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1. Indoor Bike Rack Bikes Silver

Indoor Bike Rack Bikes Silver

The solution is perFCt. You can display your bike in any room with a wall mount bike rack. Keep your garage or indoor space tidy and free up your floor space by storing your bikes in a convenient location. The wall bike storage unit is great for homes and apartments. The widest bike wall rack in the market is 33” wide. The bikes can hold up to 30 kilogrammes. Not compatible with heavy bikes. Bike Wall Storage allows for convenient storage and removal. The heavy-duty bike wall rack has a high strength rail. It is the best-looking bicycle wall rack in the market and will look great in your garage or home. Wide oversized hooks fit different wheel sizes. The storage system can be used for road, cyclocross, touring, hybrid, bmx, kids, MTB, beach cruisers and even Fat Bikes. Wheels are protected when hung with high quality hooks. Theangled design of the hook makes it easy to mount bikes and takes the pressure off the wheels, rims and spokes. It is easy to install in minutes with the included screws and bolts. TheVideos for this Product section has a helpful How to Videos section. The bike rack is wide and can hold bikes up to 30 kilogram/ 66.2 lbs. The standard US '2 x 4' (or '2 x 6') wooden stud is 16 inches from each other's center. It is not compatible with the stud which is 12” or 24” from each other's center. If you have a problem with your purchase, they are happy to give you a Refunds or a Replacement. If you have any questions or queries, please get in touch with them and they will be more than happy to help. Only install bike wall rack on a solid stud, beam, masonry or concrete wall. Unless there is a strong wooden stud behind the wall, do not install on it.

Brand: Pro Bike Tool

👤If your dry wall studs are not 32 inches apart, this bike rack won't work. The product description states that it works on Plasterboard, Dry or Stud Wall. The template for the holes to be drilled for the rack is 32 inches apart, and the interior garage wall has the studs spacing 18 inches apart. I mounted the right side into the stud and used 50lb dry wall anchors on the other side. After placing the second bike on the rack, the side with the dry wall anchor pulled out of the wall. If you can mount it into the wall, it will work.

👤The advertisement states that the rack works with up to 5 tires, but it is easy to follow instructions and use the template for the screws. It could hold my fat bike, road bike, and cross bike. The hooks are small on the unit that I received. Maybe I was mistaken and there is another rack with larger hooks. I can hang the fat bike on the rack, but I wish the hooks were longer. My dog only has four tires. Couldn't imagine trying to mount something bigger on these hooks. You have to make sure that the end of the hook isn't pushing into the fattie wheel. The fat bike is in the middle and the aluminum channel is pulled away from the wall in the center. There is a We'll see how it holds up. If you are using it for skinnier tire bikes that are not heavy, it is a great rack.

👤The bike rack is nice and works well. It's very easy to install if you have standard wood studs. The installation instructions make it seem like it's much easier to install than it is. I think it's hard to get a full sized 10 speed bike up onto the hanger. My wife can't do everything an average man can. It is easier to get them down. She can do that. She could probably get them hung up if she really worked hard at it. There is a It works great, but you need a little strength to actually use it. I can't find the button to attach pictures.

👤The instructions for mounting the rack were good. I had to mount a piece of lumber first because the location I chose didn't have the right spacing for the mounting holes. It was easy to mount the rack from there. The corner of my garage is where the rack is located. I had to figure out how far from the side wall to place the rack and still have room for a bike on, accounting for handle-bar width and hook placement. Your buyers might benefit from some guidance on this. The red hookcovers are cheap. I'm not sure they're needed, but more for aesthetic reasons. The shipping package had two halves of a red cover stuck together. I tried to pull the pin apart, but it broke. Oh well. Amazon sent me two sets of hooks and mounting hardware. I was able to steal one of the red clips from the spare set. It seems like a waste. I will not use the extra hooks. There is a I bought this rack because I thought the design would allow me to roll a bike up to the rack, lift one wheel and then roll it right onto the hook, with one tire still on the ground. I wouldn't have to lift the entire weight of the bike. The directions for this rack are very specific about how high off the floor the rack should be. I put up the bikes for the first time after following the directions, but not a single bike touched the floor. All three bikes have at least two to four inches off the floor. I am aware that bikes have different lengths. You might want to think about how far off the floor you want the tires to rest and account for different wheelbases before you mount this rack. I still have to lift the entire weight of my bike up when it's mounted off the floor. I ride a large mountain bike that is 27" in length, and I am 5 feet 10 inches tall. The prescribed distance between the hooks should be more of a suggestion. Depending on your bikes' bar width and how you hang them, you can have different spacing of the hooks. There is a The rack does what it says. I was able to mount three bikes. The bike rack is sexy for anyone who cares about bikes and is willing to pay for it. The cost is high, but the rack should last forever, the only breakable parts are expendable. There is a What does "sheerness" mean for Amazon? I'm having fun imagining.

2. Bike Wall Mount Horizontal Bicycles

Bike Wall Mount Horizontal Bicycles

Keep your garage or indoor space tidy and free up your floor space by storing your bike in a convenient location. Their wall hanging solution to bike storage is great for apartments, homes, garages and sheds. Most bike types have a storage system. The bikes can hold up to 22 kilogram. Not suitable for bikes with wide handlebars (31 inches / 78 cm) or fat bikes. It is safe and secure to store your bike in a horizontal position. The wall mount is made from strong steel. The bike arm locking mechanism uses a reliable gear system. The angle of the wall hanger can be adjusted to keep your bike level. Installation instructions and mounting screws are included. The push button lock system ensures that the frames can be secured, and the cradle arms ensure that all the frames can be accommodated. A secure push button mechanism secures the extendable beam from 8.7 inches up to 12.6 inches. The Armcradles are made from soft TPR rubber material that will not scratch your bike. The frames are protected and the tube shapes are not marked or moved. To prevent front wheel from knocking against your wall, you need a rope that is strong and elastic. If you have a problem with your purchase, they are happy to give you a Refunds or a Replacement. If you have any questions or queries, please get in touch with them and they will be more than happy to help. Only install bike wall hanger on a solid stud, beam, masonry or concrete wall. Unless there is a strong wooden stud behind the wall, do not install on it.

Brand: Pro Bike Tool

👤The rack is nice. It is built out of quality materials and has a lot of flexibility. The mounting points for this rack are a bit odd. They provide you with 3 small screws and masonry wall anchors, when they should have provided a beefier faceplate and 2 lag bolts to mount into a stud. My solution was to take a piece of scrap wood and mount it vertically to a stud using 2 heavy duty lag bolts, then mount the original screws to the wood. The rack gets 5 stars from me.

👤I was concerned my handlebars were too long for your wall mount, so I sent Chris a letter. To make sure they fit, I put a 2x6 board on my wall stud and then put a wall hanger on the board. It allowed plenty of room for the handlebars. There is a I had a problem attaching the hanger to the studs behind the plaster board. There is a one and three-eights inch distance between the wall hanger's two holes. The wall thickness is one and one-half inches. There is no time to get a strong attachment with only a quarter inch overlap. The instructions give a good idea of how to install the hanger on the wall. They warn that the plasterboard won't support the hanger. Very true. The wall stud's width is insufficient. Instructions to attach a 2x6 to a wall stud and then attach a hanger to that board were added by me. There is a The cradles for the bike are red or black, which is a point of favor for the Pro Bike system. The shape of your cradles allows room for the control cables if the bike has them beneath the cross bar. Great feature. There is a Thanks for your help. I hope my experience is useful to others. You have a good product.

👤Highly recommend this bike storage system. Enough about how great it is. I want to know how to install it. You probably do as well. I installed 3 holders. The first thing to do was to find the studs. To double check the exact location of the stud, I used a finishing nail and hammer to find the sides of the stud. I was glad I did because some of the stud finders locations weren't right. There is a You can mount the 3 holes of the brackets into one stud with longer screws than those that come with the kit. Some people have said this works. It didn't seem like it would be stable. I decided to mount a 2x6 across two studs. A 2x4 is not wide enough. I cut the 2x6's 22” long so they fit over the end of each stud. I used lag screws to attach the 2x6's to the studs. I used lag screws on both ends. There is a You will need a impact driver to get the lag screws into the stud. A regular drill won't do it. If you don't have an impact driver, you can always use a sockets wrench. After I tightened the lag screws down, I had to use a sockets for the 5/16 lag screw. I measured the bikes with the holder to make sure there was enough space between them. The measurement resulted in a spacing of 40” from the top of one board to the top of the next board. It was perfect for my bikes. Different spacing is required for your bikes. The wall mounts are perfect. Unlike other systems that are horizontal, these allow you to adjust the arms to fit the different types of cross members as not all bikes are alike. I think they are worth the money. The 2x6x8 was $11 and the 12 lag screws were $9. If you decide to purchase these, I hope this helps.

3. CyclingDeal CD SJ01 3

CyclingDeal CD SJ01 3

Wall bike rack works for most bikes, like road, mountain bike, cyclocross, hybrid, beach cruiser, BMX and kids' bikes. It's ideal for bike storage in home, office, garage, apartment or bicycle shop. There is free up garage space. Are you looking for a way to save floor space in your garage? You've been looking for this one. The wall mount rack is great for use in a garage or apartment. If you want to get organized, hang the bike on the wall to make room for other items. The design makes it easy to take out or hang up your bikes, and it also allows you to hang or detach your bikes in a second. No more mess! It's the same for most bikes. Most bikes, including Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, Kids Bikes, hybrid Bikes, Cyclocross, and Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycles, are designed to fit this bike hanger. The Max Tire width is 2.32” and the wheels size is from 14 to 29". The Max tire width is 50mm. 25C. The whole rack can hold up to 60 kilogram/135 kilogram bikes in total, and each hanger can hold up to 20 kilo/ 45 kilo bikes. It is easy to install and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It's great for garage and shed storage. The wall has 4 screws on it. They recommend that you use studs to securely mount it, otherwise it will be on the wall. Standard wood studs and solid walls are compatible. You can watch the video in their listing. Premium Aluminium alloy is a practical and durable material. The screws and anchors are of the highest quality. The hooks on the rack are covered with rubber, so there's no need for you to worry that the hook will scratch the rim of your bike. Also comes with hooks for hanging your helmets. The holder position can be adjusted. ORDER NOW, WORRY-FREE! They can provide a lifetime warranty because they're so confident in their product quality. It was made in Taiwan.

Brand: Cyclingdeal

👤This rack is easy to install, rock-solid, and looks nice and clean enough to make our bikes look a little better. I have attached a couple of pictures of my install. The plan was always to store only 4 bikes after I got the 5 bike model. Our bikes all have wider straight handlebars, and those take quite a bit of horizontal space, so it's a good idea to allow even more width. The garage door is on the right side of my house, so the handlebars can't extend past it. There is a The only change is that the hangers are not permanent. I've got a low one on the garage door end to make hanging/relocating that bike work farther from the potentially closed door, because the high one is open on one side. These are adult-sized bikes. I might consider moving the rack to a back wall in the spring in order to get more space, but it works well. I don't know much about handyman skills, so have some tips for the job. The main metal bar is very sturdy and the rack is light, but a stud- finder was essential. 4 bikes that are not made out of adamantium are heavy. The only practical option in this space was the 3 wall braces I used. It is solid with 4 bikes and braces. There is a The mounting screws are thick. I had to drill full-length pilot holes with a bit and then hand-tighten the screws with a big phillips screwdriver because I couldn't tighten them with a drill. One of the screws did not have the phillips grooves on the tip. I had extras because one of the clamps wasn't being used. I didn't have to worry about my stripping getting in the way of me. I didn't have any on hand already, but I'm sure the hardware store has good replacements. I used a level that reached across two of the braces. Perfect leveling looks nicer and doesn't put more strain on any one brace. You want the braces to be aligned so you can slide the main rack bar into place. I slid the bar into the first two braces after getting one screw in them. I adjusted the position of the third before putting the first screw in, and if I loosen the locking bolts, the bar will slide easily. It doesn't take much to make that much harder, so it's worth being careful with their positioning. There is a The locking nuts on the hangers were annoying to tighten. I gave up before taking my photos, but have since gotten the left one tightened. This helps keep the wheel on the level. The problem is that unlike the locks for the main bar or accessory hooks, these locking nuts are in the interior of the brackets. It uses a small 3mm key. The space is very small. You only get a 70 degree turn when you get the key lined up into the bolt. You have to pull the key arm and reset it after it hits the hook. I slid the bolt into the main bar to minimize the amount of tightening that would need the key. This step would be a lot easier if there was a hex key that could fit into this space. Don't let that affect you. Again, I have minimal home repair skills and experience, and this rack is really simple, and I got it all done in a couple of hours. The stud finder and level were very helpful, and the power drill and large phillips screwdriver were all that was needed to set it all up.

4. Sahi Storage Vertical Bicycle Scratch

Sahi Storage Vertical Bicycle Scratch

The locking mechanism prevents accidental release. Unless there is a wood stud behind the wall, don't mount the hanger on the wall. The fixed hook design can prevent accidental release of bikes. Solid walls should be installed on wood, brick, concrete and other materials. There was no drywall. The MAX Load-bearing Capacity can be obtained. DOOR SPACE SAVING- You can save space by hanging the bike vertically on the wall mount. Heavy duty and suspenders. The maximum weight is 66lb. It's strong enough for most bikes, like mountain bike, road bike, folding bike, adults bike and kids bike. It's easy to start. The installation guide will help you understand the bike rack garage. All you need is an electric drill and a spirit level to make sure it is lined up for installation. 100% risk free purchase. If you are not happy with the Torack garage storage system, they are happy to give you a no questions asked replacement or a refund. It is risk free to order it today. 100% risk free purchase. If you are not happy with the Torack garage storage system, they are happy to give you a no questions asked replacement or a refund. It is risk free to order it today.

Brand: Sahi

👤The plastic flexes and bent out shape of these are junk for adult bikes, so don't purchase them, and the steel wall mount kits are guaranteed to fall off the wall. They fall off the wall with heat, so plan on putting them in the wall with new holes, and the hook closes on you if you try to put your tire in a PIA, not for the weak armed to get your bike in. You can see the marks it has put on my garage walls by looking at the pics. I wouldn't look for a good solution.

👤It's a nice product design in principle, but the plastic they used to make it is too soft, so the top bends far away from the wall under the weight of a standard adult bike. I made it usable by running a quarter-inch dowel through the hinge and fastening it to the wall with pipe-hanging brackets. I would have been better off buying one of the more expensive metal bike hangers if I had finished it sooner.

👤This item was installed by me. Looks good. That is it. The install was poor. The screw head snapped off. Couldn't get the screwdriver to fit in the top holes. The bike wheel did not fit in the opening. Don't have an English micro tire or a fat tire. The mid size. What a waste of time. I can return it.

👤I was installing it when one of the screw heads snapped. I don't like the amount of flex the rack has. There isn't enough clearance to put the top 2 screws in straight.

5. NEAT SPACE Bike Rack


It's easy to install. The bike rack has holes in it. Installation can be done in a few minutes with the included hardware. There are 6 bicycle hooks and 3 tracks in the bike storage hanger. Any type of bike can be held. The modular hanging bike rack can be mounted to any wall and holds virtually any bicycle, including road, mountain, mtb, cruiser, hybrid, kids and most fat tire. Do you have any bikes? Adding a second bike rack will double your bike storage. Strong! There are brakes on the fat tire bikes. Their bike rack holds bikes up to 50 lbs and a total of 500 lbs when supported by 2 wall studs. The most reliable bike hook on the market! The garage is great for parking. Why climb into a hot or cold car? The bike rack on the wall keeps your bikes in one place and the temp inside your car is just right. Not to mention theft and vandalism, your car is protected from sun damage by being parked in the garage. The bike garage storage system makes parking your car easy. Great space saver! ] The bike hooks are popular with customers. I love this product. This is a great bike rack. It's easy to put up your bike. Highly recommended! The review was done in the United States on July 26, 2021. It lasts a lifetime! For a LIFETIME, they GUARANTEE your SATISFACTION. If you don't like the bike storage rack for garage at any time, they will replace it or give you a full refund. Next week, next month, next year, next decade, you can choose. Contact their customer support team. It lasts a lifetime! For a LIFETIME, they GUARANTEE your SATISFACTION. If you don't like the bike storage rack for garage at any time, they will replace it or give you a full refund. Next week, next month, next year, next decade, you can choose. Contact their customer support team.

Brand: Neat Space

👤It's perfect for my fat tire bike. It's easy to install. I needed to park my car in the garage for the winter. Very pleased!

👤It took me 5 minutes to install it.

👤After drilling 8 holes in my wall, I discovered that the rack didn't fit my rim and tire clearance. The hooks don't seem to be very secure.

👤It's easy to install. It only took a couple of minutes and works as described. I was able to get into 2 studs to be safe. Sturdy, well built, and even holds the helmet.

👤These are the best bike hooks I have ever used. The strength and ease of use are topnotch. I have used other brands and they are usually the least expensive and have always been repairing the bike or walls due to the suspect quality. This product is very good.

6. HOMEE Hanger Bicycle Vertical Storage

HOMEE Hanger Bicycle Vertical Storage

The Vertical Bike Wall Mount Bike Hanger is made of strong steel and has a load capacity of 60 lbs. The color is black. The bike is hung vertically to save space. The metal bike hooks cover with sponge cover, protect the wheel from scratching with this kind of bike hooks for wall. Accidental release is prevented by a safety engineered locking mechanism. It's practical to have a bike wall mount for all types of bikes. It depends on how strong the wall is, but can hold up to 66 lbs of a bike. The bike wall mount vertical has a maximum hanging weight up to 66lb and greater clearance from wall to bike to fit a wider variety of bicycles. The bike wall mount vertical has a maximum hanging weight up to 66lb and greater clearance from wall to bike to fit a wider variety of bicycles.

Brand: Homee

👤We decided to get these bikes out of the way, but we needed two packs of whatever we landed on. These are sturdy and fit the bill nicely. There is a I think 1 person would have been even harder than the other because they were a bit of a pain to install. You have to drill holes in the wall, pay attention to clearances for the cars, and make sure the bike is high enough. Once the anchors are in place, putting the bikes up is a chore and there is no wiggle room. I would recommend assistance with putting these up. The bike should be closer to the car than the one further away. We rationalized it the other way around because it seemed common sense. Don't do it! We have to be very careful as we pull into the garage, but these are out of the way, so mission accomplished.

👤There are many reviews that say that these came out of the wall. People need to learn how to install. They are great if you screw straight into the stud. I had mine for about four months and have not had any issues. I use my bike a lot at my house. Maybe some people are using the wall anchors? If you want to attach a bike hook with anchors, you have to drill directly into the stud or you will regret it. These were a great deal because I only paid $17.59 for them. Everyone is buying bikes, so the price of bike equipment is higher. The price will most likely drop again after a few months.

👤I am amazed by the complicated bike hangers on the market, but this is a simple functional alternative. The mount is very efficient. If you have a lot of bikes, it's useful. The bikes may stick out a bit more than anticipated. The sweet spot is hard to find, but it is very simple. Stand the bike up and find the location of the top tire on the wall so the hook is higher. It will easily clear the floor if it is slightly higher than it needs to be. The first time I set up the mount, the bottom wheel rested on the cinder block base wall of the garage, so I raised the mount a bit and it cleared easily. Don't be afraid to mount it too high. There is a The mount works well on the back wall of the garage. It will get bikes out of the way but it may be difficult to get the bikes out of the garage. A horizontal mount on the side wall is a better choice for frequent access to the bike.

👤I can't hang my mountain bike from the ceiling of my garage, so these vertical bike hangers seemed to be the perfect solution. The bicycle wall mount that I decided on was of good quality, had good reviews, and came with mounting hardware. Other sellers are selling the same mount under different names, the wall anchors may be different colors. The quality looked good and they included good mounting hardware. Since there were no wall studs to attach them to, I used the included fasteners. I was a little concerned if they could hold the weight of the bike, but since there was no mention of any issues I drilled the smallest holes I could and hammered in the 4 anchors. When I hung my mountain bike, I didn't think the tire would fit into the hook as the fit was so tight. I was able to angle the bike to the right and get the front tire in the hook. The knobby on my mountain bike is a common size. There is only 3” of clearance between the hook and the backing plate to squeeze a tire. See the pic. The hook is welded in place. There is a A few weeks later. I hear a loud crash in my living room. I went to the garage and found the wall anchors had been pulled out of the wall and the bike had come crashing down on a new welder. See the pic. The mounts are of good quality and should hold up. If you have a street or hybrid bike, you should be fine. If you can mount the holder with the rear tire resting on the ground, you should not have a problem with the mount coming loose with the supplied screws and wall anchors. If you want to hang your bike off the ground, you need to find more secure wall anchors or you need to secure the bike hanger directly to wood or concrete. There is something.

7. Delta Cycle Leonardo Storage Vertical

Delta Cycle Leonardo Storage Vertical

Good service. The bike is built to last. They are behind their product. If you don't like it, just return and they will give you a full refund. The Space Saving Bike Wall Mount securely stores any bicycle up to 40 lbs off the floor. The Leonardo bike rack garage has a hook shape that makes it easy to access bikes. Your next ride is close by. Installation is easy with these bike hooks for garage wall. The peel-and-stick rear tire tray protects your walls. The contemporary design of the anti scratch coated hooks has a rubber coated bike hook. The bike hanger hooks are available in either a premium silver or black powdercoat finish and look great in any room. Over 1 million cyclists trust their bike's in Leonardo vertical bike racks. For over 30 years, Delta has been a leader in bike storage. The A+ customer experience was designed and engineered in the US.

Brand: Delta Cycle & Home

👤These were easy to mount. We used a piece of 1x6 Poplar and created our own steampunk style bar for the rear tire, instead of using the stick on the rear tire mount. They look great in our office.

👤The hook on this rack is so heavy that it's hard to slide your bike onto it. It takes a lot of spinning to properly orient the bicycle because the red padding slides down. The red padding is becoming difficult to use after a few months of use. The mess around the hook has resulted in a lot of scratches on my wall. I bought a second bike with a straighter hook last month and it's way easier and more efficient than the first one. The new hook is so annoying that we fight over it.

👤It is very easy to install a power drill and stud finder. It's not much to say. My son installed it himself. The package had to be opened before the bike could be hung. If it fails, I will update the review, otherwise 5 stars! There is a Dead simple instructions: 1) find wood studs 2) mark where the front tire will touch the wall 3) measure 12 inches above that mark, 4) drill a pilot hole in mark above, 5) line up the rack

👤It does not fit for mountain bikes. The wheel does not sit in the base when the hook is locked around the rim. The tire rubs on the base's side loops when the wheel is towards the top. The base should be centered on the wheel. There is a I bent it to make it fit. Vice grips and a pipe wrench were used.

👤I own a carbon fiber Trek bike. Our apartment doesn't have any building storage so I had to put it in my bedroom. I settled on the $9.78 Delta Cycle Leonardo bike rack. This is a total life saver space saver and I couldn't be more pleased. There is a The bike is mounted between my closet doors and wall shelving, which is about 8 inches of space. To keep the wall from showing the tire scuffing, I used a black vinyl strip and a Mr Clean magic eraser, but any wall paper can be used. No anchors are included in the kit. You should buy a pair of sturdy anchors. The weight limit for the Delta mount is 40 lbs / 18 kilo, so keep that in mind when shopping for a bike rack. There is a I hope it holds up, I couldn't be happier with this!

👤The first one we bought was fast but the packaging was torn apart and the items were thrown into the bag. We attached the rack to a concrete wall with Tapcon screws because it had no scratches or broken pieces and was holding up well. There is a The second order came on time, packaged neatly, a few scratches but no serious damage, and came with the screws, but the screws are the weak type almost like plastic. If you want to avoid having to do everything over again, you should toss them and get a few sturdy tapcon screws. There is a There is an edit. One in March 2020 and the other in June 2020. Both are holding up well. If it's placed with a lot of pressure on the edge of the front tire, it will deflate it. Great rack, still. Would still recommend.

8. Garage Hanger Storage Horizontal System

Garage Hanger Storage Horizontal System

You can order now and pay free. They can provide a life time warranty for their product. It was made in Taiwan. A very sturdy material is matERIALST37 High-carbon steel. The maximum weight is up to 220lb. It's strong enough for a road bike. The install was simple, no assembly was required. You can hang and detach the bike with the fixed hook. It's great for shed corner and garage storage. The safety hook design can prevent accidental release. NSTALLATION It should be installed on the solid wall or concrete wall. ANTI SCRATCH. The hook cover is thick to prevent it from scratching the bike rim. ANTI SCRATCH. The hook cover is thick to prevent it from scratching the bike rim.

Brand: Bbq Star

👤I agree with the reviews that said the anchors weren't holding. I already knew that my drywall is bad. I went to home depot and bought some oak wood because the studs were not aligning. There is a The rest of the hardware is next. I was impressed that I was a knockoff. The coated hardware is clean and shiny. The only thing you need to do is use the screws and not strip the head. There is a You can't beat it for the price. Make sure you find some wood to drill into. I had a top peak bike holder, but I needed a horizontal mount. There is a I was able to use more of that space to mount my gear because of the cross beams.

👤Too many problems for a good idea. 1) The center piece looks like a face. The piece that hangs onto the pedal shaft should be the most stable. A 2x4 is 1.5 feet wide and has two screw holes. Go figure! They should be horizontal. It was much closer together. There are two more The center piece should be deeper. The mountain bike pedals are a bit tentative. I tried to center the two holes on the stud behind my house, but didn't use thePhillips screws. Why would you give us crappy screws for a job like this? The head of the screw will be rounded out when the driving head slips off. It should have been supplied with square head screws. I used the spax screws from a previous project. I tried to drive the "eyes" holes' screws inward to the 2x4 stud. I drove a spax screw through the center of the smile. There are five Installation instructions are not available. 6) The plastic yellow anchors are not compatible. The screws don't draw anything tight in my drywall because they spin inside the yellow plastic. 7) I've encountered a lot of problems with this and it's too expensive.

👤I ordered a few sets. I couldn't make these for the same price as I work at the sheet metal manufacturing company. The price is good. The wall anchors seem to be for cement or sindeblorck walls. I tested it after installing the first one. The wall anchors were pulled out of my wall. I didn't have to worry about the 2x, 3/8" holes in my drywall. I went to the home depot and got some of the tripple action anchors that can hold 65 lbs each. It is a little too much. I now have a total of 6 anchors with a combined support of over 400 lbs. The install was very awkward once I put those in. I had to use ropes and hooks to locate the bike and get the lower wheel brackets aligned. I was able to use a lot of dead space and free up a lot of floor space by mounting 2 beach cruisers and a mountain bike on my garage wall. There is a The pros are 1. It is a great value for the price. 2. Looks good. 3. Seem are sturdy and work well. The cons are 1. I had to buy my own anchors. Installation is very easy, but awkward with only one person 3. I need to paint my walls because the tire marks up the walls and the scrubbing removes the paint. You can protect your walls by taping up some paper backing.

9. Ankā Supply Co Horizontal Apartment

Ank%C4%81 Supply Co Horizontal Apartment

Backed by 30 days money, the 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Back. The quality of the bike storage wall mount is guaranteed by them. Any issue with it is available. Keep your garage or indoor space tidy and free up floor space by storing your bike in a convenient location. The wooden wall mount solution is great for apartments, homes, garages and sheds. Modern design is a great way to give style to your walls while saving space. The Bike Wall mount is designed for fixies, fixed gear and road bikes, it can fit other kind of bikes, just make sure to measure your handle bar! You can choose the location of the cylinder to make it fit your frame. If you hang your bike on the wall, you can use their rack as a decorative bike wall mount to make your house look nicer. Their Levita bike wall hangers are made out of solid pine wood and have the best finish to protect your bicycle. Their Levita bike wall hangers are made out of solid pine wood and have the best finish to protect your bicycle.

Brand: Ankā Supply Co

👤This set is perfect for my bike and easy to install, I am very happy with my purchase.

👤I was looking for a minimalist design to match industrial decor. It's well constructed. I'm very happy with the set. Helped me to save space.

10. Stalwart Storage Bicycle Foam Bike Accessories

Stalwart Storage Bicycle Foam Bike Accessories

Hardware and instruction are easy to use. The bike wall mount rack is easy to install. When parking your bike at the end of the season or simply done riding for the day, store your bike easily with the Bike Rack from Stalwart. The bike hanger is practical and sturdy. You can fold the brackets up so that they are parallel to the wall and out of your way when not storing a bike on it. The Stalwart Bike Wall Mount is a lightweight design that protects your bike frame from sliding. It is suitable for all types of bikes. Attach the bicycle mount to a wall stud in your garage, at work, or in your house and keep your bike handy and ready to ride. All hardware is included to make sure your bike and mount are secure. There is a product with dimensions 13 25 inches x 11 inches. The weight capacity of the wall mount is 50 lbs. The absolute best price and value on their entire line of products is what they are committed to. Also, note: Only Bike Rack Wall Hooks by Stalwart are genuine and this is an exclusive product.

Brand: Stalwart

👤This thing is crazy. I gave my coat of black to match the wall I hung it on, so don't let the color fool you, it is definitely silver/grey when it arrives. The screws are thick and long enough to hold my bike. It's high quality at the right price point.

👤It is easy to install and looks nice. 2 stars off for the included hardware screws. The wood screw is really bad. A picture of the included screw after 3 seconds with the drill. I spent 45 minutes trying to get the screw out of my wall, and lucky to be able to do it. The screw is made of clay. There is a I would feel the need to leave a less than perfect review if a 25c screw left a bad taste in my mouth. Don't use the included sewer, you will be reprimanded immediately. Don't make the mistake I did. I read all of the bad screw reviews and thought they were dramatic. They were not.

👤If only my bike had a straight handlebar fit, I could get it in the hooks, but the only way I could do that was to turn the front wheel away from the wall. The hooks are supposed to fold up against the wall when not in use, but when I tried to do that, they just fell down. The rack hooks were removed and will look for a solution. It might work for smaller bikes since it's priced right.

👤You should replace the Zinc screws with the ones that come with the STAINLESS STEEL screws. The screws strip completely when I use them. I had to hold the screws the rest of the way in. When I want to move the racks, I'll have to drill them out.

👤I was worried this wouldn't hold my bike. I was not sure if it could hold all the weight. I didn't check until I got it. I have had it for a month and it seems to hold my bike perfectly. I put it on the wood beams in my garage. I am worried if someone puts more weight on it, it may cave, but so far it has been holding it down. There is a I have a female bike. I had to install it at an angle. If you're looking for a basic bike mount, I recommend it.

👤It's not much to like. Poor quality screws. Not very heavy duty. The top screw holds the weight. The bottom screw will snap off if the top screw goes. I added a new hole in the middle and installed larger and longer screws. Does not stay out of the way when not being used. When you hang your bike on it, you are moans and groans. I own a bike that is 28 pounds. If you install better screws and don't care if they stay in the down position, it's fine. Would not buy again.

👤One of the screws had a broken tip and I was a little frustrated. When I hung a bike for the first time, the screw broke near the head, and I was frustrated. It didn't fail later and fall on someone, so I should be happy. There is a It doesn't stay in the horizontal position. I don't know if it's a bad design or if it's a defect. It seems like there is nothing to hold it up. I can push it against the wall and it will fall down.

11. Dirza Hanger Garage Bicycle Storage

Dirza Hanger Garage Bicycle Storage

No hooks, straps, bars or other equipment is needed. Installation and mounting hardware is included. There is free up floor space. The bike rack is horizontal. It frees up garage floor space by keeping bike off the floor. It's perfect for a garage, home, orshed. Please mount on the wall. The arm is foldable. There is a foldable arm on the bike hanger. It can be folded to save space. The 888-405-7720 You don't have to worry about scratches since the bike hook covers are soft. STURDY: The weight limit for the bike holder is 38 pounds. Most of the bikes are compatible with this bike hanger. Hardware and instruction are easy to use. The bike wall mount rack is easy to install.

Brand: Dirza

👤The out of box experience for these is okay. It will work with lighter bikes. If your bike is under 30 lbs, it will be rock solid when mounted to studs. There is a My wife's bike is a tad heavier than my Giant bike. Hers looks rigid, but I angle down slightly due to being heavier. If you have a heavier bike, I recommend adding washers to the screws to stop it from going through the mount hole. A washer will help. The top half should have two screws if there is a second hold on the top below the first. Most of the weight and stress will be here. The weight of the bike will pull at the top more than the bottom. The single bottom screw is enough for stabilization and the top should have 2 mount points. You can put all screws into a single in-line stud with the Mount holes over the other. There is a It's possible to mount your bikes on the wall side by side or one over the other, and it's also possible to put them on the garage floor. Measure the distance from the base of the mount to the end of the hooks. Measure the distance of your bike's top tube to the outside of the pedal. If you add the two numbers together, you can figure out how far your bike will protrude from the wall. This is to make sure you don't hit it with your car when you pull into the garage. There is a If it's at Mid-height, your pedals or handle bar may hit your side-view mirrors.

👤I bought these to save space in the garage and get the bikes off the floor, but realized that it was difficult to lift the bikes up onto the rack. I am a very small person and that was a challenge I didn't think of. The bike racks are exactly what they are advertised to be. If you are hanging one bike above another, the top one has to be very high. I thought of mounting the bikes on a wall, but it wasn't going to save any room next to the car. I got the rope/pulley kind of bike rack with hooks that go under the seat and the handlebars, instead of these. It is easier for me to pull the rope to lift the bike up from the floor to the ceiling than it is to lift it by hand. I write honest reviews to help others make better decisions because I read reviews myself. I hope my review helped you.

👤Great value! When I first opened the box, I wasn't sure about the strength of it, but after assembling it, I'm convinced it's the best value for money. I don't think there will be a need for a different mount down the road. It folds up when the mount is not being used. The installation was straight forward. The wall needs a 10mm sockets to drive the screws into. You cannot use a drill with a drill bit to screw on a stud. It would have been better if it was a torx screw. Most households should have a 10mm sockets, it is a very minor issue. If you drill a pilot hole, your installation will be much easier. There is a For this price, you get two hanger, not one. If I was looking for another bike accessory, I wouldn't look at other ones.


What is the best product for bicycle wall hanger wood?

Bicycle wall hanger wood products from Pro Bike Tool. In this article about bicycle wall hanger wood you can see why people choose the product. Pro Bike Tool and Cyclingdeal are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle wall hanger wood.

What are the best brands for bicycle wall hanger wood?

Pro Bike Tool, Pro Bike Tool and Cyclingdeal are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle wall hanger wood. Find the detail in this article. Sahi, Neat Space and Homee are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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