Best Bicycle Wall Hanger Decor

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1. HABOM Rustic Mason Decor Sconces

HABOM Rustic Mason Decor Sconces

The mason jar sconces are the perfect touch of shabby chic to home décor. They will complement your place with a smoothing light that show peace and harmony in your house. It is possible to make your own glow home decoration by yourself. Enjoy the fun from now on, because you will be able to experience the creative of design. The perfect look of bohemian style can be achieved with a multi-functional wall décor. You could hang them in your hallway, garden, living room, dinning room, kitchen, or as planters for an indoor garden with strong hangers on the back. It's also perfect for the cafes, bars, bistros, bakeries, etc. The REMOVALBE led strip lights could be taken out of the jars and used as a fantastic and rustic decorations for parties, weddings, birthday, bridal shower and holiday celebrations such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day. You can create a romantic and warm lighting atmosphere. The country chic lamp lights can be used as decorative sconces and mason jar vase lights. The Farmhouse Sconce is a great gift idea for family and friends, it includes 2 mason jars, 2 rustic wood holders, 2 strips of light and 2 silk flowers. It's a perfect gift for your friends, lovers, family and anyone you want to give. All HABOM products are covered by a 100% lifetime guarantee. They are confident that you will love the mason jar sconces. No questions asked guarantee, they will refund your money if their product doesn't meet your expectations.

Brand: Habom

👤I saw the mason jars on Amazon and decided to do something with my kitchen window. They fill the space with warmth and elegance. They came with two pieces of wood boards which needed to be mounted into the wall and the jars came with white hydrangeas, which I hung on the hooks on the boards. It's easy to assemble and it made a big difference to the window.

👤These are great for the price. You could pay for this in other stores. I have seen people put the battery pack in a jar. There is a hole in the front to pull the lights through to the battery pack in the back. There is no instruction to show it. The lights are bright and look great on my wall.

👤I loved this product. The addition of these sconces is perfect for my dining room. It was easy to put it together and hang them. Well worth the money. They don't look cheap. I recommend them.

👤Cute! I was looking for a blank wall in my bathroom. I saw them and knew they would be perfect. Customer images help. I wish they had batteries. They still get 5 stars for the only negative. There are pictures of one with lights on and one without.

👤I can't believe how beautiful these are. There is a You can transform a room for 25.00. I love these.

👤It's gorgeous. It makes me feel good to be in my restroom. I'm just concerned that it will be battery operated.

👤These are very cute and easy to put together. The battery pack is to be held on the back of the car. It is difficult to change out the batteries without damaging the plastic they are held in. I believe the image on the mason jars is different than what you see online. I don't have time to exchange them before our guests arrive, so I'm just going to settle for what they have on them. I'm pretty satisfied with my purchase. Thank you!

👤I love these! It is easy to assemble and hang. I love the fairy lights.

2. Great Working Tools Hoists Hanging

Great Working Tools Hoists Hanging

Lifting the bikes in the overhead ceiling will free up a lot of floor space. The two-pack of bicycle ceiling hoists are the perfect way to store a pair of bikes overhead, keeping them out of the way when not being used, yet easily accessible when you want to go for a ride. It can be difficult to lift your bike over your head with ordinary hooks. Lifting and securing bikes is easy with their smooth pulleys, hooks and latches. Use the heavy duty rope to lift your bike, just slip the hooks under your seat and handlebars. Each set can hold up to 55 lbs and is made of thicker gauge rope and quality engineered pulleys. It's a great way to store ladders. If you want to screw it to the joist, you can do it on a 2 X 4 or directly on the ceiling. Their hooks have additional safety straps and are coated in anti-scratch rubber to protect your bike's paint and finish. The pulley has a locking mechanism that helps prevent accidental releases that could hurt you or your car. Adults should operate the hoists. A garage storage pulley system is a great gift for cyclists who might be difficult to lift their bike. Two sets of hoists were sold. A garage storage pulley system is a great gift for cyclists who might be difficult to lift their bike. Two sets of hoists were sold.

Brand: Great Working Tools

👤In a typical two car garage, you don't have room for much more than your cars. We got our new mountain bikes before our garage was packed. We had to move them to get to other things, like the lawn mower. The two pack of Great Working Tools bike hoists solved the problem. If you're not used to doing this kind of installation, you might want to hire a handy man. This is in my house. You have to attach the hangers in the ceiling joists. If the joists are not in a good location, you can put some 1X6 cross members between them. The members should have the hangers put to them. The lift is easy to use. Put the hooks under the seat and handle bars and tie them to the cleat. The set up is made with quality materials. It was a good purchase. Five stars.

👤The pully systems work well. The mounting hardware they come with is a problem. The screws are made with low grade metal and are prone to bending and breaking. screws with drywall anchors are not enough to hang a bike from the ceiling. If you buy this product, you should also buy a 1x4" board to mount the pullies on. The board should be secured with lag screws. You will need to buy your own screws and lag screws.

👤I used this to store a glider in the winter. I put it between the studs and mounted it to a 2 X 4. The automatic brake made this a one man job. I adjusted the level of the glider while I pulled it up, and then continued. The glider was light but I could have used both sets together. Extra security is provided by a couple of wood screws strategically placed.

👤We had similar versions in the garage when I was a kid. I could operate them with ease. I looked into wall mounted solutions but they still protrude into the garage space and take up valuable wall space. I installed these in about 30 minutes and am very happy with them. The bikes are out of the way.

👤As advertised! I gave it four stars because it would have been easier if I had three hands. There is a note. It can be difficult to work from the top of a step ladder. There is a It is clear that these are made for high ceilings. The bike tires are just a few inches above my head, and I have a 10 foot ceiling in my garage. About 6 1/2 feet. The Pulley system works well despite taking a minute to understand. I got 4 stars because I seem to be sturdy. I only have the hangers for a couple of months. There is a It's nice to have both bikes in my garage.

3. CyclingDeal CD SJ01 3

CyclingDeal CD SJ01 3

Wall bike rack works for most bikes, like road, mountain bike, cyclocross, hybrid, beach cruiser, BMX and kids' bikes. It's ideal for bike storage in home, office, garage, apartment or bicycle shop. There is free up garage space. Are you looking for a way to save floor space in your garage? You've been looking for this one. The wall mount rack is great for use in a garage or apartment. If you want to get organized, hang the bike on the wall to make room for other items. The design makes it easy to take out or hang up your bikes, and it also allows you to hang or detach your bikes in a second. No more mess! It's the same for most bikes. Most bikes, including Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, Kids Bikes, hybrid Bikes, Cyclocross, and Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycles, are designed to fit this bike hanger. The Max Tire width is 2.32” and the wheels size is from 14 to 29". The Max tire width is 50mm. 25C. The whole rack can hold up to 60 kilogram/135 kilogram bikes in total, and each hanger can hold up to 20 kilo/ 45 kilo bikes. It is easy to install and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It's great for garage and shed storage. The wall has 4 screws on it. They recommend that you use studs to securely mount it, otherwise it will be on the wall. Standard wood studs and solid walls are compatible. You can watch the video in their listing. Premium Aluminium alloy is a practical and durable material. The screws and anchors are of the highest quality. The hooks on the rack are covered with rubber, so there's no need for you to worry that the hook will scratch the rim of your bike. Also comes with hooks for hanging your helmets. The holder position can be adjusted. ORDER NOW, WORRY-FREE! They can provide a lifetime warranty because they're so confident in their product quality. It was made in Taiwan.

Brand: Cyclingdeal

👤This rack is easy to install, rock-solid, and looks nice and clean enough to make our bikes look a little better. I have attached a couple of pictures of my install. The plan was always to store only 4 bikes after I got the 5 bike model. Our bikes all have wider straight handlebars, and those take quite a bit of horizontal space, so it's a good idea to allow even more width. The garage door is on the right side of my house, so the handlebars can't extend past it. There is a The only change is that the hangers are not permanent. I've got a low one on the garage door end to make hanging/relocating that bike work farther from the potentially closed door, because the high one is open on one side. These are adult-sized bikes. I might consider moving the rack to a back wall in the spring in order to get more space, but it works well. I don't know much about handyman skills, so have some tips for the job. The main metal bar is very sturdy and the rack is light, but a stud- finder was essential. 4 bikes that are not made out of adamantium are heavy. The only practical option in this space was the 3 wall braces I used. It is solid with 4 bikes and braces. There is a The mounting screws are thick. I had to drill full-length pilot holes with a bit and then hand-tighten the screws with a big phillips screwdriver because I couldn't tighten them with a drill. One of the screws did not have the phillips grooves on the tip. I had extras because one of the clamps wasn't being used. I didn't have to worry about my stripping getting in the way of me. I didn't have any on hand already, but I'm sure the hardware store has good replacements. I used a level that reached across two of the braces. Perfect leveling looks nicer and doesn't put more strain on any one brace. You want the braces to be aligned so you can slide the main rack bar into place. I slid the bar into the first two braces after getting one screw in them. I adjusted the position of the third before putting the first screw in, and if I loosen the locking bolts, the bar will slide easily. It doesn't take much to make that much harder, so it's worth being careful with their positioning. There is a The locking nuts on the hangers were annoying to tighten. I gave up before taking my photos, but have since gotten the left one tightened. This helps keep the wheel on the level. The problem is that unlike the locks for the main bar or accessory hooks, these locking nuts are in the interior of the brackets. It uses a small 3mm key. The space is very small. You only get a 70 degree turn when you get the key lined up into the bolt. You have to pull the key arm and reset it after it hits the hook. I slid the bolt into the main bar to minimize the amount of tightening that would need the key. This step would be a lot easier if there was a hex key that could fit into this space. Don't let that affect you. Again, I have minimal home repair skills and experience, and this rack is really simple, and I got it all done in a couple of hours. The stud finder and level were very helpful, and the power drill and large phillips screwdriver were all that was needed to set it all up.

4. Indoor Bike Rack Bikes Silver

Indoor Bike Rack Bikes Silver

The solution is perFCt. You can display your bike in any room with a wall mount bike rack. Keep your garage or indoor space tidy and free up your floor space by storing your bikes in a convenient location. The wall bike storage unit is great for homes and apartments. The widest bike wall rack in the market is 33” wide. The bikes can hold up to 30 kilogrammes. Not compatible with heavy bikes. Bike Wall Storage allows for convenient storage and removal. The heavy-duty bike wall rack has a high strength rail. It is the best-looking bicycle wall rack in the market and will look great in your garage or home. Wide oversized hooks fit different wheel sizes. The storage system can be used for road, cyclocross, touring, hybrid, bmx, kids, MTB, beach cruisers and even Fat Bikes. Wheels are protected when hung with high quality hooks. Theangled design of the hook makes it easy to mount bikes and takes the pressure off the wheels, rims and spokes. It is easy to install in minutes with the included screws and bolts. TheVideos for this Product section has a helpful How to Videos section. The bike rack is wide and can hold bikes up to 30 kilogram/ 66.2 lbs. The standard US '2 x 4' (or '2 x 6') wooden stud is 16 inches from each other's center. It is not compatible with the stud which is 12” or 24” from each other's center. If you have a problem with your purchase, they are happy to give you a Refunds or a Replacement. If you have any questions or queries, please get in touch with them and they will be more than happy to help. Only install bike wall rack on a solid stud, beam, masonry or concrete wall. Unless there is a strong wooden stud behind the wall, do not install on it.

Brand: Pro Bike Tool

👤If your dry wall studs are not 32 inches apart, this bike rack won't work. The product description states that it works on Plasterboard, Dry or Stud Wall. The template for the holes to be drilled for the rack is 32 inches apart, and the interior garage wall has the studs spacing 18 inches apart. I mounted the right side into the stud and used 50lb dry wall anchors on the other side. After placing the second bike on the rack, the side with the dry wall anchor pulled out of the wall. If you can mount it into the wall, it will work.

👤The advertisement states that the rack works with up to 5 tires, but it is easy to follow instructions and use the template for the screws. It could hold my fat bike, road bike, and cross bike. The hooks are small on the unit that I received. Maybe I was mistaken and there is another rack with larger hooks. I can hang the fat bike on the rack, but I wish the hooks were longer. My dog only has four tires. Couldn't imagine trying to mount something bigger on these hooks. You have to make sure that the end of the hook isn't pushing into the fattie wheel. The fat bike is in the middle and the aluminum channel is pulled away from the wall in the center. There is a We'll see how it holds up. If you are using it for skinnier tire bikes that are not heavy, it is a great rack.

👤The bike rack is nice and works well. It's very easy to install if you have standard wood studs. The installation instructions make it seem like it's much easier to install than it is. I think it's hard to get a full sized 10 speed bike up onto the hanger. My wife can't do everything an average man can. It is easier to get them down. She can do that. She could probably get them hung up if she really worked hard at it. There is a It works great, but you need a little strength to actually use it. I can't find the button to attach pictures.

👤The instructions for mounting the rack were good. I had to mount a piece of lumber first because the location I chose didn't have the right spacing for the mounting holes. It was easy to mount the rack from there. The corner of my garage is where the rack is located. I had to figure out how far from the side wall to place the rack and still have room for a bike on, accounting for handle-bar width and hook placement. Your buyers might benefit from some guidance on this. The red hookcovers are cheap. I'm not sure they're needed, but more for aesthetic reasons. The shipping package had two halves of a red cover stuck together. I tried to pull the pin apart, but it broke. Oh well. Amazon sent me two sets of hooks and mounting hardware. I was able to steal one of the red clips from the spare set. It seems like a waste. I will not use the extra hooks. There is a I bought this rack because I thought the design would allow me to roll a bike up to the rack, lift one wheel and then roll it right onto the hook, with one tire still on the ground. I wouldn't have to lift the entire weight of the bike. The directions for this rack are very specific about how high off the floor the rack should be. I put up the bikes for the first time after following the directions, but not a single bike touched the floor. All three bikes have at least two to four inches off the floor. I am aware that bikes have different lengths. You might want to think about how far off the floor you want the tires to rest and account for different wheelbases before you mount this rack. I still have to lift the entire weight of my bike up when it's mounted off the floor. I ride a large mountain bike that is 27" in length, and I am 5 feet 10 inches tall. The prescribed distance between the hooks should be more of a suggestion. Depending on your bikes' bar width and how you hang them, you can have different spacing of the hooks. There is a The rack does what it says. I was able to mount three bikes. The bike rack is sexy for anyone who cares about bikes and is willing to pay for it. The cost is high, but the rack should last forever, the only breakable parts are expendable. There is a What does "sheerness" mean for Amazon? I'm having fun imagining.

5. Delta Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand

Delta Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand

It isdurable: The bike workstand was released to the market for a long time. One of the most reliable and durable bicycle repair stands is available for home or shop uses. They can keep enough parts for any claim in their warehouse, and offer a 5 year warranty on the rack. Bike storage is space saving. The Michelangelo 2 bike rack garage uses gravity to secure up to 2 bikes. The assembly was easy. The Michelangelo garage bike rack is easy to install. Assembly Hardware and a wall strap are included. In Minutes. Arms Accommodate Any Bike Size Or Style, Up To 40Lbs. The support arms are repositioned with a simple twist, which makes it easy to adjust. This large capacity vertical bike rack is made of quality steel and holds up to 2 bikes and a total weight of 80 lbs. The rubber feet keep the bike rack in place.

Brand: Delta Cycle & Home

👤I had high hopes for this bike rack. The stand will work perfectly despite the flimsy look, according to all of the reviews. Wrong. I have a small hybrid bike. My boyfriend has a bike. We could not get the bike to hold the bikes in place, which is a reasonable expectation for a small and Medium sized bike. There is a The older reviews seem to have been before the materials were changed. The rack I received had no red details. The grey grip that should hold everything is meaningless. When we put a bike on the rack, the arms that are on the frame start to slide so that both arms are on one side, and the bike slides over and one tire rests on the floor. Adding a second bike on top is a bigger disaster as that bike does the same thing and it rests a tire on the bottom bike, looks hideous, and I might as well have leaned the bikes on the wall. I tried spacing the arms further apart, swapped the bike places, but with the arms sliding wherever they please, it just wasn't working. It's a hassle and a waste of time to return it. I was looking forward to being able to store the bikes indoors, but I'm disappointed. The search is on.

👤It doesn't seem like it should work, but it does and it's amazing! It took a couple minutes to put the stand together. It leans against my wall and takes up very little space. I think it looks cool that I can get my bike up and out of the way. Everyone is surprised when they first see it and they have to touch it to believe it's strong. There is no chance of the stand tipping over because the bike is pulled towards the wall. I think this is a cool, well designed product and would recommend it to anyone looking to free up some space and store their bikes.

👤I don't feel very enthusiastic about this stand. It does the job, but has some design flaws. I'm not sorry I bought it, but I probably wouldn't buy another one. It does get the job done and is cheap compared to other bike stands. It was not easy to install the screws. The two pieces were not aligned correctly. There was no way to get the angle right to screw it in. Since gravity keeps the top piece on its own, I have set it up with a missing screw. It has not collapsed in 2 months. There is a The feet are not very stable. I have it on a hardwood floor, and I have noticed that it slowly slides forward over time. I have had to pull down my bikes, adjust the rack, and replace them twice because it had slipped too far for comfort. I might need to change the shoes for it. If I'd secured the top part to the wall with a screw, I might not have had this problem. There is a The bad news is that it doesn't hold my bikes well. The handles stayed put after I arranged them. The first day was rough, and I had a hard time getting the handle positioning right. Your bike's geometry and weight distribution will affect the relative heights of the handles. Try to angle them as far out as possible. I wish there was an extra piece to keep the front wheels in place, because they can turn and damage the wall. I rigged up a utility hook between the top front wheel and the wall to prevent this, but it's a little awkward. The utility hooks are not made for this purpose and are a bit too short, but they get the job done with a bag hanging off it. There is a It's a decent product. It works, but not fancy. It's cheap.

6. Koova Storage Bicycles Cruisers Mountain

Koova Storage Bicycles Cruisers Mountain

The quantity is 2 pieces and the Rim is 3.3 inch. Koova Bike Rack is a sturdy, easy space-saving storage system for bikes and helmets. It's simple to mount on a garage or shed wall. The hooks hold the bicycle until you are ready to ride. Hardware needed to mount in minutes is included. The bikes should be resting on the hooks. Up to two helmets are out of the way when storing your bikes, so it's a good idea to store them neatly. The steel component is cut and powder coated. Their innovative design supports the bike's weight while rubber encased hook cradles are not damaging the rim, tires or spokes. Water bottles, tubes, and other items are on a utility shelf. All bikes are compatible. You can hold your road, hybrid bikes and beach cruiser in one spot. Ample space between bikes allows for quick dismount. Fat tires? There are 3”+ sized hooks available. Koova's Bike Storage Racks are guaranteed to last. They offer a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. They will repair, replace or refund your money if you are not happy with a product.

Brand: Koova

👤I have always stored my bikes in the garage. I started talking to the owners of the bike shops and looking at the line. The Koova system is the best of the best according to the other reviewers. The bike storage rack has a top gun. To me, the most important thing is the wide of the tire and the properly-angled hangers. The J hook design used in the systems I had seen looked less sturdy, complicated or worse, and it made mounting a two person operation difficult. The helmet hooks are an added bonus. Everything can be stored in a single location. I bought the six bike rack. Three children were riding their bikes at the time of the review. You might see tire marks on the wall now that bikes are mounted. Not a dealbreaker. I'm sure I can come up with a solution. I had a question about the ideal height of the hanger channel above the floor to accommodate my cruiser bike. Within a few minutes of sending an email on a Friday afternoon in July, I got a nice reply from the founder, Mr. M. Richards. I know I made the right choice because of customer satisfaction.

👤It's very easy to install and hold 4 bikes. I don't know how you can get 6 bikes on this rack. The extra brackets were used to hold tie downs. It's easy to move the bike off the rack.

👤It's the best on the market. This product is worth every dollar. I couldn't get 3 bikes to fit, so I was confused. The CEO reached out to me after I wrote a review and explained that the middle bike and 2 outside bikes are supposed to be handle bars up. You can maximize the space by doing that. It's rare to have a CEO. It is advisable to send a gift for the confusion as well as go to this level of customer service. I left a review for the Koova Garden Wall Mount. Another great product from this company. I bought a second one because I liked it so much. In the picture, I only have a small portion of the sets up. I put 3 bars together in each set. The 4th bar is on a different wall. This is by far the best unit out there. Is easy to mount and durable. I told you that I have 30 items on my wall. It is not even 2 full sets. It looks organized and not cluttered. A good one.

👤This was the easiest bike wall mount I have ever installed. It can fit 6 bikes top to bottom. We have a mountain and road and it is not an issue. The only thing that happened during installation was the head of the mounting screws being twisted off. It needs to find another one and mount it lower. An extra in the package would be nice.

👤This is an excellent bike rack. If I had ordered the 6 bike mount, it would have been sent as a set of 2 mounts that are about 32ish inches long. If you don't have the space on a single wall, you can mount in 2 different locations. There is a It came with all the necessary hardware. I put it into concrete. I used the same screws as the included lag bolts. It worked fine and did not cause any issues with the bike mounting hardware. It was very easy to install. I received a package in the mail that contained additional screws because there was a report of lag bolts sheering, which seems like a small company. I would buy again.

7. Telephone Romantic Unframed Bedroom Bathroom

Telephone Romantic Unframed Bedroom Bathroom

The motocross party supplies are a great gift for a colleague, boy, husband, father, and game lovers to decorate their party. You can decorate your room with these Paris wall art prints, which come in 4 different styles, and are equipped with 20 pieces of glue dots, enough for you to decorate your room, whisk yourself away on a romantic and nice adventure through Paris. The Paris wall picture measures approx. It is portable for you to carry and store due to the light weight, but it would not take up too much space. These Paris art posters are made of heavy cardstock and are coated with laminated PET film layer, which makes them look charming and colorfast, and you can use dry-erase pen to write something on its surface. Paris wall art prints decors can be used in a wide range of places, including the office, bedroom, kitchen, apartment, hotel, house, dining room, bar and so on. Adding a romantic atmosphere to your room can make you feel more romantic. Paris wall art prints appearance: pink Eiffel tower, telephone booth, bicycle, so on, take you to explore a romantic trip to Paris; High definition for home interior decoration gift give kids and friends, it is the nice choice for a meaningful and creative look for room.

Brand: Outus

👤They showed up bent because they're little flimsy glossy prints on paperlike cardboard.

👤Can't beat the price. The frames were mounted to the wall at the dollar store. Really pleased with the product.

👤I don't like sticky tabs. I will buy some black frames to give them a nicer look.

👤I thought it would be like a canvas photo, but it is not. You have to buy a frame for it.

👤This was returned to the store and I don't have to pay for it again.

👤I ordered it as a birthday gift and it's not an option to get a replacement due to timing. I received three pictures. I fell as if I was ripped off because I didn't receive what I ordered.

8. HOMEE Hanger Bicycle Vertical Storage

HOMEE Hanger Bicycle Vertical Storage

The Vertical Bike Wall Mount Bike Hanger is made of strong steel and has a load capacity of 60 lbs. The color is black. The bike is hung vertically to save space. The metal bike hooks cover with sponge cover, protect the wheel from scratching with this kind of bike hooks for wall. Accidental release is prevented by a safety engineered locking mechanism. It's practical to have a bike wall mount for all types of bikes. It depends on how strong the wall is, but can hold up to 66 lbs of a bike. The bike wall mount vertical has a maximum hanging weight up to 66lb and greater clearance from wall to bike to fit a wider variety of bicycles. The bike wall mount vertical has a maximum hanging weight up to 66lb and greater clearance from wall to bike to fit a wider variety of bicycles.

Brand: Homee

👤We decided to get these bikes out of the way, but we needed two packs of whatever we landed on. These are sturdy and fit the bill nicely. There is a I think 1 person would have been even harder than the other because they were a bit of a pain to install. You have to drill holes in the wall, pay attention to clearances for the cars, and make sure the bike is high enough. Once the anchors are in place, putting the bikes up is a chore and there is no wiggle room. I would recommend assistance with putting these up. The bike should be closer to the car than the one further away. We rationalized it the other way around because it seemed common sense. Don't do it! We have to be very careful as we pull into the garage, but these are out of the way, so mission accomplished.

👤There are many reviews that say that these came out of the wall. People need to learn how to install. They are great if you screw straight into the stud. I had mine for about four months and have not had any issues. I use my bike a lot at my house. Maybe some people are using the wall anchors? If you want to attach a bike hook with anchors, you have to drill directly into the stud or you will regret it. These were a great deal because I only paid $17.59 for them. Everyone is buying bikes, so the price of bike equipment is higher. The price will most likely drop again after a few months.

👤I am amazed by the complicated bike hangers on the market, but this is a simple functional alternative. The mount is very efficient. If you have a lot of bikes, it's useful. The bikes may stick out a bit more than anticipated. The sweet spot is hard to find, but it is very simple. Stand the bike up and find the location of the top tire on the wall so the hook is higher. It will easily clear the floor if it is slightly higher than it needs to be. The first time I set up the mount, the bottom wheel rested on the cinder block base wall of the garage, so I raised the mount a bit and it cleared easily. Don't be afraid to mount it too high. There is a The mount works well on the back wall of the garage. It will get bikes out of the way but it may be difficult to get the bikes out of the garage. A horizontal mount on the side wall is a better choice for frequent access to the bike.

👤I can't hang my mountain bike from the ceiling of my garage, so these vertical bike hangers seemed to be the perfect solution. The bicycle wall mount that I decided on was of good quality, had good reviews, and came with mounting hardware. Other sellers are selling the same mount under different names, the wall anchors may be different colors. The quality looked good and they included good mounting hardware. Since there were no wall studs to attach them to, I used the included fasteners. I was a little concerned if they could hold the weight of the bike, but since there was no mention of any issues I drilled the smallest holes I could and hammered in the 4 anchors. When I hung my mountain bike, I didn't think the tire would fit into the hook as the fit was so tight. I was able to angle the bike to the right and get the front tire in the hook. The knobby on my mountain bike is a common size. There is only 3” of clearance between the hook and the backing plate to squeeze a tire. See the pic. The hook is welded in place. There is a A few weeks later. I hear a loud crash in my living room. I went to the garage and found the wall anchors had been pulled out of the wall and the bike had come crashing down on a new welder. See the pic. The mounts are of good quality and should hold up. If you have a street or hybrid bike, you should be fine. If you can mount the holder with the rear tire resting on the ground, you should not have a problem with the mount coming loose with the supplied screws and wall anchors. If you want to hang your bike off the ground, you need to find more secure wall anchors or you need to secure the bike hanger directly to wood or concrete. There is something.

9. Shuxy Decoration Ornaments Figurines Decorative

Shuxy Decoration Ornaments Figurines Decorative

A great gift for a birthday. The size is approximately 18* 6.5*12 cm/7.1* 2.6*4.7in. Collection, Business Gift, Birthday Gift are used. Home office desk ornaments.

Brand: Shuxy

👤There is a small shelf in the bathroom. This was perfect. Light weight but strong. I was thrown off when I saw the picture on the outside of the box looked like a motorcycle, but when I opened the box, I saw the bike I saw online. Excellent value. It was much higher than elsewhere.

👤The kick stand is too bent for a bike to stand most of the time. I had to get it to stand up. I like the piece.

👤It's amazing. This little bike is very special to me. Excellent craftsmanship. You will not be disappointed.

👤My daughter in law is an avid cyclist. She loved the thoughtfulness but the details were more intricate. It is sturdy and beautiful. Keep it propped up with the kickstand. The gift card for bike accessories was the perfect gift for me.

👤The bicycle is adorable. It's well-constructed. I used it in a photo for a book review. I have to find a place for it in my home.

👤I bought a bike for both of them. I think they are cute.

👤Wrong box. The box was in a perfect Amazon box with other orders. The item is broken. Poor quality.

👤I added my bookshelf to my office because it is cute, not overwhelming and a pretty copper color.

10. AmazonBasics Horizontal Mount Hanging Installation

AmazonBasics Horizontal Mount Hanging Installation

It's very easy to install a garage bike rack with the included tools and screws. It can be done with a drill and screwdriver. Unless there are wooden stud behind the plaster wall, do not install on it. The bike hanging rack is horizontal and easy to access. The steel has a powder-coated Hammertone Grey finish. The rubber arms help hold the bike in place. It's easy to assemble the wall of an urban apartment, studio or garage. Measures 2 by 8 by 15 inches. Measures 2 by 8 by 15 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I had to return all of the 4 racks that I brought. The first one fell off the wall. Yes... The screws were used to drill into the stud. It was very awkward putting the rack together. It isn't as pictured. You have to put it together and drill it into the wall. It's hard to describe. This bike rack is only for smaller bikes. This would be perfect for a child's bike.

👤You clearly have a set of expectations when you buy something like Amazon BASICS. This hangs my bike on the wall for not a lot of money, which is the only real requirement I had. It is not pretty, it is difficult to install if you don't have a horizontal frame bar, and it is not particularly sturdy because it is 3 pieces sandwiched together by the through-screws that hold it to the wall. You could do better, but this will work.

👤I gave this 3 stars because it is doing the job. The frame is bending from one bike. It seems like it won't last very long due to the noticeable bending. It is an ok bike mount. I'm just hanging my bike up gently, for now. The mount is easy to install.

👤The garage has a 2x4 wall stud. The metal on the bike rack was soft butter.

👤The Bosu Ball can be removed from the floor when not in use. Despite being a bike rack, it is sturdy.

👤It is easy to install and does not take up a lot of space. I love it!

👤My BOSU is stored in the home gym. It works perfectly.

👤Sturdy and easy to install.

👤Non ci sono fisher in dotazione.

👤Sitzt, hlt und passt. The Einfache Montage.

👤Fixa e suporta a bicicleta. Aprovo.

11. Wintek Outdoor Storage Protector Organizer

Wintek Outdoor Storage Protector Organizer

Holds up to 40 lbs of weight. The bike hooks are strong enough to hold bikes up to 40 lbs. The foldable wall mount bike storage stand makes sure that your bike is safe and stable when put in the bike wall mount hanger. There are certain functions. Storage hooks are great for organization because they are great for folded chairs, ladders, bicycles, tools, garden hoses, kayak, lumber, sport equipments and other bulky items. Two of them can be used to hang heavy objects. The material is high quality. The garage storage hangers are made of tubular steel. It is rust resistant and powder coated. The HauSun storage hook has an EVA protector which can protect your hanging items from scratch. The size is 9 x 9 x 3-1/5-5. It's suitable for hanging most heavy items, especially big ladders. The diameter of the tube is 7. Each one has a max load capacity of 40 lbs. There are 12 screws and plastic anchors inside, and they are 1-2-5" long. To drill a hole in the spot you marked, make a small pencil mark where the center of the screw will go. Make sure the hole is deeper than the anchor. The anchors should be inserted into the hole. Use a screwdriver to screw the bolt. They are committed to do their best to make sure their customers are satisfied with the purchase of wall mount garage utility hooks from them. If you have a question, please contact them. They want their customers to be happy. They are committed to do their best to make sure their customers are satisfied with the purchase of wall mount garage utility hooks from them. If you have a question, please contact them. They want their customers to be happy.

Brand: Hausun

👤The hooks are not suitable for kayak storage. The 90 degree support arm will dig into the side of your kayak due to the fact that the hooks are not wide enough. I put pieces of scrap carpet between the hooks and the kayak, because I have a 70 pound kayak that I put on these hooks. The side of the kayak was damaged when it rested on the hooks. If the 90 degree support arms were 15-20 degrees warmer, the weight of the kayak and the pressure point where it meets the support arms would be mitigated. Being sturdy and padded earned 3 stars. These are not for kayak storage, they are for other uses. I made a mistake when I mentioned kayak storage in the description, so I would recommend the seller to remove that reference.

👤I bought the first six packs of these to hold three different sized battle ropes in an organized manner against the wall when not in use in the exercise room. I used two per rope for aesthetic and ease of use because the strength of each seemed like it could accommodate a single rope. The support arms are better than I expected. I ordered a second six pack to support heavy planters against a side concrete retaining wall because the 9" gap can accommodate quite a bit. The planters were easy to fit with the width and the long black planters featured cascading herbs. The screws were upgraded to Tapcon 3/16 x 2 1/4 for concrete but no alterations were made. The foam protection seems sturdy and is very good quality. The hardware they arrive with is perfect for use out of the box and the arm is coated in black.

👤The materials look good and will last a long time. My issues are related to mounting. The screws are poor grade metal and can be easily drill or hand held. I tried to tighten the screws even with large pilot holes. The mounting holes are too close to use on a 2x4 for heavy loads. If just 1/2 inch was closed, they would be perfect on 2x4 cross beams. Better screws and slightly closed holes would make bicycles better.

👤I didn't use the hanging screws and anchor included in the package. I used self tapping screws to attach the hooks to the metal building. Ladders, loading ramps, and pump hoses are hanging. The items should have been taken off the ground a long time ago to stop leaves from covering the lower portion. I think so. The foam EVA protects bikes and other items from damage. These are hoping to get many years of use out of them.

👤The hooks are great but the screws are garbage. The screws that I used to mount these into studs broke because they couldn't handle the Torque of being screwed into wood. They snapped in the middle. I didn't do anything aggressive with my drill to cause this. I used regular wood screws and they worked well.


What is the best product for bicycle wall hanger decor?

Bicycle wall hanger decor products from Habom. In this article about bicycle wall hanger decor you can see why people choose the product. Great Working Tools and Cyclingdeal are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle wall hanger decor.

What are the best brands for bicycle wall hanger decor?

Habom, Great Working Tools and Cyclingdeal are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle wall hanger decor. Find the detail in this article. Pro Bike Tool, Delta Cycle & Home and Koova are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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