Best Bicycle Vest Kids

Vest 8 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Disney Buzz Lightyear Light Up Helmet

Disney Buzz Lightyear Light Up Helmet

The Disney store is authentic. The helmet has a clear visor. The visor on the helmet has flashing lights. The ear protectors are foam-padded. The elastic at the back has a secure fit.

Brand: Disney

👤My kids love pretending in helmets and their parents think they would be great Covid cover-ups in grocery stores. They're comfortable, have good coverage for little faces, and the little lights twinkle. This helmet would bring a lot of smiles.

👤After my grandson wore the Buzz Lightyear costume for a week, I knew I had to add this helmet. I didn't know it had a shield on. It was fun! The costume was so worth the money because of his enjoyment and how it was completed. It lit up as well.

👤The boy plays with it when he's determined to make it work, but it's not easy to position. The light up gray piece wants to slide over the eyes even if we make adjustments to the straps. The larger helmet seemed to have lackluster wings and was uncomfortable on the shoulders, so I decided to purchase this instead of the combo that sits on the shoulders. I don't regret my decision. The little guy seems to find this adequate.

👤He was making a lot of noise for Halloween. I thought Buzz wouldn't be Buzz without his helmet. My son disliked it at first. He only used the binoculars. He wore them to the daycare party by day and then wore the helmet at night since it was dark. The light on the helmet made his outfit pop. There is a He still plays with it. The front face guard is a bit morehy than it was when we got it. I wiped it down with a windex, but it still isn't clear. It served its purpose. It was a little big for my almost 3 year old's head, but I am thankful for the adjustment around the ears and back. It took some getting used to, but it served its purpose.

👤I was going to use it for Halloween. I think it is out of the story. All scratched up. I would not have sent this to someone in the first place.

👤My Grandson loves this helment. He only played with it when I put it with the Buzz Laser Gun. This was a good buy. He likes the fact that Buzz is on TV. He says that if he puts it on, we can watch a toy story. I'm familiar with that movie. Anything for the kids. I like toy stories as an adult. Your little one will be happy with the toy. It will steal the show.

2. Rechargeable Revolutionary Illuminated Multicolored Lightweight

Rechargeable Revolutionary Illuminated Multicolored Lightweight

The reflective gear visible range is 800 feet. The charging time is 2 hours. The lighting time is 3-6 hours. There are six super bright pure colors, Red, Blue, Purple, Pink, Green, and Orange. Modes are easy to access at the press of a button. Multi colors flash off and on in three light options. The Led reflective vest is made of flexible fiber optic cables and 3M reflector chest belts which provide protection. You can find yourself in any light condition. The led vest is light and safe. The vest combo with the chest strap and illuminated vest gives you high visibility and reflectivity. The reflective vest will keep you safe when you are outside with your family or friend, and it will also keep you safe when you are outside at night. The front chest lamp is brighter than the headlights and flashlight, making it easier to see in the dark. It could be adjusted for the perfect angle. The chest lamp has a button that can be used to control the front light. The elastic safety with the reflector strip is connected in front with a buckle. The scope could be expanded with the elastic strap. The vest light can be used on cold or hot weather clothes. Perfect fit without shaking. People's body is exposed to the air when this design is open. It is more comfortable and less sweaty than the traditional reflective vest. Don't need to change the battery frequently, the vest is built in a one pc Li-Ion battery. The battery life can be offered up to 6 hours. You will enjoy sports and protect the environment.

Brand: Longu

👤I bought this to wear when walking my dogs. LightHound is the harness my dogs wear. They both rate well if I compare them to mine. There is nothing for branches to grab on to because the fabric has the light tubes sewn into it. The vest has the light tubes laying free, which can allow anything to grab a hold of it. The light tubes sewn into fabric would have been a better way to keep this from happening. Ask my dogs about the squirrel they like to chase into the trees if you want to know how I know it can be caught. I may sew the light tubes into the vest. It is a good vest to light yourself up and be seen. It is possible that it will get caught up in low branches.

👤The road is easy to see and the light in the middle illuminates it. I love that it has a battery. It falls off of my shoulders no matter how I adjust it. The trick for me was to tie a lace around the back lighted straps. I am happy with this product because I am an early morning walker.

👤I use the runner daily to walk my dog. The front spot light is very bright. Both of them have a lot of controls and flexibility. I am quite happy with that part. I had concerns about the physical quality of the rest of the product. The front clasp is difficult to unclip. The top of the clip comes out with normal force, but the bottom clip always seems to get stuck on release and several tries to get undone. Some of the string holding the clasp to the belt has begun to fall. I think this is a sign that it is only a matter of time before it is fully undone. I expected it to be slightly higher quality because it is a relatively expensive unit.

👤I love this vest. It is priceless to have a long run in the morning. The vest is bright and visible from a long distance. It is very comfortable to wear. Highly recommended!

👤This worked for me because I run early in the morning. I no longer use the light on my head. If you run a lot you should charge it regularly.

👤The first vest I received didn't hold a charge. I got a new one after sending it back. After charging it for the third or fourth time, it turned on when I left the house, but died within my first mile. I was relying on the vest to be visible and this created a safety hazard. I had to dodge cars in dark clothes while using my phone. It's really sad. It would not be a good idea.

3. Ascher Rechargeable Powerful Headlight Flashlight

Ascher Rechargeable Powerful Headlight Flashlight

It is easy to install. They wanted to create a product with you in mind. Their free video will show you how to set up quickly. Every bike with a hub and spokes is awesome. Get your activities done today! There is a built in 2000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery for the headlights and a 330mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery for the taillight. There are light mode options. There are four different lighting modes to choose from with the one-touch switch. Fast flashing and slow flashing are included. Installation is easy. The mount can be easily fixed to the handlebars. The mount strap for the headlights is made of Silicone and has four openings that fit around seat posts. No tools are required to loosen and attach the headlights. The function is MUTIFUNCTION. The bike light set can be used as an emergency flashlight and can be used for any outdoor activity. It is great for cycling at night in places where visibility is not good. Start your next adventure with them. Buy with confidence. Ascher is dedicated to making sure you are completely satisfied with the products they provide. They will solve the problem for you as soon as possible if you contact them.

Brand: Ascher

👤I had the rear light plugged in and charging a couple nights ago, but it shot up out of the device when there was no sound or warning. I was able to blow out the fire after it was reduced to four inches high. I was in the room at the time. It was very likely that it would have burned down my house with me and my family in it. There is a I think the battery exploded, but there is no doubt it was faulty.

👤So far, so good. The blinking function on the headlight is making me pretty visible, and it's illuminating every street sign, stop sign, and even license plates in my path. One car flashed their brights at me. The cars are giving me a lot of room because the taillight stays part of the back of the frame. The quick release for the headlights is easy, but it takes a bit of tugging with the rear light to get it to work. Look at the video to see how bright they are. If you're on the fence, get them.

👤The white light is useless for me because the mount doesn't fit on my road bike handlebars. I measured the middle section of the handlebars and it's 4 inches. The brackets don't close and secure. There is a I'll be returning and buying a different product. I own a women's road bike.

👤I was contacted by the seller who offered a replacement light set. The new style brackets are better. The rubber brackets are easier to attach to my larger handlebars. It seems like it will hold the light. I have only done a test ride and haven't taken a long ride yet. Excellent customer service and a new style brackets. Thanks! There is an oblique review. I had these on my old bike for a while and they worked well. It's easy to refill. I wanted to change the handlebars on my new bike but the front light brackets were too small. The product picture has rubber in it, but the brackets are hard plastic. I was able to keep it with zip ties, but the screw that holds the light to the brackets fell off, and the light flew off into the street. Not even going to stop and pick you up. The rear light is still on. It can't be mounted on an under saddle bag.

👤Both lights have the same issues, but they are bright and easy to put on. I can't use my fingers to open buttons, I have to use a pointed object. I've been using a house key to push the buttons because my finger tips can't push the switch far enough into the body of the lights. Both front and rear. The front light strap doesn't have enough traction to keep it fixed in position so it moves either up or down when the lights shift around. The rear light is a little bit different than the front light. I have to change the headlights after every speedbump or curb I go over because they are useless on a night off road trail. I think it would break if I stretched the strap tighter. I ordered a bigger diameter handlebar and stem, so that the light will stay better on the new one. I bought these because the cops don't ticket me for riding at night without lights. Home of the free and brave?

4. Reflective Running Adjustable Ultralight Walking

Reflective Running Adjustable Ultralight Walking

The loop and hook are closed. Safety and visibility are super-high. This style is loose. This style is loose. If you want to be more compliant, choose a smaller size. 2 Pack reflective running vests can be seen from 800 feet or more and have a full coverage in all weather conditions. LIGHTWEIGHT & BREATHABLE: The vest is quick drying and light. You'll forget you're wearing it. It does not ride up while running, cycling, dog walking or motorcycling. No batteries are required. Adaptable and convenient design, reflective running vests fit different body shapes. It has a pocket for storing the iPhone plus. Please choose larger size than usual, this is smaller than general. A super-value retention set. The package contains 2 Highly visible vests and free accessories, including 2 hi-vis bands and a bag. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: The GoxRunx reflective set is guaranteed to be of the top quality.

Brand: Goxrunx

👤This is a bright yellow and reflecty. If a car hits you, it's because they want to (and then, you'd be better off dressed in black with no lights on). It's up to you to take your chances. Vote against Trump because he's not bright.

👤What did I do there? The package I bought was for the jackets. I wear a 2XL and they fit. I don't need the other stuff, but they might be useful when pants become necessary. The pouch is large. I have a case on my phone that fits it. There is room for a regular set of keys and a slim wallet. This pocket won't work for you if you have a key chain that looks like you work as a janitor or if you have every receipt in your wallet since 1984. They are very bright and lightweight. I haven't laundered them yet. I will update this if something happens.

👤I ordered a small for both biking and running. I like wearing it in the daytime for a little extra visibility. My husband wears a men's S/M and it fits around our chests well. I didn't purchase the M because I thought the description of the size was a little misleading, but I think it's the reason. There's only a small amount of velcro on each side. They are short. The bottom hits under my bust, not the stomach. The pocket is large enough to hold my phone, but it weighs down the front of the vest. We're visible.

👤I needed reflective items for late night dog-walking. The bundle came with two items. So my spouse. Both of us can wear them for increased visibility. The vests are very loose fitting and can fit a wide range of body sizes. I got a medium and they fit my husband and myself. The vests and bands are kept in the storage pouch.

👤I have a few of these reflective vests and they all have the same design. All have reflective material and pocket. These are better at reflective abilities. It's like a light. The pocket is larger than my others. There is more to the vest. The others are more wide in the front and back. The leg band and arm band are great. The vests are reflective, just like the others. I ordered a 2 pack and only had one size for both of them, so they are big on me, but not where I can't use them, and fit my son and husband well.

5. Ceroti Apparel Softshell Windproof Reflective

Ceroti Apparel Softshell Windproof Reflective

Tech FABRIC micro fiber windProof softshell, Breathable panels increase ventilation and airflow, keeping you warm even during your hardest efforts, perfect for cool mornings. The cargo pockets on this vest give you enough room for your stuff on your bike ride. The neck guard on your bike protects you from any injuries that may occur on your bike. Swiss OEKO. The design has a TEX 100 approved fabric and Blue sign approved Sublimation color. The rear pockets have long distance refecltive tapes.

Brand: Cerotipolar

👤5'-9" 154 lbs large. It would fit better on my jerseys if I put roomy on top of my cotton hoodie. It has stretchability. I bought this because my full windbreaker can get sweaty after a while. That issue is immediately alleviated by this. There is a This isn't a 100% windbreaker. There is mesh under the arms and at the top of the back. The packs are small and easy to fit in a jersey pocket. The zip can go high up onto the neck area. Three pockets are good, with openings on the tight side. Nighttime riding is a plus with the use of reflectors strips. This is useful to me for $30. It was very warm today.

👤A good quality vest. I am very happy with the purchase and it adds warmth without adding bulk. It is on the small end of the spectrum. I weigh in at 180 lbs. I wear M for t-shirts and most cycling tops because I prefer a tight fit. I ordered this vest in M and it was a little tighter than my other tops. If you're on the fence between sizes, you might want to go up.

👤It's not fancy, but it has what I need for a "wind breaker" front vest. The front stops the wind and the back has vent material to let off steam. The back pocket is nice. I think it fits well to form. For morning rides that are a little cool, it will work well with some layers and arm warmers. Not really enough for below 40's.

👤This fits the same way as the other Certi kit I own. The vest is a little bigger in my size than the jersey, but it's perfect because it's made to go over other clothes. It's a nice vest with rear pockets and is made of a silky fabric. Most of my wind vests don't have that. The fit is the same as my Certi jersey and fits just like my jacket. The vest has mesh panels under the arms and down the middle of the back which are stretchy to give it a nice fit.

👤I ordered 2 and 3xl because they were big for me. I', 5'9", 200 lbs, slight tummy, but muscle build. I received a used vest in a plastic bag which had an odor, but the XL fit nicely. An odor, but not overwhelming. The rear of the vest is a nice touch, but the rear outer pockets are way to far inward that it would be difficult to take items out. It would be a perfect vest if the pockets were widened.

6. LED Reflective Belt Rechargeable Lightweight

LED Reflective Belt Rechargeable Lightweight

This is a life saver. It gives you a better view. It's 100 times safer than any other alternative. There is no way to ignore anyone wearing this. Vehicles will see you all the time. There are limited applications that you can be seen when walking, running, hiking, cycling, horseback riding and motorcycling. It's perfect for child safety, roadside safety, construction, law enforcement and airport personnel. It can be worn by the whole family. Change the light between "Flash" and "Glow" with just one click. The easy-to-use clips make it easy to put on the belt. The straps are elastic and easy to adjust. You can wear it at the waist, over the shoulder, or click it around your backpack. There are a variety of battery materials, such as chargeable batteries, light weight batteries, spherical batteries, anddurable materials. The microusb battery gives up to 20 hours of illumination. There is no hassle with replacing batteries. It's well-constructed and well-built. A design that will last a long time. Order now with peace of mind because of their Lifetime Guarantee. There were no catches.

Brand: Illumiseen

👤When the sun isn't out, I use the red and blue lights on my skateboard to illuminate my backpack. I sewed new loops with a D-ring type of clip at both ends after cutting most of the elastic belt. These can be removed from my backpack with ease. I don't notice them because they are lightweight. I left a light that was fully charged on for 3.5 hours and then gave up because the battery was running out. I don't know how long they will last on, but 3.5 hours is enough for me to charge them once a week. The flashing function on these lights is negative. The on portion of the duty cycle is very long. The time off seems to be 3 times longer than the on time, meaning that they are not as noticeable when in flashing mode. I'm not worried about the flashing mode since I'm just going to use them fully powered on. There is a The attached photo shows the red and blue lights installed on my backpack, along with a typical bicycle rear flashing light for a brightness comparison.

👤I am an adult female with a 29-inch waist and the belt is very large. I don't think this would work for kids. The backside of the person is lit by the light from the light in front. Not visible to other people. You would have to wear it with a buckle on your side, which is awkward, and then it lights up on one side or the other of your body, and the other side is dark. It's just odd. We have an old house with outlets near the floor, which means the belts would lie around on the floor because the cord is too short to reach a bookcase or table. The belt is very stiff, which makes it hard to wear a crop top or running bra in the summer. Yuck. The light is very bright. I don't think it's practical. I will return to my battery-operated armbands.

👤The belt seems sturdy and made of quality materials. The buyer is shown pictures of a "Color Guard" style belt with two straps that cross the back and chest. The cost of 2 of the belts is not stated in the ad, so it adds up to nearly 40 dollars. There is an ad for a single belt, but there is no mention that the buyer has to buy 2 belts if they want an X-shaped belt. There are two more The whole family can wear the belt since it fits men, women and children. I am barely 5'8" and the belt doesn't leave enough length under the arm to move comfortably with a winter coat on. See photo. The husband is 6'2” and he can't get the belt on in the diagonal position without a coat. We are both small. The buyer can wear a single belt around their waist, but that is not what one would expect from the advertising.

7. Youth Compression Athletic Sleeveless Undershirt

Youth Compression Athletic Sleeveless Undershirt

Their 100% money-back guarantee protects you. If you don't like their products, return them within 30 days. Pick your favorite color and add it to the cart. The Compression Tops for Boys are made of 70% cotton and 30% spandex. Boys' Sports Compression Tops 3 Pack are included. The Cool Dry Tank Top has Breathable and moistue-Wicking fabrics that keep you cool and dry. Compression Shirts for Boys can reduce muscle fatigue and damage. Blood Circulation and Oxygen Supply can be improved with a compression fit. The Compreesion Shirt is Skin Friendly and has a Bonded and Flat Lock Seams to prevent Chafing. Boys Copression Vest is designed for both boys and girls and is suitable for all indoor and outdoor sports.

Brand: Sanke

👤My son is on the spectrum for both disorders. His sensory issues are very high. I bought this product in hopes that it would help with compression therapy and also help with pressure on his abdomen when he has high pain days. There is a The product is a life saver. Excellent washes. The tags came off easily. He loves them. I will be ordering for home and the hospital bag. This is going to be a game-changer. Thank you for the project.

👤I wanted to get a variety of colors. I found them. Even though my grandson likes them, they were too large for him even though I bought a smaller size. They were not large, but they didn't fit like we expected. Not like a compression shirt and not like some of the athletic shirts. It wasn't what we were looking for or how it was described. The kid is thin, but I thought buying a smaller size would work. It didn't make it.

👤My son is in dance and gymnastics and he needs a pack of shirts that won't fall down when he does his tricks. These are perfect. I put the entire pack in his duffel bag so he has his clothes. It's simple for a 6 year old boy.

👤I ordered two different sizes. Medium and small. Small was not able to breathe. The medicine was too big. I would like to see a size in between.

👤The fabric and colors are great. My son likes them under his hockey gear. If you're looking for a true compression fit, order down.

👤I am very happy with this for my child. Don't understand why it has to be for boys, nothing about the cut says it needs to be for either gender. My child likes that and wears it to bed.

👤My boy is a good size 6/7 and has some issues. He will be in the size 5 for the next year. It is snug but the fabric is stretchy so I suggest you size down for compression or any snugness. My dude was calm for PreK. He really likes them.

👤I ordered size 7, which was too large for my small 11 year old, even though I measured. I advised against it.

8. Baleaf Convertible Water Resistant Lightweight Fluorescent

Baleaf Convertible Water Resistant Lightweight Fluorescent

The baleaf cycling jackets for men have zip-off sleeves and shoulder yoke that can be used to convert the jacket into a vest. It can turn into a good warm up jacket or vest in winter days, and also perfectly used all year round. The running jacket for men is made of lightweight fabric with great wind protection. The back has a Ventilation system. The convertibele summer cycling windbreaker for men has a large back pocket and two hand pockets with zips, which can hold your mobile phone. It can be put into a back pocket for easy carry. The elements are reflective. The fluorescent color is very bright. There are reflective elements on the front and back. BALEF men's jacket is waterproof, packable, lightweight, and can be used for biking, running, hiking, golf, motorcycle riding or other outdoor sports.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I don't like putting personal pictures on any social network, but I felt the need to do it this time. Trying to figure out if a clothing article will fit is a very frustrating task. It can be difficult to figure out what size to order, but I usually have good luck figuring it out by reading reviews. I needed to get this jacket in time for the trip. I was not comfortable with the large recommended by the manufacturers for my body dimensions. My waist is 32 inches and my chest is 42 inches. For a Large size, the waist measurement is 34 1/2 to 36 1/2 and the chest measurement is 40 1/2 to 42 1'2. My waist is at 32 inches so I ordered a medium. I would have been put into a Windsail if there was more material. There is a I wore my Baleaf cycling jacket for a 100 mile road cycling trip the next day after receiving it in the mail. It fit me perfectly. I was very pleased with my jacket. I did not feel any wind in this jacket and the winds were strong. When I first started, the temperature was 48 degrees, but by the afternoon it was 50 degrees. There is a The jacket has nice pockets on both sides. I had my license and debt cards. There is a If you're looking for a very functional, comfortable jacket, I'll buy this Baleaf jacket for you. You will be very pleased and amazed.

👤It is long in the sleeves and back where it should be for cycling. It is very comfortable and functional. The vest mode was never tried. What's not to like? The zip! It's as cheap as they come. On the second use, broke off. The windbreaker became a cape. Pass on this one until they upgrade it. Unless you want to ride with a cape.

👤The jacket is not water resistant. I bought this jacket because there is a chance of rain on the day of the marathon. I splashed water on the back of the jacket when it arrived. The jacket was soaked by the water. I am very upset. I will return it soon.

👤I wanted a bright jacket to help drivers use cell phones while driving to see me, and also to help fight the chill until I warm up. I bought this item in a men's size because I couldn't find what I wanted in a women's size. I ordered the wrong size because it was too tight at the hips, and I borrowed clothes from my husband. I had my husband try on a jacket that was a little tighter than he wanted. I think this jacket is for cyclists who look good in spandex, so anyone who is different should think about how to fit in. I returned it and it fit right. There is a The jacket is light and bright and has a lot of pockets. If you like that kind of thing, the sleeves will come off. There is a The construction is what you would expect of a product of this material and at this price point, with cheapish zippers and iffy seam construction, it's not bad for not stellar. This is perfect for what I need and how much I want to spend. I have worn this many times and I am very happy with the purchase.

9. POC Pocito Fluorescent Orange Medium

POC Pocito Fluorescent Orange Medium

Mountain biking and skiing. A vest made specifically for young riders that offers the freedom to move comfortably and protected was certified to the highest standards. VPD air protection. VPD Air is designed for those who find body armor too bulky, warm or restrictive. The VENTILATED design is made from a flexible and highly breathable mesh, so riders stay cool and comfortable on the trail. Protection from proactive protection. The front chest pocket is compatible with the TRAX device and is available in bright colors. It's easy to keep up. A full-length front zipper makes it easy to operate, while a loop inside the back collar makes it easy to store between rides.

Brand: Poc

👤A vest has a fabric insert. There is a mesh. Not the VPD. Waiting on a replacement for a piece of equipment that is designed to keep kids safe is unacceptable. The next one was intact with the VPD. Pictures are attached. Make sure you get the full vest. This one had the mesh liner as well. It seems that it will do the trick.

👤The product is great, but the size was an issue. Medium was too snug for my son who is 9 years old.

👤It is a great protection against accidents that could hurt the spine.

👤Great product. It is very easy to change to different body sizes. We used it with kids from 5 to 11 years old.

👤The kids didn't want to wear these but we're perfectly comfortable in them! They fit under their ski jackets or under their layers.

👤It's a must for ski racing on our team. Kids are kept warm as an added benefit.

👤Exactly what we were looking for. The vest material is stretchy, so it's still a good fit for my 10yr old daughter, even though the medium size is slightly big.

👤My 10 year old daughter is a member of a race team, so she needs a back protection. I ordered my daughter the large size because she is tall and thin. It is long and padded from the base of the neck to the tailbone, but it is not a snug fit as it should be. I just pinched out 2” of fabric from each side of my sewing machine and ran a basic basting stitch down each side. It can be done easily by hand. I can easily remove or adjust the basting stitch as she grows. My daughter has been wearing it for 2 weeks and she says it is lightweight and comfortable. Sometimes the zipper gets stuck.

👤Very thin padding. Not what you would expect from a ski vest. It's much better out there. We are usually brand loyal.

👤Non adulto come da descrizione. Inoltre ho pagato 60 euro un gilet da stradino. Restituito.

👤Ho preso il gilet. Taglia S visto per adulto. There is a A fare un reso. La taglia per BAMBINO, in caso, comunque una S piccola. Tralasciando l'errore sulla taglia.

👤Non sente sotto la giacca da sci.

👤This is a good vest for skiing. The color is not right. The headline is 'POC Pocito Vpd Air Vest, green, M'. The vest is green. The vest is yellow. It was clearly yellow. There is no green in sight.

10. Whole Human Safety Lights Pack

Whole Human Safety Lights Pack

The men's biking jacket is packable and lightweight. It's suitable for outdoor sports such as cycling, running, hiking, golf, climbing, or other. The design is outstanding. The safety lights have 5 high-powered LEDs per device and 3 lighting modes, which include steady, slow flash, and fast flash. The batteries have a battery life of up to 96 hours. There are screws for Extreme Duty and Weather Resistance. BONUS ACCESSORIES: 4 extra CR2032 batteries (2 sets), 2 LONG & ELASTIC Velcro straps, and a mini-driverscrew for the lights. Strong, no-slip clip is easy to use. You can put it on your belt, pockets, smartphone, reflective vest, running gear, helmet, dog collar, harnesses, anywhere on your clothing. The ultimate dependability is what it is. Their SuperNova safety lights can help keep you safe no matter what. These will keep you safe when you are running, walking, cycling, changing a tire, or just getting some fresh air. It's a must-have for any low-light situation. Risk free, 100% money back guarantee, and 1 year warranty. Every purchase is protected by an exclusive 1 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee. Either you love the product or you are entitled to a full refund. No exceptions.

Brand: Whole Human

👤A man once worked hard all his life. He was quite content with his current situation, but he was looking for a hobby. He tried many things but they were a tad cumbersome. During a visit to a health wizard, it was mentioned that the problem of Obesity had taken over. He was determined to make a change despite the fact that he had young ones leaning on him. His other half dragged him out for a jog around the block and for the first time, he ran nonstop for a quarter mile. He wanted to make a run for it because he was getting comfortable with his weight. He celebrated a successful mile. He stretched it out to two miles. He was running fast. It was nearly impossible for obese people to catch up to him because of his determination to move forward. When the days began to shorten, he started running into the dark evenings. It was scary because people were prancing around in their shiny four wheeled crafts. He had to make sudden stops to prevent injuries. The night made it difficult for captains to see him clearly. He knew that if he didn't have proper illuminating apparel, he would not be able to continue this hobby. He summoned the internet spirits and found these green orbs. He thought to himself that if he were to dress himself in such a way, he would be more visible to the navigators of the night. He received the merchandise in no more than two days. He took the orbs for a quick test that evening and was not surprised that he remained visible to everyone who passed by. His other half caught a glimpse while maneuvering her craft while he traveled with these orbs. She said she thought she had seen a glowing being. He continues to clothe himself with these items for the well-being of his runs.

👤I thought of giving them to everyone I buy gifts for. The battery needed to be changed. What a disaster. The batteries are working with screws. Make sure you are working in a well lite area. The only way to put the batteries in is through the inside mold, which is grey. It's not easy to read. They may work if they put them back together. If you tested before you put those screws in, they won't work afterwards. The batteries work occasionally after I changed them. I have a belt on my back. The movement of your body can turn them off. Sometimes the on switch doesn't work. The light is on when you press it. It's off when you remove your finger. I have taken these appart many times to make sure the connections are set. The tiny screws were being worked on each time. There is a Initially, they work well. Buy them until the battery dies. Throw them away. After you change the batteries, it's not worth the hassle.

11. Washable Reflective Rechargeable Adjustable Visibility

Washable Reflective Rechargeable Adjustable Visibility

It's great for people who want to be seen in the dark. You're seen in the dark from the front with their safety lights. It's a must have accessory for early morning and late night running, cycling, hiking, biking, and walking with the dog. Runners Joggers, Motorcyclists, Bikers, Dog Lovers and Horseback Riders are some of the people who use the Perfect Light Up Vest. Don't get hit by a car. The 14 waterproof indicators have a lifespan of more than 6,000 hours, with white lights in the front and red lights in the back. Ultra light mesh fabric provides instant comfort and keeps your body cool. You'll forget you're wearing it. The reflective vest's two pockets can be put into a wallet, mobile phone, keys, and other small items. High visibility running gear. The light button on the front is easy to reach, even while wearing, if you need to turn it off or change between three glowing modes. The safety reflective running vest uses high quality silver reflective material and lights, which allows drivers to see you. Well in advance. Night or early morning darkness can't stop you from running. Everyone who runs in the dark must take safety precautions. It's easy to adjust the length of the waist for a tight fit. If you want to be safe at night and early morning, you should get this light up flashing vest. See the size chart to make sure it's right. There is a machine and ausb rechargeABLE. The water spout has a light running spout. You don't have to waste a lot of money on batteries with the Rechargeable Led Running Vest. A charging cable. 500 charge cycles and guaranteed discharge are included. Can be charged by computer or car. They know that you don't want a dirty light up vest out.

Brand: Amnquerxus

👤My special needs son is not car aware and I bought this vest for him. It is easy to put on and use. The lights are bright. He can be seen far away. The charge seems to last a long time. We have used it at least 8 times and haven't had to charge it yet. There is a The on/off button on the battery pack doesn't match the logo on the vest. This makes it hard to turn on/off, but it's a matter of feeling for the button instead of assuming it's in the indicated spot. The vest doesn't give off enough light at night, so we need a flashlight.

👤One of the few vests that has warning lights on both the front and back is this one. I have no doubt that anyone would be able to see them. There is a It is very small. The recipient was unable to fit the size around her waist. Not even close. The lower belt would not snap shut. She was invisible to oncoming traffic because the front lights ended up under her armpits. The photos on the website are all of children. I like the front/back lights. I might try it again if the company ever makes one that is actually for an adult.

👤I use my light up vest a lot during my night rides. All is advertised. This is the best safety gear you can buy. A good purchase.

👤The LEDs are bright and comfortable. One of the 2 star reviewers mentioned that you should not use blinking lights to alert drivers, but use the solid lights function. There is a It is small, that's my main complaint. The bottom of this goes across the middle of my chest. If you are looking for something that goes down to your waist, this won't work. This is for the large version.

👤The vest is very bright and easy to see by vehicles when walking or running. The battery life is great, we walked for 11-50 minutes with it on a steady setting before we had to refill it. The battery pack does not add a lot of weight, but it is slightly heavier than a standard reflective vest, which is not a deal breaker. I did not give it 5 stars because it is not the most comfortable thing to wear if you are 6'2" and 220 lbs. My wife wears it and it fits her well. It will work if you are a guy and want something to wear while jogging.


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