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1. Ibera Bike Rack Frame Mounted Adjustable

Ibera Bike Rack Frame Mounted Adjustable

We offer a 2 years warranty for the product. It can be used for riders with weights of 50 to 100 kilogrammes. If you are lightweight, the bottom screw is 220 lbs. It can carry up to 55 pounds. Ibera parka quick-release bag mounting system. The height is adjusted for most 26"-29" frames. The top fender board splashguard is lightweight and durable. Can be mounted with Ibera trunk bags.

Brand: Ibera

👤A nice rack. I mounted this on a bike. There was clearance from the top of the tire to the bottom of the rack. I used zip ties instead of mounting the brackets to the frame under the seat. You have more options as to where you can attach the brackets, it is very secure. If you need to adjust or remove it, you just cut the zip ties. Will take pictures. There is a If your bike falls over you risk a good chance of one of the mounting bolts snapping or the entire rack bending, which is the only problem I have with this rack. The light weight of the rack limits makes them durable.

👤The rack is built to last. The issue is not that. The installation is not clean. The lower rack stay arms that attach the bike have soft threads. In my case, the rack spread the attachment slightly, but the threads wouldn't engage the bolt threads cleanly. I added threadlocker to get a tight fit after re-tapping the threads. The upper rack stays because there isn't enough brackets to attach cleanly. I had to buy some flat brackets to have a clean installation. I've purchased Topeak and Thule rack, which come with multiple options for brackets, for a professional looking installation. I would not buy this rack again. A rack installation should take 15 minutes, not a multi-step process that requires more brackets.

👤I have the Ibera RakPak system on all of my bikes. Any of those bikes can use the rack trunk and panniers with a click. It's not great for the bag business, but it sells a lot of great priced racks. I bought this rack as a Warehouse Deal and was supposed to have all of the hardware. The extra long and flexible rack stays were missing. The rack sells for $12. Someone purchased the rack with the intention of stealing the hardware and returning it for full credit. I understand that people can't have all of the knowledge required to return all of the parts. I had a spare set of stays and extra screws from an old rack to complete the installation. If you're one of the dishonest Amazon customers who abuse their generous return policy, be aware that some hapless customer down the line will inherit the consequences of your theft. There is a To Amazon thieves, may your flats be many, your roads all uphill, and the wind always in your face.

👤I bought a second Ibera pakRak touring carrier plus because I have been using the first for over a year and I needed a second rack for the backup bike I'm preparing mainly for travel on trips where I don't want to. This isn't the best choice for everyone, but it is definitely one of the lighter, cheaper and stronger solutions to pack for anything from daily commute to international tours. The main problem with this rack is that some of the other brands of panniers will not fit without modifications. My solution for using my preferred case is to add a couple small 'P' clamps, screwed down with the same bolts that connect the bottom extension posts, and then add 1-inch key rings. The key rings give me places on each side of the rack to attach the pannier hooks, so that I can keep everything secure. It would have been nice for Ibera to include attachment sites for those using other pannier solutions, like me, who don't want to spend more than necessary on panniers, but who aren't. The facts that this rack mounts back far enough to keep my panniers out of the way of my big feet, and that the rack protects my wheels from being hit by the panniers, are especially appreciated. It's great for carrying all my camping gear, including tent, fly, pad, pillow and sleeping bag on the top, while I use relatively small panniers to carry everything else on trips.

2. Garmin Trainer Magnetic Included Favorite

Garmin Trainer Magnetic Included Favorite

Drink Clean is 100%BPA Free and tastes your water and nothing else. It's dishwasher safe. If you have a product issue, they're happy to give you a Refunds or a Replacement. You can track speed and distance with the included speed sensor and use your favorite apps to train with it. You get the most out of your indoor rides with a powerful magnetic brake. 10 resistance levels, up to 1050 watt, are controlled with a lever on the handlebars. Set up your bike with just two clicks. A realistic ride feel is generated by an actual flywheel.

Brand: Garmin

👤The product is good. The ride is smooth and if you have a sensor like the one provided by Garmin, it will give you a good representation of your ride. The installation of the rear wheel resistance piece was very difficult. It wasn't as simple as the instructions suggest. You can pick from 3 different slots based on your wheel size. It was difficult to hold the roller and the clamp.

👤This is not an excuse for a trainer. It isn't worthy of a review.

3. Schwinn Cruiser Featuring Seven Speed Drivetrain

Schwinn Cruiser Featuring Seven Speed Drivetrain

The 700c size wheel is for adult riders. The bike has a limited lifetime warranty. This bike has a wide, dual-spring padded cruiser seat and classic cruiser handlebars, which make it an upright and comfortable riding position. It's ideal for riders between 5' 4” to 6' 2” tall. This cruiser is ready for light hills on your ride, with a 7-speed drivetrain, and twist shifters for quick and easy gear changes. The included retro fenders keep you clean and dry, while the intuitive rear coaster brake provides simple stopping power. The Schwinn Huron has a steel cruiser frame and fork that make for a smooth ride, as well as wide tires that provide added stability.

Brand: Schwinn

👤A bike ride along the beach with an excellent view is what people like to do. Along with biking at the beach, nothing is more classic than a cruiser. I got this for my wife so she could join me and my son on my mountain bike. There is a The PROS is easy to assemble, it has a classy, vintage look, and it has a twist gear shift to make it easier. I bent it back straight. There is no quick-release lever for the seat. There is a seat adjustment tip. Many people don't know how to adjust their seat height. They may be biking inefficiently. To find the correct seat height. The pedal should point straight down at the 6 o'clock position if you put one foot on it. 2. The ankle ball, the hip bone, and the bottom of the femur are located. 3. The hip, knee, and ankle should have an angle of 30 degrees. 4. The angle should be 30 degrees if you adjust the height of the saddle. The angle between the 3 bone points is determined by the 1mm height you adjust. Happy riding!

👤A friend of mine, Debo, asked to borrow my bike but took a long time to return it. Even though I was not conserned, my father drove me to retrieve my bike even though he was concerned. My friend didn't know which bike I was talking about. I told him that I let him use the beach cruiser a couple weeks ago and had made several attempts to get it back. My friend was unaware that I wanted my bike back. I let my friend know that my father and I shared ownership of the bike. I kept it in my home. My friend seemed to understand my situation but it ended in violence.

👤It was easy to put it together and ride on 4/2. The front brake lever snapped and I would have to ship it back. I will call Schwinn tomorrow to see if the vendor can help. It was beyond disappointing.

👤I just came from a bike ride and it was a smooth ride. The 3 gear is what I got. It was easy to Peddling. I rode it at 1st gear because of the hills. 2nd gear was acceptable on level ground. The bike is in black. I had a lot of head turns on it. I added a cheap front black headlight, tailight and spoke reflectors to make it easier to see at night. I did not rate any stars for assembly because I had a bike assembling expert do it for me. Purchase was sweet. Will ride it for a long time. Go for it and buy it.

👤I rode the bike 12 times. I am a 65 year old man. I was riding at a very leisurely pace and not jumping curbs. The sprocket fell apart after about a dozen rides and I am facing a repair charge. Not very happy.

👤The bike is really good. I was looking for simplicity and it was built to that standard. The package was in perfect shape. The assembly was simple. The right sized allen wrench helped speed things along since multiple sizes are required. The front fender was left off so that it wouldn't be a problem to ride it on wet road conditions, and the rea fender was removed so that it would be more minimalist. Went with the 1 speed and coaster brake model. The roads are easy to ride on. The water bottle holder and under seat bag were installed smoothly. I was surprised to see that it had a kickstand, but the picture looks like it doesn't. If you're looking for a simple cruiser bike for getting some exercise around the neighborhood, and you're happy with the bike, it's a great choice.

4. Portable Inflator Maintenance Essentials Emergency

Portable Inflator Maintenance Essentials Emergency

The set includes a megaphone Exhaust pipe, 3 waterproof and Super Durable Motocards, an Awesome 24 Piece Sticker Pack, and all the tools for ages 6+. No electronics, 100% pedal power. No batteries are required. There is a limited product inventory, bike tool kit, bike repair kit, bike tire repair kit, bicycle tool kit, bicycle repair kit, mountain bike tool kit, bike patch kit, bike tools kit set, and more. The Mountian Compact Professional accessory supports the repair in a harsh environment and immediately continues to ride without danger. The Bike Repair Kit With Pump And Bag and Bicycle Tube Repair Patch Tool Kit are better than other similar products. You can use a nylon Velcro to hold the bicycle stand in place without losing it. Increasing your safety is their belief. This product is produced for experience, it is the most convenient bicycle indoor and outdoor tire repair.

Brand: Xch Robots

👤I would suggest this to someone who uses a cruiser bike or just rides around for transportation, not someone who is an avid road biker or mountain biker house, it would interfere too much and make moving at high-speeds awkward. When you buy tools, you get what you pay for, so I suggest spending a little bit more money on getting some strong reliable tools, a few of them have soft metal and I damaged them the first time I used them. This is great for someone on a budget who just wants to have peace of mind.

👤Don't buy this if you have an electric bike. The tool is too small for removing the bolts. There was no rubber cement in the package. I'm very happy. I have a flat close to home. I decided to use the tool kit to get back on the road. I would not have been able to get this kit if I had not been out. The shop is better equipped. I'll be making my own kit after this experience.

👤The threads holding the strap to the bag separated after just over a year of hanging off my handlebars. Very disappointed. Would not buy again. The year of 2021. I had a flat for the second time. The wrench snapped when I applied pressure on the wheel. 2.5 miles from home. This proved to be poor quality twice.

👤This is a good kit. It doesn't have the most pieces, and they're not the best built, but you're not going to pay over $75 for it. The bag is large enough to hold your keys and phone, which is a nice bonus, and it has the bits that you'll need the most if you get stuck on the side of the road. I would have liked to see a pressure gauge addressed. It's easy to put a $2 one in there, but not to include it. Some of the parts don't have elastic strap spots, and are floating around in the bag. This is a poor design choice to save money.

👤I used the bone tool on the first day but needed to make an adjustment. It snapped in half. It is weak and cheap. The carrying case hangs loose on the bike, the straps are not made to overlap so that you can tighten it to the bike. Buy something else if you want to.

👤I went to check the spoke wrench on my bike after I got this kit. The kit was already paid for. There is a The bike I bought had some defects. I wore out one side of my brakes on my first ride so I ordered new ones and installed them using the tools from this kit. I got a lot better using this kit because the rear rim was out of round. The front rim needs to be done.

👤A good set of tools. Couldn't give 5 stars because of the carrying case. The case is awkward on a mountain bike, the only place I could find to make it fit was on the top bar, it flopped on my knees and hit my knees.

5. GOLDCHAMP Waterproof Handlebar Accessories Headphone

GOLDCHAMP Waterproof Handlebar Accessories Headphone

A realistic ride feel is generated by an actual flywheel. Almost all mobile phone models are compatible with this. It's easy to organize and make your ride without any effort, because you can store cards, keys, power bank, wallet, repair kit and other small equipment. The waterproof material is sealed and rainproof. No fear of water or rain. Can protect the contents of the bag. High sensitivity, easy to navigate and receive information are what the TPU TOUCH SCREEN has. You can easily use Face ID while riding. Night riding is safer with a reflective logo. Do not grind your feet. The jack design is for listening to music, answering the phone, and charging the phone. Just wipe the surface with a wet towel. The bag can be fixed on the head tube with the help of the Velcro. Even on a bumpy road, there is better stability. If there is a problem with the product, you can contact their after-sales customer service at any time. The bag can be fixed on the head tube with the help of the Velcro. Even on a bumpy road, there is better stability. If there is a problem with the product, you can contact their after-sales customer service at any time.

Brand: Goldchamp

6. Thule Yepp Mini Bicycle Child

Thule Yepp Mini Bicycle Child

The child bike seat is safe and comfortable. It's easy to mount a bike; it's compatible with most bike models. The seat is soft and shock absorbent. The harness is padded so it is the perfect fit. Childproof safety belt. The child's handlebar is comfortable. Your child's foot rests and straps grow with them.

Brand: Thule

👤I have a happy 2 year old at home who wants to ride his bike all the time. It's fun to have him in front of me demanding we go this way and that way. The only complaint I have with this seat is that it didn't work on my mountain bike because it was too thick to allow me to turn with the seat attached. Definitely recommend this seat.

👤The little seat was not what we needed. We have a baby boy. I ordered the seat because I thought it would suffice, but it was too flimsy. The harness wouldn't stay on. We used a strap to try to hold it together. The bicycle turn radius is interfered with by the stirrups. It is just a small thing that you are hoping for the best for your child. It is on the floor behind the bike rack. The Thule Ride-Over is much more substantial, well constructed and obviously safer than the other one. The seat might work for a small animal, but you would have to strap them in.

👤We got the Thule because we thought it had great safety features and we thought he would like the view from the front rather than looking at our backs. Cooper loves this seat. He enjoys riding his bike in the downhills. I think the bar he holds in the front helps him feel in control. His legs are not long enough to hold the leg straps. He's not going anywhere once the harness is buckled. Our little guy is safe, secure and fun.

👤I bought this seat to make sure it would fit my ride. The fork diameter of most US mountain bikes is not compatible with the newer style NEXXT. This model has a Ahead stem accessory that fits my fork tube. It works great on my frame. I used the mount on my wife's cruiser. Both bikes have the same ergonomics with the seat installed. The foot rests limit your steering angle and you will have to ride with your knees out a little, but these are minor complaints about a great seat. There is a The quality is excellent. My little guy is very fond of riding up front. It has been a great experience so far.

👤It has been around for a long time. They are the best products in the business for whatever sector they are in. The design of the bicycle seat is very disappointing. The attachment of the foot strap on the bike makes it hard to turn. That is very important for safety. You want to be able to turn if you need to. You can't because the seat's foot strap bars limit you, and you're in an accident or on the ground, if you plan on turning more than the handle bars can turn. This could be fixed quickly. If the handle bar grip was bow to the outside of the legs on the seat and the foot straps were mounted on the outside of your toddler's legs, it would allow full and total movement of your handle bars. It was so easy. I don't understand it. It is well built, but poorly designed. If you have a fall, the outside design could help save your child from worse harm by keeping them safer inside the handle bars and the leg posts outside the legs to protect them from less harm. I can't believe they did that. They have good products. I hope they see this. It is easy to fix. I have to leave the foot straps off my daughters legs so I can have total control of my bike for my and my child's safety. I don't like her legs dangling. Please fix this and send me a new one.

7. RoyalBaby Freestyle Bicycle Training Children

RoyalBaby Freestyle Bicycle Training Children

It takes less than 10 minutes to assemble the tent and requires no tools. If you want to protect the bicycle shed more from the elements, you can bend the frame into an arch with a little force and use a shorter frame to open the width to use. 1. It's easy to put together. The bike is assembled. The installation of the front wheel and brake is much simpler compared to 85% bikes. Assembly tools and instructions are included. 2. It was safer riding. Safe grips and handbrake, Front caliper brake and rear coaster brake offer double safer, Wide 2.4” pneumatic tires add more stability, Sturdy steel frame,Crank, Non-slip resin pedal,Chainguard. 3. It is easier to ride. Royalbaby sealed bearing has been used since the beginning of the year to give little riders a smooth ride. 4. The design and color are amazing. Bright colors, stylish and charming. Adding a bike bell and decals to the ride makes it even more fun. The handle on the seat makes it easier to grab the bike. 5. There are more size options. There are 12,14,16,18,20 inches available. You can find a perfect size for your beloved with their easy-to- follow chart. The kids height should be taken into account.

Brand: Royalbaby

👤I used to work in a bike shop that sold low-mid price bicycles. I spent a lot of time fixing them. Lower-end bikes had a lot of issues. After reading reviews, I decided to get a Royal Baby for my son. When it arrived, I gave it my usual thorough review. The parts seemed to be of good quality. The finish was perfect. The bicycle had the same things as any other bicycle: pedals, handlebars, seat, accessories. The parts were perfect on the first try. No fighting, no twisting and pulling. It comes with cheap tools to help with assembly, so you don't have to worry about finding a pedal wrench or the right size metric allen. I began to look at the mechanics. The tires were very sturdy. It was normal for bikes in the $100-150 range to have no noticeable wobble. The brakes were adjusted. They had the perfect amount of pull and were centered on the rim. There is a It seems like a quality bike for the price and I am happy with the purchase.

👤I bought two of them. My daughter will be turning 5 next week and I wanted to give her a pink bike. I did not take her measurements, but she is a size 6 in tops and pants. The bike is big for her and she can't handle it without the training wheels. I would have bought her a size down to start off with if I had known what I know now. She can ride this with the training wheels, but we will keep her smaller bike until she is used to it. There is a My 7 1/2 year old son is a size 7 for comparison, but I did not have any measurements for the 18 inch blue bike. The bike is just right for growing. It would have been too large for him. I think this is a great bike. I like the look of it and it is sturdy. We live on a farm, so no sidewalks, and the pink is still feminine, but has black tires, not the white tires that most little girls bikes have. There is dirt, gravel and grass to ride on. The bikes ride well on rough terrain. There is a The bikes came with a water bottle. There is a The white seat on the bike looks like a hand grip in the back. The black seat on the bike is similar to a normal bike seat. The kids have not mentioned that they dislike their seats. My daughter is still getting used to using the brake on her bike, but it is a nice feature. I would suggest getting the hang of that before you go down a hill. The assembly was easy. It took 15 minutes per bike to get everything ready. One bike had the tires ready to go and the other had to have the tires inflated. There is a I am very pleased with the purchase of these bikes, they have been great so far.

8. Zacro Cover BS031 Extra Bicycle

Zacro Cover BS031 Extra Bicycle

You cannot enjoy your bicycle leisure time when you are in pain. You can enjoy longer rides on your bike. It is easy to mount and low cost will make your saddle feel better. This gel seat saddle is 7inch in width. The bike seat can also be used for indoor cycling. Before ordering, please confirm that the bike seat cushion can fit your bike seat.

Brand: Zacro

👤I bought the seat for my Peloton because I heard it was unbearable. The cover is constantly moving and doesn't provide any additional support. I can't tell when the cover is on the bike or not. I bought bike shorts instead of removing it, which solved my problem.

👤It's missing some firm padding from the Peloton bike seat.

👤This is the best seat cushion I have ever tried. I use a cushion in my spin classes to increase my comfort on the saddle. The cushion is thick and supportive. The elastic underneath is very stretchy and will fit any standard spin bike. The bonus strap for tying the seat down is a great add-on. The cushion has never fallen off my seat. I can't recommend this item enough.

👤The saddle has made my bike riding experience better. The seat that comes with my new bike is very narrow and uncomfortable. I commute back and forth from school to the grocery every so often and it's a huge factor in my comfort. When I saw my package sitting on my desk, I couldn't wait to take my bike out for a ride. There is a My current bike seat is perfect for the Zacro Gel Bike Seat. Even though it has a non slip texture beneath the seat, I was able to adjust the tightness to prevent it from moving around. Installation was easy. The seat is very comfortable and provides 1-2 inches of thickness. When I ride my back, I can see how much lighter it feels. The gel seat has met my expectations and made me happy to review it, which was provided at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. Here are some pros and cons that I would like to note. * The padding is thick to provide extra comfort and the texture beneath it is non-slip to prevent slippage. There is a * The gel padding on this has definitely been a positive purchase for me. I would recommend this bike seat to anyone who has an uncomfortabe seat. This does not replace your current bike seat. This is added to the top of it. There is a I depend on honest reviews from honest reviewers when researching and buying a product. If you think my review was helpful, please click "Yes" below. Thank you!

👤I put it on my bike. It is amazing. It does not slide around. At all! I will never not use one again after having this. I will buy another if it wears out, but I am not sure it will because it is made so well. I think it's underpriced for what you get. I would have been happy to pay $29 for this. It is a complete steal.

👤I enjoyed the class but my butt didn't fit. I don't feel comfortable wearing bike shorts to yoga because I participate in multiple workout classes. I discovered the Zarco Gel Bike Seat Cover. It fits in my gym bag and is easy to attach to my spin bike at the beginning of class. There is a The Zarco Gel Bike Seat cover is very soft and comfortable. My eyes, wallet, and butt are very pleased with this purchase.

9. BV Adjustable Mount Bicycle Kickstand

BV Adjustable Mount Bicycle Kickstand

Instruction. Product photos and the bottom of the listing page are available for an updated assembly guide. The rear kickstand is made of alloy material. It is welding a fixed plate with 2 holes. There is a length for 24-28 inch bicycles. The reinforced plastic foot prevents slipping and sinking in mud.

Brand: Bv

👤The clip that you use to adjust it is metal, and I like that. If the mounting holes are present, it is easy to install. I installed it on 3 bikes from trek. The bolts were not included with the stand, which is why I gave it 4 stars. I went to my local bike shop to get some spare parts.

👤The kickstand was installed on the Trek FX series road bike. The stand can be adjusted to the right height in 2 seconds, but the portion of the stand locked in place requires no further adjustment. When I jump a curb, the stand clicks into the horizontal position and bounces only slightly. I offer 888-353-1299 The stand does not have bolts, but I had spare. I installed it with bolts and no thread locker because I didn't have lock washers that would fit into the slot. The bolts loosened after a couple rides because the stand vibrates with every micro-bump. The red thread locker is supposed to be permanent. I tightened up my bike's bolts a day ago after a couple months of riding and time on a car rack, and the bolts holding the stand with the "permanent" red thread locker accepted a little tightening. The manufacturer could reduce the problem by shipping some bolts and lock washers to the stand, since it's not their fault.

👤This kickstand fits my Giant Roam perfectly. There is a Reviewers said it didn't come with bolts, so I was a little worried about having to buy my own, but it did come with mounting bolts that were the correct thread pitch for my bike. There is a This is half the price of the one Giant sells and I can't imagine what would make the official one any better. There is a The kickstand has a handy little tab that makes it easy to adjust the length. There is a There have been no complaints so far. Does the job well for a good price. It's novel to be able to stand my bike up on the kickstand without any walls or posts to lean against. There is a Go for it if you are on the fence. Send it back to Amazon for an exchange if it doesn't come with bolts. They have blue loctite on the thread so they will stay nice and snug.

👤My bike was old after many years. I bought a 2020 Trek 5 extra small for women. I am a very short person at 5' tall with short legs. I bought my bike at the shop and inquired about a kickstand after riding for a day or two. I was told that the Trek cannot have a kickstand. There is a Well. I am very proud of the baby I discovered after doing some research. It was easy to put on. I went to Lowes and bought some black Hillman M6-1.00 x 20 Socket Hd Cap Screws that were the same color as the ones I used to put in. I would recommend this stand to anyone who has the 2 holes on their bike frame. The stand is very well made and sturdy. I didn't have to adjust my bike because it is an extra small.

10. Bike Kickstand Aluminum Alloy Bicycle

Bike Kickstand Aluminum Alloy Bicycle

Durability The kickstand is made from anti-rust aluminum alloy and is waterproof. Their customer care team is on hand to help if you have any issues with their products. oy material Rear Kickstand is stable. It is easy to install a fixed plate with 2 holes. The length of the kickstand can be adjusted with a tool-less adjustabe. The reinforced plastic foot prevents slipping and sinking in mud. The E-bike is suitable for bicycles. The E-bike is suitable for bicycles.

Brand: Rbrl

👤The installation is easy. It took about a minute. The Allen key and two set of screws worked as expected. There were no issues with the installation on my Giant Talon 2. The bike stays up. The mechanism to put the stand up/down seems very strong as it snaps into place. The material on the stand looks good on the top half, which makes it feel like it's made of high quality parts. The plastic material on the bottom half that is adjusted by the push button looks very plasticy and doesn't look very strong. I removed a star from the reviews for this reason. The push button with the retaining clip is not very strong. If you are constantly adjusting the length, it could snap off. I don't think one would be adjusting the clip all the time. It should be a set of things. There is a If you want to put a stand on a bike that will get scratched up or get beat up, I wouldn't mind putting this on these types of bikes. If you are looking for something that will hold up your trophy bike, look elsewhere.

👤I'd been waiting for the kickstand to be in stock. Not. I was excited when I found this kickstand. The correct mounting screws were supplied. The allen wrench was also supplied. Nothing else was needed. It is easy to mount in 1 minute. It looks like it came with the bike. I recommend anyone who needs a kickstand to get one.

👤It requires two holes in the Side Bar. This one won't work for you if you expect the top to clamps on.

👤I used this for my Trek Verve 3 hybrid. Fantastic. It was fitted well. It came with two different size mounting screws and washers. The price is great. Shipping is quick. Happy with it.

👤I went with the one that was out of stock from rad. It fit perfectly. It was cheaper. It looks good and I hope it stays that way over time.

👤Other reviewers said it fits on the rad mission. It does! Make sure your frame has two holes in it. There are different mounts for every kickstand.

👤The stand is of good quality. It came with a set of screws. It looks like the M6 screws were sent by trek. The length of the screws was correct.

👤The Radmission kickstand has not been available for months. I found a kick stand when I got tired of waiting. It's easy to install. Good metal. We will see if the foot is durable. I used it to replace a kickstand.

11. BV Adjustable Kickstand Concealed Spring Loaded

BV Adjustable Kickstand Concealed Spring Loaded

The tool-less adjustabe length is used to adjust the length of the kickstand. The reinforced plastic foot prevents slipping and sinking in mud. A steel hexagonal bolt prevents the foot from sliding off the kickstand. The angle stance is great for balancing bikes on the ground.

Brand: Bv

👤The kickstand may be good or bad. I did not get to test it. The mounting bolt is a problem. The photo clearly shows that the bolt is a hex bolt. It isn't. The bolt has a rounded head and a hexagonal head. The gearshift cable above the kickstand makes it impossible to mount my Trek bicycle securely. There is no way to use a key with an glyph. It would have been easy to secure from the side with a wrench. There is a It is difficult to get on the bolt because the threads are painted on it. The metric key they call for is large. I have about three dozen different sizes of hexagonal tools, but none of them fit correctly. If you don't have the right size, you will get frustrated.

👤There are a lot of positives about this, but one thing that is really worrying. The good first. There is a The kickstand is easy to install, and I love how you can change the height. There is a It sticks out far past the chainstay on my bike. My foot will catch it and extend it, forcing me to kick it back into place. Several times a day. There is no way to position it further inside. It hasn't happened yet, but if it were to come down while I'm in the middle of a street fight, it would throw me. No accessory will fit every bike. This is a quality product, but it makes me nervous when I ride with it. Something to think about.

👤I went to the hardware store to buy a longer bolt to fit the kickstand on a different bike. It was a bolt. The included ones were not long enough, so I used a 2.5" bolt for the new bike. Before buying this kickstand, I was not a fan of the generic kickstand sold with bikes. They were either too tall or short with no way to adjust them. Changing the tire height would make the kickstand unstable. There is a The kickstand is amazing. It is relatively light at 0.66 pounds. If not more, most other sturdy stands weigh double that. It is easy to adjust. Press a tab and move the section to the height you want. There were no bolts or complicated mechanisms. The length was a selling point for me. It will fit up to 29" wheels. The kickstand fit my mountain bike perfectly and felt sturdy because I could adjust the height. To many, putting a kickstand on a high dollar bike is not a good idea, but to me, it's a useful feature. I have had bikes fall when they are leaning against something. This kickstand has never caused a bike fall. I have put this on my road bike. Dropping a high dollar carbon bike is a bad idea. This prevents that thought from happening. There is a I've taken this on trails and large drops, and the stand never came down. The mechanism is very sturdy and makes a very strong click when you extend it. It works well on the roads with a road bike. There was no noise or gnashing of teeth. The kickstand is rock solid, will fit most bikes on the market, can be easily adjusted without any tools, and works amazingly well on mountain trails. I wouldn't hesitate to buy one for every bike I own because of the ease of adjustment and how good of a stand this is. Don't think twice if you're on the fence about buying this. The included bolt can be replaced with sizes you need at the hardware store. I got the bolt in the correct size, in the correct location. There is a The package included a standard bolt and an allen bolt. It's nice to have a choice.


What is the best product for bicycles trek?

Bicycles trek products from Ibera. In this article about bicycles trek you can see why people choose the product. Garmin and Schwinn are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycles trek.

What are the best brands for bicycles trek?

Ibera, Garmin and Schwinn are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycles trek. Find the detail in this article. Xch Robots, Goldchamp and Thule are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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