Best Bicycle Vest for Men

Vest 30 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Ceroti Apparel Softshell Windproof Reflective

Ceroti Apparel Softshell Windproof Reflective

Tech FABRIC micro fiber windProof softshell, Breathable panels increase ventilation and airflow, keeping you warm even during your hardest efforts, perfect for cool mornings. The cargo pockets on this vest give you enough room for your stuff on your bike ride. The neck guard on your bike protects you from any injuries that may occur on your bike. Swiss OEKO. The design has a TEX 100 approved fabric and Blue sign approved Sublimation color. The rear pockets have long distance refecltive tapes.

Brand: Cerotipolar

👤5'-9" 154 lbs large. It would fit better on my jerseys if I put roomy on top of my cotton hoodie. It has stretchability. I bought this because my full windbreaker can get sweaty after a while. That issue is immediately alleviated by this. There is a This isn't a 100% windbreaker. There is mesh under the arms and at the top of the back. The packs are small and easy to fit in a jersey pocket. The zip can go high up onto the neck area. Three pockets are good, with openings on the tight side. Nighttime riding is a plus with the use of reflectors strips. This is useful to me for $30. It was very warm today.

👤A good quality vest. I am very happy with the purchase and it adds warmth without adding bulk. It is on the small end of the spectrum. I weigh in at 180 lbs. I wear M for t-shirts and most cycling tops because I prefer a tight fit. I ordered this vest in M and it was a little tighter than my other tops. If you're on the fence between sizes, you might want to go up.

👤It's not fancy, but it has what I need for a "wind breaker" front vest. The front stops the wind and the back has vent material to let off steam. The back pocket is nice. I think it fits well to form. For morning rides that are a little cool, it will work well with some layers and arm warmers. Not really enough for below 40's.

👤This fits the same way as the other Certi kit I own. The vest is a little bigger in my size than the jersey, but it's perfect because it's made to go over other clothes. It's a nice vest with rear pockets and is made of a silky fabric. Most of my wind vests don't have that. The fit is the same as my Certi jersey and fits just like my jacket. The vest has mesh panels under the arms and down the middle of the back which are stretchy to give it a nice fit.

👤I ordered 2 and 3xl because they were big for me. I', 5'9", 200 lbs, slight tummy, but muscle build. I received a used vest in a plastic bag which had an odor, but the XL fit nicely. An odor, but not overwhelming. The rear of the vest is a nice touch, but the rear outer pockets are way to far inward that it would be difficult to take items out. It would be a perfect vest if the pockets were widened.

2. BALEAF Cycling Running Thermal Windproof

BALEAF Cycling Running Thermal Windproof

Windproof and Warm are three layers of insulation that draw sweat away from the skin to the next layer to keep you warm. Two side pockets are used for keeping hands warm on chilly days. Two large rear pockets are large enough to hold winter gloves, a neck gaiter and other cold-weather gear. Breathable and security: Two chest vent increases. The reflective elements in the chest, elbow, back and back pockt improve visibility in low light. The drop-tail rear hem protects against road spray on wet days, and the high collar keeps the wind and chills out. The jacket is held in place by a Silicone Gripper. The left design for the US. Form fit with stretch for layers. It's suitable for winter outdoor activities, like cycling, mountain biking, MTB trail, running, hiking, cross skiing, snowshoeing or bicycle touring.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I wear this jacket on morning bike rides. The color is rich and vibrant and the reflectors are not overpowering. I'm 5'9" 186 lbs and I could easily fit into a large. The arms are long enough for a bike ride. I am happy. I like all of the Bayleaf products.

👤Unless you are in a place with mild winters, winter weight is not advertised. It was in the mid 30's to mid 40's today. The base layer was a short sleeve jersey. Even after I got my blood moving, I was pretty chilled through. Overall, nice construction, nice pockets, and good color. Just like fall and winter weight. I usually wear an XL in bike tops, it fits me well.

👤The fit was good, but the jacket was useless as the zip jammed, and I couldn't get it to open more than once. I bought a jacket with a YKK zip after returning it. Many of the lower-cost jackets sold here have low-quality zippers. Most customers would be willing to pay more for a jacket that works.

👤I bought a big one. I have a 46 inch chest and 38 inch waist. I'm at the upper end of the size. The jacket is perfect. The arm and body length are correct. I can wear layers under the jacket. The jacket is not baggy on me. The fabric is very tight. You don't sweat because of this jacket. I don't know about the claim of wearing it down to 20 degrees. I am a big fan of the Baleaf brand. I also bought their tights in a different size. Is that a word? They fit perfectly. Baleaf has a better value than the bicycle companies. Baleaf, I have purchased 4 items from you and I am happy with them all.

👤I run on the Lake Erie coast throughout the year and needed a jacket for winter. The prices of that kind of gear from the major athletic apparel brands and running gear companies are well outside my budget. $120 and up... No way! I decided to give this jacket a chance and come back if it didn't impress me. I can't complain about the price. It keeps me warm in the cold. My friend got orange and I got yellow, which is very hi-vis. I have only had a few weeks but I am very impressed with the build quality. I'm 6'2”, 175 lbs, 41” chest with long arms. I'm happy that the Large size fits me in a way that I can describe as "form fitting", which is a skinny guy. The jacket is warm so you don't need to wear bulky layers. If it's below 25, I'll wear a long sleeve thermal athletic shirt and then a short sleeve shirt for anything over 25. The jacket keeps the heat in when I'm running. If I get too warm, I'll occasionally open the chest vent or drop the zip. The sleeves are the same length as other large sized cloths.

3. 247 Viz Reflective Running Vest

247 Viz Reflective Running Vest

Light explodes off of this reflective vest as you are seen from far away. Don't wait to be seen at the last minute. Cars give you room at night while you are walking, jogging, or biking. The neon colors are very visible in the daytime. It is lightweight and absorbent, and keeps your body cool and comfortable. The vest is not used to ride up while jogging, cycling, walking the dog, riding a motorcycle, bicycle or horse. If you wear over any shirt, hoodie, or jacket, you will be safe and visible. The waist band can be adjusted to fit different shapes and sizes over different clothing. Their small size is 21 inches long and is great for those under 5 feet. It works for men and women alike. There is a pocket for your phone or wallet. Please see the chart. The reflective hi vis bands increase your visible lighted surface area. If you want to be safe at the highest level, wear reflective ankle bands or armbands. You can see that cars give you more room as you can see them from every angle. Their vests are made from durable materials that will last for a long time. It's all-weather protection. Stay safe and visible.

Brand: 247 Viz

👤I ride my bike to work. I didn't like the way trucks and SUVs were driving past me. I didn't think drivers were seeing me even with lights and reflective strips on my clothing. I felt the difference when I wore this vest. About 10% of the cars in the lane next to me moved left. They came back to the lane after they passed me. It was close to 100% with the vest. I think it's because drivers are already familiar with the safety vest concept and don't have to think about it. They just move. Do I look like a dork? Yes. It's dark when I wear it and I want to stay alive. The small is a good fit for me, I'm 125 lbs. It sits in my hip area. The vest adds warmth to the torso area. It came with reflective straps that are great for binding the legs on my pants so they don't get caught in the gears.

👤It has a good size pocket on the inside that is big enough to hold my Iphone 8 and reading glasses, and it is easy to slip on. I ordered a small size because I wanted it to be streamlined. I didn't return the medium size that I received because I didn't think it was worth it, but I gave it away because it wasn't worth it. The person I gave it to liked it. The vendor reimbursed me for the one I gave away after I explained this to them. I usually don't return items because most are small vendors and they don't have much money, but in this case it worked out.

👤I live in a retirement community and walk on streets that don't have sidewalks. I'm safer if they see me because drivers here don't see as well as they used to. The vest helps them do that. It is up to the good points made on its page. I'm 5 foot 8, a size 6, and the medium fits over my winter clothes, and it doesn't seem like it will be too warm in the summer. My daughter was asked if she would like one. She didn't want to look like a dork, even while walking the dog at night, so as a walker I may be in a good age category for this vest.

👤I purchased the large but the wrist bands were too big. I put them around my legs. They are going to see me.

👤The vest is small, but I like it. I'm usually a small in both tops and bottoms, but I found the size small. I was told to be more of a small child than an adult woman. I might order another large one to make sure it fits.

👤There are two versions of the high-viz vest, one with denser material and one with a lighter mesh. The denser is not as bright as the brighter one. The one I'm reviewing is better for vigorous activity. I bought this vest for two reasons. It is suitable for both, since it isn't as light and is more suitable for walking on the road than running. This is a vest that you can swap for better visibility. There is a There's great coverage with the high-viz material and reflective stripes. It works well in the day and night. I like the design, more than most vests on the market, there's enough material here that it both avoids the "sports bra" look. It doesn't look disheveled and it also lays flat. There is a It is quite secure if you get the right size, it doesn't bounce around or get out of place as you move. There is a The vest is a little heavy and bulky compared to other offerings on the market. This emphasizes visibility, not weight. If you want to keep this in a hiking pack for rare use, you will end up carrying more weight than necessary. There is a The vest is most likely to make contact with the body when the flaps on the side are reflective, but that is not my complaint. I found sweat build up in that area when I ran in cool temperatures. I will use a leather punch to clear the area, but it's obvious that there was an oversight in the design. There is a I'm a 5'10 male. The muscle mass is decent but not too bulky. The small is perfect for running and the medium is good for running. Medium is too large and has extra length at the bottom flaps. If I were wearing a jacket or normal clothes while walking, the medium would be better, but since I'm wearing only a compression shirt, the small is the way to go. I plan on keeping the medium I bought in my car. There is a Would recommend.

4. Columbia Watertight Jacket Graphite Large

Columbia Watertight Jacket Graphite Large

Their proprietary technology provides air-permeable protection that's waterproof and breathable, keeping mother nature's elements out, at the same time allowing the inside to breathe, keeping her dry and comfortable. It is a wet-weather jacket made with advanced technology that keeps you dry and comfortable when you need it most. It is light and packable. The rain shell is so small that it can be kept at the ready and stuffed in its own hand pocket. There areANDY features. The perfect outer layer, this coat has an elastic storm hood with an abrasion resistant chin guard, a drawcordadjustable hem, and a pocket for warmth in the rain and snow. Columbia's attention to detail is what sets their apparel apart. They use only the highest quality materials. These leggings are worry-free. The jacket may have the words "Columbia" embroidered on it. The product is authentic.

Brand: Columbia

👤The jacket I received is not real. To compare the lengths, I ordered a tall. Look at pictures. The tall jacket is on the left of the first three pictures. The fake jacket has a sticker on it that does not have Columbia embroidered. The tag on the inside is different from the one on the sleeve. The fake jacket has no "Packable" on the inside of the pocket. If I didn't have the tall jacket to compare, I wouldn't have questioned the authenticity of the jacket. I will return it.

👤I couldn't verify if the item I received was legit or fake based on the other reviews. I got a replacement and it had a non embroidered chest logo, a missing packable tag in the pocket, and a non diamond omnitech logo on the left sleeve. I called Columbia to make sure that the product number on the tag matched the number in their system, and they did a great job. They were unable to address the concerns. I contacted Amazon and they couldn't verify if the product was real or fake, so they will open an investigation.

👤I am on the border of large and x-large with most of my clothes. I read it's a little big, so I went for the large. It fits nicely with a t-shirt underneath, but not a lot of room for me. It's a bit snug with a fleece mid-layer. If you're on the L/XL line in most of your clothing, I'd go with the larger one. If you plan to use it as a summer raincoat over a tee for hiking, then I would go with the L. It's fine for me.

👤I am going to hike the inca trail in Peru. We had no rain, even though it was rainy. There is a I wore it during a rainstorm on the way to a house lunch in NYC. It was raining for the 15 minute walk. Put the jack up to dry. When I put the jacket back on, it was soaked all the way through. It's like putting on a wet cloth. Very disappointing. There is a The jacket looks nice, but it's not waterproof. AT. All. Never did anything with a jacket. There is a The seller is a person. Please let me know if you think I have a bad jacket. Would try another to see if it works.

5. Little Donkey Andy Lightweight Sleeveless

Little Donkey Andy Lightweight Sleeveless

The fabric of the vest is very strong. Drawcord hems help seal out the elements. A chin guard keeps you warm. The mid-layer fabric is laminated with a TPU Membrane to keep your core dry and comfortable in the light rain. The shell is made of 4-way stretch fabric and allows a wide range of motion or layer beneath. You will not feel any restriction. There are ultra-light and zip-up pockets. The travel vest is light and easy to pack. 2 zip-up hand pockets and 1 chest pocket are all you need to keep your stuff safe. It'sTILE: The windbreaker is ideal for travel. On cold days, a slim fit can be worn as a mid layer.

Brand: Little Donkey Andy

👤I was hoping a large would fit me but it was too small. I returned the vest because they didn't have the color I wanted, so I took a refund. I am a hockey goalie with a 215 pound body, a weight lifter with a 46” chest, and a golfer with a long life. There is a The vest was light, waterproof and had good zippers. It is a light vest, nothing not to like about it. I found the same vest. I wanted a bigger package and a different color, but I was able to get it for $20 less. I swear it's the same vest as the one Amazon sells, "Heihuohua Men's Softshell Vest Outerwear Vest with Fleece Lined". Check it out and compare the two before you buy the "Little Donkey" vest. Hope that helps!

👤I didn't think this vest was worth buying. I never wore it because of the unfinished seams or torn seams in the package. There are small breaks in the vest. The quality of the fabric is ok, but the craftsmanship and quality control is shabby. The size large I purchased felt like a medium minus. This guy is tight and I am usually on the medium plus to large size. Returned.

👤I like this vest. It's not true to size. It is small. L is usually good but some items are a little tight for me, and XL is a little big for me. I ordered a size larger and it is too tight for me to wear. If you have any extra around the waist, I recommend buying a bigger size. If you have a good set of abdominals, this wouldn't be an issue, but if you are soft in the middle, you'll want to size up one. I haven't worn it out of the house due to the size issue, so I can't comment on warmth or comfort. I think it is well made, attractive, and stylish. I want to lose 10 lbs so I can wear it.

👤I bought this vest for my father-in-law, who was looking for a thin, soft vest to wear indoors in air conditioning. He doesn't need outerwear because he lives in Florida. The vest is perfect for that. It is soft, thin and warm. It runs very small. He wears a size Medium, but in this vest he needs an extra large in order to zip it up around his torso. We are very pleased with this purchase, despite multiple returns.

6. Visibility Reflective Reflector Running Cycling

Visibility Reflective Reflector Running Cycling

The relentless pursuit of innovation and passion for design is what Under Armour is all about. It's safe and visible. Running gear. Running gear from 800 feet in the dark, early morning and evening is very high visibility. Cars can see you, so you can wear a bike vest, bike safety vest, motorcycle safety vest. Running reflective gear with reflective bands can be used as a running safety vest. There are 4 reflective bands that can be used as reflective arm bands, reflective wrist bands, reflective ankle straps, reflective belt, reflective ankle bands, reflective bike leg band, bicycle pants clips, straps, cuffs or holders. The perfect fit corset is for men and women. The reflective vest is easy to wear. It works over any shirt, top, jersey, hoodie or jacket. It is easy to adjust and to get on and off.

Brand: Hivisible

👤It's more of a belt. I expected it to be thicker. I like that it is a elastic band with a reflective strip which is lighter and more comfortable. It's great for bike riding and running because it's light weight and doesn't heat you up. It's large. I put it over my backpack to make it fit. You don't notice it's on. It was easier to step into it than it was to connect the buckle. Highly recommended. The Starrey Flexible Reflective tape is on the bike frame.

👤One of the types of vest they gave me was the same style as the one my job required me to wear. The problem is that the ones they gave us won't fit a person with a waist line over 38" with out hugging some very uncomfy parts that I'd rather not show off. I can easily adjust to fit this product. I can make the straps fit snug or loose, I'm a 42" waist. It's nice that I can find my own level of comfort while staying in the required guide lines of my job and not have straps on my beer inflated muffin top. The vest that I received for my job only lasted one wash before the reflective lines came off. I have washed this one 3 times but it has held up better. I think it's a good buy.

👤We have short days in the tropics and so do a lot of running in the early morning and late evening to avoid the heat. The reflective vest is great. I wear it when I cycle and when I run and it is much higher quality than the flimsy things we can buy here. It has been through many rain storms and continues to shin brightly. I am sure the vest would fit any adult. I love it!

👤It is already dark when we go out with a friend. I used to carry my phone with the flash light on so no one hit us, but one day I saw a fellow walker and hit myself in the head. Why didn't I do that? There is a I went to Amazon and found a huge selection. I wanted a body vest and wrist and ankle reflectors, so I chose the HiVisible vest and bands. There is a It arrived in 48 hours. I really like the product, it allows cars to see me when I walk at night, but I don't like the vest because it rides up over my stomach all the time, and it doesn't stay on my waist. I would still recommend this product, but I would look to see if there is a waist band that stays put on my waist.

7. Amazon Essentials Lightweight Water Resistant Packable

Amazon Essentials Lightweight Water Resistant Packable

This water-resistant lightweight jacket features a full-zip front and stand-up collar, making it easy to wear in cold weather. The packs are neatly into the included carrying bag with a drawstring closure. The entire family can be dressed up with comfortable, quality clothing from Amazon Family. They listen to customer feedback and fine-tune every detail to ensure quality.


👤Exactly what I was looking for. I was looking for a warm base layer and a light weight. This one is perfect. There are two deep internal pockets. There are pockets with zips on them. It was well constructed. There have been no issues so far. I will guard it to make sure it is water resistant. There is a The size was ordered large. 5ft 6 200 lbs.

👤I had to try. I own a version of this jacket. The version is a little bit more rough. I was able to put it in a bag. I'm 150lb 5'6 and have a small. The chest portion is snug as I wear a 38 jacket, but it fits fine in the pictures. There is a lot of room left in the waist portion. There are two pockets on the outside. I think it will get the job done, even though I have to try out during a cold night.

👤I can't find anything I don't like about this jacket. I'm surprised because of the low cost. I wasn't expecting this level of quality. I didn't want to pay a lot of money for a jacket that was light weight and could be layer under, and I wanted it to be waterproof. I looked at a lot of jackets and they were either too warm, too bulky or cheap. I found this jacket. There is a It exceeded all my expectations. The temp range is from 20 to 45 degrees, but that depends on what you wear underneath. It does a nice job of breaking the wind, so with fleece underneath, it could be warm. It barely feels like you are wearing a jacket. I'm 6'1" with a 42" chest, 180 lbs, and a large fits perfectly with enough space for movement and a layer or two. I wear a 36" sleeve and the length is perfect at just below the waist. I like the collar the way it is, it is a pretty minimal collar, and with this soft material, I find I really like it. The material is soft and comfortable. The Heather Green was purchased by me. It's a nice color that has a casual look. It's not a shiny look, it's a kind of finish. I've gotten a lot of feedback on it. They are blown away when I tell them what I paid. There is a The jacket has two large lined and deep exterior side pockets that zip, and one large interior vest pocket that does not zip, which is fine with me. It would have been annoying. It comes with a bag with a draw string that is used to secure the jacket when rolled up. The way I use it is by attaching the inside coat hanger loop to the bag. I'll wear the water resistant feature under a waterproof windbreaker in the rainy season. This will be my go to travel jacket. There is a I highly recommend this jacket, it is a home run for Amazon.

8. Reflective Running Adjustable Breathable Safety Walking

Reflective Running Adjustable Breathable Safety Walking

The reflective vest will make you high visibile and safe. Cars will move farther away from you and your dog at a nice distance if you have a reflective vest on. To be safe. There is a large pocket with a zip. There is a large pocket at the front of the reflective gear. You can put things in the pocket. They will always be with you. It is convenient and useful. It is possible to adjust it fully. The vest has a longer hook and loop at the bottom. It can be adjusted to fit your body. The same size is appropriate for both summer and winter clothing. You can easily take off the running gear. The reflective walking vest has two different sizes for women and men. Light weight and BREATHABLE. The vest is made of mesh. It is so light that you don't remember it. The mesh fabric can keep you cool. The reflective vest will not weigh down or dry faster than other clothing material if it rains. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Their reflective vest will keep you safe in sports and outdoors. You can choose reflective gear. It means you trust them. They care about your satisfaction. It has a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days.

Brand: Qxgtob

👤I bought this vest for my husband. When he tried it on, he said that the neckline was tight and that the vest shifted upward in the front, rubbing against your neck. He didn't like the feel and thought it would hurt his skin. The cut wasn't a good fit for him, but it might be fine for others.

👤The product is great. My son wanted something to wear to make him extremely visible after he had a number of near misses. This product was delivered. It has reflective material in multiple places. It can be adjusted at the waist to make it smaller or larger. It is light and airy, so it does not add weight or heat. It fits over a light jacket or sweatshirt. There is a pocket in front that can be used for transit card, sunglasses or phone. Can't go wrong for the price.

👤During hunting season, I bought this to use. It's easy to put on over coats.

👤The vest I bought was supposed to cover most of my torso, but it didn't. It was cut too short and landed below my chest. It's a half vest. If you're taller, like me, this vest will look funny on you. I immediately returned it. Not recommended for anyone other than children or very short people.

👤I bought this for my husband so he could run in the dark. He could wear a lot of clothes with the help of the Velcro sides. I wear it when I walk the dogs in the evening. Would definitely recommend!

👤It is nice, but material does not breathe. Too hot! A woman's size is very large.

👤It was used for night walking. The quality is amazing and the pocket is small to hold phone keys.

👤Prompt and efficient delivery. I wear a vest when I walk the dog at night.

9. 247 Viz Reflective Visibility Running

247 Viz Reflective Visibility Running

Light explodes off the reflective vest as you are seen from over 350 feet away. Cars give you more room from farther away with their reflective running vest for women. You can feel safe at night and daytime. The soft material of their running reflective vest for women provides a natural feel and is quick drying. You won't notice it's on if you're jogging, cycling, biking or dog walking. The waist can be adjusted to fit different shapes and sizes. The small waists of their reflective vest are 21 inches long, great for those 5'8" and under. There is a pocket for your phone or wallet. Their reflective running gear includes 2 retroreflective bands, which increase your visibility at night and are very bright in the daytime - wear as ankle bands or armbands. Cars give you more room. They know you will love the vest and fit. They will replace it with a better size. They promise that you will be more visible in the evening and that you will feel safer on the roads. Give their vests a try.

Brand: 247 Viz

👤I have to run in the dark as the days get shorter. The mirror does not agree when it shows my 50 year old body. I was running at dusk while wearing a white shirt and strobing yellow belt on my waist, when a driver just about ran into my path. I needed more light. " She had one of her headlights burned out. I'm not the one who needed more light. I realized that I wouldn't be able to defend my argument if I died. I decided to be more visible to the idiots. The vest is a bit more expensive than the others I found. It seemed brighter from the photos. The product came with a pair of ankle/arm bands and an internal phone pocket. The return policy and lifetime warranty were even better. There is a The vest is visible in the dark. The reflective tape is like a Christmas tree. The fit is good. Medium jackets and shirts translate well to the vest. Not tight or loose. There is a Hopefully, I have been proven wrong.

👤Shipping was fast. The vendor made sure I was happy. I am for most of the time. The vest is visible. I have easy access to jacket pockets. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5, is that the very strong Velcro along the waist/hip that is exposed when adjusted to be larger or create a looser fit, has been sticking to my shirts/sweaters, pulling on threads and ruining it when I pull it free. I live in New England, so wool and other natural fabrics are a staple. If you adjust the fit to be snugger, it won't be a problem. I will have to watch what I wear. I wouldn't wear this in the summer. I would prefer a mesh fabric. The vest is light, but not strong. If the weather was warmer, I would notice it. The thing is annoying but not enough to return it. I will use it.

👤I like the weight of the vest. I weigh over 150 lbs. The length fits well and adjusts to a wide range of width. It falls off of my shoulders when I run. I put one of the first bands around the back section to tighten it up. They seemed to work.

👤The vest is reflective and soft. Which I think is great. I want to use it to walk my dog. I ordered this because of the design and color. I want to be seen at night without being seen by other people. I'm more impressed with the customer service than the product. They only asked how is the product working out for me, and if I'm liking it, rather than asking for a positive review. I told them that I was not happy that the vest went on a lightning deal for $12.50 the day after I paid for it. My dumb luck has nothing to do with them, but they were willing to adjust the price for me. I thought that was beyond. I will definitely buy from them again.

10. High Visibility Reflective Adjustable Motorcycle Activities

High Visibility Reflective Adjustable Motorcycle Activities

High visibility is achieved by reflective elements on the back that allow for running and riding in the dark. HI-Grade 3M material is made to last. High visibility from over 1000 feet away. There are four places where the straps can be adjusted to fit most sizes. The straps are high quality. A large pocket to hold personal items.

Brand: Fyrfly Athletics

👤I bought two because this vest is so good. A reflective vest is a must-have accessory for both my girlfriend and I, who are avid cyclists. We have both been very pleased with them. It is a zip-up, which is a big deal for me. It's important for regulating temperature because I can partially unzip my jacket with the ability to unzip it part of the way. It has multiple straps on the side, which is important for three reasons. It means that you can get a tight fit and adjust the fit to different clothing. Reducing wind resistance is a huge factor for cyclists. The vests with only one strap at the bottom do not hug the body as well, which leaves more room for wind to get between your outermost layer of clothes and the vest. It looks good. It is still nice. The reflective material is of excellent quality. I don't know the official specifications, but they reflect well. The elastic is very elastic, and should hold its shape for a long time. I would rate it an average, but there is nothing wrong with it, and it has worked well for me. The other components are of good quality and have held up. If you have a backpack and a jacket on, it may be difficult to fit this vest. I have a large shirt that can handle a jacket and backpack, but not a winter coat. The vest is perfect. I am happy to see a small company presenting an alternative to the limited options on the market. I would highly recommend it.

👤It's hard to find time to run when the days are getting shorter, and I bought this for that. I bought it because I want to be seen by cars, but not look like a crossing guard if I'm on the sidewalk at dusk. There is a The vest is lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wear over a t-shirt or sweatshirt, and it has a good pocket on the back. If I'm running and have anything of size/weight in the pocket, I wear it backwards because it's easier to get to a phone or tissues when it's in the front. It's easy to adjust to size, even though the height is not fixed. My husband is taller than 12 years old so he will wear it to walk the dogs in the winter. I was very happy with the purchase and would recommend it to others.

11. Atlecko Reflective Running Cycling Hiking

Atlecko Reflective Running Cycling Hiking

It's easy to maintain, you can wash with room temperature water, hand wash or machine. Please cool iron, brush or bleach. It's a must have light weight accessory for early morning and late night running, cycling, hiking, and motorcyle. You have it on! They make their vests and belts at an affordable price while still enjoying high-quality bright lights. It's the perfect accessory or gift for runners, joggers, bikers, dog lovers, and horseback riders. Their one-size fits all design is perfect for any adult man or woman and kids. Choose from 3 Flashing Options (Solid, Strobe) for the light type. Don't worry about rainy days with their weather resistant gear. Your purchase comes with a free 30-Day Money- Back Guarantee as they strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

Brand: Atlecko

👤This seems like a well-made product, and it has bright lights. The problem is that all but two of its lights are on the front. The picture that is promoting it shows four lights, but it is not accurate. I would give it five starts if it had more lights on the back.

👤I love the fit and the options for lights. The switch on/off location is in the middle of the back. I think it should be on the right side for easy access. I cross a 4 lane highway and want it to light up when I walk on a sidewalk. I have to remove the vest, click to change and then put it back on.

👤The vest enabled me to walk safely on a highway at night, because the sidewalks were unpassable and the snowplows eliminated the shoulder of the road. I was able to see cars moving away from the side of the road as they saw the blinking lights of my vest. The vest works.

👤The product is awesome and I have been using it daily for a month. The charge lasts for 10 hours, which is better than expected. There are three options of lights, steady, flickering and rapid flickering. Would buy again.

👤The battery capacity is small. That's the only complaint I have. I wear it for my walks at dusk now that the sun is setting earlier.

👤There were no issues with this vest. The product is very good so far. Light and weight. I keep it in place when I run. It's a good idea to run in areas where you know the terrain.

👤I like the look of this safety device, and it fits nicely on my bike in Florida. Florida drivers hate cyclists, and hitting us ranks right up there with college football as a sport. The whole thing adds little to no weight when I'm walking in warm weather, and the flashing LEDs are a great touch. This product will not be a problem for you.

👤I bought this vest for my dad a few months ago and he loved it, he said cars stopped when they saw him running at night, and how it looked. After a few uses, it stopped working. I asked my dad if he wanted me to return the money. He asked if I could exchange this vest for another one. I asked the seller if I could send the vest back for a new one. They told me that I didn't need to send the vest back and that they would send me a new vest for free with an apology. I received the vest a few days later and it has been working great ever since. I have had a great experience with this family business and it shows how much they care about their customers. I will purchase from this seller again.


What is the best product for bicycle vest for men?

Bicycle vest for men products from Cerotipolar. In this article about bicycle vest for men you can see why people choose the product. Baleaf and 247 Viz are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle vest for men.

What are the best brands for bicycle vest for men?

Cerotipolar, Baleaf and 247 Viz are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle vest for men. Find the detail in this article. Columbia, Little Donkey Andy and Hivisible are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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