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1. Maxxis Minion Tubeless Folding 29 Inch

Maxxis Minion Tubeless Folding 29 Inch

MINION DHF: It's hard to find fault with the Minion DHF because of the tread design that balances rolling speed with braking and cornering traction. It's one of the most imitated tires in mountain biking. There is a song called "EXO." The material added to the mountain tires is extremely cut resistant. The performance of the tire is unaffected by the lightweight and flexible fabric. If you want to go on a rocky trail, choose EXO Protection. Two compounds within the tread offer lower rolling resistance and increased grip compared to single compound tires. A tubeless ready bead is used to lock the rim with or without an innertube.

Brand: Maxxis

👤I ordered two of them for my hardtail. I will convert them this spring. Climbs, turns and traction are all better with these under you. Good traction is important on the trails I ride in Colorado because they have a lot of loose rock. The price on Amazon was 15 less per tire for these tires. If you liked the review, please hit the thumbs up button.

👤I love this tire! I was not happy with the way the 2.3 high roller II handled unless you leaned the bike. The high roller felt like it was being held under me when I turned on anything other than tacky. The tallboy 3 came with the 2.3 dhf and was very impressed. I decided to try the 2.5 for a front because I had just picked up 30mm wide carbon rims. I wasn't disappointed. Make sure you read the part number and the tire's description before you buy it. They have a lot of variations. When I received a double down exo tire, they mis- listed the item as an exo dual compound. When you order a tire, you want to make sure the compound and the tread are compatible with the riding type you do. There is a The compound is great for the middle of the road. It's not hard to be focused on rolling resistance, but not too soft. The dual compound is what comes on the stock DHF tallboy 3. I can say that the standard exo casing is much more grippier than the hard pack. The less compliant the tire is, the harder it will be to ride. The exo protection on my old high roller was great for 2 seasons, so I stuck with it. The standard exo single ply is much lighter. Again, not a weight weenie, but I noticed the difference between the double down and this one. The front feels very quick compared to the double down. This tire in the 2.5 29er form is referred to as the "WT" tire, meaning wide trail design. I'm not sure if I can tell the difference between this and the other one. I've heard of many guys with 28mm internal going with WT as well, they say it's a better rolling profile for 30-35mm. There is a The single ply exo dhf is an amazing tire. If you're looking for something on the aggressive side of the trail for a front, this tire has gobs and gobs of grip and really doesn't roll any worse than my high roller II 2.3. It's not as easy to roll as a nobby nic, but it's more surefooted and gives a lot more confidence. I put this up with a 2.35 ikon exo rear, which I think balances the bike out for rolling speed and grip. Even on dry dusty hardpack, they worked well together.

👤I replaced my worn tires with the Maxxis EXO dual compound tire. The difference was immediately noticed. While climbing up hills the ramp configuration dug in and gripped to keep me from breaking traction. The aggressive tread design made turning feel tight. The tires were not slipping on the trails. The tires are very smooth. I think it is due to the compound makeup of the tires. I was expecting a lot of road buzz. This isn't the case. There is a small amount, but it can't be avoided unless you have road specific tread. There is a I am happy with the Maxxis EXO dual compound tires. They have exceeded my expectations. I think they look great.

2. Continental Grand Prix 5000 Black BW

Continental Grand Prix 5000 Black BW

This includes two tires. Black Chili is a unique tread compound produced in Germany that answers the question of the best balance of grip and Rolling resistance for cyclists. Embedded technology in the tire construction absorbs and smoothens your ride. The laser Micro profile structure expands over the tire's shoulder. Made in Germany by skilled craftsman.

Brand: Continental

👤I don't like the fact that I got flat on both front and rear tires on the same day and to make things worse, one tire is coming apart.

👤I got a lot of time on my favorite track with these tires. Stop reading and buy them now. I will listen to Martin Fry and see if Amazon sells Lamé jackets. Yeah, that's right. I need to go faster because I am old. If you are using an old bike with old tires, you should get great all around tires. They are fast. I was using old Bontrager 23 race lites. The GP 5000 25's were with me. I was getting FIFTEEN seconds per mile faster and I only wanted to get 15 seconds over 20 kilometers. I used the same amount of effort with higher gears as I did with my old tires. Rolling resistance is better now. I was better at it. There is a They were more comfortable. There is a guy who claims that the online reviewers will hold up well. I will update this review every month. Buying world class wheels can be difficult, but you can get world class tires for $100. I don't think it's possible to improve the money. There is a They rushed my old PR on the veloway. Why are you still reading? Go buy them. In the last 4 months. I don't have any wear issues. 1500 miles later, I am getting normal wear with no punctures or unusual wear marks.

👤I really wanted to like these tires, but I'm not sure I'm willing to pay for it. I put a new set of 25mm on my bike and destroyed the rear tire in less than 40 miles. The "Vectran" anti-puncture layer went through the tire. My previous tires used a different brand of tire and I rode over 20,000 miles without a flat. It's nice to replace tires that wear out. Maybe it was a coincidence. The GP5000 is not as great as advertised, and I would flatt on any tire. The tire is very supple and smooth, and it's a plus from my limited experience. I was able to verify that they were easy to mount. They look great. I could get a replacement to comment on treadwear. There is an update. I patched the hole and swapped the tires. I have now traveled over 300 miles with the tires and got 2 more flats. 3 flats in 300 miles is the most fragile tires I have ever ridden. I know some people who have had no problems for over a thousand miles. I don't want to buy another set to find out.

👤I only rode GP4000/s before I went tubeless. I knew that I had found favor with the bike gods when I heard that the 5000 series would have a tubeless version. I have been riding these for about 150 miles so far and can only comment on the installation and ride. Handling andDurability will require more miles to judge. They were more difficult to mount on the rim than the Hutchinson models I've used in the past, but of course your experience will vary depending on what rim you're using. The bead was air-tight once mounted, and even after adding sealant. There is a The ride is similar to the GP4000S, but it's difficult to compare. They are not as tacky as the Schwalbe Pro One. Two sets of Pro One tires were gashed open in less than 500 miles each, and had inconsistentDurability from Hutchinson. I'm hoping that these will be a better balance of performance andDurability. There is a I'll update the review once I have more miles to judge them. So far, so good.

3. Continental Cross Performance Tubeless Ready

Continental Cross Performance Tubeless Ready

A classic competition tire is used at the Cross Country World Cup. It's the right choice for all race bikes because of its low rolling resistance, good self-damping and low weight. Excellent puncture protection thanks to high-quality, three-layer Tubeless Ready-enabled casing. Thanks to Pure Grip Compound, the grip is outstanding. E-bike rated mountain bike tires can go up to 25 km/h.

Brand: Continental

👤I bought a pair of Continental Cross King 26" x 2.2" tires for my son. The tires were not uniform in their depth, and the attached video shows that. The pattern of movement on the tires was the same, so it appears to be a consistent defect. I have always purchased Continental tires for my family's bikes. It is disappointing to see a company sacrifice quality. It's sad to see decisions to increase the margin on products through cheaper manufacturing at the expense of quality. I paid more for a brand name tire, but it was sub-par and I wasted time.

👤I bought this because it was the only tire that would make it to my home in one day before I left for vacation. There was nothing in stock. It was mounted with a small compressor and 2 OZ of sealant. I am running it on the rear. There is a lot of grip. I didn't weigh it before mounting but it felt a little heavier than the Fasttrak it replaced. The SBI is around 600g. 650g is what I would guess. I have 100 miles on it this week and haven't thought about it. I think that is good. There is an update. After 3 months, the casing gave out. I ride this tire around 27-29 mph. Even though the tire is seated and wheel is true, the tire has enough wobble in it to feel significant. Trash now.

👤2 of the 3 I purchased had defects and were double checked by a local bike shop. I couldn't live with one of the defected tires, so I got the 3rd and it was fine. I have one tire. One that has a little wobble that I can live with and one that is very annoying can feel the wobble and can even see it in my shadow. I keep the tire as a spare so I don't have to stop riding when I tire out. They never heard back from the person who contacted them. I won't be buying anymore continental tires. I don't recommend taking chances with them after reading about continental. continental don't care about this problem and don't want to fix it.

👤Converted to tubeless. I switched my non-tubeless wtb nano 2.1 tires to the King Cross 2.3. Getting them seated correctly is a challenge. The water did the trick. I went for my first trail ride yesterday and the tires felt good. My previous tires had more side grip.

👤2 of these were purchased in September of 20. Both are trash. I will never buy continental tires again. Never. It's like they wear to a certain point. I got a flat tire when an office staple pierced it. One of the tiny thin bendy office staples is an office staple. Look elsewhere.

👤I put these tires on my wheels. I took them out for a ride after I pumped them up. The continental cross kings had the same wheelset and tire pressure, but the cornering was better. I felt more confident on descents. I have more control over my movements. I was more aggressive on the loose dirt berms. I will probably run my psi on both wheels at a lower pressure to see if it enhances the aggressiveness of the mountain king and if I see an improvement in the confidence with the cross kings at a lower pressure. I will post after my ride results. I ran these tires at the lower psi (20 front 25 back) and they responded well in loose dry dirt and packed in hard dirt. The treads on the edge of the wheel were deeper than the treads on the tires. I found them to handle well on a hardtail. I bought a set of Trail Kings for my bike and they did a great job on a couple of black diamond trails just past Mi-Wuk village, CA. The meatier treads of the Der Kaiser's make them a good choice for hero dirt.

4. Continental Grand 4 Season Bicycle 700x23

Continental Grand 4 Season Bicycle 700x23

Continental has been making tires in Germany since 1871, and has evolved with the most advanced technology. VECTRAN PROTECTION Vectran's reinforcing and matrix fibers are 5X stronger than steel and are lightweight and resistant to punctures, making them more effective than two layers of nylon. DURASKIN- The sidewall protects the tire's core from being cut under the worst conditions. All season long. The Grand Prix 4 Season can handle any weather conditions you throw at it. Road Bike Magazine named the top winter tire.

Brand: Continental

👤If you're researching bike tires, you should read real reviews on bike forums or websites rather than just Amazon reviews, but these tires are great. I don't ride anything else because I am a Continental snob. Continental's premium tires are made in Germany, and I am more than happy to pay the extra money that they command. These tires are good for a couple thousand miles, and they have never made me feel like there was a lack of grip. I ride my bike mostly out in the country where there is a lot of debris in the bike lane or on the shoulder, and I will say that this can carve little chunks out of the tire, but that's the price you pay. You can ride Gatorskins and not have that problem, but you will have a rougher ride because those tires are harder. These are ideal all-weather, all-purpose road bike tires for casual to serious enthusiast riders. It is an excellent choice for bike commuters.

👤This is the best tire I have ever used, and it's from the GP 4000 SII, Ultra Sport, Gattorskin, Armidillo, S Works Turbo Cotton, Lithion 2, Pro 4 Endurance, and Pro 4 Comp. These have never been able to puncture even the bent pot holes. The grip is strong but not as good as the GP 4000. They are used for racing, training, and commute in Chicago, which has poor roads. They can be used on the trainer. They have always lasted over a year for me. They begin to look squared off at about 3000 miles.

👤Poor berms, broken glass, and broken pavement are some of the things I ride in. The tires take a lot of abuse. I ride about 120 miles a week and can easily get 2000 miles out of a rear tire and 3000 out of a front tire. They removed glass, metal bits and everything else. I got a flat in the last 5000 miles when a small piece of glass went in. It only got part way through. I use these on my two bikes. I don't have to worry about a flat because I use them for racing, they aren't as fast as a dedicated race tire. I use a thicker rubber on the outer side of the Airstop tubes to help resist pinchflats, which is why they are expensive.

👤I used to race and build my mountain bike, road bike and triathlon bike for light weight and speed before I had a family. I used to be a "weight weinie" about my road bike. I commute to work on my road bike. Dry rot and age have caused my old race slicks to crack. I have not regretted replacing the tires with the GP4 because of their weight. The ride is smooth and the folding bead gets on the wheel easily. The tread pattern on the tire is wet, dry and leafy and I like it. I will update once I get there. Solid 3.5 for now.

5. Continental GatorSkin DuraSkin 2 Count Folding

Continental GatorSkin DuraSkin 2 Count Folding

Sidewall protection is lightweight. The item's package height is 10. The package length is less than 4. The package width is less than the item.

Brand: Continental

👤I bought used tires for the Giant Defy 4 Road Bike and Continental Race 28 700x20-25c Bicycle Inner Tubes. The bicycle is very fast. The ride was jittery because of the old Gatorskin 23mm tires. The 25mm tires absorb the rough surface of the streets and make the ride very supple. I would not advise against puncture proof tubes. This is close to a tubeless setup without the price and tire-slip. Racing tires are too soft for street riding. The wire bead version of the tire is 315 grams, compared to the folding Gatorskins's 480 grams.

👤I don't have a lot of miles on these yet. There is a I think the rims I have are tubeless and designed to fit tires tightly. I have the same issue with other tires. I prefer not to use tire levers, but they are necessary. A little soapy water on the bead helps. I don't know how they'll last in the long run, I haven't put a lot of miles on them yet. They were thrown on my bike and I wanted a tire that was puncture resistant and comfortable for commute. There is a I've only used them on roads and bike paths. I ran them around 85-90 PSI with 700x32 My previous tires were 32mm, but with a lot thicker tread. These feel more responsive and lighter. They offer more grip because of the rubber compound used. Due to less tread, they are pretty quiet. There was no buzz or hum. I was surprised how much they improved my ride. The tires changed the ride more than I expected, even though they were supposed to be a little faster and more responsive. The ride feels more like a bike. I would definitely recommend them. I don't ride over broken glass, thorns, thumbtacks, or spike strips often, so I can't say much about the puncture resistance. I've had no problems so far. I put these on a Trek. A basic hybrid commuter, carbon fork, and basic groupset. I've been looking at the Trek Checkpoint. I'd like to put these tires on a gravel bike and do some group rides and climbs on the road.

👤Never buying from Movatik again. The GatorSkin tire is one of the best I have ever used. This is not the norm. I replaced the tube with a blow out after less than 100 miles on the tire. My back up tube "blew". The tire separated near the rim allowed the tube to "pinch out". I had to call support 42 miles into the ride to get a lift. I had to walk 2.5 miles in a heat index of 105+ to get to a road that was close to the paved bike path. They are waiting for the manufacturer to respond and send me a new tire. Their customer service was poor and their correspondence stopped responding the last time I purchased from Movatik.

👤Not going to lie. Thought they would be a little more difficult than they were. I need to replace the tires on my road bike because I have a route that I have ridden for years. I was swayed by the positive reviews and saw some mixed ones. The tires failed to perform. It seems that these tires don't hold up as well as I thought they would, and that's no different from the road conditions that I am aware of. I ordered a set of tires at a higher price point. Hope they hold up.

6. Schwinn Replacement Kevlar Hybrid Comfort

Schwinn Replacement Kevlar Hybrid Comfort

Rolling resistance is low. Schwinn bike tire with puncture guard has a folding wire bead and a Kevlar tread center that reduces punctures and makes for a sturdy replacement. A worn tire can be replaced on a hybrid or comfort bike. The tread has shallow knobs that can be used on pavement or dirt. The steel bead makes the construction durable. Before mounting the tire fully onto the rim, make sure the inner tube is deflated as much as possible. Before mounting the tire fully onto the rim, make sure the inner tube is deflated as much as possible. Schwinn's hybrid cruiser tire has puncture resistance and is thorn resistant. Look for Schwinn replacement bike tubes.

Brand: Schwinn

👤Sasquatch pay the full price. I'm giving these 5 starts for an excellent combination of affordability andDurability. I have had these for a while now and they still look good. Are they special? I don't know. I got them for a good price. They are doing their job. The answer is no for those of you that are wondering if these things are so cheap that they fall apart immediately or have some kind of problem. There is a If Sasquatch helped you make a decision or if you enjoyed the review, mark him helpful. Sasquatch likes that.

👤Four stars until we can use them to tell about longevity. Everything was packaged nicely and shipped the same day with Prime. I have ordered other tires through Amazon and they come in a flat box so that the tire is not distorted. The tire is packed into a small display box after being tight rolled and zip-tied. I was worried at first. The display box and the way the tire is zip-tied are shown in the attached photos. There were no problems installing. It was easy to put on the 26" rims without using additional tools. I replaced a pair of standard knobby mountain bike tires with these since my son rides mostly on concrete. I'm hopeful that these Schwinns will have an effect on his mountain bike, as he had taken to using my road bike for the lower rolling resistance. The tread pattern is tighter on these tires. Attached are pics. I like the tires. Hopefully they will hold up.

👤They are not Schwinn tires, they are not Schwinn tires in a Schwinn box, and they don't know how they are being allowed to continue this false representation. You can't beat the price for a tire. They are a much thicker and heavier Duty rubber lining, so don't think they are lined with Kevlar. I use plastic flexible inserts in my bike tires to help prevent punctures from things like small pieces of glass, thorns or other road debris, which is why I use Mr. Tuffy's in all of my bike tires. No matter what, nails would go through any tire. I only give 4 stars because of the false advertising on the tires, but Innova have been making tires for years and years for tractors, cars, lawn mowers and bikes so they are not some cheap company. We will see how long these tires last. I'm happy with them so far.

👤My child can bike to school if I switch my mountain bike tires to this comfort bike tire. If possible, keep them away from the Slimes tubes. It was a smooth ride. Schwinn seemed to be a better value and I decided to go with it. I put the tires under the sun for 30 minutes to make them softer, and they were a little stiff at first. It was easy to install, it is a 3 in a scale of 1-10. Tubes and tires fit nicely around the rim once installed. This tire is great for those who want to upgrade their mountain bike tires to comfort tires. I bought two more tires for my son's bike because I love them so much. The Sunlite Standard Presta Valve Tubes, 26 x 1.90, work great with these tires. I decided to add some pics and instructions after reading a lot of comments about the difficulties of putting on tires. 1. Add enough air to the tube so that it will form a circle. Put the tire around the tube and rim after you slide the valve through the rim. The tire is not pushing in yet. 3. Push the tire into the rim by focusing on one side. Make sure the blue line on the tire is no longer visible before you start. Don't worry about the other side of the tire. 4. Push the tire into the rim and go around the whole tire until you get one side of the tire in. 5. The rim should be flipped over to work on the other side. Start from the valve and push the tire into the rim. 6. Resistance will be encountered when you get to about 7/8 through the tire. I used a wrench handle to push the tire in. Don't use a sharp tool. 7. Slowly filled the tire with air. The valve nut needs to be tightened. Make sure the tube is distributed by bouncing the tires a few times. There are 8. Make sure the tire is completely in the rim and not the blue line. Continue until it is complete. Each tire took me about 10 minutes to complete, and I used just my hands and a wrench. Hope these pictures help.

7. Continental Ride Trekking Bicycle 27x1 1

Continental Ride Trekking Bicycle 27x1 1

The continuous center tread has good rolling characteristics. Extra Puncture Belt has puncture protection. On all rides, the durable casing and long- lasting tread impress. Ready for the higher speeds of E- bikes. Rolling resistance is low.

Brand: Continental

👤700 x 23mm is the measurement of my 2012 Specialized Roubaix. There is not much room for large tires. This is a bike. I thought the size 700x 28 tires would be a tight fit but they were a little bigger than the race tires. Wrong. When mounted, they measured 23 across. Mild gravel roads were handled well. I ordered the 700x28s for my wife's bike because I wanted something a little bigger, but I didn't want to have to return them. I have been happily married for over 25 years. Take note. The 700 x 32 tires measure 28 across when mounted to my race wheels. There is a lot of clearance. They handle the gravel roads well. They have a nice feel to them. Would not be the first choice for a paved road ride. The recommended tire pressure is 70 and they absorb some bumps. Light gravel and limestone are very well handled. Very safe. They are very attractive. They are not for people who want to mount. You definitely need tire mounting things. I really like them! They turned my road bike into a bike that I can use on some gravel roads, and we have a lot of gravel roads out here.

👤I've been riding Continental City Ride tires for about 20k miles until they discontinued them and went to the City Ride II. I thought these tires would be the same, but they are not. In all weather conditions in Colorado, I'm 80% concrete surface and 20% dirt. Good grip in all conditions. As compared to Continental City Ride, Con has high rolling resistance. The difference is dramatic. There is a There is no reflective side. The City Ride II's design includes siping across the face of the tire, which is not a solid center. I am a huge fan of Continental tires. I'll try them out.

👤Went from California to Kentucky. I bought these Continental tires. Traveling from Kentucky to Arizona. Thank you for these tires.

👤The 700x42 version was the one I got. Not my first set of rides. I know what to expect. There is a These are big mean tires that have a lot of tread. Handles going off road are very smooth. The rubber tread is very thick and will last a long time. As expected, tougher then nails, glass, thorns, and wire. flats are not an option for you, but you don't want to use solid tires, so you get these. Downside is that these roll are only marginally better than solid tires. They are heavy and inflexible. I put up with the loss in speed, for the gains in tread life, and all terrain function.

👤The tires arrived in 2 days. There seems to be some controversy about Continentals size. I ordered a 700cX35 and it showed up as a 700cX28. The 700cX32 was actually 2mm wider than the previous 35mm tire that was 30mm wide. The metric is different in India than it is in Germany. Someone must have a correction chart. There is a The tire has a thicker belt and deeper tread than most street tires, and I used my 30 year old rims with only the last 6 inches to balance it out for a heave tire. There is a Rolling resistance was down even though the cyclo cross tire was harder to ride. The deep tread on the tire feels like it's drifting in a hard turn, but 10 pounds of air in the back makes that feeling go away. First, check the size. There is a I'll have to find some thorns.

8. Continental Gatorskin DuraSkin Bicycle 700x23

Continental Gatorskin DuraSkin Bicycle 700x23

Carbon black mixture. The Gatorskin is as comfortable on the way to work as it is training for road races. PolyXBREAKER- The PolyX is highly resistant to any foreign body without reducing the rolling resistance because of the dense fabric and minimal space between threads. DURASKIN- The sidewall protects the tire's core from being cut under the worst conditions. It's important to wear a maximizedREAD. Adding a long service life is achieved by using the Gatorskin's wear maximized tread compound. Continental has been making tires in Germany since 1871, and has evolved with the most advanced technology.

Brand: Continental

👤I've been waiting to buy them for a year. It took me so long to make the leap because I justified the 80$ purchase. I bought a set of Hutchinson tires that had been reviewed by some bike magazines. I had my first flat in over a year after that purchase. I had black belted tires that came with my Allez. They cost 55 dollars a tire. I wanted a cheaper option. I ride 5000+ miles a year. That's over 100m a week. I'm very far from help. The 80$ price for the Gators was easily justified after having a flat. I gave these five stars because of the piece of mind. I watched a video comparing rolling resistance with other Continental tires after buying this. This tire has superior puncture. The harder shell makes the tire slower. I was lost at 1 to 2 mph. Being far from home and not having to worry about a flat as much makes me feel better about ridding far and is what earned these the 5 star from me. The loss gives me an excuse to get stronger. After Continental Grad Prix tires wear out, I will switch to them. They offer puncture protection, but are a faster tire. I bought the wire bead because they have a more robust side wall. I had a hard time getting these on. If you get the wire, be prepared for a fight because this tire is the hardest install of the bunch. I also bought new Continental tubes. The valve stem was lined up with the Continental logo. It's easy to locate the location of a puncture in a tire. I had an issue with shipping. I got a tire and one of the wires was bent. I was able to get it right by hand. Some reviewers were talking about the holes in the tires. I have them as well. They are hard to see in the picture I took. I discovered that these are wear indicators. The tires are done when you can't see the holes. Nice feature. I'm happy I jumped to this tire. I would use them again even though they have a small speed loss. I ride in the desert. I can't say how these hold up in the rain. They seem to hold up well in my climate. Take corners easy until you understand the limits of the tire. I have about 600m on these. I'm happy to report no flats yet. If you ride in urban areas, the harder Gator Hardshell tires are for you. I hope the review helps the decision.

👤If I'm near the end of a 200 mile ride, I don't like fixing flats because I cycle 10,000 miles a year. The Specialized website started giving me grief when I was riding the Armadillo tires. I thought I would try the Gatorskins which have a reputation for being flat-proof. I have several hundred miles on them and have yet to have flats. I have no idea how hard they are to remove because they haven't flatted yet. They're slick. Even in the rain, I have no issues with my grip. I think I will like them. I've ridden 2000 miles on them so far and no flats. My first flat was 3000 miles. It was a roofing nail, so it doesn't count. Keep going! The rear wheel is starting to wear out after one flat from a roofing nail. I think I got my money's worth. It's time to buy another one. There is a I didn't plan on adding any more to this review but something happened last week that I want to tell you about. We were driving home from Colorado when my wife's $2,000 carbon bike got towed down the freeway at 80mph because the mount holding $12,000 worth of bicycles failed. The bike sustained a lot of damage, but the Gatorskin tires took a lot of it. They still held air even though they were badly damaged. She could have ridden the bike if the pedals and rear derailleur hadn't been destroyed. I think that's amazing. I did replace them.

9. Schwinn Mountain Bike Black 1 95 Inch

Schwinn Mountain Bike Black 1 95 Inch

E-bike rated mountain bike tires can go up to 25 km/h. The tire is for off road riding. Blocksy knobs provide traction on rocky terrain. The knobs extend over the tire edge. The internal rim width is 19mm to 29mm.

Brand: Schwinn

👤Thank you for giving me the chance to not recommend this product to anyone. I was ready to replace it when it arrived. To find out if it was durable, I had to feel it with my hands and the tires I was going to replace. The tires that went flat were more durable than the ones I got. It looks cheap by the looks alone. I can't seem to find the original manufacturer of the Kylin brand, so I'm going to go flat faster than my last ones. Don't waste your time and money on this product.

👤This tire is what the description says it will be. I replaced my Schwinn bike's tires with two, along with inner tubes. I ride a lot of mostly desolate roads in northwest Wisconsin because this bike is at my cabin. Rural Wisconsin spends around $50 on roadwork each year so the roads are in rough shape. A bike tire made of rugged bike tires is a must. I've only been using these tires for a few weeks, but they seem to be doing well. Schwinn tires are not interchangeable with original equipment tires, as I was told a long time ago. I was a kid. If it still holds true, then why mess around with a knock-off? So far, so good. I don't want to be stuck on a rural Wisconsin road with a flat, so I appreciate the durable build on these tires. They are made to Schwinn's specifications even if they aren't made by Schwinn.

👤In six months, these tires have run for 1,500 miles. I've had five flats in a short period of time and I notice the tread wear is excessive compared to my previous tires. Maybe they're soft. There are lots of small rocks on the asphalt roads I ride. My previous tires did not stand up to the harsh environment. I will go to something different soon because I am not a fan of these tires.

👤The tread pattern shown in the picture is not the one shown in the right size tire. They shipped a tire for a mountain bike. I ride a bike and am an old foggie. The replacement tire they sent is not the same tire as the one in the picture and the one on the bike.

👤These are not good quality. One of them had some rubber in it. Poor quality control at the factory is what they have. I won't buy them again, but I will use them. I'd rather spend a bit more for a good tire. There is a There was an edit on 11/24/2019. I can see that they are more than just a problem with visible defects in the rubber. I'm reducing the rating to 1 star. Schwinn is not what it used to be. I'm going to stick with Kenda or Sunlite in the future.

👤Good tire for a good price. If you know what you're doing, it's easy to install. Put the other side in the rim. The tube is in the tire. The other side of the tire. Start at the stem and work on the opposite side. There is no arrow on the tire or box. It is best to put the end of the arrow in the direction of travel. The front tire doesn't matter. Better loose surface braking can be achieved by matching rear or reverse. They do a great job on my Trek. It was made for Schwin.

10. Grand Prix Black BW Black Chili

Grand Prix Black BW Black Chili

Black Chili is a unique tread compound produced in Germany that answers the question of the best balance of grip and Rolling resistance for cyclists. Embedded technology in the tire construction absorbs and smoothens your ride. The laser Micro profile structure expands over the tire's shoulder. Vectra has a very low weight and enormous tear resistance. Made in Germany by skilled craftsman.

Brand: Continental

👤It has been a couple of years since I started using the Conti 5000 tires and I feel it is time to update this review and rating. I gave the 5000 tires a three star rating because they were one size smaller than the original 4000s tires I had been running for a number of years. The Grand Prix 5000 is still run by me. The road bikes have a standard. I like the ride quality and low rolling resistance because of some testing results on the web. The tires have a good grip on the asphalt roads and cement bike trails that I ride. I live in a dry climate so I can't speak to the wet road performance. I can't say I see any improvement in flat resistance, but it's difficult to quantify based on real world experience. I don't think flats are any worse than other tires. There is a The only downside to these tires is that they can be very expensive. You might check around for a different tire if you don't ride often. There is a I've bumped the rating up to five stars because I'm still a fan of the tires. I use the 28mm 5000 tires on my Roubaix Pro. The Co-motion Carrera tandem is much heavier. The wider tires are what I stick with. The 5000 version of the tire has a lower maximum tire pressure than the older 4000 version, so make sure to check your sidewalls for over inflating the tires. --- Three Star Review There is a I'm a fan of the 4000s tires from Conti and use them exclusively on my road bikes and Co-Motion tandem. I have run in various lengths from 23 to 28mm, with the tandem using 28mm tires. The front/back of the tandem had the old 28mm 4000s II tires and I wanted to replace them with the new non tubeless Conti 5000 tires. There is a The new 5000 is much smaller than the old 5000. I didn't realize it until I mounted the front tire and saw it was more narrow than the old tire on the rear. The first photo is of the two tires on top of each other being held up to compare the width of the carcass. The second shows a wheel with the Conti 5000 mounted on it. The mounted width of the old 4000s tire is set so you can see the difference. The tires had 95 psi in them when the photos were taken. The carcass is noticeably narrower than the old 4000s, so the psi and rims won't make a difference. There is a The ride feels the same. I may use them on the road bikes if I pull off the tandem. I might be looking for alternatives, but it might be hard to find something with a good grip and low rolling resistance. The quality is still there. For some of you, the width won't matter, for others, just be aware of the narrower profile over the old 4000s tires.


What is the best product for bicycles tires?

Bicycles tires products from Maxxis. In this article about bicycles tires you can see why people choose the product. Continental and Schwinn are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycles tires.

What are the best brands for bicycles tires?

Maxxis, Continental and Schwinn are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycles tires. Find the detail in this article.

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