Best Youth Bicycle Helmets Ages 8-14

Helmet 14 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Krash Vector Victor Helmet Black

Krash Vector Victor Helmet Black

For ages 8 to 14 it complies with the standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. A red mohawk with black tips and fine multi-color line graphics on a black base is a design. The construction consists of straps for a snug fit and aerodynamic cooling vents. The inner foam is expanded with polystyrene and has a durable outer shell. Light weight helmet for cruising around on a bike, scooter, skateboard or rollerblade. The U.S.CPSC has a safety standard for bicycle helmets. It is recommended for ages 8-14 years but will fit most heads. Take a head measurement. Even within an age range, head sizes and shapes can vary. A helmet that doesn't fit can be dangerous.

Brand: Krash

👤My life was saved by this helmet. I am an adult with a narrow head and find most standard adult size helmets wobble side to side on me, so I have bought women's and older kids helmets before and they work well. This one fit like a treat on my bare head, snug all around like it is supposed to be to maximize safety. I was hit by a car on my bicycle on the first day I wore it. The car ran a red light and hit me. My injuries were mostly to my legs, shoulder and head. I'm ok, but my bike was totaled. After I was released from the hospital, I was given the chance to examine my helmet, and to my surprise, there was a huge dent in it and scratches all over it. I had hit my head very severely, but I didn't suffer any serious injuries. If I hadn't worn the helmet, I might not have made it. I only wore it once, but it definitely fulfilled its primary function of protecting my head well. When I am fully recovered, I will use a replacement bike.

👤I have a scooter that is green and black and I like it. I like the green buckles and wish they had a spider man helmet. I like spider man but still have a cool helmet. My mom said it's not cool to wear it, it will save my life if I get in an accident with my scooter.

👤I wanted a helmet that was fun. It fits perfectly on my noggin, even though it's marketed for kids. I think part of bike safety is being noticed by drivers, and it's hard to miss this helmet. It was easy to adjust the chin strap to get the right tension. The helmet is light. It doesn't press on my glasses because it's cut high over my ear. The button on the back of the helmet makes it easy to turn on and off the lights. I can't find a way to change the batteries when they run out.

👤I bought this for my 8 year old son who said he felt cool, our neighbor's 11 year old son never wears one. It looks like his mom went to buy him one. I see him with a helmet. Thumbs up.

👤I bought this helmet for my roller son, it looks like a helmet for professional rollers. There is not a chin clamp, that's the only thing I have for complaining. I think it has buttons which control the top lightning. There is a My son is happy and that is the main thing.

👤I don't like the fact that the light goes out after 30 seconds, since there's no access hatch or ability to change the battery. My kid is going to have to reach up every 30 seconds to turn it back on. It's a bike helmet that's meant for safety.

👤I wish there was an option to keep the lights on for a longer period. We live on a dark street and it would have been helpful to have a timer, even though I would probably complain when my kid left the light on. My son is constantly told how cool his helmet is, and this is our second one.

2. Razor Youth Multi Sport Helmet Lucid

Razor Youth Multi Sport Helmet Lucid

The dial on the crank adjustment is fully adjusted, with 2 sets of pads with different thicknesses and chin straps. Youth safety helmet for biking, skating, and more. The padding is secure and comfortable. Rider keep a cool head on hot days with 17 top and side vents. Buckles are adjusted and fastened quickly. For ages 8 to 14 it complies with the standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Brand: Razor

👤I bought this on a sale and gave it to our son. I can't return it. I bought a green Bell brand for my other son, trying to match their helmets to their new bikes. This helmet has a lot of forward and back play, so there is a way to adjust or add more padding. This is taller than the average 10 year old. I bought our 9 year old a Bell brand helmet that fit him better than the one we had, because it had a crank dial in the back that was custom made to fit his head. The bell brand chin strap has more tuning adjustments than this one. I don't think it's right for a parent to say that this is a quality helmet for your child after comparing them first hand. I'm linking to the Bell to help other parents protect their kids.

👤Without this product my daughter would have fallen off her scooter. The helmet did what it said it could do. She was fitted to her head perfectly.

👤It fits head sizes between 21 and 23 inches. It fit head sizes 22 to 23.5 inches according to the label. It was too large for my child. There is a While shopping, I should have noticed that the fit adjustment crank on the back of the helmet was missing. There is a The helmet I received was manufactured in July of last year, and the model number is no longer listed on the website. I returned it.

👤I thought they were small youth, but when I got them, they were medium youth, which is 8 years old. It was too big for my son's head and it didn't fit. I decided to wait because he is 6 years old now and it fits well. He'll grow into it eventually. Both of them. We use this helmet for riding bikes, scooters, and skateboarding because of the color and design.

👤The helmet fit my son well, but after about 3 weeks, one of the straps broke off in front of his ear, and he was without a helmet. He is careful with it when he takes it off. It was very frustrating.

👤I bought this based on the information. I received it. I think it's the same model, because it says V17 inside. The tag says "Head size: 20.87" The MAX size is 22 inches. My son hasn't hit his growth spurt yet, so it was a gift to him. I figured it would work since I measured my own adult woman head and it was 22 inches. It fit my head because it was only 22 inches. Did not fit my son. It is not like many heads and is round. I wanted to give a notice to potential buyers, but I wanted to change the incorrect description. If you know your head shape is more oblong, this won't fit. Nice helmet.

👤My son is 9 years old and it's a little large. I was surprised that he could get it on and off himself, but I don't like how the straps are adjusted, he has some delays in his development, so the squeezing is a little hard for him. If I had to buy it all over again, I would go with a different helmet.

3. Mongoose Blackcomb Tattoo Hardshell Helmet

Mongoose Blackcomb Tattoo Hardshell Helmet

The kids/youth helmet has 2 sizes and 11 colors. Children's Day, Birthday and other festivals are perfect for the gift of Rose/Red/Sky Blue/Pink/Yellow/Yellow green. The multi-sport design is protective. The flow vents are for maximum temperature control. Adding a bulletproof visor to protect from the elements. D-Tox retention is needed for a secure fit. The U.S.CPSC has a safety standard for bicycle helmets.

Brand: Mongoose

👤Very happy with the purchase. It's easy to use. It is comfortable to wear. A sleek design. My boy likes this helmet a lot.

👤Heavy. Very heavy. I thought I was measuring his head wrong and ordered three. This was his favorite. He decided that it was too heavy to make it outside. The lightest helmet he has ever seen was heavier than the other two. It was easy to adjust but too heavy for his small body frame.

👤The product is not the focus of the review, but the condition in which it was sent. This helmet was used and sent back, and my son opened it on his birthday, so we will not wrap it up without inspecting it again. This is the reason that I am most bothered by it. Safety is the primary issue when buying a kids helmet. It's really disappointing and frustrating to get something destroyed with a crack in the exterior. This is egregious and you should be careful.

👤The strap is flexible. It is ideal for my 9 year old son. It will fit my head, so I know it will be used for a long time. He can use it for other outdoor activities. Great helmet! Very happy.

👤His brother's helmet weighed twice as much. The dense styrofoam might be too solid for helmet material. I will either drill a bunch of holes or return it. I wouldn't buy this helmet.

👤It is a little heavy, but appears very sturdy and protective, as some other reviewers mentioned. I measured his head just before ordering and it is still a little big. Soon, he will grow into it.

👤My son was 6 years old when I got this. I spent a lot of time researching quality helmets that could be adjusted because he has a larger head. I came upon this one that had the adjustments in the back. I decided to try it. The helmet is lightweight and comfortable. He can't wear a baseball hat with the visor on, so it's an added bonus.

👤Awesome value for money. My 10 year old is fond of the design. I bought it from Amazon after seeing it at target. I was a bit worried that it would get damaged. It is still in great shape. He never fights me to wear it because it matches his bike perfectly.

4. Exclusky Helmets Multi Sport Lightweight Adjustable

Exclusky Helmets Multi Sport Lightweight Adjustable

The fit dial on the helmet can be adjusted to fit your child as they grow. After a day of riding, you can easily remove the inner lining and wash away sweat. The kids bike helmet is safety. The high density foam liner helps to absorb shock. The chin pad and lining are heat sealed to prevent children's heads from getting burned. If you fall while riding a bike, the rear of the bike has a shape that protects the back side of the head. The kids' bike helmets are made of lightweight material and the inner pads are made of breathable material. The use of specialized aerodynamic and ventilation design allows air to go through the boy bicycle helmet and help increase the speed and stay cool. The visor on the boys bike helmet prevents the sun from shining directly into the child's eyes providing more shade, and the single-hand dial retention system is easy to adjust and make the cycling helmet perfect fit on your head. When children ride bicycles, trikes, ride-on cars, scooters, bike trailers and other activities, they recommend using a childrens bicycle helmet. If you don't like their product for any reason at any time, please contact the Exclusky team and they will make it right.

Brand: Exclusky

👤Excellent helmet. Fit my son well, and he didn't bother me at all.

👤This helmet is very sturdy and perfect for my son. My son will be protected in his biking activities. A helmet with a 5 star rating is in a great price. My son can enjoy riding his bike without worrying about his safety.

👤I wanted to get my son a mountain bike helmet, but I didn't want to pay too much for it. He is only 7 years old and is not doing anything extreme. The helmet is light but not cheap. My 7 year old has a 21 in head circumference. He loved that it had a visor, and I love the look of this. This should be made in a blue color. Maybe a red/orange one as well. A deep plum! There is a The helmets seem to have a gap. My son is 21 years old. He was between most sizes. The dial on the back adjusts to fit my son perfectly. Mountain bike helmets look better and provide more protection than road bike helmets. It seems like a mountain bike helmet. It doesn't look cheap. Thank you for making a quality helmet. This will last several years.

👤My grandson has a helmet. He used the directions on the Web site to measure his head and bought a helmet that fit perfectly. He has been happy with both of them.

👤Our 4-yr-old has a big dome so we had to let a big-kids helmet to fit him and he loved it. He wore it around the house. It was easy to adjust the size, even on a big kid who can sit for a few minutes. There is a The color is different in person. The green is a bright color with a yellow cast and the red is orange. The bicycle we got was blue, so at least that went with the PJ mask colors, even though I would have preferred green and red. The strap under his chin is a big win because our kid is picky about things. It was lightweight with lots of holes to help keep heat out.

👤I gave up trying to contact the seller as they never responded. I have no choice but to buy another helmet. The plastic strap is too thin. You're screwed if it breaks. I bought two different helmets. The strap on one of the helmets broke after a couple months of use. It is impossible to make a proper fit because of this. I'm obviously disappointed since I just bought this helmet. I will try to get the vendor to replace the helmet for free or at least give me a partial refund. I will update this review if they do. The other helmet is still working well, but it could be a design flaw.

5. Schwinn SW76205 2 Thrasher Youth

Schwinn SW76205 2 Thrasher Youth

The suggested age range for the Schwinn Thrasher helmet is 14 years old and up. 5 inches. The full Schwinn Comfort features a dial fit knob and full-range padding for a custom fit. Two microshell layers and full-coverage foam construction provide lightweight durability. The easy-adjust dial system provides a custom fit with a twist of the dial and the side straps allow you to fine tune fit and comfort. The U.S.CPSC has a safety standard for bicycle helmets.

Brand: Schwinn

👤I bought this helmet for my son because he outgrew his old one. He put it to the test within three weeks. He is a daredevil. He lost control of his bike at 30 mph and landed on the side of his head. He passed the concussion screening at the ER after being knocked out. He is fine, other than some road rash. I don't want to think about how he would fare with his old helmet or no helmet. The ER doctor said that the spot he hit was the most dangerous place to hit for head injuries. Kids should always have safety equipment. I am ordering the same helmet as a replacement. I couldn't tell where he hit his head because the helmet held up well. I noticed the compression of the foam on his head after I noticed a small crack in the foam. I have spent a lot of money, but this is the best money I have ever spent.

👤A couple days ago I was in a collision with a car that turned through the bike lane without looking. The helmet was destroyed in the crash. My head did not do that. The helmet turned a potentially fatal collision into an annoyance.

👤This could have saved my life. I fractured my clavicle when a car made an illegal U-turn and hit my bike, which turned the handlebars into my body. I remember flying off the bike and hearing a loud noise as my head hit the street. Without the helmet, I would have been in a lot of trouble. I don't know if the damage is from the crash or just regular wear-and-tear, but since I won't wear a helmet that I was wearing in an accident, I am replacing it. As soon as the driver's auto insurance company says that they'll cover the cost of a new helmet, I'll probably buy the same one again. I had no problems with it, it fit very well.

👤I have a large head. I ordered the largest size available, but I couldn't put it on my head. The adjustment wheel is at the back of the helmet. Everything fit perfectly after that 1/2 a turn. The helmet was light and had plenty of air to keep my head cool. I had to loosen the strap so it wouldn't choke me. I'm not sure if a black helmet will get a little hot on a 90 degree summer's day, but I will update the results I have been riding for 40 years and have never worn a helmet. My theory was that it interfered with my hearing and I would rather not be hit by a car than wear a foam helmet. I was wrong. I thought it was time to revisit the helmet idea because of my traumatic brain injury. The other helmets seemed to have more noise than this one. It gave me spatial awareness because I could hear perfectly. I was 500 feet from my house when someone cut me off in the parking lot. I put my foot down after hitting the disc brakes. I didn't notice I was on a slope. The ground was 6 inches lower than I thought. I went into the concrete walkway after the bike fell over. I landed on the left side of my head. There was a lot of enthusiasm. I heard a crack when I landed. I put my hand on my head to see if there was blood. The helmet was taken off to see if it was cracked. Nothing was done to check the helmet for damage. Nothing. It's two days later. I don't have a sore neck. The helmet was very good. How lucky was I that I had a helmet on? This helmet gets a huge thumbs up from me. It saved me from going to the emergency room. I will not ride without it again. I would recommend this to an adult.

6. Atphfety Multi Sports Cycling Skateboarding Adjustable

Atphfety Multi Sports Cycling Skateboarding Adjustable

Impact resistance is something that can be done. The bike helmets are designed for kids. The tough and durable foam would help absorb the impact and protect the head. The helmet liner is made of 7 Oz and can be easily removed and washed. The scooter helmets come with a strap that is flexible to fit the size of kids. Size S:50-54 cm, suitable for ages 1-8 years old;Size M:54-58 cm, suitable for ages 8-14 years old. A multi-sporting gear. The kids bike helmets are flexible and suitable for various outdoor sports. The multi-sport safety helmet is the most important protective gear for outdoor sports-lovers. The kids/youth helmet has 2 sizes and 11 colors. Children's Day, Birthday and other festivals are perfect for the gift of Rose/Red/Sky Blue/Pink/Yellow/Yellow green.

Brand: Atphfety

👤I bought this to replace a multi-sport helmet that had been in a bicycle accident. The original helmet came down to my son's eyebrows and saved his face from serious injury. The helmet might be good for low speed activities where the wearer has more time to react in a crash. The front of the helmet is not visible from the outside. There is plenty of room for a curved bill under the ball cap. If my son had been wearing this when he crashed his bike, he wouldn't have much skin left on his face. I waited too long to come back so we will probably use it for scooter rides.

👤My kids don't like wearing their old helmets, they say it's heavy, uncomfortable, and hot, and they can't think of any other reason not to wear one. Maybe it's because they looked too young. They wanted something cooler and lighter. I was searching for a helmet because our girl loves the band. I had to come up with her own custom Butter helmet because there was no one else. She was happy to say we went this route. She can't wait to try it out, she's very happy with how it came out. When I received the helmet, I didn't think there was anything inside the box. The helmet has certification stickers on it stating the safety standards. The helmet has enough air to keep their heads cool on hot summer days. I hope this will keep their noggins protected. If your kids don't like wearing helmets, we have to do what we can to keep them safe. She will be riding as Smooth as Butter. She has a pic of her with helmet on. She likes it.

👤My daughter had a helmet that was rolling back and exposing her forehead, so I bought this helmet to replace it. I like this helmet. It is stylish and provides good protection for her head. I feel more confident in my daughter's safety with this helmet.

👤This helmet is not safe. My daughter fell off of her bike, and INRDeals I always check my kids helmets before they start riding, and today was no different. The helmet hit the pavement but slipped up, causing her to bruise her head, and it didn't do its job at all. She had no major injuries and I wouldn't recommend this helmet to anyone.

👤The first impression was that it was cheap. The plastic shell is very thin, the straps are thin, the pads are cheap, and the tensioning ratchet is cheap. Can spend $10 and get a better product.

👤The helmet is small for its age. My son has a good size. I bought a helmet for an older child. The size is fine. It can be adjusted. The helmet doesn't seem to come down far enough. The helmet is centered on his head because the straps have been adjusted. It doesn't come down low enough to cover his head. I think it could have used more.

7. OutdoorMaster Skateboard Helmet Lightweight Low Profile

OutdoorMaster Skateboard Helmet Lightweight Low Profile

The sturdy is built for both comfort and impact resistance. A skateboard helmet with two liners for different head sizes is easy to wash away. Multi-sport - Smooth Venlitation System helps to protect and enjoy. Double adjustment - well-attached and long- lasting adjustment dial and skin-friendly chin strap maxmize the best fit and comfortable wearing. How can I tell if a prophylactic is effective? Wrap a flexible tape measure around the largest portion of your head to find the right bike helmet. Wrap a string around your head and measure the length with a yardstick. If your size is between 21.3-22.8inch, you should be in Size Large.

Brand: Outdoormaster

👤I thought it looked weird on my head, but it turned out to be cracked open like a melon on the street. It's stupid to fly at 30 mph on an electric longboard without a helmet. Yes. The fit is excellent and the dial is fine. Even at high speed, it stays where it should. The vent is good. You're not working as hard on an eskate. An important part of my gear is a good value. It is recommended. It's still working well a year later. I wear this helmet when I commute on a 40mph fast ebike. I use a Moon snowboard helmet in the winter. My 13 year old son flies behind me on his own eskate, far too fast! He fought me with his teeth and nail, but he will also be wearing this helmet. There is a I added a crazy fast e- mountain board to my quiver, it makes me want to snowboard it. I turned in a little gravel. I know my head snapped right onto the pavement. This helmet saved my life. There were a few scratches on the side of the hardshell. Be smart and wear a helmet.

👤I crashed my skateboard going over 20 mph. My head was covered with several feet. I didn't feel the impact because it protected my head. If it wasn't for this helmet, I would probably have died from my broken arm.

👤I have a large head. This helmet is good for me. I use it with a liner hat in cold weather and take out the padding.

👤I just started skateboarding this week and wanted to make sure I was protected in case. The top choices for helmets were by Triple Eight and the outdoormaster. The comment sections for both helmets didn't help me much. I measured my head with a measuring tape. I would fit right at the end of a Medium and in the middle of a Large according to the information given. I was worried because other comments said the helmet fit snug. helmets should be snug for safety You don't want to have headaches. I need my helmet to move around a bit since I know I'll be working up a sweat in it, I live in Arizona and it gets hot there. I ordered both the Triple Eight and OutdoorMaster helmets. I didn't go with the OutdoorMaster helmets because of their size, comfort, and profile. Below are details on the issues. The Triple Eight helmet has a 57 cm head measurement. Triple Eight helmets are worn by some of the best skaters in the world, and you can see them on Tony Hawk's website. There is a I ordered the Large and Medium helmets to see if they worked. I mean it with seriousness, the Medium Barely fit my head. The take-off was quick and the Large size followed. The dial in the back of the helmet was adjusted to fit my head. The helmet sits on your head and feels off. This helmet made me look like an egg head, because safety isn't always fashionable or cool. It looked and felt like a rock climbing helmet. The inner liners and ticker padding felt like what should have been the basic padding. This wasn't the helmet company for me. If you want something on your head for now or don't plan on using it much, this is a good option because it is cheaper than a Triple Eight helmet. If you can get a Triple Eight helmet, it's a lot more comfortable and it stays close to your head. The top of my skull felt pretty safe, but the sides and back of my head felt a little exposed.

8. Giro Tremor MIPS Bike Helmet

Giro Tremor MIPS Bike Helmet

Market-leading performance and protection. Giro has a helmet test lab. The MIPS Brain Protection System is integrated with the Roc Loc Sport Fit System for an added measure of protection in certain impacts. Universal fit structuring: Straight out of the box, get the right fit. There are 18 vents. Light weight and resilience are important. Excess weight is eliminated and the tough outer shell is permanently fused to the interior liner.

Brand: Giro

👤The visor is not replaceable even though it is designed to snap on and off easily. This is my first experience with giro and it has left a bad taste in my mouth. Good companies typically can replace all of the parts on their products. From now on, I will probably avoid giro.

👤I bought a Giro helmet for my kid less than six months ago and it is going into the trash because of a cheap component that broke during adjustment. The knob came loose when it was turned to tighten. There was no sound of something breaking. I thought it might have been disconnected from something, but it's broken. How can a child be protected if it snaps? I expected this helmet to last several years until I outgrew it, so steer clear of it.

👤My daughter outgrew her little kid helmet so I ordered this helmet. The purple color has a black GIRO logo on it. We tried it on and it fit. She took off. She pointed out that it was supposed to be pink. She's sad about it, but the product seems to function well, so we've kept it, even though she's already worn it several times. It makes me wonder if this is the correct product I paid for and not a fake or a previous model. Someone would love to explain to us why we got the wrong helmet.

👤The helmet is perfect for active kids. My 4 year old daughter was upgraded from the Scamp when she got her first bike. She wore the scamp well on her balance bikes. It fits like a mountain bike helmet, with full coverage around the base of her head. The base of the head is not covered by normal helmets. The size is correct. There is a The bright green color of the visor makes it easier to see cars and it keeps the sun off her eyes. It works like a safety vest without the risk of the other kids making fun of her. It was a parent trick. The straps are fully adjusted. I think this will fit her until she is at least 10 years old. We will be worth the price, we cannot recommend this enough.

👤Where is the description for this helmet that came up under searching for adult helmets?

👤This is a great investment for anyone looking for a helmet that won't kill their budget and functions well. I wear it for mountain biking. I'm still learning to improve my skills and that leads to some pretty special crashes at times so I'm always worried about safety. I don't have any concerns about this helmet. I tested the helmet's breathability by standing in front of a fan and it blew at me. The air flow is amazing. I don't think I'll get overheated while I ride. It's so lightweight that I don't notice it at all, except for the view of the visor at the top of my peripheral vision. The universal youth helmets fit me better than the adult women's sizes because I am an adult with a small head. I used the chart to measure my size. The helmet's purple color is almost more blue than its purple counterpart. I would have been on cloud nine with it if it was the same color as the lining pads and the buckles. I have no regrets with my purchase. I had to return a helmet I received because of a defect in the packaging. The replacement was in perfect working order and the exchange was fast. There is a The lightweight budget friendly is a good thing. Easy to adjust. It wasn't what I expected.

9. Bell Richter Bike Helmet Titanium

Bell Richter Bike Helmet Titanium

The style and design is similar to the classic bicycle helmet with a low profile and great coverage. Their True Fit system is easy to use and works for every ride. The Pinch Guard is a patented buckle. The U.S.CPSC has a safety standard for bicycle helmets. It is recommended for kids ages 8-14 but will fit most heads. Take a head measurement. Even within an age range, head sizes and shapes can vary. A helmet that does not fit can be dangerous.

Brand: Bell

👤There is a difference between Bell and the other helmets that are on sale. Bell has been around since the 1950's and is respected around the world for making a superior product. Indy car drivers, motocross professionals, NASCAR drivers, cart racers, Tour de France cyclists, and everyday people like you and me are the choice of them. I was pleasantly surprised to see this helmet at a great price on Amazon, I was looking for a quality helmet for my 10 year old grandson. It was great to find out that the package was made in the US. The construction is top notch and the images on the listing don't portray how nice and vibrant the helmet's graphics are. Instructions are clear on how to fit. It fits Grandson perfectly. Don't pay more than a dollar or two. Your loved ones safety and well being are of paramount importance. Bell has a long history. The helmet is a good buy at a reasonable price.

👤I was hesitant to get a universal fit helmet for my kids because they rattle around on top of their head, not protecting anything. There is a The elastic rear and chin straps are perfect for my kids. I bought one for each of my four kids, with head shapes ranging from "spheroid" to "egg-ish." The helmet fits them all securely. I have to do something about the teenagers who are speeding through my neighborhood.

👤The outer shell of the helmet popped off when my son wore it for a week. I might try hot glueing myself back on. The helmet is not adjusted like most.

👤Kids aren't easy on things. They think that everything is safe. It's a big deal when you teach them that something needs to be taken care of. I told my son to put his helmet on his handlebars when he got off his bike. It hangs there not touching anything. I noticed that the bill is moving. The plastic nubs that hold it in place are broken off. I expected this feature to last for a while.

👤I bought a helmet for my son that was high quality, and it was the glacier chevron design. The color in the picture is not true. It is clearly a girl's helmet. My son is willing to wear it now that he has Sharpie.

👤My 2nd graders bike helmet is too big for him. There is a He had no problem with it for a long time. It looked good and was reasonably priced. There is a We went for a bike ride. My son said it's hurting. I took the helmet off, and I could feel the glue on his hair. There is a Maybe this was a one-off. I will return it.

👤The helmet didn't work for my grandson. The helmet is tight but still able to move despite the adjustment. Being a Bell, I would expect it to be a good product. I am returning it and getting a new one.

10. JBM International Resistance Ventilation Multi Sports

JBM International Resistance Ventilation Multi Sports

Skateboard helmets are flexible and suitable for multi-sports activities, including inline and roller skating. The helmets are essential for outdoor sports-lovers. The chart is for small, medium, and large. The helmets come with a strap that can be adjusted to fit you. The flexibility of the strap makes it a universal product that would fit both genders. The helmets are designed for multi-sports head protection. The material use is tough and durable and would help protect the head during impact. The use of multiple vents, special aerodynamic design and breathable foam reduce sweating and keep you cool. The high body temperature is caused by body movements. The package includes a helmet.

Brand: Jbm International

👤It fits my man head. It could be a little bigger. I use it for my hover board rides. The daughter is wearing the same size.

👤The helmet saved my head from a nasty fall. It's good for adults if you're a brand that claims "large" but they're still too small. It's certified for cyclists, skateboarders and many other things.

👤I'm usually skeptical about the sizes of protective gears. There was a serious lack of a sizing chart. There is a My child is 8 years old and is about 6 feet tall. Most accounts are skinny. The helmet fits perfectly. If oroduct description was better informed about size, it would be 5 stars. The helmet is great value.

👤Get the largest helmet. The knob can be adjusted for better fit. Turn it slowly and gently because it is fragile. If it gets caught in the padding, use your index finger to push the end piece down towards the chin straps as your other hand adjusts the knob. Once unblocked, the knob should turn smoothly. You'll figure it out. Most people complain about the helmet being too small because they don't know how to open the knob. The velco chin strap has additional length if you remove it. Put the velcro back on if you don't like your size. Not the most powerful strap. It works well. There is a I put some red stickers on the helmet to give it more visibility. I think it's a good deal to pay about fifteen dollars. Cheers!

👤The helmets we bought were orange in size. Even though both helmets have label S on the inside, one is way bigger than the other, as you can see on the picture. The boxes show size Small, which is not a shipping issue, but a quality issue. The helmets are good, the materials are great, and the smaller helmet is great for kids 3 and 4 years old. The bigger helmet is a little too large. The helmets are 5 stars, the sizing issue is 1 star, and so on.

👤I ordered a medium. The thing is so small that it doesn't fit on my son's head. I don't think an adult large would fit on the 8 year old's head. The adult helmets are larger than the youth helmets. This was supposed to be a replacement for him. They do not allow returns. It arrived two days ago, not as advertised, and they don't take returns. I have a helmet they can have if you know of a skateboarding infant.

👤What a great helmet. It came early. Love the color. I ordered a small amount. My head is 21in. It fit perfectly. I think it's good.

👤The helmet is light and has a low profile. Its design makes it nice to wear. I have a small head. I bought the large and it fit perfectly. To cinch it down a little front to back, I will only turn the adjustment knob. If you have a head circumference greater than 23", I would get an XL Helmet in this brand. I research everything before I make a purchase. The helmet is made to protect against multiple hits. I'm not expecting to take a hard hit because I'm using it as a helmet. I want that protection in case. I want my helmet to stay in place during hits. You can spend a lot more or a little less money on a helmet that is comparable. Even helmets costing $50 more did not exceed the protective capabilities of this product. You get what you pay for if you spend less. Not wearing a helmet is just as bad as having a helmet that isn't fitting. I will only buy helmets that fit well on the fly. Buy it!

11. Mountalk Helmet Bicycle Helmets Magnetic

Mountalk Helmet Bicycle Helmets Magnetic

The bicycle road bike and mountain bike helmet has been certified by theCPSC. The helmet is light for youth and adult. The cooling pads and vents are made of comfort pads. The magnetic light is perfect for commuter cycling. There is no risk to buy. If you have a quality issue in 12 months, please contact them via AMZ mail system and they will act to refund or exchange.

Brand: Mountalk

👤I took a spill with my dog. We both had a small cut up. The back of my head was wiped out. The light cracked into the helmet. I felt no pressure on impact. Nothing too serious... I'm buying my next one now.

👤I ordered helmets that were different in size. One arrived from Amazon in a box five times larger than what was needed. It was like having a marble in a jar. Thankfully it was a safety helmet, so no thanks to the packer, it arrived in good shape and was brand new with all tags attached. The second one was packed in a box with padding and arrived in good shape. It was water stained and the sun faded without any tags attached. It should have been sold as a used product. I blame Amazon not the manufacturer. There is a The helmets are very functional and fit as they were described in the advertisement. The yellow one should never be sold as new. There is a Since the helmet was undamaged, it was decided to keep them. There is a Mountalk has five stars for a great product and great fit. There is a Amazon needs more training on how to sort return goods into their proper place for resale.

👤I fell while riding my bike. I hit my head. The helmet was intact after being hit. Had I not been wearing my helmet, I would have suffered a serious head injury. You can't see a scratch on the helmet. I have a small spot above my eyebrow. I don't want to think about the injury I would have suffered if I hadn't been wearing my helmet.

👤The helmet arrived without a packaging or magnetic light. It looks like they put it in a box. The helmet seems good.

👤The helmet is comfortable and snug. I like the knob on the back. I use this with my rad power Ebike. You don't have to haul around the whole helmet when you charge it with the detachable light. Overall satisfied.

👤The size chart is accurate. The light is on the back. You are very visible to drivers.

👤The helmet is cheap. Excellent finish and attachment points. It is comfortable to wear. There is a The red flashing light is built into a magnet. It can be taken off the helmet for the purpose of charging. The pressure cover for the light on/off switch was missing.


What is the best product for youth bicycle helmets ages 8-14?

Youth bicycle helmets ages 8-14 products from Krash. In this article about youth bicycle helmets ages 8-14 you can see why people choose the product. Razor and Mongoose are also good brands to look for when you are finding youth bicycle helmets ages 8-14.

What are the best brands for youth bicycle helmets ages 8-14?

Krash, Razor and Mongoose are some of the best brands that chosen by people for youth bicycle helmets ages 8-14. Find the detail in this article. Exclusky, Schwinn and Atphfety are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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