Best Seat Post Clamp Bicycle 31.8 Quick Release

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1. Outstanding Release Folding Bicycle Mountain

Outstanding Release Folding Bicycle Mountain

The length of the screw rod. The weight is 38g. The seat tube is locked with a metal gasket. The locking force is strong and it is easy to fall off. The quick release design makes it easy to adjust the height of the bicycle seat. The high quality rod is made of high quality steel.

Brand: E-outstanding

2. UPANBIKE Aluminum Seatpost Hollow Release

UPANBIKE Aluminum Seatpost Hollow Release

The seatpost is made of aluminum. The diameter is 31.9mm and the seatpost is 28.6mm. Quick release lock design is easy to install and use, you can adjust the lock on the way without any other tools. Light weight hollow design;Clamp gasket made of copper, more wear-resistant, make it last longer. The bike seatpost is included.

Brand: Upanbike

👤The HOTROCK 20 6-SPEED girls bike is a perfect match for this. Since there's a small lip around one side of the seat post, this will only slide onto the seat post one way. I thought I had the wrong size or that it was a bad piece of furniture until I flipped it over and it slid onto the seat post. The correct orientation will cause the lever to close in a counter-clockwise direction.

👤Good looking, good style! It's really useful to have a small lip over the top side. Even when you open the door, it's really sturdy in place. My daughter has a 24” mtb bike. It is a good idea to spend a bit of money to change the look of your bike.

👤The tolerances were acceptable. Even from online photos, it is obvious that the final finish work is not up to the same standards as one might find with Paul, Wolf, Thomson or White Industries. You can see the roughness. Otherwise, it's fine.

👤The quality of the item is not the same as pictured, and I got a yellow one instead of a green one. It seems to do the job, but it looks bad. You get what you pay for.

👤You get what you pay for. Look good. It costs good. The Clamp is good. I graded the lever pivot and it helped, but it's still not perfect. I would buy again if I were looking for a seat clamp in this price range.

👤This seatpost is not compatible with a 34.9 seatpost. It is too small.

👤If you push hard enough seat will turn.

👤I tried to stretch it out, but it didn't work, so I just took the purple quick release and put it on my specialized piece of furniture.

3. Release 34 9mm 31 8mm Bicycle Seatpost

Release 34 9mm 31 8mm Bicycle Seatpost

Two strong retaining bolts ensure that it is double sturdy and firm. The weights are 45g. The seatpost can be adjusted within seconds with the help of the lightweight aluminum quick release seatpost. 28.6 suits are used for seatpost. The seatpost is 28.6mm and the clamp is 31.8mm. The seatpost is 31.6mm and the suits are 34.9mm. They are light and solidly made because of their hollow lever design and sleek retaining bolt. If your seatpost is 28.6mm, please check it. The seat post tube diameter is not the seat post diameter.

Brand: Mtbhome

👤The mongoose fat bike needed a replacement. The seatpost was not held by the stock one. The frame was tack welded to the original clamp, but it was removed with a dremel tool.

👤It does what it should, it's a quick release seat clamp. My wife's 2012 turner has a quick release 34.9 seat clamp. I got sick of messing with her bike, which came with a standard seat lock. If the tensioner starts lurching out, I'll put a dash of loctite on it. The lever is long and easy for my wife to close.

👤It fit perfectly and was easy to hold my extra large seat securely. I weigh more than most bicycles so this is working overtime.

👤It worked as advertised. Measure your frame outside of the seat tube.

👤Works better than expected.

👤I ordered this product because I wanted the seat post to have a quick release lever. After opening the package, they sent me a seat post.

👤This works well and is a good price. The seat is easy to use.

4. SeatPost Aluminium Seatpost Cannondale Specialized

SeatPost Aluminium Seatpost Cannondale Specialized

The bike seat post is 34.9mm in diameter and 35.2mm in length. The Quick Release Bike Seat Clamp is made of aluminum and carbon fiber. 7005 aluminum alloy is the material. The diameter is 31.8mm. It is easy to use. ISO 9001 is a high quality standard. The seat post tube diameter is not the seat post diameter.

Brand: Odier

👤The material is too soft and just a few days, the threads strip and bolt is not long enough. Think about what you'll feel when your seatpost becomes loose when you ride, it's a very dangerous product. I bought this product because it has a lot of good reviews, and I will not trust the fake reviews again.

👤When I put it on my bike, it was stripped immediately. The threads need to be stronger. I was able to mix and match parts with my old one.

👤I had some doubts after reading some user reviews who said that the seatpost clamp didn't work with larger tubes. I tried to cancel my order but it was too late. It fit perfectly when I put it on. The seatpost frame tube is going to increase in diameter by quite a lot if the seatpost frame tube is not installed correctly. If one just puts it on the tube and not the seatpost frame tube, it's not installed correctly. If one is snapping the lever or bolt, you are tight. You tighten the bolt and push the lever with some strength but not crazy strength. That is simply a mistake by the user. It fits nicely and is tight. The lever is easy to open and close by the rider.

👤I didn't notice until my knees started to hurt that the seat was being allowed to slip down, but at a slower pace. I did not care how tight it was. I broke the handle on the old clamp while riding the other day. The local bike shop was out of stock and would take a week to get it in. There is a The fit of my bike was perfect. The seat is secure and not requiring a lot of force to be fastened. Will buy again if I need another seat.

👤These work just as well as the name brand quick release clamps. I race BMX, and we change out our seatposts several times throughout a race day, we have a very long post we use to warm up and cool down, and a very short one we put on to race. I've been running it all year. I couldn't be happier with it. It is easy to lock and release and has cutouts for weight savings. My bike is worth 3000 bucks. You won't see me spending more than 8 on a seat.

5. Bicycle Aluminum Release Locking Clamps

Bicycle Aluminum Release Locking Clamps

If you are not satisfied with their product, you can apply for a return within 180 days. ALUMINUM ALLOY The seatpost is made of aluminum alloy which is strong and durable. Installation is easy. It is easy to install a locking threaded nut on the bicycle. IDE applications It can be mounted to the seatpost of a mountain bike. Excellent accessory for riding lovers. Light and smooth surface would not take no space and looks beautiful. There are two colors to choose from. There are two colors available. There are two colors to choose from, according to the needs of your bike.

Brand: Alomejor

👤This piece is light weight and easy to mount. All you need is a 4mm Allen key. It makes my bike look better, and it's cool that removing a big QR seat clamp can make a bike look better.

6. VGEBY1 Aluminum Bicycle Locking 31 8mm Black

VGEBY1 Aluminum Bicycle Locking 31 8mm Black

The aluminum construction has a sandblasted finish. Rustproof-- The seat post is made of high quality aluminum and is rustproof. The seat post has a quick release design and is easy to install. * There are three colors. The bike seat tube clip is a great accessory for your road bike. The accessory is great. Their product is a great accessory. There is a service guarantee. If you have a question about their products, please send them an email and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Brand: Vgeby1

👤Bike parts have been hard to find. If you can find one, this is a really good quality part and less expensive than other ones. The measurement are a bit confusing. I guessed right.

👤It does not work. The seat post breaks apart if it is not kept tight. The threading in the cam lock is stripped. Returned to get my money back.

7. Gub SeatPost Aluminium Seatpost SBLACK31 8

Gub SeatPost Aluminium Seatpost SBLACK31 8

It's suitable for all kinds of bike, mountain bike,folding bike,track bike,fixed gear,road bike and so on. To get the right seat size, double measure your outer seat post. The material is aluminum alloy. The diameter is 31.9mm and 34.9mm. Seat post tube diameter is not the seat post's diameter. Retaining bolts and aluminum Quick Release Bike Seat Clamp. Retaining bolts are strong and firm. The seat post tube outer diameter is not the seat post diameter. The bike seat post is used for the tube.

Brand: Gub

👤The seat clamp has a nice finish and feel. I wish I had done that upgrade a long time ago. The shape of the lever on this one is "hand friendly", and it is better designed to stay tucked out of the way, which is what my old QR seat clamp did. It's worth more than the price because it's less painful to the hands when closed.

👤Quality and workmanship are excellent. I snapped half way into a long ride after buying this because my original post clamp only had bolt ajustment. The seat height can be adjusted by opening and closing the clamp. I've been on many rides and the clamps hold tight. Highly recommend this product.

👤The seatpost is used for a cruiser bike that's shared among family members, so the need to raise and lower the seatpost is a fair amount. So far, so good. It's lightweight and sturdy. For the price, it's a good buy and you could get a better one. I would recommend it.

👤I was worried that it would be expensive. It works perfectly. And it looks good.

👤It looks great. It was easy to use.

👤The quality broke upon installation.

👤This did not fit my bike because of the confusing information.

👤The product is advertised in two sizes. You can't pick the size you want, so you get both in the package, but only the 31.8mm one I needed.

👤It looks like the unit will fit all because it doesn't give a choice of sizes. There is a It did not need a 31mm and was sent a 34mm. It doesn't work.

8. DeepRoar Release Bicycle Seatpost Aluminium

DeepRoar Release Bicycle Seatpost Aluminium

The design has a hollow lever and a sleek retaining bolt. The extended lever is more efficient and comfortable. The design is ultra-light. The weight is light. The material is anti-oxidation and durable. Good material will last you a long time. Wide coverage. It is suitable for all kinds of bike, mountain bike, folding bike, track bike, fixed gear, road bike and so on. The cutting-polishing is done on a computer. The seat post has a smooth surface and a delicate touch. Their products are made shine by the polishing process.

Brand: Deeproar

9. DEERU Bicycle Release Seatpost Releases

DEERU Bicycle Release Seatpost Releases

The quick release lock design makes it a great tool. The cam action lever is smooth. The nut was Extruded. A quality quick release seat skewer. The diameter is about 8mm. The skeewer is 50 millimetres. The Skewer weight is 38 grams. The material is suitable for Stationary Bike and other equipment. Do not use the 25.4mm/31.8mm.34.9mm Bike Seat Clamp. The seat binder bolt needs to be M8 and this Seat Clamp Quick Release Lever is a simple replacement. It allows you to adjust the seat height without using tools. The seat binder bolt needs to be M8 and this Seat Clamp Quick Release Lever is a simple replacement. It allows you to adjust the seat height without using tools.

Brand: Deer U

👤The vise is easy to open and move, it is on the offset corners. This has held up well so far because I'm not doing any industrial sized projects. I have seen reviews that said they were bad for having plastic parts. You should replace the plastic with metal nuts and washers if you want it to fit your drill press. I had them on hand and installed them quickly.

👤I use these to mount my drill press vise. It was perfect for what I needed. I added a few washers. It was perfect.

👤I used the interchangeable accessories on my ryobi to modify it. The screw was stripped and the nut was twist on. I had to remove the original screw and drill out the holes for the quick release clamp. So far, so good. I bought a replacement for the original one. I believe it would strip again in the future. These should be standard from the factory.

👤Seat replacement for a bike. If you are reading this, it is most likely that the plastic seat bolt that came with the original equipment has failed. The DEERU is better than the original parts. See the provided pictures for comparison.

👤I bought these to fit a drill press vice. These guys allow me to move my drill press quickly and then crank it into place, which is much better than wing nuts. Awesome!

👤This works for one bike, but not another. It depends on the collar on the bike. I would recommend buying a collar rather than a pair of clamps. I don't see how you can know if these are compatible with an existing collar.

👤The product looks good, but beware, they are thick. Too thick for what I needed. They don't fit through my seat post, so I had to find a thinner version. I should have measured the fit.

👤I used these to hold my drill press vise. Works great after getting some fender washers.

10. Ventura Alloy Quick Release Bike Silver

Ventura Alloy Quick Release Bike Silver

The seat post tube diameter is not the seat post diameter. The weight is 30 grams. The usable length is 30mm.

Brand: Ventura

👤I was trying to find a quick-release pin that would allow me to switch seats on the exercise bike with my wife. She likes the big seat that came with the bike and I like the small seat that I bought later on. The pin isn't long enough or strong enough to hold the seat in place and keep it from wobbling or shifting. The plastic nut on the pin limits its strength. Back to the drawing board.

👤I gave up after a year of trying and realized this is not worth anything. Son's mountain bike came without a seat release. There are no quick release brakes and other nice components. The drill was used to install this. The seat just goes down a bit whenever we ride. I decided I needed to tighten it. Vice grips were used to tighten it. The seat is still moving and the bolt is bent, which is probably the reason it is not tightening. I think it will work for certain bikes. Others aren't so much. If you have a mountain bike, I would avoid it.

👤I had a standard bolt before I bought this product. I didn't have the right tools to adjust my seat post. The nut couldn't be tightened properly. Went all the way down. It's not comfortable to say the least. The quick release style was replaced with not bringing tools. No tools are required now. Resetting pin is necessary to tighten. Works well on aluminum frames. M-Wave, thanks for the great option on my mountain bike.

👤This adds another measure of security. It's nice to have a quick release pin for your seat since it allows you to take your seat and seat post with you when you ride your bike. You have two deterrents to bike theft. There is no seat-post or seat on the frame.

👤The installation was easy. It's holding power isn't its strength. Getting it tight enough to hold a kids bike seat was enough to rip the end off and snap the bolt in half. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤The seat post-quick-release pin is more sturdy than the flimsy ones you see on bikes. The bolt and nut configuration on bicycles is a pain. Changing seat height is easy with this seat-quick-release pin. There is a The seller said that the ground service was amazing. Thank you!

👤I bought these to use as quick release hold downs. They work well. I'm deducting a star because the whole thing is made of alloy and not plastic. I don't know how long it will last in my case as I'm constantly removing it and reinstalling it.

11. TRIWONDER Bicycle 31 8mm Aluminum Release

TRIWONDER Bicycle 31 8mm Aluminum Release

Function: The bicycle quick release seatclamp is a lightweight and durable alternative to add some color to your ride. The bicycle seatpost is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, with a smooth and exquisite appearance, anti-wear and practical. The seat is suitable for 27.2mm bicycle seatposts. The bicycle seatpost is suitable for 30.8mm. The seat post clamp is easy to install and fits most aluminum frame bikes. The seatpost should match the diameter of the seat tube on your frame, not the diameter of the seatpost itself. The seatpost should match the diameter of the seat tube on your frame, not the diameter of the seatpost itself.

Brand: Triwonder

👤This is the third one I have bought for my freshman to use. The seat post can be held a bit longer from the theft. It's better to keep your bicycle out of sight.

👤It's a bit more expensive than other similar items on Amazon, but it's quite cool. A+.

👤It's easy to install, like everything.

👤The logo is simple in appearance and does what it says on the tin. It would be nice to know the settings so I don't tighten too much.

👤Funziona senza problemi.


What is the best product for seat post clamp bicycle 31.8 quick release?

Seat post clamp bicycle 31.8 quick release products from E-outstanding. In this article about seat post clamp bicycle 31.8 quick release you can see why people choose the product. Upanbike and Mtbhome are also good brands to look for when you are finding seat post clamp bicycle 31.8 quick release.

What are the best brands for seat post clamp bicycle 31.8 quick release?

E-outstanding, Upanbike and Mtbhome are some of the best brands that chosen by people for seat post clamp bicycle 31.8 quick release. Find the detail in this article. Odier, Alomejor and Vgeby1 are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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