Best Bicycle Work Stands with High Reviews

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1. Foldable Portable Mountain Adjustable Aluminium

Foldable Portable Mountain Adjustable Aluminium

The bike mount holds road bike tires from 20 millimeter to 2.4 inch wide and mountain bike tires from 20 to 29 inch wheel size. It's perfect for all bike styles. Kids, track, BMX. Home, garage,office and retail applications are suited for this suit. It's easy to park your bike in their foldable stand. When the carton is ready to be used, no assembly or tools are required. The floor bike stand rack can be folded and unfolded with one button. A smart design saves a lot of space. The aluminum alloy material is easy to carry. It is compatible with all kinds of bikes, such as road bike, folder bike, track bike. Stable and high quality. The bicycle storage stand has a four-foot design. The bike rack is made from high quality aluminum. Protect your bike from nicks and scratches by coating it with collision engineering plastics. Father's day gifts are great. Protect your bike from nicks and scratches by coating it with collision engineering plastics. Father's day gifts are great.

Brand: Klevsoure

👤I wanted a folding model that I could store easily, so I picked this item. If you want something that folds, you have to accept the limitations of the product, even if it is a bit more stable than other non-folding products. If you want your bike to stay on the floor, you have to put one foot on the legs. The spring and hinge allow it to fold. The legs will not be wide enough to be stable if you fold them in. It's a folding model, which you should expect before you buy it. After you park your bike, check the legs. I think it's an excellent product. I am subtracting one star because one of the plastic cones was damaged during shipping. It doesn't affect the way things are done.

👤I own a few of this stand. My brand went up in price. I decided to try a cheaper alternative. It was a big mistake. The plastic base on this stand is different from the metal base on my current stands. The legs have no mechanism to hold them extended. I tried to roll my bike into the stand but it just moved forward along the garage floor. I was able to get the bike in place after I put my foot on the legs. It was tippy and unstable. I re- purchased my stand at a higher price after returning it. You get what you pay for.

👤The foldable floor bike stand doesn't work for me. I have an electric bike that is too heavy for the stand and it will not stand on it's own when inserted into the stand. If you have a standard non electric road bike, mountain bike or hybrid bike, I'm almost certain that the foldable floor bike stand will work for you. It is sturdy and well made. I recommend this bike stand to all bike owners.

👤It's alright. It helps to have a place to sit on the front tire when the bike is bare. If you have bags on your bike, you will immediately notice a loss of stability and you will have to back off. If you need to adjust the stand's position, the legs on it don't stay put. It's not a big deal, but it's annoying to have to adjust your legs when you move. Not a bad purchase.

👤It needs a carpet or something. The bike would push it across the floor and into the wall, not allowing the tire to sit properly. The attempt to get the bike tire in the stand was hilarious. The stand was moving around. It was ridiculous when I tried to step on one side while pushing the bike in. It was funny, but not worth it. Send it back.

2. Bikehand Floor Parking Storage Bicycle

Bikehand Floor Parking Storage Bicycle

ChainBrite Chain and Component Cleaning fluid is plant-based and will not harm plastic, rubber or carbon fiber. Patented simple push in design is easy to use. You need to lift the bike and put it in the stand. When you push the bike into the rack, the front holder will tilt. Heavy bikes such as downhill, mountain and beach bikes will be perfect for this design. The most stable bike stand has three points on the tires, which is better than other stands which only have one or two points on the frame, rim, disc rotor and derailleur. The bike's front or rear wheel stays in the holdder because it's deeper than others. The dynamic stand base makes it impossible to tilt the bike if you push hard. It is possible to fold the stand into a flat shape within a second with a simple one-pull-knife. Your bikes will not be lying on the ground anymore. The steel is heat treated and has a fantastic powder coated finish. If used correctly, this stand will last forever. All bikes are compatible. The bike stand will fit almost all bikes, but only those with the tires more than 2.4" in width. You can order now and pay free. They can provide a LIFETIME WARRANTY because they're so confident in their product quality.

Brand: Bike Hand

👤After years of leaning my bike against the wall, some serious smudges had developed. I bought this to store my bicycle upright, but not against the wall. There is a It works, but not well. The rack is too light to support my bike with my panniers, and it doesn't have enough weight to stay in place as I attempt to roll my front wheel into the well. When I try to put my bike in it, the rack scoots away, and unless I'm very careful, it leans into the wall. There is a I recommend the procedure if you've purchased this. To orient the rack, drag it away from the wall. 2. Use your foot to tilt the mechanism. Roll your front wheel into the slot and secure the rack with your foot. 4. Lift the back of your bicycle and orient it straight behind so that it has the best chance of standing up. 5. If you have a weight on your bike, you should turn your front wheel and rack towards the weight so that you can form a triangle with the ground. There is a How to remove the bicycle from the rack? I haven't found a way to keep the rack in place. There is a It seems like the greatest improvement would be to weight the base of the rack so that it's more stable.

👤I was afraid that my road bike wouldn't be stable in this storage stand. There is nothing to worry about. It keeps the bike stable and holds the skinny tires. It was well designed. Excellent product.

👤I was tired of putting my expensive road bike up against the wall and hoping it wouldn't fall over, and also scratching up the walls and possibly the bike. I wanted to keep it standing up without having to lean it against a wall. I agreed after reading a post that said your expensive bike deserves a quality bike stand. I initially ordered a different stand. It was $5 cheaper than this one. The one that popped up on my screen had an extra component that they call the "push-in simple design and the wheel sits deeper." I ordered it from Bikehand after I saw that it had a lifetime warranty. The stand works well and the wheel slides in so the bike stays up. The bike has 700c x 23mm tires and works as advertised.

👤I bought a bike stand to help organize my garage and not have a bike leaning on it. My bike does not take a kickstand very well. I needed something to keep it upright. The rear section of my bike is very heavy and this stand balances it very well. The stand stays planted even if the bike is moved or worked on. The bike I have weighs a good deal. The stand was worth every penny if it could keep my bike up. It collapses when you don't use it.

👤The stands seem to be well made. The manufacturer has no fault in the fact that they tend to move when you push the bikes into them. You can use your foot to support them. The stands shift when the bikes are taken off the stand. I thought about it and did the following. I thought I could use the wall to keep the bikes from shifting. 1. I bought a plank of 8 feet. 2. I parked my car at the wheel parking stop. It's 6 feet long and is sold on Amazon. 3. The lumber was cut to 6 feet so that it would be the same length as the stop. 4. I bought a lot of deck screws. 5. I drilled small holes in the parking stands and then moved up to a bit to fit the deck screws. 6. I marked off the wood plank where the stands would be installed. 7. I made small holes so the screws wouldn't split the wood. There are 8. I took a battery powered driver and drilled them through the plank. Don't overtighten. The stands are secure. No shifting at all.

3. Bicycle Workstand Adjustable Maintenance Mountain

Bicycle Workstand Adjustable Maintenance Mountain

It isdurable: It's made from plastic. You can order now and pay free. They can provide a 1-year warranty because they're so confident in their product quality. It was made in Taiwan. The bike maintenance rack is made of alloy steel. The wall mount repair stand can be used for maintenance and cleaning. The mount can hold up to 20 lbs. The rotating Clamp can hold your bicycle in any angle. The soft material will protect your bike frame. The bike repair stand can be adjusted from 39 to 55 cm. The bike repair rack is compatible with most bikes because of the jaw of stand. The bike repair stand can be mounted stablely with 4 screws. The wall mounted bike clamp can be used to fix your bike in the correct position. The bike repair stand can be installed on the wall or work bench. It takes up less space by locking in place against the wall.

Brand: Brynnl

👤I screwed a piece of wood into a stud and attached it to the wall. The result was very strong, I attached the base plate to the 2X6 using four lag screws. The bike is heavy.

👤I'm using this primarily as a wall rack for my son's trials bike, and it is working well for this purpose. The rack mounts very solidly to the wall, and unless I extend it far out, it is quite stable. The bottom of the bike's top tube can be used as a conduit for any brake or shifting cable. We have a light bike that would work well up to around 35 pounds. I was disappointed that the tube with the clamp is only secured in the other tube with a knob that tightens a metal bolt. It's not secure enough to keep the bike from tipping one way or the other, but it is enough to keep it from moving much. If you want to raise the front or back wheel, it doesn't stay in place. My other bike work stand has a notch that keeps the rotation of the clamp in one place. The knob that has to be screwed is the only thing that can tighten it down. The process of either unclamping or clamping takes longer than it should. My other bike work stand uses a combination of a level and a screw to allow quick tightening or loosen of the clamp, but also flexibility to adjust it for different size bike tubes. I have to go with a 3-star rating because of the pros and cons. It's not bad for a basic repair stand mount, but it won't be replacing my standing rack any time soon. It does a good job as a wall mount bike rack.

👤This is a bar with a bicycle. Consider this... Next to your chest is a cinder block. You have it, but it's heavy, right? Try to hold the cinder block away from your chest with your arms extended. What is wrong? You can't? Absolutely you can't. A few of you can. I could if I had to. The arm needs to be bolted TIGHT to a very secure post or wall to focus the energy. Don't skimp on the nuts and bolts. Quality bolts or at least a small lag bolt is required. Number 14? There is a This bike holder is for you if you do that. It's great for quick repairs but I mostly use it for storage. One bike is in front of the other. I own a lot of bikes. Need more space. There is a It seems strong enough to do the job. I highly recommend it.

4. PCS 12 2 Mechanic Bench Mount Repair Stand

PCS 12 2 Mechanic Bench Mount Repair Stand

The bench surface can be raised from 16 to 17 inches. It is possible to enter and exit a tube with a cam actuated, micro-adjustable clamp. The bike can be placed in optimal position for repairs. The steel structure has maximum strength and resilience.

Brand: Park Tool

👤I bolted the stand to a piece of 4x6 that I can use to hold a vice. It works well, grabs kids, road, mountain and e- bikes. All critical parts are made of metal. Absolutely worth the investment.

👤The cheapest one I could find was upgraded to this one. It lasted a year or so, but broke quickly. This is built to last. I mounted it to my workbench. I did a fork tune up and it held the bike at a 60 degree angle. I have about 2 inches between my pedal and the edge of my workbench, which is why I was worried about the clearance issues. I upgraded and am really happy. I wish I would have bought this one.

👤You get what you pay for. The reviews of other bicycle repair stands seemed to focus on the issues of plastic parts. I don't want to buy a tool twice because I have an E-bike. My daughter was excited because she recognized the logo on the packaging. The piece of equipment has been met. There is plastic in the jaw clamp, but it should not be stressed because it is compressed into place like a washer and shouldn't break. The steel parts are of the highest quality. I was more worried about my workbench than the repair stand. It was very easy to set up. It needs to be mounted where the pedals are free to play.

👤The product is very sturdy and easy to assemble, but it lacks the mounting screws. You want quarter inch lag bolts, but in my case, I needed something 2 1/2 inches long that would fit through my 2 inch workbench and I could use a washer and a screw to attach it. I have not had a chance to check to see if it can hold the larger profile down to my electric bike, but it can handle the weight. It took me about five minutes to put it all together.

👤Unless you are a pro mechanic servicing multiple bikes daily, this Park tool stand is more than enough. It is very sturdy and mounted on my bench top. The price of the model is about half.

👤The piece of equipment is well made and should work well in all scenarios, as it can be adjusted to different positions depending on space constraints. One could attach the repair stand to a bench or a free-standing base and use it in a variety of ways. My bike shop recommended this brand to me and I am very pleased to have it, it is easy to attach to my garage work bench.

5. BV Adjustable Kickstand Concealed Spring Loaded

BV Adjustable Kickstand Concealed Spring Loaded

The tool-less adjustabe length is used to adjust the length of the kickstand. The reinforced plastic foot prevents slipping and sinking in mud. A steel hexagonal bolt prevents the foot from sliding off the kickstand. The angle stance is great for balancing bikes on the ground.

Brand: Bv

👤The kickstand may be good or bad. I did not get to test it. The mounting bolt is a problem. The photo clearly shows that the bolt is a hex bolt. It isn't. The bolt has a rounded head and a hexagonal head. The gearshift cable above the kickstand makes it impossible to mount my Trek bicycle securely. There is no way to use a key with an glyph. It would have been easy to secure from the side with a wrench. There is a It is difficult to get on the bolt because the threads are painted on it. The metric key they call for is large. I have about three dozen different sizes of hexagonal tools, but none of them fit correctly. If you don't have the right size, you will get frustrated.

👤There are a lot of positives about this, but one thing that is really worrying. The good first. There is a The kickstand is easy to install, and I love how you can change the height. There is a It sticks out far past the chainstay on my bike. My foot will catch it and extend it, forcing me to kick it back into place. Several times a day. There is no way to position it further inside. It hasn't happened yet, but if it were to come down while I'm in the middle of a street fight, it would throw me. No accessory will fit every bike. This is a quality product, but it makes me nervous when I ride with it. Something to think about.

👤I went to the hardware store to buy a longer bolt to fit the kickstand on a different bike. It was a bolt. The included ones were not long enough, so I used a 2.5" bolt for the new bike. Before buying this kickstand, I was not a fan of the generic kickstand sold with bikes. They were either too tall or short with no way to adjust them. Changing the tire height would make the kickstand unstable. There is a The kickstand is amazing. It is relatively light at 0.66 pounds. If not more, most other sturdy stands weigh double that. It is easy to adjust. Press a tab and move the section to the height you want. There were no bolts or complicated mechanisms. The length was a selling point for me. It will fit up to 29" wheels. The kickstand fit my mountain bike perfectly and felt sturdy because I could adjust the height. To many, putting a kickstand on a high dollar bike is not a good idea, but to me, it's a useful feature. I have had bikes fall when they are leaning against something. This kickstand has never caused a bike fall. I have put this on my road bike. Dropping a high dollar carbon bike is a bad idea. This prevents that thought from happening. There is a I've taken this on trails and large drops, and the stand never came down. The mechanism is very sturdy and makes a very strong click when you extend it. It works well on the roads with a road bike. There was no noise or gnashing of teeth. The kickstand is rock solid, will fit most bikes on the market, can be easily adjusted without any tools, and works amazingly well on mountain trails. I wouldn't hesitate to buy one for every bike I own because of the ease of adjustment and how good of a stand this is. Don't think twice if you're on the fence about buying this. The included bolt can be replaced with sizes you need at the hardware store. I got the bolt in the correct size, in the correct location. There is a The package included a standard bolt and an allen bolt. It's nice to have a choice.

6. Unisky Mechanics Workstand Maintenance Mountain

Unisky Mechanics Workstand Maintenance Mountain

It's common on one piece cranks. With the quick-release handle and the turning button, you can reach every part of a bike, facilitating your work when repairing, holding tightly but not damaging the bike's finish. STEADY AND STABLE: The desk-mount repair stand is more stable than normal floor one. It can help deal with difficult bike maintenance work by stabilizing and mounting in the surface. The front or rear wheel is still stable even after being taken off. You can mount the bike repair stand on any flat surface. It is convenient to remove pedals and install pedals when dealing with bicycle maintenance. The bike repair stand is strong and sturdy. The maximum weight capacity of the bike maintenance rack is 66 lbs. The main part of the bike workstation is a premium steel tube. The size is known. The total height is from the bottom to the top. The width is from the front of the turning button to the back. The main rod height is 18.89” The support fee has a distance between it and the holes. Measure the size between the holes before assembly.

Brand: Unisky

👤The unit is sturdy. If you mount the ebike correctly, it will hold it securely. There is one fatal flaw. The arm the head is mounted to is not in line with the arm it is attached to. The arm is not parallel to the ground when you mount it. If you hold the bike by the top tube, it's not a big deal. It's best to hold the bike by the seat post. The head is not parallel to the ground, so there is no way to hold the bike by the seat tube, which makes adjusting a rear derailleur or sizing a chain much more difficult than they should be. There is a problem when holding a mountain bike by the seat post. I would have returned it immediately if I had seen this before I mounted it. I swear at it every time I work on two of my three bikes because I have already mounted it. If you want to hold a bike by the seat post, buy something else. If you only plan to use the top tube on the heavy bike, it will work just fine.

👤The stand is flimsy. The advertised weight will not be good. I don't want my bike to be on a 45* angle. If you want to return it, you have to pay the international postal service. I am not happy with their return policy. I wouldn't buy this stand again.

👤I was going to give a glowing review, but everyone else has already covered it for me. Even if it's a little redundant, I'll make this quick. It's more convenient than a stand-style, and I like the all-black industrial look. My bike cave is made of pine and iron, so this stand fits in well with the feel of the room, much better than my friend's blue and grey stand that I've been borrowing. This works in practical application as well. The rotation isn't quite as refined, but it still does the job and is just as nice as the blue and grey stand, at 1/6 the price. I can fit my seat tube on my FS and still work. It creates a weird angle, but the great thing about this is that you can raise/lower/pivot the vertical shaft, or any combination of those, and find a good angle. Since my dropper post is a dropper post, I have to wipe the seatpost itself clean before I try to fit it, or else the bike wants to spin due to the head being on a slight angle. My buddy's seatpost was fine with no rotation. The lever to release the head rotation lock is small, like someone else's tiny complaint. I can usually do it with one hand. I don't think there will be quality issues with this. We're pretty hard on tools and we'll definitely put this through the ringer because I have a couple friends that come by to ride and work on their beer and fat bikes. I will update this post if I find any quality issues.

7. RAD Cycle Products Bicycle Adjustable

RAD Cycle Products Bicycle Adjustable

Strong anddurable: The bike maintenance rack is made of heavy duty construction and supports bikes up to 66lb. You can use the premium steel tube for a long time. It's not suitable for electric bike. Heavy duty construction has a maximum capacity of 65 lbs. Telescoping stand adjusts from 36 to 60 inches, and will fit standard frames. CONVENIENT - The Clamps hold tight but won't damage your bike's finish, and they are easy to access. The legs fold up for easy storage or transportation. It's easy to setup and assembly with the key included.

Brand: Rad Cycle Products

👤My stand came with the legs attached backwards, which is what the box for shipping should have been. That was a 5 minute fix. The poorly-designed tension adjustment that keeps the grip arm attached to the extension tube is what you can't fix. Even with my lightweight aluminum frames, it's not a strong enough joint to support the bike while you work on it. This $50 stand will repeatedly and without warning dump your bike onto the concrete floor of your garage before the plastic tube eventually cracks and turns the whole thing into a costly, ungainly paperweight. The real deal was from Park Tool. I might have avoided damage to my frames and forks if it had been three times the price. There is no affordable alternative for the home mechanic. There is a The last photo shows the damage that can be caused by an aluminum frame falling onto the ground and tipping over into the stand. This damage is irreversible and cannot be replaced.

👤I read all of the reviews for this bike stand and it seemed to have the best combination of features and adjustability, particularly with the use of quick release clamps for most adjustments instead of small knobs, as well as the inclusion. I was not disappointed when I received it. My legs were assembled properly and there was no damage or missing. I just needed to put the tool bin clamp on the top and use the included wrench. There is a I'm surprised no one mentioned that the folding legs can't slide closed with the tool bin installed. I can either fold the legs or just remove the tool bin, as this is not a deal-killer for me. I bought this to hold my bike in the seat tube, which it does perfectly. The best way to tighten the bike is to release the rotation clamp, which will allow it to find its center of gravity. It results in the bike hanging at a steep angle, but it's easy to work on and stable. If you do this, there needs to be about 5 inches of seat tube exposed. If your seats are low, the large head won't fit. It would fit in my carbon top tube, but it would not be held level, and it would be very risky to put it in a carbon frame. I would have paid more for a more pro oriented one in a bike store, but this 5 stars is less than I would have paid. This has a lot of plastic parts, but it is very sturdy and is perfect for a do-it-yourselfer.

8. LYCAON Foldable Bicycle Ultimate Outdoor

LYCAON Foldable Bicycle Ultimate Outdoor

If you have a problem with this bicycle stand, please contact them before leaving a review, they will offer you a solution within 24 hours. Not compatible with e- bikes and bikes with tires that are larger than 2.2INCH. The push-on system securely holds bikes with tires 1.0- 2.2INCH wide. Compatibility with road and cyclocross bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, beach cruiser and kids bikes with 20 and 24 wheels. It is made from high strength plastic and high strength steel, so it will last. You can hide it away when you travel, or throw it in your trunk.

Brand: Lycaon

👤The quality of the bike stand is very good. I unpack it and use it right away. I put my bike on it and it fell very secure. I have a hybrid wheel bike that has a tire that can fit in the stand. I don't think it will fit the tire. I use it for both front and rear wheels. The bike stand is great.

👤The bike stand is very sturdy and lightweight.

👤Good quality and easy to use.

9. ONETWOFIT Maintenance Heavy Duty Adjustable Workstands

ONETWOFIT Maintenance Heavy Duty Adjustable Workstands

The bicycle repair rack is an idea for a home or repair shop to fix mountain and road bikes. They offer a 3 years warranty on bicycle racks. If you have a question about their product, please contact them. The steel frame has a textured powder coat finish for long lasting strength. Home bike repair stand can hold up to 66 lbs. The bicycle stands are more stable because of the triangle base. Extra protection for the floor is provided by non-slip rubber feet. A fully-adjustable cradle allows your bike to hold in any position. The U-shaped gear teeth are scratch-proof and hold tubes between 1 and 2 inches. The bike maintenance stand has a quick lock set to adjust the height. Don't worry about your waist hurting due to crouching down. The work bike stand is foldable and easy to store. The portable bike holder can be put in the boot of your car or in a corner. Tools container is used to hold small parts in order to prevent them from losing. You should keep the tool shelf upright.

Brand: Onetwofit

👤The mount for the tray is missing. The tray cannot be mounted on the stand. I did email, but no reply.

👤My rover weighs 80# with all my add ons. The stand will hold the weight. If you remove a wheel, be careful. It folds up very small when not needed, and can be used to modify individual bikes. I like it.

👤The stand was great for the price. Had to reinforce the collar. It held up a 45lb bike.

👤I can say that it struggles to hold 42 lbs after a month and a half of use, even though it says it will hold 60 lbs. There is a It's not a bad item, but it doesn't match up with the specifications.

👤For a bike or frame. The frame is large and will strain it.

👤I was really impressed with how sturdy it is. Two thumbs up for the price.

👤The pros are 1. Well built and very sturdy. It is easy to setup and fold 3. My sanity was saved by repairing the bike. I saved my wallet from being easy to do repairs at home. It's easier to fold with out 2 and it comes with a "tool tray". Does take more room in the garage, but it is worth it. This repair stand is a very good build, and I have seen many "tripod" build qualities as a photographer. I don't have a fancy light bike, but I do have a heavy old school one that this stand easily handled. I wish I bought a bike stand a decade ago. Who knew this was important for people that own more than 2 bikes? I put my kids bike on this thing to make sure it works. The price of the bike stand is very competitive and I can't see what else I would need from a stand. "It works."

👤The bike stand is well priced for what you get, so you can spend more money and get a better stand. It's fairly well designed and builds up quickly, allowing for you to hold the bike at a good range of heights. It's stable while holding the bike, too, and has a solid triangular design that prevents easy tipping. It's not like you can't knock it over if you want to. The parts tray is difficult to get on and off, and the legs are blocked from folding up for storage, making it a bad design. The parts tray didn't fit in with the original design. I will probably not use the parts tray in the future since it's hard to put on and take off and it prevents folding up the stand afterwards. It's a useful stand for bike repair, and seems fairly priced.

10. Park Tool Unisexs PCS 10 3 Workstand

Park Tool Unisexs PCS 10 3 Workstand

It isdurable: The bike workstand was tested in their factory and shops for more than two years before being released to the market. One of the most reliable and durable bicycle repair stands is available for home or shop uses. They can keep enough parts for any claim in their warehouse, and offer a 5 year warranty on the rack. The cam-actuated micro-adjustable clamp can be used for seat posts of any shape and material. The jaws fit into tight areas or on short seat posts. The maximum weight capacity is 80 lbs. 36 lbs. The height can be adjusted using a quick-release lever. It is folded down to 45" x 14" (1140mm x 350mm).

Brand: Park Tool

👤The plastic clamps seem cheap. The upper arm/post is not tight and causes the bike to twist back and forth in the stand, making it very frustrating to work on my bike. It seems like it's well made, but why would you use the cheap chisel? Why did the engine stand to blow in the car? .... I have to return the package, disassemble it, and then buy a stand that won't wobble. What was the thinking of the park tools?

👤I bought this stand because of the rave reviews I have read on the internet and on Amazon. This stand is good for basic bicycle repairs. The stand is wobbly and unstable around the tripod arms, and it doesn't hold my bike in horizontal position for long. The bike turned almost vertical to the floor when I loosened the seat post last night, but I didn't notice it until this morning. I understand that this repair is geared towards the home mechanic, but don't expect anything close to the quality and stability of their professional mini-clamps. If you have a work bench or the PCS-10.3 is the same price, I think you should get the PRS-4.2.1. The mounts are more stable than the portable stands.

👤I bought the Park Tool PCS 10.3 from Amazon and then shipped it to Pennsylvania. The order was placed in the afternoon of Monday and arrived via the shipping company on Wednesday. It was brand new in its original factory thick cardboard box with clear plastic shipping tape and re-inforced with 4 bands, it was well packed and no damage was done. It was made in Taiwan. I bought a stand to do maintenance on my bike. 50 pounds of bike is on the stand if the 10 pound battery is removed. There is a The kit requires assembly with a bag of parts and all the tools you will need, with good instructions written in perfect English, there is a pictoral for assembly and an additional 7 well written detail assembly steps. I used the 7 assembly steps, went real slow, and had no missing parts or issues. I used to do my own car tune ups when it was possible, and I am no stranger to hand tools. This is as close as you can get to a professional stand for the home mechanic for the price, it is made of steel, heavy, strong, no wobble, thick and rigid plastic like components to aid its folding capability, when unfolded it locks into place, perfect blue powder coating. This stand is strong. You can see the features on Amazon. I bought the Saris bike beam to serve as a horizontal bar for my step in the Ebike for use when transporting it in a Vibrelli hitch mount bike rack. The jaws are positioned under the seat for horizontal balance, and using the Saris bike beam, it is easy to heft the bike into the jaw assembly. It was very secure and there was no wobble. There is a You can't go wrong spending dough on good tools if you spend the extra money on this stand. Happy camper! There is a I added a 10 pound battery but it didn't affect the strength of my Ebike, I hoisted it onto the stand using the Saris bike beam a bunch of times.

11. Repair Bicycle Mechanic Maintenance Adjustable

Repair Bicycle Mechanic Maintenance Adjustable

It's possible to hold your bike in a stable position with a lever and adjust the height to make sure your waist is comfortable. The intensity of iron tested can afford a max load of 60 pounds. Tools with MAGNET. The big tray has a place for different tools and is more space efficient. There is a front wheel. No knives. The package includes a tighten rod that won't let the front wheel turn when you're working. Sturdy triangle base with rubber feet will hold bikes steady and won't scratch the floor.

Brand: Cxwxc

👤I was appalled at the poor quality of the stand I got. I used it on three bikes in a row: my gravel bike, my road bike, and my full suspension mountain bike. Steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber are in the same order. None of the tubes are round and no two are the same size. The stand held each securely and was solid overall. I thought it was worse than it was. The adjustments are a bit difficult. The stand works well and is a good value. We'll see.

👤This is not usable because of a mfg defect. The base frame was welded to the clamp rotating assy because the end cut was the wrong one. Cut it to fit in the assy. They welded the wrong end so that you hit the stop at the bottom of the main frame. If you want the bike to go lower into the base frame, you need to be at least 6'5' or even better. I don't think all of these went out that way. My rec was like that. It was easy to return and get my money back. I don't think the seller is to blame.

👤The bike is too heavy to hold without tipping. The main support shaft leans too far forward because the head was welded on at the incorrect angle. Cheap quality. You will be amazed at the quality difference between the Blue and real stand.

👤I need this to perform general maintenance on our bikes. We tool around the neighborhood in good weather. I have to replace my daughter's chain because I'm doing general cleaning. Without a stand, it would be doable. I thought it would be a good idea to invest in a stand since I had to replace her brake cable. I didn't have to use one hand to keep the bike stable when everything was at eye-level. You have to pay attention to assembly, but it was easy. If you put something on wrong, it's easy to fix it. You can tuck the stand into the corner of your garage by folding it up. If you want to reduce its storage footprint, you can take the rotating clamp off. The only thing that was frustrating was the handlebar stabilizer. It's difficult to get the rubber grippers locked into their holes. I'm sure that will get easier as I use it. Definitely not a dealbreaker. There is a The stand is very stable and folds up easily. For the home mechanic. I think it's worth $70.


What is the best product for bicycle work stands with high reviews?

Bicycle work stands with high reviews products from Klevsoure. In this article about bicycle work stands with high reviews you can see why people choose the product. Bike Hand and Brynnl are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle work stands with high reviews.

What are the best brands for bicycle work stands with high reviews?

Klevsoure, Bike Hand and Brynnl are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle work stands with high reviews. Find the detail in this article. Park Tool, Bv and Unisky are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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