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1. JKSafety Visibility Reflective Standards XX Large

JKSafety Visibility Reflective Standards XX Large

Their vests are made from durable materials that will last for a long time. It's all-weather protection. Stay safe and visible. The material is 100% Polyester H-Vis Reflective. The next 1-2 sizes should be ordered by customers who prefer a loose fit. Before placing an order, please check the size chart. There is high visibility and a lot of flexibility. The Neon Yellow safety vest has two-inch wide reflective strips that cover the waist, chest, shoulders and back, which give you protection while you are working under daylight or low light conditions. There are 9 multi- function pockets. The safety vest has 9 front pockets with a zip up closure for easy access. Enough space for a flashlight. There are multiple applications for Municipal Workers, Constructions, Contractors, Renovation Professionals, Engineers, Surveyors, Forestry, Warehouse Personnel, Securities, Parking Attendants, Public Safety Officers, Airport Ground Crew, Crossing Safety Guard, Cycling, Wildness Hiking, Park Walking, Jogging, Motor. There are new information aboutCERTIFICATIONS. There is a guarantee for full compliance with the class 2 type R. It's risk-free! Add to cart now. There are new information aboutCERTIFICATIONS. There is a guarantee for full compliance with the class 2 type R. It's risk-free! Add to cart now.

Brand: Jksafety

👤I picked this up because I needed a high visibility outer layer that would fit over my late fall/ early winter camping layers. I ordered it because the price was right and the shipping would be on time, so I'll get my act together next time and find a solution. No need. This is a keeper. The pockets are amazing and the overall greatness of this thing. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product. Below are the main features and what I liked the most about them. I've had the displeasure of being required to wear a safety vest that is lightweight and doesn't hold a nasty crease. The piping edging of the pocket flaps is reflective, the stitching is good and the snaps are attached. These are the best features, and they make me wish they made this vest in not-safety-colors and in a small, I'd add a couple to my general camping and outdoor activity wardrobe in a heartbeat. There are all these pockets and only 8.8oz. I probably didn't read the details. I was looking for solutions that were not just for form, function and price, but also for the design of the chest pockets, which were so well designed that they could hold most phones upside down. The right chest has a flap that hides a pen pocket, a key/lanyard ring, and a smaller flap closure pocket, but I don't know if it will hold a flat carpenter's pencil. The hip pockets are both large and have a snap closure. They're plastic snaps, but they lock and keep the weight down. I have become one of those. There is a This is a note of caution. This may not be a daily safety vest for everyone. The lightweight material and pocket-laden design makes me happy because I am 5'4" and my main person is 6'4". I love the lightweight because I can chase him up the trail quicker. fully loaded I'm chasing him uphill to camp. Someone doing heavy outdoor manual labor may not want that same lightweight design. You'd probably need a replacement about quarterly if you work most of the day to day. I think the pockets wouldn't be very desirable to a lot of construction workers, because they'd get hung up on equipment if the vest was loose in the summer and not tight in the winter, especially in winter with a jacket that makes everything stick out. If you're ordering for a daily driver, you should be aware of that. For how nice it is, I could be completely wrong, but my experience with this particular type of fabric is limited, or at under $20 a throw, maybe you just order a handful at a time and call it a wear and tear part. J.K sells a discounted 5-Pack of these bad boys, so you and all your friends can match, or you get a year plus daily use supply. Either way, win.

2. Reflective Lightweight Adjustable Visibility Clothing

Reflective Lightweight Adjustable Visibility Clothing

It is reflective. hivisibility vests are made from high quality reflective material and have 1.5 cm wide reflective strips for maximum reflectivity. It's perfect for summer time as well as winter and conditions because it's fit is fullyadjustable andbreathable. A sling reflective vest is suitable for any outdoor activities, including running,biking,walking,jogging,warehouse keeper,construction or transportation work. The go-to product for men, women, as well as teenagers or older kids is the neutral design,Weighing in at a tad over six ounces. The Buckle system is for quick on and off. Simple and easy. The Amprich safety vest comes with a 90 day money back guarantee.

Brand: Amprich

👤I replaced my old reflective vests with these and am very happy with them. The vest and other clothes are much more durable with no more messes from velcro. The plastic clip is lighter and better. It took a while to get the right fit for both of us, but once it was done, we are both different sizes. If you are small, I think these would work for you. They might flap a bit. They work well in the dark. I have washed them several times with bleach and they have been good. There was no loss in quality. I had bought more because I had to wash vests all the time and they got messed up very fast, but with these, I still have a couple in the box. A good purchase.

👤This was used for walking at night. These work well. It's important to pack a small amount of extra safety when walking around the neighborhood at night. There is a Also, note: It's not as helpful for an older parent. My dad never really caught onto the idea of putting on alone. A vest is a better idea if you have an older parent. I ended up with him there.

👤They do the job, but the problem is for winter wear over a heavy coat, they tend to push the coat up over the butt. I think it would be easier to replace these with a reflective vest. The way it interacts with a coat is part of the schtick. I can walk in daylight in the summer because the sun doesn't go down until 10 pm. I need this for walking after 4:30. I never would have thought of putting something like this over a bulky winter coat, I was raised in Los Angeles. It's worth it just to try it out for the price.

👤These were large enough for me. The shoulder straps are too short for a large man. They reflect well.

👤It will be snug if you have a large to large body type.

👤This unit is made of material that can be expanded. It is too small for a bigger person. It would be usable for nearly everyone if there was another six inches of material. Went cheap on a product. Too bad.

👤2nd time buying these. I love these so much. Stay put. It's great for running at night.

3. Reflective Running Charging Ultralight Adjustable

Reflective Running Charging Ultralight Adjustable

There is a super bright light source. The Hi Vis vest can be seen from more than 500 yards away. Choose your preferred mode, it looks amazing. The straps for visibility will make you more safe. Fixinus reflective gear is a must when on a run, walk, or ride. The technology of fissures can be adjusted. One size fits all. Small to X-LARGE: Waist Band Circumference: 33.5 - 39 inch, Waist to Shoulder: 16.9 inch. It doesn't bother me. High Light Guide Fiber is contained in the PU material covering the light-guide tube. Strongly increase your personal safety while walking, jogging, running, dog walking, cycling, motorbiking, kids playing, or even directing traffic. The large pocket and light weight design of the LED Running Vest make it easy to wear over a T-shirt, Winter coat or any type of clothing. You will forget about this reflective jacket if you wear Breathable mesh fabric. A large pocket allows storing items. The charging time is 2 hours and the illumination time is 10 hours. You don't have to buy new batteries or glowsticks when you have theusb cable. You need a Drawstring Storage Bag to keep your vest in place after use. It's a part of your reflective safety gear and you should take it with you whenever you go out at night. They love their pets and know you will too. If you don't like their product, contact them and they will give you a full refund. It applies to gift purchases.

Brand: Fixinus

👤The vest has amazing visibility. I feel safer running in the city now that I'm more visible to vehicles. The fit of the vest is a bit awkward when you only have a few size choices. The vest fit better after I made adjustments to the straps. It would be great to have a battery life indicator. The battery lasted for four hours after I used the vest for four runs. I decided to charge the battery rather than risk it fading on me. It would be nice to have indicators for battery life.

👤I was looking for a vest that would last. I just got this, so hopefully will continue to work. The initial impression is good. The power button is easy to put on. The front and back are visible because of the lights. There is a pocket on the front. I like the idea of a battery. My previous vests were difficult to deal with because they worried about breaking the battery case and ruining the waterproof feature. Definitely would recommend. After 2 uses at night, no complaints. Will keep you updated as I get further into use.

👤It's bright and comfortable. I bought two for my husband and myself and they fit us perfectly. The cell phone holder in front is very convenient, I have a regular iPhone and it would fit an iPhone Max. I moved my cell to my jacket pocket after jogging because it did bounce a little. We only use it at night and it lights up the sidewalk very well, and the neighbors we walk by have said they like the vests, and asked where we got them. We have used them at least half a dozen times and haven't had to charge them yet. Buy these!

👤My runs start before the sun comes up. The first time I wore this vest, I noticed that drivers gave me more distance as they passed me. Even though I feel safer running in the dark, I still run against traffic to make sure I see drivers who are paying attention to me.

👤Several people have been hit by cars recently because the drivers didn't see them. I wanted to be visible. The vest is bright and reflective, and the strips are eye-catching. It's easy to put on and take off with the tabs at the side. It's a stretch to fit it over a winter coat, so just be aware that it runs small.

4. Reflective Running Adjustable Ultralight Walking

Reflective Running Adjustable Ultralight Walking

The loop and hook are closed. The reflective vest can be seen from 800 feet away and has a coverage of all weather. It's much safer at night to be found by bright color and excellent reflective strips. Ultra lightweight and absorbent, good quality thin mesh fabric and quick drying material provides a soft and comfortable feeling, you won't forget wearing this reflective safety vest. It's a great jacket for running, cycling, jogging, motorcycling and walking the dog. 5 sizes high reflective running vest with a waist band that can be adjusted to fit different body shapes for women and men is an adjusted and convenient design. You can carry phones, keys and cards in a large pocket. The reflective set comes with a reflective running vest and two hi vis arm/ ankle/wrist bands, better to be seen from all angles. Hang to dry, and they recommend hand washing in cold water. GoxRunx reflective gear is guaranteed to be the top quality, promising 24 hours online service. If you have a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Goxrunx

👤I am 5ft 7in and 150lb, medium size chest. The medium fit was perfect, but if I'd sized it down it wouldn't fit with layers. There is a High quality visibility gear is cheap. I could easily be seen on a dark night when I ran in the snow. I suggest putting one band on your ankle and the other on your thigh, then wearing the vest. Cars can see you at all heights. I did not have to worry about my shoulders slipping off even at sprinting speeds or jumping to dodge puddles. The reflective bands are stretchy enough to fit on my thigh but not restrict circulation or cause a mark. The bands are very sturdy and don't rub skin or fall down. It was worth it.

👤I told my wife to wear something reflective when she runs in the dark. She agreed to wear it after I ordered it. Usually my attempts of control are met with a shrug and a lecture about how the man needs to get his foot off her throat. Since I am the only male in the house, I am a little concerned because I have never had my foot on her throat. I don't know what she is talking about. The vest fit her. She agreed to wear this when she runs because it doesn't interfere with her stride. She told me that the pioneer women didn't need reflective vests when they traveled the Oregon Trail because she wore a vest. I agreed.

👤I bought this for my wife who walks a lot. She called for me to come pick her up after she got caught in the rainstorm. I bought it because I was able to see her from 200 yards away. She says it is very comfortable and easy to put on.

👤I bought this to replace a vest that was 30 years old. I got my dog a vest. I should do the same thing for myself. There is a The vest makes me visible to cars when I'm out early. I'm a 160-pound male with a 38-40" chest, depending on the eating and workout season. T-shirts can be medium or large for me. If I am wearing a basic white t-shirt. I wear a medium. There is a I bought a vest that fits well. The upper part fits well. The lower portion has straps. I have worn the vest over a t-shirt, over a running outfit, and over a walking outfit, and the MEDIUM vest fits well. There is a I didn't know the zippered pocket was a nice feature. I put my house key in there. I know I will not lose it. I don't use the pocket for things. I use a sleeve for my phone. I don't carry a wallet on runs. I can't give any other advice on size. It runs true to size in my case. There is a My dog likes the fact that we both have safety vests on when we go out. I think he does. Who knows?

5. LED Reflective Belt Rechargeable Lightweight

LED Reflective Belt Rechargeable Lightweight

This is a life saver. It gives you a better view. It's 100 times safer than any other alternative. There is no way to ignore anyone wearing this. Vehicles will see you all the time. There are limited applications that you can be seen when walking, running, hiking, cycling, horseback riding and motorcycling. It's perfect for child safety, roadside safety, construction, law enforcement and airport personnel. It can be worn by the whole family. Change the light between "Flash" and "Glow" with just one click. The easy-to-use clips make it easy to put on the belt. The straps are elastic and easy to adjust. You can wear it at the waist, over the shoulder, or click it around your backpack. There are a variety of battery materials, such as chargeable batteries, light weight batteries, spherical batteries, anddurable materials. The microusb battery gives up to 20 hours of illumination. There is no hassle with replacing batteries. It's well-constructed and well-built. A design that will last a long time. Order now with peace of mind because of their Lifetime Guarantee. There were no catches.

Brand: Illumiseen

👤When the sun isn't out, I use the red and blue lights on my skateboard to illuminate my backpack. I sewed new loops with a D-ring type of clip at both ends after cutting most of the elastic belt. These can be removed from my backpack with ease. I don't notice them because they are lightweight. I left a light that was fully charged on for 3.5 hours and then gave up because the battery was running out. I don't know how long they will last on, but 3.5 hours is enough for me to charge them once a week. The flashing function on these lights is negative. The on portion of the duty cycle is very long. The time off seems to be 3 times longer than the on time, meaning that they are not as noticeable when in flashing mode. I'm not worried about the flashing mode since I'm just going to use them fully powered on. There is a The attached photo shows the red and blue lights installed on my backpack, along with a typical bicycle rear flashing light for a brightness comparison.

👤I am an adult female with a 29-inch waist and the belt is very large. I don't think this would work for kids. The backside of the person is lit by the light from the light in front. Not visible to other people. You would have to wear it with a buckle on your side, which is awkward, and then it lights up on one side or the other of your body, and the other side is dark. It's just odd. We have an old house with outlets near the floor, which means the belts would lie around on the floor because the cord is too short to reach a bookcase or table. The belt is very stiff, which makes it hard to wear a crop top or running bra in the summer. Yuck. The light is very bright. I don't think it's practical. I will return to my battery-operated armbands.

👤The belt seems sturdy and made of quality materials. The buyer is shown pictures of a "Color Guard" style belt with two straps that cross the back and chest. The cost of 2 of the belts is not stated in the ad, so it adds up to nearly 40 dollars. There is an ad for a single belt, but there is no mention that the buyer has to buy 2 belts if they want an X-shaped belt. There are two more The whole family can wear the belt since it fits men, women and children. I am barely 5'8" and the belt doesn't leave enough length under the arm to move comfortably with a winter coat on. See photo. The husband is 6'2” and he can't get the belt on in the diagonal position without a coat. We are both small. The buyer can wear a single belt around their waist, but that is not what one would expect from the advertising.

6. Priessei Running Cycling Reflective Windproof

Priessei Running Cycling Reflective Windproof

The newest version of the men's reflective biking vest is smaller than before, so please take at least 1-2 sizes up. The reflective tapes on the front and back of the sleeveless cycling wind vest are visible at night. A running vest with a good room to move or layer beneath is wind resistant and lightweight. The pocket on the back is practical for small items. The windbreaker vest is nice for running, hiking, and biking.

Brand: Priessei

👤The vest is nice. It is cut too big. I weigh 260 lbs. I bought it. It was too big. I swapped it for the larger version. That was too big. I ended up getting a L.

👤The wind vest I bought was perfect for cycling. If you don't want to be baggy or loose, you may need to size down. I am 5 years old. Medium was the smeller for me. Would buy again for a great price.

👤I bought this as an affordable layer for running or cycling. My size Small is blocky, baggy, and a few inches too long, and the stock product photos show an appealing fit that tapers from the chest to the waist. The vest is the same width under the armpits as it is at the waist. If you're able to, look for an athletic fit that won't flap in the wind or order at least one size down.

👤The wind vest is decent. It fits well. The bottom/waist area is a little tight. I have a 50" chest and the XXL fits well across the top of it. Once I'm in a riding position, the overall fit gets snug. I'll use the vest under a jersey to block the wind. There is a The large amount of material along the zip up channel is the only bad thing about this vest. I think another reviewer mentioned this. I have to wrench it apart every time I zip up this fabric. This is the only bad thing about the vest.

👤It was returned because it was too snug. The size of the fabric is important. The 2XL fits better but still seems a bit small. I would recommend a size up. When I cycle, I bought this. The overall seems well made and keeps the wind out. It is good for when a full jacket is too warm. Four stars because the wind flap is thin and easy to grab. It takes a long time to work it loose. I am happy with the vest.

👤After reading the reviews, I ordered my husband a regular size. His size was larger than what I usually wear and it was a better fit for me. The armholes are small. When I was riding a bike, my hands cut into my upper shoulder. They are going back because of that problem. I bought them for the reflective details so we could see them. I don't know what size I'd wear because the sizing is off. It is not American size.

7. Runners Goal Reflective Visibility Motorcycles

Runners Goal Reflective Visibility Motorcycles

You can find your perfect fit with the 6 stretchy straps that you can modify to fit both large and small. You can wear it over your jacket or get a snug fit over your summer running outfit. Their vest is ready for work and not just for marathon training. Police, construction workers, dog walkers, traffic crossing guard, bike riders, trail runners, motorcycle riders, emergency personnel and just about anyone who could use better visibility will benefit from wearing this vest over their clothing. The VizMax uses a stylish gray material that is 100% reflective, unlike other vests that use neon yellow material. Imagine the difference when you're walking at night and your vest is glowing in the glow of oncoming traffic. They've used the finest materials, from the mesh to the zip up. This vest is one of those running accessories that you will have for a long time. They're not happy unless you're happy. It is built to hold up to everything you can throw at it.

Brand: Runner's Goal

👤I love this! I have some very long dark nights when I live far north. I get home in the dark when I go to work. Running in the dark is dangerous. I don't know if this helps cars slow down, but whoever hits me will definitely see me. I have had people ask if it was me, and then follow up with "that is a bright vest!" I'm the envy of my running friends. I'm a 130lb woman and usually wear s or m clothes, but it does slip off my shoulders. I tied the back to make it more racerback. It works well. It's somewhat windproof and works well, sides adjust a bit. Sometimes I put my keys in a big pocket. It's held up to one long Maine winter.

👤Absolutely love it. It is very light and well made. It has a large pocket on the back. I keep my phone and keys in it. The pocket is easy to open even while I am running. There isn't much room for adjustments with this vest, though there are options to make both sides larger or smaller. When it gets cold, the straps will be nice for layers. There is a The vest is very reflective, and for the first time, I can see people moving over when I run. I was only wearing safety/ neon clothes, but it was much better than before.

👤I like the idea of this vest, but I wish the craftsmanship was better. I've had it for about a month and so far have dealt with a few issues, including the stitching coming undone on one of the elastic connectors on the side. I don't know how someone would use this vest as a running vest, I only use it for walking my dog at night. I'm giving it 3 stars because I like it so much that it's worth doing the repairs to make it hold up better, but be aware that you're buying yourself a sewing project as well as a reflective vest.

👤I have taken my vest out on a few runs and it gives me an amazing amount of visibility. It's easy to clean. It's not as airy as I was expecting, but it's fine for fall and winter running. I can't use it in the winter. Since it will sometimes miss a few teeth, it can be difficult to zip closed or open. The clinking sound of the zippers makes a sound when they bounce with each step during a run. When I listen to music on dedicated run paths, it's not an issue, but when I have one or both ears open, the sound of the zipper can be a distraction. I would buy it again and give it to friends and family.

8. Direction Indicator Charging Adjustable Accessory

Direction Indicator Charging Adjustable Accessory

The bladder bag includes high quality 1 liter PEVA and a free bladder. It's leak proof and can be easily replaced. Water stays cool all day. The 2-inch screw cap makes cleaning easy. The mouth is dustproof and has a soft high flow bite-valve. There is a super bright light source. The Hi Vis backpack is visible from more than 500 yards away and has glowing lights that keep you safe in the daytime and light up at night. Choose your preferred left, right, or stop signal. Fixinus Turn Signal Vest will remind passengers and drivers to stay away from you. Wireless remote control. The wireless control will enhance your personal safety while jogging, running, dog walking, hiking, cycling, motorbiking and more. You don't have to take their hands off the handlebars if you put the wireless transmitter on the bike. It's a perfect add-on for road cycling and can be used as a wireless bike turn signal light. It's easy and convenient. One size fits all. Small to X-LARGE: Chest Band Circumference is 10-19 inch, 25-50 cm, and Chest to Shoulder is 10-5 inch. It doesn't bother me. The elastic straps on the LED Running Vest allow it to be easily worn over a T-shirt, Winter coat, Sports gear or assembled on your own cycling backpack. You don't have to buy new batteries or glowsticks if you have the includedusb cable. Wow, it's much more eco-friendly. It's a part of your reflective safety gear and you should take it with you whenever you go out at night. They love their pets and know you will too. If you don't like their product, contact them and they will give you a full refund. It applies to gift purchases.

Brand: Fixinus

👤Some drivers behind me are asking if I could dim the vest a little. There is a This vest is supposed to keep you safe at night and let drivers know you are in danger. You can see the vest's brightness in your vision. The indicators are huge and it's bright. Drivers behind you see you and what you want to do. As far away as you can see the tractor trailers lights. That's a looooooooooooong way off. There is a Every biker should have one. All bikers should wear manitory in every state.

👤The small controller device fails to function consistently, despite the idea being fine. When we opened the package, it was obvious that the instructions were barely in English and hard to understand. I had to look at videos on the internet to figure out how the controller worked, and I realized that it should light up when buttons are pressed. I decided to open it to see if the batteries were installed, but when I closed it I realized it had not been assembled correctly from the vendor. I closed it correctly and was able to get it to work, but it failed on a ride. I was unable to change the turn signal. I was stuck in the forward arrow position. It's a good idea, but not worth the frustration.

👤The vest is wonderful. I feel safer using it. The battery life has been good so far. I have only had one problem with forgetting to change the arrow after turning a corner. That is a mistake made by a user. The buttons are easy to reach and I was surprised how many vehicles respond to me when I need to turn left. There is no confusion about what I need to do as long as they are watching. It's comfortable to wear.

👤This is bright and nice. I like how visible it is. I have to let go of the handle grip to change the indicator. If only the remote could be attached so that I could use my thumb to move it.

👤I got it for my husband who works from home. I feel better knowing when he is turning. The lights are bright. We don't know much about battery life yet, but so far we like the product.

👤I'm 5'2" and it doesn't fit. It means for a larger body.

👤This product is first class. Does what it is supposed to do. The function is the same as promised. Have bought a second unit. Thanks!

9. 247 Viz Reflective Visibility Running

247 Viz Reflective Visibility Running

Light explodes off the reflective vest as you are seen from over 350 feet away. Cars give you more room from farther away with their reflective running vest for women. You can feel safe at night and daytime. The soft material of their running reflective vest for women provides a natural feel and is quick drying. You won't notice it's on if you're jogging, cycling, biking or dog walking. The waist can be adjusted to fit different shapes and sizes. The small waists of their reflective vest are 21 inches long, great for those 5'8" and under. There is a pocket for your phone or wallet. Their reflective running gear includes 2 retroreflective bands, which increase your visibility at night and are very bright in the daytime - wear as ankle bands or armbands. Cars give you more room. They know you will love the vest and fit. They will replace it with a better size. They promise that you will be more visible in the evening and that you will feel safer on the roads. Give their vests a try.

Brand: 247 Viz

👤I have to run in the dark as the days get shorter. The mirror does not agree when it shows my 50 year old body. I was running at dusk while wearing a white shirt and strobing yellow belt on my waist, when a driver just about ran into my path. I needed more light. " She had one of her headlights burned out. I'm not the one who needed more light. I realized that I wouldn't be able to defend my argument if I died. I decided to be more visible to the idiots. The vest is a bit more expensive than the others I found. It seemed brighter from the photos. The product came with a pair of ankle/arm bands and an internal phone pocket. The return policy and lifetime warranty were even better. There is a The vest is visible in the dark. The reflective tape is like a Christmas tree. The fit is good. Medium jackets and shirts translate well to the vest. Not tight or loose. There is a Hopefully, I have been proven wrong.

👤Shipping was fast. The vendor made sure I was happy. I am for most of the time. The vest is visible. I have easy access to jacket pockets. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5, is that the very strong Velcro along the waist/hip that is exposed when adjusted to be larger or create a looser fit, has been sticking to my shirts/sweaters, pulling on threads and ruining it when I pull it free. I live in New England, so wool and other natural fabrics are a staple. If you adjust the fit to be snugger, it won't be a problem. I will have to watch what I wear. I wouldn't wear this in the summer. I would prefer a mesh fabric. The vest is light, but not strong. If the weather was warmer, I would notice it. The thing is annoying but not enough to return it. I will use it.

👤I like the weight of the vest. I weigh over 150 lbs. The length fits well and adjusts to a wide range of width. It falls off of my shoulders when I run. I put one of the first bands around the back section to tighten it up. They seemed to work.

👤The vest is reflective and soft. Which I think is great. I want to use it to walk my dog. I ordered this because of the design and color. I want to be seen at night without being seen by other people. I'm more impressed with the customer service than the product. They only asked how is the product working out for me, and if I'm liking it, rather than asking for a positive review. I told them that I was not happy that the vest went on a lightning deal for $12.50 the day after I paid for it. My dumb luck has nothing to do with them, but they were willing to adjust the price for me. I thought that was beyond. I will definitely buy from them again.

10. Reflective Adjustable Breathable Lightweight Visibility

Reflective Adjustable Breathable Lightweight Visibility

There are multiple functions. This reflective night vest is perfect for all outdoor activities. It will do the same thing for construction workers, police officers, and anyone who has to demarcate a zone of safety after dark. It is light and comfortable to wear, and it is made of strong, durable, lightweight and breathable material. You can adjust the reflective vest waist's size. High visibility. This high visibility reflective vest can be seen from 750 feet or more in the night, but it also has a coverage that is perfect for all weather conditions, so you can stay safe while you are outside. Simple to use and very useful. Easily fastened with heavy duty, durable Velcro closures, it can be worn over outdoor clothing. It's the easiest way to increase your family's safety. Keep a set of ideal gear in the car for emergencies or breakdown. If you don't like your purchase, they will give you a full refund and replace it with a new one. They won't ask a question. Please connect them if you have any questions.

Brand: Auoon

👤It is not large. Your product must go over his jacket since my husband is a size medium. It gets tight. He is happy with the vest.

👤I thought it was a one size fits all, but it is not. If you like a balanced fit, be aware that my phone weighs down the front, but it fits in the pocket. It does the job it is designed to do, it is just made for the already runner body. It's a thing.

👤I am a real person, not a robot, where is the wiggly number thing where I have to enter only the lower cased letters? If you are just considering to purchase an exercise vest, I will tell you to buy it. There is a This thing is important. I bought yellow and orange. My wife and I are jogging with the kids. I bought these vests for her. I told her that I need to feel safe out in the city with the vehicles, bicycles, and scooters. I would love to have one for my cars for emergencies on the road or in traffic. I served in the military and I believe this vest is constructed at a level of durability suitable for moderate daily use just under military-grade durability which would require more stitching and thickness. The vest is lightweight and durable. Buy it! They should make a lime green version.

👤People are weird at the chest. I'm a size 12. It is easy to put on.

👤I bought this to run before the sun rises. I run in the mornings before work. It is still dark at 4am. This is light and comfortable to run in, and offers me the perfect amount of reflection. The bottom is different for different people. The reason for a 4 star rating is that it was really loose around the neck. I secured it to my shirt with hair clips. That was the only complaint.

👤I use this to walk my dog in the early morning and late evening to have good visibility. It's reflective as promised. I can fit it over my summer clothing and my winter gear in the Midwest because I'm a medium sized person. There is a It's not very fitted and I wouldn't want to run in this in summer clothing and get blisters. It doesn't cinch down to the point you could avoid it. There is a This is a great product for the price. It's not ideal for someone who wants to run. Is it walking, cycling, dog walking? Yes. Are you serious about running or exercising? I think you'll find it hard to use.

11. Atlecko Reflective Running Cycling Hiking

Atlecko Reflective Running Cycling Hiking

It's easy to maintain, you can wash with room temperature water, hand wash or machine. Please cool iron, brush or bleach. It's a must have light weight accessory for early morning and late night running, cycling, hiking, and motorcyle. You have it on! They make their vests and belts at an affordable price while still enjoying high-quality bright lights. It's the perfect accessory or gift for runners, joggers, bikers, dog lovers, and horseback riders. Their one-size fits all design is perfect for any adult man or woman and kids. Choose from 3 Flashing Options (Solid, Strobe) for the light type. Don't worry about rainy days with their weather resistant gear. Your purchase comes with a free 30-Day Money- Back Guarantee as they strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

Brand: Atlecko

👤This seems like a well-made product, and it has bright lights. The problem is that all but two of its lights are on the front. The picture that is promoting it shows four lights, but it is not accurate. I would give it five starts if it had more lights on the back.

👤I love the fit and the options for lights. The switch on/off location is in the middle of the back. I think it should be on the right side for easy access. I cross a 4 lane highway and want it to light up when I walk on a sidewalk. I have to remove the vest, click to change and then put it back on.

👤The vest enabled me to walk safely on a highway at night, because the sidewalks were unpassable and the snowplows eliminated the shoulder of the road. I was able to see cars moving away from the side of the road as they saw the blinking lights of my vest. The vest works.

👤The product is awesome and I have been using it daily for a month. The charge lasts for 10 hours, which is better than expected. There are three options of lights, steady, flickering and rapid flickering. Would buy again.

👤The battery capacity is small. That's the only complaint I have. I wear it for my walks at dusk now that the sun is setting earlier.

👤There were no issues with this vest. The product is very good so far. Light and weight. I keep it in place when I run. It's a good idea to run in areas where you know the terrain.

👤I like the look of this safety device, and it fits nicely on my bike in Florida. Florida drivers hate cyclists, and hitting us ranks right up there with college football as a sport. The whole thing adds little to no weight when I'm walking in warm weather, and the flashing LEDs are a great touch. This product will not be a problem for you.

👤I bought this vest for my dad a few months ago and he loved it, he said cars stopped when they saw him running at night, and how it looked. After a few uses, it stopped working. I asked my dad if he wanted me to return the money. He asked if I could exchange this vest for another one. I asked the seller if I could send the vest back for a new one. They told me that I didn't need to send the vest back and that they would send me a new vest for free with an apology. I received the vest a few days later and it has been working great ever since. I have had a great experience with this family business and it shows how much they care about their customers. I will purchase from this seller again.


What is the best product for bicycle vest reflective?

Bicycle vest reflective products from Jksafety. In this article about bicycle vest reflective you can see why people choose the product. Amprich and Fixinus are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle vest reflective.

What are the best brands for bicycle vest reflective?

Jksafety, Amprich and Fixinus are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle vest reflective. Find the detail in this article. Goxrunx, Illumiseen and Priessei are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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