Best Bicycle Wall Mount Swivel

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1. Koova Storage Bicycles Cruisers Mountain

Koova Storage Bicycles Cruisers Mountain

The quantity is 2 pieces and the Rim is 3.3 inch. Koova Bike Rack is a sturdy, easy space-saving storage system for bikes and helmets. It's simple to mount on a garage or shed wall. The hooks hold the bicycle until you are ready to ride. Hardware needed to mount in minutes is included. The bikes should be resting on the hooks. Up to two helmets are out of the way when storing your bikes, so it's a good idea to store them neatly. The steel component is cut and powder coated. Their innovative design supports the bike's weight while rubber encased hook cradles are not damaging the rim, tires or spokes. Water bottles, tubes, and other items are on a utility shelf. All bikes are compatible. You can hold your road, hybrid bikes and beach cruiser in one spot. Ample space between bikes allows for quick dismount. Fat tires? There are 3”+ sized hooks available. Koova's Bike Storage Racks are guaranteed to last. They offer a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. They will repair, replace or refund your money if you are not happy with a product.

Brand: Koova

👤I have always stored my bikes in the garage. I started talking to the owners of the bike shops and looking at the line. The Koova system is the best of the best according to the other reviewers. The bike storage rack has a top gun. To me, the most important thing is the wide of the tire and the properly-angled hangers. The J hook design used in the systems I had seen looked less sturdy, complicated or worse, and it made mounting a two person operation difficult. The helmet hooks are an added bonus. Everything can be stored in a single location. I bought the six bike rack. Three children were riding their bikes at the time of the review. You might see tire marks on the wall now that bikes are mounted. Not a dealbreaker. I'm sure I can come up with a solution. I had a question about the ideal height of the hanger channel above the floor to accommodate my cruiser bike. Within a few minutes of sending an email on a Friday afternoon in July, I got a nice reply from the founder, Mr. M. Richards. I know I made the right choice because of customer satisfaction.

👤It's very easy to install and hold 4 bikes. I don't know how you can get 6 bikes on this rack. The extra brackets were used to hold tie downs. It's easy to move the bike off the rack.

👤It's the best on the market. This product is worth every dollar. I couldn't get 3 bikes to fit, so I was confused. The CEO reached out to me after I wrote a review and explained that the middle bike and 2 outside bikes are supposed to be handle bars up. You can maximize the space by doing that. It's rare to have a CEO. It is advisable to send a gift for the confusion as well as go to this level of customer service. I left a review for the Koova Garden Wall Mount. Another great product from this company. I bought a second one because I liked it so much. In the picture, I only have a small portion of the sets up. I put 3 bars together in each set. The 4th bar is on a different wall. This is by far the best unit out there. Is easy to mount and durable. I told you that I have 30 items on my wall. It is not even 2 full sets. It looks organized and not cluttered. A good one.

👤This was the easiest bike wall mount I have ever installed. It can fit 6 bikes top to bottom. We have a mountain and road and it is not an issue. The only thing that happened during installation was the head of the mounting screws being twisted off. It needs to find another one and mount it lower. An extra in the package would be nice.

👤This is an excellent bike rack. If I had ordered the 6 bike mount, it would have been sent as a set of 2 mounts that are about 32ish inches long. If you don't have the space on a single wall, you can mount in 2 different locations. There is a It came with all the necessary hardware. I put it into concrete. I used the same screws as the included lag bolts. It worked fine and did not cause any issues with the bike mounting hardware. It was very easy to install. I received a package in the mail that contained additional screws because there was a report of lag bolts sheering, which seems like a small company. I would buy again.

2. Ibera Horizontal Bicycle Storage Adjustable

Ibera Horizontal Bicycle Storage Adjustable

This large capacity vertical bike rack is made of quality steel and holds up to 2 bikes and a total weight of 80 lbs. The rubber feet keep the bike rack in place. The wall hanger's angle can be adjusted to keep your bike level. The correct height for the tyres should be at least 4 inches off the ground. The mount must be mounted on the side up. A horizontal wall mount for a single bike to save floor space. The weight limit. 38.6 pounds. The sturdy and durable construction made out of aluminum makes this hanger safe for bikes to hang on the wall. The double arm is padded to protect against paint damage. It's suitable for most bike frames. The beam length can be adjusted to fit narrow or wide handlebars. The wall has a mount on it. Unless there is a wood stud behind the wall, don't mount the hanger on the dry wall. If you have any questions about the installation, seek professional help.

Brand: Ibera

👤I am a mechanical engineer, and I feel qualified to evaluate this product. There are many reviews that praise the quality of the bike hanger, but I don't have much to say. I would have made the product from steel and supplied the frame rests or spacers for the wider frames tubing. I would like to defend this product from the many reviewers who thought it was a bad idea to fall off the wall. Did you read the directions? It says to use the anchors only in concrete walls. The complainers stuck the anchors in the wall. I advise you to stop blaming others for your fault. If you don't know what you're doing, you can either learn or read the instructions. There is a picture of a proper installation. The plywood spans between the studs, giving many options for placement. The lower side is in compression, so the 4 screws are on the upper side. There is a Good luck to everyone, and safe ride!

👤I put up three of these in my house and I am very happy. I have some advice. Don't use the screws in the package. Get something better at the hardware store. 2. If you want this thing to be securely mounted, you should put it into a board that is long enough to straddle two studs and mount the whole thing to the wall. The photo is attached for reference.

👤The bicycle hangers should work for most bikes. I like the fact that you can adjust the hangers to fit different sizes of bikes, and that is something that is common on many newer bikes. I bought two of these. The padding on the arms of my steel frame bike is fine, but I decided to add a piece of old inner tube over the grey plastic parts for the one I am using with my carbon frame, because the top tube is wider than the padded part between the hard grey plastic pieces. I will probably add inner tubing to the second cradle. I used a board that was 36 inches long and T-nuts to mount the hangers onto, I attached the boards to 2 studs each for support. It allows for a place to put clothes hooks.

👤These are the racks that I like the most. We used a mix of plaster and drywall on the wall, but the stud was located exactly where we needed it, so it was easy to install, though the spacing of the screw holes on the top might be too wide for some studs. Our house was built in 1912, so we might have had an actual 2” wide stud. I am docking it for a couple reasons. The o-ring on the included strap for stabilizing the front wheel is not the same as shown in the video. It's hard to get tight if you don't have the o-ring. There are two more There were 5 washers in the hardware pack. The instructions show the small washers being used with the two Allen screws along the arm, but there is no mention of the other three washers. We assumed they were to be used with the wall mount screws, so we added it to your instructions. The listing picture shows 3 washers. There are 3 more When you only need 2, the listing shows 3 allen screws. There are four The screws were not in working order. What reality would these work in? It would make perfect sense that the listing shows lag nuts. The countersunk screws are useless because they have to be flat against the wall mount. I found some cap screws from my own collection.

3. Bike Wall Mount Horizontal Bicycles

Bike Wall Mount Horizontal Bicycles

Keep your garage or indoor space tidy and free up your floor space by storing your bike in a convenient location. Their wall hanging solution to bike storage is great for apartments, homes, garages and sheds. Most bike types have a storage system. The bikes can hold up to 22 kilogram. Not suitable for bikes with wide handlebars (31 inches / 78 cm) or fat bikes. It is safe and secure to store your bike in a horizontal position. The wall mount is made from strong steel. The bike arm locking mechanism uses a reliable gear system. The angle of the wall hanger can be adjusted to keep your bike level. Installation instructions and mounting screws are included. The push button lock system ensures that the frames can be secured, and the cradle arms ensure that all the frames can be accommodated. A secure push button mechanism secures the extendable beam from 8.7 inches up to 12.6 inches. The Armcradles are made from soft TPR rubber material that will not scratch your bike. The frames are protected and the tube shapes are not marked or moved. To prevent front wheel from knocking against your wall, you need a rope that is strong and elastic. If you have a problem with your purchase, they are happy to give you a Refunds or a Replacement. If you have any questions or queries, please get in touch with them and they will be more than happy to help. Only install bike wall hanger on a solid stud, beam, masonry or concrete wall. Unless there is a strong wooden stud behind the wall, do not install on it.

Brand: Pro Bike Tool

👤The rack is nice. It is built out of quality materials and has a lot of flexibility. The mounting points for this rack are a bit odd. They provide you with 3 small screws and masonry wall anchors, when they should have provided a beefier faceplate and 2 lag bolts to mount into a stud. My solution was to take a piece of scrap wood and mount it vertically to a stud using 2 heavy duty lag bolts, then mount the original screws to the wood. The rack gets 5 stars from me.

👤I was concerned my handlebars were too long for your wall mount, so I sent Chris a letter. To make sure they fit, I put a 2x6 board on my wall stud and then put a wall hanger on the board. It allowed plenty of room for the handlebars. There is a I had a problem attaching the hanger to the studs behind the plaster board. There is a one and three-eights inch distance between the wall hanger's two holes. The wall thickness is one and one-half inches. There is no time to get a strong attachment with only a quarter inch overlap. The instructions give a good idea of how to install the hanger on the wall. They warn that the plasterboard won't support the hanger. Very true. The wall stud's width is insufficient. Instructions to attach a 2x6 to a wall stud and then attach a hanger to that board were added by me. There is a The cradles for the bike are red or black, which is a point of favor for the Pro Bike system. The shape of your cradles allows room for the control cables if the bike has them beneath the cross bar. Great feature. There is a Thanks for your help. I hope my experience is useful to others. You have a good product.

👤Highly recommend this bike storage system. Enough about how great it is. I want to know how to install it. You probably do as well. I installed 3 holders. The first thing to do was to find the studs. To double check the exact location of the stud, I used a finishing nail and hammer to find the sides of the stud. I was glad I did because some of the stud finders locations weren't right. There is a You can mount the 3 holes of the brackets into one stud with longer screws than those that come with the kit. Some people have said this works. It didn't seem like it would be stable. I decided to mount a 2x6 across two studs. A 2x4 is not wide enough. I cut the 2x6's 22” long so they fit over the end of each stud. I used lag screws to attach the 2x6's to the studs. I used lag screws on both ends. There is a You will need a impact driver to get the lag screws into the stud. A regular drill won't do it. If you don't have an impact driver, you can always use a sockets wrench. After I tightened the lag screws down, I had to use a sockets for the 5/16 lag screw. I measured the bikes with the holder to make sure there was enough space between them. The measurement resulted in a spacing of 40” from the top of one board to the top of the next board. It was perfect for my bikes. Different spacing is required for your bikes. The wall mounts are perfect. Unlike other systems that are horizontal, these allow you to adjust the arms to fit the different types of cross members as not all bikes are alike. I think they are worth the money. The 2x6x8 was $11 and the 12 lag screws were $9. If you decide to purchase these, I hope this helps.

4. Steadyrack Classic Rack 2 Pack

Steadyrack Classic Rack 2 Pack

Good service. They are behind their products. The bike is built to last. Their service team can help their customers. You can contact them if you have a question. They're happy to help. The bike storage system needs to be installed on a concrete wall or a stud behind it. Their racks are built to last and can hold up to 35 kilograms. Lifting the bike into the rack requires heavy lifting, but it is easy to balance the bike on its rear wheel. Their racks have a 160 degree pivot feature that saves space. FENDER / GUARD? This bike rack is not suitable for bikes with mudguards. You can check out the Steadyrack Fender Rack. The maximum tire width is 2.1′′ and the recommended wheel diameter is 29′′.

Brand: Steadyrack

👤I had taken up too much space in my garage and bought the two pack for two road bikes and the separate fender pack for two cars. Prime shipping was fast and these were shipped via UPS. The packaging was easy to open with a box cutter. I've been following this company since they were a project. When I received their product, I knew what to expect. A lot of thought has been put into everything from the design to the packaging to the website and so on. You need a box cutter, a tape measure, a pencil, a Philips screwdriver, a spirit level, a 13mm sockets, and the instructions call for a 10mm and a 8mm drill bits, but I used a small drill and a small screwdriver. I bought a stud finder from Amazon to make sure I got my holes right. Steady rack has an excellent installation video on their website, but their instructions are very clear and use metric and imperial measurements. The Steadyrack must be mounted into framing studs or masonry in order for the warranty to be valid. Fix the Steadyrack by hand. Installation took about 10 minutes. There is a This is a high quality item that is worth the price paid and I think it will last many years. It frees up valuable space, holds the bike without damaging it or putting stress on it, and is very easy to load/unload. Excellent customer service and a 100% product backing is what this company is known for.

👤When something goes wrong, I judge a company by their actions. I contacted the support line because my box was missing hanging hardware. Someone answered within the first ring. She referred me to a person in the USA. Mark shipped me the hanging hardware the next morning after I sent an email at 10pm. There were no questions about "proof of purchase", "serials numbers" or "hassles". "Just a very human apology... and swift action!" Oh yes. I love the product as well. I was looking for high quality. I'm thinking about sending my resume to SteadyRack. It's a good thing.

👤We had a handyman install because we aren't good at that type of work, and he seemed to have no problems. The garage is a bit roomier because it is holding our bikes. Definitely strong. It's not as easy to put the bike up as the video shows, but taking it off is easy. You can move the rack so it's closer to the wall. I want a cover to keep the bikes from getting dusty. It does collect dust because we don't ride ours often. We use plastic on it and it works. I was very pleased with the purchase. It is definitely worth the price.

5. Storage Garage Bicycles Vertical Hanger

Storage Garage Bicycles Vertical Hanger

It's perfect for bike repair, parking, drive train maintenance, variable-speed adjustment or just supporting the bike. It can hold up to 5 bikes and 3 helmets. You can free up space in your home. It's easy to take off the bicycles. Most of the bicycles are compatible with their heavy duty bike stand. Make sure your bike's rim is less than 4.4inch and fat tire won't fit in this bike storage rack. It's easy to install if you have an electric drill and a level to make sure it was lined up for mounting on the wall studs. Hooks can be moved anywhere on the panel when storage needs to change. Fast wall-mount hooks can be installed quickly. It's easy to put on or take off the bikes. There is space for something. The bike hooks system will let the bikes off the floor. It's perfect for cyclists. It is made well and can be seen from the quality of the steel and the fine work. The garage storage rack can hold up to about 450 lbs. The sleeves prevent the tools from sliding. Environmental friendly finish. It is made well and can be seen from the quality of the steel and the fine work. The garage storage rack can hold up to about 450 lbs. The sleeves prevent the tools from sliding. Environmental friendly finish.

Brand: Wallmaster

👤The back rack garage storage is perfect for my needs. I was able to install 2 of the rails because I only had a small amount of space. It was easy to install and it was very secure. There is a great balance of quality and price. The product was new and the packaging was similar to seran wrap.

👤The bike rack only ships with an installation kit for a brick wall, even though the description says it is for drywall. The screw holes are less than 16 inches apart, so good luck putting your screws into the studs. The rack is small. I don't believe it can hold the number of bikes it claims to. I am returning my bike rack because it cannot be installed in any of my walls and it cannot hold the number of bikes it claims to.

👤We ordered the Wall Master bike wall mount because we were very pleased with our garden tool wall organizer. We needed to hang the mountain bike, road bike, and women's road bike all within the limit noted on the product description. Our bikes used to take up a lot of wall space. This is saving us a lot of space. Even though the unit is solid, the plastic anchor that comes with it are junk. They worked well for garden tools, but not for bikes. When we centered one mountain bike on the rack, an entire panel came off the wall. We used heavy duty anchors to better secure the product after pulling them all down. Throw the plastic anchors out and buy heavy duty ones because the panels weren't going anywhere after that. You will not regret it. We don't want to take any chances with the money on these racks. The rack is working great for us once we made one adjustment.

👤Sturdy and easy to install, need to double check width of bike rims before wording to make sure you order the correct hooks, some are better for narrow bikes. Two of my bikes are old style with standard rims and two are kids bikes, so don't fit as well as a narrow rim bike might. After I contacted the manufacturer and they responded quickly, they sent a bike rack that would support the wider rim bikes, and I would highly recommend the company. Make sure you order the right size hooks.

👤We got bikes for our family so we could get some exercise. Storage was needed in the garage. We needed a bike holder. I don't know if this holder would hold 5 bikes well, but I think it's perfect for 4 bikes. It was easy to install. The hooks that hold the bikes are in the base. We bolted the base into the studs using a drill and a drill bit. It wasn't hard to figure out how high to put the holder. You add the hooks when the holder is on the wall. The bike rack is done. The garage is too high for the kids to get their bikes down themselves because of the lip on the foundation, but it's not bad. The only downside I have seen so far is that the bikes are not secure because they lean to one side.

6. Indoor Bike Rack Bikes Silver

Indoor Bike Rack Bikes Silver

The solution is perFCt. You can display your bike in any room with a wall mount bike rack. Keep your garage or indoor space tidy and free up your floor space by storing your bikes in a convenient location. The wall bike storage unit is great for homes and apartments. The widest bike wall rack in the market is 33” wide. The bikes can hold up to 30 kilogrammes. Not compatible with heavy bikes. Bike Wall Storage allows for convenient storage and removal. The heavy-duty bike wall rack has a high strength rail. It is the best-looking bicycle wall rack in the market and will look great in your garage or home. Wide oversized hooks fit different wheel sizes. The storage system can be used for road, cyclocross, touring, hybrid, bmx, kids, MTB, beach cruisers and even Fat Bikes. Wheels are protected when hung with high quality hooks. Theangled design of the hook makes it easy to mount bikes and takes the pressure off the wheels, rims and spokes. It is easy to install in minutes with the included screws and bolts. TheVideos for this Product section has a helpful How to Videos section. The bike rack is wide and can hold bikes up to 30 kilogram/ 66.2 lbs. The standard US '2 x 4' (or '2 x 6') wooden stud is 16 inches from each other's center. It is not compatible with the stud which is 12” or 24” from each other's center. If you have a problem with your purchase, they are happy to give you a Refunds or a Replacement. If you have any questions or queries, please get in touch with them and they will be more than happy to help. Only install bike wall rack on a solid stud, beam, masonry or concrete wall. Unless there is a strong wooden stud behind the wall, do not install on it.

Brand: Pro Bike Tool

👤If your dry wall studs are not 32 inches apart, this bike rack won't work. The product description states that it works on Plasterboard, Dry or Stud Wall. The template for the holes to be drilled for the rack is 32 inches apart, and the interior garage wall has the studs spacing 18 inches apart. I mounted the right side into the stud and used 50lb dry wall anchors on the other side. After placing the second bike on the rack, the side with the dry wall anchor pulled out of the wall. If you can mount it into the wall, it will work.

👤The advertisement states that the rack works with up to 5 tires, but it is easy to follow instructions and use the template for the screws. It could hold my fat bike, road bike, and cross bike. The hooks are small on the unit that I received. Maybe I was mistaken and there is another rack with larger hooks. I can hang the fat bike on the rack, but I wish the hooks were longer. My dog only has four tires. Couldn't imagine trying to mount something bigger on these hooks. You have to make sure that the end of the hook isn't pushing into the fattie wheel. The fat bike is in the middle and the aluminum channel is pulled away from the wall in the center. There is a We'll see how it holds up. If you are using it for skinnier tire bikes that are not heavy, it is a great rack.

👤The bike rack is nice and works well. It's very easy to install if you have standard wood studs. The installation instructions make it seem like it's much easier to install than it is. I think it's hard to get a full sized 10 speed bike up onto the hanger. My wife can't do everything an average man can. It is easier to get them down. She can do that. She could probably get them hung up if she really worked hard at it. There is a It works great, but you need a little strength to actually use it. I can't find the button to attach pictures.

👤The instructions for mounting the rack were good. I had to mount a piece of lumber first because the location I chose didn't have the right spacing for the mounting holes. It was easy to mount the rack from there. The corner of my garage is where the rack is located. I had to figure out how far from the side wall to place the rack and still have room for a bike on, accounting for handle-bar width and hook placement. Your buyers might benefit from some guidance on this. The red hookcovers are cheap. I'm not sure they're needed, but more for aesthetic reasons. The shipping package had two halves of a red cover stuck together. I tried to pull the pin apart, but it broke. Oh well. Amazon sent me two sets of hooks and mounting hardware. I was able to steal one of the red clips from the spare set. It seems like a waste. I will not use the extra hooks. There is a I bought this rack because I thought the design would allow me to roll a bike up to the rack, lift one wheel and then roll it right onto the hook, with one tire still on the ground. I wouldn't have to lift the entire weight of the bike. The directions for this rack are very specific about how high off the floor the rack should be. I put up the bikes for the first time after following the directions, but not a single bike touched the floor. All three bikes have at least two to four inches off the floor. I am aware that bikes have different lengths. You might want to think about how far off the floor you want the tires to rest and account for different wheelbases before you mount this rack. I still have to lift the entire weight of my bike up when it's mounted off the floor. I ride a large mountain bike that is 27" in length, and I am 5 feet 10 inches tall. The prescribed distance between the hooks should be more of a suggestion. Depending on your bikes' bar width and how you hang them, you can have different spacing of the hooks. There is a The rack does what it says. I was able to mount three bikes. The bike rack is sexy for anyone who cares about bikes and is willing to pay for it. The cost is high, but the rack should last forever, the only breakable parts are expendable. There is a What does "sheerness" mean for Amazon? I'm having fun imagining.

7. Dirza Garage Hanger Storage Vertical

Dirza Garage Hanger Storage Vertical

Lifetime warranty, including 4PCS bike wall mounts, 4PCS bike rack straps, 16 x screws, and 16 x plastic expansion. They will spare no effort to make you completely satisfied. Installation is simple, no assembly is required. You can hang and detach the bike with the fixed hook. It's great for shed corner and garage storage. Accidental release can be prevented by a unique hook design. The bike hanger should be installed on the studs. The metal hook cover is thick to prevent it from scratching the bike rim. Heavy duty, the lightest of the bike hangers is 0.1", weights up to 1.25lb that ensure it won't bend, and maximum hanging weight up to 65lb. It's strong enough for a road bike. Not for fat tire bike. Good service. The bike is built to last. They are behind their product. If you don't like it, just return and they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Dirza

👤I didn't believe the reviewers that the included hardware is garbage. I hung a 2x10 board with some lag bolts and mounted it to the wood because my walls were further apart. The screw heads broke off when I used my drill to screw in the hardware. Immediately remove the hardware. It's the worst hardware I've seen. I read the reviews before hanging the mounts. It's a hassle to have to redrill new holes. The mounts are made well and seem to hold up well.

👤6 bikes were organized well. I added the racks to the plywood after following some advice. I used my own hardware. I'm not sure how it will hold up for the long term, but so far it's been good. I'm 5'3 and it was easy to hang them up, but I'm not sure if the kids will be able to manage.

👤These are well built and sturdy. I will add a fifth bike to my garage as soon as the last one is delivered. The top screw is hard to put in because the hook blocks access with a screwdriver or electric drill, according to several reviewers. I used a small head screw instead of the deck screws that were provided to drill a pilot hole into the cleat I mounted on the wall. I used a small wrench to tighten that screw. I would strongly recommend against using the provided anchors. You can screw into a stud or wooden cleat. There is a The deck screws that come in the package are cheap and made of soft metal. Better quality screws, drill pilot holes, and better quality screws will make putting these on the wall easier. If you use them to hang multiple bikes side by side, you will need to leave enough room between them to get a bike to the right when putting it up or taking it down. If you hang your bike too close to one another, you will hit it next to the one you are moving. I hang the bikes from the hangers up and down, alternating between handlebars up and down. This is definitely accessible. I love how these hangers create more floor space in my garage.

👤I have finished filling out the return. There are a couple fatal flaws in this design that made it useless. There is a The screws that come with it are not good. I tried to use them and thought they had improved after all the critical reviews. They haven't. The screws on my wall have heads that have been twisted off. There is a The place where the top screw is located is so bad that it's impossible to drive in. This is due to where the metal hanger comes out. I tried to angle the screws with my drill, then used a small hand-held screwdriver to get one in. The screw broke the head off as a result of the effort against it. That's when I ended it.

👤Hardware is junk. Even with pre-drilling, half of the screws were stripped. These are nice once mounted. It would be a 5 * product if it were better hardware. If you care, the tires will mark up the wall. There is a Installation notes: I put ours on the standard 16” studs. If the stud locations aren't ideal for you, you could strap some plywood across them. There is a Pre-drilling with a 11/64” made it easy to drive the screws in. I used #12x2” screws to sub for the ones I stripped out. If you have a chance to shop in advance, spax screws are ideal. The next size down is necessary because the holes in the hangers are just under a quarter inch. I leveled and screwed the bottom hole using a level against the top. It is the only flat surface to be looked at. The middle 2 are easy to tighten.

8. Session Bike Profile Indoor Bicycle

Session Bike Profile Indoor Bicycle

It's easy to install, you just need an electric drill and a level to make sure it's lined up in a row for mounting on the wall. The wall collapsed in 16 inches. Installation of paneled wall sheeting must be located to solid structures. All installation hardware is included. PREMIUM QUALITY: The bike wall mount is made in the USA and has a rich black powder coating finish. The bicycle wall hanging kit is made from 3mm thick high grade steel. Space and FEATURE are subcategories. The wall bike hanger has a unique andadjustable arm for pedal which allows for angle adjustment while mounting the bike. This assures a lower profile and maximizes the space savings. Session Bike horizontal mount requires no contact with the bike frame. It is the best bike hanging solution. The design of these bicycle wall mounts have a wheel cradles with hooks to hang your accessories. The bicycle wall rack is safe and secure. It is suitable for all types of bikes. The bike hanging kit comes complete with all the hardware and accessories you need to hang your bike on a wall. Fix this bicycle mount to any wall in your garage, home, or work place and keep your bike handy and ready for a ride. Session Bike is a company that is driving innovations to add value to their customers lives. If you are unhappy with their bike hangers, please get in touch with them and their customer service team will get to work on it immediately. Click here to add to cart. Session Bike is a company that is driving innovations to add value to their customers lives. If you are unhappy with their bike hangers, please get in touch with them and their customer service team will get to work on it immediately. Click here to add to cart.

Brand: Blue Eagle Labs

👤I bought these wall mounting brackets because of other photos on Amazon. I'm definitely worth the money. The bikes look great on the wall in my apartment, and people always compliment it. Installation can be difficult. I would give you a hand so they can mark it when you hold the bike on the shelves, as they will have to mark it while you hold the bike on the shelves. I used better wall anchors from home depot. The brackets and shelves are covered in black paint. The bicycle is out of the way. It puts the handle bars up at the ceiling and tilts the bike so that you can see it. You can mark the walls with the tires which come off with dish soap and water, but that has nothing to do with the actual product. A small level, measuring tape, drill & drill bits, and a number 2 philips head screw driver were needed. There are 6 anchored screws that hold up the shelves and brackets.

👤I like the mounts. I wanted to hang my bikes over my drums. The mounts make my bike lean too far. They grab the perfect spot on one set of pedals, but I'm not as comfortable on the other. The arm might be able to grab the pedals by the crank arms. There is a It's easy to install and stable.

👤The idea of having a hinge to make it adjust was the appeal. The product is useless because the hinge doesn't stay fixed, even after 2 hours of measuring and drilling holes in the wall. Flops down despite the little screw being tightened to the max.

👤Bike mounts work well. It all will work if you take your time and get the pedal mount at the right height and fore position. There is a It will be difficult to get the pedal hooked and unhooked if the pedal mount is too low or high. It needs to be mounted at a height so that it angles down on the same plane as the pedal.

👤I don't know if it's because I have big pedals on my bike, but the bur is a perfect mount, it's not noticeable when it's not in use.

👤This is a great design. The space we get back from lifting our bikes is wonderful. It is very easy to install and support our bikes. We ordered one to see how it would do, but we decided to get two after all. There is a We returned the other bike racks that we had tested. This one was the winner.

👤I used some wall anchors that looked a bit more substantial but they all went up and are working out great. Lower wall mount hooks are great for holding things. There is a They planted 2 trees through their program.

👤I pictured it hanging like that. The claw for the pedals may not fit all pedals. I have oneup pedals on my bike.

👤I received the wall mount bases for tyre without the pedal hook, but did not receive a reply for many weeks. Without the pedal hook, it's useless.

9. TORACK Storage Vertical Bicycles Organizer

TORACK Storage Vertical Bicycles Organizer

You can order now and pay free. They can provide a life time warranty for their product. It was made in Taiwan. The finish rails and sleeves hooks are coated with a powder. Bike storage solutions are perfect. A rail interlock design. You can display or hang your bike with 4 rails and 11 hooks. The snap-hook design of Torack makes it easy to adjust the hook spacing. 64 inches extra long rails are assembled. It's easy to organize and clean your garage with the torack bike racks. The wall-mounted bike rack and helmet hooks save space. There are wide size hooks for bikes. Hang up fat bike tires. It's suitable for mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes, hybrid bikes, adult bikes, and kids bikes, scooters, etc. Hanging up and taking down your bike is easy with wide size hooks. It's guaranteed to be safe. There are rails and sleeves coated with rubber. Excellent durability with anti-rust, anti-crack, anti-scratch, and anti-slip functions. Heavy-gauge steel construction is used for safety loading. GS is certified. It's easy to install, you just need an electric drill and a level to make sure it's lined up in a row for mounting on the wall. The wall collapsed in 16 inches. Installation of paneled wall sheeting must be located to solid structures. All installation hardware is included. It's easy to install, you just need an electric drill and a level to make sure it's lined up in a row for mounting on the wall. The wall collapsed in 16 inches. Installation of paneled wall sheeting must be located to solid structures. All installation hardware is included.

Brand: Torack

👤It's not particularly difficult to install, and seems to be holding our bikes just fine. Some reviewers have noted that the segments are not long enough to span across the two 16" joists. They are designed to butt up against each other. You have to angle the screws into the wall in order to be sure you get the screws into the wooden studs. If you have basic skills with a home drill, you won't have a problem. Would buy again.

👤I bought this item because I have two fat tire bikes and the item is advertised to handle them. The frame flexed so much that I took the bike off for fear of it falling, even though the hook fits the bikes' wheels. The only way I could use this item was to mount the frame and hook low so that the bike rests on the floor. A couple of garage hooks would have cost less than 10 dollars. I would have given the rating a zero if I could. It may work for kids bikes.

👤It only holds five bikes. You will have a hard time getting individual bikes off with that many. I drilled a hole on the top of the wall and added an extra screw because the track that mounts to the wall flexes in the center.

👤The product was given with bolts meant for brick walls. There was no information on the page or description. I paid $60 for a product that I am not able to use due to the bolts coming out the wall. Doesn't hold a kid bike.

👤The rack is strong. Only 4 full size bikes will fit on the rack, so it was a good decision to order it. It is still a very strong rack. If you don't put a stud in your wall, then you should use a larger wall anchor. Due to the weight of 4 bicycles, it will pull out of the wall with the help of the anchors.

👤There are 6 bikes that fit and one can easily access them. The caps at the end of the tracks look cheap.

👤It is easy to assemble and save a room. The item works for the studs on the center, but the trick is to hang the front and back tires at the same time.

👤The mounting screws don't align with the wall stud spacing. Some of the screws are in the wall and some are in the studs. The bike rack is ripped out even with the molly's. There is a It won't let me return this item, but I would like to.

👤There were only brick wall plugs. I had to buy a piece of timber and bolts to secure the stud behind the garage wall. Without taking a bike down first, access to helmet hooks is difficult. It's better to have them than not. I will buy another rack soon. It's useful to fit 12 bikes in less than 3.5 meters of wall space. There is a The hooks are fully down. There is a It is supposed to have lots of bikes in a small space.

10. Topeak Swing Up Dx Bike Holder

Topeak Swing Up Dx Bike Holder

When not in use, fold the hook away. You can swing your bike to either side with the Swing-Up DX, and it can also be locked down in 15 degree increments to maximize space usage. The tire width can be up to 2.35" and the overall height can be up to 8 cm. The mounts are on the wall mount. MAX WEIGHT CAPACITY - 16 kilo / 35 kilo The front wheel fixed bar angle lock down is now added. The weight is 905 g / 2.01 lbs. The size is 29.3 x 16 x 7.7 cm.

Brand: Topeak

👤This is a great wall mount. I didn't know much about using it for a mountain bike. I bought it anyways. And it worked well. My mountain bike is on the upper end of the weight limit, but it still feels sturdy. I have an old school FSR full suspension bike that is 30 lbs and I'm sure it can handle more. Some of the reviews said the included hardware was weak. I used my own. The hardware didn't work out for me. The setup I used was a nut and bolt.

👤I have a few bikes so I bought a couple. It was a great idea to book-end the bikes with the locks. The larger hooks are needed for the mountain bike wheels. The boards used to mount onto my wall had to be factor in the longer DX.

👤This is a great fit for my bike.

👤A great bike holder. The front plate is made of plastic and seems sturdy. The supplied fixings are a bit pathetic. The breeze block was softer than normal brick, but it wasn't strong enough to hold against the wall. The first bike I put in the holder was pulled out from the wall. Hammerfix is much more secure now that those fixings have been tossed away.

👤Ademas de la resistencia.

👤Buen producto, excelente para organizarla bicicleta.

11. WOKK Wall Mount Bike Rack Space Saving

WOKK Wall Mount Bike Rack Space Saving

100% money back guarantee. There is a quality guarantee for 12 months. They want you to be happy with your new Bike Wall Mount and they will do everything in their power to make sure you are happy. They will take care of you if you are not completely satisfied with your bike rack. The bike was stolen. This is a perfect bike hangers for garage and it has a unique plywood design that will fit right in. There is insect protection. The rubber padding on the wall mount bike rack protects the bicycle frame from damage while it's mounted. You can change it anywhere. The bike wall mount can be used in the garage or in the living room. The bike mount wall wood comes with a complete user manual and is easy to install. The bike rack garage wall mount is built to last and has quality components that will stand up to the wear and tear that comes with frequent use. Give yourself or a loved one the ultimate bicycle storage solution with their bike rack. The bike rack garage wall mount is built to last and has quality components that will stand up to the wear and tear that comes with frequent use. Give yourself or a loved one the ultimate bicycle storage solution with their bike rack.

Brand: Wokk

👤The rack is great, but don't use the hardware they send with it. The anchors are terrible. They are not the correct anchors for a standard install. If you want to use a stabilizer in your anchors, you should pick up ones that are smooth on the sides and pull out about an inch before they grab anything to hold the mount in place. I had to patch my wall, buy new anchors, and try again after trying these, because it ripped straight out of the wall.

👤Installation should be easy if you have wood studs. I found the installation process easy because I have a background in wood working. A piece of paper with information regarding drill bit sizes to drill in your wall would be helpful to the person who doesn't have a background in basic installation. I am very happy with the function of the room, as well as being able to stay consistent with the wood look of the room. I think it's a great idea.

👤The anchors that it comes with are not what you would need for gypsum board. The wood might be eaten by the screw head if you get heavy duty anchors and washers. If you have a wood stud, you can go. Don't use metal stud. Go and get some butterfly anchors.

👤The man had to make a trip to my local depot store. The American Stud walls have long screws. Buy the nails yourself.

👤It is best for carbon bikes under 25 lbs. Make sure you put it in the stud. There is a I like the way it looks.

👤One of the two we bought was broken. The replacement was delivered a few days ago. They have a bike hanging on them. We're happy with the look and would recommend them. I wouldn't install these in a stud or concrete wall. You'll be able to rip out the wallboard. We're happy with the look and would recommend them.

👤The screws are not amazing, but the stand is great. If you have a concrete wall, get some Tapcon anchors. It goes well with my walnut mid century modern furniture aesthetic.


What is the best product for bicycle wall mount swivel?

Bicycle wall mount swivel products from Koova. In this article about bicycle wall mount swivel you can see why people choose the product. Ibera and Pro Bike Tool are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle wall mount swivel.

What are the best brands for bicycle wall mount swivel?

Koova, Ibera and Pro Bike Tool are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle wall mount swivel. Find the detail in this article. Steadyrack, Wallmaster and Pro Bike Tool are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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