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1. Lighting Wheelchair Unicycle Accessories Children

Lighting Wheelchair Unicycle Accessories Children

The package includes a 4mm wrench for length adjustment. Be cool! These bike wheel lights are the #1 selling bike wheel lights you have seen and love. Baskets with fun stuffers for all ages. Cool gifts for teens and adults. Your bike will turn heads. You can mix or match the colors in the box. Ready to ride in style? Be safe! You are vulnerable from the sides. Gain visibility from all directions. Your bike is guaranteed to stand up. Want to get even more attention? You can switch from constant on to flashing mode. Get yours now! Perfect gifts! Their bike lights come in a gift box with long- lasting batteries. Basket stuffers and Easter gifts are very popular. All year long, birthday presents for men, women, girls and boys of all ages. LIFETIME WARRANTY! Their waterproof, durable Activ lites will light up your bicycle spokes, rims and tires for years to come. You also get a free lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Accept no replacements. It is easy to install. They wanted to create a product with you in mind. Their free video will show you how to set up quickly. Every bike with a hub and spokes is awesome. Get your activities done today!

Brand: Activ Life

👤I feel it is important to leave the original review on here so that people know the quality of service they are getting with the product they order. I ordered one red and one blue for each of my boys. The boys were very excited when we turned them on. They were trying to thread them through the spokes on the wheels when they turned off. The wire on the other one that was attached to the battery box no longer works. The light wires were opened at Christmas. The seller contacted me after I left a review and expressed concern. He apologized, confirmed my shipping address, and sent me replacements that were more than made up for the defects. I now have four products from them and they all work great. Thank you for that!

👤I took a chance and it paid off. I wanted to make sure that other wheelchair users could see that it works for them as well. I made a video to show where I put it all. I was worried that my wheelchair might be damaged if I put it on the side of the car, but it was not a problem. The lights lasted all night. They are easy to install. The zip ties are not good. 3 of my twigs arrived broken, and most of the others snapped like twigs. I already had some. I was able to fix it. I am completely happy. If they have better zip ties, I would like to order more colors.

👤I've been meaning to write a review for a long time. There are two of these on my bike, one red in the back and one white in the front. I bought a couple of pairs for my boyfriend and a couple of coworkers. I bike to work in the winter since the weather here in the Bay Area is generally so mild. Riding at night is one of the risks I reexamine constantly as I get older. There is a These lights have made me want to ride at night, but I'll have fewer chances to show them off as the days get longer. I can see how much more visible I am with these lights. They are also super-hip, and other bicyclists, as well as pedestrians and even drivers stop to comment on them. Community-building is probably an obvious side benefit. They're difficult to steal since you have to wrap them around your spokes. It would be difficult to cut the zip ties because someone would have to sit there for two minutes or more to unwound the wire. Not worth the trouble or the risk of being caught. Shout out to the manufacturers. The rear light on the first pair was not working. I contacted the manufacturer and they gave me a code to use to get a 100% discount on a new one. No need to return it, no hassle, no charge. I had a new light in my hands within a couple of days. There is a Yes, a happy customer indeed. I think I'll buy more of these for friends and family because they're inexpensive.

2. LED Bike Spoke Lights Waterproof

LED Bike Spoke Lights Waterproof

100% money back guarantee, always offer the best service for their customer. Customers of their company can get a warranty of 18 months from the date of purchase. They will either make a refund or send a replacement. It's a great gift for night riding. Each bike spoke light is made of 14PCS RGB Leds and can be seen from both sides at night. The led bike wheel lights can flash 30 different patterns. Be safe! Be cool. Automatic lighting, with a switch, is energy saving and convenient. The Daiway A12 bike spoke lights are different from other bike wheel lights. After the bike spoke lights are on, long press the "on/off" button for a second. When the bike stops moving, the light glows for about 60 seconds. You can press the button for a second to turn off the bicycle spoke lights. It is easy to use. TheTERN EFFECT SHOWN DESIGN - controlled by riding speed, as picture shows, the faster you ride, the more complete and beautiful the patterns are! The patterns will become complete when riding speed reaches 18.6 mile/h. The bicycle wheel lights will show part of the pattern if the speed is below 18.6 mile/h. There are fun pattern effects. The bike wheel lights are easy to install and remove. The design of the Daway A12 bike tire light won't affect cycling speed or gravity force. Can be used in any weather condition, but don't soak the bicycle tire lights in water. It is not suitable for bicycles with wide spokes or sparse spokes. Birthday gifts for boys, girls, men, women, kids, everyone. Customer service is professional. If this bicycle spoke lights have any quality problems within 6 months, please contact them for after-sales service.

Brand: Daway

👤These are amazing. They are easy to install and look really slick. Only part of the wheel will look lit up if you're not going fast enough. It still looks cool. I took a video for people to see what it looks like at night when it slows down.

👤If you want an adult to ride fast around town and don't care if the pattern is visible, then great. If you want them for kids bikes for riding around a campground or neighborhood at normal speeds, then you should get lights that don't flash or change patterns. A solid light on the spoke would look cooler than the flashing. If the patterns were held on for more than a few seconds, you could see it as the kids rode, but they flash too quickly to really see any pattern at a normal kid speed. There is no way to change the speed of the flashing pattern so that the light stays on longer.

👤These are awesome. I'm a hit at night. People are yelling, "I love your wheels!" "I love your lights!" You have to travel very, very fast to make that happen, so do not expect these perfect designs to show up solidly like the pics. They take common batteries and work great. It's good that you can turn them off when you're not riding to save juice, because you'll rip through the batteries fast. I have to replace them about once a week.

👤These look like the photos. Each battery has an A battery. Once you know which way the screw has to go, it is easy to install. If you want to see the full pattern, you must be moving on your bike, otherwise it's less than the full circle pattern. My son was happy with the product. The mounting hardware is plastic.

👤These do not make any patterns. You have to be going 18 mph. Most people don't ride at that pace. As you ride, they do change. The tires aren't in sync. They were easy to install. When the description says they can last up to 12 hours, the batteries they come with might last for 3 hours. If you ride during the day when they aren't really visible, they will flash and waste your batteries, so be sure to turn them off when you get to your final nighttime destination. The motion detection part seems to work well. The batteries only use 1AAA in them and are easy to change. It was eye-catching.

👤With it being a brutal summer, I wanted to start my bike rides early so I could get inside before the heat really set in. There is a Heading out in the dark was what that meant. If they can't see you, that's not a big deal, since the area I ride in is generally respectful of cyclists. I have a typical rear taillight. It would be pitch black, so I wanted more. There is a These were found by an Amazon search. I have used them almost 10 times for close to 800 miles. They've worked well so far. They light up the wheels. They are bright enough to see me at night. They aren't bright enough and get washed out by the sun when I ride them. They don't provide any additional safety when the sun is up. That's okay as well. The batteries have lasted so far, and installation is easy. I'm very satisfied. It makes me feel more confident riding in the dark. I feel like a Christmas tree with these lights. If I get run over by a car, it won't be because I wasn't seen. Highly recommended.

3. Wireless Rechargeable Waterproof Headlights Taillights

Wireless Rechargeable Waterproof Headlights Taillights

It's ideal for outdoor activities. The light of your bicycle will give you a power supply. It is suitable for outdoor activities. The bicycle light supports the synchronized operation of the front light, tail light, horn and turn signal light through a wireless remote. The taillight and headlights support light detection functions. The sound and light warning can be synchronized so as to avoid accidents caused by the drive's unclear identification. The taillight can switch between normal and smart mode by pressing 3 times. The green and blue lights stay on for 3 seconds to enter normal and smart modes, respectively. The remote headlight switch can be used. The taillight can be switched on by a remote switch. You need to pair the remote before you use, first you need to press the headlights and taillight for 3 seconds, then you need to press the left and right turn buttons at the same time. They will turn on after five minutes in a static state. The bicycle light set made of premium material is waterproof and can be used in heavy rainy or snowy days. It can be used as an emergency flashlight. It can be charged by the internet. Excellent customer service is provided by them, they are guaranteed to be the high-quality material. If you have a question about your order, please contact them.

Brand: Promedix P

👤The front light only works when it's on. It keeps going on and on. The back lighting works well.

👤There are multiple features of the taillight and headlight.

👤My son has a mountain bike. The lights and horn can be programmed. The turning signals play a sound until you turn them off. There is no control over volume. There is a It's hot in Florida right now. We need the headlights and tail lights when we ride our bikes at night. These are easy to mount and come with extra paddings. These are a great safety kit for bikes.

4. Rubin Bicycle Changing Programmable Waterproof

Rubin Bicycle Changing Programmable Waterproof

When. The bike wheels have plastic clips that have a light click. The bundle consists of 2x 128 high visibility lights. Ready for the second wheel of your bike. When you ride in 15 km per hour, it can show full graphics. When you stop riding, it turns on the light and off the light. You don't need to worry about riding in the rain with waterproof design. You can download pictures from the internet and use the cable to make your pictures.

Brand: Rubin

👤The lights took a bit to figure out how to install them, because they didn't include the zip ties that were shown in the installation video. They did not include the wider zip ties. I had to give some of my own to have a more secure fit, but the larger ones are better. If you don't look for the small guide inside, it's hard to connect the wires. I had no luck with it and kept doing the same things. I couldn't work with the software because it had an error code of the "Comblg32.ocx" file. I can live with the designs that have been installed. I wish I could make my own.

👤Garbage. Wouldn't charge zip ties.

👤Great place to buy from, great store, great items, thanks Jim

👤I would like you to not spend your money on this item.

5. Ascher Rechargeable Headlight Resistant Included

Ascher Rechargeable Headlight Resistant Included

The bike rack adds extra space to your bike, used to fix bike lights, speedometers, gps devices, smart phone racks, etc. The bike light is built in a 650mAh battery. Four different lighting modes are available with the one-touch switch on the taillight. Fast flashing and slow flashing are included. Easy installation. The mount straps are designed with two openings that fit around many seat posts, handlebars, seat risers, backpacks, helmets and stretch to keep lights secure and firm. They can be loosened and fastened with no tools required. There is a function. The bike light set can be used as an emergency flashlight and can be used for any outdoor activity. It is great for cycling at night in places where visibility is not good. Start your next adventure with them. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. They are dedicated to making sure their customers are satisfied. They will solve the problem for you as soon as possible if you email them.

Brand: Ascher

👤These lights were wonderful. I talked my husband into getting them. We both have electric scooters and they were perfect for added safety. I have had mine since November 2016 and he bought it in March of last year, but both of us are having issues with the battery in the red tail light. The tail light dies within minutes after charging for 3-4 hours, even after I used the included cord. The person was very pleasant to deal with. Because the light is part of a set, they can't be replaced individually or the battery can't be replaced. They offered us a $7 refund for the tail light, which we accepted, but we would have preferred a light that worked. We bought the lights 4 months apart and have the same problem. I hope it is addressed because they are very good lights and I was very happy with them. In case of emergencies, I bought a set to keep in the car. I am not happy I have to look for something else. The white light on the head is working. After seeing the review, Ascher contacted me and offered to replace the set or give me a full refund. I thought both of them were very nice. I declined the set because my headlights are working well. I told them I would accept the money back. If I deleted my review, they would do so. That seems shady and not very honest to me. I read reviews to help me make decisions regarding products at Amazon. They asked me to remove my review because it said I liked the lights very much and was very happy with Customer Service. I told them I wouldn't be getting their refund, and that they should know that the tail light could die.

👤These little lights do what you want them to do. I read a lot of reviews about what they are and how to use them. The rubber bands are just rubber. Don't stretch them too hard or they will break. Attach the plastic lip on the clip to the light and wrap the bar around it. One of the plastic clips broke. Again, don't pull the clip too hard. You need to pull it out so that the rubber band can be put in. It's going to break if you pull too hard. The materials used are plastic and have lights inside. Chances are they are going to break if you drop or mishandle. I didn't expect high quality materials at this price. They work well. I set them to the slow blink mode because I think it creates the best visibility in traffic. They stand out if you are riding at dusk or in darkness. I have noticed that oncoming cars notice them and move over a little earlier. I charge once a week but can go longer. Since a bike is basically nothing but tubes, you can put them where you want. Very happy with the purchase.

6. Brightz WheelBrightz Bicycle Accessory 2 Pack

Brightz WheelBrightz Bicycle Accessory 2 Pack

You can rest in knowing that this product is of the highest quality. It is covered against loss, theft, and defects in workmanship for as long as you own the product. The bicycle wheel lights for front and rear wheels are made with a full 7-foot of weather-resistant tubing and 20 micro-LED lights that create a brilliant, colorful glow that lights up the night. It's perfect for all ages, each strand can fit bike wheels of 20 inches to 29 inches. You can cut Wheelbrightz to size or spiral it within the wheel to create a perfect fit. Wheelbrightz are weather resistant. The battery-powered bike wheel lights use 3 AA batteries to last for up to 48 hours of glow, which means you can enjoy ride after ride without worrying about battery life. Be alert. Their wheel lights make them a fun addition to bike parades, riding with friends or family, and peddling around music festivals. Every order includes 2 strands of lights for 2 bike wheels so you can make the world brighter. Have fun with the bike lights.

Brand: Brightz

👤I was a product reviewer and spent a lot of time researching bike lights. I am very happy with them. Installation can be difficult so I offer the following steps to save your sanity. Purchase a pack of zip ties. The box should be mounted on the inside of the spokes. Wrap your lights around the bottom of the spokes and secure them with a zip tie. Cut excess. The 2nd tire was easier than the first. It took 10 minutes. Hopefully, with these instructions, you can install both tires. Push the button inside the spoke to turn on the lights. Changing the batteries may be inconvenient, but at 40 hours of run time, you won't be doing that often. These lights are bright. I received a lot of positive comments after turning them in. People on scooters stop me and ask where I got these. I think I can be seen from two blocks away. The white lights look great on my bike. Do not hesitate to buy these lights.

👤I run this on a bike that I use for 10 miles. I have been using these for 2 weeks. I can vouch for it's water resistance. I had to bike 15 miles home yesterday through a storm that was so violent I could barely walk. My tires were submerged in the flooded sections of the path. The lights were on and on for a long time. They still worked, checking the next day to see if any water had seeped in. The materials are strong. The battery case is made of thick plastic and has a clear plastic tubing that protects it from debris. It looks sweet and attracts a lot of attention. I can say that a set of batteries can last at least that long because I only have them for a total of 10 hours. I was a little worried that the heavy battery pack would affect my wheel balance. I've taken my rig up to 37 MPH on straights without feeling any negative feedback, but I'm still hesitant about doing fast turns. There are pros and improvement suggestions. The battery is held shut by four screws, which makes it difficult to open it, especially when the pack is already secured on your wheel. It would be better if it used a tab/locking mechanism. The mounting mechanism seems to be designed for wheels with spokes that cross over. The spoke count on my wheels is lower. I had to use a bit of creativity to get the spokes on my wheel to fit the battery pack, and I had to use a piece of wood and a piece of paper to secure them. It would be nice to have an option to mount the battery pack on top of the wheel hub, closer to the center of gravity of the wheel. I'm liking my tron bike, and will hopefully update this review as I put it through more trials. As advertised, life is long. A. Some water might get stuck in the tubes after wading through deep water, but eventually trickles out. Two winters in Wisconsin. Still working and holding on. Cool bikes don't go slow, so you have to pedal harder.

7. Brightz CruzinBrightz Blinking Tri Colored Accessory

Brightz CruzinBrightz Blinking Tri Colored Accessory

Every order includes 1 strand of lights for 1 bike wheel so you can make the world brighter with any color combination you can dream up. The light is tri-colored. The bike light emits a full spectrum of bright red, blue, and green lights. Attachable to handlebars or frame, the quick-clam installation allows you to remove the light while leaving the clamp in place. Children and adults can use these bike lights for travel, as well as for Halloween and year-round fun. Their bright bike lights are powered by an AA battery and produce up to 20 hours of lighting, and can be turned on and off with a simple switch. Go beyond the bike ride and love colorful lights. These lights are great for parades, music festivals and raves, glow rides, burning man bike light, burners, birthday gifts, and Christmas presents.

Brand: Brightz

👤I bought two of these for use at Burning Man. There is a very clearly visible pattern on the ground after I popped the 3X AA batteries at home. It's a good thing. If someone wanted to use these as a 'headlight' for their bike, they would be barking up the wrong tree. The pattern changes several times a second and does not provide a nice spotlight for forward vision. I want the moving bike to be unmistakenly visible in the middle of the dark desert, so I put this on the front of the bike. The idea is not to be hit by other vehicles. I hope the light doesn't distract the rider. Ha. I don't think my actual headlights will change the pattern of the decorative lights as they are illuminating different areas. The basket on the front of the bike will have to be adjusted. There is a The rubber that the bike's mount on appears to be a nice textured rubber. If it slips, you can use plastic zip ties. There is a I like the fact that the lighting unit doesn't snap from the clamp to prevent theft, or that it just has fun with. There is a I didn't want to look at the light directly because it was bright. If it's off the bike, or on the ground, it's better to put it up toward the ceiling. There is a Very pleased with the purchase. I think bike riders can't do enough to be visible at night. If I'm out past dark, I would consider this on my bike. There is a I would keep an extra set of AA batteries around if I depended on this for visibility and not for fun. I don't know if the battery life is good.

👤I bought them for the man. One was dead on arrival. I got two more. They don't put out light like the picture shows. The pattern is less dense. The first night at burning man, these were only used. I saw a few others using these and they all seemed weak. None were seen by anyone by the end of the week. You should look for other options for lighting your bike. A kid's bike in the neighborhood might be okay.

👤I had to return it because it didn't work right out of the box. I didn't get to use it because it didn't work, I bought it for use at the fun bike ride. After installing new batteries, the light would go off for a short time. I tried different batteries and it did the same thing. The quality is cheap on these.

👤It makes a good projection.

👤Disco! The CruzinBrightz light is the of the show and there are additional spoke lights shown here. Working from home in Washington state makes for a long winter. I bought some illumination for my cruiser and mountain bike to deal with cabin fever. We needed something bright enough to make us visible in the dark from around a corner, something fun enough to motivate us to get out for a ride after dinner on a chilly evening, and something durable enough to not have this mama going full Karen if it broke within. The purchase of this product was a large factor in my winning the cool mom prize. We are visible from a mile down the road and look like the cool thing since dayglow speed skates. It was simple to install and we're still on the same batteries, but a fat frame bike like mine will limit where you can place this light bike. After this picture was taken, a second CruzinBrightz light was added.

8. JIANGLAI Bike Wheel Lights Waterproof

JIANGLAI Bike Wheel Lights Waterproof

You will receive 8 bicycle tire valve stem lights, each with 5 small lights, they are suitable for many types of bicycles, cars and motorcycles with American or British valves, and the number is sufficient. The multi-color wheel bicycle lights are bright and beautiful, suitable for teenagers, girls, boys, kids, and adults. BIKE TIRE LIGHTS Please don't use the bike lights for wide or sparse spokes. The led bike wheel lights are only suited for bicycles over 16 inches. The size is 4.33" x 2.76" x 0.59" and has a weight of only 1.16oz. The bike spoke lights are lightweight and easy to use, not causing on burden for children. You can tighten the knob on the spoke without using tools. Bicycle wheel lights made of double-side lamp beads can draw up 30 diverse patterns made by 8 different colors when riding. The illuminated bike spoke light can be used to warn you and your child when it's dark. It can make your kids stand out at night. The bike light is waterproof. The children can enjoy their cool riding night without worry about the damage to the internal parts caused by a little rain. Less trouble and more guarantee! The kids bike lights are not soaked. For power sparing design. You don't need to be afraid of a waste of battery's power when the spoke light turns off after the wheel stops.

Brand: Jianglai

9. MustWin Multicolor Waterproof Decoration Included

MustWin Multicolor Waterproof Decoration Included

The cute spokes decorations that stay put feature a tiny tab on the back that fits perfectly on your bicycle's spokes and ensures that the decorative elements stay securely in place. Unlike others, theirs also can be controlled by APP, which you can use to adjust the change speed, brightness, stroboscopic speed, different modes, etc. Multi color and music mode. You can decorate your bike wheel with 16 million colors after you install the APP on the battery case. The mic built into the spoke light can make it glow and dance to the music. When you are riding, listen to your favourite music. The bicycle lights are powered by 3 pack AA batteries, no riding speed requirement. The smart wheel lights will show a bright flash in the night, making you visible, visible and safer, as well as being better to ensure your safety on the road. Also, note: The 3* AA batteries are not included. The MustWin RGB bike wheel light has 20 super bright Led lights, which will give you great visibility. After you own it, you will be the focus of the darkness. It's easy to install, just wrap the light strip on the bike spoke and use the zip ties to fix the battery case and light strip. It is easy to install on kids bikes.

Brand: Mustwin

👤Not user friendly. Instructions to install the lights are not included in the package. They don't have clips to install the string of lights, it's just like Holiday lights on batteries. After figuring out how to install them, I started with the battery compartment because it was too big to fit between the wheel's hardware. I went to uninstall the lights and see if I could make them light up. I had to fix the app after I downloaded it. I was able to control the colors with the lights or the app after they turned on. The entire setup is not friendly. I can't use the lights on the wheels during the holidays. I will try again after my frustration is over, I am sure there is a way to make it all fit and work.

👤The lights were easy to install on my bike. The batteries last a long time and the lights are bright. The app on my phone that worked the lights as a remote was the only issue I had. I was told it was corrupt and I was unable to download it. It would be useful to have the app.

👤The cable the lights are on is hair thin and snaps very easily.

10. QANGEL Bicycle Waterproof Display Patterns

QANGEL Bicycle Waterproof Display Patterns

Installation and removal are easy. Bike spoke lights fit for most bicycles from toddler bikes to adult bikes with standard spokes, such as mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, triathlon Bikes, touring bicycles, etc. Light with 32 gorgeous and cool flower patterns change bright and shining by turns. Even when you are riding slowly, the Sensor Stabilized full wheel will show the clearest image in a speed of 15 km/h. Quality assurance is waterproof. Don't worry about suddenly encountered heavy rain, but please don't soak it in the water and don't get soaked in the rain for a long time. The guaranteed 12-month warranty is for quality problems under normal use and can be found from the date of purchase. Money back or a new bike tire light, whichever is more convenient for you. It is easy to install and fit above sizes of bike wheels which have spokes, such as ordinary bicycles, foldable bike, road bike, mountain bike, fixed gear bike and so on. The time is long. It can work about 25 hours continuously, if only work 1 hour each day, and it can work 35 days or so.

Brand: Qangel

👤I'm a grown man who used to bike competitively but now just does it for fun. I built my bike with a lot of expensive components, including a frame made of aluminum, Race Face bars, cranks and seat post, Chris King headset, and Sram 7.0 brakes. Tourists yell out "nice bike" when I'm on the mall at night.

👤The battery box cover has screws. Why would anyone want to take out 3 screws on a regular basis? They give you a spare set because you'll lose the first set. They give you a few small zip-ties to permanently secure the light to the interior wheel. It would be hard to remove screws and replace batteries after you've done that. If only work 1 hour each day, it can work 35 days. If this is true, I would need to think about it on a monthly basis. There is a You get a dull representation of the colors/patterns because the lights are pointing toward the tire rim. This thing has a lot of bad design baked into it.

👤I put these on and they look great. Time will tell how well they hold up. There is a You don't have to choose a pattern. The whole set is random. There is a The instructions don't explain how to use the lights. It's easy to figure it out. Since you zip-tie the light in place, tiny screws to open/close the battery case are bad. If you want to replace the batteries, you either have to cut and replace the zips, or you have to hold your screwdriver in the middle of the spokes. Bigger screws would be better. Better yet would be a battery pack that can be removed from the wheel, like a bike light. There is a If you're worried that the lights will be stolen, zip ties are not ideal. It's better to have something that can be easily taken off the bike.

👤I couldn't install the batteries because the slot is not straight. It takes 3 tiny screws to get into the battery area. nylon zip ties are sent to strap it to the spokes. Even if I did get it to work, it was still difficult. I got a set today and will return them tomorrow. Floop! It should be easy to get on and off.

👤I bought 2 of the lights because they were pink. I received three colors: blue, green and red. The colors are not depicted in the images. I would like them to be in pastels.

👤I was excited to get them. I ordered 2 after reading the reviews. I have an electric bike. The light won't fit on the rear of the car. I wanted to make sure that future customers will fit in. My bad...

👤I have been using this for over a year and it's still working great. I liked this light because it sits on the hub and not on the spokes, and you only attach it to the spoke for stability. People notice the change in pattern. You can see it even at slow speeds. I haven't needed to replace batteries after a year.

11. Dkiigame Bicycle Motorbicycle Yellow Colorful

Dkiigame Bicycle Motorbicycle Yellow Colorful

If you don't like your new bike wheel lights, you will receive a full refund without questions asked and hassle free. The light went out when the battery was placed in the holder. Then press the "on/off" button and the light will start. Light and motion sensors are more energy efficient. No switch, auto shining, waterproof, fits for Presta & Schrader valve. There is a piece of paper in the battery case that needs to be removed before use. When you remove the paper, you need to put them on the valve stem and they will light up. 3 x AG10 button batteries per light are required.

Brand: Bluesunshine

👤They don't work. At all! I have a bunch of plastic sticks. The product was bad. Don't waste your money like I did. Holy shit.

👤Many of them broke out of the bag. There is a They last a day or two.

👤Unfortunately, they are not made well. They don't work all of the time. We have two lights on each of our bikes, but one might not work all the time.

👤Some worked but didn't last long.

👤Several items were in pieces. There were no instructions with them. It's definitely not a product I would expect to see on Amazon.

👤They are still in the box, waiting for me to show them to the repairman. I don't know how to put the valve-caps on.

👤The price is great for all the pieces. The lights are nice. If you screw them in too much or put too much pressure on them, they will break. Great deal, other than that.


What is the best product for bicycle wheel lights led?

Bicycle wheel lights led products from Activ Life. In this article about bicycle wheel lights led you can see why people choose the product. Daway and Promedix P are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle wheel lights led.

What are the best brands for bicycle wheel lights led?

Activ Life, Daway and Promedix P are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle wheel lights led. Find the detail in this article. Rubin, Ascher and Brightz are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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