. It's great for dancing.

👤I've never used Butane refill before, so consider this review from a rookies perspective. I needed the easy slide switch for cigars, and I bought it on Amazon. It works great on mortar shell fireworks. Since lighters can't be shipped with fuel already in them, I needed to buy butane. There were good reviews of this refill. I purchased it because I took a chance. The refill works well with the torch. The spout on the can matches the refill nozzle in the torch. You are golden if you read the directions when you refill. I didn't notice any weird smells while lighting or smoking. The taste of the cigar is what matters. This refill is very good.

👤I can't fault butane. These things used to come with different nozzles for different applications. These don't have that. It's difficult to fill my butane soldering iron. As I fill, I loose a lot of spray. It's not much of a deal, I'm probably losing half. The can that I looked for nozzles on didn't have any. It's cheap molded plastic. You have to make a cap, why not make one that helps to fit different applications? I guess it's just lazy.

👤The torch lighter was used to light my cigars. I was able to fill my lighter without any issues. I noticed that it has the best seal when refiling my lighter. I don't have any other lighters to compare. As I was filling up some of the butane would spray out, while the majority made it into the lighter. I had to be careful to wipe the lighter down and wait for the butane to leave. I didn't want my hand to catch fire when I liked the thing. I have only filled my lighter twice so far. Will update if something significant happens.

👤I used to use the fuel that came with the ring of plastic tips, but lost the one I needed for my lighter. Verctor didn't reply to me about getting a replacement. I'm not going to buy a whole new can just to get a new tip. I'm going back to Zippo. The fuel works well in every lighter I have tried it in, and the tip fits each and every lighter I have tried it in.

👤It took 3 days from Ca to fla. In three days. Can't beat that. As for the fuel? All I have used is the same thing, the same thing as the flip tops. I don't have Chinese junk for me.

5. Zippo Polish Brass Pocket Lighter

Zippo Polish Brass Pocket Lighter

Fuel: The lighter fuel is sold separately. A genuine Zippo lighter with a distinctive click. The Windproof design works virtually anywhere. For optimum performance, they recommend genuine Zippo premium lighter fluid, flints, and wicks. Lifetime guarantee that "it works or they fix it free" Fuel: The lighter fluid is sold separately.

Brand: Zippo

👤I carry the Zippo Armored Brass lighter with me every day, and it's been about six or seven months since I got it. I like that it has developed a fine tarnished patina, which gives it a vintage appearance, from riding in my pocket and handling the original high polished shiny brass finish. I like packing it in my pocket because it doesn't get used much. I use it every Sunday night when I smoke a cigar. I'm not a cigar snob and the Zippo always gets the job done, so I'm not sure if true cigar aficionados would be interested in lighting a fine cigar with anything other than a stick match. I lent it to the concrete worker who is helping me pour a parking pad and who is cutting me a helluva deal on the project. He asked me if I had a match the first time, and I guess you could call him a chain smoker. When I handed him my Zippo, he started to reminisce about when he was in the Army and how he used to have a Zippo. He carried my lighter for most of the day. He liked it. I thought I'd get him a Zippo just like it, because he liked it so much and he used it so often. When we dump the mud in the hole on Wednesday, I think I'll have it for him.

👤There is no reason to buy brass zippo with high polish. Why? Look at my pictures. There is a The older high polished was purchased in December. The newer in April. Wear happens. You can see the difference. There is a There is a feeling. The armor is more solid and heavier than the standard. There is a If you're looking for a brass model, you can save $3.

👤If you've only ever used disposable lighters, there's a slight learning curve. The flame is strong in windy weather. I refill the fluid weekly. You will need to trim the wick with needle-nose wire cutters. You'll need to take the whole thing apart to replace the flint. There is a It's a well-crafted, classy-looking, fun-to-use, eco-friendly lighter from a company with excellent customer service.

👤I was looking for a cheap lighter that was better quality than dollar store lighters, and I found one that looked sleek. There is a I was surprised at how much I love this lighter. I'm a non-smoker and sometimes need a fire starter or a rope to burn, but this lighter does the trick. There is a TheBrass version seems to have tighter seals, meaning less evaporation, and it looks sleek and satisfying to play with. There's a flint/wick/fluid bundle for $8 on Amazon which is fantastic.

👤I have owned many different styles of Zippo over the past 30 years and I have always believed that the Solid Brass Zippo is the most reliable lighter. I don't know why being solid brass makes a difference, but the solid brass lighter doesn't feel as cheap as other lighters in the line. The solid brass Zippo has a better feel to it when rolled. I've had problems with other non-brass Zippos being less than 100% when it comes to lighting. I don't know why there is a difference, but for me it has been. I prefer Solid Brass Zippo or bust. Unless someone can show me a non-solid brass one that can perform as well, this is the only lighter I will buy.

6. Zippo Orange Matte Lighter 231

Zippo Orange Matte Lighter 231

A genuine Zippo lighter with a distinctive click. The Windproof design works virtually anywhere. For optimum performance, they recommend genuine Zippo premium fuel, flints, and wicks. Lifetime guarantee that "it works or they fix it free" Fuel: The lighter fuel is sold separately.

Brand: Zippo

👤If they sent me a lighter, I would have liked it. There is a I received a lighter made by Star1. There is a It seems to be a Chinese company. A fine lighter. I ordered what I asked for. I will include the link. Notice where it says " sells goods from and to other countries." "Genuine Zippo windproof lighter with distinctive Zippo "click" All metal construction; windproof design works virtually anywhere for a lifetime of use; for optimum performance, we recommend genuine Zippo premium lighter fluid, flints, and wicks Made in USA; lifetime guarantee." "Get it together" is the slogan for the premium lighter fluid from Zippo. AMAZON!

👤Don't buy this product. I paid a lot of money for the lighter, but it isn't worth it. The logo on it was different than the original one.

👤The new lighters are cheaper than the ones I have owned before. The silver of the insert will not fully close the lighter because it will not fully flush with the bottom. The metal is thinner than it used to be, and it is not brass like the listing says. I am very disappointed in the lower quality that is being produced by Zippo.

👤I bought this hoping it wouldn't have the same issue I had when I bought one from acutal. I got it a few days ago. I opened and closed the lighter lid a few times to make sure it was in line with the body. I put in another insert after taking out the insert, but when I tried to close the lid it was not straight, and I had to push hard to get it to close. The lid is not aligned in the photo. The lid is catching on the wheel. I put the original insert back in. I made sure I got the correct case for the insert, I don't know why this happened. The bottom of the case said "Zippo". There is a I will be returning it.

👤The bottom line is no. Don't do it. There is a A lot of Vietnam-era infantry I bought a Zippo. It served me well for a long time and deserved its reputation for quality. There is a These aren't the same as the Zippos. I wonder why they didn't have it in a case like all the other Zippos I've come across... I think I know. The info on the Amazon page says that it doesn't fit slim or 1935 replica cases. I wanted to swap out the lighters that come in them with the ones that come in the inserts, so I bought two of them. I checked to make sure it was not one of the "Slim" or "1934" model cases and that it was the same size as a regular lighter case. It's not the case, and we owe it to you to make it clear in the description. There is a The case will not close because the Zippo 65826 fits in the case. Trying to make it close is a sign that it won't work for this or the regular lighter that comes with it. I had to open the Yellow case and try to close it again on the lighter that came in it, but it bent to the point that it wouldn't close again. There is a I am 1 for 2 with having the model that comes in these lighters being unusable as a result of simply opening the top of the lighter, and the Zippo 65826 won't fit in a "regular" Zippo case. I'll dig through my footlocker to find my old car. Maybe it will work with the Zippo. I'll go to eBay if that's the case. There is a It's fair to say that these are made in China and that Zippo is up front about it. I own and use a lot of Chinese products that are very good. I have noted that a lot of hardware, fasteners and other products are just enough "off" from U.S.-produced versions to make the fit not quite correct. It's rarely off by a lot, but enough that holes that should line up exactly, don't; or bolts that should take U.S. spec nuts/bolts don't do so reliably. I don't know how to explain it. Maybe they're using equipment built for metric production, adjusting it to produce U.S.-spec products and it just doesn't translate well? The lighters are not off a lot, just enough to not be as interchangeable as Zippo claims. I will not buy another product from the company.

7. Zippo Lighter Brushed Chrome Design

Zippo Lighter Brushed Chrome Design

Fuel: The lighter fluid is sold separately. A genuine Zippo lighter with a distinctive click. The Windproof design works virtually anywhere. For optimum performance, they recommend genuine Zippo premium lighter fluid, flints, and wicks. It's made in the USA and has a lifetime guarantee that it works or they fix it for free. Fuel: The lighter fluid is sold separately.

Brand: Zippo

👤I can give a honest review, it has been almost 5 years. There is still quality. I have a second Zippo Pipe lighter. I got my first one in 1982. The old Zippo had the same features, but it was a solid piece of metal. A lot more durable. When I first used it, the top of the windscreen fell off. I lit the lighter and let the flame heat the metal. It has never fallen off since that time five years ago. The lighter is in excellent condition, with a few minor scratches, but the black finish is still good. It does what it is supposed to do. It is simple and dependable.

👤I have multiple pipe lighters, all of them have failed at some point, but the Zippo is the only one that failed. The lighter is reliable and easy to use. The zippo shape and size are what it is. It works... The Zippo Pipe Lighter is simple, quality, and peace-of- mind, and it works every time. They have a variety of color options. The guts can fit any standard Zippo case. It's a huge benefit that zipo's are windproof. "It works or we fix it free" is the trademark of Zippo. They have great customer service. You get the COOL factor with a Zippo. Some people have complained about the taste of fuel. I didn't find that to be an issue. I don't like the smell of the fuel. The smell of the fuel from the Zippo is close to the nose area, so it's not overwhelming or terrible. It should not prevent the purchase of this lighter. I recommend the Zippo Pipe Lighter for the YTPC community.

👤You cannot go wrong with this. Some people don't like zippos as a lighter for cigars, but they are my go to. It doesn't change your tobacco flavor if you get a zippoish taste on an initial draw. When I don't let my flame burn for a second before I go for a light, I get this taste. I used a regular zippo on my cigars and pipes, but I had a tendency to burn the edge of my bowls. The lighter inserts have a side hole on the chimney that is not visible from the ground, unlike the zippo pipe lights. I tried the zippo pipe lighter and I love it. No more scorched edges for this guy.

👤I just want to say that Zippo lighters are amazing and get the job done. I ordered a pipe lighter. I believe I got a pipe lighter case with an original insert, not the big holes on the side as advertised. Definitely not what I was expecting. I am frustrated. When buying a pipe lighter online, please keep this in mind.

👤I'm a new pipe smoker and having to constantly relight with matches was getting tedious. Instead of going to the garage to relight, Zippo has a great product. It's intended to work sideways to prevent the pipe from being scorched. Works well. It's easier to light 100x's. At first, you can get a little taste of Zippo fluid, but it doesn't really affect it. The tobacco can be re-lit by touching the bottom of the pipe. If you have a particular Zippo case that you like, the insert will fit.

8. Zippo Butane Lighter Insert Double

Zippo Butane Lighter Insert Double

A genuine single torch insert. The flame height is adjusted to 2,300F/ 1,260C. It can be reloaded with butane fuel. Does not fit Slim, Armor, or 1935 replica cases. The famous "click" sound is retained.

Brand: Zippo

👤The twin flame has a spark problem. It would take me one in ten tries to light it. The problem is that the electrode is not bent enough down to jump to the other side, instead it arcs backwards and away from the flame. The solution is very easy. Use a TINY bit to bend the electrode towards the opposite wall. I did this and my lights worked the whole time.

👤I have a torch insert. There is a My friend and I both bought them. The piece of metal used for the spark is centered between the two jets. It takes a lot of tries to get it to light up. We solved this by bending the little electrode towards one of the Jets. It lights 3 out of 4 times. I expected more from the zippo company.

👤The inserts are made in China, but they are not "Made to Zippo Quality". My first one worked well. I filled it with butane and it worked for a few days, then it stopped and I filled it again. I turned the adjustment screw on the bottom to make the flame bigger, and it produced the same flame as before. I had to keep adjusting the screw higher and higher until it reached its maximum. I exchanged it for the same item. That one was great! The first fill up with butane from Zippo worked well and lasted longer than all the others. You can hear butane flowing and see the spark from the ignitor, but it won't light. Trying to turn the adjustment screw. It won't budge, it's almost as if it got Torqued down too much in the factory. The product idea is great, but the quality control is terrible.

👤I was not a fan of the lighter fluid cotton balls that zippos normally come with. I carry a zippo for cool and calm because I am not a smoker. I use it once in a blue moon. I had to cut a length of paracord for a camping trip, but when I melted the tip to keep it from unraveling, the cotton balls dried out. The answer is this, a self contained pressurized butane torch insert. It doesn't work when I slip it into my zippo. It would light up once every 5 or 6 clicks after I clicked. After reading other reviews, I realized that this seems to be a common problem and that I should return the product. The butane had to be light up because the electrode tip had to bend towards one of the jets. If you lightly press on the igniter for a split second before pressing, you can get a consistent ignition. I have a functional tool after doing all that. It doesn't match my zippo.

👤If your ignitor is hard to light, it's important to have a note on it. I bought dual torch inserts for my two favorite brands. I immediately filled it and installed it, then went to light a cigar. It took a few clicks to light it up. I assumed it was because I just filled it. I was wrong. Sometimes it was difficult to take 10 or more tries. The spark was going back to the top edge of the insert case because the small ignitor electrode above the torch outlets was pointing vertically. I realized the problem when I opened the second insert and saw that the electrode was bent over the torch outlets. I bent the wrong one down gently with my finger and it started to ignite at one of the outlets. I was disappointed when I was able to fix the problem. These work as I had hoped. I can finally use my bongs for cigars. There is a In the photo, I bent down to match the way the brand new, never used one is, on the right side of the case. I did not take a before picture. I will not bend it back the way it was and risk breaking it for a photo.

9. Zippo Satin Chrome Pocket Lighter

Zippo Satin Chrome Pocket Lighter

Fuel: The lighter fluid is sold separately. A genuine Zippo lighter with a distinctive click. The Windproof design works virtually anywhere. For optimum performance, they recommend genuine Zippo premium lighter fluid, flints, and wicks. Lifetime guarantee that "it works or they fix it free", made in USA. Fuel: The lighter fluid is sold separately.

Brand: Zippo

👤It's a good quality lighter with a distinctive "tink" on opening. The old adage "they don't make them like they used to" comes to mind when I think of this. I bought this one because I didn't want to lose the 45 year old lighter that I have. It is not the same quality. It's close, but it's like they use metal that is a bit thinner so the lighter has more flexibility in the body. The flame guard stops when the lid hits it. It doesn't feel as strong as the old one. There is a I will be looking in the local second hand shops for used Zippos. The prices are good if you stay away from the dealers who cater to "collectors". You can buy an old lighter for less than a new one and it will be more solid.

👤The 1984 High Polish Chrome Venetian Zippo that I ordered a replacement for had the hinge separated from the lid after many decades of daily use. I could tell it wasn't the same quality when I touched it. The pattern was laser etched. The metal is almost half the thickness and is covered in brass. It feels cheap and light in the hand. I don't think it will last 10 years, let alone 35 years like it's predecessor did. There is a The other reviewers are correct. The synthetic wadding does not hold as much butane as the heavy-packed felt of Zippos, but it is still a loose and fluffy synthetic material. It takes two days of use out of it before you need to refill it. I noticed the same problem with another Zippo. It's not a bad lighter. It's a lighter. It functions and serves it's purpose and still looks good, even if not of the same quality and construction as it's predecessors from the past. If you haven't owned a classic Zippo before, you'll like this purchase. If you're like me, and have owned a classic Zippo before, then you should skip this item, even if it's the exact same model, and go for something else.

👤I am a big fan of Zippo. I was delighted to order this Street Chrome Zippo to replace an older one. When I went to fill the barrel, I was suspicious because the felt pad made a large shape into the barrel and the scree was sticking up more than usual. The felt pad underneath the lighter was not filled with rayon. I tried to find a "contact seller" option in my listing, but it was only return or replace. I didn't return it because I needed the lighter, but I stuffed my own extra filling into the barrel. I have never had a better quality Zippo.

👤I had a lighter when I was a teenager. I don't know why I discarded it. Maybe it has the same problem. It doesn't hold fuel for more than a day. I bought it. I have one that I can use to light my stove and start campfires. I'll use regular disposable from now on. They are more reliable.

10. Zippo 3w3f Flint Wick Co Pack

Zippo 3w3f Flint Wick Co Pack

Fuel: The lighter fluid is sold separately. 3 flint cards. 3 individual cards. All zippo lighters are compatible. The item weight is 0.01 pounds.

Brand: Zippo

👤Finally, got the real deal. I got a zippo from a store. I will be the first to complain. It's the worst zippo I've ever owned. I paid almost 300 dollars for a thing that I had higher expectations for. It didn't want to stay lit in the nice weather. I have had to pull and cut 3 times in 40 or so days. The flint was used up in week 2. I bought real zippo flints and wicks. I have had no issues with my zippo. I feel like Marlboro used a real shell. Maybe I just got a bad one. I wasn't happy until now. I'll be good for a long while now, thanks to the great price and 3 wicks. I will not keep trying to keep my zippo working. I have never been paid for a review. I wish I did. This is just my opinion and I will do my best to help others. There is a If you find this review helpful, please vote so that the browsers of the Amazon can better understand how products work. Happy buying and thank you.

👤The USA has a national past time for zypo lighters. The American soldiers carried them from WW2 through the jungles of Vietnam to the desert of Iraq. Excellent fluid for a lighter.

👤If you have a Zippo lighter, you will grind up the flint and use it up. The replacement parts will help it last a long time. I found an old Zippo in the attic that had been there for 20 years. I put a new wick in and filled it with lighter fluid and it worked as new!

👤These are replacements. There is nothing that can go wrong with these items. A dozen wicks and three flint packs should last a lifetime of casual use. I don't need three flint dispensers, that's the only negative thing I have to say. It would be great to have one larger dispensers for a lifetime supply of flints, but you can just make your own. The product is at a fair price.

👤You can probably use cheaper brands to replace lighters, but you know the brand is top quality and you know it won't work. They use the same components to make the lighters. You know they will work. It's worth paying more for.

👤Works well. There is a My zippo is in perfect condition. I replaced the packing with cotton balls. The fluid seems to last longer.

👤This is a two part purchase. There is a Extra wicks are nice. This will ensure no matter what. I will have replacement parts for it. It gives instructions to install. I took mine apart to make sure it wasn't out hunting or camping. It will make it go faster, I have to replace it. There is a There is a lot of flints. 3 packs of 6 are what you get. The little containers are nice. The extra flints don't get out if the turn wheel is used. It allows for an extra and not lose any of the others, if you turn it with the flint. This is going into my pack as well. Excellent item!

11. Zippo 240 Vintage Brushed Slashes

Zippo 240 Vintage Brushed Slashes

A genuine Zippo lighter with a distinctive click. The Windproof design works virtually anywhere. For optimum performance, they recommend genuine Zippo premium fuel, flints, and wicks. Lifetime guarantee that "it works or they fix it for free" Fuel: The lighter fuel is sold separately.


👤I don't buy lighters because I no longer smoke. I have been using a box of match sticks to light my chimney but it is getting harder and harder to get a match to light because the box is old. I have owned 3 zippo in my life. I lost it when I threw it away instead of smoking. I probably still have the second one, but it is stuffed in a box when I moved years ago, and now this one. I didn't buy fluid for it because I wasn't thinking about it. Today was the day that I finally got fluid for it. I over filled that bad boy because it had been years since I had filled one. If you haven't seen what happens, set it aside for about 15 or 20 minutes. It's time to strike it up. It worked well on the first strike. I like the classic look of this model. I didn't need to research it because like craftsman tools, a Zippo will not only work first time, but it will also come with a lifetime warranty. This thing is built to last and will give you a happy life. It will last that long, so maybe you can pass it on to your children. If you like the classic look, I recommend this model.

👤I bought the Vintage style High Polish Chrome. The zippo bag was inside a clear plastic bag. I looked at the side of the box and it said "Spectrum". When I opened it, I realized it wasn't a High Polish Chrome Vintage style zippo with the diagonal slashes at the two corners. The box said "Spectrum" instead of the bag. I contacted Amazon and they sent me a new one. Guess what? Same problem. The bag was labelled "High Polish Chrome" but inside it said "Linen Weave". How difficult is it to check through the bag? Twice I have to go back to the store.

👤A couple of weeks ago, I bought a zippo. It turned out to be a problem. I thought it was a mistake. I bought another one for $108 a pop. The second one froze on me. I went to change the flint and couldn't get the screw out. It won't budge. I've never had a problem like this with any other lighter I've owned. I wrote to them. They said I should contact Zippo to learn how to use the lighter. I don't know what I'm doing.

👤I replaced the regular insert with a butane torch and it's just my every day carry lighter. I don't use a butane torch every day, so I don't have to worry if it will light or not. I would keep using my lighter with the regular insert because it would be bone dry. It's brushed chrome and won't scratch its simple classic, but it holds the fuel for months without drying out. I bought another one after losing my original one. I also have a black one with a red boarder. My best friend has had one engraved for him for the last decade.


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