Best Bicycle Vest Reflective Women

Vest 6 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. 247 Viz Reflective Visibility Running

247 Viz Reflective Visibility Running

Light explodes off the reflective vest as you are seen from over 350 feet away. Cars give you more room from farther away with their reflective running vest for women. You can feel safe at night and daytime. The soft material of their running reflective vest for women provides a natural feel and is quick drying. You won't notice it's on if you're jogging, cycling, biking or dog walking. The waist can be adjusted to fit different shapes and sizes. The small waists of their reflective vest are 21 inches long, great for those 5'8" and under. There is a pocket for your phone or wallet. Their reflective running gear includes 2 retroreflective bands, which increase your visibility at night and are very bright in the daytime - wear as ankle bands or armbands. Cars give you more room. They know you will love the vest and fit. They will replace it with a better size. They promise that you will be more visible in the evening and that you will feel safer on the roads. Give their vests a try.

Brand: 247 Viz

👤I have to run in the dark as the days get shorter. The mirror does not agree when it shows my 50 year old body. I was running at dusk while wearing a white shirt and strobing yellow belt on my waist, when a driver just about ran into my path. I needed more light. " She had one of her headlights burned out. I'm not the one who needed more light. I realized that I wouldn't be able to defend my argument if I died. I decided to be more visible to the idiots. The vest is a bit more expensive than the others I found. It seemed brighter from the photos. The product came with a pair of ankle/arm bands and an internal phone pocket. The return policy and lifetime warranty were even better. There is a The vest is visible in the dark. The reflective tape is like a Christmas tree. The fit is good. Medium jackets and shirts translate well to the vest. Not tight or loose. There is a Hopefully, I have been proven wrong.

👤Shipping was fast. The vendor made sure I was happy. I am for most of the time. The vest is visible. I have easy access to jacket pockets. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5, is that the very strong Velcro along the waist/hip that is exposed when adjusted to be larger or create a looser fit, has been sticking to my shirts/sweaters, pulling on threads and ruining it when I pull it free. I live in New England, so wool and other natural fabrics are a staple. If you adjust the fit to be snugger, it won't be a problem. I will have to watch what I wear. I wouldn't wear this in the summer. I would prefer a mesh fabric. The vest is light, but not strong. If the weather was warmer, I would notice it. The thing is annoying but not enough to return it. I will use it.

👤I like the weight of the vest. I weigh over 150 lbs. The length fits well and adjusts to a wide range of width. It falls off of my shoulders when I run. I put one of the first bands around the back section to tighten it up. They seemed to work.

👤The vest is reflective and soft. Which I think is great. I want to use it to walk my dog. I ordered this because of the design and color. I want to be seen at night without being seen by other people. I'm more impressed with the customer service than the product. They only asked how is the product working out for me, and if I'm liking it, rather than asking for a positive review. I told them that I was not happy that the vest went on a lightning deal for $12.50 the day after I paid for it. My dumb luck has nothing to do with them, but they were willing to adjust the price for me. I thought that was beyond. I will definitely buy from them again.

2. Uriah Cycling Reflective Zippered Universe

Uriah Cycling Reflective Zippered Universe

If you're not sure about the size, please feel free to contact the customer service. The Sun Protection Breathable Fabric has a strong anti-UV rays and quick drying function. The Waist Band Design is full length. The waist band keeps the vest from riding up when cycling, and the zip won't affect the beauty of the pattern. Italy ink printing techonology is imported. The pattern is bright and will never fade. The reflective strips ensure the safety for night cycling and the four back pockets offer enough space for storing your little stuffs with a rear bag.

Brand: Uriah

👤When I ride my road bike, I like to dress up as a clown to be more visible. I knew I had to have it when I saw this one. I'm a 5'9" woman with a long torso. I wear 14 or 16 for street clothes. Being on the larger end of the lady cyclist spectrum, I have a hard time getting the fit of the popular brands of cycling clothing. When I find a jersey that is a good fit in the chest, they are often borderline crop tops. Mens' jerseys don't work well and have their own set of challenges. There is a I got a lot of feedback from my fellow club members on the inaugural ride. The stitching is good. I like the fabric and it looks like a picture. I think I can use it for a long time. I chose my size based on my experience, which seems accurate. It's true to size. I'd like it to be 1-2 inches longer, but that's my preference. I'm not going to complain because the grip on the bottom elastic has kept it from riding up and becoming a belly shirt. I plan on getting a long-sleeved jersey from this brand for the cooler months, and I'm ordering another sleeveless jersey. I got it in 2.5 weeks. It came a little earlier than the estimated date, so I was happy about that. There is a The best part? Nobody will be able to say they couldn't see me.

👤The quality is good but the cut is not flattering. I have a medium based on the chart. I could be 6 months pregnant and still wear it. I don't know why they call it a women's cycling vest. The illustration looks nice, but there is nothing feminine about it. The cut is not nice. I wouldn't order again.

👤The shirt fits as expected. It is sleeveless for hot days of riding. The elastic around the base of the shirt makes the pocket good on the back. No riding up or blowing. Looks good and does the job.

👤I ordered a small, which is my usual size, based on the size chart. It is almost as if this is a man's cut. It is snug at the hips and completely loose in the middle. The pocket is only for cards and cash. The elastic pockets on my phone are shallow and do not feel secure. The colors are nice and arrived quickly. I am coming back.

3. Ni SHEN Reflective Running Visibility Adjustable

Ni SHEN Reflective Running Visibility Adjustable

Form fit with stretch for layers. It's suitable for winter outdoor activities, like cycling, mountain biking, MTB trail, running, hiking, cross skiing, snowshoeing or bicycle touring. Design with front lightLED reflective vest with front light, supports two-level brightness adjustment, illuminates the road ahead, and no longer has to worry about the danger of tripping when running at night. The reflective running vest has a built-in 1200 mAh battery. It takes 1-2 hours to fully charge and can last up to 8 hours. The battery can be used for up to 30 days. When the battery is low, the indicator light will flash red, and when it is fully charged, the indicator light will turn green. It can be connected to any charging device with a port on it, such as computers, mobile power supplies, laptops, etc. Special illumination modes are based on visual science to give visibility to you and warning to motorists. If you're walking, running, playing ultimate frisbee, riding a horse, or even riding a motorcycle, you'll be able to find the mode you want at the press of a button. It is lightweight and comfortable if you wear it for a short jog in the morning with the kids, walking your dogs in the evening, or an all night solo ride. The elastic and sports mesh of the Tracer360 makes it sweat resistant and comfortable to wear. The slim design helps it not interfere with your HRM and ensures minimal fabric-to-body contact. The chest strap is non-slip, which means it won't affect the heart rate monitor. Their waist strap is elastic and can be adjusted to fit all body sizes. It can fit over your coat or t-shirt in the summer. The rubber strip on the back could make running more comfortable.

Brand: Ni-shen

👤I am impressed! It came with a little power out of the box so you can use it immediately. Win! It's light is good even without the lamp on. The different colors are a plus.

👤This does work and it is well done but there are some flaws. It is tight. It stays in place during the summer, but when I have to bulk up with clothes in the winter, it's not as good as it would be in the summer. The button for the front light is hard to use and forget. It's annoying that you can't turn it on or off without taking it off. There is no way to get to the power button on the back without taking it off. You are not supposed to over-charge or under-charge, but there is no indication as to when either might happen, and I haven't seen one if it is low. If you need one that fits tight in a warm climate, but not in a cold one, this is the best option.

👤I like this product. It keeps me free to deal with the dogs. The button for the light in front is hard to turn on and off. Other than that, I love it. I'm going to add on to it. I used it for a week and it worked great for the first three days, but then went out. I used it all day and night and it lasted about five minutes into my walk. Taking off a couple of stars.

👤I tried this vest out this morning and it was light and comfortable to wear. It didn't bother me as I ran. I didn't feel any pain from the various straps. There is a The front lamp is bright so that you can see where you're going. There is a Since I'm not fond of running around like a rainbow, I set my color to one. There are two things. I didn't deduct stars because of the great price, but I would like to add a red light on the back piece and a tilt-able front light. I'm happy with the purchase and hope it holds up during the dark time of the year.

👤This arrived quicker than expected. So far, so good. If the front switch was easier to turn on, I would give it 5 stars. The front light is very bright, judging from the walk this morning. I can now walk two large dogs with their own leashes without having to carry a torch or bag of poop in the early morning hours. They were. full! . I will walk early now. Thank you for the innovative product!

4. WOSAWE Visibility Cycling Sleeveless Reflective

WOSAWE Visibility Cycling Sleeveless Reflective

The lightweight fabric is laminated with a windstopper and water-rsistance membrane to keep the wind out and to keep the light from hitting your upper body. The sleeveless design maximizes the amount of air that comes out. Breathable mesh back panels have a lot of freedom of movement. The reflective stripe around the front and back keeps you safe. Your energy bars and essential gears can be kept in 1 of the rear pockets.

Brand: Wosawe

👤My bike outfit is from Pearl Izumi. It took a month for this jacket to be delivered. The jacket has a good fit. I ordered size Medium because it is the smallest size they have and it fits well, not loose, just right for mountain biking with stuff in my back SWAP vest. I can fit in either small or medium. The material is similar to your umbrella but it doesn't feel weird on your skin. I use this when it's windy. It works well in the 40-50* weather for mtb biking. Road biking with a thermal base layer. I never felt my arms get cold with this on. You can put it in your back jersey. I washed it twice. I put this jacket inside a laundry net to protect it. I set my washer to "delicate" settings. I put the washer to spin after that. I would put it in the dried state. This is how I wash my cycling outfits, I have some that are 20 years old, and some that are 10 years old. A good jacket. They don't look like they will last two years, but we will see. It's cheap and it works, so it's 4 stars. My order took a month to receive, so not 5.

👤Some of the reviews say to order a bigger size. The fit is fine according to some of them. I want to know what these people are comparing it to. I went with that since a few people had said the size seemed right. This thing, in my usual size, was at least two sizes too small. It's very small. It is closer to children's sizes. The material is thin and loud.

👤The garment is much smaller than the image, so it can look very small, not as snug and fitted as image. The zip at the back pocket is not very good. It is often rendered useless with one hand. There is a The value is great. It is easy to pack and carry until needed. It's not necessary to dress like a fluorescent banana.

👤Even though I ordered 2 sizes up, the size was too small. You have to return it to an address in China. Postage is $23 to return a $16.95) item, and there are Customs forms to fill out. I'm going to give the vest to Goodwill. I usually don't order from 3rd party sellers. I wouldn't have ordered to begin with if I knew it was coming from China.

5. Priessei Running Cycling Reflective Windproof

Priessei Running Cycling Reflective Windproof

The newest version of the men's reflective biking vest is smaller than before, so please take at least 1-2 sizes up. The reflective tapes on the front and back of the sleeveless cycling wind vest are visible at night. A running vest with a good room to move or layer beneath is wind resistant and lightweight. The pocket on the back is practical for small items. The windbreaker vest is nice for running, hiking, and biking.

Brand: Priessei

👤The vest is nice. It is cut too big. I weigh 260 lbs. I bought it. It was too big. I swapped it for the larger version. That was too big. I ended up getting a L.

👤The wind vest I bought was perfect for cycling. If you don't want to be baggy or loose, you may need to size down. I am 5 years old. Medium was the smeller for me. Would buy again for a great price.

👤I bought this as an affordable layer for running or cycling. My size Small is blocky, baggy, and a few inches too long, and the stock product photos show an appealing fit that tapers from the chest to the waist. The vest is the same width under the armpits as it is at the waist. If you're able to, look for an athletic fit that won't flap in the wind or order at least one size down.

👤The wind vest is decent. It fits well. The bottom/waist area is a little tight. I have a 50" chest and the XXL fits well across the top of it. Once I'm in a riding position, the overall fit gets snug. I'll use the vest under a jersey to block the wind. There is a The large amount of material along the zip up channel is the only bad thing about this vest. I think another reviewer mentioned this. I have to wrench it apart every time I zip up this fabric. This is the only bad thing about the vest.

👤It was returned because it was too snug. The size of the fabric is important. The 2XL fits better but still seems a bit small. I would recommend a size up. When I cycle, I bought this. The overall seems well made and keeps the wind out. It is good for when a full jacket is too warm. Four stars because the wind flap is thin and easy to grab. It takes a long time to work it loose. I am happy with the vest.

👤After reading the reviews, I ordered my husband a regular size. His size was larger than what I usually wear and it was a better fit for me. The armholes are small. When I was riding a bike, my hands cut into my upper shoulder. They are going back because of that problem. I bought them for the reflective details so we could see them. I don't know what size I'd wear because the sizing is off. It is not American size.

6. ANCROWN Reflective Visibility Adjustable Accessories

ANCROWN Reflective Visibility Adjustable Accessories

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Their reflective vest will keep you safe in sports and outdoors. You can choose reflective gear. It means you trust them. They care about your satisfaction. It has a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days. Super Bright The bright lights and reflective tape on this vest will make you visible from 600 feet away, making you more secure. The reflective running belt is made of high-quality materials. It has the characteristics of a perfect fit for adult use. The running vest has two lights on it, one white and one red, which allow you to be seen from a certain angle. Steady light, fast flash, and slow flash are the modes on the two sides of the LEDs. You can choose your mode of work. You can buy a replaceable battery in stores. Also, note: The plastic sheet between the battery and the circuit board needs to be removed. The vest is lightweight and can be worn over a T-shirt, sports gear, winter coat or any type of clothing at all times. Improve your safety by running, biking, dog walking, motorcycling, jogging, kids playing, directing traffic and more.

Brand: Ancrown

👤My son likes to ride a bike. We need to cross a few busy roads to get to the park. When my son was going for a ride, I was always worried. A biker is highly visible for passing cars when wearing this vest. I like the option to turn on flashing lights as well. There is attention. I thought the vest was broken when I didn't pull out the safety film first. Don't forget to pull out the separator, it works great. The size can be worn by a slim teenager or a heavy adult.

👤The white lights in the front worked for half of the run before they stopped, the red lights in the back didn't work, and one of the wires wasn't connected. Get a good quality product if you spend the extra money.

👤It's exactly what I wanted, but I haven't had it for a while. The batteries in the vest work well. There are 3 settings on the LEDs. I chose this vest over other light-up running vests because it has replaceable batteries and doesn't need to be plugged in. It seems like the ones that are rechargeable can hold less charge over time. It's important to dispose of Li-ion button batteries properly, not just in the trash can, due to the risk of fire, because I can easily pop in new batteries as needed.

👤I bought a few. One for me and one for my spouse. The work is not good. Some lights wouldn't light up. As you can see from the photos, the connections were bad and the button came out. Save money.

👤It's hard to get on over a jacket. The lights are not bright enough. The front light shines in my eyes.

👤The light strip on the front and back flash on and off. Also adjusts at waist and shoulder straps. It was easy to use. There is a The lights are powered by batteries. I don't know how long batteries last.

👤A sleek design. No need to keep up with a charge. It is hard for my husband and I to find time to run together during the day because we are training for a half marathon. It's great for night running.

👤It's light weight helps keep me safe on late night walks. It doesn't weigh me down.

7. OLIKER Visibility Flashing Rechargeable Illuminating

OLIKER Visibility Flashing Rechargeable Illuminating

Don't need to change the battery frequently, the vest is built in a one pc Li-Ion battery. The battery life can be offered up to 6 hours. You will enjoy sports and protect the environment. The flashing sash has three light type options that will be hard to miss. The setting for the "Flashing" strobe is appropriate for more attention-catching lighting. Mode 1, slow flash and fast flash alternating; Mode 2, only fast flash; and Mode 3, only slow flash. It's safer to run at night. A Fashionable gift for women men,Perfect for a variety of night outdoor activities, for example -night dog walking, running,walking cycling hiking etc. The reflective running gear is a great gift for women and men. Theusb is Rechargeable. The sash is powered by a battery. Depending on the mode of use, one charge will give up to 8 hours. The charging cable is included. Bring more convenience for your use. The multi-functional carabiner is. The multi-functional keyring and carabiner provided by the flashing sash allow you to attach keys, pepper spray, etc. It's great when you're running. Throw it on and you'll be the most stylish person. One size and waterproof. The whole length of the sash is 54 inches, and it also has elastic bands to fit any pedestrian. The power unit, lights, and gear for night running are waterproof. You don't have to worry about using it in the cold weather.

Brand: Oliker

👤The product is bright. The three different lighting modes are shown in the video. Product blinks fast but stable color and is too close to police red and blue, so I think it will draw cars towards me instead of just them. I will return it.

👤This is too bright to be near the face. The lighting is unpredictable. The light makes it hard to see around you in the dark. There is a Sending it back is not worth it. I don't know what I'm going to do with it. Donate it? Is it possible to use a weird Christmas decoration in the yard? There was no clue. The money was wasted.

👤The battery lasts a while before being charged. It's a great idea to have those type of light on humans as well. I felt like a Christmas tree. I was stopped by several drivers because I wore it at night. It is water resistant, has no issues with the light, and walks multiple times in the rain. The cover was saved for the charging area. It protects from the rain. I recommend this product for anyone who wants to walk or run at night.

👤There is a lot of traffic on the road where I live. This time of year, I have no choice but to walk in the dark. Traffic just didn't seem to see me when I tried reflective vests, led sticks, and headlamps. I am visible with this product. People see me well and make room for me. It has a charge for over an hour. I haven't had it kill me while walking. If you want to be seen, this is a great product. I highly recommend it.

👤I bought Orange A to have lights on constantly. Being visible to others during early morning walks is fantastic. Cars can see you. If you try to jog or run with it on, it will bounce around and fall off.

👤I got this for my son to wear because he has to stand on a road with no sidewalk and no good spot to stand on when the sun comes up. He used it a few times before it broke when he dropped it out of his bag. There is a It was great when it worked, visibility was good for dark mornings.

👤I like that this sash is easy to use. My wife calls me a Christmas tree. There is a A full charge takes me about 20 minutes to use.

8. Wolfbike Cycling Jacket Jersey Sleeve

Wolfbike Cycling Jacket Jersey Sleeve

It's 1 or 2 size larger than you. It's not unusual for people to wear uninspired wear. If you have a large stomach or chest, please go two sizes up. The light and water resistance make cycling in the rainny day enjoyable. When running in the dark, a reflective line on the shoulder and back is not necessary. The mesh on the back keeps you cool. Back window. There are two pockets on the side with a zip. The elastic band on the cuff keeps the wind out.

Brand: Wolfbike

👤I saw this and thought it was time to get something more visible, but I was confused on the size, some said it was up 2 sizes and some said it was spot on. I weigh 175 lbs. I think the fit of the large is a little short in the sleeves, but I like the fit of the large, it is a little on the roomy side, but not much. The quality, the stitching, and the construction all look great, and for the price, it seems like a good deal.

👤The jacket is light weight. I haven't tested in rain. I'm 5'11" 175 and the Large fits perfectly. I was confused. Hope this helps... concerned about the size info in the reviews. It is very light, which is what I wanted. The elastic is made of black material. The sleeves are 7 to 7. There's a mesh vent along the top back and hand pockets. Nowhere else is that the case. The rear hidden cycling pocket is trimmed in a reflective band. There is reflective piping on the front and back of the vent flap. The neck is lined with black fabric. The hand pockets are closed. It's great for fashion, but hard tip open on the go. The rear pocket had a larger zip, but could use a larger pull or fabric tie. The color online is more accurate than the photos I included. Dark creamsicle is not safety orange. If it isn't water resistant, a quick spray of tent sealer will work.

👤The selling price of 17USD is five stars, including prompt shipping from China by Bill&Candy. The fit is not a full size smaller than an XL. If you're on the verge of two sizes, I would suggest ordering up a size. Your mileage may be different. There is a I have seen a jacket by Bontrager for 125USD and it's not the same as this one. The logo on the left breast has been messed with. It is wrapped in a seam. The jacket is enough for me. The green color is very visible. There is a The bag was large and had a zip lock on it. It will live in a pannier. I agree with other reviewers that it is not suitable for daily wear or hard core bicycle tourism. I don't plan on using the two front side pockets because the zippers on these pockets seem to be prone to failure. The Wolfbike jacket is not fully waterproof, but it is a good thing. You can exhale through the fabric. It should be useful in the sixties and fifties when worn over a short sleeved jersey. A fleece jacket will take it's coldness away if you layer it over a fleece vest. I have a waterproof and windproof bomber jacket.

9. Reflective Running Adjustable Breathable Safety Walking

Reflective Running Adjustable Breathable Safety Walking

The reflective vest will make you high visibile and safe. Cars will move farther away from you and your dog at a nice distance if you have a reflective vest on. To be safe. There is a large pocket with a zip. There is a large pocket at the front of the reflective gear. You can put things in the pocket. They will always be with you. It is convenient and useful. It is possible to adjust it fully. The vest has a longer hook and loop at the bottom. It can be adjusted to fit your body. The same size is appropriate for both summer and winter clothing. You can easily take off the running gear. The reflective walking vest has two different sizes for women and men. Light weight and BREATHABLE. The vest is made of mesh. It is so light that you don't remember it. The mesh fabric can keep you cool. The reflective vest will not weigh down or dry faster than other clothing material if it rains. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Their reflective vest will keep you safe in sports and outdoors. You can choose reflective gear. It means you trust them. They care about your satisfaction. It has a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days.

Brand: Qxgtob

👤I bought this vest for my husband. When he tried it on, he said that the neckline was tight and that the vest shifted upward in the front, rubbing against your neck. He didn't like the feel and thought it would hurt his skin. The cut wasn't a good fit for him, but it might be fine for others.

👤The product is great. My son wanted something to wear to make him extremely visible after he had a number of near misses. This product was delivered. It has reflective material in multiple places. It can be adjusted at the waist to make it smaller or larger. It is light and airy, so it does not add weight or heat. It fits over a light jacket or sweatshirt. There is a pocket in front that can be used for transit card, sunglasses or phone. Can't go wrong for the price.

👤During hunting season, I bought this to use. It's easy to put on over coats.

👤The vest I bought was supposed to cover most of my torso, but it didn't. It was cut too short and landed below my chest. It's a half vest. If you're taller, like me, this vest will look funny on you. I immediately returned it. Not recommended for anyone other than children or very short people.

👤I bought this for my husband so he could run in the dark. He could wear a lot of clothes with the help of the Velcro sides. I wear it when I walk the dogs in the evening. Would definitely recommend!

👤It is nice, but material does not breathe. Too hot! A woman's size is very large.

👤It was used for night walking. The quality is amazing and the pocket is small to hold phone keys.

👤Prompt and efficient delivery. I wear a vest when I walk the dog at night.

10. ARSUXEO Softshell Windproof Waterproof Mountain

ARSUXEO Softshell Windproof Waterproof Mountain

The material is 85% polyester and 15% spandex. The fabric has three layers that keep you warm and dry. The top layer of the exterior is a rugged windbreaker surface that beads up water and prevents stains. The second and third layers are waterproof and soft warm. The drop tail and elastic hem provide a precise on-bike fit, keep you warm in winter, and the reflective elements on front and back add contrast to enhance nighttime visibility. Two pockets for storage with one front pocket and the other with a longer cuff to keep the cold air away from you. Stretch inserts for optimum fit. This part is not waterproof or windproof. They changed their size and disign because many customers said the size ran small, so please read their size chart carefully.

Brand: Arsuxeo

👤My goto jacket has kept me warm in Massachusetts. When you're moving about, cut well so the jacket doesn't have to be adjusted. I wear a thermal long sleeve shirt underneath and that's all I need for a temp of 20f. It can last up to 3 hours in the cold.

👤The jacket is too small so it has to be returned. I have a 44" chest and 37 waist, and although my stomach sticks out a bit, I'm not fat. I usually wear a large shirt. I looked at the details and saw that there was an order for 1 - 2 sizes larger. The largest they made was an XXL, which is said to fit a 46+ chest. Wrong. The jacket won't fit a 44" chest and 37" waist. It was very difficult to zip the XXL because it was so small at the bottom of thewaist and tight in the chest and shoulders. If you normally wear an XL, you should order a different brand because the XXL is too small.

👤I was skeptical when I bought this jacket because I jog outside. Philadelphia is having a cold spell and this jacket kept me warm. This jacket works. I did not feel the cold wind, but it keeps the body warm.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. It should fit as it should for cycling. Good chest and neck wind protection. It's nice to have the front and rear pockets. The price is great. There is a I am 5'11", 177 lbs, 34" waist. The base layer was a custom fit for my frame. Arm length is a little short. See the photo.

👤It can be hard to tell the size of garments from the far east. You are often told to take a bigger size than you normally would. In this case, I ordered a medium and it fits perfectly, even though it is tight in the waist. It would have been very loose at the neck. The reason for only 4 stars was because the garment had a small stain on the right chest. I removed the stain as I liked the garment and am happy with the performance to date.

👤These jackets are small. I'm 165 lbs with a 34 inch waist and the XL fit me like a Medium. The material is a good fit and durable, but the sleeves are a little long on me, but it seems like it will last.

11. Bpbtti Sleeveless Windbreaker Windproof Reflective

Bpbtti Sleeveless Windbreaker Windproof Reflective

The size guide is in inches for the recommended size. They strongly recommend you check your own measurements before you place the order. You can see other customers opinions from the Q&A. The material for wind/water resistance and water resistance is odorless and comfortable. The elastic bands are put on the sides of the body to keep the breeze out. The surface of the fabric can repel water. Extra light-reflecting tapes are placed on the front and back of the Hi-Viz yellow color to enhance the visibility. You should be seen from a long distance or low-light environment. It can make you safer when you are outside. A thoughtful pocket on the back. You can keep small items in a safe. Light weight. The material is light and strong. It is thin but strong.

Brand: Bpbtti

👤I like this vest, and I am happy with the quality for being around $20 The pocket on the back is nice. The material seems to hold up. I like not being run down by drivers who don't notice the guy running. There are pros and cons. The chart is a mountain of lies. When shopping slim-fit, I wear a large shirt. I wear a dress jacket in a chest size. I looked at the chart that said to go with the larger size for a chest size 42-44. I thought this would be a slim fitting vest. I got the big one... I have a small tent. This thing is too large and has too much room. It was baggy and too long. Look at photos. I will get a Medium and return the XL. I still like the product, but not the sizing guide. I am 5'10" tall. The waist on most jeans is 32-34. 200 lbs. The chest jacket size is 44.

👤This may prevent you from being hit by a car. It is not thick enough to break. The best part is that it's bright and reflective. I was in a crosswalk the other day and a woman in an SUV was doing 70 in a 35. The fit is not shown in the picture. I wanted to layer up in the winter. I have a muscular 41" chest. There's room for more than one layer of underwear. There are no side pockets. It's hard to reach back if you have short Irish American arms.

👤This seems to be nice. It's small. The label says "Xlitica." I ordered it. It might be a normal American Large. I could not get my arms into the arm holes.

👤I have this for visibility while riding my bike. I got the large and it fits. The shirt fit me well. I can get it to zip up. There is a The vest is light. It won't hurt you. I'm a little worried about how long it will last, it's light weight. The reflective parts are bright and green. I don't like the pocket location on the back. I would like it to have more standard pockets in the front. There is a If you're considering this, you should order the next size up. I want to lose a few more pounds because of the tightness.

👤I rode the Great Allegheny Passage trail for a week in October and I like this vest. It fits like a more expensive vest and does a good job. The 3XL fit me correctly, I am 5'9" and 250 lbs. The vest blocks wind well, adds a little warmth when layers over a base layer, and it has reflective detailing if you are riding near cars. There is a The vest is pretty good, except for the fact that the zip is a little stiff. It wasn't a big issue for me and it could probably be fixed with wax.


What is the best product for bicycle vest reflective women?

Bicycle vest reflective women products from 247 Viz. In this article about bicycle vest reflective women you can see why people choose the product. Uriah and Ni-shen are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle vest reflective women.

What are the best brands for bicycle vest reflective women?

247 Viz, Uriah and Ni-shen are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle vest reflective women. Find the detail in this article. Wosawe, Priessei and Ancrown are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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