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1. HARISON Exercise Stationary Premium Cycling

HARISON Exercise Stationary Premium Cycling

The heavy crank and pedals are compatible with the SPD. You can give it as a gift to your mom, dad, friend, daughter, son, relative on holidays as a way to quickly enhance your relationship. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy life. The best exercise bike for home use is very easy to maintain. It has a silent belt drive so you won't have to worry about the sound of the regular fitness bikes. The gym level belt drive makes it more stable and quieter. The bike has an amazing 280 lbs capacity that is suitable for both men and women, and it has a steel pipe that is more stable. Long-lasting anddurable are two words. The steel used in the cycling bike is impact-resistant. The indoor bike has a fully wrapped flywheel that has a less than 0.02mm deviation when moving, which means more safety for you and any kids around. The professional grade racing handle is ED separated and has a non-slip design for enhanced security. The Harley X4 has a 4-ways seat and a 2-ways hand bar that make it more comfortable. The bike has a wide and comfortable seat, as well as an option to adjust the footrest to fit your foot and level of wear. You can move around with transportation wheels. It was designed for fun. The bike stand has a table that you can use for your book or tablets. The monitor tracks your time, speed, RPM, distance, calories burned and odometer while you are on the bike. The holder for the iPad allows you to watch video or listen to music. The water bottle makes it easy to take the water out. The harison indoor cycling bike is a great way to work out and have fun at the same time. The bike trainer is easy to install and very durable, so it's a must have to stay in shape. The measurement and capacity is the actual result and the goal is to provide the customer the best of best.

Brand: Harison

👤This piece of equipment is very beneficial to my home. I decided to purchase a bike to work out at an affordable price. This was completely and completely worth the price. It had a sleek red and black design. There were cup holders for drinks and a place to keep a mobile device in order to relax while working out. The bike is not wobbly or shaky, and you can adjust the degree of difficulty that you are at. I would recommend everyone to buy it. It saves time, money, and effort.

👤The assembly process is easy to use. It is easy to adjust the resistance and handle height. It can fit into medium to smaller spaces.

👤The bicicleta cumpli mis expectativas. There is a Es una bicicleta con una buena calidad. He satisfecho con la compra. El asiento es un poco incmodo. Utilizndola un par de semanas! Adems de siguientes... No hay, un producto diseado para ser utilizado!

2. Sunny Health Fitness Recumbent Monitoring

Sunny Health Fitness Recumbent Monitoring

Two-year manufacturer's warranty. The limited two-year manufacturer's warranty on the stationary cycle, called the NS-909, will allow you to get the most out of your investment. This is an excellent addition to your home gym. The magnetic resistance system has 8 levels of resistance adjustment. Natural hand positioning is possible with the heart rate sensors location. The frame and straps allow you to control the distance from your seat to the pedals. The monitor displays Speed, Distance, Heart Rate, Time, Calorie, Scan. Heavy duty steel construction has a weight capacity of up to 220 lbs.

Brand: Sunny Health & Fitness

👤I'm a 72 year old woman who has both knees replaced and a devoted couch potato. I thought I would try this bike because I needed to strengthen my leg muscles, not being a devoted walker. I received it in good shape and my son put it together without any problems, the bike is small, quiet and easy to use. If you need something easy, quiet and compact, I would recommend this bike, it's pink and I play with it. I think it was a good buy.

👤If things improve, I'll revise this review. Positive. If the box fell out of the truck, there wouldn't be any damage to the item. The design and price are 5-star-worthy, and the design completely solved my mom's difficulty balancing on her traditional exercise bike. Huge. I had some major problems with Steps 2 + 6 of assembly, one of which was that a nail-shaped tension wire end wouldn't fit into the sister wire loop. I used a hammer and a hammer, not supplied in the assembly toolkit, to force an alignment. After carefully interlocking all the "idiot-proofed" wire ends, the monitor did not work. If the monitor begins to work, I'll buy replacement batteries and update the review. I'll see what the seller can do if it doesn't work. I can't re-pack this thing to return it.

👤I am under 250 pounds and it seems like it is not strong enough for heavy people. Does work well and does not take up much space. I am happy with the purchase. It was not difficult to put together after I got started, just a lot of parts and steps.

👤I used this bike for physical therapy for a knee injury after buying it. I started exercising with it again this week and heard a noise like air escaping, but the resistance disappeared completely. I loved it until it was useless. If you need a bike for 9 weeks, put it in the cart. Keep shopping if you want something that is durable.

👤Really like this machine. The toughest part of assembly is getting it out of the package. It took me 15 minutes. Once you have everything lined up, it's very easy to assemble. Tools are included. Everthing works as it should. I ride it every day. It was nice and quiet. It's easy to change speeds and settings. My spouse is over 200 pounds. It is very strong. The low impact aerobic exercise machine is what you are looking for. I've been using mine for a month and have no problems. It looks and performs great so far. It's cute enough to be in the room.

3. Marcy Foldable Exercise Adjustable Resistance

Marcy Foldable Exercise Adjustable Resistance

The stationary bikes for seniors and adults are essential to help build strength as well as increasing mobility in occupational or physical therapy, and are great for getting in a cardio work out while you dig into office projects. The fat-blasting cardio offered by this exercise device is significant, as each pedal targets the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. It strengthens the leg muscles and burns fat, giving you well-toned legs. The bicycle has an adjusted resistance that can be used for various degrees of exercises. You can use the preset levels of magnetic resistance control to make workouts mimic resistance. The exercise utility is foldable, so you can have more space at home. It has a foot made of rubber to prevent scratching and damage. The easy screen interface shows different variables related to your workout - speed, distance, time, and calories burned. The interface is easy to use, especially when it comes to planning workout routines. This bike is made of 14 gauge, high-quality frame which boasts durability and surface resilience, and it has a foam padded seat for hassle-free cycling. The maximum weight capacity for the user is 250 lbs.

Brand: Marcy

👤This product causes lead dust. The lead test swab turned bright red, which I believe is indicative of a high lead content. I only see this kind of result on solder, and I use lead test swabs on all kinds of stuff. The test is often slow/light pink. I tested it because I noticed paint dust around the pin, and my kids like playing with peddles. Sometimes they break into that room, but they're not allowed to. It's really bad. There is a I cleaned the area around the safety pin to make sure it was clear. I don't know if the white paint dust and silver-colored metal dust that was in that area tested positive for lead or not, but I suppose it doesn't really matter since both were generating dust. I wiped the white paint dust from the picture before I took it, so you can't see it in the picture. I wiped the bike down a month or two ago, and there was quite a lot. The bike has a health and safety designation on it. I guess not much. I know the seat has a sticker on it, but I didn't worry about that since bike seat foam usually comes with a warning on it. This bike is very upsetting to me. We've had it in our house for a long time. It's really pretty!

👤This is perfect. I was looking for an exercise bike that was easy to assemble, and my husband is over 70, so it was surprisingly simple. So there you go. We didn't need the information on how to get assistance with putting it together. I love the way it works, and how easy it is to move if needed, as we use it all the time, and there's only 2 of us and occasional company. It's light-weight and easy to fold up, move and even store. We purchased this June 27th and I have lost 12 pounds since then. Wheeeeee! It keeps my body in good shape for long walks. We were really happy to purchase this item. Highly recommend it. If you found this helpful, please click where noted.

👤This is perfect. I live in a small condo on the top floor and I'm a short woman. This fits me perfectly when I put the seat down. It's very quiet so I can get up early and peddle for an hour without anyone waking me. The quality is very good.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by the bike. When it's too cold to ride outside in Philadelphia, I was looking for something to keep me in shape. I ride my road bike a few times a week. A 20 or 25 mile ride is possible when there is a blue moon. I was a little out of shape when I bought this bike. I was afraid the bike wouldn't offer enough resistance to challenge me. I get a good workout on this bike. I have been using it for three months. I do about 30 or 40 minutes, get the odometer up to about 9 or 10 miles, and get my pulse rate up enough to work up a sweat. I can only get the resistance up to level 8 for a short time, but I can't keep that level for very long. The bike is not for avid cyclist, the resistance is not enough for someone in bike shape. This bike will do the job for those of us who just want to get a half hour of cardiovascular work out a couple of times a week. The ride is smooth. I bought a gel seat cover because the seat was a bit uncomfortable and I can do 40 minutes on the bike comfortably.



All PYhigh Exercise bikes come with an 18-month warranty and a 100% satisfied customer service, as a professional manufacturer and direct distributor. All of your concerns will be answered. You can contact them at your order ID. Their exercise bikes have a heavy duty square tube and a heavy duty bidirectional flywheel that support up to 330LBS weight capacity and are very stable and durable. One of the most unique features of this exercise bike is the thickened brake pad. It is more wear resistant and quieter than ordinary brake pads, and it has a more long service life. You can easily adjust the saddle's height, the distance between your saddle and the handlebars, and the inseam for most users. The tension knob can be used to switch up the intensity of your workout. With a simple twist, you can increase or decrease resistance so your workout can remain challenging and effective. It's perfect for anyone's skill level. Keep Track Of Your WorkoutsLCD monitor displays calories, time, speed, distance, and odometer. You can set your workout timer using these datas. One year warranty of parts replacement. You can have 100% satisfication with this indoor cycling bike. Customer satisfaction is their top priority. VIGBODY is an exercise bike that can be used to start more active and healthy lifestyles. VIGBODY is a company that designs and produces fitness equipment for more than 13 years. VIGBODY indoor exercise bikes have served more than one million families. This bicycle can be a great home fitness partner.

Brand: Vigbody

👤This is a pretty good bike and it arrived a day early, which was nice. The installation of the bike was good. It was easier to put the bike together than it was to get it out of the box. The bike is in the corner of my bedroom. I was worried the bike would be too small for me, I am 6'1 / 205. Thankfully it is. I have enough room on the seat to increase the height if I need to, and I have enough room on my legs to move comfortably. I can see someone riding this with no problem. There is a The bike is very quiet and that was a big thing for me. You can't hear anything when you have resistance. It's nice to work out early in the morning. There is a The pedals have small cages for my feet, but they are not really bothering me. The pedals have claws on them. I don't have to use the cages when I turn them over. I am happy with my purchase.

👤I received this last week. Finally put it together and tried it. The assembly was easy to do. I feel like I'm in a cycling gym when I ride it in front of my computer. The size is small, perfect for my small apartment. There is a I am very happy with the purchase. I would recommend it for the price.

👤I paid a lot of money for this bike, but I can't believe how good it is. It doesn't have the resistance or cadence that you are looking for. I try to match the instructors' cadence with my own knowledge of my ability. It has been going well. There is a This is an awesome bike if you want to improve your ride. I've improved on my rides 10 times. If you want to lose weight, use this and a great spin class. I sweat more in a sauna than I do in a sweat suit.

👤This is a great bike. It took me 15 minutes to assemble. It can be rolled easily because of the wheels on the front. The resistance can be adjusted. If you have it set for your height, it will be fine. If you're looking for something other than running, you should do a great cardio workout.

👤I upgraded my hand me down bike to this one. It was well packaged. The base is in a large box with styrofoam that is secured to the bike. The styrofoam contains all of the parts that need to be attached. The thick cardboard helps protect against bumps in the shipping process. There is a The shipping time is good. It will come in a few days depending on when you order it. There is a It was easy to assemble. The box has all the tools you need. There is an instruction manual inside. There is a The bike is easy to level on the floor. It was initially tetering but you can adjust it. It would be great if the base was bigger for more support. The seat and handle bars can be adjusted. The handle bars go up and down while the seat goes up and down. It was easy to adjust for my frame. The tension knob can be used to increase the tension on your bike. It takes a little while to get it adjusted. You will get it there if you keep playing with it. When you increase the tension and are riding there can be a burning smell around the flywheel. I have never had an issue other than the smell. After you use it for a while, it will go away. There is a The bike has a digital component. I think it would tell you your speed. It didn't work out of the box. I use my fitness watch and it doesn't bother me. The pedals were easy to tighten and started to come loose. I had to do it every time I stopped riding. The left pedal broke after about a month of use. I don't mean to fix it. The metal snapped while I was riding. I sent them pictures of the problem with my order number. They sent me a brand new bike. No hassle! I received it a week after I contacted them. This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. The description of the item is very good and the customer service is great. The item I gave a 4 instead of a 5 was broken within a month of owning it. I'm very happy with it. I have no issues with the new bike.

5. Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser

Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser

The hand-pulse sensors on the handlebars help you stay in your target heart rate. Small and smart. Their quality under desk exercise machine burns more calories than a standing desk and keeps you focused. Home exercise equipment can fit under desks. The desk elliptical has 8 resistance settings so that you can control them, and it has more than twice the resistance range of other foot pedal exercisers. The pedals have straps that are adjusted to keep feet secure. Quiet and sound. Premium magnetic resistance is used for the desk bike. The desk cycle is great for your joints and quiet on the floor. Your coworkers won't notice if you're patched into a zoom meeting or working on site. The mini exercise bike is easy to use. Everything you need to know about your speed, time, distance, and calories can be found on the 6 functionremovableLCD display. The stationary bikes for seniors and adults are essential to help build strength as well as increasing mobility in occupational or physical therapy, and are great for getting in a cardio work out while you dig into office projects.

Brand: Deskcycle

👤I have lost 30 lbs in 7 months and feel great! This helped me lose weight after a long illness. I couldn't do a lot of exercises. I got one for work and one for home. I make sure I use it when I am at home or working. I convinced many coworkers to buy these and now our gym is selling them on campus. If I can't have this at my desk, I will not accept any future jobs. I can't believe how different I feel. I have been able to increase the resistance. I notice that my quads are in great shape. I feel my hamstrings are developing more and more as I have switched to pedaling backwards. I have never liked my thighs, even when I was thinner and a dancer, but this thing has helped greatly. I am so happy! Everyone needs one. I know that I am getting paid to improve my health, even if it is awful work. There is a There is an edit. It has been almost 4 years. I own 3 of these because I have them in my office, home office and tv room. I still cycle 40-50 miles a day despite being down 60 lbs. I convinced many people to get one of these.

👤Life saver! A type 2 diabetes patient is a new best friend. I have had terrible A1C for several years. I went on a low-fat diet and lost 83 pounds, and dropped my injections from 200 units per day to 24. I was able to get off my diabetes with this deskcycle. A 20 minute session of interval cardio drops my blood sugar by 30 percent. I start at 105 and end up at 78. I only do 15 second all out burts to where I get to breathing hard, then cycle slowly for 45 seconds to recuperate. You must repeat. I can use the sofa with this desk cycle. There is no buttock, tailbone, hip pain when I lay back in it. My back is supported by the sofa. There is no impact to the joints. Sometimes it's hard to walk because I have bad joints. Hips, knees, back, etc. It's saved me with this deskcycle and sofa. No pain at all. I feel better after exercising. I have better mental clarity and I feel more calm. There is a I really liked this deskcycle and my low fat diet.

👤I bought these for my own good because I no longer have excuses for not moving. I bought this and the other one. The first two that came up were when I searched for "desk cycle". I did a lot of research to see if this was worth it. The price difference between a walking treadmill desk and an under desk bike is huge and each setup has its own pros and cons. The under desk cycle is great if you can't afford a treadmill desk. There is a I work full time and I use the deskcycle for home and the exercise bike at work. There is a Things to think about. If you're setting up a bike for the first time, it's important to make sure you have a comfortable desk and chair because your back can get strained over long periods of time. The instructions in the DeskCycle give good recommendations and tips, and they have a support website that has great information. There is a I'm 5 feet tall. I compared it to my husband and he didn't like it. He likes the way his desk is currently setup, but he's picky about his desk setup. He had to raise the desk because his knees kept hitting it. If you can make desk adjustments to accommodate for this desk bike device, you can imagine how tall I would be. There is a The desk cycle. It took me less than 30 minutes to assemble. Sturdy pedal straps, straps are permanently attached to the pedal and can be adjusted via velcro, and the monitor can be extended to be placed on top of a desk for display. If I'm reading this correctly, my knees don't hit the desk when I use this, at least I did. The bike has a weird smell out of the box, but after a day or two, you get used to it. The DeskCycle has a handle for easy transportation, an easy setup, and a quiet place to sit. Walking into Harbor Freight was similar. The screen is not replaceable. - The pedal straps don't look as strong as the DeskCycle straps. Over time, they can detach from the pedal. It is a rubbery material. Similar to putting a watch tab in different holes, the straps adjust. There is a The desk cycle has a lower ground than the exercise bike, but the exercise bike pedals are higher off the ground. The DeskCycle has a more rigid construction than the Sunny does. The Sunny Bike has more detailed instructions. You should take a break after a long period of cycling nonstop every once in a while unless you want some slight lower back pain and sweat. I've had about a 1lb or two so far. Results will be different. Extra bonus stuff for fun.

6. Portable Stationary Exercise Physical Wakeman

Portable Stationary Exercise Physical Wakeman

The package contains all the tools and instructions. It is easy to assemble within 30 minutes. A small indoor exercise bike. You can place the machine on the floor or under the desk to burn calories. Circulation and tone arm muscles can be stimulated by placing the pedaling bike on a table. Feet pads and straps add stability. Users can view time, distance, calories, count, and total count on an electronic display. This exerciser has a screen that is easy to read. The low-tension setting is perfect for rehabilitative purposes, or you can switch to a higher intensity for strength training. The resistance dial is marked with either + or - to be easily changed. The dimensions are 16.5 L x 14 W x 13 H inches. The electronic display requires a battery. There is some assembly required.

Brand: Wakeman

👤Not worth a single star. The plastic housing is cheap and stable. There is a cheap alloy wheel with a cloth strap. It would wear out and break in no time. It was not a smooth oedal action. There is a A cheap Chinese product was pawned off on America. Don't buy...

👤widening the foot pedals could be done to improve this item. I have to use bare feet or compression socks because my shoes won't fit. My review would improve if this issue is corrected. I realized this is a piece of junk after using it for a few days. The item is so poor that it can't be found on the market.

👤The product is cheap. It would not be easy to assemble as the pedal threads are stripped or off center. I can't get the pedal to go in. I'm tired of buying things that don't work. I needed it right away so I had it sent for two days. I have a product that is useless now. I don't want to have to send things back and so I won't order again. You are losing my business. The display on the computer does not work. I wouldn't buy this item again. I don't want another one. This deserves no stars because I had to put a star rating on it.

👤I wouldn't buy this product because the left pedal fell off every time I tried to use it, and I had to replace it because I missed the return date.

👤I may be jumping the gun here, but it is easy to put together. I bought this for my mom, who has talked about something similar after her cardiac rehab. She has used it 3 times and it has only been in the house for 24 hours. She can put it on the table herself and take it from her room to the living room. There is a The directions state to screw the pedals in, but you really need to screw them in via the nut. It's all over. Great product. She is very happy with it.

👤This is very useful and easy to assemble. I don't know how this timer is supposed to work. The only thing that works is that my timer doesn't work, and the tension handle doesn't really do a lot of resistance, but it fits perfectly under my desk and does the trick. I just removed the battery and put it back in, and I think I just needed to be rebooted. I think.

👤The first product I received was poorly made and the brackets didn't fit. I returned it and had them send me a new one, but the brackets still weren't right. I told them to screw it and drill the holes on the stabilizer more, but they messed up the threads and I had to make it fit again. I cut new threads on my tap and die set to make it work, because I was tired of returning the piece of s**t. I got the peddles installed after a lot of work. It works well for what my mother needs it for. I wouldn't expect it to be a Cadillac for 40 dollars. There is a I would buy a different product if I wanted to work out long term. It only needs to be used for a couple of weeks. If you want something nice, you should pay more than $40.

7. XTERRA Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise

XTERRA Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise

White Gloss aluminum is glossy. The X-Frame design folds to 18.1. The floor space is 18.1". When not used. The seat and handle are designed for long-lasting comfort and support. The window clearly displays speed, distance, time, calories, and pulse. The large manual dial can be used to quickly adjust up to 8 levels of resistance. Just below the console.

Brand: Xterra Fitness

👤I was able to assemble it by myself, as shown in the photo in the box and in front of the TV. I read all the customer reviews before starting. Here are my suggestions for people who are not familiar with it. You should get large trash bags to remove styrofoam/cardboard packing materials as you unpack, and check that all the pieces are included before starting. Pay attention to the nuts/bolts as you tighten the pieces together. Use tools to tighten bolts, then do final, follow the instructions in order, page-by-page, picture in your mind what the front and back of the bike are. Remember the console wires mentioned in a customer review wrapped around the handle bars before attaching that piece. I will be able to exercise inside during the cold months and rainy months.

👤I don't know how to take this warning label. "Cancer and reproductive issues" is what it says. I assume it means the seat material. I will wear pants while riding this bike. California required this label. See the accompanying image. The bike went together without a hitch. The video shows it rolling easily without folding. The operation is easy. I leave the monitor on "Scan" so that it can go from pulse to speed, distance, calories burned, etc. The adjustment for resistance is something I like. It's easy to change how hard it is to pedal. I like it but it's labeled so I gave it four stars. I would like the distributor to explain the warning.

👤I was on the bike for four months. I was enjoying myself. There is a I was enjoying my bike ride when the right pedal snapped off. I was feeling good about doing something for my body and mind. The deadline for product help was April 23 and the bike broke on April 25. I hope someone sees this and contacts me. I can't afford a new bike because I'm not rich. I tried using duct tape. That was not useful. The bike is in need of help.

👤I was reluctant to buy this considering what it cost. After 10 minutes, I found that you can work up a good sweat and get a good cardio workout. There is a For those of us with limited space and funds, it is a good machine for a low impact workout. There is a I disagree with some of the reviews. I don't recommend this bike for tall people. There is a I used to be an avid biker. When the pedal is down, your knees should be bent. I have a seat that is as high as it can go. It is still slightly to low. There is a That is the only reason for 4 stars and I recommend this bike.

👤Love, love, love! I think the digital monitor is a little off, but overall, it's my favorite buy ever! It's quiet and perfect to keep you motivated. There are no more excuses as to why you can't cycle. Also! This fits me perfectly on the shortest day of the year. Even if I was an inch or two shorter, I would still be able to do it. That was the biggest concern when I bought it.

8. YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary

VIGBODY is a company that designs and produces fitness equipment for more than 13 years. VIGBODY indoor exercise bikes have served more than one million families. This bicycle can be a great home fitness partner. Design and produce exercise machines for 20 years. More than one million families have been served by YOSUDA stationary bike. YOSUDA exercise bike can be your fitness partner. The current version of the Stationary Bike adopts a thicker frame tube to overcome the defects of most of the exercise bikes in the market. The weight capacity of 330LBS gives you a safe ride. This exercise bike has a 40LBS belt and is quiet. When you burn calories, it will not bother your family. The best exercise bike for home is a two-way handlebars, padded seat, and tension to make it suitable for beginners. Even if you can't access a studio, you can boost immunity, strengthen heart and lungs and muscles, perfect for your family health. Science WorkoutLCD monitor tracks your time, speed, RPM, distance, calories burned and odometer while you are cycling. The holder for the iPad allows you to watch video or listen to music. You can stay hydrated after working up a sweat with the bottle cage attached. The package contains all the tools and instructions. It is easy to assemble within 30 minutes. A small indoor exercise bike.

Brand: Yosuda

👤This is the second time we have bought an entry level exercise bike and this one is a huge upgrade over the Nordictrack we bought last time. The company had terrible customer service and the Nordictrack was not built to that standard. It is not a bike that costs thousands of dollars and should not be compared to it. It is a very easy to assemble exercise bike that works well, does not move around while riding, and is very quiet. My husband put it together quickly. There were very few reviews of this one, and the overall rating was lower, because the previous model was reviewed so well on Amazon and in fitness magazines. I'm glad we went with the bike that looks better than the old model and it seems like it will be good for us to exercise in the winter without going to a gym. We might have looked at the Peloton if we were hardcore into cycling. We saved a couple of grand and feel good about this bike because we want to stay healthy over the winter. It is easy to move around and does not take up much space.

👤I read reviews and looked at bikes on Amazon that were under $400. A lot of the reviews were people who had never taken a spin class in their life, and the seat is uncomfortable. I rolled the dice on this one. It was really impressed. It took me 25 minutes to put it together. I put the pieces together using the picture on the side of the box and took the packaging out. There is a It doesn't move. The seat is not normal. It is wide and squishy. Some would say this is a good seat. I will replace it. When you tighten the seat, it wiggles up and down because it has a big gap in the front, so you have to use a piece of foam. No big deal. The pedals that come with the bike are cages. If you don't have clip in shoes, this is fine. If you clip in pedals and buy shoes, you will have more power. I think you should do this. There is a The stand holds my phone. The display is clear and there is a book light to read it. This is a big deal and they should upgrade it. There is a The resistance is very strong. It is going to take adjustment being spoiled with a higher quality bike in a spin studio. I bought a wahoo sensor, connected it to Apple Health, and then used the Peleton App to connect both of those things. There is a The total cost for this bike was about 500. If you want to use Peloton programming but don't want to pay the amount for their equipment, this is the set up for you. I will purchase other products from this company in the future because I am so happy I went with them.

9. Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise

We take great pride in the quality of their home fitness bike equipment. They have a 1 year warranty on the frame and Lifetime warranty on all other materials. You can contact them through e-mail if you have a question. Level 1 is perfect for beginners and Level 8 is perfect for anyone who wants to work out. Other bikes are not close to their max resistance. Don't buy a bike that will be easy in a few months. A bike that can grow with you. The solid steel frame has been providing safe and effective workouts for over 10 years. This exercise bike folds into a footprint of 22 x 20. You won't disturb anyone in the room. It's easy to read the computer. The large screen makes it easy to see how far away you are. The seat height is adjusted for users from 5'3 to 6'1. It's a great way to start a fitness journey with your partner. The seat is 15" x 10" and provides comfortable support. The MyCloud Fitness Cadence sensor is designed for the future. You can track your food calories. You don't have to do it on your own. Over 3 million people have been helped reach their fitness goals by them over the last 14 years. This foldable bike has stood the test of time.

Brand: Exerpeutic

👤I ordered this bike after considering the other bikes. The reviews for this bike were very good. It was well packaged. I looked up a video for assembly and followed it by memory. It was very easy to setup. It took me 30 minutes to unwrap the package. I tried it today. It's small but sturdy and solid. It's easy to pick up with the two front wheels that will engage the floor as soon as you tip the bike. I took it from the closet storage to the living room. I'm 6 feet tall. I'm 53 years old. I was able to reach the pedals at the tallest seat setting. My wife is tall. She had no trouble with her comfort while pedaling after she lowered the seat to the lowest position. For myself, I stayed higher for the 10 minutes on the 1st tension setting and then lowered the seat to the next lower setting for a more thigh engaging round. I found all of the tension settings to be switchable. The seat is comfortable. I sat back and close on the seat to alter the workout a bit. Plug in the display module during setup. When the display was not working, I forgot to do it myself. The display will shift through multiple readouts once corrected. I only care about time and heart rate. The display will remain on the point if you touch the button. Just tap the button again. Very easy. There is a The machine is not loud. I was impressed with this. The stability of the bike was something I was impressed with. There is a After the workout, I simply pulled the pin, raised the seat-side of the back upwards, and slid the pin into the last hole, and the bike was ready to roll away or just get out of the way. There is a I am happy that I didn't spend over 1K to buy the bike. I would rather watch a movie, listen to music, or work on my phone than hear a coach try and push me to work harder. I don't need that. I need a bike that I can move, jump on, and be happy on. It is my best purchase of the year because of the cost, ease of setup, usage, and quality.

👤I didn't know that this bike has a warning sticker on it that says "cancer and reproductive warning". They said the bike uses a chemical that is known to cause cancer. This is ridiculous. The company is able to remove the chemical. If you're going to end up with cancer, what is better circulation and stronger legs? The company should not be in business.

👤This review is geared towards customers who anticipate using this bike frequently and at moderate to high intensity. I rode this bike for a while in January and put in over 300 miles by the end of March. I didn't ride again until June 2nd, because life got in the way. I put an additional 770 miles on from that date through early August. I followed a 35 minute regimen, six days per week, that included warm ups at the easiest resistance on the dial, followed by medium to high intensity intervals of Resistance 3, 5, and 5. I lost 30 pounds after a great workout and hard work. Why is it that a 3 Star Review is given for such outstanding results? The rubber pedal strap snapped at 625 miles, and that's what went wrong. Exerpeutic sent me a new pair of straps free of charge after I called them and said I was out of the manufacturer's warranty. The straps arrived in perfect condition after less than a week of shipping. There is a Around 1,050 miles, the flywheel began to make noise at any resistance above 5. I could see that the top of the compartment it's housed in was starting to wobble as the flywheel was visible through the top. The ride was quiet and smooth. The cheap plastic pedal was taken with the broken pedal strap mount at 1,125 miles. I made a contraption out of duct tape to hold my foot on the pedal after that. I purchased an exended warranty from SquareTrade when I bought this bike. The rep that I worked with decided that the cost of shipping the bike and repairing it was too high, and he agreed to give me the entire value of the product. You can read my 5 Star review of my experience, "A+ Customer Service, Very Good Experience, with a Little Bit of a Wait"

10. Pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary

Pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary

The best home workouts. The indoor cycling bike is smooth and quiet. The bike has a 35 lbs flywheel and silent belt that makes it very smooth and quiet. When you are burning calories, it will not bother your families or neighbors. Users with different heights can fit on the personalized stationary bike. The weight capacity is 350 lbs. The cycle bike can be moved easily with the help of wheels. The iPad holder tracks time, speed, pulse, distance, calories burned and odometer while you are cycling. The holder for the iPad allows you to watch videos or listen to music. You can stay hydrated after working up a sweat with the bottle cage attached. The pull knob can be used to change the exercise intensity and create a multi-level riding experience for enthusiasts of all levels. It can help you burn fat, strengthen your core muscles and improve your heart and lung function. Press down the emergency knob to stop the bike. Safe & Easy to Move cage pedals can be used to fix the position of the feet. Floor levelers can help you ride safely. Transport wheels make it easier to move this indoor bike. 100% satisfaction, 1-year parts free replacement warranty.

Brand: Pooboo

👤I am very happy I got to order this bike. It was very easy to assemble and I was able to exercise immediately. The bike was easy to move around the house and the seat was very comfortable. The monitor helped me keep track of how much time I spent riding and I have started losing weight. I wish you all the best in your fitness career, and I recommend this bike to others.

👤I have used this bike for a month and it is not bad. It's not great either. The right pedal is falling off at the wrong time. It starts to get loose after around 9 miles and falls off. The threads on the right pedal look a little worn, but I never have this problem with the left side. I contacted Amazon to return the bike because it was too heavy and bulky.

👤A simple bike. The bike is good for the price. Seat comfort is better than most bike seats. It is easy to assemble. Electronics could be better, but not my focus. You have to be patient to use more of that extra. Push the hold button if you want to stay on the selection you want to monitor. You should use your own tools for pedals and use a good quality wrench when tightening them. It's easy to move. Sturdy equipment. Keep that in mind, its a simple piece of equipment. It should not be your only piece of equipment. You may just be spinning. Quiet ride.

👤I like the bike. It was heavy, so it was understandable to arrive in a beat up box. The product was not damaged. It took me 30 minutes to put it together. It's easy to assemble. If you put your hands on the metal pulse checker, the screen will go blank. It happened after a week of using it. I am not an intense rider so it doesn't bother me. Everyone thinks it looks nice. When I tell them the cost, they are surprised.

👤I got it for the first time and it worked good.

👤Amazon has gotten bad. Terrible experience would not happen again.

👤I'm very happy with this bike. It was easy to assemble. It was fun to ride. The app is worth every penny.

👤The bike was easy to assemble. I bought a seat cover for my bike, but the seat is hard.

11. Marcy NS909 Cardio Mini Cycle

Marcy NS909 Cardio Mini Cycle

There are settings for distance, time and calories burned. All-in-one station. You don't have to switch between cardio stations with the mini cycle. This exercise machine is perfect for your home or office, it can be set under a desk to pedal with your feet or on a desktop to tone your arms. The Cardio exercise machine comes with a manual tension knob that allows you to adjust the resistance and personalize your training according to your fitness level. The cardio mini cycle has a portable structure that allows you to train your arms or legs while sitting. An electronic LCD monitor. You can use the computer screen on the cycle to see the number of strides, strides per minute, total number of strides, time elapsed and calories burned. Two-year manufacturer's warranty. The limited two-year manufacturer's warranty on the stationary cycle, called the NS-909, will allow you to get the most out of your investment. This is an excellent addition to your home gym.

Brand: Marcy

👤I was not expecting much after reading the reviews. This product is more sturdy than I thought. I can see that thetension knob is not doing anything. The tension band on the bottom can be adjusted, and the tighter you are the more difference the tension knob makes. It is not an insane workout, but with a tiny floor bike, you can not expect much. It works well and serves its purpose. The product breaks in rather well, but there is a slight drag on first use. The arch of your foot is going to limit the impact of your feet on the product. I don't hit it if I'm not wearing shoes. I am a woman. I work 60 hours a week and feel like I need to be more active, but don't always have the energy to jog. If you are looking for light exercise while relaxing at home, this is for you. I would not look for something more intensive.

👤I wanted to be able to exercise while sitting at my desk. It's just "okay". There is a The set up is easy. Attach the pedals and feet. I use it on carpet and there are no sliding issues. It takes some trial and error to use it under a desk. I have to move it from under the desk to an open spot to use it. No big deal. I wanted it under my desk. There is a My shoes hit the "feet" of the cycle, which is one of the complaints I have. The arched design of the feet does not allow enough clearance for your shoes so you can't use it like a bike without moving your feet off the pedals to prevent your shoes from hitting. There is a Once you get used to it. It's ok. The display of the counter is not usable. It depends on the angle you are looking at. I don't use the counter. I don't like the tension knob or the belt. I have to turn the knob many times to increase tension. It finally gave some irritation. There are some instructions for tightening the belt. It's new! I need to adjust it before using it. There is a I probably should have researched more before buying. To the manufacturer. People are complaining about things. Please!

👤Quiet! Doesn't'scoot' across the floor. It's easy to set up at work. There is a new update. I bought my first one a year ago. It is functioning like new after a year of use. I bought a second one this week and am pedaling right now. The new one makes slightly more noise, which I think is from the belt, and it's a bit stiff. The sound is not a squeak. After a few weeks, this goes away. No scoot stays stable on rugs and wood floors.


What is the best product for bicycle workout machine pink?

Bicycle workout machine pink products from Harison. In this article about bicycle workout machine pink you can see why people choose the product. Sunny Health & Fitness and Marcy are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle workout machine pink.

What are the best brands for bicycle workout machine pink?

Harison, Sunny Health & Fitness and Marcy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle workout machine pink. Find the detail in this article. Vigbody, Deskcycle and Wakeman are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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