Best Bicycle Women 26 Inch

Women 17 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Schwinn Timber Mountain 26 Inch Wheels

Schwinn Timber Mountain 26 Inch Wheels

The mountain bike is durable and can be used for neighborhood rides. The crank has less maintenance. Quick gear changes on the trail can be made with twist shifters and rear derailleurs. Light and durable alloy wheels add stability to all-terrain, knobby mountain tires. The seat post makes it easy to adjust the height.

Brand: Schwinn

👤The bycicle is easy to assemble, the breaks are nice, and the quality is good. I'm 5'3" and have a weight of around 153 lbs and an inseam of 30", this size is perfect for me. I had to go through a lot of comments to find out if this bike was the right height for me. I can lift it without much effort, even though it is heavier than I thought. I would like the seat to be more comfortable. I will be updating this review.

👤I had a bike shop make it for my 9 year old son. They commented on the poor parts. I thought a $200 bike was more than enough for my daughter's age. The bike shop can't get the derailleurs adjusted right because they don't shift properly and it's not safe for a kid's bike. The chain fell off the gear and onto the guard. The bike shop worked on it a second time after I test rode it. It was me on the bike that I went from pedaling normally with resistance to zero resistance on the pedals very abruptly which is a dangerous situation for a child. I regret buying this bike, I'm into it for almost $300, and I'll probably junk it and buy a better bike at a bike shop. I don't think it's right to sell it or leave it at the curb as some poor kid will eventually get it and potentially hurt themselves on it. There is a Oh yes. Schwinn offered to send parts which I could pay for to have a bike shop install. I'm done spending more money on this thing. The design of the bike is terrible, even if they get it set right, it won't last anyway, according to the guys at the bike shop. There is a If you want to spend more money on a bike, I would recommend you to go to a good shop. If you have to, buy a big one so they can keep it longer. This trash or anything like it should not be bought.

👤I have read many reviews about this bike. I bought it for my wife. It was easy to assemble. The handlebars are too low. The gears don't work. Good luck trying to get it to gear up or down if you are caught in mid-gear. I have never been so disappointed with a purchase. I will not buy a Schwinn again. I was going to get her a Trek and that is what I should have done. I hope the shop will give me a credit for only riding the bike once. The bike is not made to ride on the bike paths. The bike sucks, it's not rough terrain. I would be happy to get a refund.

2. Firmstrong Urban Cruiser Bicycle 26 Inch

Firmstrong Urban Cruiser Bicycle 26 Inch

Sized for women from 5 to 6 feet tall. The women's three-speed cruiser bike shifts quickly and easily. The beach cruiser has a steel frame and aluminum wheels. White-wall balloon tires are easy to use. Wide handlebars with rubber grips and a seat with dual springs for added comfort. It is for women from 5 to 6 feet tall. The maximum rider weight is 300 pounds.

Brand: Firmstrong

👤This is a good bike. It is possible that it will need adjustments. The most noticeable are wheel alignment and axil. I bought a male and female bike of the same brand, three speeds and 26 inches. The bikes front wheels were wobbly. Her bike had a spoke adjustment. My bike was not tight against the bearings with at least an inch of horizontal slop. I had to take the front wheels to a bike shop to have them adjusted. I'm happy with them now. I said that the bike was good, but buyer beware.

👤It is easy to assemble. You just need an Allen key set, crescent wrench, screwdriver, and a few minutes to assemble. The 3 gear model is smooth. It feels like a nice bike, but time will tell.

👤I was shopping for a bike. I kept coming back to this one. What a great purchase! I love the bike. All the other reviews were correct about the great customer service from this company. Customer service is unbelievable. People who are real write emails and get fast responses. The packaging was great. Not a single scratch or dent was a major complaint with other bikes. I was amazed at how quickly I received the bike. I received it on Saturday after ordering it on Wednesday. It is easy to assemble. I'm blonde. I love this bike. It is recommended all the way.

👤It was bought for my wife. She loves it. The fender package is here. It looks cool. Well packed.

👤There was an issue with one of the parts. They resolved the problem after contacting the seller. The bike was well packaged. It is easy to assemble a bike because it has minimal sections which need to be assembled. So far, the rides and works have worked well. The quality is good.

👤I bought this bike for my daughter for her 12th birthday. She was a very inexperienced bike rider before this bike, but after 30 minutes she was ready to ride her bike on her own. The bike was worth every penny.

👤I bought this bike for my wife's birthday. It was put together in 10 minutes. It looks beautiful and works as it should. A bike with good build quality. Look no further.

👤The bike is cute. It's super comfy. I'm happy with the purchase, but the seat slides a little.

👤The bike is great. It is easy to assemble. It was very nice to ride.

3. Firmstrong Cruiser Bicycle 26 Inch Purple

Firmstrong Cruiser Bicycle 26 Inch Purple

It is for women from 5 to 6 feet tall. The maximum rider weight is 300 pounds. The 3 speed women's cruiser bike is great for all types of riding. A beach cruiser with tires. The classic cruiser bicycle frame design. The internal 3 speed gear system and coaster brakes are from the same company. The cruiser riding position is upright.

Brand: Firmstrong

👤The bike was damaged when it arrived. The headset locknut and fork steer tube have been damaged. I believe the damage occurred before packing because there was no damage to the shipping box. I was unable to assemble the bike because of the damage. I called Firmstrong directly. They were easy to deal with, and I was told on the same day that replacement forks and a new lock nut would be shipped out. The parts were delivered yesterday. My daughter is very happy with her new bike. There is a The bike is very nice. Assembly is very easy. The bikes are easy to ride and feel solid. My daughter wanted a multi-speed, but I was a single-speed fan. The twist-shift grip works well. The gear transitions are correct. I would recommend it to others. Firmstrong was very pleasant to deal with.

👤I love the bike.

👤The beach cruiser arrives in a big box with a back wheel attached. Attach the front wheel, handle bars, peddles, etc. I decided to assemble the bike as best I could and then went to my local bike shop to get a tune up which was half the cost of having someone come to my home to do it. I wanted a bike so I could exercise. I swapped out the black handle bar grips and seat for white because they were too masculine for me.

👤Great bike. My adult daughter is a big girl. There is plenty of leg room on the bike. I was comfortable on it, at 5;3", with 3 speeds, and coaster brakes. Love the color as well. This will make it easier to get around town. The 3 speed internal gear system is great, no worries about chain slipping while shifting. The handle grips are nice. It was easy to partial assemble.

👤Getting a bicycle for your birthday in Southwest Florida is like getting a bicycle for Christmas in New England. It was exciting and disappointing at the same time. After assembling it in my living room, I was brave enough to try it out. I love it so far. Assembly was easy and gear-changing was smooth. I can't wait for an 80o day so I can check it out.

👤Delivery was on time and the assembly was easy. The initial ride was very good and the bike looks fantastic. The bike will get its high ratings if it holds up well.

4. Schwinn Cruiser Featuring Step Through Drivetrain

Schwinn Cruiser Featuring Step Through Drivetrain

The front and rear disc brakes are made of alloy. This bike is suitable for riders of 64 to 74 inches tall, depending on leg length and reach distance. The alloy linear pull brakes mean you can stop when you need to. The bike has a quilted seat and matching handlebars. A quilted seat with springs and trim, soft grips, upright riding position, and a convenient rear rack. The seat has some height adjustment and the dimensions are 65-inches long, 31 inches wide and 37 inches high.

Brand: Schwinn

👤It's absolutely beautiful. The seat is great. The old lady has a bike that is perfect for her age. That's the goal. I like it.

👤Yesterday, my husband put this bike together for me. It took him about four hours. He said there wasn't an instruction manual. There was an operational manual. I tried it out and thought it was great. Schwin bicycles were supposed to be top of the line. It is very cheap. The parts are very thin and fragile. The bike is not for tall people. If you are taller than 5'7 you should not ride this bike. It is difficult for taller people to ride the seat and handlebars. The bike is good for 8-14 year olds. My foot hit the tire when I turned around. It happened again when I was taking a sharp turn onto a sidewalk, so I will have to adjust the placement of my foot on the peddle. I guess you get what you pay for. The bike is not good in terms of quality or performance. Do not recommend.

👤It looks nice. If you don't know how to assemble a bike, prepare for at least an hour. It would be easy to explain directions. It can be a challenge to adjust the brakes in the back after sliding the front tire. It was done, and works well, but it isn't a process of ripping the bike out of the box, adjusting the seat, and riding off into the sunset. It is more like something is rubbing on her brakes. As she bounces off the curb of the driveway and then forgets she is a preschooler, her brakes are at her fingers. Good times. It is great once it is done. The color is vibrant but not very bright. The seat is comfortable. There were no dents or scratches. The bell or lock doesn't come with it. The back of her lock is close to 12 inches, so you could put a small square basket in it. You can find a lot of the baskets at Target.

👤I love this bike. I get praise everywhere I go. I'm glad I got this one because I was not very comfortable biking. The wide tires are stable so I don't have to worry about it. The multiple gears are a requirement for riding in CA, and have worked well. I don't ride a lot of bikes so this could just be normal, but I have noticed that the gears don't shift as smoothly as I would expect, and sometimes it takes a long time before it actually shifts. I had a problem with the chain popping off the gear while I was trying to shift, but it was easy to get back on and keep riding. The seat is very comfortable. There is a I feel like the bike cannot be tightened as securely as it should be. I took it to a bike shop to make it tighter, and it's fine for riding, I ride about 3 miles to school every day. The seat is always crooked when I get off via the step through. The seat is a quick release, so it's easy to jiggle it back and forth, but it has to be done frequently. I have had similar issues with the handlebars. It took a lot of careful adjusting, but I think it's finally tight. There is a piece in the middle of the bar that holds it in place, but since it is a round piece, there is a risk of the handlebars rotating downwards. If this happens, I would recommend riding with a compact bike tool kit in your bag, so you can fix it on the road. This may be an effect of most cruisers, or maybe because it costs less than some of the nicer ones. I feel the same about most of the adjustments on the bike. I am glad I started with the bike. Spending a lot of money on bikes is not worth it because most people never ride them. It's perfect for beach or easy rides. If I commute by bike, I might consider a different one in the future, but I'm happy with this purchase so far.

5. Mongoose Dolomite Featuring High Tensile Drivetrain

Mongoose Dolomite Featuring High Tensile Drivetrain

The handlebar has a slight-rise that allows upright riding to minimize back and shoulder strain, the 3-piece crank has responsive feel, Kraton grips are comfortable to the touch, and the kickstand is included. The steel-framed mountain bike with all-terrain knobby tires is a great way to conquer any off-road trail. The threadless headset has an adjustment for riders of different heights, and the strong, lightweight alloy rims keep the weight down. Ride with beach cruiser pedals and make sure you are safe. The hills are easier to climb with a rear derailleur with seven speeds. The bike is ready to be assembled. The size is for adult riders who are 5' 6 to 6' tall.

Brand: Mongoose

👤I was very excited to get this bike. I used to do this for Trek. It wasn't my first rodeo, and I took off down my street for the maiden voyage. Within 800 feet of my driveway, the cheap plastic chain guard, prowheel brand, shattered into six pieces, cut my legs, and I went end over end. The bike feels great, but it is made of plastic. Don't buy if you're warned. There was an update on 8-19-18. Amazon sent me the same bike and I got back my money. The front disc brake was crumple like paper as I applied light pressure to it, relying on the rear to slow down on a gentle curve. I went into some bushes. The front fork was twisted. I would show that as well. I stripped the bike and made it 888-282-0465. It's going back to Amazon. You should be ashamed of yourselves for selling cheap bikes under a once noble name, and for having no customer support. I have the ability to influence anyone for the rest of my life.

👤I'm trying to get healthy again and the idea of being locked away in the gym on stationary machines sounded very unattractive. The idea of an outdoor bike came to mind. I was very worried that I wouldn't find a bike that could hold the mount. I was afraid that I would look like a man on a bike. The Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike has made me less afraid. The fat tires bring some balance to my watermelon like shape while on it, as well as holding my robust body. I recommend this bike to anyone who wants to get healthy again.

👤I bought this bike a year ago and have been using it as a trail bike. This bike is a good candidate for the theory of gradually upgrading a bike for people who are curious about fat bikes. The bones of the frame, wheels, tubes, tires and seat have stood up to regular use on rocky trails and steep fire roads. I treated this bike to a brand new Kenda Juggernaut rear tire because I like it so much. I was happy to upgrade parts from my spare parts bin because most of the stock components were not my liking. Not everyone has one of these. I pulled some better gear from my spare parts bin because I wanted to use it for more than cruising on sand, and everything worked when I got it. When I bring my bike for a group ride, my regular mountain biking friends occasionally trade me for a portion of our ride and have been pleasantly surprised that the bike geometry is actually comfortable and the bike doesn't feel as slow as it looks. I configured mine to run a 26 tooth chain ring in the front and a 14-34T Freewheel in the back, which provided more reasonable gear for climbing. Hope this helps someone make a purchase.

👤I read reviews and researched on fat tire bikes before buying 2 of them for myself and my wife. Positive and negative reviews on Amazon were both accurate, I would say. My wife's bike arrived and was put together nicely, she went on the beach. My bike was not the only story. The box was falling apart and there was plastic on the bottom of it. I put it together. I am not using the front disc brake because it is broken. It's inconvenient that the chain slips off the back sprockets. I received a PDF with instructions on making adjustments, and was told if that didn't work I could return it to Amazon. Both are not good options. I don't know how to package it up and send it back. By looking at my wife's bike, it's possible that all goes well, because it's a nice bike at a nice price. Is my bike? I'm not sure what to do. I will have to try to fix it.

6. Firmstrong Urban Lady Single Speed

Firmstrong Urban Lady Single Speed

Strict quality control. The bike seats cover is thoroughly tested before it is sold. Please contact them if you have any questions. They will give you a solution. A bike seat cushion is intended to bring a different riding experience. The women's single-speed cruiser bike is easy to ride. The beach cruiser has a steel frame and aluminum wheels. White-wall balloon tires are easy to use. Wide handlebars with rubber grips and a seat with dual springs for added comfort. Women from 5 to 6 feet tall.

Brand: Firmstrong

👤Oh my gosh. I love it. As a woman who has not ridden a bike in almost 20 years, I can only say that this brings back all of the wonderful feelings of freedom, youth, fun, etc. I had to take it out for a short ride as soon as I had it assembled and adjusted, it only took about an hour and a half. I would have ridden forever if my legs started getting tired before I wanted to return. I suffer from neck and shoulder problems, and the handlebars are easy to mount and dismount. Thecoaster brakes are easy to use.

👤Great bike. It is easy to assemble. It was fun to ride. I haven't been on a bike in 35 years. I didn't realize how much I liked riding. The perfect bike is what you chose.

👤I am overweight and this bike was too tall for me. I read the reviews and another woman said it was perfect for her, but I was too tall. I was very happy. Will give to my granddaughter who is taller than me. It was also purple. The seat was comfortable.

👤This bike is wonderful. It's perfect. People stop me and ask about the bike. The ride is heavy duty and smooth. I have to get used to the brakes again.

👤My bike is purple and I love it! It was a nice ride. The seat post bolt broke when I adjusted the height of my seat. Firmstrong wanted me to take pictures. It would take several days to ship a replacement. Not what I wanted to hear. I went to Home Depot to find a replacement. The bike is metric.

👤It was easy to put together, but had to buy a new set. It was lost during the transit. Half of the hardware was required. Great bike.

7. Schwinn Regioneer Comfort 26 Inch 16 5 Inch

Schwinn Regioneer Comfort 26 Inch 16 5 Inch

A bike with a steel frame and suspension fork is perfect for neighborhood rides. effortless gear shifts are provided by the 7-speed Revo shifter. Linear pull brakes deliver stopping power. The lightweight nature of the alloy rims make them durable. The 2.125-inch comfort tires provide a smooth ride.

Brand: Schwinn

👤A good bike that is easy to ride. The chain comes off when it is shifted into 1st gear. If you remember not to put the bike in first gear, it will be a great ride. A good bike for a mechanic. The manual only tells you to take it to the dealer. I don't want this bike again. Schwinn is a good name.

👤It's hard to keep the bike in the right position, if I could do it myself I would be better off.

👤Schwinn has been a reliable brand. Over the years, I've owned a few. I got my wife a bike and she really likes it. The quality is good. I've never seen any problems with this bike.

👤When camping, a Christmas present for the misses.

👤Instructions are not specific to this model. The wheels don't move. Tools are not included. You can't fix the front fork because it's welded. The biggest waste of money I've ever seen.

👤I bought a bike for my wife. She said it is very comfortable and she loves it. It is easy to assemble. Great purchase!

👤It was difficult to assemble and break apart after 30 days. Don't buy.

8. Firmstrong Single Cruiser Bicycle 26 Inch

Firmstrong Single Cruiser Bicycle 26 Inch

The rear rack carries your belongings while keeping you clean and dry. The women's single-speed cruiser bike is easy to ride. The beach cruiser has a steel frame and aluminum wheels. White-wall balloon tires are good for a ride. Wide handlebars with foam grips and a seat with dual springs for added comfort. Sized for women from 5 to 6 feet tall.

Brand: Firmstrong

👤This bike is well worth the money light weight but strong built, wife absolutely loves it after having a Schwinn similar to it, the weight difference is night and day the comfort is no comparison, don't be fooled by the Schwinn name, this beach cruiser outshines it in every This beach cruiser is a great choice if you want a nice and comfortable bike.

👤The bike is not pink. The pink color of the car doesn't match the other accessories. So dissatisfied! The bike was easy to assemble. My daughter came out and said she thought my mom had a pink bike. You can tell the difference when I pull out the matching fender. This was supposed to be a surprise. I ordered a bike, koozie, and bell. The bike doesn't match anything.

👤The bike was easy to put together. I was very impressed with the company, they e-mailed me prior to shipping my bike, and gave me all the information I needed to contact them if I had any problems. A person was assigned to help with assembling my bike. There was no problem with assembly. Very easy. The company sent a follow-up e-mail to say they hoped I was enjoying my new ride. I enjoy every ride on my bike. This bike is very good. You will love it.

👤It is easy for a husband to put together.

👤The beach cruiser is beautiful. My 11 year old can carry it up to the 2nd floor apartment on her own. The bike is a perfect fit for her because she is 5'5" with long legs. It was easy to put together.

👤The bicycle is great. There was a small tear in the seat. I can't wait to go somewhere.

👤My daughter got the bike she wanted.

9. Dynacraft Slick Rock Trails Bike

Dynacraft Slick Rock Trails Bike

The included rear carrying rack is perfect for your work bag and the folding bike has full-wrap fenders to keep you clean and dry while riding. Full suspension mountain bike frame. The 21 speed index derailleur has grip shifters. Front and rear brakes. The seat post is quick.

Brand: Dynacraft

👤This was a Prime item and it took a week to get to me. I have been having an issue with Amazon not fulfilling 2 day shipping. There is a This was a gift for my girlfriend. Who is 5'4. There is a The bike was packaged well and came in a large box. The box was most likely blown into it by transit. A lot of the vital parts of the bike were unboxed. I will get to that in the review, but I didn't have any protection on them like bubble wrap, which caused an issue after I assembled the bike. There is a The bike was easy to assemble with some basic tools. After inflating the front and back tires and bolting them on the forks, I noticed the front and rear wheel had a slight link in them. It's not a huge deal but still noticeable. The V-breaks became an issue because the slight warp on the wheel would catch on the brake pad even with adjusting the position on the brakes. The biggest problem was the derailleurs. The rear derailleur was in line with the big hole in the box. I don't know what pierced the box, but it caused the rear derailleur to bend, which made the chain noise while pedaling. I had to bend the limiter back in place after I adjusted the H and L screws to fix it. The front and rear derailleurs were out of whack because of this. I had to adjust to that as well. On top of adjusting the cable tension. It took about 3 to 4 hours to adjust the chain path. There is a I had to remove the rear derailleur guard because I couldn't shift on to the first 3 gears. The opinion of the bike is mixed. It's a complete bike with a nice finish. The bike works despite the front shocks being cosmetic. Most of the mechanical parts will be upgraded in the near future. The derailleurs are garbage quality. Don't plan on taking this thing on any jumps or crazy trails until you replace some of the stuff on this bike. There is an update! As of July 15th, the rating was moved to 1 star. The bike went into a pile. After making a weird sound for two days, the freewheel hub seized up and the bike wouldn't shift gears or pedal correctly. It would take too long to get the parts to fix because of covid19 and Amazon's bad shipping times. The parts and specialty tool for fixing a bike would be about $50, which is almost half the price of the bike itself. I bought a quality bike from a company. I suggest that you save yourself the headaches.

👤I was not happy. The bike was destroyed before it was opened. The spokes of the front tire were shoved down through the forks and there were scratches on the frame. After reading through the directions and trying to put it together step by step, I realized that the front tire was bent and that it would rub the break pad. I tried adjusting the breaks, but it didn't help. It's going to be difficult to return it. I guess the only other option is to buy another rim. The next person buying this bike should have the same experience. It would be nice to actually ride your bikes.

10. Margaritaville First Beach Cruiser 26 Inch

Margaritaville First Beach Cruiser 26 Inch

There is plenty of grip on or off road with multi-use tires. The traditional coaster brake. The basket is sold separately.

Brand: Margaritaville

👤When I got the bike, I was very disappointed. This is a single speed cruiser and the ad shows the 7 speed version. I took it out a week later. I saw it in the garage but didn't notice it until my son put it together. I looked at the ad and it said it was a single speed, but the picture showed the 7 speed version. When ordering, be careful.

👤Time will tell if the product is a good one. One pedal took a lot of effort to put on, but that was the only hiccup. If you are involved in a type of activity, plan on 30 minutes assembly. The ride was comfortable. The product is great and it's at a good price.

👤My kids got a bike for me. It is a hoot. The cruiser is made of sturdy materials. There is a beer holder and a plastic parrot on the handlebars. A bike is perfect for a pub crawl. I also want one now.

👤The front rim was the biggest issue. They were out of tune. The front moved really bad. This was not checked before shipping or would have given more stars.

👤The bike was great, all the parts were there.

👤It's a cool bike and I get a lot of praise for it. It's a lot of fun to ride around and enjoy the trails.

👤Great bike! Light weight and good quality.

👤The bike shown is not the one you get. The picture shows that the bike has a twist grip gear system, which is misleading because the description says it has no gears. There is a The bicycle does not have the breaks shown in the picture, they are operated from the handlebars. You have the pedal backwards to break, it has no break pads. If I had known this, I wouldn't have bought the bike.

👤It's easy to assemble. The parrot broke. It doesn't move. I bought this bike because of it. I hope they send me a new one.

👤It was easy to assemble and arrived on time. Nothing more needs to be said.

11. Schwinn Sanctuary Retro Styled Step Through Drivetrain

Schwinn Sanctuary Retro Styled Step Through Drivetrain

The Schwinn Sanctuary 7 Comfort Cruiser Bicycle is a great bike to ride in town. The steel-framed cruiser bike has all the comfort you need. The wheels fit riders of 64 to 74 inches tall. The rear cargo rack holds everything you need to carry along for the journey, while the full fenders keep mud and dirt away from your clothing. The 7-speed twist shifter has all the performance you need. The padded cruiser saddle with springs leaves you in complete comfort, while the aluminum alloy rims are lightweight and strong. The Schwinn Sanctuary 7 is ready to be assembled with a limited lifetime warranty.

Brand: Schwinn

👤The bike was all that was advertised. I expected it to be a bit heavier, but it was. I was looking for a lighter bike at 81 years old. I am not saying that I can not ride it, just that I would prefer not to. There is a The bike is not the problem. I was attracted to it by its good looks. My neighbors are also taken in by them. There is a To be in my seventies again. I will enjoy shorter trips.

👤I trust my gut instinct and paid no attention to the low rated reviews on this bike. I had the bike assembly service from Amazon assemble it for me so I wouldn't have the same complaints as everyone else. The bike is beautiful, the tires are nice, the wheels are huge, and you don't feel any bumps when riding. The gears are smooth. The seat and handles are adjusted to the right height. I don't feel a strain on my back or knees, I sit up straight. The seat is big and comfortable. I just get one and have it professionally assembled. Her name is juicy apple and she drinks juju.

👤If you can't turn a wrench, take the bike to a bike shop. If you do it yourself, you will need a spoke wrench. There is a If you know what you're doing, this bike is easy to build. I've done a few. The box has 85% assembled in it. You'll need to install the seat, wheel and handle bars. There is a You will have to adjust the breaks and wheels to ride it. I learned how to drive by watching videos. I had to adjust the rear fender to keep it from rubbing the tires. She used her old seat and it was not her liking. It took about 1 1/2 hours to assemble. There is a It's a nice bike.

👤The rear wheel rubbed the brakes and was not sure how the box was damaged, I haven't been able to get in touch with Schwinn, I will keep trying. The rear wheel is warped and out of the box, how do I get it fixed? I still have no rear wheel replacement from schwinn because I didn't buy the bike directly from them, and I still can't ride it. I'm assuming Schwinn sent the wrong wheel. The wheel was sent to me in about 4 months.

👤I received it in 4 days, it was in stock and the shipping was fast. There is a The finish is beautiful. The seat is too firm for me. I'll probably buy a gel cover. Changing the gears is easy with a twist of the wrist, it engages to the point of making a refunding "clunk" when you're not up. It takes a bit of time to adjust the brakes. Just pour yourself a nice cup of tea, listen to some relaxing music, and watch some You Tube videos and you'll be fine. If you want to clean the front and back of the car, I would suggest you use a rag and rubbing alcohol on it to clean them. It is necessary to help eliminate brake squeaking. It's much easier to wipe the front brake pads while you're at it. If your fronts brakes still don't work, you'll have to toe the front pads in a bit. There is a Learn from my mistake. I put the box off the bike and started assembling it without even knowing they had turned the fork backwards to get it to fit in the box. It's not obvious enough for some of us, but the label is facing towards the rear of the bike. There is a I am confident that I will get many years of use out of the bike. I hope this helps someone. Cheers!


What is the best product for bicycle women 26 inch?

Bicycle women 26 inch products from Schwinn. In this article about bicycle women 26 inch you can see why people choose the product. Firmstrong and Mongoose are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle women 26 inch.

What are the best brands for bicycle women 26 inch?

Schwinn, Firmstrong and Mongoose are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle women 26 inch. Find the detail in this article.

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