Best Bicycle Vest Protection

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1. Reflective Running Adjustable Breathable Safety Walking

Reflective Running Adjustable Breathable Safety Walking

The reflective vest will make you high visibile and safe. Cars will move farther away from you and your dog at a nice distance if you have a reflective vest on. To be safe. There is a large pocket with a zip. There is a large pocket at the front of the reflective gear. You can put things in the pocket. They will always be with you. It is convenient and useful. It is possible to adjust it fully. The vest has a longer hook and loop at the bottom. It can be adjusted to fit your body. The same size is appropriate for both summer and winter clothing. You can easily take off the running gear. The reflective walking vest has two different sizes for women and men. Light weight and BREATHABLE. The vest is made of mesh. It is so light that you don't remember it. The mesh fabric can keep you cool. The reflective vest will not weigh down or dry faster than other clothing material if it rains. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Their reflective vest will keep you safe in sports and outdoors. You can choose reflective gear. It means you trust them. They care about your satisfaction. It has a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days.

Brand: Qxgtob

👤I bought this vest for my husband. When he tried it on, he said that the neckline was tight and that the vest shifted upward in the front, rubbing against your neck. He didn't like the feel and thought it would hurt his skin. The cut wasn't a good fit for him, but it might be fine for others.

👤The product is great. My son wanted something to wear to make him extremely visible after he had a number of near misses. This product was delivered. It has reflective material in multiple places. It can be adjusted at the waist to make it smaller or larger. It is light and airy, so it does not add weight or heat. It fits over a light jacket or sweatshirt. There is a pocket in front that can be used for transit card, sunglasses or phone. Can't go wrong for the price.

👤During hunting season, I bought this to use. It's easy to put on over coats.

👤The vest I bought was supposed to cover most of my torso, but it didn't. It was cut too short and landed below my chest. It's a half vest. If you're taller, like me, this vest will look funny on you. I immediately returned it. Not recommended for anyone other than children or very short people.

👤I bought this for my husband so he could run in the dark. He could wear a lot of clothes with the help of the Velcro sides. I wear it when I walk the dogs in the evening. Would definitely recommend!

👤It is nice, but material does not breathe. Too hot! A woman's size is very large.

👤It was used for night walking. The quality is amazing and the pocket is small to hold phone keys.

👤Prompt and efficient delivery. I wear a vest when I walk the dog at night.

2. Visibility Reflective Walking Running Clothing

Visibility Reflective Walking Running Clothing

A full zip front closure with chin guard and internal storm flap seals out the elements. Windbreaker can be folded, tucked into its back pocket and used as a small bag. Men and women have the perfect size ribbed garment. The reflective vest is easy to wear. It works over any shirt, top, jersey, hoodie or jacket. It's safe and visible. Running gear. Running gear from 800 feet in the dark, early morning and evening is very high visibility. Cars can see you, so you can wear a bike vest, bike safety vest, motorcycle safety vest. Running reflective gear with reflective bands can be used as a running safety vest. There are 4 reflective bands that can be used as reflective arm bands, reflective wrist bands, reflective ankle straps, reflective belt, reflective ankle bands, reflective bike leg band, bicycle pants clips, straps, cuffs or holders. It is easy to adjust and to get on and off.

Brand: Hivisible

👤The pink version of this vest was purchased several weeks ago by the same vendor. This will fit a S-M-L person. I was unable to find a vest that fit me well until I found the pink one on the internet. I was encouraged to read that the vest size was small. The pink one was exactly what I ordered. I was impressed with the quality and the size of the vest, I wanted a green vest. The green vest size is not close to the pink vest size I purchased. It is huge. The vest falls off of my shoulders. It was so disappointing. The vest is for a very tall person. It is being returned. The description on the website is not accurate. The green vest will not fit a S-M person. It would be big for a size L. If the green vest was the same size as the pink vest, I would buy it.

👤I have a small upper body, so I couldn't find a vest that fit me. The solution is perfect. Since I got it, I have worn it every day. The arm bands are in place. I do early morning and night running, so everyone can see me. Light weight, does not get in the way and fits me perfectly.

👤This vest is for visibility when riding a bike. The item arrived quickly and seems to be of good quality. It goes on easily and packs well. The only concern I have is that the one size fits all. I am short and the bottom of the vest sits at my hips which makes it hard for me to ride. When I put it higher, it becomes too snug around the waist area, and I have bags on my shoulders. I am looking forward to using it when the weather is cold and I am wearing clothes that are bulkier.

👤My husband is concerned when I go for walks in the dark because most of my coats are black. I realized that I could buy a safety vest. My first thought was to find one that was pink. That would be very cute. My husband also wanted one. I didn't want to buy two. There is a I saw this vest. My husband can wear it as well because it adjusts so easily. I chose the yellow, and I love it. It is well made and I use it all the time.

3. Reflective Reflector Adjustable Visibility Ultralight

Reflective Reflector Adjustable Visibility Ultralight

Only reflective in the light irradiation! Couldn't light itself! Absorbent and Adaptable - Reflective safety vest shoulder to waist expands from 13 to 21", waist circumference expands from 27 to 40, and reflective belt waist circumference expands from 27 to 47" Excellent reflective bands keep you safe in all weather conditions. Runners can see reflective gear from 800 feet. The reflective bands are made of a top quality nylon fabric and super-bright reflective silver stripes with a belt buckle and strap adjusters made of strong plastic which will last a lifetime. These straps are more comfortable than vests. It is easy to carry. You can adjust the straps to your liking. You don't need to worry about sweaty vests. The perfrett fit for man, woman and kids. Their reflective bands are great for all ages and genders. They can be used while out walking, jogging, running, dog walking, cycling or even motorbiking. Use a band around your dog's neck as a high visibility collar for additional safety.

Brand: Ilncluy

👤These are needed for my job. It's good for my job that they are very stretchy. I don't like the fact that the shoulder straps sometimes slip off my shoulder, and that the waist band doesn't reach the waist. It feels like my clothes are bunched up, as it creates a somewhat annoying feeling around my gut. I would like to connect it to my pants. It would probably fall off the shoulder too. The design of the clip prevents it from fitting through belt loops. It works well for being visible at night.

👤I use this when I walk on the country roads. In the country, there are no street lights, just lights from cars, so I walk with my dog early in the morning. I thought it would be helpful to be reflective when cars come up on us from behind. I got a human version of the reflective harness that I bought for my dog. I only use the "vest" part which fits over whatever layers I've got as it will stretch, and when the kids walk with me they will wear the other pieces so they can also be reflective when we walk together. The extra pieces would be great for joggers or cyclists who want to make their bodies more reflective.

👤My husband just started a new job, so he needed a reflective vest since I will be working on the highway! There is a The product is easy to put on and take off which is important for him. There is a It is reflective which life-saving! It is very high-quality and worth every penny.

👤I ordered it because I wanted the elastic. It was hard to tell what I would get from the description. I wanted it to replace the elastic band on the visor, and the wrist bands are the perfect size after removing the Velcro. It is a thin light weight elastic. I believe it is knit type elastic. If you are buying for something, it is. You might forget you are wearing it. The clips are not very heavy. If you were looking for just the elastic like me, you end up with a total of about 15ft of elastic in 6 separate pieces. This is not the cheapest way to get elastic but it is a good deal.

👤This vest is very strong and can't be missed. Will be adjusted to be worn over a shirt or over a heavy coat. The quality is exceptional and the extra belt and leg bands make sure that you are seen by anyone. Thanks for making a high quality product.

👤The combo is perfect. I use the small straps to go around my small chihuahua. These are great for walking at night in a dark neighborhood. The cars are able to see me when light hits the straps. I feel safer crossing dark streets. I haven't had a close call with a car since I started wearing these.

👤It glowed really well. I took pictures in the dark. I can give this pack to family members. We can wear this for walking the dog in the dark.

4. Przewalski Thermal Cycling Softshell Windbreaker

Przewalski Thermal Cycling Softshell Windbreaker

The soft fleece interior retains body heat. The collar is high cut for warmth. The internal draft flap with the garage seals is warm. The cuffs keep the chill out. Two rear pockets for your phone, keys, snacks, and other items are included in Safe Storage. The color red. The large hand pockets keep your hands warm. The pulls on the sippers make it easy to up and down. Przewalski's men's bike jacket with reflective brand logo and back stripe keeps you safe in darkness. It's perfect for outdoor activities. It is suitable for light rain, please use a raincoat. The jackets are tighter. If you're used to wearing a thick jersey inside, please order a bigger size. 100% full refund assurance within 90 days if you are not satisfied. Przewalski supported the lifetime.

Brand: Przewalski

👤This coat is great for cold weather riding. I've been out in the cold for a while and it kept me warm with a t-shirt on. It traps all of your body heat and perspiration because it doesn't breathe very well. It can get too warm for rides above 40 degrees. The fit is perfect. It is light and thin, which makes it warm. The fabric is very stretchy so it has more room if you need it. The elastic cuff on the sleeves is a nice feature. The jacket is a great one for the price.

👤This jacket is for running in cold weather. It's not ideal for me, but it's pretty good for the price. There is a The fit is good, slim and form fitting. I wore a M and it worked well for me, although I felt like the sleeves could have been longer. I felt like my shoulders were a little tight, like the jacket wanted me to hunch my shoulders forward a little bit. It's not uncomfortable. I felt it pulling at me. I'm not sure if this fit is good for cyclists. The neck is a little loose, but I didn't find it to be a problem. Function: I wore a t shirt on a 4 mile run in a high 30/low 40 temperature on a windy night to see if it worked. It did its job a little too well. Good wind protection and warmth. I was too warm by the second mile. I'm excited to use it again once the temperature drops because I think it would be better suited for lower temperatures.

👤This jacket fits perfectly in the xxl, I'm 6'5'' 230 and I'm an athletic build. I wore it with a thermal jersey on the 21mi ride in the park and it was snug as a bug. You can adjust your baselayer accordingly. The cuff extension brings the sleeve to your gloves and provides you with warmth. Blocks gels tube tool and co2 have great back pockets. You don't have to use the front pocket of your ID for extra cash. I would definitely recommend this jacket to everyone as long as you buy the correct size and I am very impressed by the quality and price of the products, I would definitely buy more from the store.

👤I weigh 180 lbs. A large is great. I ride 20-50 miles at a time. There is a I keep myself warm in the 40-50 degree weather but haven't tried sub-40 yet. Not too loose or tight. The front pocket is convenient. Fore arms get sweaty, which is annoying on long rides. The left side has a zip on it.

5. Dooy Cycling Protection Windbreaker Windproof

Dooy Cycling Protection Windbreaker Windproof

The Sun Protection jacket is made of 100% Polyester. Super Light and Ultra-thin technology textile is very soft, skin-friendly, and zero burdens. The lightweight fabric made it easy to pack and carry. It's ideal for running, hiking, cycling, and working. The Thin Skin clothing is anti-UV. It can protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. The hooded design can protect your neck and head from the sun. It's a good choice for outdoor exercise in the spring and summer. The cycling jacket has high effective and fast-drying properties. The heat of the skin surface can be alleviated by the quicky hydration and heat-dissipation of the fabric. Windproof The windbreaker's full zip design, elastic cuffs, and hoodie can effectively block the wind, which can bring you a better experience. It's perfect for men and women. You can wear this bike jacket for a variety of activities. It is a good choice for outdoor sports.

Brand: Dooy

👤I usually don't write reviews for products I buy on Amazon, but I felt like this jacket deserved it. It's a good thing. I was looking for an ultra light rain jacket for backpacking and found this one. The description said it was around 200 grams. I think it should be a little bit lighter for the size that I wear. When I took it out of the box, I knew it was a lot lighter. I weighed my shirt and it was over 100 grams and this jacket felt lighter. I immediately took out my kitchen scale and threw in "Holly cow", I was shocked that it was 69 grams, almost too good to be true. I ran the jacket under the facet and all of the water came off. I like some of the points and dislike some of the others. There is a Ultralight 69 grams for medium. The stuff sack has 3 grams. A hidden hood that rolls into the collar provides insulation for your neck. The cuffs and helm are slim. Good. The jacket is being sewed. There is a chest pocket to hold small items. This medium fits me perfectly if I wear a one sweatshirts underneath, I am 5'10 and 147 lbs, and I usually wear a small jacket. If you're going to wear it over a down jacket, you should get a size up. It's pretty easy to seal the seam, but there's some extra material on the inside of the jacket and the stitching on the hood that could be better. This isn't what it's intended for and doesn't provide much warm. There is a If you're not a backpacker and are looking to get the lightest rain jacket at the cheapest price point, I highly recommend this jacket. If you take the extra step to seam seal it yourself, you'll have an amazing rain jacket that's light and cheap. There is a If I decide to seam seal my jacket, I'll update it more.

👤I was really suspicious. It felt like mesh when it arrived. It's less than a pound. I put it under the sink faucet and it is waterproof. It can hold water for a short time. If you leave the faucet running in one spot, it will hold up in the rain. I hope I can use it in the rain and as a top shell for winter. Most Americans will fit a medium sized XL.

6. ARSUXEO Softshell Windproof Waterproof Mountain

ARSUXEO Softshell Windproof Waterproof Mountain

The material is 85% polyester and 15% spandex. The fabric has three layers that keep you warm and dry. The top layer of the exterior is a rugged windbreaker surface that beads up water and prevents stains. The second and third layers are waterproof and soft warm. The drop tail and elastic hem provide a precise on-bike fit, keep you warm in winter, and the reflective elements on front and back add contrast to enhance nighttime visibility. Two pockets for storage with one front pocket and the other with a longer cuff to keep the cold air away from you. Stretch inserts for optimum fit. This part is not waterproof or windproof. They changed their size and disign because many customers said the size ran small, so please read their size chart carefully.

Brand: Arsuxeo

👤My goto jacket has kept me warm in Massachusetts. When you're moving about, cut well so the jacket doesn't have to be adjusted. I wear a thermal long sleeve shirt underneath and that's all I need for a temp of 20f. It can last up to 3 hours in the cold.

👤The jacket is too small so it has to be returned. I have a 44" chest and 37 waist, and although my stomach sticks out a bit, I'm not fat. I usually wear a large shirt. I looked at the details and saw that there was an order for 1 - 2 sizes larger. The largest they made was an XXL, which is said to fit a 46+ chest. Wrong. The jacket won't fit a 44" chest and 37" waist. It was very difficult to zip the XXL because it was so small at the bottom of thewaist and tight in the chest and shoulders. If you normally wear an XL, you should order a different brand because the XXL is too small.

👤I was skeptical when I bought this jacket because I jog outside. Philadelphia is having a cold spell and this jacket kept me warm. This jacket works. I did not feel the cold wind, but it keeps the body warm.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. It should fit as it should for cycling. Good chest and neck wind protection. It's nice to have the front and rear pockets. The price is great. There is a I am 5'11", 177 lbs, 34" waist. The base layer was a custom fit for my frame. Arm length is a little short. See the photo.

👤It can be hard to tell the size of garments from the far east. You are often told to take a bigger size than you normally would. In this case, I ordered a medium and it fits perfectly, even though it is tight in the waist. It would have been very loose at the neck. The reason for only 4 stars was because the garment had a small stain on the right chest. I removed the stain as I liked the garment and am happy with the performance to date.

👤These jackets are small. I'm 165 lbs with a 34 inch waist and the XL fit me like a Medium. The material is a good fit and durable, but the sleeves are a little long on me, but it seems like it will last.

7. GuTe Motorcycle Protective Motocross Protector

GuTe Motorcycle Protective Motocross Protector

Big Hood Design. The hood keeps rain out of your eyes. It's ideal for outdoor sports. Effective Protection Crash: The chest, back, shoulders, elbows, and forearms have hard shell padding for extra protection. For your safety, they don't recommend drag racing on the highway. Light and comfortable to wear. Interlining is made of lightweight elastic durable mesh fabric, that allows the whole body to get rid of stuffiness, remains cool and keeps you at the top of the game. Fit you perfectly. The elastic round collarband is the most easy to wear, it has a good got-up neck line, and it is elastic and quick to wear. The motorcycle full body armor protector is for someone's height of 175-180 cm. Approx. The chest is 39.4" and the waist is 34.6". Length is 21.3" How to choose the right size. This is Asian Size, there may be errors. If you wear thick undershit, you should choose 1-2 size up from your normal size to ensure a great fit. How to choose the right size. This is Asian Size, there may be errors. If you wear thick undershit, you should choose 1-2 size up from your normal size to ensure a great fit.

Brand: Gute

👤This jacket saved my son's life after he hit a deer and went tumbling down the road about 25 times. The skid plates were used to protect him. The elbow pad was cracked by 1 of the direct hits. His arms were able to come in contact with the road because the netting in between gave way. Buckles held up well. Rib guards did a good job of protecting him.

👤This is better than nothing for street riding. Older riders always say that they wish they wore this kind of protection when showing me road rash. I've taken hits from bugs and pebbles. They feel like bees without this. It is not a lifer saver in and of itself. Leave your ego at the house and get your road strategy right.

👤It works well for what I need. I'll get pro s**t when I go pro. I think I'll be fine for Backwoods trail riding.

👤This armor is excellent for money. It's used under a jacket for off-road riding and will keep you from getting mauled. Good protection for the arms, shoulders, upper back, and chest. It won't protect your organs. The build quality is decent. I got one for myself and one for my son. Both worked well for a three-day ride in Utah. I broke my ribs when I caught the bike and it flipped over on me. Not sure if armor would have stopped that. It's a good thing. This is not street gear. It's for people who like to ride off-road. You will be disappointed if you expect more.

👤I weigh 230 lbs. 6'2 I bought the largest size and it fits like a glove. It looks good and is very comfortable. This is a great option if you are looking for something to wear during the summer.

👤They mean it when they say "runs small". There is a If you have any bicep or forearm muscle, it will be tight. I was not impressed with the design of the pants. I had to pay back the money.

👤The first one I owned survived 9000 miles and 4 crashes, but there is a lack of under forarm protection in the event of a slide. The old one had bad velcro, not sure about this one.

👤I have not crashed in this armor, but it is fantastic. I can't bend the plastic because it feels very durable. The mesh allows air flow, which is a wonderful feature for living in Florida. I bought the 3XL as a 220lb woman with broad shoulders and it fit perfectly. I was worried because I read some of the reviews. The back of the armor is not attached and you can tighten it wherever you need to. The mesh is made of high quality materials and feels strong to use for a long time. I feel protected and I look cool.

8. Uriah Cycling Reflective Zippered Universe

Uriah Cycling Reflective Zippered Universe

If you're not sure about the size, please feel free to contact the customer service. The Sun Protection Breathable Fabric has a strong anti-UV rays and quick drying function. The Waist Band Design is full length. The waist band keeps the vest from riding up when cycling, and the zip won't affect the beauty of the pattern. Italy ink printing techonology is imported. The pattern is bright and will never fade. The reflective strips ensure the safety for night cycling and the four back pockets offer enough space for storing your little stuffs with a rear bag.

Brand: Uriah

👤When I ride my road bike, I like to dress up as a clown to be more visible. I knew I had to have it when I saw this one. I'm a 5'9" woman with a long torso. I wear 14 or 16 for street clothes. Being on the larger end of the lady cyclist spectrum, I have a hard time getting the fit of the popular brands of cycling clothing. When I find a jersey that is a good fit in the chest, they are often borderline crop tops. Mens' jerseys don't work well and have their own set of challenges. There is a I got a lot of feedback from my fellow club members on the inaugural ride. The stitching is good. I like the fabric and it looks like a picture. I think I can use it for a long time. I chose my size based on my experience, which seems accurate. It's true to size. I'd like it to be 1-2 inches longer, but that's my preference. I'm not going to complain because the grip on the bottom elastic has kept it from riding up and becoming a belly shirt. I plan on getting a long-sleeved jersey from this brand for the cooler months, and I'm ordering another sleeveless jersey. I got it in 2.5 weeks. It came a little earlier than the estimated date, so I was happy about that. There is a The best part? Nobody will be able to say they couldn't see me.

👤The quality is good but the cut is not flattering. I have a medium based on the chart. I could be 6 months pregnant and still wear it. I don't know why they call it a women's cycling vest. The illustration looks nice, but there is nothing feminine about it. The cut is not nice. I wouldn't order again.

👤The shirt fits as expected. It is sleeveless for hot days of riding. The elastic around the base of the shirt makes the pocket good on the back. No riding up or blowing. Looks good and does the job.

👤I ordered a small, which is my usual size, based on the size chart. It is almost as if this is a man's cut. It is snug at the hips and completely loose in the middle. The pocket is only for cards and cash. The elastic pockets on my phone are shallow and do not feel secure. The colors are nice and arrived quickly. I am coming back.

9. CEROTIPOLAR Cycling Reflective Softshell Windproof

CEROTIPOLAR Cycling Reflective Softshell Windproof

Tech FABRIC micro fiber windProof softshell, Breathable panels increase ventilation and airflow, keeping you warm even during your hardest efforts, perfect for cool mornings. The cargo pockets on this vest give you enough room for your stuff on your bike ride. The neck guard on your bike protects you from any injuries that may occur on your bike. Swiss OEKO. The design has a TEX 100 approved fabric and Blue sign approved Sublimation color. The rear pockets have long distance refecltive tapes.

Brand: Cerotipolar

👤5'-9" 154 lbs large. It would fit better on my jerseys if I put roomy on top of my cotton hoodie. It has stretchability. I bought this because my full windbreaker can get sweaty after a while. That issue is immediately alleviated by this. There is a This isn't a 100% windbreaker. There is mesh under the arms and at the top of the back. The packs are small and easy to fit in a jersey pocket. The zip can go high up onto the neck area. Three pockets are good, with openings on the tight side. Nighttime riding is a plus with the use of reflectors strips. This is useful to me for $30. It was very warm today.

👤A good quality vest. I am very happy with the purchase and it adds warmth without adding bulk. It is on the small end of the spectrum. I weigh in at 180 lbs. I wear M for t-shirts and most cycling tops because I prefer a tight fit. I ordered this vest in M and it was a little tighter than my other tops. If you're on the fence between sizes, you might want to go up.

👤It's not fancy, but it has what I need for a "wind breaker" front vest. The front stops the wind and the back has vent material to let off steam. The back pocket is nice. I think it fits well to form. For morning rides that are a little cool, it will work well with some layers and arm warmers. Not really enough for below 40's.

👤This fits the same way as the other Certi kit I own. The vest is a little bigger in my size than the jersey, but it's perfect because it's made to go over other clothes. It's a nice vest with rear pockets and is made of a silky fabric. Most of my wind vests don't have that. The fit is the same as my Certi jersey and fits just like my jacket. The vest has mesh panels under the arms and down the middle of the back which are stretchy to give it a nice fit.

👤I ordered 2 and 3xl because they were big for me. I', 5'9", 200 lbs, slight tummy, but muscle build. I received a used vest in a plastic bag which had an odor, but the XL fit nicely. An odor, but not overwhelming. The rear of the vest is a nice touch, but the rear outer pockets are way to far inward that it would be difficult to take items out. It would be a perfect vest if the pockets were widened.

10. 247 Viz Reflective Visibility Running

247 Viz Reflective Visibility Running

Light explodes off the reflective vest as you are seen from over 350 feet away. Cars give you more room from farther away with their reflective running vest for women. You can feel safe at night and daytime. The soft material of their running reflective vest for women provides a natural feel and is quick drying. You won't notice it's on if you're jogging, cycling, biking or dog walking. The waist can be adjusted to fit different shapes and sizes. The small waists of their reflective vest are 21 inches long, great for those 5'8" and under. There is a pocket for your phone or wallet. Their reflective running gear includes 2 retroreflective bands, which increase your visibility at night and are very bright in the daytime - wear as ankle bands or armbands. Cars give you more room. They know you will love the vest and fit. They will replace it with a better size. They promise that you will be more visible in the evening and that you will feel safer on the roads. Give their vests a try.

Brand: 247 Viz

👤I have to run in the dark as the days get shorter. The mirror does not agree when it shows my 50 year old body. I was running at dusk while wearing a white shirt and strobing yellow belt on my waist, when a driver just about ran into my path. I needed more light. " She had one of her headlights burned out. I'm not the one who needed more light. I realized that I wouldn't be able to defend my argument if I died. I decided to be more visible to the idiots. The vest is a bit more expensive than the others I found. It seemed brighter from the photos. The product came with a pair of ankle/arm bands and an internal phone pocket. The return policy and lifetime warranty were even better. There is a The vest is visible in the dark. The reflective tape is like a Christmas tree. The fit is good. Medium jackets and shirts translate well to the vest. Not tight or loose. There is a Hopefully, I have been proven wrong.

👤Shipping was fast. The vendor made sure I was happy. I am for most of the time. The vest is visible. I have easy access to jacket pockets. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5, is that the very strong Velcro along the waist/hip that is exposed when adjusted to be larger or create a looser fit, has been sticking to my shirts/sweaters, pulling on threads and ruining it when I pull it free. I live in New England, so wool and other natural fabrics are a staple. If you adjust the fit to be snugger, it won't be a problem. I will have to watch what I wear. I wouldn't wear this in the summer. I would prefer a mesh fabric. The vest is light, but not strong. If the weather was warmer, I would notice it. The thing is annoying but not enough to return it. I will use it.

👤I like the weight of the vest. I weigh over 150 lbs. The length fits well and adjusts to a wide range of width. It falls off of my shoulders when I run. I put one of the first bands around the back section to tighten it up. They seemed to work.

👤The vest is reflective and soft. Which I think is great. I want to use it to walk my dog. I ordered this because of the design and color. I want to be seen at night without being seen by other people. I'm more impressed with the customer service than the product. They only asked how is the product working out for me, and if I'm liking it, rather than asking for a positive review. I told them that I was not happy that the vest went on a lightning deal for $12.50 the day after I paid for it. My dumb luck has nothing to do with them, but they were willing to adjust the price for me. I thought that was beyond. I will definitely buy from them again.

11. Reflective Safety Vest Storage Pouch

Reflective Safety Vest Storage Pouch

The vest is lightweight and can be worn over a T-shirt, sports gear, winter coat or any type of clothing at all times. Improve your safety by running, biking, dog walking, motorcycling, jogging, kids playing, directing traffic and more. There is a super bright light source. The Hi Vis vest can be seen from more than 500 yards away, it provides extreme reflectivity at night, and it has bright lights that give high visibility in the light of day. Choose your preferred mode, it looks amazing. Fixinus reflective vest keeps you safe while on a run or walk, and lights up the night. The technology of fissures can be adjusted. One size fits all. The waist band is 27 feet long and 70 cm wide. The measurement is 14 20.8 inches. It doesn't bother me. It's made from soft high-density hollow polyester webbing weaving and transparent resin which has high light guide fiber. The double optical fiber surface is more noticeable because of their special processing technology. Light weight and flexibility: The four adjustment buckles and elastic strap make it easy to wear your LED Reflective vest over a T-shirt, Sports gear, Winter coat or any type of clothing. Improve your personal safety by running, biking, dog walking, motorcycling, jogging, kids playing, directing traffic and more. Bring them with you with a Drawstring Storage Bag. The charging time is 1 hour and the illumination time is 7 hours. You don't have to buy new batteries or glowsticks when you have theusb cable. Wow, it's much more eco-friendly. They love their pets and know you will too. It applies to gift purchases.

Brand: Fixinus

👤This is a good light source. The price is correct. I was disappointed that I didn't buy one for bike rides. The front and rear of the LEDs are more visible. The shoulder straps have only the LEDs on them. They go from near the front buckle over the shoulders to the battery at the cross-point midway down the back. There isn't much light facing the rear of my bike. The lights should extend all the way down to the belt in the back. It would be even better if the lowest backside LEDs were red.

👤The lights make me easily visible. The vest has reflective tape on the back, but the lights are only on the front. I would like it to be lit on both sides. The on/off button in the center of your back makes it impossible to turn on/off without taking it off. It is bright and nice, and makes me feel comfortable when walking in the dark.

👤There is an update Oct 25, 2019. I've had 4 of them. I run 5x/week with a total of about 32 miles/week, and rarely get more than 2 months of use out of it. I sweat a lot in the summer heat. I got 32 days out of the last one, just like the previous ones, because the lights no longer came on. It's out of the window. I'm updating my review with fewer stars because they are the bottom of the barrel in terms of build and longevity quality. There is an update. After reading my review, the seller apologized for the quality of the item and offered to send a replacement at no cost. It was very much appreciated because they were very prompt and courteous. The replacement is working. I appreciated their prompt and friendly response. When we run in the dark, we get a lot of comments about the vests from other runners and cyclists. I am happy I found these. The star rating has been raised due to their response. The original review was not a good one. I bought two of them a month ago. We use them about 3 times a week. I only had to charge it three times. The receiver on the back of the vest was not easy to fit theusb cord into. The receiving port was damaged when I pulled it out. It can't be charged anymore. One day past the return period, this happens. It was cheap. Don't buy.


What is the best product for bicycle vest protection?

Bicycle vest protection products from Qxgtob. In this article about bicycle vest protection you can see why people choose the product. Hivisible and Ilncluy are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle vest protection.

What are the best brands for bicycle vest protection?

Qxgtob, Hivisible and Ilncluy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle vest protection. Find the detail in this article. Przewalski, Dooy and Arsuxeo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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