Best Bicycle Water Bottle Holder Bag

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1. Wisdompro Bicycle Adjustable Shoulder Attachment

Wisdompro Bicycle Adjustable Shoulder Attachment

The wheelchair cup holder is suitable for most baby strollers and can be installed on the round rods and flat rods. It is also suitable for people with disabilities. Keep your bottles stable while riding with the secure no screws fixed design. The hook and loop strap is designed to fit different bicycle handle bars. The shoulder strap can be fixed on the bicycle. The shoulder strap can be removed to meet the needs of different people. The two side mesh pocket is used to hold random things. The size is 3.1" x 4.9" and 2.56" x 4.9" The bottle is secured in place with the top draw string. It's also for bike, scooter, wheelchair, baby stroller, etc.

Brand: Wisdompro

👤The holders have been great to carry on the rides. We've used different sized water bottles. The mesh pockets on the sides are small and it is difficult to put my phone in with the water bottle.

👤I like the design of this bag for a bottle of water, or for a single use plastic bottle from the shops. The main section has padding to keep it cool and a good drawstring to keep the bottle in place even for a wide range of bottle sizes. The mesh on the sides of the bag is large enough for a smart phone to fit in. I put a small power bank in the other pocket because the mesh is so small. The bag comes with a shoukder strap that is terminated at each end and a clip that can be removed completely or wrapped up and put in a mesh pocket. The bag is secured to your bike with the help of three straps. After a muddy track ride, I found this easy to clean. Andrew is happy to recommend.

👤The WisdomPro water bottle holder is very nice. Although marketed as a bike cup/bottle holder, the shoulder strap it comes with means it is equally capable of being worn when out for a walk. It is capable of holding large water bottles, and it could also hold larger bottles. There is a The bottle can jump out of the bag if there is a pull cord around it. There are mesh side pockets for a few small essentials, such as a mobile phone. It comes with 3 straps that you can use to attach the bag to anything you want. There is a small hole in the base of the bag that will allow the rain to drain from it. It's a nifty bottle holder.

👤If you use a wheelchair, you'll know how hard it is to get a drinks holder. I thought I'd give it a try. It's perfect. There is a The fabrics and materials are of good quality. The stitching is good. There is a There is a strap on the shoulder. I can attach my drinks bottle to the arm of my wheelchair if I need to. There is a There's a cord at the top that will hold the bottle in. There is a My phone won't fit in the huawei P20, which is the only phone that can be carried. It's perfect for me because I didn't want it to carry my phone. I would buy it again. I think it's great value. I think it's worth 5 stars.

2. UPANBIKE Triangle Polyester Bicycle Included

UPANBIKE Triangle Polyester Bicycle Included

There are 2 packs of bicycle water bottle rack, 5 x allen head screws, 5 x washers, and 1x allen key for each bottle cage. The bike frame bag is made of strong polyester and has an easy and quick zip up. Easy to install and remove, the straps help to secure the bag in the bike frame. Water bottle is not included in the water bottle bag design, but it is very stable with a fixed band. The reflective strips ensure a safe ride at night. It closes with a small zip, you can carry small essentials, like a wallet, keys, and bike repair tools.

Brand: Upanbike

👤The main reason for buying this was the pouch. The bottle holder is not strong enough to hold a bottle during a ride. The issue was easily solved by purchasing a typical water bottle cage as my primary holder, and now I use the bottle pocket to store other items or a spare bottle on longer rides. If you cut the back of the velcro after fixing the bake frame, it won't hang out and you won't have to worry about it.

👤The bag fit my ph with little room to spare, which was ok. It was too large for our son's mountain bike frame. There is a We liked the design, but it didn't work for us, so we may look at it again.

👤The product was what I was expecting. The opening for the water bottle is hard to get into on my bike. Not for use while riding or taking the bottle out for a drink. You need to stop and use both hands to remove the bottle. It seems like a great value for the $10 price.

👤It was a useful bag at first. It did its job well, but not water resistant. You can't complain about the price. It did well until I hit some trails. It will be like wetseanding the frame when dirt gets under the straps. There is a My single track trails are falling apart.

👤The item performs as expected. It matches my bike.

👤It's a great product, but not for an average-sized water bottle. My child's small water bottle won't fit.

👤It's on my bike. Not really worth it.

👤It works perfectly with a 16oz water bottle. Nothing else bigger than that. It's a good size to hold my phone and wallet in.

👤I recommended this product to all of my friends because it was so good. 3 weeks into using it, I bike about 1-2 times a week. It began to tear off. Attempted to reach out to the manufacturer. Nobody is getting back to me. I was hoping I could get a replacement.

👤The UPANBIKE Bike Triangle Frame Bag is a great size for carrying a few necessities on a bike trip. The bag does not include a water bottle. It is easy to install for a variety of frame types.

👤I got my bags in the mail before I expected. I noticed that the black bag in the picture for the ad was not the same as the package I opened. It looks like a handy bag, but there is no place for the water bottle in the pictures, which is quite annoying. I attached them to my bike with 3 strong ties and hung them on it. I was disappointed that I didn't get what I paid for. I have to buy a bottle holder for my bike because a bag and bottle holder won't fit on my bike.

3. VLTAWA Bike Water Bottle Holder

VLTAWA Bike Water Bottle Holder

Drink Clean is 100%BPA Free and tastes your water and nothing else. It's dishwasher safe. If you have a product issue, they're happy to give you a Refunds or a Replacement. It's so useful. The bike water bottle holder can hold different sizes of containers. There is a perfect fit for your 8-32-ounce kids' bottles, soft drink, coffee cups, tumblers, and big sports bottles. The bike bottle holder is very well built. Adaptable water bottle holder. The installation of the bike cup holder is very simple. The holder can be easily fit to the shape of the bike because of the strips being removed. There is a video on the listing. The water holder is awesome. Excellent material and thermal insulation. The bottle holder for bike is designed to keep drinks cold in hot weather and warm in cold weather. It is made from premium 600 Denier Oxford cloth, 20CC PEVA and aluminum foil. It is lightweight and has good insulation features. The drink holder is well made. The carrIER is nice. The bike drink holder has different installation positions. You can always find a good place to firmly mount this product on a bicycle. The product does not budge if you install it properly with the attached tabs. The bike water bottle cages are very sturdy. TILE andFUNCTIONAL: The cup holder for bike can be used to hold a variety of small items. You can put a big phone in the pocket on the side. There are many loops and mounting positions that can be used to hang decorations. It has a shoulder loop that can be taken to trip. The bicycle cup holder isElaborate product. TILE andFUNCTIONAL: The cup holder for bike can be used to hold a variety of small items. You can put a big phone in the pocket on the side. There are many loops and mounting positions that can be used to hang decorations. It has a shoulder loop that can be taken to trip. The bicycle cup holder isElaborate product.

Brand: Vltawa

👤The product has enough straps to hold your bike in place. I bought it because I wanted to have a better access to the water bottle. It is very easy to grab a bottle, but it is hard to put it back in its pouch while riding. It folds. To fit the bottle back, you have to be careful. I ride at 15 mph so is not only hard, but it is dangerous if you are a leisure rider. I need to return it before I fall from the bike.

👤I had a hard time getting the water bottle out of the lower holder. I can grab and leave with this. My cold drinks keep ice when it's hot.

👤It's perfect for my bike. It's much better than a metal water bottle holder that is awkward between your legs. You don't have to look down at your toes while trying to reset your water bottle because you can keep looking ahead. It's easy to put my water bottle in the out. It is insulated and has a call that you can cinch up so it doesn't let cold air escape. In Texas, where the weather is hot, I have a convenient location on my handlebars, where I can change its position whenever I want, because of the Velcro. A metal water bottle holder is screwed in one spot. The typical position for a metal water bottle holder is eliminated by the big battery on my E bike. This is a great solution. I hope you liked my review.

👤I bought an e bike that has a battery that's more convenient than a bottle holder. I needed an alternative. I like the idea of the holder on my handle bar. Even if your bike doesn't have standard dimensions, this bottle holder gives you the flexibility of adding a bottle holder anywhere on your bike. There is a The included straps give you a lot of flexibility. The bottle holder is very stable. I use it to hold my bottles and bike tools. If you don't have a place for a bottle holder on your e bike, it's highly recommended.

👤I bought this to spray my bike with bear spray. I haven't ridden with it, but it seems very secure. I wanted to carry it on my bar that is 5 inches round. I was able to pull for emergencies because I was able to tighten the spray in the case. We will see!

👤The bottle holder is very good. The inside of the holder was lined with a thermal material. I didn't think this would happen for the low price we paid. The fact that the velkro strips are not permanent made me excited, as it made it easier to fit this holder to the shape of your bike. The side pocket is very soft and durable. Highly recommend!

👤Everything as advertised was well built. I attached some items to theloops, one on each side near the top. I use a hook to hang my keys from the other, and I have a device for things not to touch with bare hands. This product is good for my cups. When the knee cart is moving, it is great to keep my hands where they belong. Couldn't be happier, it was well made. This product is very good.

4. RAINDEE Scooter Wheelchair Bike Insulation Pockets

RAINDEE Scooter Wheelchair Bike Insulation Pockets

You can install the bike water bottle holder on either side of the bike. According to their guideline, it is easy to operate. The bicycle cup holder has a three-point design to ensure that the water bottle stays stable on the bike in rough terrain. The bike water bottle holder can be contracted to make sure drinks don't spill. The bike water bottle holder is made of tough cloth. It is lightweight. The inside of the film is made of aluminum and can resist tearing. A good thermostat effect can be maintained by making your mug in the winter. The cup holder bike can fit 12oz-32oz water cups. There is a mesh pocket on the side that you can use to carry small items. The universal bicycle cup holder is 3.3in wide and 6.5in high. The mounting position is very flexible because of the hook and loop straps. Not only for road bikes, mountain bikes, but also for electric scooter, electric bikes, folding bikes, children's bikes. The bicycle water bottle cage is very easy to install, it is mounted on the bike handlebars by straps. It is easy to handle without restrictions according to their guidelines. If you have any questions about their products, please contact them by email and they will be happy to help.

Brand: Raindee

👤Good luck if you put anything larger than a 12 ounce soda or water bottle on the attachment. A small drink cup from a gas station won't fit. I tried to down my icee because it wouldn't fit. It is now a cell phone holder.

👤I didn't have to take the case off because I was looking for something to put my phone in. I wish it could be used on the other side of the bar because it makes my brake wire bunch up.

👤The bottle holder is perfect for my neck. A water bottle is held. I really like this bottle holder.

👤My daughter was very happy and she loves the way it looks on her bike.

👤Due to its design, my bike does not have a place to attach a standard bottle cage. I thought I would try this because it came with a horrible clip. There is a It won't work on my bike because it's designed to hook around the handlebars and step. I was able to attach it to the handlebars and get it to work. It is not great, but it is the best I have found so far for my bike. It fits my water bottle well and seems to hold it in place. There is a The mesh pocket is not something I would trust my phone in, since it can bounce up if you don't have a case. My phone is too thick to fit in a rugged case. There is a If you can't use a normal bottle cage on your bike, this is still a great option.

👤I use this bottle holder on my scooter. The steering wheel of my scooter doesn't leave room for a drink holder. This one can be attached in many different ways. I feed it through the slots of my front basket using the top two straps. It works for my water bottles. Medium or smaller Frappucinos will be held. I would like it to hold larger bottles and cups. It's made to keep your drink nice and cold.

👤The battery is mounted on the step through bar, which means that the water bottle holders don't work with my type of e bike. The bottle holder is not in the way because it is firmly on the handlebars. It is easy to get the water bottle out and put it back, but the bottle is held well enough that it won't fall or pop out. This is what I needed to be hydrated while biking.

👤I was looking for a good solution for a drink holder for my e bike. This allows me to attach and work on my handle bars. I don't use the mesh pocket. It is nice to have. It doesn't fit my larger water bottle. I would like it to have a strap around it to support larger drinks.

5. VENFOREST Handlebar Lightweight Waterproof Large Capacity

VENFOREST Handlebar Lightweight Waterproof Large Capacity

It is well designed to hold items such as a cell phone, multi-tool kit, keys, snacks, mini bike pump, and other items. It is perfect for mountain bike and road bike. The Bike Handlebar Bag is made of 900D Oxford fabric, non-woven fabric and aluminum foil with liner to keep the water bottle warm and protect your water bottle from dents and scratches caused by slight collision. The bike bag can hold up to 32 ounces of bottles. The two front pockets can hold up to 7 inches of phone. Credit cards, ID cards, money, keys and water bottles can be stored in the pocket with a pull beam. The Applicable Place is the water bottle bag that you can put important items in when you are hiking, camping, trekking, in the gym or sports. Use a fabric that is easy to clean. The handlebar kettle bag is very suitable for outdoor riding and is more durable than other fabrics. The 4-point accessories are more stable, with 4 velcros attached to the bag, and the strap can be adjusted to fit your bicycle handlebars. There is a drain hole at the bottom of the bag to keep your bag dry in rainy days, and you can choose to fix the handlebar at four points on the left or right. If you have a problem with the products you received, please contact them. The after-sales team will be able to help you with your problems. If you have a problem with the products you received, please contact them. The after-sales team will be able to help you with your problems.

Brand: Venforest

👤The holder is in the bag with multiple straps so you can easily place it on your bike. I like the pocket on the pouch because it's big enough to hold my phone, but my main use is for my phone. It zips shut, which is a bonus for me. The drink holder works well for a 24 ounce bottle, but is on the narrow side. A wide bottom wouldn't work. I haven't ridden in the rain or tested the water resistant part, so I can't say much about it. The bag seems to have some sort of insulated lining, which my boyfriend used to pack ice and keep his diabetes cool, so it does insulate slightly. There is a We are satisfied with the purchase, it was under $13. Each of us received one. We've seen people with two per bike, but that's a personal preference as to how much stuff you want to pack on your bike. There is a It's a good size for our bikes. Our stuff is easy to access because we do a lot of day trips. There is a We left them on the bikes on the rear car carrier and they didn't come loose at all. It seems like that says a lot about the strength of the straps. There is a A good purchase for us. I would recommend.

👤I was very excited to receive this product. It fits perfectly on my bike. It is snug against the side of the monitor. I received a crumpled up bag with no tags and one of the longer straps missing. Someone tried it on their bike and then returned it, keeping a strap, which was one of the reasons the remaining straps were in random places. It is perfect for my needs. The water cage and pannier bags are in the back rack. I needed something to keep my phone, bike keys, chapstick, sunglasses, and any other quick access things. I paid for a new product with 4 straps, but I didn't get what I paid for. It would be nice to have the 4th strap. Will probably return, buy again and pray for a better outcome. The bag would get 5 stars for the design and many attachment points sewn to it. There are lots of options and perfect size.

👤I finally found a cell phone pocket that fits my phone with a case. Many will not be large enough for the phone alone. This is the carrier for the biggest phone you have. One of the biggest factors for me is holding my phone, if it keeps my drink cold, I haven't tested it for durability yet.

6. Kei Waterproof Cycling Reflective Mountain

Kei Waterproof Cycling Reflective Mountain

The water bottle holder is suitable for bottles with a diameter of less than 7.5 cm. Put the water bottle in the bag and adjust the elastic band to fix it. Fashion design. The bicycle saddle bag is made of waterproof PU and Ployester Fiber and is in good shape. It has a dual waterproof zip for easy opening. Extra water bottle holder and reflective strips make for great storage. You can keep a long rider even if it is raining. It's easy to switch on and remove. The bike bags under the seat are fixed on the seat bar. The seat post has Magic straps attached to it. There are no issues with your legs hitting the saddle bag bicycle. LARGE CAPACITY: The small bike storage bag has a main pocket and three auxiliary mesh pockets that provide plenty of storage space. You can store cards, watches, keys, phones, small bicycle pump, cable lock, repair bike accessories separately and get them easily. EXTRA FEATURES: There is an extra water bottle pouch in the bicycle seat bags. With waterproof materials and caulking treated waterproof zippers. There are reflective strips on the back of the bike. It's the same for most bikes. The wedge pack can be used for most bicycles, such as road bikes, mountain bikes and folding bicycles. The rear opening is easy to open. It's easy to store the basics with double zippers. Seat tube length should be over 20 cm. It's the same for most bikes. The wedge pack can be used for most bicycles, such as road bikes, mountain bikes and folding bicycles. The rear opening is easy to open. It's easy to store the basics with double zippers. Seat tube length should be over 20 cm.

Brand: Kei

👤It is really impressive for the price. It has a lot of room for a lot of things. The mesh holding the water bottle may eventually rip, but the more expensive bags have the same material. There is an update. The stitching on the straps has fallen apart and is no longer secure on the seat post, so I have lowered it to 3 stars. The bag was nice, so it is too bad.

👤I need a place to keep a cable lock on my bike. It has tools, tube, and phone. Not planning on using the bottle section but will check if a jacket will fit.

👤I like the look of the bag. It was well constructed. The attachment straps became unstitched and unusable in a few months.

7. CyclingDeal Bicycle Stainless Insulated Leakproof

CyclingDeal Bicycle Stainless Insulated Leakproof

Each bottle has a straw lid and a chug lid. The straw lid helps the cyclist get water out of the bottle without having to tilt it upwards or backwards. The bottle body is designed to fit a variety of bicycle bottle cages. The chug lid is made for quick hydration and can be found from the gym to the soccer pitch. When you need fluids most, the wide spout lets you take in fluids fast. Double wall insulation and 18/8 STAINLESS STEEL. The bottle keeps beverages cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours with double-wall insulation. The water bottle has the highest grade of 18/8stainless steel available which is fully resistant to oxidation and corrosion. There is a leak and a BPA free. The water bottle is leakproof. Both straws and lids are free of the harmful substance, BPA. An extra straw is provided for easy change. POWDER COATING, DISHWASHER SAFE, and SLIP-FREE: The powder-coated surface is very resistant to scratches, chipping, and other effects of normal wear and tear. The material is dishwasher safe and easy to wash. ORDER NOW, WORRY-FREE! They can provide a lifetime warranty because they're so confident in their product quality. Each package has one bottle with two lids and an extra straw.

Brand: Cyclingdeal

8. MARQUE Classic Water Bottle Holder

MARQUE Classic Water Bottle Holder

The bike bottle cage is easy to install and comes with 2 screws per bottle cage that will give it a firm hold against the threaded holes on your bike. Access your bike water bottles when you need them the most. Each pack comes with 2 bottle cages and 4 industrial grade steel bolts to keep hydrated. Works on road, mountain, hybrid and e bikes. The cages are lightweight and durable, made with aluminum that gives them extra strength. You will not notice it. There! Universal fit for standard size water bottles. A flexible shape that can hold slightly smaller bottles. The cages can be installed in less than 60 seconds. Attach the bolt onto the bike frame with a 4mm allen key. There is an important note. threaded holes are required for bottle cage installation. The bike frame has a down tube and seat post tube. They stand behind the quality of their products and if you have a problem with them, they are happy to replace orRefund your item. They stand behind the quality of their products and if you have a problem with them, they are happy to replace orRefund your item.

Brand: Marque

👤It seems like quality is okay. I would expect a bottle holder. It's not cheap and feels like metal. It's nice that it comes with fresh mounting screws, but I wish they were a bit longer as I found that one of my bikes has a pump accessory mounted with the water bottle holder and it proved the included screws. The metal holders allow you to suite the type of bottle you are using.

👤I installed these on my bike. They kept my water bottles secured for a long ride and I had no issues installing them. Quality product and quick delivery. It's a good recommendation!

👤The bottle cage is strong. If you need two bottle cages, this is a good value. They have an odd screw head, but there were no tools or instructions. They are not the standard screws that come with other cages. I used the old bottle cage's head screws.

👤I use these on my off road bike. Plastic cages have failed me on my journeyman. The cages are a bit heavier but you're not looking to save a lot of money. When bouncing over roots for a couple hours, these hold my bottles and my repair kit in a byasi bottle firmly secured. Since I have so many bottle bosses on my bike, I'm getting more.

👤There are basic aluminum bottle cages. In my photo you can see that arch is not the right contor. Quality metal can't be bend easily because of bad quality control. Hit or miss, I had Amazon try again.

👤It seems as advertised. It was installed directly on my Cannondale factory mounting holes. What not to like?

👤A nice touch to your bike is a light weight water bottle cages.

👤I ordered 2. Bolted on to my trek. The bottle is held securely. It was thought to be quality parts. The tension is still the same after a couple hundred bottles are pulled.

9. SKS Germany 11231 Anywhere Bicycle Attachment

SKS Germany 11231 Anywhere Bicycle Attachment

Their bike cup holders are complete with a limited lifetime warranty, and are in a league of their own. Simply reach out with any questions, as they offer US-based customer support. You can easily mount it where you need it. Any size frame up to 250mm in circumference can be fit with the straps. It was designed to fit almost any common water bottles used in the bicycle industry. The package weight is 0.2 pounds.

Brand: Sks-germany

👤This is the first review in June. My wife wanted the holder to be in the location you see in the photos. The tube is very thick and your standard style wouldn't work. I went with this one. There is a rubber gasket on the inside of the strap. I cleaned the bike to get the best grip. It can cause the rubber to slip if you install it on a dirty bike. I put it on and let it sit for two hours to allow the material to stretch a bit. I re-ightened it. She was able to remove and re-insert it after she used it with a full bottle. I tried to re-tightened it for a third time but I couldn't see any slack being removed. When the time comes, I will do a one-year follow-up. She is completely happy with the product.

👤I think it's as good as it's going to get. If you don't want to drill holes in your frame, your options are limited. There is a built in grip on the opposite side of the Velcro. It's strong enough to allow you to tighten it down. Any damage to your frame is mitigated by the contact points. I haven't had any issues with it.

👤I don't have bosses on my front suspension forks, so I was looking for an alternative to the Salsa Anything Cages. It worked great when I came across it. I used one on each fork for roughly 300 miles of the Arizona Trail and they fit my water bottles just fine. Adding two strips of electrical tape to the forks can easily fix the tendency to slip and turn inwards.

👤I have been riding a road bike in Seattle for thirty years. Life is great again after I got an ebike. There is no place for a water bottle as you do pedal. I leave the motor on for the first 30 miles. This works well. The top tube is flat on top. There is a non slip material that holds the supports in place.

👤The metal water bottle behind my seat was not accessible by this Topcage. When I read the positive reviews for this product, I was encouraged because my trike has limited options for mounting accessories. I didn't want to drill holes in my frame, so easy installation was what I wanted. I was not disappointed. I tried to mount the cage on my trike. Installation and removal were easy. The long straps made it easy to mount on different tube sizes. The Velcro holds up well. The cage has not moved since I installed it. I decided that the Topcage was on the trike post near the pedals. I can return the bottle securely to the Topcage without a problem. I like the cage design. It secures the bottle very well, compared to my original cage, which the bottle constantly wiggled loose regardless of adjustments. The bottle is secured by this SKS Topcage. I use a bottle. The plastic seems strong and I liked the 5-year warranty. I highly recommend the SKS Topcage. There was no discount, promotion or free merchandise offered for my review.

10. Epessa Bicycle Storage Cycling Repair

Epessa Bicycle Storage Cycling Repair

Includes a bag. Matching your bike will be done with a cold-pressed hard shell process. The material is light and resistant to falling. Even if your bike wobbles, you won't have to worry about it rubbing your legs. The waterproof fabric has a better waterproof effect. Try to avoid heavy rain by using the zip up. To clean a stain, use a damp rag. Internal mesh pockets will prevent items from moving around to protect your valuables like keys, wallet, phone, cash and gloves. CO2 inflator, spare intertube, tire levers, and other necessary tools will be stored for long rides. The portable tool bag is lightweight and portable. It will make your cycling experience more convenient. Take your stuff with you. The product size is 190 X 85 X 80 and the weight is 125 g. There is a worry-free customer service. If you have any questions about the product, please contact their customer service immediately.

Brand: Epessa

👤The water bottle cage on your mountain bike will not fit a water bottle in this case. You can see pics for size. There are two nets on each side of the inside. There is a good amount of space for a bike tool and tire repair kit. It has a nice snug fit in the cage and a nice shape on the back that makes it easy tolatch into place. It takes a little effort to get it in and out, which isn't a problem, hopefully you won't need it that much on a ride. This is a well thought out little product that looks good and has high function.

👤There is a change to 5 star. I have been using this for a while. There is a The integrity of the zipper has not changed. There is a Even when the bike has been dropped or crashed, the thing has never fallen out. There is a One bike has an old metal water bottle holder while my other bike has a plastic open side bottle holder. There is a Even though the plastic holder made me think it wouldn't stay in place, there were no problems with either. Thoroughly pleased. I used an old water bottle to hold tools. The thin neck of most water bottles makes it hard to fit tools in them. The bag held everything the bottle did. There is a The kit was in place during some rough riding. The zip-tie might be able to hold the kit in place. There is a CON: The only reason that it was marked four stars was because it didn't fit in the water bottle holder. If you turn the kit upside-down, it will work better. There is a I am not sure if the zipper will work. There is a This thing is not water proof. You will need to dry the kit if you ride through a creek.

👤I can fit my phone in the case and still have room to work with, as it is capacious. The shell is made of a foam that is not waterproof and is water resistant. I had to slip an old inner tube underneath it to prevent it from sliding on my tube because the straps were not strong enough, and it was not easy to pull tightly enough. There is a There is a small string of fine text on the side of the bag that says, "A refreshing experience for your bicycle ridding." Yes.

👤A ride is about 10,000 a year. I have a lot of bikes that I use for rides. It is easy to transfer from bike to bike with this hard case, it is snug and easy to open. I have a bag on my bike, but I have a radar on my bike. One large water bottle is fine for 40 miles on most of my rides. I don't miss the extra bottle cage. I need to hydration before a ride. Everything I need is in the case. I usually put a tube under the seat or in my pocket. The case is made from a vacuum formed shell and has a decent zip. With a flat, you just lay the case on the ground and have all your tools in easy reach. Highly recommended.

11. BOBILIFE Bike Triangle Frame Bag

BOBILIFE Bike Triangle Frame Bag

The reflective logo on the side of the bag makes it safe to ride at night. Two round pads at the bottom are used to protect the panniers. The rubber and nylon carrying handle on the bicycle panniers is comfortable. This bike bag is large enough to hold all of your tools and small enough to fit under the frame of your bike. There is a big mesh pocket that fits your keys, nutrition, and more, while a smaller mesh pocket holds your phone, earphones, and money clip. This bike pouch with slim body design, the install position of under bike top tube effectively help to minimize the wind resistance, and prevent legs hitting during riding. The bag's weight is less than 2oz, which is ideal for long cycling trips. It won't interfere with your water bottle on your bicycle frame, it's easy to install, it has a big opening mouth for easy access, and it has a universal angle to fit most bikes' triangle frames. The bike triangle frame bag is made of upgraded polyester fabric, it is water resistant and easy to clean. The bicycle triangle frame bag with a water bottle holder is an upgrade. They can put other things inside this holder. The bike bag can be used as a mini handbag, a shoulder bag or waist bag.

Brand: Bobilife

👤This bag is lightweight and good for your bike. Design quality sucks due to one overlooked issue. It's really disappointing that there isn't a fastening next to the end of the bike mount. It is impossible to use the bag while riding the bike because you cannot close it without using two hands. It was my intended purpose. Fix the design flaw and I would give it a 5 star rating. I will go to a craft store to get some velcro to fix the issue but I hope you will add the extra strap as I would definitely order again if this was resolved. Thank you for the great product.

👤It's perfect and I love it. I don't think the colors are as dull as a cheap material. It holds my wallet, keys, and my phone. I use it and like it.

👤I always carry my phone and wallet in my cycling jersey pockets, but I wanted a better way to have it close at hand. I found this bag on line and decided to try it. There is a The bag is easy to install and has easy storage for phone, wallet and energy bars. It's not a good idea to have multiple water bottle cages on the bike because you have to remove the seat tube to fit them.

👤It is a budget bag. There is a need for another fastening on the seat tube side. The wind makes the pull annoying as it hits my leg. It would be convenient to have an outer pocket.

👤I made a battery holder and switch for my lights on my bike, it fit my needs. I thought it would be bigger, but the pick actually showed a mesh water bottle holder. The one I got did not have that. I think I got a good deal buying it used like new. If you double check your order, you might find a few models on one page.

👤I like the fit on my bike. I carry two phones because of my work and oncall status and it fits both of them nicely, with the thin case of the phone and the thicker case of the other. Also holds my truck keys. Not much room for tools. I ride close to where I park.

👤There is a good storage pack for a bike. We gave our son a thickener case because we didn't want him to use his phone while riding.

👤I think it will serve the purpose. I need something to put my keys and wallet in, but it is very cheap and made. If you spend 15 bucks on this one, it's worth 3 bucks.


What is the best product for bicycle water bottle holder bag?

Bicycle water bottle holder bag products from Wisdompro. In this article about bicycle water bottle holder bag you can see why people choose the product. Upanbike and Vltawa are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle water bottle holder bag.

What are the best brands for bicycle water bottle holder bag?

Wisdompro, Upanbike and Vltawa are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle water bottle holder bag. Find the detail in this article. Raindee, Venforest and Kei are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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