Best Bicycle Yellow Reflectors

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1. 247 Viz Reflective Running Vest

247 Viz Reflective Running Vest

Light explodes off of this reflective vest as you are seen from far away. Don't wait to be seen at the last minute. Cars give you room at night while you are walking, jogging, or biking. The neon colors are very visible in the daytime. It is lightweight and absorbent, and keeps your body cool and comfortable. The vest is not used to ride up while jogging, cycling, walking the dog, riding a motorcycle, bicycle or horse. If you wear over any shirt, hoodie, or jacket, you will be safe and visible. The waist band can be adjusted to fit different shapes and sizes over different clothing. Their small size is 21 inches long and is great for those under 5 feet. It works for men and women alike. There is a pocket for your phone or wallet. Please see the chart. The reflective hi vis bands increase your visible lighted surface area. If you want to be safe at the highest level, wear reflective ankle bands or armbands. You can see that cars give you more room as you can see them from every angle. Their vests are made from durable materials that will last for a long time. It's all-weather protection. Stay safe and visible.

Brand: 247 Viz

👤I ride my bike to work. I didn't like the way trucks and SUVs were driving past me. I didn't think drivers were seeing me even with lights and reflective strips on my clothing. I felt the difference when I wore this vest. About 10% of the cars in the lane next to me moved left. They came back to the lane after they passed me. It was close to 100% with the vest. I think it's because drivers are already familiar with the safety vest concept and don't have to think about it. They just move. Do I look like a dork? Yes. It's dark when I wear it and I want to stay alive. The small is a good fit for me, I'm 125 lbs. It sits in my hip area. The vest adds warmth to the torso area. It came with reflective straps that are great for binding the legs on my pants so they don't get caught in the gears.

👤It has a good size pocket on the inside that is big enough to hold my Iphone 8 and reading glasses, and it is easy to slip on. I ordered a small size because I wanted it to be streamlined. I didn't return the medium size that I received because I didn't think it was worth it, but I gave it away because it wasn't worth it. The person I gave it to liked it. The vendor reimbursed me for the one I gave away after I explained this to them. I usually don't return items because most are small vendors and they don't have much money, but in this case it worked out.

👤I live in a retirement community and walk on streets that don't have sidewalks. I'm safer if they see me because drivers here don't see as well as they used to. The vest helps them do that. It is up to the good points made on its page. I'm 5 foot 8, a size 6, and the medium fits over my winter clothes, and it doesn't seem like it will be too warm in the summer. My daughter was asked if she would like one. She didn't want to look like a dork, even while walking the dog at night, so as a walker I may be in a good age category for this vest.

👤I purchased the large but the wrist bands were too big. I put them around my legs. They are going to see me.

👤The vest is small, but I like it. I'm usually a small in both tops and bottoms, but I found the size small. I was told to be more of a small child than an adult woman. I might order another large one to make sure it fits.

👤There are two versions of the high-viz vest, one with denser material and one with a lighter mesh. The denser is not as bright as the brighter one. The one I'm reviewing is better for vigorous activity. I bought this vest for two reasons. It is suitable for both, since it isn't as light and is more suitable for walking on the road than running. This is a vest that you can swap for better visibility. There is a There's great coverage with the high-viz material and reflective stripes. It works well in the day and night. I like the design, more than most vests on the market, there's enough material here that it both avoids the "sports bra" look. It doesn't look disheveled and it also lays flat. There is a It is quite secure if you get the right size, it doesn't bounce around or get out of place as you move. There is a The vest is a little heavy and bulky compared to other offerings on the market. This emphasizes visibility, not weight. If you want to keep this in a hiking pack for rare use, you will end up carrying more weight than necessary. There is a The vest is most likely to make contact with the body when the flaps on the side are reflective, but that is not my complaint. I found sweat build up in that area when I ran in cool temperatures. I will use a leather punch to clear the area, but it's obvious that there was an oversight in the design. There is a I'm a 5'10 male. The muscle mass is decent but not too bulky. The small is perfect for running and the medium is good for running. Medium is too large and has extra length at the bottom flaps. If I were wearing a jacket or normal clothes while walking, the medium would be better, but since I'm wearing only a compression shirt, the small is the way to go. I plan on keeping the medium I bought in my car. There is a Would recommend.

2. Fluorescent X10 Waterproof Self Adhesive Tape Reflective Cars Warning

Fluorescent X10 Waterproof Self Adhesive Tape Reflective Cars Warning

100% commitment If you are dissatisfied with their reflective vest, they will give you a full refund or free exchange. Add to Cart now! Sharing with your family and friends. It's easy to apply industrial glue. They made this reflective tape to fit your needs. Including both heat and humidity. The flexibility of the tape makes it resistant to peeling and tearing. Stickiness can last a long time. Their reflective safety sign tape is tough, durable, and able to endure elements for great indoor or outdoor use, and in continuous efforts for safe human travel. The high visibility of the honeycomb tape and its unique design will make it easier to see in the dark, and it will give out bright light when reflecting light. Hazards are everywhere, and the chance and risk of an accident can be reduced by using their bright light and safety industr. There are many kinds of application for BRIGHT Plus Light and Safety reflective tape, such as car parks, warehouses, storage unit, office, classroom, hospital, garage, roads, factories, machinery, restaurant, goods, garage doors, truck, boat, mailboxes, helmets. Their tape has many possibilities. It was easy to use. The surface area needs to be clean and dry. If you are not completely satisfied with your safety reflective tape, please contact them for a return or a full refund. They can solve it for you. You have no worries. It was easy to use. The surface area needs to be clean and dry. If you are not completely satisfied with your safety reflective tape, please contact them for a return or a full refund. They can solve it for you. You have no worries.

Brand: Brightplus

👤Is it reflective? Yes. Mostly. It doesn't make you blind. The bike reflectors on the wheels are better than the ones on the bikes. The tape is clearly visible but not as much as I wanted. Does it hold up? Yes. I had to be careful when removing the backing because I wanted to remove the reflective part. This is something that concerns me. There is a It was very easy to apply. It had no bad tendencies like curling and didn't have any bubbles. The rolls don't go far because it took 2 to do the bike like the picture. I would probably get it again. I would like to look for other brands as well.

👤It is blue. It reflects. If a package is lost in a dark corner, a flashlight will hit it and they will find it. Just in case.

👤I use the Green on other items in my daily life. It's easy to spot those items in a dark car seat, but they look stylish as well. This is a color that I love. It makes your item "Pop" and stand out. It will help during dark morning Preflight hours and in an emergency situation.

👤The product has an backing made of glue and a layer of wax paper to protect it. The wax paper backing was rendered useless when the whole section pulled away from the reflective part. I was able to cut this into 12 equal sections. The reflective part of the product is very attractive if they could fix their process.

👤I used this for my motorcycle helmet to give it more visibility. The top green reflective layer is very easy to peel off and you are left with white tape. Not worth it.

👤I put it on my mailbox because I think about April 2020. I don't think it is any different now than when I put it on. It has held up well this year and looks like it will last for a long time.

👤The glues are too weak. When I stopped on the interstate, I saw that about 6 inches of the tape was smacking against the door, after hearing a repeating smacking sound. An inch had been sheared off. This stuff is designed for cars so why doesn't it hold up at freeway speeds?

👤It's useless for night-time safety visibility. If you put it next to a bright flashlight and hold it at the right angle, you might notice a slight sheen.

👤Je cherchais faire indiquer le zones risque d'accrochage. Les bandes sont métroites. elles sont parfaites, visible de jour et de soir. Bonne adhérence. The métal car. J'en mis sur nos vélos.

👤It's okay. Not impressed with it. It doesn't reflect as bright as 3M does, and the tape peeling off when I put it over my bike wheels. It is okay on the frame.

👤I live in Canada and it doesn't stay in the cold. It is not very helpful.

👤It's probably not reflective enough for safety use, but it's good for what I wanted.

3. IDOU Reflective Ultralight Adjustable Visibility

IDOU Reflective Ultralight Adjustable Visibility

Please note. If you are a professional outdoor sports enthusiast, you chose the right clothes, please refer to the size chart carefully before making your purchase choice. If you're just using it for outdoor activities, you can also choose L/XL, which is suitable for all season use with any clothes. The reflective materials are the best on the market. It is compliant with the standard of the European Network of Standards for the Protection of Life and Property, and it has the same high reflective power on your back as on the front. The most comfortable and lightweight reflective vest on the market is theIDOU, it's ultra light mesh fabric and quick drying material provides instant comfort. You don't feel like it has worn on you. The larger pocket of the running gear's makes it easier to carry small items while running or exercising. They can adjust the size at will, and the specially designed Velcro won't cover the reflective strip, so no matter you are.

Brand: Idou

👤This product is large for a runner. I have an average build of 200 lbs and bought the large. I was hoping for a snug fit so that I wouldn't have to worry about the vest and I could just focus on running. The vest is large in the pictures. I feel like I'm swimming in this vest when I run. In one photo, I can fit my arm between the vest and the vest, and the belt is almost all the way tightened. There is a The vest bounces around when I run. This vest has a large neck hole so that it slips to one side, front or back while I'm running. I tried to keep the belt tight against me. When I do that, the vest folds over on itself, and still slips to the side, front, or back. I tried to light up the back of the best with a small blinky light, but the bouncing vest made the clip detach and fall off. There is a The reflective strips work well, and the color is bright. I wish they had a medium or small. I'm not sure how they measure their sizes, so be careful when ordering this vest.

👤This is perfect for running, jogging or walking in the day or night. The reflective materials on the waist band, chest, and bright neon color are perfect for daytime. You are visible to drivers at night. The mesh pouch in front is a good place to keep your phone, keys, ID's, etc. It's a tip. If you're running or walking at night, put your phone in a pouch with the back facing forward and turn on your flashlight. You're welcome.

👤During deer season, the dog was bought to walk in the woods. It fits easily over winter layers. It's fine for my light use, but I doubt it will last long with heavy daily use or on a rougher worksite. What about construction? Probably not for you. Is it a jogger, dog walker, or bike commuter? This will work.

👤I bought these to keep my husband and I safe. We bought large sizes so that they would fit over a t-shirt or coat. They go on and off in a few seconds with the velcro sides. I like how lightweight they are so that they don't make us warm. Their bright color and reflective tape make us visible to drivers when we must walk in areas without sidewalks. Highly recommend this vest!

👤My mother-in-law takes long walks on rural roads and we wanted to make sure she was visible to cars, etc. She can make it tighter when she only wears a t-shirt for walking in the summer because it fits perfectly over her winter coat. The purchase gave us peace of mind and we were all happy about it.

👤I got this vest because I run in the dark in the morning and the dark in the evening. My dark clothes make me less visible to cars as I run along the edge of the road. I can tell that cars are paying attention to me because I use this vest twice now. It is very lightweight. Some of the other reviews said that the size runs small. I got the large for this vest, but I'm in between a large and a small t-shirt. The length is still short compared to my t-shirt, but it fits well. I'm happy I got this.

4. GoxRunx Reflective Ultralight Comfortable Motorcycle

GoxRunx Reflective Ultralight Comfortable Motorcycle

LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFY : The reflective vest made of good quality soft material that is quick drying, lightweight and comfortable makes it easy to wear and stay in place during sports activities, and it fit for your body perfectly and stays in place. The high visibility effect is due to the reflective jacket which has reflective strips in multiple places that are visible away from 800 feet or more. A pocket with a large inside pocket and vest trim covered by reflective fabric can be adjusted by most women and men. Before you place your order, please check the size chart. It's the same for most outdoor activities. The reflective running gear is great for night running and also great for other activities. The bright neon color can keep high visibility as a reflective safety vest. 100% commitment If you are dissatisfied with their reflective vest, they will give you a full refund or free exchange. Add to Cart now! Sharing with your family and friends.

Brand: Goxrunx

👤I bought a yellow biking and climbing vest from GoxRunx last year. My cousin wanted to borrow my bright yellow vest since he would be directing traffic during a busy curbside pickup business in the limited business and social distancing era. I wanted my yellow vest to be clean and not stained with blue soil, so I ordered a full size vest in orange. This fabric is the same quality as my first style, but this vest covers more of the chest and back. I ordered larger than needed to fit over the spring jackets because of the bright visibility.

👤The only thing that I dislike about this vest is the way it's made. I have to look for the little pocket on the inside front to figure out how to put it on. It's fine beyond that. It is impressive. The shots were taken from a distance. The street light is above the car headlights. The street light alone. The car has a third street light on it.

👤I wanted to love this vest, but it was too long for my torso and the material was not as lightweight and breatheable as I had hoped. It is difficult to find a small size that is small enough to fit me, as I am 120 lbs. A small for a man is different than a small for a woman. A taller person would benefit from this vest.

👤I rate this vest as a 5 for running, but I bought it for cycling, so I'm giving it a 4. It is taller than ideal for cycling. The bottom of the small hits my hips. The most stiff part of the garment is the waist, so you feel it on the front and side of your hips while pedaling. It would be great for cycling if it were a few inches shorter, or if they could make the waist adjustment with more flexible material.

👤I bought this as I was walking. It is light and easy to see by drivers in the early morning. The first time I wore it, I had trouble with the bolts. It is easy after the first time. If you're going to use the vest for the first time, stand in front of a mirror. There is a small pocket on the inside. It can hold keys or a phone.

👤This vest is great for walking my dog at night or early morning. I tried another vest that was too short, but it only went halfway down my torso. This is the perfect length. When winter approaches and I need to put it over a winter coat, the velcro allows a lot of room for adjustment.

👤The vest was too large, but it is okay. The material is not as thin as I thought. It is a little hot because air does not pass through it. It does the job.

👤Adding to the headline... A crop top is not reflective. Fit is great. I'm a male with a weight of over 200 lbs. The XXL could have easily been gotten by with the larger one. Even wearing a sweatshirt. The pocket is fine for Kleenex, so you don't have to blow rockets, or a key or two, but the phone bouncing on ma junk didn't do me much for me. Doesn't ride up on shoulders when jogging and has an adjustment at the waist. I like the vest.

5. Labewin Bicycle Warning Reflective Accessories(4pcs)

Labewin Bicycle Warning Reflective Accessories%EF%BC%884pcs%EF%BC%89

The red and yellow light is your best riding partner. You can apply for a return within 30 days if you are not happy with the product. If you have a question, please contact them. The product is high quality. A strong reflection under the light irradiation. Sun and rain are available, no batteries, can be used for a long time. It's incredibly simple to attach, it fits almost all spokes.

Brand: Labewin

👤This product was very disappointing. The spoke of the bike wheel does not have a reflectors in it. It's easy to slip down the spoke because it's not a tight fit. It's dangerous and can cause injury if it moves while you are pedaling. The product was a total waste of money. It's not worth the time to return it to the seller.

👤Light and bright, but fragile. The mounting was loose on these, so they rattle while riding. Two of these have shattered just from riding around, I'm guessing from rocks being kicked up when I rode gravel trails, because I heard the ping of breaking and clatter of their falling while riding in gravel.

👤These were received today. Very bright and nice size, fast shipping. I wouldn't recommend it. Plug pushes in. Plugs should push in and twist with a screwdriver. One broke at the install. I took a quick street ride after installation. They are still in place on the spokes of my mountain bike tire. I don't know how long they will last.

👤The bikes were ordered in white and yellow. We got a thank you gift for 2 reflectors for my bike after they arrived. I just bought a new one because of the Pandemic, and we are having fun with it. . Thank you so much for the gift. I called it a blessing because it was my birthday this month.

👤The tire spoke clip that is attached to the reflector won't connect. These may be made for regular bike spokes, but not electric bike spokes.

👤It took me awhile to figure out how to put my bike on, but they are on. I like the reflectors.

👤The plastic rivet fastening system is poor. The screw that is used for fastening the reflectors. These do not work on e-bike with thicker spoke diameters.

👤This is the easiest to install and keep on the wheel. Press the pin to position it. Done.

👤Non da DH, quindi con molte sollecitazioni, ho acquistati per inserirli sulle ruote di una MTB. Visto quelli precedenti di diversa fattura, sono "spariti" dopo due o tre discese questi. Ai raggi anche su discese sconnesse, con del fil di ferro rivestito. Dopo tre bei giri. Sono ok, per il resto. Ricordo una qualsiasi bici e salvarci perché con lo scuro non ci notano noi.

👤Bedauerlicherweise hlt es, an den Speichen meines B-TWIN Rockrider 540. There is a Dieser Teil ist an der Einzigen Speiche fixiert. Es rutscht was beim Fahren. There is a Ich schicke den Schrott!

👤Schnelle Lieferung is a song. I am interested in befestigung erfolgt lediglich. Hlt berhaupt ist die Speicher. A MTB is Zoll Felge. Die Reflektoren ist verkanten. Wer unbedingt, die Nase fallen will be montieren. The mist was absoluter.

👤2 mal bestellt. Ihren satz befestigung materialen bekommen. Ansonsten top.

👤Nicht die bedauere das Artikel Geld beispielsweise.

6. Starrey Reflective Intensity Waterproof Conspicuity

Starrey Reflective Intensity Waterproof Conspicuity

It's super cool for cycling. The bike laser tail light is essential for people who like hiking, cycling and other outdoor activities. It can be used on a bike. The auto safety reflector tape can stick on most surfaces. Wood,Steel, aluminum. Their reflective tape's flexibility allowed you to stick it on a variety of shapes. They have made reflective tape into different size options for your specific needs. The honeycomb pattern on the back of their traffic safety reflective tape is very strong. Stickiness will last longer than service life. The DOT-C2 approved reflective material is 10 times more reflective than the pvc reflective material. Their auto consipicuity tape will increase visibility at night. Light can be reflected from different angles. You could find a lot of refletive tape in the market. The reflective waterproof tape is over 3 years old. Their reflective safety tape can be used indoors or outdoors.

Brand: Starrey

👤The fabric can be machine washed without damaging it. There is a I bought a location tracking collar for my escape artist Black Lab. The color of her fur makes it hard to see her. The company that makes the location tracking collar doesn't have a reflective option. I had to do it myself. I bought this tape because it was cheap, and I thought it would be perfect for my project. I put the product on my dog and let him wear it for a week. The tape showed no wear, the glue stuck to the fabric was as good as before, and the tape was just as reflective as before. The product was perfect for me. I took a sowing machine to put reflective on the collar. No problems for three weeks. I am very happy. Great tape to keep your dog safe.

👤I put reflective tape on the back of my helmets to make sure I don't cover the DOT sticker. I want to be seen. My daughter told me that the back of my helmet glows at night. She was following me one night. I put it on my trailer.

👤The tape is on par with my 3M reflectors. The glue is good. It was stuck through the car wash. Make sure to clean and dry the area you intend to apply it to. During the day, this tape is barely noticeable on my SUV. Since I park on the street at night, I bought this tape to make my car more noticable. 100% recommend this product.

👤It was very reflective and sticky. The measurement marks on the back of the tape make it easier to cut it to size. It is very reflective. The butterfly was the only thing that was not cut from the tape.

👤It's barely noticeable during the day because my bike frame color matches the reflective tape color. At night, my bike lights up. The carbon frame is undamaged by the peel off of the glue. I bought different thicknesses to cover different parts of the bike frame. The last photo shows me in a store at night. The source of light is the headlights of the car, which is brighter than any light you can have on your bike. I enjoy riding on the side streets of my town at night when it's cooler than it is during the day.

👤I bought a roll of tape to put on my helmet and electric skateboard to improve visibility at night. It's worked well so far. I've uploaded some photos to show how it looks in regular light and how it shines when reflecting. I wear my helmet a few times in the evening to help cars spot me. Sometimes peeling it off the backing can be difficult, but it works better than expected.

👤I have had a problem with cars and plows knocking off my mailbox since I moved to this house. I prefer not to lose mail in the snow. There is a The reflective numbers on my mailbox are not very reflective. I bought this tape. I put a string along the top and a strip along the bottom. The mailbox is shining like a beacon. It is impossible to not see it using high or low beams. I applied this in cold weather and it has been sticking for weeks. I would definitely recommend this.

7. GoxRunx Reflective Pack Adjustable Reflectors Reflective

GoxRunx Reflective Pack Adjustable Reflectors Reflective

Their reflective safety tape can be used indoors or outdoors. It's highly visible and safe. You can be safe in all weather conditions with excellent reflective bands. Runners can see reflective gear from 800 feet. Nice safety running. 2 pieces longer and 2 pieces smaller reflective band, with 2 pieces green reflective slap bracelet, are designed to fit men, women and kids. The fabric is comfortable. A mesh bag is very light. Running gear is safe. Safety reflective running gear bands for night runners, cyclists, walkers, bikers, the reflective bracelet bands are great for cycling, running, bicycling, motorcycle. The reflective bands are easy to use. The slap bracelet is easy to stick tightly. There are reflective tape straps for clothing, leg straps, pant cuff, clip or holder. No batteries are required. High quality and durable materials. The reflective bands are made from top quality fabric and silver stripes. The bracelets are made with a steel core and reflective tape. The reflective bands are stretchy for most people.

Brand: Goxrunx

👤My son and his friends ride their bikes around campsites. I worry about cars going to the campsites at the same time. He doesn't like flashy things. These work well. They are easy to use, reflective and easy to see. He's running around so I can relax. The bag is small enough to hold the band. It's a good price and makes safety easier.

👤Poor quality! The material is peeling off after a few uses. I've only worn these a few times and they are already falling apart. I haven't washed them or damaged them. The material is detaching from the band.

👤I am usually disappointed in how few drivers see me when I run. I used to have small lights, but these reflect so well that I think they are the best choice. They're comfortable, and the snap bracelets won't cut an arteries when I put them on. Probably. I've only used them twice as they fit a little tight. These are great for people who are crazy early morning exercise people, because they don't have as many close calls with jerks.

👤I like to wear the wraps on my ankle and I love the variety of bands that can be used. I put everything in the mesh bag after I finish working out. The reflective bands reflect the car lights. Everyone is happy with this purchase, I share it with the whole family. First, safety!

👤I wanted something that was reflective for biking. These bands are visible and bright, but they are not comfortable to wear. The bracelets are small. The bands are hard to fit over winter clothing. If you're more on the small side, these may work better.

👤I was asked to look at this item. I bought this item for a family member who runs. He ran with the gift after he was happy with it. He was so excited to put all the items on for the first time that he felt a happy expression. I loved giving them to him.

👤It's a great place to ride your bike or run because it has reflective bands that cars can see, and it's also a great place to store them because they are easy to put in and take off.

👤These things are brilliant. They come in different sizes so you can put them where you want. I wrap one around each bicept to make sure I don't get hit by a vehicle at night. Anything can happen in America. The reflectors give you a definite edge and increase your chances of returning home after a run.

👤The 6 pieces I received were the same as expected. That is not included in the package. There is a If it isn't included, it shouldn't be in the picture. There is a bait and switch situation.

👤The product was tested. The flexible bands have adjustments that are good. The snapping arm reflectors are easy to use. I didn't get the reflective bag, which was included in the purchase package, but was supposed to be in the shipment. There were items in a plastic pouch. There is a A storage mesh bag is light and airy. This item is not included but should be in the package.

8. Rechargeable Mountain Headlights Flashlight Illumination

Rechargeable Mountain Headlights Flashlight Illumination

The Tanmort bike lights are easy to install and come with a 360-degree swivel bracket for free adjustment of the headlight's angle. It has a one-touch quick release button that can be pressed and slid out without the entire mounting brackets, and can be installed and removed in seconds. 300 Lumen CREE XML-T6/L2LED Technology is an ultra bright illumination technology. The waterproof bike front light is one of the most versatile and bright bike light sets. Don't equip yourself with inferior bike lights. The bike light is made of aluminum. The led bike light is built for tough handling and beatings and will survive a 10 foot drop, being underwater or being run over by a truck. In snow, rain, and emergencies. A lack of vision is the main cause of bike light accidents. It is important to have a reliable bike light. The best bike light is on Amazon. This water- and pressure- resistant material is the perfect partner for all your night bike adventures on the road, the woods, or other terrains, because it isPrecisely designed forVersatility in design and function to endure tough handling and beatings. If you are not completely satisfied with their lights, they will refund your money with no questions asked.

Brand: Btwoone

👤I bought some lights for my scooters. Only one works when I receive them. The other one doesn't turn on. I've tried everything and it's not good. The light is working so far.

👤This bike light is very bright. Even in rough terrain, it stays on your bike. Completely waterproof and designed to take a beating. You can take it off your bike and use it as a flashlight. It's handy when you're camping. I think the price is worth every penny. I can't think of anything they could do to improve this item.

9. TOURUN Reflective Running Cycling Walking

TOURUN Reflective Running Cycling Walking

High quality and durable materials. The reflective bands are made from top quality fabric and silver stripes. The bracelets are made with a steel core and reflective tape. The reflective bands are stretchy for most people. Highly visible for your safety, a safety reflective running vest with yellow reflective bands. Sizes between. A reflective vest is used for men, women, kids, pets, etc. It's easy to take off. The reflective vest can be used for running, walking and cycling. The safety bands can be used for Ankle, Legs, Wrists and Arms. The reflective gear set can be connected to a longer reflective belt. It's being used as a waist belt or backpack belt when running or biking. It's also used to blouse pants when riding a bike. The reflective vest gear is not batteries.

Brand: Tourun

👤The problem is that it is small. I am not a big guy and it is not long enough to fit in a bra. It goes below my chest. It had to be adjusted to fit over a jacket for cold weather cycling. It would not fit over a parka. I may have to get a different reflective vest because I am not very satisfied with it.

👤Great adjustment, large to small. It's easy to put on and it seems high quality. They must work because I haven't been hit yet. I don't look like a construction worker. Doesn't get in the way. I can put my lights on it. There are two arm bands. I put them around my dog's body. It was perfect for that. If you had a smaller waist, you could use them for a belt. There is a The cell phone pocket is large. There is plenty to hold any phone. I added photos to my review.

👤My husband and I ride bikes quite a bit and I wanted more safety for road and early or dusk rides. These are the people who do the job. The pocket has a small closing mechanism. It would work for ID, a tissue, or keys if it were small. I would give it a 5 star if it was a little bigger. The black waist bands are more slim than the thick neon belts that are found in other brands. The vest could be an inch longer in the front and back for a better fit. The bands are doing a great job. The properties of reflection work well.

👤Getting outside in the winter is difficult in the Pacific Northwest. It gets dark early on days that are short. This vest is helping me get out in the dark, without fear of traffic, making it easier to get exercise and fight off the winter blues. The vest is easy to adjust, the pocket is great for carrying ID, and the bands on the ankle or wrist are helpful for visibility. I'm very happy with my purchase so far.

👤This is a well-thought-out and made solution. It is light, comfortable, and gets the job done. There are no sidewalks in my neighborhood so a vest is important. It's nice to know that the front is cut away to avoid nipple-chafing when I venture out without a t-shirt. Just applies to men and women, keep your bras on. The reflective straps are a nice touch. I'm trying to figure out a way to attach them to my dog. We walk in the dark. This product is recommended by me.

👤I enjoy riding at night. These things are awesome. All cars behind me make my ride safer.

👤It's lightweight and comfortable. I use it on my bike. Bright color and reflectors keep me safe.

👤I tried it on and it is comfortable and easy to adjust the size to fit over a jacket. I chose it over others that seemed like they would pucker on the chest because it has less of a bib. As it gets dark, I need something for running and biking. I think this will work well. I'll keep the bands on my bike handles.

10. New Balance Reflective Bands Runners

New Balance Reflective Bands Runners

The vest is lightweight and can be worn over a T-shirt, sports gear, winter coat or any type of clothing at all times. Improve your safety by running, biking, dog walking, motorcycling, jogging, kids playing, directing traffic and more. The New Balance Reflective Bands 2 Pack is a reflective band that can be attached to a backpack, bag, helmet, bike and is best worn on the arm, wrist or ankle. There is a full range of emotion. The reflective band is designed to stay in place and not move around, twist or ride up, which will allow you to stay focused and not have to worry about re-adjusting your reflective gear. Safety reflective straps are used in reflective running bands to keep you seen at all hours. AJUSTABLE-FIT: Reflective bands can be adjusted to fit over clothing or bare skin, and can be adjusted to fit the upper arm, wrist, leg or ankle in a matter of minutes. They've been independent since 1906. They have developed performance products without fear. As they continue their journey, they are both fearless and independent.

Brand: New Balance

👤The slide is too small. Good quality with more velcro from better adjusting than most others. The small loop will wear out faster than it should. There is a A band is shown. There is a picture of the New Balance.

👤I put this on the back panel of my backpack when I am in low light. I looped it through some locking d-carabiners. It's a very visible solution for me.

👤I walk before work and in the evening and these are what I was looking for. I put one on my arm if I have a backpack or sling. It was bright against the dark jacket. It was a good purchase.

👤I ride my bike in the dark. I realized that I needed some reflective gear. These are very easy to put a light weight on.

👤It's pretty small. A man is bigger than average. I have to put them together. One won't fit. Maybe on the ankle. It was very bright and reflective.

👤The price is great for bands. The pants are kept away from the bike chain.

👤Walking in dimmer light will make you feel safer. Haven't been hit yet! Knock on wood!

👤These are small and you will only be wearing them around your ankle or wrist unless you have larger upper arms.

👤The product is easy to adjust.

11. RydeSafe Reflective Decals Hexagon Large

RydeSafe Reflective Decals Hexagon Large

It was easy to use. The surface area needs to be clean and dry. If you are not completely satisfied with your safety reflective tape, please contact them for a return or a full refund. They can solve it for you. You have no worries. Make your ride safer. You can modify your frame, helmet, and accessories. It will last 7 years in all weather. The reflective film used on emergency vehicles was cut from the video.

Brand: Rydesafe

👤This is one of the best safety moves you can make. It's easy to wrap thick stickers. It was very reflective. The sheet of stickers makes it easy to throw hits from all angles. People notice you more. I've been in Denver for a long time and have found that the lights and reflective gear are absolutely necessary. It is a good location for biking. You can put these on helmets, bike locks, hard shells, all sorts of stuff. Make sure to wash and dry the surface before applying the stickers so they don't peel away in a month or two. I washed my bike surfaces and dried them well, and these stickers have been on there forever, no issues, no peeling or anything, after riding in rain and washing and wiping the surfaces a whole bunch too. This is a genuine 5-star product.

👤I have included pictures with and without flash. These increase nighttime visibility without ruining the look of my helmet. I thought there might be multiple sheets, but you only get one. I had to add a lot of visibility to my new helmet, which didn't come with reflective striping as I had hoped. Some of the stickers are cut into triangles and trapezoids to make borders and straight edges. They are similar to vinyl, but you can rip them easily, and I ripped a few trying to get the right placement. I was able to re-stick a few times, just be careful not to touch the sticky part for the best results.

👤The stickers are great. I used these to increase the visibility of my bike during the waining months and I am very pleased with their performance. I was able to use the half stickers from the left. There is a To make a straight line, use painters tape to mask your face, and use tweezers to remove and place very sticky glue. If they re- stock these colors, I will be a repeat customer. There is a Only one sleeve comes within a package.

👤Over the past year, I've purchased thee sets. I use them in combination with reflective patches that I put on at night. The reflective stickers can be put on metal or plastic. I also have them on my helmet. Disc brakes are great on the rim. The front wheel has a slightly rougher finish than the back wheel. I replace them as needed. Don't clean your bike if it will mar them. They are almost invisible during the day.

👤The black reflective decals on my motorcycle helmet are great. The decals look white in the photos that were taken indoors. They are dark under normal daylight conditions. My helmet is black. You wouldn't see the decals if my helmet was black. Love the product.

👤These were easy to put on my helmet. I ordered the same color helmet, but they are not noticeable in full daylight. They light up a lot at night. Safety-wise, they are great. The hexagonal shapes are easy to arrange in a neat pattern. I ordered more for my bike because it's a bit expensive for just one sheet. It's a small price to pay for the additional safety. I will update if something changes.


What is the best product for bicycle yellow reflectors?

Bicycle yellow reflectors products from 247 Viz. In this article about bicycle yellow reflectors you can see why people choose the product. Brightplus and Idou are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle yellow reflectors.

What are the best brands for bicycle yellow reflectors?

247 Viz, Brightplus and Idou are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle yellow reflectors. Find the detail in this article. Goxrunx, Labewin and Starrey are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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