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1. RELIANCER SP17003 Sports Foldable Alloy Bicycle Stand Bike Floor Parking Rack Steady Wheel Holder Fit 20 29 BikesIndoor Home Garage Cycling Storage Organizer Cycle Tires Rack Holder for Mountain and Road Bike

RELIANCER SP17003 Sports Foldable Alloy Bicycle Stand Bike Floor Parking Rack Steady Wheel Holder Fit 20 29 BikesIndoor Home Garage Cycling Storage Organizer Cycle Tires Rack Holder for Mountain and Road Bike

The package has a kids bike stand. If you have any questions about the installation of their product, please feel free to email them. The stand has four points on the tires, which is better than the other stands which only have one or two points. The bike's front wheel is deeper in the holdder than other bikes, so it stays in the holdder. A dual arm stand is better than a single arm stand. The bicycle holder is light and portable, made of aluminum alloy. Push In is quick and easy. The patented design will hold your bicycle steady. Set-up and fold for compact storage to save space. Protective: The corner has a coating on it to protect it from nicks and scratches. The arm is spring loaded so it is easy to hold the front wheel. Portable and foldable: The stand can be folded into a flat shape with a single pull-nob. When folded, it's an inch x7.16(W)inch. Storage can be carried into the car when going riding or not. Your bikes will not be lying on the ground anymore. The bike mount holds road bike tires from 20 millimeter to 2.4 inch wide and mountain bike tires from 20 to 29 inch wheel size. It's perfect for all bike styles. Kids, track, BMX. Home, garage,office and retail applications are suited for this suit.

Brand: Reliancer

👤I needed a stand to hold my bike. I needed it to be lightweight and compact to take with me. I have other stands but none that would work with this bike. It holds my bike very well and is light. It worked with my tires. It wouldn't have worked if it was any wider. It worked well holding my road bike. The stand has an additional narrow slot. I'm very happy!

👤I buy, recondition, and resell bikes a lot. A used-bike buyer wants to see the parts of the bike that are important to them, so they want to take pictures of the whole bike. For a growing family of bikes without kickstands, all the alternatives are visually distractive and don't allow as much access as you would like to take the necessary pictures. There is a When you open the stand from it's compact folded storage condition, you just put the bike on the ground, with the spring- loaded arm holding it upright, and leave full access to every part you need to get to. It makes a photo shoot of a multi-bike one as easy as if the bikes had kickstand. I love it!

👤1. The rack is not strong. A 40 pound bike can't be held up by a 3 pound stand. It feels like a piece of junk. Don't believe that you have to place the front wheel on the stand while holding the rack and the wheel in one hand. The bike will fall over if you touch the stand. Stand needs to be set in concrete or nailed/screwed to a wooden form in order to keep it in place and sliding all over the floor. I wish I would have paid more attention to the negative reviews. I hope to get a couple of dollars for it at the next yard sale. It's a hassle to send a return back and you don't like boxing it up. I love shopping at Amazon but will not do it again.

👤My bike doesn't have a kickstand and I was getting tired of leaning it against my truck when I was ready to ride. Even in high winds, the stand keeps the bike incredibly stable. The legs fold up making it portable. The bolts on the legs were tightened to make them stay open even better when putting the bike in the stand. I use my foot to prevent the stand from moving, then push the tire against the lever arm until the wheel locks in. It is very easy to fold up for storage.

2. Pro Bike Tool Wrench Interchangeable

Pro Bike Tool Wrench Interchangeable

Most of the Met bikes are compatible with work on mountain or road bikes with thread less Steering tube. The bike fork extender is convenient. The multi-tool set is easy to use. The handle is designed to fit in the palm of your hand. The non-slip grip gives the right amount of control. The 3-way design has more leverage than a single wrench. There are 6 functions. 6 interchangeable tool bits are included in In One tool. It is suitable for daily use at home or in a professional mechanic environment. The bead design is to firmly secure tool bits. Tools made from very hard, heat treated S2 steel are built to last a lifetime. The hard steel tool has a tough plastic coating around it. They are so confident in the quality of their products that if you have any product issues, they are very happy to either provide aRefund or aReplacement. They are so confident in the quality of their products that if you have any product issues, they are very happy to either provide aRefund or aReplacement.

Brand: Pro Bike Tool

👤The tool is very powerful. I like the ergonomics of it. It is very solid and easy to use. I understand that some people have had problems with the bearing attachment, but this is one of the more sturdy tools in my kit. There is a Most of the complaints I see are about not having the bits they want. You can always add your own to the tool, it accepts universal bits. Most people have a bunch of them lying around. I don't think it's fair to evaluate the tool on what it doesn't have because they're clear about what it comes with Don't order it if it doesn't have what you want. It is easy to use and you have plenty of leverage. I can still work even if you have a problem with the bit retention system. I took a close look at the retaining collars and bearings in light of the negative review. I was surprised that someone had a break. I think they are very much in the minority and you can always return it. I don't think they have a lot of bad ones left in the factory. The design is easy to understand. I think the rate of failure is small. I would have every tip you could possibly need if you bought a massive universal bit set and added it to the tools. I am surprised they don't sell more. They could have done a better job of choosing the sizes. I need a smaller size often. I put smaller bits in the tool. I am good.

👤Doesn't have a basic size like the water bottle screw. It's hard to change form one size to the reverse side.

👤I am an amateur first and foremost. I am returning this tool because it may deter some bike people from my opinions. There is a The tool is very good. I have purchased many bike tools in the past and this one feels good in the hand, is made of high-quality materials, and is sturdy. The tool cannot get into the crevices on my bike without being impeded by other parts of the bike. The seat post is in the way so I can't use the tool to adjust it without removing it. The ends come out of the tool, so I have to stop and put them back together. I am an amateur, but I don't see how this tool can be used when parts of the bike get in the way. The stem bolt can not be adjusted because my handlebars are in the way. I can't use it to my advantage. I went and bought a Pro Bike Tools Torque Wrench Set because I was very impressed with the brand. I can get that to work for my needs, but I am an amateur with a Torque wrench. The wrench heads lock on.

👤The 5mm driver bit a couple of times when he pulled out the tool and stayed in my seat. I noticed it twice, but never when it stayed in the head. I went off on a road ride. There is a I used the 5mm bit all the time. My road bike is in the back of my car. There is a I have a tool that is not as useful. It's not worth keeping the other functions handy. There is a Is the tool to blame? Probably not. Should I have looked to see if the bit came off the tool? Probably. Does the bit have the ability to separate from the tool? In my opinion, yes. There is a The tool has 6 functions, but I used only one of them.

3. Gearup Grand Stand Single Floor

Gearup Grand Stand Single Floor

The1600mmx10mm has 32 cut resistant chains. The weight is 8.7lb. The new upgrade silver chain is on-toxic. It was long enough to lock the motorcycles together. As many as 4 bikes can be carried in a rack. It is aesthetically pleasing. No permanent installation is required. The single bike rack is portable and lightweight. Storage for races and rallies. Engineering grade plastic molded construction is waterproof and can fit up to 2 14 " wide.

Brand: Gear Up

👤I thought I would give it a try, but the package was incredibly light. It took me an hour to assemble it. It has no stability. The weight of the bike will tip it over if you put the back wheel or front wheel in the floor stand. It's useless for its purpose. The seller won't pay for return shipping, nor will they give a partial refund to help cover the cost of filling the bike rack's feet with cement. It is not worth the money to make it usable.

👤I have assembled countless pieces of furniture, exercise equipment, toys, gadgets and everything else under the sun but this was one of the most frustrating things I had to put together. There are many flaws in the design. There is no instructions to speak of except for a picture of the nuts and bolts and a sentence that tells you to put them together. The nuts and bolts need to be aligned. The nut is supposed to fit into the top compartment, but it has tabs that keep it in place, which is an epic fail. It's flawed. It holds the nut in place. It still allows it to move, just enough to cause a problem. If you try to thread the bolt into the nut, it will cross thread the bolt because the nut will move so slightly that they are no longer aligned. You will have to back it up and try again and again, and again, and again, you get the picture. You have to use a screwdriver right from the start because there is no room for you to use your fingers. Instead of making the space snug for the nut, they should have let the nut move and allow enough space for you to hold the nut in place while you tighten it. You have to adjust the 2 hoops to fit your bike if you manage to get the nuts and bolts to screw together without losing your mind. To do this you have to hold your bike and help another person adjust the hoops so you can turn it upside down and do the final tighten. You will have to repeat this step several times to get the correct distance of the hoops for your bike tire. If they had designed this to where you could tighten the bolts from the top, this final step would only take a fraction of the time. Hopefully the manufacturer will read this and hire a competent designer to redesign this. The foldable stands made by RAD or Bikehand are already assembled and do not require any adjustment.

4. ONETWOFIT Bicycle Storage Packing Outdoor

ONETWOFIT Bicycle Storage Packing Outdoor

The assembly is happening No anchoring hardware is required, holes are in place for anchoring. The steel construction isdurable. The frame of the bike rack is made of heavy duty tubular steel, which increases the stability. The bicycle stand is designed to allow you to park your bikes in the same direction or opposite direction. You can store 2 bikes with the product. You can keep the bikes in your home, as well as in your bedroom, garage or living room. Fit most cacti. The bike rack is universal and can hold most bike tires. 26" bikes with disk brakes do not work with this rack. Attach the U pipes to the base first, then attach the bent pipes to it. You can assemble the bicycle rack by yourself.

Brand: Onetwofit

👤There is no room for two road bikes side by side in my van, so I was hoping to use this to transport two bicycles. The derailer won't fit on the rear wheels. There is a The instructions are brief. If you don't get the holes lined up when you assemble this thing, you will never get them. Don't tighten them until you get all the screws in place. Once you have every screw in, just one full thread turn or turn and a half, and then tighten them all up.

👤The students brought their bikes inside the building. It was difficult to put it together as some of the screw holes didn't like it and we had to take it apart a few times to make it fit. We tightened the screws after we got it together, but we learned not to tighten them too much as the metal frame warps easily. When it was complete, it wobbles back and forth, but it does the job.

👤There are wheel fitting issues with this bike stand. Unless you have a wider disc brake rotor, 26 inch Wheels will fit. If you try to put the wheel in, the rotor might be in the way. It is possible that the rotor may get bent. It's the case with the front wheel. There is a risk of damaging the hook of the rear gear shift with the rear wheel. There is a Poor wheel mounting and bending the spokes of the wheels are my concerns. The bike stand is useless with 28 inch wheels and other road bicycle wheels. There is a The bike stand is as good as it gets. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤Quality is not up to par. It looks like it has been used and re-used, with permanent scratches on the main bar, and marks on the other pieces. The directions are incomplete, with important installation pieces never mentioned. Along the way, we had to disassemble parts. We had to use pliers to get the bolt in place because one of the pieces had poorly manufactured threading, and the others had been hand tightened. The base is not completely flat once assembled. Don't feel inclined to return it because it appears to hold the bikes upright. I don't write many reviews on Amazon, and I don't write glowing reviews for great products. The latter is what this is.

👤The rack is very strong once assembled. It is a nice looking bike rack. The assembly was easy to follow. Work off the picture of this item. The instruction sheet is not very large. Tools are not included and sizes are not specified. To help others, you will need a crescent wrench and Allen wrench.

5. Delta Cycle Floor Stand Storage

Delta Cycle Floor Stand Storage

5. Quality assurance. If you have a problem with their products, they are happy to give you a Refunds or a Replacement. Only install bike wall hanger on a solid stud, Wood Wall, masonry or concrete wall. Don't install on unsupported wall surfaces. The bike rack has a wide base that secures the wheel to three touch points for maximum stability. Triangulated uprights are designed to only hit the tire. The bike floor stand can be easily adjusted with easy-to-use thumb screws. This includes 700cc road, mtb, fat tire bikes, BMX and kid's bike storage. Once the uprights are positioned securely around the rear bike tire, it's easy to glide your ride in and out of the bicycle stand. Delta has a single bike rack that is easy to access. Space Saving Indoor Bike Rack is a great way to save space in your garage. It is perfect for a small apartment, home or shed. The bike parking rack can't be moved on polished floors because of the 4 feet. No tools are required for assembly and support. Their customer service team is based in the US. They respond to all messages and questions.

Brand: Delta Cycle & Home

👤You can spend the extra money on this Delta stand if you read the good reviews. The package was behind schedule. Instructions were not strong. Only 3 of the 4 wheels touched the ground when it was finally put together. Took it apart and looked at the weak instructions. It was out of whack when reassembled. The arm assembly was 34 inch longer front to back than the other. The arm assembly was the cause of the wheel base sitting odd. There is a I called Delta because the packaging material said to do so. No one answered the phone. I left a voice mail with my problem. I went to the Delta website and submitted a query about my problem. I received a message with a case number. The message said to submit any relevant photos. I followed up with a more detailed response to Delta. There is a The company voice mail said they contact callers within a day. I have not received a reply or follow-up from Delta. A couple more calls were answered by voice mail. There is a Maybe they did a better job pre-pandemic, but this product and their lack of response are both pathetic. There was no apparent quality control or poor customer service. I will return this piece of junk to Amazon.

👤The rack works well. It was easy to fit my 2.8 plus tires. The bike is much stronger than being leaned against a wall. This rack is not stable. If you don't adjust the knobs frequently, the bike will start to lean if you don't loosen them. The base is narrow and unstable, so if the bike leans it will tip over. It will get the job done, but not without constant correction. I don't recommend anymore.

👤The maximum tire width on the floor stands I looked at was 2.4 inches. The only floor stand that can adjust for the wider tires is this one. The fat bike tires are even bigger. The stand brackets are important and there are no problems with large disc rotors hitting them. There is a The tensioning screws are too coarse a thread to tighten into the cross brace effectively. I drilled some holes in the cross braces to make sure the uprights weren't loosened all the time. The upright sections of the shaft would be kept from sliding with the help of electrical tape. If you want to use this stand on carpeting, you need to use wheels because it slides very easily on a hard surface.

6. Vertical Mountain Standing Adjustable Space No

Vertical Mountain Standing Adjustable Space No

If you have any questions during use, please send an email to them at any time, they will help you solve the problem in the first time. The bike floor stand is made of high quality steel and has 4 corners covered with rubber cap to avoid scratch ground and reduce noise. It looks like it matches your bike. It can make your bike stand up. All bikes are fit. The bike stand will fit almost all bikes, except those with the tires more than 2.4" in width. If the fender is too long, just swap the front and rear position wheels. There is space. The bike stand is free of floor space. It's perfect for an apartment, dorm room, a garage with too much stuff in it or other limited space. The length is 21.65in, the width is 20.86in, the height is 44-50in, and the width of the tire track is 3.93in. The weight is 3.8 kilo. The portable multi-functional bicycle parking rack is easy to carry and install. The bicycle can be parked vertically or horizontally with the product manual. The length is within 1240mm. The bicycle storage stand height can be adjusted up to 50” after assembly. If you have a question about the product, they will try their best to help you. If you have a question about the product, they will try their best to help you.

Brand: Eocik

👤It allows your bicycle to take up less space. There is a It seems like it is stable holding my Cannondale Quick 4. The price was reasonable. There is a Shipping was fast. There is a It wouldn't fit together because of the bent lower brackets. The box the manufacture shipped it in was in perfect shape and as hard as it was to bend (hammer and a block of wood) back into the correct shape leads me to believe it was packaged already bent. Many people would have exchanged it. There is a I suggest you buy the LuBanSir Cinch Straps, which are 2 x 18 inches, to secure the wheel to the stand. If it had arrived undamaged, I would have given it five stars.

👤I ordered 4 of them. The item works well and does not require drilling into the wall. It gives flexibility. Some manufacturers have quality problems. The screw may not line up, the metal may not be removed to make a hole, and in one package a shorter screw was provided instead of a longer one. The plastic bag was made poorly. The produce's function is not impacted by these issues. The design is good. They did not find a good manufacturer.

👤The old stands wouldn't work with the new bikes, so we bought 2 new stands. They were one of the few that could hold the weight of the e bikes. The stands could accommodate the bikes with the handlebars facing to the back or the front. There is a A cap wouldn't stay on the intended piece when one of the stands arrived. I gave the company the order number and a picture, but they haven't heard from me after 3 weeks. I would have rated this bike stand a 5 star if it wasn't for this glitch.

👤The bike is extremely unstable due to the poor illustration of instructions and the fact that the 2 piece pole was put into wrong position when drilled. One tap and it falls down. I have a smaller version of this bike stand that is different from the one I have now. All the parts are the same. It sits perfect but not for a 29" tire which is what this one does, and it is very disappointed on just one part that could make or break this stand. I'm returning it because of the lack of support from the manufacturer.

7. Hollywood Racks Single Parking Stand

Hollywood Racks Single Parking Stand

We are so confident in the quality of their products that if you have a product issue, they are happy to give you a Refunds or a Replacement. It works with most tire sizes, including 29'rs and cruisers. Features legs that can be adjusted for different floors. Steel tubing coated in powder. It's easy to assemble in a few minutes. The dimensions are 23” Long, 14” Wide, and 30” Tall.

Brand: Hollywood Racks

👤My e-mtn bike has no kick stand and I have a floor stand to store it. The opening is wide. My bike tires are small. The stand is light and the bike falls over easily. My bike is over 50 lbs. There is a The pros are: Small footprint on floor for back or front tire. I tried the more expensive bike and it tipped over. The stand was slightly more stable. Stand to tip over is caused by bike wheels lean over and bracket for tire is 2.5 interior width. A lot of bracing is needed for skinny road tires. I tried putting the bike in and out with foam on the brackets, but it tore them. I made a couple wood wedges to hold the wheel in place. There is a The price was right for what it was and the little tweaking worked.

👤Exactly what I needed. Since I rent an apartment in an old building, the wall or door mounted bike rack was not good for my bike. I had left my bike propped up against the wall. The walls were getting dirty from my bike. This stand is great because it allows me to store my bike indoors without having to drill holes in the walls, and it also keeps the bike stable so it doesn't get knocked over by foot traffic in the hallway.

👤This is the best budget bike stand available. The stand is easy to assemble and comes with its own instructions. The rubber feets hold up well when you move the bike. The actual tubing is the part that wobbles. The stand's tubing is not the strongest because it is hollow. The whole thing is less stable because the top tubing is moving at the far ends. It would be better if it had more weight. I anchor my mine with concrete screws and a hook strap. With that, it's not negotiable. This is perfect to store your bike in because it won't fall down.

👤I have feedback on sports. They're going to be replaced by these. I ordered this because my wife's new bike doesn't fit in the Feedback racks. It's better. Better rubber feet that don't slide around easily, and much more sturdy, are some of the things that make SALVAGEDATA They're adjusted to a degree for sloped floors. It's easy to put the bike in this rack. The bike is much more stable in this rack.

8. 1107 Cycle Gravity Bike Stand

1107 Cycle Gravity Bike Stand

You can order now and pay free. They can provide a 5-year warranty on their product. It was made in Taiwan. The bike rack is easy to assemble, don't let the heavy duty construction fool you. The adjustment arms allow for level and stable storage of any bike you want to hang on it. The wall must be secured with an anchor screw. The Heavy Duty holds up to 125 lbs. The weight is 20 lbs. It's 78 inches by 26 inches by 19 inches. The others have tried to duplicate this rack. It's easy to use, just secure it to a wall stud and place your bikes on it. The rigid design of the rock solid base allows a secure base for awkward cycles.

Brand: Rad Cycle Products

👤The bad reviews on this product will probably discourage you, but our neighbor has had one for years. After seeing the reviews, we asked him about the stability issues that people were complaining about, and he said that empty it is a bit wobbly until you get the weight of a bike on it. We decided to risk the scratches and other complaints and bought one. There is a The stand was wobbly until we put a bike on it. It is stable and freestanding. The pieces were wrapped in plastic sleeves, but they weren't packed well in the box. Ours arrived without scratches or dents despite the poor packaging. We are very happy with the purchase.

👤Nahs: -Seems robust enough to hold two adult-sized bikes, which was surprising considering how imprecise the fitting between was. The thing sways more than expected when assembled. The stud on the spine renders it immobile. Arms are not good. The amount of play around the support arms was surprising and could be a few inches taller. The bottom bike had to be lowered far enough that the front tire contacts the floor stand, otherwise the back tire from the top bike rests fully on the bottom's seat.

👤I needed to get our adult bikes off the garage floor. I read the reviews and decided to buy this product. Pros- It's easy to put together, all of 5 minutes, and it's well priced. The design is simple and it holds two bikes, but the arm holes don't go all the way down or up on the medal. The arms are loose, not instilling confidence and leaving two bikes hanging off it. The manufacturer specified that the top of the rack must be secured to the wall with a single screw, however they only supply a single screw and about 6 inches in length. I needed a custom medal to better position the rack. There are scratches. There is no padding or foam for the four hooks that hold the bike. I went out and bought some weather stripping foam to eliminate metal to metal contact.

👤I needed to get the bikes out of the garage. I put it together today and it is strong. The pieces were easy to assemble and the instructions were easy to follow. I wouldn't call it "free standing" because the pieces don't lock together in a way that forms a solid stand. I used the included bolt to secure it at the top and feel it is now sturdy. I think two adult mountain bikes would fit if the handles face different directions. I used it for my standard sized male mountain bike and my son's mountain bike, and they both fit. I am happy with the purchase. Since it is wobbly, we took away one star. The bolt at the top is not aesthetically displeasing because I am using it in a garage.

9. ZZWJBCYLE Vertical Upgraded Adjustable Bicycles

ZZWJBCYLE Vertical Upgraded Adjustable Bicycles

If you have a question about the product, please contact them for free, they will try to help you. The rubber cap at the bottom of the base can prevent the floor from scratching, and the bike frame has two round tubes to ensure better fixation, the base has two round tubes to ensure better fixation, and the bike frame has two round tubes to ensure better fixation, the base has two round The top tire is the most stable. Space-saving and multifunctional. It is convenient for you to store bicycle hats, water bottles, and other items on the indoor vertical bicycle rack because it can be stored vertically or horizontally. It's very suitable for corners and other places. The bicycle frame has a black anti-rust powder coating to ensure it is durable and smooth. It is suitable for most tires. The frame is universally designed to fit most types of bicycle tires, from 20 to 24 inches. The tire width is not more than 2.4". Please check your bike. The design of the upper arm is for better adjustment before placing the bicycle, so it is normal for it to swing slightly after installation. The bicycle is very stable when placed on the frame. The frame is not suitable for bikes with fenders. The design of the upper arm is for better adjustment before placing the bicycle, so it is normal for it to swing slightly after installation. The bicycle is very stable when placed on the frame. The frame is not suitable for bikes with fenders.

Brand: Zzwjbcyle

👤When the bicycle was mounted, the stand leaned to one side. There are wobbles from side to side. I wouldn't buy it again.

👤It looks nice. It is stable but could be reinforced a bit better. Overall happy with it.

👤This rack will probably fit a road bike or a child's bike. If you're looking to store mountain bikes in the vertical position, it's not a good idea. This rack is made from cheap metal. It's very light. There is a If you don't care about a high quality rack and you want to store a children's bike or road bike, this rack is for you. The instructions that came to assemble the rack were useless. Hopefully the video will help you. The tools to assemble the rack are included. The nut can be held with an Allen wrench and wrench. The rack is not heavy enough to hold an E bike in the vertical position, so I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It will probably work to hold it in the horizontal position with the tires on the ground. I wouldn't use this rack to store a mountain bike in the vertical position. A mountain bike in the horizontal position would probably fit in this rack. If you have plus size tires on your bike, it will be too wide for this rack to be held properly. I wouldn't recommend anyone with a plus size tire bike. I would recommend this rack to anyone on a tight budget who wants to store a road bike, children's bike, or a mountain bike in a horizontal position. If you were a person that likes nice things, this rack is not for you. If you cycle all the time, I'm not sure this rack would stand up to the wear and tear. If you don't ride your bike every day, it's a perfect rack.

👤I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review. I have 3 bicycles in my storage unit of different sizes, and for the most part I just have them hanging around on their kickstands. I lean them against the wall. Since I don't do a lot of riding in bad weather, they've become more obtrusive. I don't have an option for a hanging rack or suspension system since it's a rental. There is a There were a number of different options. They all look the same and are probably based on the same design. The ZZWJBCYLE model had two extra hooks for accessories, which was the only difference between them. I use them to hang my gloves and helmet. There is a The instructions that came with the stand were not very helpful. It's simple enough to build from a picture, so it wasn't a big deal. It took about 10 minutes to get everything set up. I thought the finished unit would be strong. Everything fits together pretty snug, it stands flat and doesn't wobble. I put my hybrid bike on it and it fit perfectly. I accidentally bumped into the stand a few times while moving stuff around my unit, but it didn't tip. I'm happy with it. It doesn't change how much space the bike takes up, but it does change it's orientation. I have more room vertically and less horizontally. It makes the bike a lot harder to knock over. It was easy to knock them over or push them forward when I had them leaning on their kickstand. I will probably get another one for my wife's bike. Not sure if this is strong enough to hold an ebike, and it isn't designed to work with fat tire bikes.

10. Pro Bike Tool Allen Wrench

Pro Bike Tool Allen Wrench

If you have a problem with the T Torque Wrench, they are happy to give you a Refunds or a Replacement. If you have any questions or queries, please get in touch with them and they will be more than happy to help. All riders need a good set of tools. The set has the perfect range of sizes to cover all your bicycle maintenance needs. Their shop quality L-shaped wrench sizes are 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10mm. Shop quality long L-shaped hex wrenches have ball end tips on the long arm for awkward and hard to reach bolt heads and a short tip for high Torque applications. It is made from very hard Chromium Vanadium steel and has a mirrored finish. The construction of the keys makes them strong and capable of delivering high Torque. The top quality material makes the keys very durable and eliminates the risk of rounding the bolts. The portable tool holder is hinged for easy access. There is a bonus hanger option for hanging storage in your home workshop. They are so confident in the quality of their products that if you have a product issue, they are happy to give you a Refunds or a Replacement.

Brand: Pro Bike Tool

👤The quality of these is better than what you find in the kitchen junk drawer. I bought the other blue brand after getting the bike tool kit. It makes it easy to tell someone that the others are for my bike. These are good and the finish looks good. I am not going to use these on a $3k bike, even though that was the intention of the purchase.

👤I've used all of these allen wrenches for work on my bike, from the small 1.5mm wrench used to tighten grip to the 10mm wrench used to tighten the crank onto the bottom brackets. There was no sign of bending or stripping.

👤The key to bike maintenance is Allen Keys and hex wrenches. I'm not a fan of chrome, but these Pro Bike Tools are functional and pretty to look at. I had to have them. They fit perfectly in my bag and are easy to see when I set them down. I am very happy with this set.

👤I'm happy I bought this set. I used to get free tools for assembling furniture. It's much easier to mess with a bike with these. They have a lifetime warranty which is nice.

👤These are great. The build quality is good and the fit for my bike screws is good. You don't lose anything against other brands.

👤There is a nice holder for the set of wrench. They have a good store on my bike stand. It should last a lifetime or until I lose them.

👤Great product... Every piece fits perfectly. I'm going to purchase more for my relatives who ride. Thank you.

👤Since the tubes prevented me from getting in there with a regular allen key, I got these. The straight end of the allen keys are unique because they can hold the screw at many angles. It's great if you want to tighten screws that are hard to get to.

👤It was easy to store in the holder and the quality was better than other budget priced Alan keys.

👤The tools are great. Very happy with the purchase.

👤Excellent quality and worth the money.

11. Bikehand Mount Bicycle Stand Storage

Bikehand Mount Bicycle Stand Storage

We will reply to your questions within 24 hours and give you a solution. Solid and stable. A bike hub mount is made of steel. The solid stand has a weight of 5 lbs and is 11 inches wide. The holder is easy to use. Bike parking solution that is fast and simple. COMPATIBILITY: If there is a gap between the hub and frame, it is best to use a non-disc brake bike. If you are looking for a 29" bike, please look at the other model with a higher arm. Either YC-109H or YC-109AF. Rubber coATING: The frame and hubs are protected by the holding arm. After a while, the rubber sleeve may wear out. They have the sleeves for replacement. You can order now and pay free. They can provide a LIFETIME WARRANTY because they're so confident in their product quality.

Brand: Bike Hand

👤The solution for securing bikes is elegant. The base is heavy and well made with rounded edges, and it protects the stand from the floor and bike. Design doesn't work for bikes with disc brakes. One of the arms is slightly shorter and narrower than the other, with the longer one designed to sit between the disc brake and axis that fits in the slot on the non-cassette side. The design of this stand is likely to work for bikes with post-mounted disc brakes. The clearance in this region of the frame is too small for a flat-mounted disc brakes. The stand would be usable for nearly all road bikes if the arms were 20% narrower. There is a Due to the fork's vertical nature, the stand isn't as secure as it could be on the front of the bike. The arms are held in place by contact with the brake unit rather than the frame, when held this way. I tested this on a Spec Roubaix Comp with 700/32 tires.

👤A sweet stand. Very strong and sturdy. It doesn't take much floor space to look cool. The bike can be mounted in the stand. There is a It won't work with bikes with disc brakes. The stand works by sliding between the frames. If you have disc brakes, the mount on the disc prevents the bike from dropping into the stand. My wife's bike doesn't have disc brakes and this works well for her. I bought two of these and will try to modify them by opening the slot to use my disc brake bike. I'll report the results if I succeed.

👤Over the years, I've tried a lot of bike stands, but they've all been replaced with Bikehand stands. Bikehand stands are light but sturdy, they take up a small amount of floor space, look great, and it takes less than a second to get my bikes in and out of the stands. I use these stands for everything from the Canyon Aeroad with disc brakes to mountain bikes with disc brakes. They all fit together. Highly recommended!

👤Great product. The bike works for what it is designed for, and it looks good standing straight up. There is a It doesn't work for disc BRAKE BIKES. I widened the slot it came with by using a grinder. Black rubber tape was used to tap over the widened slot. I hope the manufacturer takes note of this modification and makes it available for those who don't own a grinder.


What is the best product for pro bike tool vertical upright bicycle floor stand?

Pro bike tool vertical upright bicycle floor stand products from Reliancer. In this article about pro bike tool vertical upright bicycle floor stand you can see why people choose the product. Pro Bike Tool and Gear Up are also good brands to look for when you are finding pro bike tool vertical upright bicycle floor stand.

What are the best brands for pro bike tool vertical upright bicycle floor stand?

Reliancer, Pro Bike Tool and Gear Up are some of the best brands that chosen by people for pro bike tool vertical upright bicycle floor stand. Find the detail in this article. Onetwofit, Delta Cycle & Home and Eocik are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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