Best Bicycle Wheel Lights for Kids

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1. Balance Bicycle Accessories Birthday Holiday

Balance Bicycle Accessories Birthday Holiday

Their Led wheel light has 20 ultra-bright frame lights which will increase visibility from all directions, so you or your loved one are safer when cycling in low light conditions. Their bicycle lights will make your bike visible from all angles and the car drivers will be able to see you. The light is only compatible with the bike have wheel hub, and the hub diameter is less than 1.18inch. The best kids gift is a toy. It is the best gift for a teen boy and a teen girl from the same family. Riding at night is safe. The car driver can see the wheel light from far away, so kids are very safe at night. It is easy to see a child riding at dark night, so parents don't worry about them being out of sight. There are 12 colors and 37 modes. The touch button can be pressed to change mode. The touch button is waterproof and easy to use. The other hub light is mechanical and difficult to press by kids. When riding at night, it has an auto light up and turn off after 30 seconds.

Brand: Saaboon

👤My grandson tried harder to warm up to the new big kids bike with the help of the lights. He thinks they're cool. I'm happy to increase his visibility. The light is hard to miss. They come on when the bike is moving. You cannot charge them in place, so they hold a decent charge. If you have spokes, you'll hate installing and removing them. It's difficult to work a large hunk of plastic between narrow spoke gaps. It gets worse when you have to figure out how to open it with your fingers, because it's closed around the hub. It's worth it to make him happy, but it's hard to install.

👤The LEDs are bright. The assortment of colors makes a match for any kid. There are different modes of flashing a single color or rotating through all the colors. The foam pads can be used to clip onto wheel hubs and metal tubes. There are mounts on wheels. My son likes it under the seat. The friends will receive a prize so they are visible.

👤These are great. It's easy to use. It's easy to charge. It was bright and colorful. Would buy again.

👤Tanto trabajar para montarlas, pero una luz vino.

👤These are easy for kids to turn on and off. It was perfect!

👤One light would shut off after a minute.

👤It fit around his handle bars, but didn't fit around my sons tires. It's made for big bikes.

👤The back drum is bigger than the front drum, so it's not compatible on the back wheel.

2. Creatour Batteries Waterproof Accessories Multicolor

Creatour Batteries Waterproof Accessories Multicolor

These bike valve lights are easy to install and remove, and they can be turned off when not in use for energy saving. Bike accessories for kids. The high brightness-wheel lights of a bike with 20pcs super light led make your wheel visible and stand out from all angles for night riding, which make you be easily seen on the road. It increases your rate of second glance when riding and makes you be seen safely on roads. You are so attractive and bright that you will be noticed immediately. It is easy to make multi-shape with the help of the great do-it-yourself bike lights. No need to worry about riding on a rainy day, no need to worry about rain or shine, summer or winter, or any other weather condition, because high-quality copper wire can be bent and shaped easily. Don't soak it in water for a long time. There are three Flashing Modes. One button makes it easy to switch between modes. It's easy to choose the lighting mode. 3AAA High-capacity batteries provide enough brightness of bike wheel lamps for up to 48 hours. Installation and removal are easy. Bike spoke lights fit for most bicycles from toddler bikes to adult bikes with standard spokes, such as mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, triathlon Bikes, touring bicycles, etc.

Brand: Creatour

👤We bought these lights in blue. My daughter used to have no lights on her bike, she likes riding her bike to her friends houses in the dark, and it is often dark when she comes home. I wanted her to have bright bike lights to warn drivers. Most bike lights were either a single mounted handle bar light or individual snap on glow in the dark lights that were not very bright. I am very pleased with how bright they are and that they are multi functioning, and will flash or blink upon a press of a button. If you want to install them on both wheels, you will need to purchase two sets of one wheel. My daughter is going to install these on her wheel and then twist them around to make her wheel look like a star. I like that they are light. They are bright and will last a long time. We plan to purchase a few more sets in different colors to twist around her handle bars and bike frame after this purchase. I don't need to worry if drivers can't see her bike at night. Good packaging, fast shipping, and great seller communication!

👤It is simple to install and works well. My child loves it so much. You can either change the speeds or stay on. It's perfect to keep your kids safe riding their bikes at night.

👤The light set is awesome. Really bright! There is a I wanted my nephew to have some lights when he is out at night because we just bought a bike for him. There is a My brother said it was difficult to string the strings together but once they were done they were gone. It was very easy to hook it to the battery pack.

👤It took 15 minutes to install. I'm not happy with myself. My 5byearbold loves this at night.

👤I wrapped the pole around my trike. I tried for an hour to get them to work on my spokes.

👤It is shockproof and has a certain degree of waterproofness. The workmanship is good, the design is reasonable, the light source is stable, and the flickering movement is very dazzling, especially in the dark night.

👤These lights are bright. No way drivers won't see you!

👤The front ones only worked for a week after the wire broke.

👤The plstico is a video that has a subtitle that says "Se sencillo de la caja de bateras". Menos para adorno de la bicicleta, a las caras casi 300 MX. The color rosa qué ped, quieres tu bici, al menos sirven y llega el color. No te lo recomiendo, buscas es seguridad.

3. MustWin Multicolor Waterproof Decoration Included

MustWin Multicolor Waterproof Decoration Included

The cute spokes decorations that stay put feature a tiny tab on the back that fits perfectly on your bicycle's spokes and ensures that the decorative elements stay securely in place. Unlike others, theirs also can be controlled by APP, which you can use to adjust the change speed, brightness, stroboscopic speed, different modes, etc. Multi color and music mode. You can decorate your bike wheel with 16 million colors after you install the APP on the battery case. The mic built into the spoke light can make it glow and dance to the music. When you are riding, listen to your favourite music. The bicycle lights are powered by 3 pack AA batteries, no riding speed requirement. The smart wheel lights will show a bright flash in the night, making you visible, visible and safer, as well as being better to ensure your safety on the road. Also, note: The 3* AA batteries are not included. The MustWin RGB bike wheel light has 20 super bright Led lights, which will give you great visibility. After you own it, you will be the focus of the darkness. It's easy to install, just wrap the light strip on the bike spoke and use the zip ties to fix the battery case and light strip. It is easy to install on kids bikes.

Brand: Mustwin

👤Not user friendly. Instructions to install the lights are not included in the package. They don't have clips to install the string of lights, it's just like Holiday lights on batteries. After figuring out how to install them, I started with the battery compartment because it was too big to fit between the wheel's hardware. I went to uninstall the lights and see if I could make them light up. I had to fix the app after I downloaded it. I was able to control the colors with the lights or the app after they turned on. The entire setup is not friendly. I can't use the lights on the wheels during the holidays. I will try again after my frustration is over, I am sure there is a way to make it all fit and work.

👤The lights were easy to install on my bike. The batteries last a long time and the lights are bright. The app on my phone that worked the lights as a remote was the only issue I had. I was told it was corrupt and I was unable to download it. It would be useful to have the app.

👤The cable the lights are on is hair thin and snaps very easily.

4. YUERR Motorcycle Waterproof Reflector Accessories

YUERR Motorcycle Waterproof Reflector Accessories

The light will light up in the dark. Children love the lights that illuminate the world. You will see the joy on the children's faces. Led flash tire wheel valve cap light can increase nighttime and bad weather visibility in all directions to make you and your loved ones safer and bring more enjoyment to your drive. These pneumatic tire valves were made of premium plastic material and were waterproof and corrosive. There is no need to worry about cycling on rainy or snowy days. It is built to last so you can use it for a long time. Do not immerse the bicycle tire lights in the water. It's suitable for cars, motorcycles, electric cars, and bicycles. Not suitable for Presta valve. When your wheel starts to move, it creates a light field which makes your car look beautiful. It's easy to install, just a few seconds. The tire air stem valves are installed on cars, motorcycles, or bicycles. Before using the lamp, please remove the middle insulation sheet. If it still doesn't work, you need to put them on the valve stem and ride, it will emit a fascinating aura with the sound of the tires. The package includes 4 x Colorful Super Cool bright Led Bike Wheel Tire Valve Lights, with 10 Extra Batteries. It's the perfect gift for kids, children, boys, girls, teenagers, adults of all ages on birthday, Christmas, because of the compact size. It can be used in social rides, bike parades, and more. The package includes 4 x Colorful Super Cool bright Led Bike Wheel Tire Valve Lights, with 10 Extra Batteries. It's the perfect gift for kids, children, boys, girls, teenagers, adults of all ages on birthday, Christmas, because of the compact size. It can be used in social rides, bike parades, and more.

Brand: Yuerr

👤These are made from plastic. A strand of wire is soldered against the plastic of the battery body. It is difficult to maintain continuity if you tighten them too tight. They were unreliable when I used them on my motorcycle valve stems.

👤I was waiting for this review to arrive and I had to put it back together because they were all different and cheap, but please do not buy anything from the seller, they are real garbage.

👤They stopped working after one use. Don't waste money or time. There is a One of the four acts like a strobe light, while the other three change colors. I only need 2 for my bike. The third can be used as a spare. It was made in China.

👤Don't waste your money. I finally got them to work after fighting with them for hours. I am happy that I didn't pay more for them because they are very cheap and serve some purpose.

👤Only 3 work and three of them have a mind of their own. The lights come on when my bikes sit in my living room. No movement, nothing to turn on. I dumped them in the garbage.

👤I wouldn't spend my money on plastic for bikes.

👤I tried everything I could think of. They sent 10 batteries and it was pretty cool. The first two wouldn't work at all. So. I tried the other two and they looked really good. I put them on the wheels. They didn't come on. Very disappointing. I will look for something else. I apologize that my review was not positive. Stay safe Luis, thank you.

👤I bought this for my motorcycle and it fell apart. One didn't work at all and I was very disappointed.

5. PRUNUS Training Inch Training Duty Bicycle Suitable

PRUNUS Training Inch Training Duty Bicycle Suitable

Super cool bicycle lights fit more bikes than any other model from 12”toddler bikes all the way up to 29”adult bicycles. It's perfect for birthday presents and summer toys. Women and men love them. Crowd lovers that ride at night, take action now! Some bike training wheels can only fit one or two sizes of bikes, so it's not good. That is okay. The training wheels with brackets attached can be mounted on bicycles with different sizes. The round figure and lovely appearance match each other, bringing your kids a colorful childhood. It's not available for a variable-speed bicycle. The double high carbon steel bearing of their training wheel has been tested to be silent and smooth, with longer wheel life. The washer has been enlarged so that it can cover the whole bearing. Even after your child has ridden for a while, you don't have to worry about the sudden drop of the bearing, which may cause your child's sudden fall to ground. Enjoy the ride and grow up freely. Have you ever had a child fall badly from a training wheel because of a broken or damaged brackets? Don't worry. They designed a heavy duty training wheel that is 20% thicker than the regular one, which exerts a stronger support capacity. It is not easily broken. Your child will be safer with confidence when learning to ride a bike. The installation can be done easily with the help of 2 tools. The assistant is in charge of securing the brackets and bicycle. Couldn't be simpler! The training wheel should be about 5mm away from the ground when the bike is upright, which can benefit your child's sense of balance in riding. Please let them know if you have an issue. They will help you. The light will light up in the dark. Children love the lights that illuminate the world. You will see the joy on the children's faces.

Brand: Prunus

👤The training Wheels were what we needed. Training wheels of 20in were hard to find. The metal brackets are very strong. The lights work well. I would recommend this purchase.

👤These were put together with instructions and tools. Not the best tools. You can put them together and finish the install on the bike, but you will have to adjust to get them right. There is a Kids will destroy a tank if you give them time. There is a There is no way to change the batteries when they die. She's happy. Mom is happy.

👤They are nice, but not for beginners. If you tilt too much to one side, you can tip over and fall. My daughter no longer fits on her little trike, so we got her a bigger bike. If she goes too fast, she will fall off the training wheels. I will have to see if I can bend them out more.

👤My son was excited to get them. They were easy to install. The wheels light up, so we chose these over other ones. When only one wheel lit up, it was disappointing. He rode off when the wheels were assembled. How do you tell your kid to get off his bike when he has to send the wheels back? They don't know if they'll take them back now that he's on them.

👤Excellent training wheels. I received them missing one of the bolts to attach them. Imagine my beautiful 3 year old waiting for them to arrive and then sitting down with me to attach them so we can go to the park. I had to tell her we had to wait for the missing bolt. I reached out to the company by email a few times, but after a few misunderstandings they sent another set of hardware. I tried to get it at the hardware store, but it didn't work. They are a big upgrade for many of them.

👤One of the wheels fell off on the first set I ordered. The wheel was not spinning freely on its bearings. There was a lot of resistance. I ordered a new set and it is so far so good.

👤The wheels are easy to install. It seems like it's missing something. The wheel does not spin when the bolts and nuts are tightened. It got stuck on the rail. It seems like there should be another nut. The wheels light up. They don't. There are light bulbs, but they don't light up. I'm a little disappointed.

👤My son's 20 inch bike doesn't fit the stabilizing bracket because it doesn't go on diagonnaly and that would make the training wheels point behind the bike rather than the ground. The bike has multiple gears on the back tire and the gear shift is in the way so one side will not go on. If our bike were like the one in the video, these would work well.

6. Dorras LED Bike Wheel Lights

Dorras LED Bike Wheel Lights

The package includes 4 x Colorful Super Cool bright Led Bike Wheel Tire Valve Lights, with 10 Extra Batteries. It's the perfect gift for kids, children, boys, girls, teenagers, adults of all ages on birthday, Christmas, because of the compact size. It can be used in social rides, bike parades, and more. TheTERN EFFECT SHOWN DESIGN - controlled by riding speed, as picture shows, the faster you ride, the more complete and beautiful the patterns are! The patterns will become complete when riding speed reaches 18.6 mile/h. The bicycle wheel lights will show part of the pattern if the speed is below 18.6 mile/h. There are fun pattern effects. The waterproof design is easy to install. The bike wheel lights can be used in any weather condition, but don't soak the bike tire lights in water, because they can be damaged when riding in rainy days. The bike wheel lights are easy to install and can be installed safely. There are two operation modifications with a manual switch. The bike spoke lights are different from other bike wheel lights. After the bike spoke lights are installed, press the "on/off" button and the light will turn off after 30 seconds. The button can be used to turn on or off the bicycle spoke lights. It's a great gift for night riding. Each Dorras A12 led bike spoke light is made of 14PCS RGB Leds and can be seen from both sides, each led can flash 8 colors, high brightness, and ensure your bike is visible at night. The led bike wheel lights can flash 30 different patterns. Be safe! Be cool. If you don't like your new bike wheel lights, you will receive a full refund without questions asked and hassle free. The light went out when the battery was placed in the holder. Then press the "on/off" button and the light will start.

Brand: Dorras

👤I bought a set of two for each wheel. That was cool. I realized that more color would do more. I ordered to have three on each wheel. They are easy to install. They add to the fun and safety of the bike ride. It is easy to turn off when it is day. They only light up when they sense motion. Overall, a great purchase for the money.

👤It is easy to install. The device is strong and durable.

👤The lights work well if you plan on biking at over 13 mph, but not when we would use the lights. The patterns will not display as expected if casual riding is the case.

👤I feel more comfortable with the kids riding their bikes in the evening because it works great.

👤I changed the battery twice and one of the spoke lights stopped working. I'm stuck with one working spoke light because my return window has closed. This is common with this product. I am not happy.

👤These lights are very bright. In order to get the full circle effect shown, you have to be going really fast.

👤It was difficult to get in and out of the bike spokes, but it is worth it. I like the way this shows my tires. It was fun and well lite.

👤The recipient loves them.

7. Brightz GoBrightz Bicycle Accessory Morphing

Brightz GoBrightz Bicycle Accessory Morphing

The bicycle front light and tail light are easy to install and use. You can install and detach the lights in 1min, as they are lightweight and solid. The mount brackets are applicable to all bikes. The Bike Frame Light Bar is a high-intensity light that mounts to your bike frame, and it makes it easier for you to be seen while riding your bike at night in the city or park. The bright colorful bike frame lights produce a beautiful and bold light, but they also have a variety of modes to choose from, including constant, slow, medium, or fast flashing lights for safety and fun. Their bike lights make it easier for you to be seen at night by drivers and other cyclists. The bicycle light bar has a halo effect on the ground. The perfect gift is led bike frame light bars. GoBrightz are popular Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers for men, women, girls and boys of all ages. Their waterproof neon bright led bicycle lights are designed to attach to the front part of the frame and hold firm when you ride your favorite roads and trails. Installation instructions are included.

Brand: Brightz

👤These lights are marketed to a younger audience with the prospects of adding that early 2000's custom import scene underglow lighting to their bicycle, increasing their visibility, safety, and aesthetic appeal. If you're an adult cyclist, there's more than meets the eye and there may be something in it for you. There is a This is the perfect taillight if you have a cargo rack on your bike. It's long enough for multiple night rides and mounts easily and securely to the rear with two zip ties. If you need to swap out twoAAA's without tools, put them in a bag with a pannier bag, and enjoy the idea that you can do it without tools. Solid light and three flashing modes are available. In the dark, the LEDs shine bright, and in a horizontal position facing directly behind, is nearly impossible to miss. I've had a few of these lights since middle school, and the first few were exposed to the winter elements and eventually succumbed to decay. The two I have are young and still work well despite being exposed to the elements. The battery cover should be facing down so as to drain any water that enters. It's still very easy to replace batteries on the side of the road, even though it's a little more cumbersome, and the batteries last for only twoAAAs, so unless you do a lot of riding in dark/semi-dark conditions, you shouldn't have to I have the same batteries for a few months, and they still shine bright after some hours of night riding. There is a If I had to replace the whole unit every year, it would be worth the $12 for the utility, ease of installation and use, cheap price, reliability, battery life, and visibility. Brightz is making a mistake by not marketing their red bar light to commuters and bikepackers.

👤I bought one of these for my wheelchair and got a lot of attention. I turn it on when I'm at a theme park. It's easier to see where the boundaries of my chair's wheels are so people are less likely to step on me. I need another one to put on my racing wheelchair so I can have colors that match the costumes I wear. The product was easy to install and the batteries last a long time. I can't speak to the water resistance since it is under the seat of my wheelchair.

👤The cherry red color is nice. It is easy to install with simple instructions. I haven't ridden in the rain, so I can't speak on the water resistance. I only got one of the two in the box and it was worth the money. It adds a colorful touch to your bike riding clubs.

👤I decided to make myself more noticeable after a few close calls with cars. I used 3M tape to fix my head and tail light, and have not had a problem with it. I couldn't be happier with the combination of that with a standard sizeAAA battery, which is easier to find than a watch battery. There is no waterproof seal at the battery compartment, but it can be covered with electrical tape. They hold together and I beat the crap out of them.

8. Wheel Lights Accessories Bicycle Riding

Wheel Lights Accessories Bicycle Riding

The light is waterproof, but it can't be soaked in water. High quality and safety, the light string is not easy to break off and can be moderately bent. Colorful bike wheel tire lights are designed for safe riding. Visibility from all directions makes it possible to enjoy excellent night riding. The light is high. The Keyian bike wheel light has 20 best and super bright LEDs, which will make you always be the focus in the darkness. Steady and flash are the work modes. The power button can be pressed to change modes. The bicycle tire light is the most unique and cool. You should let others see how you are. Waterproof and resilience are two things. Working time can be up to 10 hours. The batteries are included so you are ready to ride. The waterproof design of the bike tire light makes it safe to ride in the rain. These bike tire lights should not be soaked in water. You got it! There were no tools needed. The bicycle rim lights are easy to install. It is suitable for wheels with 20 spokes and larger. The bike light is a great gift for birthdays and gift ideas for boys and girls. Men and women love them. You will get a lot of attention with these lights, because each box is for one wheel. It's a great gift for Burning Man, Christmas, Halloween, or Fairy lights. Enjoy the ride with your family.

Brand: Keyian

👤I am a Senior Citizen Veteran and the lights are bad.

👤My son got a multi and blue set for his bike. These are great. They are easy to install and bright for being small. Hopefully the batteries will last longer when we turn them off. My son likes the lights.

👤The lights are perfect for my daughter's bike. They look great. It's easy to install. You can buy 2 packages per bike. I bought a package thinking it was for both tires.

👤It was purchased for our kids' birthdays. It was surprisingly impressive. Our kids and adult neighbors love them. They have a bright strobe setting.

👤Kids bike lights are easy to damage.

9. Nite Ize Spokelit Visibility Choose Your Color

Nite Ize Spokelit Visibility Choose Your Color

There are a lot of asparagus to be eaten. The bright bike wheel light can be placed on any of the three-spoke cross pattern wheels. Attach and ride with confidence. It's easy to transfer the bike light onto the spokes of your bicycle wheel, and it stays securely in place. It works on almost all bikes, from kids to adults. The bicycle lights are built toSTAND THE ELEMENTS and are housed in a tough plastic case so they can handle whatever Mother Nature throws at them. The bright, attention-getting ring of light created by these LED spoke lights give you and your family members important side visibility while providing a fun pop of color on any ride. 2 2016 Li-ion batteries are included and will power your light for 25 hours. All Nite Ize products are backed by a Worry-Free Guarantee. Most 3 spoke cross pattern wheels are compatible with this.

Brand: Nite Ize

👤Nice light, but for 19.49? When I ordered it was a two pack, I swore.

👤People think the photo of one light means they will get two in an order, so they have a 5 star review to counteract that.

10. TUSIN Batteries Included Brighter Waterproof

TUSIN Batteries Included Brighter Waterproof

The wheel lights are made of 20 super brightLED lights with a length of 2m, which illuminate the surroundings when riding. The installation and operation of the bicycle wheel lights are very simple, and the weight of the bicycle wheel lights is very light. It's suitable for bicycles with wheel sizes from 12 to 29". Bike wheel light are fun and are loved by children. As a parent, this is the best gift to give to your children, as they grow up fast, you will not want to miss that happy hour with your children. Bike wheel light are bright and eye-catching at night, which can make drivers pay attention to your presence, so as to avoid traffic accidents and cause your life safety. They took into account the sudden heavy rain during the ride, and avoided the product from being unusable due to water, as the waterproof characteristic was an important goal at the beginning of the design of the bike wheel light. After continuous testing and improvement, they made the perfect product. They noticed that many consumers were concerned about the battery life of the product. They continued to improve the power consumption of the product in the laboratory. Their product has the longest battery life when using the 3*AAA battery. They will provide a full refund within 45 days and a 1-year quality assurance. If you have any questions, please tell them at the beginning so they can offer you professional services and solutions. Add your items to your cart.

Brand: Tusin

👤I bought this for my son to add some color to his bike.

👤They had a really cool night light effect on the kid's bike. When we are in the park at night, the children are excited about them. I did more tangles to get them all on.

👤My husband loved it! They are bright and green. It makes you feel safe when riding at night.

11. Lighting Wheelchair Unicycle Accessories Children

Lighting Wheelchair Unicycle Accessories Children

The package includes a 4mm wrench for length adjustment. Be cool! These bike wheel lights are the #1 selling bike wheel lights you have seen and love. Baskets with fun stuffers for all ages. Cool gifts for teens and adults. Your bike will turn heads. You can mix or match the colors in the box. Ready to ride in style? Be safe! You are vulnerable from the sides. Gain visibility from all directions. Your bike is guaranteed to stand up. Want to get even more attention? You can switch from constant on to flashing mode. Get yours now! Perfect gifts! Their bike lights come in a gift box with long- lasting batteries. Basket stuffers and Easter gifts are very popular. All year long, birthday presents for men, women, girls and boys of all ages. LIFETIME WARRANTY! Their waterproof, durable Activ lites will light up your bicycle spokes, rims and tires for years to come. You also get a free lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Accept no replacements. It is easy to install. They wanted to create a product with you in mind. Their free video will show you how to set up quickly. Every bike with a hub and spokes is awesome. Get your activities done today!

Brand: Activ Life

👤I feel it is important to leave the original review on here so that people know the quality of service they are getting with the product they order. I ordered one red and one blue for each of my boys. The boys were very excited when we turned them on. They were trying to thread them through the spokes on the wheels when they turned off. The wire on the other one that was attached to the battery box no longer works. The light wires were opened at Christmas. The seller contacted me after I left a review and expressed concern. He apologized, confirmed my shipping address, and sent me replacements that were more than made up for the defects. I now have four products from them and they all work great. Thank you for that!

👤I took a chance and it paid off. I wanted to make sure that other wheelchair users could see that it works for them as well. I made a video to show where I put it all. I was worried that my wheelchair might be damaged if I put it on the side of the car, but it was not a problem. The lights lasted all night. They are easy to install. The zip ties are not good. 3 of my twigs arrived broken, and most of the others snapped like twigs. I already had some. I was able to fix it. I am completely happy. If they have better zip ties, I would like to order more colors.

👤I've been meaning to write a review for a long time. There are two of these on my bike, one red in the back and one white in the front. I bought a couple of pairs for my boyfriend and a couple of coworkers. I bike to work in the winter since the weather here in the Bay Area is generally so mild. Riding at night is one of the risks I reexamine constantly as I get older. There is a These lights have made me want to ride at night, but I'll have fewer chances to show them off as the days get longer. I can see how much more visible I am with these lights. They are also super-hip, and other bicyclists, as well as pedestrians and even drivers stop to comment on them. Community-building is probably an obvious side benefit. They're difficult to steal since you have to wrap them around your spokes. It would be difficult to cut the zip ties because someone would have to sit there for two minutes or more to unwound the wire. Not worth the trouble or the risk of being caught. Shout out to the manufacturers. The rear light on the first pair was not working. I contacted the manufacturer and they gave me a code to use to get a 100% discount on a new one. No need to return it, no hassle, no charge. I had a new light in my hands within a couple of days. There is a Yes, a happy customer indeed. I think I'll buy more of these for friends and family because they're inexpensive.


What is the best product for bicycle wheel lights for kids?

Bicycle wheel lights for kids products from Saaboon. In this article about bicycle wheel lights for kids you can see why people choose the product. Creatour and Mustwin are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle wheel lights for kids.

What are the best brands for bicycle wheel lights for kids?

Saaboon, Creatour and Mustwin are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle wheel lights for kids. Find the detail in this article. Yuerr, Prunus and Dorras are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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