Best Cat On Bicycle Yard Art

Art 14 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Juegoal Butterfly Dragonfly Hummingbird Ornaments

Juegoal Butterfly Dragonfly Hummingbird Ornaments

Shop with confidence. Collections Etc has been selling unique, inspiring, and home solution products for over 50 years. Collections Etc products come with a 60 day easy return policy and 100% satisfaction guarantee. The garden stakes are made from high grade rust-proof metal, plastic and colorful glass. They will bring a more refreshing feel to nature if you place them in your garden, yard or anywhere you want. Garden decorations can be lit up in the dark. The colorful wings glow at night and absorb sunlight. When the breeze blows, wings will look real. Simply put the stake into the ground. If you receive the product, please adjust it by hand to the best condition. A great gift for friends and family is the 100% decorative plant stakes. It is widely used at indoor and outdoor, such as living room, office, kitchen, garden, yard, patio, planter pot and so on.

Brand: Juegoal

👤Did not light up in the dark. The seller wants a picture of the item being placed in the sun and a picture of it not glowing before they decide how they handle it. Disgusted.

👤I don't want to have to update this review with a negative comment because I love these so much, but I did have one defect on my second order. The pink butterfly was hanging upside down just hanging by a small piece of metal after the weld on it broke, just one day after I set them up in my garden. All of the others are holding up. I received these and I love them. They are pretty and easy to assemble. I ordered a second set. It is not allowing me to post my photos of the product. I wanted to show how pretty they are.

👤The garden stakes were set out in my garden in the beginning of July and by September they were very badly rusted. I have other garden stakes which have never happened to but these particular stakes are made of metal that should not be used outside. The metal was not treated properly and therefore it rusts very easily. I don't recommend anyone purchase them in the future, as they are a waste of money, and I would really appreciate a credit from Amazon on this item.

👤Time has not helped these ornaments. The pink butterfly is almost white and has faded. The other colors are fading as well. They are not pretty despite holding together through rain and wind. I wouldn't recommend them. They were never glowing in the dark. It was completely different than my initial review. There is a The ornaments were in excellent shape when they arrived. I can't give five stars since I only had three days. I need to see how they hold up in the wind and rain. They are as colorful as the online pictures show. I would rate them higher if they age well. The price was right. Their wings are not strong yet. I don't know if the rain in the dark affected them. We have not seen any faint glowing in the dark, a feature I did not want anyway. I would recommend them if they hold up. Time will answer that.

👤I was not sure how I was going to feel about these little creatures, but I'm glad I did. They add a cute touch to my pots. Being able to personalize the space isn't easy for my family and I. The trick is pretty flower pots and garden art. I left one of the post pieces off of the bugs so they wouldn't be eaten by the flowers. I love the butterfly and the dragonfly. I would order them again or give them as a gift.

👤The stakes with butterflies are pretty unique. The butterflies and the stakes are fragile there. I tried to adjust it a bit. The weld popped out of the stake. There is a The butterflies are made of materials that will rust quickly. There is a What is the situation?

2. BRECKS 61499 Standing Cat Statue

BRECKS 61499 Standing Cat Statue

It is possible to decorate your yard in a fun and playful way. A cat garden statu is a great centerpiece for your garden and can be displayed next to a flower bed. The life-like details of the cat decor for homes featured next to a live plant look like a real kitty batting at the leaves. A quality sculpture. Strangely life-like. The figurine has a protective coating to prevent it from fading over time, and wear from seasonal weather changes. There are many ways to decorate your home. You can use it as a yard, garden and lawn ornament. The outdoor garden cat is 1614H x 7W x 6D. The sculpture looks like it isbating its eyes at the plants.

Brand: Breck's

👤The little cat is dressed for holidays and sits outside. I put a garden staple over his tail to keep him in place when there are high winds or children running around. I wish he was bigger. He is cute. Amazon is a great place to buy cat costumes. He is small and so the costumes fit him well.

👤We lost a cat recently and wanted to place something in our memorial garden. He would reach up and try to get the food out of your hand if he was hungry. It looks like he is looking directly at you. We only had it for a couple of weeks, but have enjoyed it immensely. There is a I think it will hold up even though it is light weight, because a big tree limb could fall on it.

👤We wanted something to remember our 20 year old cat. The statue is perfect. She is playful and curious. Liquid nails were used to secure it to the rocks.

👤This piece is beautiful. The recipient loves it. It is well-packaged and protected. It is light to handle. The proportions are perfect and it is a nice color. I would recommend this product to anyone.

👤I bought this as a remembrance. The first one was broken because of a defect that poured the resin near the tail and paws. I was sent a replacement quickly, but it still has a crack in the tail, but I think it will be fine. It is light enough that a good wind could tip it over, but I bought some garden "staples" to secure it indoors.

👤I wanted a headstone for my cat. This is perfect. It was lightweight and Suited to the out doors.

👤I was inspired to add more statues to my garden after I went to a garden tour. This one is okay. I don't think it will hold up in the elements. It's in the house. It might break if it gets knocked over. It's okay, but not sure it's worth $35. I would rather invest in a metal statue than an aluminum one. It's okay. I will not purchase again.

👤The happy, friendly face this guy has is not cartoony. It's a good idea to attach it to a rock that's sturdy, as it's a little heavy. I don't think it would break if it fell in the grass, gravel or pavement. I used Gorilla Construction Glue to keep it upright. I love the little guys.

3. Design Toscano Playful Statue Stone

Design Toscano Playful Statue Stone

The outdoor garden cat is 1614H x 7W x 6D. The sculpture looks like it isbating its eyes at the plants. The dimensions are 11.5"Wx5"Dx5H 2 lbs. The cast is made using high quality designer resin. Each piece is finished by their artisans. It's exclusive to the Design Toscano brand. The sculpture shows an ardent appetite with a contented feline face. The cast is made of quality designer resin. Design Toscano is exclusive.

Brand: Design Toscano

👤These guys look just like the photo. Their fur is very nice, their eyes look real, and their postures are natural. If they were a tad larger, they would be PURRRRRRFECT. They are not supposed to be kittens, but they look a bit strange because they are life life in sculpture. They need to stay under a cover in the winter and I have a porch on my shed where they can stay. I think garden statues should be able to be left out, but not expensive, I just want them to last more than a season outside and be a TAD larger.

👤If you have a significant winter, this statue will be taken in to storage. It is not a statue made of stone. I paid 500 dollars in emergency vet bills to try to save my cat's life, but I didn't have enough money for her memorial statue. I didn't want a cat with wings. I wanted my cat's likeness to be the same as she was. I like to put it out every spring. It does sometimes fall over as the weight is balanced at certain points of gravity, but it has not broken despite some tree branches landing on it. These types of statues are good because no matter what your budget is, it makes you able to purchase a memorial statue because it helps ease the pain of the loss of a pet.

👤The statue was a gift for my sister and the price was reasonable. I thought this would be a good way to remember her two cats that had recently died. We had a good laugh when it looked like her new rescue cat.

👤I like it. It is a lot smaller than you would think. The size of a real cat is about the same. It is kind of invisible in the yard. It is a substance made of resin. Not wood or metal. It is expensive for a mini-cat. It is cute.

👤This is adorable. It is light. I wouldn't use outside. He is not as large as life would suggest. His fur is not flat. One of his ears was not formed correctly. I put it on a shelf so you can't see the flaw. His face is cute. This is a great piece for a cat lover. Love it.

👤I bought this statue to remember my cat that passed. It looks nice in the garden and seems to be holding up well against the weather. I thought the statue had nice detail, but I wish it had a little more weight, or was a bit larger, or was priced a bit less.

👤Cute. It looks like the photos. It looks heavier than it is. I think it would take a bit of wind to knock it over. Lots of detail.

👤During the first rainstorm, the statue was blown off my wall. It's in the city dump. It was a bad day. There needs to be an opening where people can add weights.

4. WILLBOND Reflective Outdoor Halloween Decorations

WILLBOND Reflective Outdoor Halloween Decorations

It was packaged in a box for easy storage. The package includes a frightened cat, sitting cat, stalking cat, 3 pieces optional stakes, and 9 pieces hooks. Simply hang the cats with hooks or mount them on the ground with stakes. Quality coated galvanized steel is used in scare cats to ensure long lasting performance under most weather. Garden cats can be used to scare animals out of your yard or garden, they can also be used as yard outdoor and Halloween decorations.

Brand: Willbond

👤The pics make them seem bigger than they are, but they are smaller than I thought they would be, and that's mostly my fault. Still large enough to look great outside. There is a They are made of metal and not cardboard. The weather will last time. The eyes reflect light well. There is a The price is right for what you get. The seller and buyer are not losing out. I am very happy with my purchase and would buy from this seller again.

👤I put these little cats in my planter box. They are fun without being demonic. I don't like Halloween. I like the black cats.

👤I bought the cats for a Halloween decoration and they are as expected. They're strong metal and should hold up. They're as advertised and I wish they could have been bigger. I don't have a complaint.

👤The eyes did not light up the way I 888-276-5932s 888-276-5932 The item is cute, but the sun did not hit the cats eyes. Not even when headlights hit them.

👤These are worth the money. A real showie.

👤The cats are cute. They look cute in the flower garden.

👤I spent more money for reflective eyes but they don't work. You couldn't see them when I drove towards them last night. Good quality, but a bit on the small side.

👤Imballo ben protettivo. Anche in questa occasione.

5. Red Carpet Studios Balancing Buddies

Red Carpet Studios Balancing Buddies

100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE: They have a no-hassle lifetime warranty, and the rest offer limited guarantees. Are you not happy with your garden decoration? They can either send you a replacement or refunds. You can get yours completely risk-free if you click 'add to cart'. There are two playful frog balancing. A post is 25" tall. The finish on metal is rustic. It is possible to decorate your yard in a fun and playful way.

Brand: Red Carpet Studios

👤The product is beautiful. I was shorted by 5 1/2 inches on the item. The photo of this item shows the frog on top, but when he receives the item and sets it up, he sits level with his foot. The items overall height is 19 1/2 inch high. There is a The items description is 25" high. I am left to wonder about the other 25" balancing buddies. The Two Old crows balancing buddies I ordered a couple years back are exactly 42" as described. If anyone buys these cute little guys, be aware that they are not as tall as the item says. I hope people read the reviews before buying. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. There is a I will get the 42" buddies next year. I didn't get them this year because I didn't like the way the frog had crowns on their heads. I will have a taller version of these guys when I get those. This purchase was very disappointing.

👤Once you put the Frogs on the stake, they are on a separate arm. The bowl that you put the frog arm into is deep enough that it can move up and down without coming out. A gentle push makes the frog move up and down. Cute. I gave this ornament to two families. The person who lives in the condo wanted it to be inside until the summer arrived. They put it in a plant container. It looks good. The other family has young children. There is a Enough for the price. The rough surface of the ornament adds to its charm as a garden ornament. I would like to buy one for my garden.

👤These are adorable, I love them, but I thought they would be a little bit bigger than they are.

👤I saw a big one at a store and thought I'd order a smaller version on Amazon. Well, you get what you pay for. It is cute, but not as good as the one I saw at a store for 2x the price. It moves around in the wind. The 25" is small in the garden but works well if you want some garden art that doesn't stand out. The finish is supposed to be weathered, but it is not. It is cute, but not great.

👤I was expecting something a little more colorful. Not happy with these. They are cute, but they are rusty. Maybe they are supposed to look like that, but I am having my daughter paint them. She will add the finishing details if we spray painted them green first. It should have been cheaper to buy spray paint. Not mistreated.

👤I smile every time I look outside. They are a nice addition to my garden.

👤It was very fun. It is spinnable by the wind. The Frog faces have great expression.

6. Bits Pieces Whimsical Sculpture Decoration

Bits Pieces Whimsical Sculpture Decoration

Each piece of the gift box is under inspection before shipment. Adding a fun touch to your garden is with this cute little elf that gives the illusion of climbing out of a wooden window. Hang this on your tree or fence to give it a realistic look. A metal windowpane adds a sense of reality to the outdoor tree decorations. It's perfect for using outdoors and indoors. The Elf out the Door Tree Hugger can resist outdoor weather conditions. It is a great piece of yard decoration because it is hand painted with realistic details and texture. Hanging decoration is a fun design element. You can hang the outdoor elf decoration on your favorite tree with the help of the keyhole brackets on the back of each piece. The Elf Tree Hugger is a cute sculpture that accentuates your home and garden space. The elf garden decor is 12” x 7 12” x 3 34” and will help create a funny surprise in your yard.

Brand: Bits And Pieces

👤This is adorable. Good quality and large. It looks great on my stump.

👤I was a bit disappointed when I opened the box. It was much larger than I thought. Well, looked a bit like a movie star. It's a whole different story if you put it on a tree. It looks like there is an elf climbing through a hidden tree door from a distance. It's very heavy and very strong. One of the problems is it's side heavy. I had to use a nail to hold it straight because there was only one hook. The wire door has fallen off a few times and is not solidly attached. It's a great addition to any yard with children around.

👤Cute, but not very durable. The piece of metal used for hanging is in the back. The glue stopped working and my little guy fell to the ground. I will use gorilla glue to reglue.

👤I love this little guy. He makes me happy when I see his face. I hung him from the tree. He looks like he is looking at flowers. The grate from the window is not rustproof, but I will need to address that. He is cute.

👤The little guy is adorable. He looks great in our backyard, but is not as big as I thought. I was disappointed this one didn't have the screws. We overcame!

👤The front look is nice. There is an issue with the mounting feature. The plaque has a metal disc screwed to it with small screws that can fall off easily. I had to refasten the disc with longer screws.

👤Absolutely adore this! My husband loves it. He would be better appreciated if he was near the ground. There was moss and fern near the bottom of the tree that I found next to our driveway. I put branches outside of his door. It makes me happy when I come down the driveway. Highly recommended! May I buy another for the backyard?

👤It's easy to hang. The family likes it in the backyard. It was a hot summer month, but it didn't fade in color.

👤I bought the elf to be fixed on a tree, but the elf won't fit on the trunk of the tree, so I will grow it.

👤I received mine with a rusty gate, just like a lot of other customers. There is a The Gate is supposed to look old, but there is a huge difference between the Rustic Look and Actual Rust. There is a This wouldn't last long outside. Very disappointed. I paid $30.

👤You can either have the door open or closed, this fellow is adorable and makes a great addition to your garden. Everyone comments on him and always with a smile on their faces, will reuse this sellers site to see what other little characters they have to increase our collection.

👤The grandchildren love the elf that crawls out of the tree. If you have a tree, it's nice to have a decoration. Greetings tony.

7. Pudgy Pals Garden Statue

Pudgy Pals Garden Statue

It's easy to install on its spiked single prong post, it's perfect size to place on gardens, lawns, walkway borders and more. This is a unique gift that is perfect for many occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings, holiday presents, and many more. Enjoy! By Whole House Worlds. The garden statue features pudgy pals frog. The stone is made of a durable material. Measures approximately 7 x 6 x 5.5 inches. It's perfect for use along your walk way. It was packaged in a box for easy storage.

Brand: Pudgy Pals

👤The wife paints. She kept one and gave the other. Everyone seems to like these sculptures.

👤I love this little guy. He is pudgy and cute. I keep this one inside because it's light weight and the winds in the desert will knock him around, I think anyone that loves to collect frog will love this one. We think he is really great, thank you for that.

👤The frog is not as large as pictured. It is round but not as heavy as I expected. I don't regret the purchase.

👤How could you not be happy when you look at the Pudgy Pals? I have a lot of people that I love.

👤My daughter loves him and he is outside our door. It looks like ceramic or concrete, but is lighter.

👤I love the shape and expression. It's perfect for the garden.

👤This was small. I thought it would be a little larger.

8. Summerfield Terrace Nostalgic Bicycle Garden

Summerfield Terrace Nostalgic Bicycle Garden

There is a sense of vitality to make your space alive, because of the 3 pack metal stakes. It's amazing right? There is more! The 90 days warranty and online customer support give you the best shopping experience. They are made from wrought iron curlicues. It was designed in the shape of a bicycle. A metal plant basket is 10 inches in diameter. Any home or garden has a chic decor item. There is a unique gift for housewarmings and other occasions.

Brand: Summerfield Terrace

👤I ordered this for my mom. The screws were being soldered onto the handle. The screws were strong when it arrived. by hand. I used a Husky and they came off easily. If you are going to purchase this, I would recommend a set of ratchets. It is on the small side. I would order it again. The price was dropped the day after I ordered it. You can see the size of my coffee maker by sending a photo.

👤I like this little bike. I think it's the perfect size, even though it looked small on the previous pics. This little wagon was added to it. I want to get some flowers for it.

👤I have to give it a 5 because it is so cute. It was not as big as expected. I still love it. It gets everyone's attention. I decorate it per season. Everyone loves it! I love it!

👤I would definitely recommend it. It's beautiful on our raised front porch and I enjoy looking at it every day. It was perfect in the garden when the weather was nicer. Several contractors compliment how it adds a little something extra. Definitely recommend.

👤I love this product. It is easy to assemble and it is cute. I order another one because I love this product so much. This bicycle planter is very good.

👤I bought this for my son because he likes to put flowers in tricycles. I was surprised that this was very strong and sturdy. It looks great with the other tricycles on our patio.

👤I didn't put the wagon outside because of fear. It doesn't seem like it's weather resistant to me. I put a pretty arrangement of fake plants in it. I like it this way.

👤The base of the whiskey barrel is based on the top dimensions. My husband was not a fan of the picture, but he now likes it.

9. Funny Guy Mugs Garden Statue

Funny Guy Mugs Garden Statue

We know you will love their products. High quality. The Statue is a bit above average. This Sasquatch Come To Life was made from mold and painted with extreme detail. Also constructed of high quality stone and outdoor grade paint. To stand up to any outdoor conditions. Dog safety. Dog safety is a priority for them. They make sure that your statue is safe to travel to your home with a pre-cut Styrofoam insert. It was designed to be small but effective. This dog has the perfect balance of being peaceful and aggressive. It's okay! A good laugh is needed when this puppy is greeting visitors at the front door, in the office, or in the garden. Imagine the look on their face when they realize you didn't just buy a gift but a gift with imagination and character. A White Elephant gift is perfect for Christmas, Birthdays, Father's and Mother's Day, and any dog lover. It works on a desk, mantel,countertop, garden, and even next to your dog door. Fun Guy Mushrooms is a family owned company that creates funny and imaginative products that last.

Brand: Funny Guy Mugs

👤It's cute but a little smaller than I would like. One night, my son knocked it off the patio. I thought that was the end of the waste of money. I went down to get the pieces, but it held together.

👤It was too funny to pass up and I bought it. I wish it was bigger.

👤My inner Zen spirit animal is me. It's funny. He brings joy and peace to my yard.

👤I bought him for my garden, but he's a great stress relief. I think I'm going to take him to my desk. Maybe I'll buy another one. He makes me happy.

👤It is peaceful and funny.

👤The hand was broken when I opened it.

👤A small dog statue.

10. Elegant Garden Design Walking Silhouette

Elegant Garden Design Walking Silhouette

Design Toscano is exclusive. Steel, Metal, Rusted Metal are materials. The lawn art is designed for anyone who wants to add a touch to their garden. It is easy to install and display. You can put a window, tree branch, fence, garden gate, or anywhere else in your garden. Natural beauty and animals are Cultivated from family owned and operated designs. They know you will love their products.

Brand: Elegant Garden Design

👤The cat is very orange-y and has a nice brown rust color. I intended for this cat to stand on its own, but it needs to be screwed into something so that my husband can help. He made a nice base for it so the cat could stand up. A few of the birds were received by this company. Will use them indoors as well.

👤A piece of metal is being cut. It's irrelevant if you say "sheerness" Small crumbles come off of a rusty patena. The small tab has two holes for installation. I have it on top of my fence. Makes me happy.

👤The picture on the website describes alender bottom plate with holes for screws or nails to be fastened securely. This one has a metal thing that you stick into the fence? The cat is cute and would have worked if it had been described. There is a reason for two stars and one.

👤Father In Law likes to decorate his yard with lights and metal arts. He liked it very much and added to his collection.

👤Good quality. It looks great in our garden.

👤I bought the squirrel and other sculptures to place along my fence. They make people smile.

👤You are asking what attracts it. We have seen another squirrel go nose to nose with the squirrel that has been attached to the fence. Talk about realistic.

👤My sister in law received this gift. She loved it.

11. WHW Whole House Worlds Decoration

WHW Whole House Worlds Decoration

The men's bike Garden Stake Spinner is a vintage style that brings a splash of red animation into your garden. Enjoy the spinning spokes of the wheels whirl in the wind while bringing a fun focal point to your garden and adding a punch of color between blooms. When the wind blows, the spinning wheels come alive. The distressed red paint is finished with cracks, streaks, and chips to bring an authentic feel to this newly minted antique, which was designed to look like a bicycle from way back when. The bicycle parts include the gear, chain, seat, light, handles and more. It's easy to install on its spiked single prong post, it's perfect size to place on gardens, lawns, walkway borders and more. This is a unique gift that is perfect for many occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings, holiday presents, and many more. Enjoy! By Whole House Worlds.

Brand: Whw Whole House Worlds

👤It was a memorial for a friend who rode motorcycles, but we didn't use one because it would have been too tall.

👤The spokes have not been spun by a strong wind so far. The post is too tall and the bike makes it a little top heavy. I thought it was going to be a lot more than it was. I should have read the dimensions better.

👤I like this spinner. It's a decent weight product. I give it 4 stars because it doesn't have the same movement as my previous one, but that's a minor thing to complain about.

👤The bicycle is cute. The wheels won't spin. I oiled it and moved it, but it still doesn't spin. It would take a storm to spin it. I'm very disappointed. My neighbor has a different company, and it turns at the lightest breeze.

👤My daughter received a bike-on-a-stick for Christmas. She loved to decorate with an Americana theme and this quality decoration fit in perfectly.

👤The plain wooden post with bright tape is being used as a property marker. There is a It gives the property a finished look.

👤The bike was small but nice. The pole is very flimsy. I removed one section and it still leans a little.

👤The wheels turn nicely and are very easy to ride in the air with the wind. The birds and butterflies like it. It looks great standing in the middle of the flower pot under the tree next to the young boy statue.

👤Thank you! It was exactly as advertised. My father was an avid bike rider and passed away a few months ago. This is going on his grave.

👤Very cheap. Wheels only turn in a storm. Not worth the high price.


What is the best product for cat on bicycle yard art?

Cat on bicycle yard art products from Juegoal. In this article about cat on bicycle yard art you can see why people choose the product. Breck's and Design Toscano are also good brands to look for when you are finding cat on bicycle yard art.

What are the best brands for cat on bicycle yard art?

Juegoal, Breck's and Design Toscano are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cat on bicycle yard art. Find the detail in this article. Willbond, Red Carpet Studios and Bits And Pieces are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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