Best Bicycle Under Seat Bag Leather

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1. TOURBON Canvas Bicycle Pannier Insulated

TOURBON Canvas Bicycle Pannier Insulated

The bars are reinforced. The insulated lining keeps your beverage cold or food warm. Installation and removal of Hook and loop closure straps. Can be used for carrying groceries, snacks, food, hot or cold drinks, bike gear, and extra things. The loop on the bag is easy to hang when not in use. Approx 14.76" x 7.28" x 8.07" is the weight. Approx 14.76" x 7.28" x 8.07" is the weight.

Brand: Tourbon

👤This fit my cruiser rack perfectly. It had a lot of extra space left for my husband and me. It stays in line with my bike rack. saddle bags can be awkward if one side is full, but not the other. I think I made the right choice with this bag. I like the distressed look of it that goes with my vintage bike. I haven't tested it in the rain yet, but it is very thick and sturdy. I think you will like this bag.

👤This bag is very well made. The bag is made of heavy canvas and is rain proof, so you can eat lunch with a sandwich and drink.

👤The bag is nice, but it mounts via tiny pieces of Velcro. The bag will tip over or fall to the side of the wrack while I am riding. It is difficult to tell if the bag is flimsy or if it is due to the lack of a binding agent. Anything not secured will fall out once the case is over. Beware.

👤I love this bag. It is a great look on the bike. I think that the charm of this bag is what makes it so attractive, even though it does scratch easily. The bag is strong in the video clip. It was wonderful! It's good too.

👤I was not happy with this purchase. The material was not what I expected and the color was off. It was more distressed than what was pictured. I came back.

👤I wanted a cooler bag for my bike. I didn't want one of the modern ones, I wanted something that fit in with the vintage look. The bag exceeded my expectations. It is definitely worth the money, even though it is not the cheapest bag you can get. It looks great on the bike. I only ride my vintage bike occasionally. I have used this bag a few times and it holds a small picnic lunch for two. A couple drinks and sandwiches. I am very pleased with the bag, it is perfect for my application. I only use it occasionally but function and style points are very high so I'm not sure how durable it will be.

👤I had this bag before, and I like the looks of my e-bike. We had it on a bike rack for travel and it fell off. The bike rack and seat are not secured by the short straps. The top of the new trunk is not new. I know that will happen with use. I shouldn't look all battered already. I was very disappointed in the purchase. I shouldn't have to buy a new item to fit my bike. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤The packaging is very dense and leaves a lot of space on the lid. Not as strong as was indicated. I like the waterproof canvas and color.

👤I am very happy with this purchase. It is easy to attach, study and look good. It looks great with my seat and grips. I think this is a great idea.

2. Bike Handlebar Basket Mesh Pockets

Bike Handlebar Basket Mesh Pockets

Protect your belongings. Do you need a bag that can hold a lot of things? Here you are! The bag is stylish because it has the top wider than the bottom, which adds more volume. A water-resistant bike cooler. Do you need to carry food? It keeps your lunch warm or keeps juice cold. Iced juice is great to drink immediately after riding. Yes! You can use your phone while riding. Someone calls you while you are riding. The bike phone holder allows you to answer the call, view the map, and switch songs without taking the phone out. The phone test passed with a score of 6.5. The Night Ride Protector is a product. You are safe now! The reflective straps on this bike handlebar bag make you very visible at night. Car drivers can see you and avoid you. The latest Quality has been upgraded. The 600D Oxford fabric is Sturdy. The bicycle basket is secured with 2 3 reinforced straps. It's suitable for most of the bikes. It is mounted on the handlebars and will not rub your knees. 4 Don't worry, you will receive a magic strap to organize the brake cables, they won't affect the installation of the bag.

Brand: Mattisam

👤I love it so much. It is medium size and perfect for carrying small items like keys, phone, a shirt for changing after riding, and the walls of the bag look like somehow insulated and waterproof, that is what I wanted. Extra pockets on the side hold other items and the mounting was easy. I like the free gifts, a magic scarf? I use the straps to tie my trousers so that they won't be rolled into the chain and stained with oil. I don't think the reflective stripes are bad. The bag works well.

👤This bag is light. I like that I can keep a cold drink in the insulated part of the bike, it was hanging too low on the front of the bike, but it works perfectly on the inside. I can see my phone on the screen.

👤The first thing you need to do is make two adjustments, because the straps are too long and the design is simple. The clear cover on top is blindingly shiny, so I luckily found a translucent, matt-finish shopping bag and cut a piece of it to fit over the cover with double stick tape. It is no longer shiny. If you are willing to work with these small design flaws, it is a sturdy bag that is just the right size.

👤Small but efficient. Can hold three bottles of water. The phone can be used without having to take it out. There is a The cables in front of the handlebars made it difficult to attach to the front handlebars. It ended up between the cables because you can't see your phone. I don't have to look at my phone for mileage or trail maps. There is a It is ok for the price.

👤The straps do not work. You have to stop frequently on the road to tighten and fix it because the bag cannot take much weight and keeps coming off.

👤I bought this because it was the cheapest option, but it turned out to be an amazing bag for my bike. I like to have my phone maps up on my phone so I can see where I am going. I can keep my food cold on the way to work. I can trust that the bike will stay intact because you can easily wrap the pieces around it. It was a good bang for the buck.

👤I went back for another bag. I returned because of the delayed shipping. I was glad I did since the transparent plastic doesn't allow you to use your phone like the one I ended up with.

👤If you put your phone on top of clear plastic, it will get hot in the sun. The side pocket is used with the mesh. There is room for all my stuff in the bag.

👤It's not hard to get it on the handle bars, the quality is good. If you want to have your phone inside the transparent pouch on the top and actually follow a map on the phone, it is impossible to get the proper tilt toward the rider as it always tilt forward to an angle that make the phone' It won't tilt properly on a bike with different cable configurations.

3. Disconano Cycling Bicycle Handlebar Baskets

Disconano Cycling Bicycle Handlebar Baskets

If you find a bike bag that is not as described, they will return your money or send you a new bag at no extra cost. It's a perfect gift idea for your friends. It's ideal for father's day and mother's day gifts. The strap has a Velcro fastening. There are back straps on the bicycle. The mesh bag has both sides. The glasses, mobile phones, and other items can be put in this manner. Comes with a rain cover.

Brand: Disconano

👤The bag is difficult to mount on a long stem bike because of the vertical orientation and 3 equal-length straps. You can't loop the bottom strap around your cables because it doesn't reach your head tube. The bag isn't stable because of that. There is a The position of the bag blocks the most useful mounting points for lights and blocks the beam from stem-mount lights. The head tube lights are completely blocked by the vertical length of this bag. There is a I would be concerned about the durability of the zippers, because they did not move smoothly. Having tried this bag, I would like a bag with a horizontal orientation, a shorter vertical length, and a head tube strap, so that my light isn't completely blocked.

👤This is a small bag. In good weather, I ride day rides between 10 and 50 miles. I was looking for something that would give me more space than my seatbag, which is full with tools and spare tube. This bag has a very low profile and holds my small pocket camera, my phone, my wallet, and a garage door opener with ease. My bike is a road bike with drops and it doesn't interfere with the extra brake levers or cables.

👤I like the size of this bag as my bike doesn't do well with baskets and I wanted something to put the battery pack for string lights in. It works well for that. The first time I used it, my phone got ruined in the rain. I put a cover on it. When I pulled my phone out it was wet and discolored, either I didn't do it properly or it's not water resistant. It's really bad. Lesson learned.

👤I keep bike parts in a bag. This is for things that I don't want to mess with the tools. For short rides, it is great, but I might want something bigger. There is a Here's what I carried in it. tail light, charging cable, left pocket, chap stick, bike computer, when not used. Right pocket is what it is. There is gum. The main compartment has a glass case, wallet, Canon S 100 camera, tissues, folding knife, and rain cover. The bottom strap could be longer. It would squash the bike cables more than I wanted. I loop it around the post without using the buckle, but it tends to come undone. I don't think it matters much.

👤I think this is a 5 star because it is relatively inexpensive and it is a nice bike bag to put on the handle bar. The size is perfect, it can hold a cell phone, a wallet, keys, and there's still room for some other small items. There are a couple things in there. The bag has a yellow plastic cover that you can cover if it rains. It's a great bag for the bike. If I was to give feedback to the manufacturer, I would either remove the yellow plastic cover or make the top half of the bag waterproof, and I would question theDurability of the zipper, which only time will tell how well it holds up. The price was very satisfactory.

4. Samsonite Underseat Spinner Port Black

Samsonite Underseat Spinner Port Black

The linear pull brakes with the alloy wheel rims provide smooth, stopping power and the slight-rise handlebar allows upright riding to minimize back and shoulder strain. It's a good idea to fit under most airline seats for easy access to your belongings on the way. Multi spinner wheels allow for rolling in multiple directions. You can charge electronics on the go with theusb port. The Push Button Locking Handle is designed to fit in your hand. Increased packing organization of smaller items can be achieved with quick stash exterior pockets. A padded laptop compartment is found in the main compartment. As the laptop peeks out of the pocket, it has an elastic band on it. The bag can be placed over the handle of most upright luggage pieces.

Brand: Samsonite

👤You want an underseater. If you are like me, you have been searching for a long time trying to figure out if any of them will fit under a seat, reading reviews and comparing published bag sizes to airline restrictions. If you are like me, you are frustrated because the dimensions of the bag listed on the website you are looking at are different than the actual dimensions. Maybe this will help. I have tried 6 of them and this is how they stack up. There is a I wanted to replace my purse so I started looking for an underseat bag. I always carry a checked bag. I have stopped carrying a bag on my back or shoulders. I have stopped carrying anything. I fly between the US and Canada often. The trip requires going up and down stairs, standing in long lines at customs and security, and walking a lot. I usually do this in a heavy parka in Canada. I carry tote bags, backpacks, crossbody bags, and purses. I have some medical issues that affect my strength and I am done carrying. Anything. There is a I wanted a purse on wheels, but not on 2 wheels. There is a search for an Underseat Spinner. I found a list of maximum dimensions for domestic and Canadian airlines. It was clear that there is no spinner bag that will fit the requirements of all airlines, especially since Air Canada and United are the two airlines I fly most frequently. I wanted that option because there are some that will fit under some seats. I accepted that on most airlines I would have to put my bag overhead. I wanted the smallest bag I could find that would roll beside me through corridors with ease, a solid handle that pops into place and folds without effort, and a sturdy grab-handle that I could easily grip when going up and down stairs. I agreed that I needed to double my budget. I address my Personal items at the end of this tome, but eventually realized I needed an additional bag. There are items for under $100. The lineate can be found for under $200. I bought the 2 Hartmanns for $200. As I went through the testing period, a built-inusb port became highly desirable. None of the bags listed here come with a battery pack, just the port. If you don't use that feature, you can use the dedicated pocket for something else, or leave it empty. The smallest bag I tried and would probably fit underseat on most airlines was the one I rejected. It is a purse on wheels. The bag wouldn't roll in a straight line because the handle was wobbly and poorly built. This was true whether full or empty. After a few tests in my apartment, my wrist and hand were throbbing with pain after the zigzagging motions of the bag jerked on my wrist. The empty padded sleeve took up a lot of unused space in the bag because it was too small to fit my Surface 6. I wouldn't expect this bag to last long. The handle of the bag is flimsy and loose, which is the same problem as the Underseat Spinner II. I didn't bother to check to see if the issue was fixed by packing it, because I rejected it for that reason. This was the second smallest bag I tried, coming in at about 16” x 13” x 8” The bottom of the case is 14” x 9” because the wheelbase protrudes beyond the edges of the bag. Is shoving it under the seat in front of me any different than putting it under the seat handle? It's hard to know until you try. There is a I compared this bag to another bag. Without measuring, I could see that both of them are the same size. The Lineate/Silhouette case is larger than the other one. I can't understand why a smaller case would be better than a larger one, except to save money. I can't see why anyone would buy this bag, it's the cheapest I've tested and costs 1/3 of the superior Samsonite. It has nylon carry-handles that hang on the sides. I tried to get them into my hands with a firm grip, but they wouldn't let me. I knew that it would be frustrating because it just takes too much work. I had to turn the box upside down to shake it out since there was no handle on the top of the bag. I was initially willing to overlook the bag's drawbacks because it was the best-looking bag I had tested. This bag is larger than advertised, coming in at 17” x 16” x 9” and is the largest bag listed here. The way it is designed makes it awkward to pack and it does not have the largest capacity. The front pockets are useless because they are flush to the bag. It has a domed top, which is a poor design, as that is where the non-removable tablet sleeve is. That means you have a hard item under the cover. It resulted in a lot of wasted space. There is a The handle is the real dealbreaker. The more I played with it, the harder it was to get the handle into place. Sometimes it wouldn't. Sometimes I have to travel with a 15” HP laptop. I tried to fit the laptop in all of the bags. This is the only one that slipped into it easily, and it was on the bottom of the bag. The only bag it fit in was the Lineate/Silhouette. None of the bags reviewed here would fit a 15” laptop on a regular basis. The Metropolitan 2 Underseat Carry was carried by the Hartmann Metropolitan. This arrived with the Herringbone Underseat Carry on Spinner. I found the Metropolitan 2 to be a little bigger than the Herringbone, so it had already lost out. I knew that the zip-around flap covering the pull-up handle was going to drive me crazy after a bit of messing around. It is a nice touch and gives it a bit of a luxury feel, but it was not going to work for me because of the many times I tried to get to the handle. I know my underseater handle will be6753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531 If I already have some better-designed bags to compare it to, I may have been willing to overlook this. There is a My Surface 6 fit into the laptop sleeve with room to spare, because this underseater is otherwise well-made. The laptop sleeve snaps out of the bag, making it completely useless. I would suggest that all computer sleeves be designed this way. It makes the bag a million times easier to pack, and in some cases, users might not want a sleeve in their bag at all. I found the case to be sturdy, with handles that snap up to multiple heights, soft rubber that is comfortable to grip, and wheels that float like a dream. There is a I bought 2 Hartmann underseaters because of the wildly different exterior dimensions on the website. I wanted to compare them since they looked similar online. I measured the Metropolitan 2 at 17” x 14” x 8.5” larger than the Herringbone Deluxe, which was empty. I will add that my measured dimensions do not correspond with the ones that Hartmann has, which means that both underseaters are larger than what I measured on my own. Go figure. There is a The runner-up was the lineate carry on boarding bag with spinner wheels. The Silhouette 16 Underseat Carry-On Spinner is also sold as a product. This is a nice bag. I have never been drawn to the name or aesthetic of the bag, but this one has completely changed my mind. It is built with care and thought. The laptop sleeve is completely replaceable. The front pocket is wide and zips all the way around, which is different from the bags I tested, and it lays flat when you open it. It has an elasticized back slip pocket that runs the entire width of my Surface, both with and without the cover. Excellent! I could remove the interior laptop sleeve and increase the usable space inside the case. There is a The top interior flap of the case has ausb port inside. The side pocket of the bag makes it difficult to access the port, and it also creates a bulge on the bag. I packed my personal items in a leather pouch with the same items as the bags, and tested each bag's capacity. The case fit all of the above, with 2 of the small packing cubes stuffed to capacity, and left me with room to spare. Like a lot of room to spare. The reason for this is that I didn't need the laptop sleeve at all. I was sorry to say goodbye when I packed this bag into its box. It is a well-designed bag. This is the bag I would recommend if longevity is your top priority. The fabric is high-quality, the handle and wheels are top-notch, it's got a very solid sturdy build with reinforced corners and even a little hand slip on the bottom of the case to aid in lifting. It is better looking in person than online. The wheels and handle can be adjusted to different heights. The carry-on version of this bag is something I am considering. There is a The material on both hand grips is a minor downside. They are covered in rubber. I have a medical condition that makes my skin very sensitive to rough texture and after a full day of traveling, I think it would cause a fair amount of irritation. For the average person, this will probably be a non-issue. The Herringbone is an underseat carry. On a spinner. This bag is fully packed and measures 16.2 x 14 x 8. According to the airlines, it will fit underseat on all three of them. It might work on Southwest in a pinch. Allegiant. This is not the best bag I tried. It is an actual underseater, it fits all my criteria, and is the one I am keeping. There is a When the case is empty, it is a little tippy. It glides along without a hitch. The sides of the body have some flexibility and give, which is why I am considering a pro rather than a con. The body is not nylon and is less durable, and the trim and top-handle are made of faux leather. Since there is no mention on the bag itself or the website of the bag having authentic leather trim, I am assuming it is fake. This bag is from the least expensive collection and is from the entry-level to luxe range. * I contacted Hartmann and they confirmed that the trim is genuine leather. There is a My laptop sleeve is snug in. It will fit everything I need. I fit 2 small packing cubes and all of the stuff mentioned above, but left some empty space. The handle is comfortable to hold and adjusts to different heights. The grab-handle pops up from the top of the bag, so it's easy to slip my hand in and lift it. It is easy to pop on and off my suitcase. The front pocket is large enough for my pouch. There is a built-in port. It is exactly what I have been looking for. It was sold. I love the Hartmann vintage style. I got this in black and the pattern is dark and grey, but it has a black extension handle and trim. It is quite smart looking. There is a style clash on top of my Victorinox Spectra hardcase. I realized that my purse needed a purse when I replaced my purse with a small suitcase. I would need a way to get to my personal items at airports and my airplane seat. For me, those items are: phone, passport, wallet, earbuds, small pillcase, lipstick, lip balm, compact mirror, hand cream. I have 2 purses that are too fat to fit into any of the cases, and they are structured with hard sides that are too fat. The problem was solved by purchasing a padded leather pouch that was 9” x 7” In some cases the pouch can fit in the underseater's front pocket, but in others it can only fit in the bag's interior. It will fit into an airplane's back-of-seat pocket, making it easy to slip into my seat when boarding. There is a I put all of the bags on a suitcase. The stacked bags need to be guided by the handle of the underseater because it is impossible to get around with the underseater sitting flush against the Victorinox handle. The lock positions on the pull-handles of both the pricier and cheaper ones make it easy to pop the handle into place when it is stacked on top of another bag. The cheaper bags did not have this feature. There is a All dimensions are approximate, but I tried to measure each bag accurately. Soft-sided suitcases are difficult to measure because they are not square, and in most cases the dimensions change when packed versus empty. When the bags were full, the bags were packed full with the Measurements for the Samsonite Lineate/Silhouette, London Fog, and Hartmann Herringbone were taken when the bags were packed full. There is a I haven't traveled with any of these bags and I didn't test them in airport sizers. The airline's published rules as of June 2019) are the basis for their true underseaters. YMMV.

5. RockBros Shell Saddle Cycling Mountain

RockBros Shell Saddle Cycling Mountain

There are multiple applications. Bike bags can be used as mountain bike bags, road bike bags, folding bike bags, and electric bike bags. The hidden earphone hole allows you to answer the phone or listen to music while cycling. Special shape and upgraded stiffens provide inside shock resistant protection if the bag falls out. The upgrade straps make up for the old ones. There is rain. The fabric is waterproof and has a zip for rain. Do not put this seat bag in the water for a long time. The mount system is easy to install. It keeps the bag securely attached to the seat post. Night vision is not always available. The seat bag has a reflective strap around it. The Taillight doesn't include the seat post. Friendly customer service and a high quality Goya. There are any questions regarding the contract with RockBros Bicycle. The artist. There are mesh pockets that can hold small repair tools and cash. Friendly customer service and a high quality Goya. There are any questions regarding the contract with RockBros Bicycle. The artist. There are mesh pockets that can hold small repair tools and cash.

Brand: Rockbros

👤I have had this for a while. I have had similar bags, but it is heavier. It holds its shape well. The writing on the side was rubbing off the first ride I had. I had to change my seat back and forth to get it to fit. The straps are too close to the bag. It is hard to fit the bag because it is so large and structured. I have to make it fit at all because my seat is not in my preferred position. That is a big negative. The strap to hang the reflectors is loose. I am able to make it work, but other bags that have straps without slack in them hold the reflector more upright, this one lets it droop down. The structure of the bag means that it will hold a lot and be very roomy on the inside. It held tire levers, a multi-tool, a patch kit, and a spare 700 tube for me, and it has room for the spare. I wanted it because of the green accents and I have been happy with other equipment. Rock Bros. This one didn't quite meet that mark. I would be hesitant to recommend it to others based on the issues above. The areas where I had fit issues are shown in the red. The white line shows how hard it is. It was difficult to see how the text rubbed off, in the picture it looks like a shadow, but the white of the words is actually rubbed down.

👤2 of these were bought in September of 2019. There are two different bikes. The one did not last long. The other was for 85 miles on the Towpath. The Towpath is a smooth trail, and neither of these bags were loaded with anything heavy. The rubber strap that connects the bags to the seat post broke. There is a I suggest that you look for something that is more durable. They both are useless now because of the issues with the bag.

👤I received a full refund from RockBros after I wrote my original review. I have changed my rating to 3 because of their customer service. My original sentiment is still true. This is not a mountain biking bag. I'm sure it will hold up for road bikes. I am getting back into biking after nearly a decade. I bought this bag to hold a spare tube, my multi-tool, and a few small items for mountain bike rides. On my first ride, the 2 straps that hold the bag to the underside of the saddle broke. I am a beginner and my riding style is cautious, but I am traversing mild terrain. This bag is not built for mountain biking. I'm sure it's fine for road use.

👤It's easy to put on and off my bike. I have extra tube, co2 and multi tool in it. The turbulence from the weight inside and riding a trail caused the zip to open. I had to buy an inner tube, co2 cartridge, inflator and multi tool again after I lost all of that. I zip tie the zippers after learning my lesson. There was a small interruption for a good product.

6. XIGUI Bike Saddle Bag Waterproof

XIGUI Bike Saddle Bag Waterproof

Commuting, cycling, outdoor sports, business travel, etc. It's suitable for mountain bikes and road bikes. The bike saddle bag has a 1.2L capacity. The bag is made of high-quality PU leather and 600D polyester and has a net case inside to enlarge the store space. There are reflective stripes for safe cycling at night. The internal space design is good for placing keys, wallet, and toolkits. The mesh pocket and key clip hold things in place. The reflective strips around the bag make it easier for drivers to see. You can fix your own taillight for safety. The mount is compatible with most of the bike saddle. The bag can be fixed on the saddle.

Brand: Xigui

👤Doesn't look like the ad. When the suspension is compressed, it is definitely rubbing on the tire.

7. RockBros Cycling Waterproof Pannier Mobile

RockBros Cycling Waterproof Pannier Mobile

Large space. There is enough inside room for a lot of stuff in the bike bag, like an apple X, battery, energy gel, small tire pump, repair kits, keys, wallet, and more. It's perfect for cellphones below 6.5 inches, and it's also compatible with the s8 note 7, shake-proof bike front frame bag. The touch screen is very sensitive. The bike phone bag has a high sensitive film window which can help you use your cellphone easily while riding, and it's a great way to see your activity while using maps on a ride. Touch ID did not work through the screen cover. Humanization design. The bike phone mount bag has many designs. A hidden earphone hole allows you to listen to music while cycling. B, reflective tapes on both sides of bike bags to keep you safe. It is convenient to open and close it. Water resistance and resilience: The bike top tube bag is made of carbon fiber and has a sealed double zippers to keep water out. The sun visor and flashing board are great for rainy or sunny days. 3 straps are firm enough to hold up on the bike, 1 strap on the front and 1 strap on the upper bottom can be used to fix the bag on the head tube. The bag wouldn't move if you rode on a bumpy road.

Brand: Rock Bros

👤This wasn't waterproof. I just finished a bike ride in the rain and my phone and other items were all inside.

👤I can give an informed opinion after 40 miles. I need a universal fitting for my old bike and my tail bag, so in no particular order. This bag has nothing flashy, nothing except reflective piping, and no pinstripes or skulls. The logo is not loud. It was perfect! -The The top bar is secured with two Velcro straps on the bottom and the fork is secured with a Velcro strap. Well. The straps are long and I needed to cut them. If you do, cut them long enough so that the end is tucked away between the frame and the bag to prevent them from unrolling. The bag sometimes shifts due to the load, but not much, maybe a half inch or so. Big whoop. The top bag has a touch screen on the upper flap. I have an older phone in a case that will work with yours if it works for me. The flap has attached a pair of Velcro halves that are close to whatever you put there, so you can put anything you want there. Yes, even the solar chargers work inside it. The bag is compatible with renewable energy. -The The earphone cables in the rear of the bag are self sealed. It's the 21st century. Keep one ear free for situational awareness. In case you were wondering, this bag works perfectly withBluetooth gadgets. If you keep them charged with a solar charge mounted on the top, swap it out for a phone loaded with music. That's how I ride. As. My knees will occasionally hit the bag as I pedal. When you're on the trail, this is a trivial thing. The luggage carrying capability more than makes up for the two inches of girth on either side of the bag. On. I have a bag that I can fit everything in my pockets, so I don't have to worry about my gear banging around in my pockets while I pedal. I keep my gloves in the bike locker so I'll always know where they are. One glove always wanders off when I'm not looking. The bag looks like a thin plastic box, but inside it has a soft padded lining to cushion any impact. It won't protect the contents from a hammer, but it will cushion the fall if you accidentally drop the bike. I can't use the strap on my bike carrier to strap the bike's front section down now that the bag is mounted. The bag is flexible enough to allow me to thread the carrier's strap between the bag and the frame. There is a The bag can be hard to close when it's full. The bag being distorted from being over stuffed is more to do with that than the problem with the zip. The problem will go away if you read the bag contents. The bag's waterproof-ness has been said about by others. Since I don't ride in downpours, I can't comment on that, but I can say that it is more water resistant than any bag made of woven material, like my 30 year old tail bag. If you leave a woven fabric in the rain, it will eventually leak, so I don't care what the advertisements say about being waterproof. If you ride in the rain, most bags won't be for you. Get an otter box. My stallion is in a bag that fits perfectly. It doesn't mean that the bag is better than this one. If you do find a better bag later, you won't feel bad if you swap it out.

8. CamGo Folding Bicycle Outdoors Carrying

CamGo Folding Bicycle Outdoors Carrying

The straps have a low profile. The CamGo bicycle carry bag is made of 1680D nylon and is waterproof. Enhancing the bag strength to cope with the carry burden for many times and long times is wrapped with high density twine. The unfolded size of the bike transport case is 51.2" x 32.3" and the folded size is 16.9" x 11.0" disassemble the front wheel of the bike Remove the bike handlebars. Zip up the bike bag after putting the bike parts in it. It was finished. Storage bag inside allows you to put the folding bike carrying bag into the bike pannier, rack or bike backpack, or fix it onto the bike handlebars. There is a multi-pronged approach. - It's ideal for bike transfer, carrying your bikes on cars, trains, airplane, boat,subways, etc.

Brand: Camgo

👤I was looking for a bag for my bike. There is a The bag size is good to fit any bike, but the material is canvas, no padding, no nothing. There is a If you want to transport your bike, you can, but if you need protection, you'll need something different. I returned it.

👤I bought this to take my bike on the plane. The agent at southwest waved my oversized baggage fee after the bike was in.

👤Works for a mountain bike.

👤It worked very well. The bike was in the plane hold.

👤The handles and space to fit over shoulder is tight, and painful, when you have a heavy ebike, and the separator panel inside was not removed to maximize space inside. The value is $s. Yes.

👤A mountain bike was shipped as luggage. The bag held up well despite the cardboard being used to protect it. Wrap sharp points as they go through the bag. A mountain bike must be disassembled in order to fit.

👤I use this to hold camera gear like light stands and it's good for that. I put around 10 to 20 lbs in this bag and it's holding up well.

👤It will probably not last constant use but it is good enough for occasional trips.

9. ROCKBROS Saddle Storage Cycling Mountain

ROCKBROS Saddle Storage Cycling Mountain

It's perfect for those who want a stylish bag to increase their storage as they ride, and it will give them a unique personality! The ROCKBROS bike seat bag is high quality. The shape of the seat bag is solid and not loose. The sides are filled with sponge. Even a T-shirt can be tucked in with the extra water bottle holder. There is plenty of room to fit your cycling essentials in the large capacity bike seat storage bag. With 5 small pockets inside, you can easily store your cycling or commute essentials. The high reflective straps on the back and side increase night visibility. It will be safer at night. The back of the saddle bag has a small tail light that can be mounted. The package doesn't include the tail light and water bottle. The magic straps are easy to install. It can be tailored to fit your bike better. The system is secure. There are no issues with your legs hitting the bike seat bag. The rear opening of most bikes is easy to open. It's easy to store the basics with double zippers. Stitching is strong. The seat storage bag is durable and can be used for a long time.

Brand: Rockbros

👤I was thrilled when it arrived and it fit perfectly under my saddle. I was looking for a different way to carry a third water bottle. I need an extra room and a third water bottle because I sometimes don't have the ability to refill. A lot of bikes won't work for this one because I have a lot of clearance under the saddle. I have room for a lightweight wind or rain jacket if I need it, it is roomy and holds all my cycling necessities. A tail light is strap onto it. There is an error when I try to add pictures. I think it's 5 stars.

👤I needed a third water bottle on longer bike rides and this would solve my need. I only have two frame mounts, and carrying an extra bidon in my jersey back pocket is not ideal. The bag is well made and a great idea, but after mounting it I discovered that the back of my thighs hit the front of the bag with every pedal stroke. Not good. The issue is that my seat is at a mid-point fore-aft position. The bag should have been constructed to have a narrower profile at the front where it connects to the seat post, but it is just as wide as the rear of the bag, causing the impact with my thighs. It's just one more thing to put into my box of execution items.

👤The bag is as advertised. I can fit a tube, wallet, small pump tool set in my pocket. The large phone is a tight fit, but my phone will fit at the same time. A pair of different weight gloves easily fit in the external stretch section as the weather was not great. I have a seat post that hangs nicely. The way it opens makes it more of a pain to put things in and take things out, and the back of my thighs hit it at times. It would be better if the side was narrower than the opening. I like it and will keep it. It is nice to have the pump out of the frame, but it could be better.

👤The bottle carrier is mounted on a mountain bike. The dropper seatpost has good clearance from the rear wheel and other pluses include secure mounting, high quality materials and construction, and roomy tool/accessory storage. It was quite satisfactory all the way around.

10. Aduro Bicycle Storage Triangle Cycling

Aduro Bicycle Storage Triangle Cycling

There is a limited product warranty included. The saddle bag can easily connect under the bike top tube. The big mouth design has a durable zip up and is easy to access. The water and weather resistant material helps protect items. It's for most essentials like phones, wallet, keys, small bike pump, repair tools, and cable lock. Not included. Let them know if you have any issues with Aduro Sport Lifetime 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. They can either replace it for free or give you a full refund.

Brand: Aduro Sport

👤The bag is still functional two years later. For the past two years, this bag has been inside four nights a week, because of the threat of heavy freezing rain. The rest of the time is in New England. I will add a photo. It is faded to a very light gray. It carries my stuff just fine. I will be writing a new review after a year. I commute by bicycle. I work five days a week regardless of the weather. I bike about 3000 miles a year. I also abuse my bike. I leave it outside in winter and summer. It is a Trek Iron Horse. It is a monster. Any equipment I buy is going to be tested. One year later, I am uploading a photo of this bag. It is as functional as it was the day I wore it. I thought I would get a few months out of it. I think I will get many more years out of it. It's large enough to hold my phone, boo kit, repair kit, keys, and a sandwich. It's a piece of equipment. I bought two more, one for my other bike and one as a gift.

👤This product looks better when you get it. I was hesitant in purchasing this as I thought it wouldn't allow room for my water bottle and hand air pump, but I took a look at the attached images and it's ok. It holds my leatherman wave knife, note 8, tire patch kit, wallet, and pro bike tool mini snoozing tool set with a tiny bit of room left over. It stays out of the way while pedaling. It takes a full 2 minutes to install, and it is an amazing bike storage bag. I bought another one as you can see. We like to carry all the essentials without a back pack or saddle bags when we ride in the Northwest mountains of Maine. Highly recommend this product! Recommendations: Lip balm should be applied to the zip up to keep it open and to prevent stress on the stitching. Happy trails!

👤I love this bag! Well made, big but not bulky, straps on securely! I use it to carry a tire repair kit with me. Doesn't get in the way while riding. Looks great. It's shape is very stable and functional. This is the carry bag you're looking for.

👤This is a nice bag. Very functional. I use mine to store my tools. If your top tube slants down, it will be difficult to fit your water bottle. The bag that pushes up against the water bottle looks weird because my bike is a Trek FX2 hybrid with an angle top tube. It works well.

👤The fuzzy part of the straps can't be secured down because they are so long. The stitching job connecting the velcro is not very good. It was made with zero quality assurance. The cardboard packaging was punctured 6 times to keep it from being thrown away. Who does that? The product is damaged just to hold cardboard in place. It was already done. It was redundant. If all of the products end up in a landfill, they are mass produced with no care in the world. How hard is it to look at a product and test it?

11. WARNERS WHEELS Handlebar Bag Bicycles

WARNERS WHEELS Handlebar Bag Bicycles

Approx 9.65" x 8.66" x 3.54" weight Premium genuine leather straps, double layers of canvas and brass buckles will make you look and feel stylish. The bicycle bag is waterproof and can block rain splashes. It's a perfect size to hold your small everyday essentials such as phone, keys, wallet, snack bags or bike tools, keeping them in arms reach without adding extra burden to your ride. The bag can be mounted on the handle bar, bike frame, or as a saddle bag and compatible with a variety of bikes. The quality and detail of their bike pouches which come in giftable packaging just in time for christmas is Exquisite Craftsmanship.

Brand: Warners Wheels

👤I was pleasantly surprised to see that the five-star reviews were right on the money, even though the quality was not as good as I would have liked. The bag is a great looking one and it is a very reasonable price. It is all that it stands for, and I am very happy with this purchase, it will fit nicely on my new Fat Tire!

👤I bought this for my girlfriend's bike because she didn't want a backrack with a trunk. She wanted more storage than the trunk that was under her seat. The bag is small with leather straps that attach it to the frame. The straps can be a little difficult to take off. The reason it's not getting 5 stars is because it has no loops on the sides of the bag to affix a shoulder strap. If they did, this could be taken off the bike and used as a crossbody bag for when you park your bike and walk into a cafe or store. This would be a great item. Overall still recommend, especially for the price.

👤Good size,ently made. 7.21 update. It's been on my wife's bike for a while. It's faded considerably, the grommet at the bottom of the bag is made of steel and only has the lightest of paint jobs on it, it's already rusty and has stained the cotton below it. The wax finish needs to be changed. It's still a decent bag. There is a It's a good idea to carry a wallet, cell phone, and small tool kit on the bike. There is a The waterproof zip along with the flap and straps makes it difficult to get into a bag that has a hole in the bottom. The waterproof zip is not very useful. It was a good deal for a nice bag when it was priced under 15. I should have bought two.

👤It's a nice case. It seems like he is well made. The straps are small enough for in-laws. I hope they hold up. The inside space is not big enough for a small tool kit, spare tube, or anything else, but a compressed sandwich.

👤This is the type of bag I wanted. Practical enough for most rides, but not full-on, huge bag. I have it on a Vintage 26" drop-bar monster cross 90s mtb road-gravel bike, and it matches the look perfectly. There is a The packaging arrived in perfect condition and was fast. I'm not sure about the leather straps. They look and feel delicate after hundreds of kilometers. I would have them replaced if they fail. I don't think many people will take this bag to very gnarly trails, so this shouldn't be a problem for most. Overall, a very good product.


What is the best product for bicycle under seat bag leather?

Bicycle under seat bag leather products from Tourbon. In this article about bicycle under seat bag leather you can see why people choose the product. Mattisam and Disconano are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle under seat bag leather.

What are the best brands for bicycle under seat bag leather?

Tourbon, Mattisam and Disconano are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle under seat bag leather. Find the detail in this article. Samsonite, Rockbros and Xigui are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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