Best Bicycle Youth with Training Wheels

Youth 6 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. JOYSTAR Bicycle Training Streamer Toddler

JOYSTAR Bicycle Training Streamer Toddler

What Do You Get-JOYSTAR has the best gift for your kids. The Petal Girls bikes are designed to be enjoyed. They have a better fit for easy pedalling and have a low gearing. The back pedal brakes are easy to use. They have made sure that their first ride is enjoyable and safe. Theurdy Hi-Ten steel frame and fork provide awesome impact resistance when riding over rocky and bumpy terrain, easily survive the multiple bumps of learning balance. The amazing ride comes ready to rock with resilient wheels, wrapped in rubber off-road tires for outstanding grip and stability in any weather conditions. Young riders can use the safe for young rider-coaster brake to stay in full control, it's easy to provide stopping power when needed. The enclosed chain guard is for your kids. The training wheel will keep everything pointing in the right direction until she is able to balance on her own. It's easy for your children to learn and feel comfortable behind the wheel because of the smaller grip design. The bicycles come with streamers and decals that make them more fun to ride. The 12 inch bike is suitable for girls between the ages of 2 and 4 years old, the 14 inch bike is suitable for girls between the ages of 3 and 5 years old, and the 16 inch bike is suitable for girls between the ages of 7 and 11 years old. Adult assembly is required. The bike comes with 85% assembled body, basic assembly tools, and a limited lifetime warranty.

Brand: Joystar

👤The bike is cute. It is a great bike for a young child. I was pleasantly surprised by the strength of it. It took my husband 45 minutes to assemble. My daughter loves the bike and has not had any problems riding it. The 14inch purple was ordered by us.

👤This is not a well-made bike. The bike chain fell off several times after my child rode this. If you have to maneuver around an awkwardly placed cover, it's one thing if the chain is easy to place back, but another if you have to do it by mistake. The training wheels kept coming off even though we screwed them back on. The lack of choices during the Pandemic made us not purchase this bike, which was quite expensive for a child's bike of this size. I regret buying it, it only took me a few months to get it. When I asked if there was anything wrong with the cover, they told me there was nothing wrong with it. When I said that the bike chain kept coming off and that it was a frustrating experience, I did not hear anything back from them. We bought another child's bike from Target, and it has held up well. It's better to use a trusted bike name.

👤Our little girl loved the bike we bought for her 3rd birthday. The assembly took 30 minutes. The bike is sturdy and looks good, but it is hard to ride even after adjustments are made. It's not as smooth as it could be. She transitioned from a balance bike to a road bike without the training wheels, but uphill is almost impossible at the moment with the extra resistance. The ground is not as fast as it should be. The resistance on the training wheels wouldn't be that big of a deal because they would stay upright when stopped and at slow speeds. She likes putting her stuffed animals in the basket when she rides. I don't think she will be interested in this bike for more than a year before she buys a bigger bike. It is a nice looking bike with a basket for a little girl.

👤The product was what was advertised. Assembly was easy for those with little mechanical knowledge. There is a The only complaint I have is to get the bike to work, as I felt it should be done in a more orderly fashion, as things weren't perfect in line and over right. A person without bike knowledge would think it was terrible.

👤The little girl is riding a bike. The basket is adorable with its flowers and the colors are pretty. The bike is sturdy. It was well packed and only required minor assembly, which my husband did in 15 minutes. We did not use the training wheels. I think they are made well. My daughter is 7 years old and I got her a 16 inch wheel bike. I was worried it would be small. It is perfect. We have had no issues with her riding it. I was very pleased with the purchase.

2. Magna Hot Rod 12 Bike

Magna Hot Rod 12 Bike

The 3 in 1 bike have passed the test. If you have a question, please contact them as soon as possible, they will try to solve your problem and give you a satisfactory reply. Sturdy steel frame with paint finish. The training wheels are replaceable.

Brand: Dynacraft

👤The bike is 6 months old and has been to the shop twice for bearing falling apart. We paid a bike shop to install a new set of bearing. We have several bikes from them and they never have any issues. The bearing fell apart because of the poor threading for the retainer nut. We bought a new bike from the shop we use in town after throwing the bike away.

👤I tried to ride the pedals but he stopped a lot and I didn't know why. He was good at riding the bike.

👤It was a nice gift for kids, it was very heavy, my kids really like it, it is a nice exercise, and the bike is bright, so it can easily be found. When my kids are older, I would buy a 16 inch bike.

👤The bike was a good starter for our 5 year old. I took 1 star away because we had to use advanced tools to assemble the bike and the instructions were not even for it. You have to figure out which apples to use for your bike.

👤Didn't have pedals. The metric size is not found in town without spending $200.

👤The bikes that they have been selling at Walmart have plastic parts, which should be metal parts. I would buy this bike again if I needed it, it's easy to assemble and my son would love it.

👤My kid will get a bike. He loves it. It was easy to put together and looks good. The bike has bright colors.

👤The missing pieces and pedals wouldn't go on.

👤Piezas de fcil manipulacin, viene semi armada, por lo dems tarda unos 15 a 20 minutes.

3. Huffy Hardtail Mountain Summit 6 Speed

Huffy Hardtail Mountain Summit 6 Speed

The resonable could allow the body to hold the right position while riding with sport euqipments such as bicycle, skateboad, inline skating, and other outdoor sports such as volleyball basketball b The Huffy Stone Mountain is ready for epic outdoor fun, just follow the steps in the product manual, it has a gloss blue hardtail frame and 6 speeds to aggressively ride. The frame is made of durable steel and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. The TZ-31 rear derailleur has a micro-shift twist shift and aremovable rear derailleur guard to ensure consistent gear operation. The 20" X 1.95" tires handle pavement, gravel and dirt with ease; linear pull hand brakes deliver consistent stopping action; padded ATB saddle isstitches for lasting quality; alloy quick release provides easy seat height adjustment. The handlebar has a slight-rise that allows upright riding to minimize back and shoulder strain, the 3-piece crank has responsive feel, Kraton grips are comfortable to the touch, and the kickstand is included.

Brand: Huffy

👤I don't like writing bad reviews, I have a business and I understand when people want to rant about nonsense to get money back. That is not the reason I am here. I am here to save others from what I went through. I usually read reviews before I buy, but I didn't because I trusted the "Amazon's Choice" label. I thought I could go wrong. If I knew that the price would lead to me saying "you get what you pay for", I would have bought a nicer bike, which is what I will do now. There is a The bike is junk, it is sitting in a dump. It is garbage. I have ridden it at least 4 times. The handle bar comes loose every time I ride it, even though I have been trying to ride for about an hour to get a decent work out. I couldn't believe it when it came so loose the first time. Maybe I didn't tighten it enough. There is a Every time I ride, I have to tighten it as much as possible and it will come loose at the end of the hour. On my last ride, the left pedal is falling off, not only was the handlebar loose, but it was also my last ride. I am not doing bike stunts or tricks, I am not mountain biking on crazy trails. I ride my bike around Boston on easy trails that are not strenuous. I am a novice rider who is barely pushing the limits of the bike yet this piece of trash is falling apart right from under me as I ride it gently around bike trails in the city. It is a kind of joke. Don't waste your money. Get a real bike if you spend a little more. I will have to eat the loss since the return policy doesn't allow me to return it anymore. You will never get another dollar from me again because you stole the money.

👤I was skeptical when I bought this bike because of all the negative reviews. I check reviews and photos when buying online. There is a I know a lot about bikes, so I think huffy is a good brand. I have never put together a bike before but it seemed straight forward without the manual, I just don't care to read a manual. I was able to put the bike together in 1 hours without reading the manual or knowing how to assemble it. There is a It didn't fall apart on my ride with it, it was a first timer. There is a When I first took this bike for a ride, I immediately started playing with the gears to figure out what level I wanted the gears set at. There is a The tires that came with the bike seamed really comfy when I rode it, compared to others I have ridden recently. They wear hard as rocks. The bike seat was rather uncomfortable but I have a better seat downstairs. I will swap them! There is no big deal. It is easy to adjust to this bike. There is a The post office refused to deliver the package because it was too big, and it was frustrating. There is a They need to have someone else ship the item to resolve the issue. There is a If the shipping issue was fixed, I would give this five stars, but I am rating it a solid.

4. Schwinn Toddler 12 Inch Training Included

Schwinn Toddler 12 Inch Training Included

The Krate EVO kid's bike is ready to be assembled. There is an authentic Slik rear tire, a seat post, and training wheels. The Schwinn elm girl's bike is designed for children 2 - 4 years old or 28 - 38 inches tall. The elm is a great choice for riding to the park or riding on the sidewalk. Schwinn's SmartStart Technology makes this bike easier to start and use, with lighter frame, cranks and pedals positioned forward, and smaller grips and seat. The bike has a rear coaster brake and a front caliper brake, which are similar to adult bikes, to help younger riders transition to a hand-brake-only bike. The Schwinn Elm girl's bike can be adjusted with ease using the saddle, seat post, and slack seat-tube angle. The Q-Factor technology has narrower pedal positions that match the width of a child's hips, allowing for easier peddling and handling.

Brand: Schwinn

👤I am happy with this bike, my girl has a strider which is the best, but I wanted her to learn pedaling too. It is easy to build and looks cute, but I used a pair of pliers and an Allen key to build it. There is a There are some factors to consider. It is a very heavy bike. 2. I had to take the wheels to the bike shop to use their air pump because they are impossible to blow up. The pedal fell off on the second day, but I screwed it back on again. There are just little things. I am happy I bought it.

👤It is very sturdy and cute. It's perfect for a 3 year old granddaughter. It is easy to assemble for a 65 year old grandma. Between the training wheels and the ground there could be more space. As the term would suggest. They are touching the ground constantly. Still, would buy again.

👤The bike was given to my granddaughter for her birthday and it was not returned until 39 days later. It was missing parts, so what do you do? I apologize to my granddaughter, but I don't have the money to buy another bike. She will not understand that. I spend 175.00 on another one. Help?

👤Just received this tonight. It was easy to get it together in about 20 minutes. It requires some tools from home to make sure items are tight. Our 3 year old was too excited to explain that we might want to return the purple handle bars that were torn in the corner.

👤The quality of the cycle is not good, it is hard to Peddle, and finishing is not up to mark. We returned it.

👤The front wheel of the bike is crooked and the brakes need to be adjusted out of the box.

👤The bicycle seat, hardware, and instructions were not in the package. The frame is damaged. Very disappointed! If another Schwinn is delivered for another child on Saturday, I hope it doesn't have these issues.

👤Sturdy. It is a great ride. The transition from trike to car was smooth. The seat could be a little bigger.

👤It was easy to assemble the bike. My kid likes it. It only took a few tries to start pedaling after being on a balanced bike. We're very happy with the purchase.

5. Schwinn Toddler 14 Inch Training Included

Schwinn Toddler 14 Inch Training Included

The Schwinn Koen boy's bike with 12-inch wheels comes ready to be assembled and includes the following: training wheels, saddle handle, chainguard, and number plate. The Schwinn Koen boy's bike has 14-inch wheels and is designed for children 3 - 4 years old. The Koen can be used for riding to the park or riding on the sidewalk. The Schwinn's SmartStart Technology bike is designed for kids, with lighter frame, cranks and pedals positioned forward, geared for easier starting, and smaller grips and seat. The bike has a rear coaster brake and a front caliper brake, which are similar to adult bikes, to help younger riders transition to a hand-brake only bike. The Schwinn Koen boy's bike can grow with your child and be prepared for a full-sized bicycle with the help of theadjustable saddle, seat post, and slack seat-tube angle. The Schwinn Koen boy's bike with 14-inch wheels comes ready to be assembled and includes the following: training wheels, saddle handle, chainguard, and number plate.

Brand: Schwinn

👤My 3 year old is perfect for this bike. It looks cool. The chain broke a month after we bought it. A link broke after it popped. The hand brake broke. The chain protectors cover broke. The training wheels were a nice addition, but they tend to be too far down and the back wheel spins on dirt or gravel, so we constantly adjust them. I went to Schwinn's website to complain about the chain and get a replacement hand brake. Good luck with a phone call if your customer service email is not valid. They need to stop putting cheap quality parts on their bikes, because I thought I would buy a Schwinn and spend my money on it. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤I thought how hard it would be to assemble a partially assembled kids bike when I bought this unassembled. There is a If the quality was better, it's easy to assemble yourself. The instructions are difficult to understand for many different models. It should be straightforward with some common sense. There is a Poor quality was the problem I had. I couldn't put the front wheel in until I brute forced the thing in with a hammer, because the front fork was too narrow. There is a The child is harder to pedal because the back wheel doesn't spin freely. There is something wrong with the chain that is making a loud noise. There is a The crank came apart at the pedal joint after 2 weeks of semi-regular usage. I put it back and tightened it up. There is a This is not worth the trouble for the price paid.

👤Amazon has great customer service. They were able to offer a full refund on this damaged purchase. We are very grateful. There is a The bike was damaged so badly that it couldn't be used. We thought it would have a few scratches. The front wheel was damaged so badly that it was not usable. It should have been returned for a full refund. We didn't because we had assembled the bike and discarded the packaging, which was damaged. The rim was not straight. We tried to replace the wheel, but it was impossible to find a 14” rim. We have to pay a fee at the bike shop to get a new rim. So disappointed! And so expensive. We will never purchase like this again.

6. JOYSTAR Training Wheels Bicycle Children

JOYSTAR Training Wheels Bicycle Children

The Joystar Angel 12 inch girls bike is a great gift for 2 to 4 years old toddlers. They have a saddle and stem that can be adjusted for easy pedalling. The seat is soft and comfortable in riding. The Angel is great for riding to the park or riding on the sidewalk. The bike is designed for kids and has a fork that is easy to use. The amazing ride comes ready to rock with resilient wheels, wrapped in rubber off-road tires for outstanding grip and stability in any weather conditions. The kid bike is a good way to teach your child to balance and pedal. The coaster brake is a great option for young riders because it is easy to provide stopping power when needed. The enclosed chain guard is for your kids. The training wheel will keep everything pointing in the right direction until she is able to balance on her own. It is easy for your children to learn and feel comfortable behind the wheel with the singlespeed drivetrain and smaller grip design. The girls bicycles come with a basket and decals that add more fun for your little thrill-seeker to get pedaling up to speed. Safety is the top priority for Alway on Your Side. If there are any issues with their kids bikes, please contact them and they will take action. Safety is their priority. The bike comes with 85% assembled body, basic assembly tools, and a limited lifetime warranty.

Brand: Joystar

👤I bought this bike for my son. It is cute and comes with stickers to name the bike, as long as you don't need more than 2 of any letter your good. There are no instructions about how to install basket, but it does require assembling with a provided wrench. You will need a tire pump as tires are flat upon arrival. Delivery was on time. The bike was well packaged. The seat is the reason we give it 4 stars. The seat is very hard and our daughter complains that it hurts her butt. I want to see if we could swap seats. The one thing I like about it is that it rides more like a cruiser because of the higher handle bars. I don't blame kids for not wanting to sit on the seat for longer than 5 minutes. It is like sitting on a rock.

👤The bike is a good size for my little girl. She was going to put her little brother in the basket and take him with her because she loved the bike and the basket so much. He is almost 30 lbs. and he is already running around. It's a funny thing. I hope it will last, as we have not used it much. There is a The picture looks exactly like it. The 14 in. was bought by me. My 3 year-old is quite tall. The pink color is nice. The basket is easy to assemble. I was able to do it on my own. It had all the tools needed for assembly, and a little fish as a bell. The price is decent, but I couldn't put my daughter's name on the bike because the stickers only have one set of letters. The little fish is hard to make a sound from. My 3 year-old can't press it or squeak it by herself. If you decide to assemble it yourself, remember to put air in the tires. I forgot to check when I took my little one, and she couldn't ride because of the lack of air, I blame it on my brain. It's easier to get the pieces in the right place and the right direction if you look at the picture while assembling.

👤The bicycle arrived as promised. It was easy to assemble and took me about an hour. I have old hands. There is a It is a sturdy bike. The training wheels are aligned so that the bike doesn't feel tippy like many with training wheels do. It is secure and solid. The 12 inch bicycle is perfect for my granddaughter, who is 37 inches tall. I am very pleased with the purchase of this bike.

👤This product is great. It has all the bells and whistles. It's very strong. The value is great. The basket in the front is a nice touch, the handle bar brakes are great for my child to learn how to brake with her hands, if she forgets about the hand brakes in the rear. There were two scratches on the front wheel, but that is ok, the paint job was great. I'll blend pink nail polish in. There is a An easy to put together bicycle. It took me 15 minutes. I was taking my time. The wheels, brakes, basket and pedals were all that was needed. It was easy. Your child will like it.

7. Nickelodeon Patrol Bicycle Training 12 Inch

Nickelodeon Patrol Bicycle Training 12 Inch

The choice of gift is perfECT. Your boys and girls will love the gifts you give them. It's a good choice for Children's Day gift, Christmas gift, birthday gift and other festival gift. The child will be overjoyed when he sees it in the box. She will receive your present. The kids bike has 12-inch wheels and is suitable for riders ages 2 - 4 years old or 28 - 38 inches tall. Neighborhood rides on the sidewalk with your child's favorite PAW Patrol characters are great. The rear coaster brake is designed for younger riders. The seat post is tool-free and easy to use. Your child learns to ride on the training wheels. The kids bike with 12-inch wheels comes ready to be assembled and includes authentic PAW Patrol graphics.

Brand: Nickelodeon

👤I want a full refund for this bike. The issues with this bike are listed here. It was impossible to ride 2 because one of the peddles did not fit inside the screw. I couldn't find the correct size for the handle bar because I have a tool box. There is an instruction manual for a completely different bike. Completely different.

👤We were not able to use the bike because it was too small for my son, so I can't post a review about it. The box says 3-4, and the Amazon description says it can be used for kids up to 2 years old. The max height is 34 inches, according to the box. My son is two years old and will not be able to ride this bike for a long time. We had to return the item because it didn't state the height on the description, and we couldn't give it to my son. The bike is cute and fun for paw patrol fans. I wish we had kept it for my son to enjoy.

👤Quick to assemble. Son likes it. The 16” is perfect for a 54” child.

👤It is very difficult to assemble. The screws weren't there. On Christmas morning, my toddler loved seeing it in front of the tree. I don't have a lot of furniture so he's enjoying it inside.

👤I bought this bike for my 3 year old because she has been wanting a bike for a long time. I got her a paw patrol helmet to match the bike. The size is perfect for her and she loves it. This bike is awesome. The bike is easy to assemble, the tires are comfortable, and the foot brakes are good. My daughter loved it and is trying to learn how to use it, every time she sees the bike she is as happy as the first time she saw it. I'm including a video of her reaction to getting her gift.

👤I rarely write reviews, but I feel compelled to because I want to warn others after giving my daughter this piece of unsafe shit. The front wheel and handle bars come out of alignment despite being adjusted and tightened. It can't be used for more than a minute without it coming out of alignment, and as a result it can't be safely turned. We purchased it last year and used it a few times, but then had an issue with the steering. We left it alone for the winter and then brought it out again because I was concerned that it would come out of whack again. We went a few feet and one of the training wheels popped off. She could've been hurt if I wasn't right there. I don't blame my daughter for being afraid to ride a bike because of this bad experience. It was assembled and tightened many times. This junk can hurt and traumatize children.

👤It was a gift for someone. A replacement bike was ordered after the bike was lost. The box was broken up when the original order arrived. The replacement order arrived and it was a completely different bike. The original bike was assembled by me. The bead of the tires wouldn't stay on the rim even if you tried to hold them in place with your hand, because the rubber of the tires was so cheap. Returned both bikes.

8. Huffy MotoX Quick Connect Yellow

Huffy MotoX Quick Connect Yellow

It is adjusted. They have a bike that will allow you to adjust the handlebars and seat heights to fit your child's needs. The handlebars can be adjusted from 21 to 25 inches, and the seat height can be adjusted from 17 to 22 inches. They can personalize their new bike with a page of fun stickers. Assembly is fast and easy with the Quick Connect design: fold pedals down until they click in place, insert seat and adjust height. The seat height is easily adjusted without tools, and the bike is designed for children 4 to 6 years old with a height of 42 to 48 inches. The BMX style handlebar plaque makes your kid feel like a BMX racer, and the gloss yellow frame is complemented by gray wheel rims and black handlebars. The front hand brake is easy to reach and the rear coaster brake is great for speed control. A limited lifetime frame warranty protects the steel frame.

Brand: Huffy

👤I bought this bike for my child. He told me that he is not comfortable with it. I raised the seat so he could try again. He wasn't fitting on it. The item is made of great material, but it doesn't show the maximum height of the child that could fit on a bike. There is only a reference for the age of the child. Adding the maximum height of the child for each wheel size is a great advice for seller.

👤I bought two of them. Reviewing both of them seems unnecessary. I hate this bike so much. It was easy to assemble, which was great, and then within a week of light use it started falling apart. My kids are new to bike riding so they aren't doing any daredevil jumps or anything, just up and down and around the driveway. I had to rebuild the pedal assembly after putting the chain back on. The problem is that the pedal assembly is poorly made and doesn't fit in the housing, so it falls apart. My kids have been hurt many times. The nuts are starting to fall apart. My daughter's bike had a missing ball bearing and the company sent me a replacement interior collar. The replacements break as well. Many of the parts are riveted, so you can't take it apart easily. It's a cheap piece of junk and not worth the time or money spent on it. My kids are upset that their bikes are broken again.

👤The bike was easy to build and took 45 minutes to assemble. If it weren't for the difficulty with the front handlebars, it would have taken less than 20 minutes. The plastic cap on the rod was very hard to remove and I had to use pliers andWD-40. The handlebar was hard to fit in. It took a long time to figure out how to loosen two of the nuts before the rod is inserted. The rear tire had no air after I got everything assembled. The inner tube had a large hole. I called customer service. They were friendly and said they would ship out a new tire the same day. They wouldn't take down my email address and send me shipping tracking info, but I would need to call back to get it. They said it would arrive in 7 to 10 days. I ordered a new puncture-sealing inner tube from Amazon for $6.80 because I didn't want to take a chance of it arriving late, and it should arrive in 2 days. If Huffy would do the following, they would improve their quality control and customer service. Will try to improve the bike's performance. My grandson will have a chance to ride it after Christmas.

9. Petimini Little Vintage Bicycles Training

Petimini Little Vintage Bicycles Training

It is fun and safe for kids to ride a pedal bike with the short-reach brake levers, lower stand-over height, protective stem pad andremovable training wheels. The seat and handlebars can be adjusted. It's easy to learn with the safe and durable coaster brake. A chain guard is in place to prevent your child from touching the chain. A LIFETIME warranty on the frame is provided by the durable hi-ten steel construction. Soft handlebar grips, reflectors and a bell are included. The wicker basket is very cute to hold stuffed animals or snacks. It's easy to install. The children bike is 85 percent assembled and comes with the basic assembly tools, but a few pars need to be added to the bike, it will take about 20 minutes. Please check the size. The 12'' bike is designed for children 1 - 4 years old, the 14'' bike is for children 3 - 5 years old, and the 16'' bike is for children 4 - 8 years old.

Brand: Petimini

👤My six-year-old loves this bike. I think she can grow into it until she's 5 feet tall. She is 4 feet tall. I got a yellow colored one that looked like a mango or light mustard. We both did it very well.

👤They wrapped it like this, because the frame chipped in multiple places. There are pictures 1 and 2. The brakes don't line up on the rim even on the lowest setting. See picture 3. There were missing washers for training wheels. Contact with the company is pending. Will change review based on what happens.

👤It was perfect for the occasion.

👤There are scratches but they are not a big deal.

👤We ordered a yellow bike for our daughter. We ordered through the Petimini website. The front wheel of the bike didn't fit right when we put it together on Christmas Eve, but we understand that mistakes and accidents happen. I reached out to the companies customer service in the middle of the night and they responded by the morning. They were very apologetic and shipped a brand new bike immediately without needing to return it. We woke up to a brand new bike on our doorstep on Monday after Christmas. Customer service is amazing. I had a husband. There would have been no issues come Christmas morning if I had put the bike together sooner. They were helpful and timely from the companies end. Will buy again for our other children. Our daughter loves the bike.

👤Our 4 year old has a cute bike. Functions as it should. She loves it. The basket and bell are fun additions, it is nice they come with the bike. The bike had a big scratch on the metal cross bar and the yellow paint was chipping away. There was a wheel that came cracked. It seems like a packaging issue. The minor fixes were minor and the seller should be aware of them and fix them before they happen.

10. JOYSTAR Training Wheels Years Toddler

JOYSTAR Training Wheels Years Toddler

The 16 inch bike is suitable for 4-7 year olds. The frame, pedals, and cranks are positioned forward to make it easier to start. The kids bicycle is perfect for riding to the park or riding on the sidewalk. Sturdy Hi-Ten steel frame and fork provide awesome impact resistance when riding over rocky and bumpy terrain, trailing edge tires provide good traction in wet and dry conditions, easily survive the multiple bumps of learning balance. Children's hands, feet, and clothing are protected with a full coverage chain guard. The kids bike will have more stopping power because of the Rear Coaster brake and Front Caliper Brake. The single-speed drive train is easy for your little thrill-seeker to get pedaling up to speed in a flash because of the 2.4-inch wide tires. The NEO Kid's Mountain Bike is great for first-time riders. The kids bicycle has a height-adjustable saddle and handlebars, which can be used at different stages of growth. Your kids can move to the next challenge as they grow in confidence. Adult assembly is required. The kids bike comes with 85% assembled body, basic assembly tools, and a limited lifetime warranty. If there are any issues with their kids bikes, please contact them and they will take action.

Brand: Joystar

👤I got this bike for my child. 1. The package was well packaged. It is not a heavy box. 2. The hard parts of putting together a bike are done for you. That is all done! 3. All the tools are included and it is very easy to put together. 4. The kid loves the bike. 5. The handle on the seat makes it easier to hang on when the training wheels are off.

👤The bike is well made and looks nice. It comes with stickers to spell out their names and other fun things. The seat did not fit in at all, and it comes with all the tools needed for assembly. The inside tube was sanded down for 20 minutes. I was lucky to have a friend with a huge tool box that used a wrench with an extension that made it much easier to do the sanding. It was quite frustrating. I was prepared to return it. I thought about how I would disassemble it. My son loves it and we kept it. Maybe I was unlucky and got the only bike with these issues.

👤The style of the bike was great. There are few issues. The stand that comes with the package is not compatible with the bike model. A 7 year old child is not tall enough to ride a 20” wheel bike. I tried to reach out to customer service on their website, but no response. A single star is what it is.

👤The bike is of average quality. It is sturdy and inexpensive. It's not easy to put it together when the manual is for a different model. We took it to a bike shop for help with the handle brake assembly and they recommended removing the hand brake and attaching it to the front wheel for a more fluid stopping experience. Our family was happy with the purchase.

👤I'm always nervous about buying from an unknown brand, but I'm very happy with the quality and price. I bought for my son. The minor assembly issue was easily solved by contacting JoyStar customer service. They went above and beyond to make sure everything was resolved quickly. Excellent experience.

👤It's hard to find a bike of that size. If you have a kid who is ready to ride without training wheels, buy this one. There is a You need to assemble this bike. It wasn't hard. Despite what the box seems to imply, there is one tool that does everything you need. I left off the one hand brake because I was having trouble getting it assembled. Don't forget to air the tires once they're assembled. There is a The bike is heavy. I'm surprised when I pick it up. There is a My son is 4 years old and rides a bike with no training wheels. After only a few rides with them, he transitioned from a balance bike to no training wheels. I bought a second bike for his brother, who has gross motor delays, but can pedal this bike with the training wheels. There is a The training wheel height can be adjusted from above the ground to below the ground.

11. Royalbaby Freestyle Inch Kids Brakes

Royalbaby Freestyle Inch Kids Brakes

The frame is built to last and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. The bike comes with a bell, a water bottle, training wheels, and a kickstand. It is easy to adjust the height of the seat with the quick release seat post. It is easy to put together. Only the training wheels, handlebars and saddle are required for the bike to be assembled. Assembly tools are included. The seat has a high back. Also features a sturdy steel frame, a one-piece crank, ball bearing drive shaft, a full chain guard and steel wheels with pneumatic rubber 2.4" wide knobby tires. There are many options for learning to stop with the combination of a front and rear band brake. The training wheels have extra rubber to reduce noise.

Brand: Royalbaby

👤I was surprised by the number of reviews. The bike is too heavy for a young rider. I was worried that my 4-year-old would get hurt if the bike landed on him while he was learning to ride, because it was 75% of his weight. It was difficult for him to get the bike going because of the weight. We can buy a high-quality aluminum frame bike at our local bike store for just a little bit more, since it is a sturdy and nice-looking bike.

👤The bikes for our four year old twins are very nice. The transition from smaller bikes to training wheels was an immediate success. The bikes look good and come in two colors that are pleasing to both boys. Assembly was easy. Our family enjoys using bikes and scooters together. When researching bikes for kids near this age, I noticed that some articles suggested doing away with training wheels. I don't know what the logic is behind that, our kids appreciate having them for support, and when the time is right, we'll remove the extra wheels. Immediate fun and no tears.

👤My son loves his bike. The bike was easy to assemble. The bike looks exactly like the picture and when the training wheels come off they have provided a kickstand in addition to all the other cool features. The price wasn't bad either. He likes this bike the best because it's faster and more smooth than his first bike.

👤This thing is 30 lbs. My daughter is 30 lbs and can push this thing up a hill. This is a sturdy bike, but maybe too much. It became apparent that this was not going to work because it was too heavy. I bought a Nice brand bike with mistranslated stickers and sent it back, but it broke at 35 days after I bought it. I finally paid for the guardian bike. It matters. The 14 inch guardian bike is 16 lbs.

👤The bike was not damaged. It is easy to assemble. It was the perfect size for my toddler. The tools are provided by them. He loves the bike and bell. There is a The price was over-priced. I didn't get this bike because it was out of stock, but it's $200+ and nothing special. The instructions are garbage. I had trouble attaching the left pedal and thought I was getting two right pedals. I had to twist left to tighten. My main issue is the pedals. The pedals aren't your breaks, so instead they are pushed backwards, which means they won't move the bike. Probably should have had pedal breaks. My son will push the pedals backwards all day. The tires seem to be deflated. The bike is large for a toddler. It matters when it falls on them. There is a The bike was overpriced. It's easy to assemble. My son likes it. We need to work a bit more to break. Be sure to tighten everything as much as possible. My son's seat started twisting when he sat on it so I could adjust it. I had to go back in and tighten it up. Will update if there are any issues.


What is the best product for bicycle youth with training wheels?

Bicycle youth with training wheels products from Joystar. In this article about bicycle youth with training wheels you can see why people choose the product. Dynacraft and Huffy are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle youth with training wheels.

What are the best brands for bicycle youth with training wheels?

Joystar, Dynacraft and Huffy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle youth with training wheels. Find the detail in this article. Schwinn, Joystar and Nickelodeon are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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