Best Zip Tie Lock Bicycle

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1. Kryptonite KryptoFlex Looped Security Cable

Kryptonite KryptoFlex Looped Security Cable

Never leave your bike locked outside for long periods of time. Especially in high crime areas. There is no bike lock that is 100% secure. It's perfect for accessory security when combined with another lock. 10mm thick steel cable has increased cut resistance. Double looped cable can be used with all Kryptonite U-locks. The cove is made of vinyl. The product has a diameter of 10mm and a length of 120 cm. The product weight is 0.70 lbs.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤I was excited to use the security cable because of the positive reviews. The first time I used it, I locked my frame to our apartment complex's bike brackets and used the "security" cable through the wheels. I will see what's pictured the next day. The cable was easy to cut, there was no damage to the cable and it was easy to cut. Don't trust this product, the thieves don't know how to cut it.

👤This is long enough to lock up my saddle, rear wheel, and Vector pedal on a 60 cm bike. I use an Abus Bordo X-Plus lock that is flexible, unlike a U lock that is rigid. The lock around the front wheel and frame is enough to deter the bike components. I don't have theft protection on the cockpit. Someone would have to use tools to take most things off my bike, and nothing else comes to mind. I can fit this cable in my jeans pocket, but I'm 6'4" so I don't know if that would work for smaller people. I wear jeans. I'm still looking for a way to quickly carry this on the bike. Also in a jersey pocket. The cable tie is coiled in a pocket, but it doesn't open when it's open. I would like it to be smaller. I don't want theft in the world. There is a I'm sure most people know this already, but in case you haven't heard, the trick to getting the most out of a double-loop cable is feeding it through one of its own loops. One end is looped around a wheel or saddle rail, and the other goes through a lock. If you put your main lock through both loops of the cable, you will get double the coverage. Hth, Michael.

👤I bought this cable and a NYC lock for my bike. One of their selling points is that they have theft insurance that you can purchase for an additional cost. I bought it. I filed a claim after the bike was stolen. They took more than two months to process the half page claim form, and then denied the claim because the thief didn't leave the evidence behind. The evidence was left behind by the thief. It's clear that Allegion is engaged in underhanded tactics to avoid paying. They offered to send me a new lock.

👤This cable is great for securing your bike wheels and seat. It is easy to use and carry and the price is good. I wouldn't use this as a primary way to lock your bike.

👤Do not use it as a means of locking your bike. There is a The review has a disclaimer out of the way. I use this to secure my bike seat, front wheel, and rear wheel. I use the same setup on my wife's bike and it's the only use for nylon coated wire rope. There is a There are pros and cons. The good length allows me to easily secure the front wheel, rear wheel, and bike seat to my U-lock. If we feel it is necessary, we loop it to our trailer. There is a The price was fair for the length and gauge. There is a Just know it's intended purpose. There is a It has been proven time and time again that no flexible wire rope has been better than any other rope. They are easily defeated with wire/bolt cutters. Look for a good price and the right length.

2. Bike Lock Cable Mounting Mountain

Bike Lock Cable Mounting Mountain

The bike vibration alarm can be installed with a double-sided sticker and strap. No wires or screws are required. The design is easy to hide and install. Durability all-weather protection. The U-lock on the Via bike is made of hexagonal PVC to resist the effects of water, dust and dirt. Peace of mind and better security are benefits of all-weather performance. The bike lock with thickness of 14mm,9.84 in (250mm) x 5.51 in (140mm) is very strong and easy to lock. Their quick, no-hassle locking system allows you to lock your bike and wheels with 10mm x 180 cm cable. Great tool for bike safety. Two keys for convenience! The bike U-lock has 2 keys. One of them can be used in daily life and the other can be left at home in case of trouble when you misplace one. Their mount is suitable for bike tube:20-42mm and is convenient for installing on your bike. Refer to their picture to get the value for your money. 3-year warranty applies to U lock for US, CA, UK, EU Cyclists, 90-day money back policy, and online customer service. If you don't like it, you will get a full refund. Rest assured.

Brand: Via Velo

👤My bike was taken. The lock was held tight. The person who stole my bike broke the bike rack. I was very lucky that the guy who stole my bike was caught by the police. The lock held tight and the guy damaged it, but the police were able to break it after some time. There is a The police were flagged down by the lock on the bike. The lock took a lot of pictures. I will buy a tougher lock, but I am very pleased with it because without it, I wouldn't have my bike.

👤The Bike U Lock with Cable is amazing. It is very strong and reliable. Via Velo said that they didn't need to, especially for the price, because of the bonus feature that comes with 3 keys. A thief broke into my parking garage and stole my bike, which was locked up with one of the BULwCs. This BULwC was not having it. The thief decided he would leave the parking garage in a fit of rage with HDBC strapped to his Jansport. It was seen on camera at 4am that the thief had returned. But this time with a big gun. He walked up to my bike and hit the lock with a quick 1-2 with the HDDPG and saws right into the BULwC. He realized the bike wasn't coming off. It will not budge. He has to make a second cut into the BULwC. Incredible. The BULwC fell off and he was able to get the reward of his hard work. He hides the HDDPG in his Jansport and rides into the night. There is a This item is amazing. You can buy 13 of these BULwCs for the price you would pay elsewhere. Do yourself a favor and buy this, and let your bike know that it is safe if you decide to ghost it. I would recommend this product to my family and friends.

👤I was at work when the crackhead tried to steal my bike. Attempting to cut through the cable failed. They went after the U-Lock part and left a small mark. They stole the cheap bike seat because they couldn't get a single part of my bike. I hope they thought it was worth it. I believe this lock is. There is a I prefer to put the little mount in my backpack.

👤Someone tried to steal my bike. They tried to cut the lock. They damaged my bike by trying to remove it. The cable and Ulock worked. It is hard to pull off the lock now that I am buying another set. I will continue to support this company because of this lock set.

👤Via Velo had a 15mm version of their lock, which was very good, so I bought a 14mm version. I wanted something lighter for my bike. This fits the bill. It's not as long as their heavier-duty one. This is a good thing, since most U-locks are defeated by cutting. The less you play in the lock the better. It's best to get your bike as close to the permanent fixture as possible. There is a My only issue with the 15mm version appears to have been fixed on this one. The accessory cable is too short. The cable is 2 feet longer on this lock, which really helps. A suggestion to the manufacturer is not really a complaint. Provide a way to differentiate keys. If you only purchase one lock, it's not an issue. For those of us with a few keys, it can be difficult to mix them up. There is a This comes with 3 keys. My rating criteria is build quality, Efficacy, and 800-273-3217

3. ROCKBROS Cable Lightweight Combinations Anti Theft

ROCKBROS Cable Lightweight Combinations Anti Theft

It's easy to reset bodega. Their three-digital code can be used to reset your individual combination. The re-programable lock makes it easy to change your combo. The bike lock cable is easy to reset. Even after a lot of rain and high humidity, it works. 3 simple steps to set a password. There is a small bike cable lock for your child. It was easy to set their combo and they have not had any problems with it. They are committed to researching a bicycle lock that is easy for the kids to use. You can put a small bike lock cable in your child's pocket or school bag if you don't want to worry about where your locks are stored. LIGHTWEIGHT & CONVENIENT When you want to grab a coffee, read a paper, and mingle with other cyclists, you don't have to carry around an extra pound of weight. That is when you want to carry a lock that is lightweight and still works as a deterrent. The bike cable lock is about 12mm in diameter and 270mm in length. There is a multi functional application. The small cable lock can be used to lock many things, including motorcycles, scooters, cabinets,refrigerators, back yard doors and many others. It is your perfect daily tool. There is a multi functional application. The small cable lock can be used to lock many things, including motorcycles, scooters, cabinets,refrigerators, back yard doors and many others. It is your perfect daily tool.

Brand: Rock Bros

👤It didn't come close to being long enough to be attached around the wheel and frame as shown in the pictures. I tried on three Cannondale F4 29ers. If you attach it to a wheel without the frame, you can prevent someone from riding off with your bike, but I don't think you're satisfied with that. Most bikes would fit this lock if it was another 3-4 inches long. I should have measured, but still taking away two stars because it is advertised in a way that is not realistic for most bikes. The lock is sturdy enough to prevent a thief from using tools.

👤If you go to the grocery store, you can quickly engage the lock that is compact and inexpensive. Wrap it around one of your wheels, lock it, and no one can ride away on your bike. It's perfect for fat tire e bikes.

👤I had to cut mine with a Dremel because I forgot the code, but it's not a good idea to buy straight junk because it's not easy to cut.

👤The cable is attached to the wheel and one side of the frame, and it appears that a thief could still remove the wheel and slide the wheel and lock down the one side of the frame. I was looking for a small device to secure the front wheel to the frame, but it wouldn't keep a casual thief from riding off on the bike. It would be better if it was a bit longer to secure between the wheel and the main part of the frame.

👤The pool gate was purchased. The lock is easy to work and everyone loves it. The bike cable lock was difficult to use around the gate posts.

👤I bought this lock as a backup. This lock is not stopping a bike thief, I only use it when I am in sight of my bike. I wouldn't leave my bike parked somewhere with only this lock on it. It serves its purpose and will stop an amateur thief.

👤Temp gate lock only for daily use and only with a secure system at night and travel. It's better to use a key lock than it is to go in/out more than five times a day.

👤The lock is good, but shorter than I expected. I would have sent it back, but I didn't have time to use it.

4. NDakter Security Resettable Combination 1 2mx12mm

NDakter Security Resettable Combination 1 2mx12mm

It's ideal for bicycles, skateboards, sports equipment, fences, tools, tool boxes. A smart 5-digit resettable combination chain lock is much safer than other 4 digit locks. It's easy to set your own number combination. The steel and the plastic are banded. The braided steel wire used in the bike cable is strong enough to handle both 2.4KN tension and 7KN shear force. The protective vinyl coating helps prevent scratching. The lock can be easily added to other objects and the cable is long enough for different users. The combination locking mechanism makes it easy to set your own password. You don't have to worry about forgetting to carry the key with a convenience lock. Code design makes it easier to carry keys. The code is resettable, which means there are only a limited number of combinations you can set. The code is 0000. There is a multi-PURPOSE. The cable is 4 feet long and can be used to lock a bike to a tree, fence, railing, or thick pole. The lock can be used for many things.

Brand: Ndakter

👤After 5 weeks of security, the lock will never open again. Everything was going well. It did it. It was supposed to lock my bike. Make sure the thieves in downtown don't make morally questionable decisions. Two days ago, I thought things were going as well as they could, but this lock has treated me. So well, decides that's over. I would have accepted this sudden break if it hadn't been for the fact that I had to lock my bike up. I had to leave because there was no one nearby with a wire cutter. The lock decided to keep my bike secure, or the dwellers decided to make better choices about stealing. My bike is locked, but still here. Maybe you forgot your combination? I put my birthday as the combo with my birth date, and although I have no recollection of the actual day, I am used to it. I thought that this lock would remember it. The lock doesn't open when I put in my combination. After a few tries, I wonder if this is the combo. The last 5 weeks of riding with this lock have become a blur, as my friends question my memory. So many attempts go by, and the jiggle and the pull get tiring, and I wonder if this is my fault. Did I ruin the relationship by messing with a code? When I log onto to review a lock, I see similar reviews of other people's locks stop working, and I discover I have validation I didn't know I had. The fault of the lock is not my fault. The fault of the manufacturer. The fault of Mr. Bezos. I want my $12 back. Extra therapy money for the healing of this secures a relationship with this product.

👤My bike was stolen less than a week after I bought this lock. The metal wire is very thin. The cable cutter is going through this thing. Even if you want something cheaper, you can find something more sturdy than this.

👤So far, so good. I lost the keys to my bike lock. There is a The system works well. There is a It would be easy if someone really wanted to cut the cable. Not for urban areas.

👤I bought the bike lock cable for my son who wants to ride a bicycle to work this year as a means of exercise. He needed a strong lock to protect his bike. This is a very strong steel cord that is very difficult to break and has a 4 number combination lock which makes it impossible to guess the combination. A high quality lock.

👤I bought two of these locks. They were delivered on time. I haven't had time to use them yet, but they appear to be well-made. We reset the combinations to our own numbers and found the instructions to be clear and accurate. It's nice to be able to match the bikes with bike locks. I can revise this if there is any trouble with these over the summer. The locks look better than I expected. Everyone knows that a determined thief will not be deterred. The locks are a good value. I'm happy with my choice.

5. Titanker Security Resettable Combination Mounting

Titanker Security Resettable Combination Mounting

The product has a diameter of 10mm and a length of 120 cm. The product weight is 0.70 lbs. The cable of the bike lock can be used to lock your bike to a tree, a fence, or a railing. The cable bike lock can be used for a lot of things. The bike cable lock is suitable for kids, girls, boys and women, and is available in 10 different colors, including black, blue, pink, purple, green, orange, baby orange, baby pink, grey and white. A bike lock with a smart 4-digit resettable coiling lock is easy to set. It's a combination lock and it saves you a lot of trouble, like carrying the keys all the time. Flexible steel cables for strong cut resistance help prevent scratching and keep the bike lock more durable. It's easier to place the lock with the upgraded mounting brackets. Warm tips: This bike lock is best used for basic security. Don't leave your bike locked outside for long periods of time. Especially in high crime areas. There is no bike lock that is 100% secure.

Brand: Titanker

👤I liked this lock at first. It did its job. It was easy to setup. It's lightweight. I used this lock while biking to work. The bike was gone after my shift. The lock was still in place. The wire looks like it came from the dollar store. Someone had a great idea to put a tube around it and attach a combination lock from your 10-year-old's diary, then paint it different colors to appeal to the buyer's eye. This security slinky could be torn apart by a gardening shear. There is a If you don't want your kids getting into your secret magazine collection but still want your lock to be great, invest in a better lock.

👤The lock on the cable was pulled out. Do not buy a cable lock if you want to prevent your bike from being stolen.

👤I love my hair! I have two now. They are easy to set and the soft plastic cover on the outside does not scratch my expensive bikes. Thanks!

👤If it was difficult to get it locked up, I used this a number of times. I spent half an hour trying to get it to open, but it didn't. I had to finangle the scooter out from the lock and still tried to get the lock to open. I had nothing to cut it off, so I left it where it was. If I couldn't get it out, I would be very upset. I looked on here for a way to reset it, but there was nothing. This is a very common issue and it's not cool. Bikes and e-scooters aren't cheap so this is completely unacceptable. I looked at many of the reviews and saw nothing that was related to this, but when I looked in the question section, I saw this problem. The lock turned out to be a total loss to me very quickly.

👤Great lock. It was easy to use. It's strong and long enough to fit around a gate.

👤My son got a new bike for his birthday. His bike is black and orange. He was very excited that I found a lock for him and that it was very easy for him to do. It clips onto the bike. When ordering, I missed that detail. It has a special attachment that clips onto your bike and your child doesn't have to try to keep it away from their feet while pedaling. I love this product. Will purchase again next time we need a lock.

👤The holder was easy to assemble. It's nice that your bike won't get scratched because of the rubber inserts. It's very easy to set your lock combination. I'm very comfortable leaving my bike locked up while I shop or hike. I chose orange because it is very vivid. I would recommend this lock.

👤I wanted a lock on the front bike wheel that would deter front wheel thieves, they are opportunists, but lately with all the loot happening around the country, I am concerned. There is a I have a cheaper 6ft cable lock that I use to keep saddles from being stolen, but it's not very strong for a front wheel and can be cut with a pair of hands. I can put the Titanker on my top and down tube and take it off quickly. I like that I can set the combo, as I already have too many. There is a I already have another Titanker U-lock and am happy with it, so I am a repeat customer. I have forgotten to bring my keys or misplace them before in my 25 years of suburban/urban cycling, so I am considering replacing my current U-lock for a combo. It's 4 feet long, light weight and perfect for what I need it for. I would buy again. If this fails within a year or two, I will update the review. If you have a key lock, make sure to close the key cover when riding because road dirt can easily jam it. The combo dials are made of plastic and can be broken and locked up. I want this combo cable lock to deter front wheel theft, but I also need to use it when there is no bike rack available, or my current U-Lock is difficult to lock securely, so I will use the cable and Sorry. I had to change my rating to 3 stars. There is a If I hadn't had 5 bikes stolen in 25 years, thieves jumped a fence, entered through a side door, and stole the bikes from my garage. I am a little uneasy. I will look for a better product and pay more. The process of using my steel cable looped through front wheel and hooked on Titanker U-lock is a little more time consuming, but it's worth it for the sense of security. Back to the drawing board.

6. Kryptonite KryptoFlex 1218 Combo Bicycle

Kryptonite KryptoFlex 1218 Combo Bicycle

It's ideal for locking grills, tool boxes, bikes and other valuables outside. The cable length is 6' and the cable width is 12mm. Easy click locking, no need for keys, and bike mount for convenient transport. The 4-digit combination is reset to personalize your code. If you register your combo at kryptonitelock, they will be able to remind you of what it is.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤The lock was just received. I bought it for the purpose of locking my bikes up. The length is perfect. It was very easy to setup. The description says it comes with a mount, but it doesn't. Not happy with the description. I have to find a mount that works with this lock. The cable length is 10', the cable width is 12mm, and the bike mount is for convenient transport.

👤I have used this lock at my home a couple of times. I used it to lock mountain bikes to my bike rack and then drove 75 miles along a dirt road. We attempted to open the bikes. Not happening. Went to a local bike shop and borrowed a bolt cutter. It only took a second to cut the cord and open the bikes. Bring a bolt cutter if you buy one of these and want to make sure your bikes are unlocked.

👤I have been using this as my lock for about 3 months, and when I return it doesn't open, I locked it up to go to the store for a quick purchase. I'm going to have to hitch a bus ride and come back with bolt cutters because my bike is stuck.

👤The fastest return of a product. The slide wouldn't slide. Quality Control would be better with these locks. Only 2 of 10 were rated for security. This device should have never been made.

👤The bike lock worked well for a while, but then it became difficult to lock it. It was impossible to get it unlocked once I did. I used the same combination for the entire time. The manufacturer was not helpful. I needed a special tool to cut the cable. I switched to a different brand of lock.

👤I bought our bikes a couple of weeks ago. They are used about 4 times a week. One is still working. The male connector on the other was no longer connected when it was inserted. I gave it another squirt of silicone and it connected, but now it won't connect. It's locked up. The bike wasn't locked when this happened. The 3 stars are what they are. There is a A follow up. Amazon had the same issue with the replacement. All will be returned and I will source a different product.

👤We had high hopes for this bike lock, but it failed to open on the first time we used it. We tried everything, but had to use bolt cutter to cut it off. It took a long time to cut through. I think there was a flaw in a recent batches of locks, which is not what the previous reviews had indicated.

👤I thought this combo lock would be a good one for my son who rides his bike to school. The lock wouldn't open after less than a week of use. I have to cut the lock to get his bike from the school bike rack. Absolutely disappointing experience. Will not buy another one.

7. Kryptonite KryptoFlex 815 Combo Bicycle

Kryptonite KryptoFlex 815 Combo Bicycle

2 wear-resistant keys for every bike lock, and easy to lock your bike at any time, are included in the package. The length is 8mm. There are three colors available. Black, blue, and red. The cable length is 5' and the cable width is 8mm. Easy click locking, no need for keys, and bike mount for convenient transport. The 4-digit combination is reset to personalize your code. If you register your combo at kryptonitelock, they will be able to remind you of what it is.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤Disappointed. These are not as advertised. They will work. I wanted the item advertised.

👤So disappointed. This is a problem. The lock that should protect our item was barely out of the package and the metal was pulled out of the housing, so lucky that this happened before it was used.

👤If you don't insert and remove the lock before returning the dial, you're screwed because the lock seems straight forward. The customer service hours are not always open. When a dial isn't turned, the competition locks are not usable. I'm going with a different company. Their customer service is a joke.

👤I love the fact that Kryptonite locks work above and beyond and are incredibly durable. You also have to lock your bike. I've seen bikes locked onto bollards that can be easily removed. Should the bike be stolen, the lock will help with the cost to replace it.

👤This was bought to save a few bucks. The instructions stated what the original combo was. The original combo was changed by the prior buyer. So couldn't open and be useful.

👤There are two different products pictured. There is a The lock pictured has the release at a 90 degree angle. I received a lock that had an in-line horizontal release.

👤No, no, no

8. FOLDYLOCK Compact Bike Black Extreme

FOLDYLOCK Compact Bike Black Extreme

The Best Light Weight Folding Bike Lock is a top rated one. The bike lock is portable and does not have a code. Strong equipment for outdoor and urban cycling. Bolt cutter drill and saw proof. 3 year warranty bike locks heavy duty anti theft Patented Ultra secure Hardened waterproof bicycle protectors for peace of mind with anti thipper Rivets The multi locking guard system stops thieves. The pro kit and accessories set includes Master Keys and Easy Carry Case holder. The bike locks are foldable and open to the CM 85 Chain Link. There are locks to stands and bars. No Rattle with the Premium Frame Mount and Lock. Heavy Duty Bike Lock mounting brackets for Mountain Road Sport Standard Bikes and Scooters. The winner of the 2020 European Design Award is the Smart Bike Lock. Lock for bike outside. Silver safety tool.

Brand: Seatylock

👤I bought two of them. Our 2k bikes were recently stolen, so I thought they were theft proof. I want my money back. You cannot claim something is theft proof if it is not true.

👤I decided to get a lock on our bikes after they were stolen twice. This lock is great. It is strong. I don't think there is a way for anyone to break it, it folds nicely and small, and comes with a holder I can attach to the bike, which is great since I have the tendency to misplace things. If this product keeps me from replacing my bike, it is worth the price.

👤I've been a fan of my Foldylock since the beginning and I love the way it folds up. It's easy to lock up my bike. I found out this past weekend that there was an attempt to cut it off. It kept the thieves away. I'm grateful that the Foldylock held up and I still have my bike, because I live in a city with a lot of bike theft. Highly recommended!

👤If you spend the extra$15, you can get a U-lock. My bike was stolen in broad daylight by someone using an electric saw, after 2 weeks of using the FoldyLock in NYC.

👤This is the worst product I have ever purchased. The thieves broke the lock and took my bike. There is a It's unbelievable that a product that promises a high security for your bike is more far from reality than it is.

👤I only used this lock for a week, so my opinion may not be worth much. 1. My bike has not been taken. That is a definite plus. 2. It seems to be well constructed. I would not be able to break my bike with a tool that I own. I do not own any steel cutting tools. I am not a bike thief. Another plus. 3. It is light and connects well to the seat post. Another plus. 4. It was long enough to wrap around a slim post. You might need two people to like each other. I live in Texas. We have big oaks. There is a minor issue. No points. 5. The key and lock are high quality. Not a locksmith, but formidable. 6. If you park next to a guy who locks his bike with something he used with his Huffy, you should be fine. They will look at your lock and take your bike. I am not a bike thief, but I would do that.

👤I'm glad I found this lock after searching. The quality is top notch. The lock is very smooth. It's strong for its size. A quality steel like this can easily stop someone with a medium bolt cutter, which is usually the max size thieves carry. I believe that the best lock is one that you have with you all the time. I usually have to leave the thicker steel kryptonite at home since it's so heavy to carry. I can lock the back wheel and frame with this lock, but not the front wheel and frame. It's not long.

9. Schwinn Anti Theft Security Level

Schwinn Anti Theft Security Level

There is a multi-PURPOSE. The cable is 4 feet long and can be used to lock a bike to a tree, fence, railing, or thick pole. The lock can be used for many things. You can store your bike more securely with a key lock. 5 feet x 8mm braided steel cable is convenient and strong. The vinyl cover is tough and protects it from the elements. The carrying bracket is for easy storage.

Brand: Schwinn

👤The bike was taken last night. It was on video. A set of cutters that fit in the guys pocket makes cable cut easy. It took less than 30 seconds.

👤This looks like an effective product at first glance. The non-locking end of the coil detached from the lock after it was installed. I don't think it was designed to be strong enough to resist someone pulling on it to get your valuables. Will not buy from Schwinn again.

👤I lost my bike when it was broken. There is a It works well and has a good appearance. There is no reason to buy it as a security lock. Sorry about the photo quality.

👤I have had a lock for about a month and my bike has been stolen. The jerks cut through the cable with a pair of bolt cutter and took the bike. The cable can be cut even if you have it arranged on your bike. If you want to protect your bike from being stolen, you should get a different lock.

👤The only positive thing about this lock is that it is cheap and light. The bicycle lock appears to help honest people stay honest. My mountain bicycle was stolen when I left my bike locked to a bike rack for one Friday night stay at the train station. I can't recommend this in high theft threat areas due to its many vulnerabilities. I found out that all the bicycles were stolen when I returned the next day. A subset of U-lock bicycles remained. You can only use this key and cable lock in the most polite of neighborhoods where personal property is respected.

👤Provides security for low-threat areas. The product will provide enough protection for your bicycle in areas where the potential thief is not prepared. If you ride your bike to school, the most likely thief is another student. The person is not likely to have the tools to cut the cable or pick the lock. The lock is not adequate for use in high crime areas where the thief is most likely carrying bolt cutter and lock picks. A pair of bolt cutter will work on the cable. Anyone with training can pick the lock cylinder. A tubular lock cylinder is used for high threat areas. A solid U-lock is harder to cut. A regular hardware store hacksaw can't cut through a solid U-lock. A tubular lock requires a set of expensive and special tools to pick. There is a Spend according to the level of threat. This lock is more than suitable for your child's bike at the elementary/middle school bike rack. You probably won't send your child to school on a mountain bike. I would not hesitate to use this product to protect a bike that is used in a low crime area. Highly recommended.

👤I would use this bike lock to keep the honest man straight. This is all I need to live in Small-town, USA. I can probably use it to lock my bike in the library, grocery store, or on the university campus without having to worry. I sent it back because the ad states it comes with a clip to attach it to the bike for easy transport, and the words in the ad specifically state it comes with a clip. It did not. The clip is important to me. If it came as advertised, it would have gotten five stars.

10. Master Lock 8143D Combination Black

Master Lock 8143D Combination Black

The loud horn can be used to remind others of your arrival and to keep a safe distance from you. The sound of the horn makes you feel good. The outdoor bike cable lock is best used as a bicycle lock. The cable bike lock has a four-digit combination lock that is best used as a theft deterrent. The bike lock is made with braided steel and has a protective vinyl coating. The bike lock cable is 4 feet. The length is 1.2 m and 5/16 in. It is in the diameter. One bike lock cable is included. One bike lock cable is included.

Brand: Master Lock

👤The first day I used this lock, my bike was stolen. It was easy for them.

👤The lock was always stuck and jammed. You don't want to be in a situation where you have to get your bike unlocked in the middle of a cold night. I wondered if it was me, or if I accidentally set it but it wouldn't open until the last minute. After a short time. The time is between 10 and 15 minutes. After two people tried, I had to cut the cable clean off with my Dremel, a plastic cutting disc and metal cutting disc, which I was just lucky enough to have nearby. It was always a bad time for this to happen. I have to wrestle with the cable which is too strong and it always stressed me out. There is a The Dremel has a 5 star review.

👤Someone cut the lock on my bike lock and stole my husband's brand new bike, just 10 minutes after I used this to secure my bike on my front porch. I am not happy. I don't recommend this. I live in a neighborhood that is generally safe and yet a thief cut through it like a child playing. It looked like they cut it with a knife, which was rare, according to the police officer that came. The cable lock is cheap.

👤This is an economical solution for a situation where you want to lock your bike up. The section of the cable is not thick enough to deter someone from buying your bike. I wouldn't let my bike with this lock overnight in critical areas, but it's great when you stop for a coffee or lunch downtown. It comes with a fix combination, which makes it more memorable for you. Make sure you mark the four digits down. You don't look like an idiot trying to steal your bike!

👤My bike was stolen a week before this lock expired. The lock was broken at the "key" insert. The material used was very brittle. Save your time and bike. Get a big lock. I took a chance on my bike, but now I feel like a fool.

👤Most people assume that all combo locks have a code. Not true. MasterLock offers an online service to store the combination in a "vault" in case you forget it. There is a This is a lock that is lightweight and can be used as a theft deterrent. Don't set your expectations too high. There is a Lock sticks a bit when it's inserted into a female portion. Jigging helps. There is a You get what you pay for.

👤I thought it would be a solid build. I didn't expect it to be cheap. It all works, but it's not very sturdy. My kid dropped one of the locks on his bike. The number wheels fell off. When it was locked, I didn't try to pull it apart but I was less confident that it would hold up. You should spend a few extra dollars for something that is stronger. -- Product works exactly as advertised, is a good value at the price point purchased, and I would buy it again or recommend it to a friend. Product works exactly as advertised, fit/finish are what you'd expect, but the product may leave more to be desired. Product generally works, but it may not be a good value at the price point or need some improvement. I wouldn't buy it again. Product barely works but can be useful if you try. I wouldn't recommend it for purchase. Product does not perform as intended and is probably a waste of money. There is a My review scale is that. If I receive a product that I would give three stars or less, I usually contact the vendor and let them know the problem. Most of the time, they are willing to replace or refund my purchase. This is the reason you will see very few reviews from me. I hope that helps everyone. There is a I would love for you to reply "Was this review helpful to you?" Thank you so much!

11. IOSUA Lightweight Unbreakable Portable Mountain

IOSUA Lightweight Unbreakable Portable Mountain

There are different lengths of braided steel for different needs. The bicycle lock has 1/2''(12mm) braided steel cable and is high strength. Reject technology that increases safety factor. Heavy duty zinc alloy lock cylinder + 12mm bold steel cable, zinc alloy really solve the problem of not working properly due to rust, it's also good for bikes. Friendly Size and Weight is a compact design. There is a small size. The ring cable lock is easy to carry, free hanging on the seat or handlebars, and placed in the bicycle storage bag. Don't worry about the loss. It's convenient to lock without a key, only takes one second to press. Steel cable can be used for many things. Multiple color can be chosen for the ring lock design. The portable bike lock makes riding easier. If you need to lock your bike up, you can do that.

Brand: Iosua

👤I was able to break it myself. When I twisted the throttle on my electric bike, it broke off because I forgot to put it on my back tire. I wouldn't use it as a primary form of security, it will be easy to cut. Definitely use a Ulock.

👤I didn't like that it was said to be locks. It gives the impression of more than a lock. I would expect a need for a gun rack if it was said that. A gun rack and a gun are not required. If the lock said a lock and two keys, not locks and two keys with a picture of three locks, I would buy more than one lock.

👤Great product. It is easy to open and lock. I use it to lock my helmet on my motorcycle. I wish they made this lock bigger.

👤I use a medium security lock that won't scratch your paint and will deter honest bad guys. I bought a few for friends.

👤The lock is ok, but the logo is a bit off, making me think it is not original. I bought this for an electric scooter and the metal head wouldn't fit through the tires, so I'll have to return it. It's not a bad product, but it's not good for me.

👤I have 3 of them. The two of them work great for locking tire to bike frame. I use the 3rd one to lock my seat in my bike.

👤These are quite small. Cute...


What is the best product for zip tie lock bicycle?

Zip tie lock bicycle products from Kryptonite. In this article about zip tie lock bicycle you can see why people choose the product. Via Velo and Rock Bros are also good brands to look for when you are finding zip tie lock bicycle.

What are the best brands for zip tie lock bicycle?

Kryptonite, Via Velo and Rock Bros are some of the best brands that chosen by people for zip tie lock bicycle. Find the detail in this article. Ndakter, Titanker and Seatylock are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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