Best Bicycle Umbrella Bar Holder

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1. Yizhet Handlebar Lightweight Motorcycle Speedometer

Yizhet Handlebar Lightweight Motorcycle Speedometer

The package width is 1 Inches. The bike handlebar extender fit most bikes and is suitable for handlebars of normal size and up to an oversize size. It is not easy to rust or fade, it is made of aluminum alloy, it is lightweight and sturdy. The design of the double Clamp and Gasket. The double clamp can be used to fix the handlebars. There are double rubber pads on the bar. Easy installation. The screw buckle is reliable. Double protection with high quality screws. It is easy to install and detach with the hexagon wrench. The bike rack adds extra space to your bike, used to fix bike lights, speedometers, gps devices, smart phone racks, etc.

Brand: Yizhet

👤The aluminum tube is too long for a 42" or 44" drop handlebars, so the extender is better suited for a mountain or comfort bike with a straight handlebar. It is easy to cut the tube. Installation on 31.8mm diameter handlebars requires a thin plastic insert, provided with the extender. Without the insert, it's too loose. It is difficult to get the screw through the hole with the insert. The hole of the screw is long and narrow, so if the hole in the upper part is not aligned correctly, the screw won't go. The hole should have been larger. A metric Allen wrench is provided, but it is not good quality, the metal is soft, and the opening is not big enough to hold the wrench in place. The black coating on the aluminum tube is not very good. This can be fixed with a black permanent marker. One of the extenders I bought had a scratch on it. I used them to build a keyboard holder for an indoor bike trainer, even though I felt like I could damage the parts or screws, because they are so easy to damage.

👤I like this bar. It took several attempts to get it secured. The nylon that comes with it is smooth and will slip even if you tighten the screws. I used a piece of bike tire tube between the spacer and double stick tape after reading other reviews. I wrapped the handle bar with double stick tape and covered it with rubber tubing. You can build it up to fit your handlebars. You can get a really good grip if you put the tape between the layers and the tubing is soft. Each layer is kept from slipping. It doesn't slip at all now. The bar raises my headlights higher so I get a better angle and illumination, and my phone is higher up so I can see it without leaning over.

👤This is a well-made extender. I have a rad power city e-bike and it fits the handlebars. I don't need the hard plastic spacers that come with it because they should be a softer rubber. I used black electrical tape to make a hole. You just tighten the fitting and don't try to loosen them. I use the extender to hold two lights as the handlebars on an e-bike can get pretty busy with all the controls, a mirror, and a phone holder. It does a good job.

👤It's perfect on the Sunday Drifter 7 handlebars. The strips are used without the smaller ones. It was tight on the bars using large spacers. It's easy to adjust where the top bar stays since the brackets still sit outside. I'm really happy with this. I only needed a small patch of inner-tube to fit the top bar into the top half of the brackets. The old T6-Cree light came with two rubber rings, not the newer oblong ones with the tab on one end. There is a small patch of tape on the top bar that is not going all the way around and to the underside. It works great, it won't scratch the rubber band. Light stays where I put it with ability to adjust both places, where brackets fit around the handlebars, and the light itself seems to allow fine adjustment, as it is mounted.

2. Gub KBROTECH Handlebar Extender Extension

Gub KBROTECH Handlebar Extender Extension

The Serfas headlight model numbers have a description below. The lightweight carbon fiber bar is made of durable aluminum alloy. It is suitable for a 31.8mm caliber handlebar. More items can be assembled with the super longer/extended tube. Tube diameter is 22.2mm. The body is super light.

Brand: Kbrotech

👤I read a lot of negative reviews when I first saw this item. I picked this version because it seemed to be the most popular, and I really liked the concept. I went for a second to install on my Roubaix after buying one of these. I bought a third for my wife. There is a After reading everything from cheap to real carbon fiber... This is a quality item and I can attest to that. I have used this on three different bikes with different handle bars and not had to use the bushings. The bar is light and has a Cateye speedo/odo and a headlight. I moved the phone mount to the frame as there was only room for three accessories. The service guys were drooling over the accessory bar when I had my stumpy in the shop and asked where I got it. I don't want to discount the opinion of the people who had a bad experience with this item. I am sorry it didn't work out for you, but for me... It is the bomb.

👤They were not sure what they were thinking when they designed this. The handle bar's clamps are standard 31.8 cm so they will work on lost handlebars. The bar that is supposed to be used to mount things such as al lights is much smaller. Any thing that is designed to fit on a standard handlebars will not work. I couldn't get any of my lights to work on this because it's so small. I don't know what the function is suppose to be. There is a If you can figure out a use for it, then it is fine.

👤The bar is short. I thought the item would be shorter. There is a The risers are too short. The bar was barely high enough to fit through my fingers. There is a The little screw heads are not on the same side. I had to destroy the device to remove it. Make another bar and have a higher standoff.

👤I bought these to solve space issues with the sub brakes, which take up real estate on drop bars. The 32mm (1 1/4") handlebars were not a problem for the machined aluminum clamps, which fit nicely between the stem and the brakes. The carbon fiber tube is only about 21.5mm in diameter. I was unable to securely attach the strap-on bar mount for my computer because the mount was designed for larger diameter handlebars. I removed 47mm from the tube to keep it from interfering with the levers. I decided to use a slip-on cap instead of remounting the end plug as it makes a convenient storage spot for something small and light. A quality product. It would be great if it had a larger auxiliary tube.

👤It provides extra bar space to mount other devices. Time will tell if it is durable or not. The bar mount could be longer to allow more hand room beneath the bar and also raise a light even more to get over large front bags. As noted in another review. The bar is small. Adding padding to device mounts will make them work on it. I think bar too big is better. There is a It's worth the money.

3. OstWony Lightweight Direction Motorcycle Mountain

OstWony Lightweight Direction Motorcycle Mountain

The water cup holder is made of high-end plastic, which is suitable for all kinds of bottles, water bottles, cans with an outer diameter of 2.6 - 3.1 inches, two combinations, it is a good helpers for outdoor sports. The water cup holder can be easily installed and locked in different positions of the bicycle by adjusting the claws directly by the manual rotary handle, which is safe and reliable, and there is no need for screw holes on the bicycle. The cup holder is easy to operate. The bottle holder can be loosened to make it more convenient for you to use. This water bottle cup holder is suitable for installation on various bicycles, mountain bikes, and trolleys, and is also suitable for placing different kinds of water cups, water bottles, cans, and other items. They are always trying to improve their products. 100% return guarantee. They will reply to you within 12 hours if there is a problem with their products. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

Brand: Ostwony

👤Two packs were used for all purchases. The bottles were mounted on the stem of the trail bike. The IproFE holder has the same bar clamp as this water bottle holder. The Accmor is designed for smaller tubes. The 3 work best with a 1in diameter tube. You pay for the rubber sticky back pads, but they are not included in the LIproFE. The larger and smaller tube sizes need the pads. More about those later. There is a The bottle holders start at the same diameter. The part is almost identical to LIproFE. The gap between arms is the same as the spring force. Both are smooth and have very little flash. The gap between the arms is a little less with the Easton. It was fairly easy to hold bottles and insert them. Theeaone was a little easier than it was. The Accmor has a smaller starting diameter. It worked better for smaller bottles of water. It was not difficult to insert larger bottles. The 4 held the same bottle over the trails. I used the same sticky back pads that came with the LIproFE for testing. They were needed for the large tube. The Accmor was the best for the stem tube. There was no need for rubber. The rubber gives a secure feeling with less force than glue, but I found that they would slip on it if they were not tight. There were no issues after that. They helped with handle bar mounting. They slipped on hot days when going over bumps. The had the same grip as no pads. The issue was mostly fixed by the rubber pads. There is a The Accmor was the choice for the head tube due to its size.

👤It's a good idea to attach a tube to your bike, but it's got some issues. The bolt that goes through it will scratch the frame of your bike as it slides around. It was poorly designed. I think they could have added a second clip, so it didn't have the tendency to move around. I tried to make it as tight as possible, but it still moves side to side. I'm having to change it. There is a If you attach it to some bosses on your bike, you'd probably like it, but the clamp leaves a lot to be desired. The poor design of the clamp and the fact that it destroyed the finish on my bike is why I'm knocking three star off.

👤Water bottle cages are not suitable for little kids bikes. These have a cage that rotates on the brackets so it can be used on handlebars or frame tubing.

👤It is not a perfect product, but it is worth the low price. The water bottle always slips down. I tried to get the screw sight enough to not slip, but it broke. There is a I gave a friend a stroller that is not like a bike and it works well.

👤You can remove the screw mount from the bicycle water bottle mount. Why would this matter? I am aware that this is the only water bottle carrier that can carry a liter or quart of water, and it doesn't cost a lot. It works on my ATV. I'm sure it will work on a mountain bike.

4. WZYuan Universal Bicycle Flashlight Holder

WZYuan Universal Bicycle Flashlight Holder

The 10-year manufacturers warranty against manufacturing defects is part of the Ironclad Warranty. It's easy to install and move your bike. The torch is held on the bicycle. It's good for holding most flashlight with body diameter from 18mm to 34mm.

Brand: Magideal

👤I was looking through every page of the bicycle headlamps when I found this one. The lamps were either very expensive or mediocre. I am very happy with the result of combining the two. I have a lamp that is 888-282-0465 that is less than $100. I can pop it off in a couple of seconds, and it will come back on again. I really appreciate being able to take out the flashlight, take the battery out of the flashlight, and swap it for another battery in a smart charge, so that I am ready to go. Not satisfied with the lighting? You can use a different flashlight. It works perfectly for holding my phone with my Silicone handlebar mount. I usually put it above the handlebars when I use it for the flashlight and below the handlebars when I use it for the flashlight. I see a few criticisms from other reviewers so I'll give them my take. One person was not happy with the quality and warranty service. The build quality of the mount is pretty decent, but I can't imagine anyone expecting a replacement after the first month or so. I'm not using it for crazy rough riding. It's not in a price tier that I would expect to do that with. I can imagine that it wouldn't hold up well with a heavy flashlight, but luckily you can get really nice, small flashlights for cheap these days. The flashlight could be taken. I don't expect my flashlight mount to be a security device. I wouldn't expect to be able to leave a bike locked unattended with either of the attached mounts, since even high end dedicated bike lights have quick release mounts. A reviewer said it was bulky. I can imagine that some of the nicer bike lamps would be more sleek, but I have never felt that this mount was too bulky for what it is. I'm not sure how it could be any smaller and still be able to do what it does.

👤Update on April 12, 2017: After riding off a curb, the plastic that connects the flashlight to the bike clamp completely failed, and now it's broken in half. I only used this on a road bike that I traveled a lot, but not a lot, with the weight of a flashlight straining the device. The only way to fix it would be to use glue, but it shouldn't be braking this soon and after so little use. I contacted the seller and they won't be happy with their product, even though it's been six months since they purchased it. The rating was reduced to one star because companies that don't stand by their product for a year isn't acceptable. There's a little bit of play on the bar clamp, but the flashlight is tightly fastened. It hasn't caused any problems yet, but it may become a problem over time. If you want to remove the flashlight, you just have to pull the quick release lever back and then push it back down. If you get the right amount of tightness by rotating the lever it shouldn't need to be done again unless you get a different flashlight. I can't imagine the rubber pads on the handlebars scratching my bike. There is a I'm happy with it. I would have liked to have been able to tighten it more tightly to my handlebars. I'll give it a solid 4/5 because of that. I can't complain about it's price. It paid less than $7 and I would recommend it. I've only owned it for a few days so I'll update my review if anything changes.

5. Redcomets Rechargeable Handlebar Extension Speedometer

Redcomets Rechargeable Handlebar Extension Speedometer

Purchase with confidence comes with a 2-year warranty and lifetime support from i GPSPORT. It can be charged by a computer port or other power supply. It's possible to use it to charge your phone, but don't worry, it won't power off outside. The charging spot should be closed on rainy days. The clamps are made of light aluminum alloy which is resistant to rust, and they are sturdy. The screw buckle is reliable. Double protection with high quality screws. It is easy to install and detach with the hexagon wrench. The bike rack adds extra space to your bike, used to fix bike lights, speedometers, gps devices, smart phone racks, etc. The bike handlebar extender fit most bikes and is suitable for various handlebar sizes. If anything goes wrong with the item, please contact them at any time, they will provide you with customer service in 24 hours. This bike handlebar extender is a great gift for a loved one. If anything goes wrong with the item, please contact them at any time, they will provide you with customer service in 24 hours. This bike handlebar extender is a great gift for a loved one.

Brand: Redcomets

👤The item is described, but the batteries it comes with won't hold a charge. I decided to use other compatible batteries instead of returning the item.

👤It is very poorly made and does not charge. I bought this and it doesn't work. This is not worth buying.

👤Your product is terrible. Don't make anymore.

👤Love it. I used it as a battery bank for a day trip, and it had enough capacity to keep my phone charged.

👤It's a great fit for my e-scooter. Thank you so much!

👤When I add the extra light and phone holder, I don't stay tight on my handle bars. I will keep the extra power.

6. Sport Brella Versa Brella Swiveling Umbrella Firebrick

Sport Brella Versa Brella Swiveling Umbrella Firebrick

59"L x 26"W x 24"H The protection factor is 50. The shade canopy umbrella, called the Versa-brella, has a protection factor of 50 to help keep skin safe from the harmful rays of the sun. A sturdy cover and a sturdy connector. The canopy cover is rugged and won't rip or tear, and a heavy-duty universal clamp connects to square and tubular surfaces to ensure a secure hold on golf bags, strollers, beach chairs, or even bleachers. The Versa-brella can be adjusted to any angle to block the sun. It is easy to transport for easy protection. The Versa-Brella folds into a carrying case, so it can be taken anywhere. The regular size is 40 x 42 inches. Have no fear. Staying committed to your team, family, and friends, while keeping your skin protected against the sun, is possible with the Versa-Brella.

Brand: Sport-brella

👤I bought this three years ago for fishing. I never used it until this year at the swim club. It's light and thin when packed, making it portable, and it can be mounted on almost anything. It has plastic cover on each end of the umbrella shade so it won't hurt even if you get poked by accident, but I don't like it when packed. I noticed that the pole still wiggles even on a locked position, even if there is a way to fold in half. If it loosens over time, it may not stay in position. The bottom line was 4.5 out of 5 stars. I'm removing a half star because it wiggles a little on a lock position. I don't know if this will last the test of time or if I got one with a defect. There is a I highly recommend this umbrella for all of the things I have mentioned. This is a must-have for anyone who needs to get away from the sun in an open area. If the video and photos were useful, please click on the button below. Thank you!

👤Take a look at the umbrella shape. It is not round and will cover the legs while sitting in a wheelchair. Hardware moves easily between equipment. The umbrella's spine is strong and folds into the bag.

👤Nothing will surprise you with this umbrella, if you've read the other reviews. The points of adjustment work well, although some are stickier than others. There is a metal nut that can come out if you loosen the clamps almost all the way. The superglue fix is easy, but you have to do it before you lose the nut. Make sure you don't glue your piece of furniture into a static position. There is a The umbrella has made the beach more pleasant. I got it because I am pregnant and my skin is too sensitive to the sun's rays. I've taken this umbrella to the beach many times. If you move your chair, it will fit right to the back of it. I put it on my deck railing to shade me from the sun while my husband was grilling. If you're in one spot, it will cover it. The umbrella is not affected by the winds. You need to be aware of the wind direction so you don't create a sail out of your umbrella. It will catch in a breeze. The strongest beach winds caused the Sport-Brella to shift/ slide from its position. This thing isn't wind-proof so don't expect it to be. I think I will use this at the beach in the future since it will help me not get burnt after forgetting to apply sunscreen. I like that the clamp can be used to attach other chairs, a stroller, or a deck railing. I can only imagine how useful it will be if I'm taking my child somewhere with a stroller and some rain. Being able to protect yourself without taking up your hands is clutch. I am glad I made this purchase.

7. Rhinowalk Multifunctional Waterproof Professional Accessories

Rhinowalk Multifunctional Waterproof Professional Accessories

The front bike basket should be less than 1.77 inch and the rear basket should be less than 4.5 cm. Large storage space. The main pocket has a built-in compartment. The front pocket is more convenient for travel needs. The narrow side has no rubbing of legs during cycling. The stopwatch and bike lights will not be affected by the small height. The waterproof fabric can effectively block rain splashes. On rainy days, excellent materials can provide a safe environment. It can be used as a front bag and a cross frame triangle bag. It is possible to switch to messenger bags, chest bags, handbags and waist bags whenever and wherever you want. Universal scenarios to meet your needs. The quick-release shoulder strap can be quickly and safely removed. Safety warning reflective strips are used for night driving.

Brand: Rhinowalk

👤I liked the size of the bag. It's not too big or small. It works well with my electric bike. The bag can be attached to the bike with 4 different loops, which allow you to maneuver around the phone holder, bike lights, bells, and other things. That may be on your bike. I'm able to spare the following items. Trail Maps has a small first aid kit. I place my phone on the bike handle to charge it, but I don't have a charging code. A bag over the shoulder straps, a bike essential tool set, and a community gate remote are all included. There are 2 hair ties. There are two small pouches and a zip-up pouch for credit cards, as shown in the last two pictures.

👤This is the right size for my bike and to keep my phone, ID, mask, and light wind jacket. Even when the bike is on the rack, it is stable and secure. The only complaint I have is that it's hard to see what you're looking for if you're not inside the bag.

👤I own a few bikes and got tired of shifting around my other bags to other bikes. My bar bags were a little more expensive. I was not ready to pay another $100 for a bag. I just needed something less damaging to my finances. I gave this bag a try, it was only $20, but I think it could be good. It is not bad. When a bag is made with care, you can just tell it is better than my other bag. How well it will hold up over time is the only test left. I am really glad I found this bag.

👤The size is large enough for my essentials. It's possible to fit on handlebars or a bar. Really like the pockets. My phone is in the outside pocket. The bag was half the price of a similar bag at the shop.

👤It functions perfectly, whether attached your bicycle handlebars, top-bar, or worn over your shoulder. Well done!

👤I like that this bag has double zippers. I can have the closing at the top. It's large enough to hold my phone, beanie, and fleece, and I might take it off. I would buy it again.

👤It's perfect for our granddaughters bike. She can either front or rear facing. She holds her electronics, money and snack.

👤Some of them have short straps. This one is better than the others I have purchased. If you have other things on your handlebars, this one gives you more flexibility.

8. XNX Handlebar Extension Accessories´╝î Headlights

XNX Handlebar Extension Accessories%EF%BC%8C Headlights

A lightweight material tube and a high quality aluminum alloy material brackets are included. Extra space is incredibly large. The extended tube is more long, which means you can assemble more items. The rubber straps on the inside of the ring are strong and will hold your bars in place. The aluminum alloy bar and brackets are light and durable, with only 1.8oz weight for the extension bar and 0.91oz for the brackets. It's suitable for 31.8mm caliber handlebar and 25.4mm diameter handlebar. You can have the extension brackets installed in a minute with a allen key wrench.

Brand: Xnx

👤I needed this to carry a tool bag, good headlight, small compass and other small things on my rad Rover 5. Works well!

👤I did not receive the item. A type of metal called aluminum alloy. The bar is long. I only received the 2 clamps that are needed to install the 11.8" (30 cm) A type of metal called aluminum alloy. The bar is long. There were no holes in the mailing envelope. I own 2 31.8mm clamps. The BAR is missing. Disappointed.

👤It was too flimsy to be firmly fitted. The attached items were dropped downward.

👤The bar has potential, but it is not good enough with the mount. There is a lot of room to mount accessories. The mounts are not strong enough to keep the bar in one place. One size doesn't fit all.

👤The Handlebar Extender comes with two pieces of equipment to attach it to the handlebars. You are out of luck if neither of these are the right size for your bike handlebars. I have made all of the bicycle handlebars work by adding or removing thin rubber shims that I have made, and I have used similar clamps to attach accessories to many bicycle handlebars. The screw that holds the clamps in place is not straight, so it is impossible to line up the screw with the threaded hole in the clamp. There is a Can you attach this extension to your handlebars? Yes. Will it stay put once attached? Unless you are lucky enough to have one of the two shims you need, you can't.

👤I wanted to extend the parent handle on our stroller so that we wouldn't kick it while walking. We have a travel stroller that worked well for this purpose. I was unable to find a universal parent handle extender. I figured that. This review is written so other parents can buy this with confidence.

👤I have to say that this product is just plain bad and I am about to review it.

👤I used the extender handle to raise the stroller height. It's easy to install. Good value.

9. Universal Cup Holder Accessories Wheelchair

Universal Cup Holder Accessories Wheelchair

The bottle holder is easy to use and made of eco-friendly material. Simply hold the knob to the handlebars and close the clamps with your hand. It's compatible with most brand strollers people know, like Nuna, Pockit, etc. A large phone holder can fit most phones in this cup holder. The stroller cup holder is made from recycled material. The holder is designed with Silicone rubber to make sure that it is secure while you get your hands free. It is easy to use, simply clip the adjustability to the handlebars and affix it with your hand. The holder can be moved around. You can adjust it according to your needs. The bottle holder can be assembled on different bars. The bottle holder is designed to keep cups stable and prevent spills. The cup holder can hold bottles with handles. The stroller cup holder is compatible with major stroller brands such as Britax, BabyJoy, and Maclaren. Multifunctional cup holder can be used on a variety of objects. You need to keep your beverages stable. Multifunctional cup holder can be used on a variety of objects. You need to keep your beverages stable.

Brand: Muweha

👤I wasn't expecting much for this or any cupholder. I was surprised by this one. There is a The thing is firmly attached. The thing will not fall. There is a The cup holder part has flaps that keep the cylinder in place. I had other cup holders that were loose and banged the sides all the time. The bottle would fall on the child. Not with this one. I tried it with a large bottle, a small bottle and a plastic cup and all were tucked in. There is a The cell phone holder is good. It is thin, which is a good thing. The phone falls out when others are too wide. After a long ride, my phone stayed put. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤The material used for this cup and phone holder is very thick. I have an Apple product and it held up. My daughter has an Apple device with a pop on the back and a thicker case that fits nicely. I tried 2 different drink containers and they fit nicely. I attached it to the mini trampoline and it held up very well. I would like to use it on a stroller, but my grandsons aren't as frequent. I wanted it to be multi purpose and this worked out great. The mechanism that hooks to the rod opens and closes to fit a variety of cylinders. It is nice to have a sturdy holder. Not flimsy at all. The blue is attractive. It is easy to take off and wash. It was in place with a full container of water. I attached it to my fence because we do a lot of gardening. I could have access to my phone without my knowledge. I tried it on our lawn furniture chair and it held the handle securely. Will be able to use in many places.

👤The product has come in handy more than I anticipated. I was surprised to see how useful it is. I don't have to use my hands for drinks or find my phone when I load my kids into the car because of this product. I didn't realize I needed the convenience. The drink holder is very sturdy because of the flexible holders on the inside, it really holds any drink and is very stable, I was impressed. The phone holder is very secure for my phone and my husband's phone, I have a popsocket on the back of my phone, and the phones are both held securely. I was sure the cup holder would pop off every time I put the stroller away, so this is especially useful when I'm on a walk and don't want to fiddle on the phone. It didn't! It's in place and doesn't stop you from folding and opening the stroller. It's easy to remove. It's rare that I tighten it onto the handle once in a while because it feels a little loose.

👤The drink and phone holder is very well made. I attached a photo of me holding my drink upside-down and still holding it, because the rubber flaps inside hold it so snug. The phone holder is a good size for a large phone, it holds my s10 plus perfectly, and could go a little bigger. If your cup is sweating, the slit cut in the bottom of the cup holder will allow it to drain. The arm is large and sturdy. It's easy to turn the handle. It is easy to clean. I am very happy with the cup and phone holder.

10. Retrospec Cross Bar Adjustable Adapter Black

Retrospec Cross Bar Adjustable Adapter Black

The dimensions are 14 x 10 and 8.5 inches. There is a suggested weight limit. 5 pounds. A top tube is added to the top tube adapter to carry non-conventional bike frames. It is designed for use with bicycle carries. The stem-to-seat post is 18.8" Installation is easy, no assembly or tools required. The maximum weight of bicycles is 45 lbs. It is not recommended for use with E- bikes. Universal Fit is the type of fit.

Brand: Retrospec

👤Needed to purchase three of them for a long road trip. It was relatively easy to install after I figured out how they work. My youngest's bike didn't have enough room for it. I had to raise her seat in order to have enough room for the brace. You need to be careful when grasping the brace. If you don't, you'll use the spring- loaded rod a lot. If you do, you will only make one mistake. There is a This product was what we needed and at a reasonable price. They are still going strong after 2200 miles.

👤It's a good idea to fit well on the bike. The black area by the handle bars will be rubbed by the unprotected metal clasp. Will need to wrap it up.

👤This is an essential accessory if you are transporting a bike on a bike rack. This is the second device I've owned. I was a bit skeptical at first because it was half the price of the first. It is lighter and the tubing is not as thick, but it has gained my complete confidence after several uses. It rests perfectly on the bike rack once extended and in place.

👤A bike was lost during the first use. I recommend looking for another device.

👤I need the cross bars for my bike since I have a 'walk-thru' bike. The cross bars are easy to install and hold my bike. Great accessory.

👤I need to put our beach cruiser on the bike rack. They are great.

👤I tried it out by picking it up by the bar and it didn't seem sturdy, it was all over the place. I thought it would stay put. I didn't want it to fall off my bike rack and cause damage to myself and other people on the road, so I'm returning. This was for my daughter's Schwinn bike, which measured approximately 19 inches from post to post.

👤5 minutes of use. My bike was undamaged and did not fall. I contacted customer service for warranty replacement and they were not helpful at all. The product and customer service were disappointing.

👤The hook side has a rubbery finish to protect the bike. The pin is not made of steel. The bike finish is totally stretch up. It has a rubbery finish similar to the hook end.

👤I bought this for my wife's bike because it would be easier to carry on our bike rack. It works as expected. I don't know if I would be able to hold on for long hauls. I plan to put her bike in the middle of the rack so the other bikes won't hit the ground and it will be safe for other drivers.

👤The spring tension seems to be ok so far, we used it 3x on a heavy comfort bike. The spring still feels solid even after we left the bar on the bike. I still recommend tying the bike on the rack to be sure. This bar is easy to use for those light aluminum or carbon bikes. There is a It is very important to be careful when removing this bar from your bike. I gave it a 4 star because of that. There is a This is a good buy and would be a good buy for anyone on a budget.

11. Allen Sports Tension Bicycle Cross Bar

Allen Sports Tension Bicycle Cross Bar

Stay safe on the road at night with their mountain bike accessories light set by clicking 'add to cart' now. You can even give it as a gift. A top tube is created for non-conventional frames. Your bikes are secured by an internal spring. No assembly is required. The bicycle's finish is protected by plastic coated hooks. Lifetime of workmanship and materials. Allen's warranty doesn't cover third-party sellers. It fits bikes with a distance of 18 in. To 27 in. Between the seat post and stem. 35 LB is the max capacity.

Brand: Allen Sports

👤Great product. I went to the plumbing aisle at the hardware store to get clear vinyl tubing to cover the metal pin on my bike frame after reading other reviews. I put duct tape on the wire to stop it from scratching. I would recommend everyone to see my pictures.

👤I've tried a few different bike top bars, but none of them have an internal bungee, locking arms, or an exposed nut that can be caught on bike rack straps. The man is called "swagman." The locking arms swing out, which is more convenient when attaching to your bike, and overall, it will do the job, but it has a very thin internal bungee that offers very little resistance, so I question its effectiveness. There is a There are saris This one is my favorite because it has no swinging arms. You get used to the locking mechanism on the bar quickly, but it takes a little getting used to. It is as sturdy as the Yakima and has an internal stop so that the two sides of the tube cannot be pulled apart. Now for the Allen. I think this bar is the best value at the lowest price point. You don't need to know what you're getting. There is a The only bar I tested that had no movement when attached to the bike was the one with the large internal metal spring. It is incredibly stable because of this. There is a The metal lock pin on one end of the bar will probably scratch your bikes paint at some point, as some reviewers have pointed out. If your bikes seat post or handlebar post are painted, this will not be a problem for you. Some people who have painted bike parts have come up with ways to cover the pin. I used a rubber cable wrap that was split on one side. I cut it to the size I needed, and it was easy to wrap around the metal pin. The metal clip that secures the pin in place can loosen and come off, which can cause the bike to fall. The vast majority of people don't have this problem. I can see how pulling the clip across the bar to hook in on might loosen it, but it's an easy way to make sure it stays tight. A nylon wrap or short bungee cord could be used to remove doubt. There is a The process of locking the bar is more difficult than other methods, and it requires a bit more effort than a simple swing or slide to lock. It will take a little more time to put on and take off this adapter if there is a bungee cord around the locking clip and a rubber wrap around the pin. The Allen bar is an excellent product, even though it has some minor flaws. The slightly less convenient application makes up for the lower price.

👤I used this product last week after buying it in January. My bike is large, but the bar fits it. When I received it, I thought it didn't fit, but I realized that it fit when extended and placed on the bike. It was stretched out to its maximum length, and the point at which the inner bar was attached with a strong spring, was slightly put atop the rack. I lifted the bike with my hands and it seemed to hold. For the trip up, it did. Look at the pictures on the way back. The bike was perfectly balanced and the weight was evenly distributed atop the rack, but the two pieces broke apart and the bike slipped. I tied the bike off with multiple cables and bungees so it wouldn't fall off, but if it had, it would have killed someone. I can't attest to the product's longevity if it isn't being used at maximum length. It should be able to handle what it was designed for, even if it is pulled to a different length, and I did not modify it in any way. If you need a tension bar for your bike in order to be able to use it on a rack, I strongly urge you to look elsewhere. I am not exaggerating when I say this product could have been involved in the death of someone. A mistake is a mistake.


What is the best product for bicycle umbrella bar holder?

Bicycle umbrella bar holder products from Yizhet. In this article about bicycle umbrella bar holder you can see why people choose the product. Kbrotech and Ostwony are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle umbrella bar holder.

What are the best brands for bicycle umbrella bar holder?

Yizhet, Kbrotech and Ostwony are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle umbrella bar holder. Find the detail in this article. Magideal, Redcomets and Sport-brella are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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