Best Bicycle U Lock Set

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1. UShake Motorcycles Bicycles Combination Shackle

UShake Motorcycles Bicycles Combination Shackle

People who actually ride! Why should you trust us? They are a small company that focuses on quality products. Their owners have been racing and riding motorcycles for 20 years so they know how to make awesome products. They are here to help if you have any questions. No keys are needed to secure your motorcycle, e-scooter, gate. No more worried about forgetting keys. Strong hackle. The 14mm hardened zinc alloy shackle is resistant to both cutter and leverage attacks. The lock has a 4mm coating. There is a mixture. You can easily set your own 5 numbers combo. You have confidence in the quality of the dial turning. The cylinder is covered with a plastic to avoid dust and heavy duty weight for top security. If there is any issues with the USHAKE U Lock product, please let them know at any time.

Brand: Ushake

👤I saved my bike from being stolen. When I went into the grocery store, I locked my bike up with my U lock because I had left the keys in the car. The bike was stopped by the U lock after being moved about a foot. I wouldn't have my motorcycle right now if it weren't for this lock.

👤I bought a bike lock to use on my gate. I wanted a lock that fit around the bars of the gate, but also a lock that was wide, but not long like most bike locks. This one is a great size, it gives you a good 4.5" space in width, and it's an inch or so shorter than a standard size. There is a cover on the front so the combo entry is not visible, and the button at the top opens the lock when the combination is entered. It's not light weight, but it's strong and has served its purpose for me. The numbers on the lock are easy to set and you can set whatever combination you want. You would have to know the code to reset it. There is a coating over the metal which protects the lock from damage but also the gate, in my case. The item took a little while to arrive, that is my only complaint. I had other items that I ordered after this. Good lock, does what it's supposed to do!

👤I was shocked when I opened the box. It's very heavy. Hopefully it won't weigh the bike down. I will feel more secure if I have to lock up my new electric bike because I can't imagine anyone breaking this lock. It's easy to set a new combination, and please ignore the idiots who keep posting negative reviews on how the lock has a flaw that can be exploited with a screwdriver. If the current combination is set on the lock, the only way to reset it is. I tried to do it without the set, but it wouldn't budge. If the correct combination is set, it moves. I bought the 14mm lock after seeing how a thief broke the 10mm lock. I can't imagine how it would be possible to bend this one.

👤There is more garbage to be sent back to China. I liked this lock, but within three months the mechanisms started jamming. It is not usable now. The mechanisms won't open the lock if the plastic button is tipped to one side or the other. I had to use two thumbs to press the button, because I have both hands that are strong. I have a strong grip. This was not improved by any amount of lubricant. I regret buying this lock and I don't recommend it. The plastic opening mechanism and the plastic dial are garbage. It works for a long time so you can return it.

👤It was easy to set and fit my front mag wheel. If someone had a mini-screwdriver, they could take off the small piece of metal covering the reset switch. It's still really solid.

2. DINOKA Bike Lock Security Mounting

DINOKA Bike Lock Security Mounting

Buy with confidence. They are dedicated to ensuring your fully satisfaction and they are committed to providing their customers with high quality products. They will solve the problem for you as soon as possible if you contact them. The thief needs to break the bike locks on both sides at the same time to open it, which is safer than a single- opening head lock. The lock cylinder of the bicycle is made of pure copper blades and has a precise structure to prevent various technologies from opening. The bike U lock has 2 rust-proof copper keys with a complex snake-shaped slot, which is safer to use. The bicycle lock is made of hardened high- performance alloy steel, which can resist cutting and lever attacks. The bike d lock will provide more security. The bike U-lock heavy-duty comes with 4 feet of steel cable which is coated with a protective material to provide a greater locking method to protect your bike, suitable for bicycles, motorcycles, electric bike, scooters. The same size of a 9.7in tablet as the U lock for bicycle is convenient to carry. Also, there is a mounting bracket that is suitable for all-round tripods with a diameter of . It is very easy to install, you will get a bike Ulock, flex cable,mounting brackets and 2 keys. They will get back to you within 24 hours if you have any questions. It is very easy to install, you will get a bike Ulock, flex cable,mounting brackets and 2 keys. They will get back to you within 24 hours if you have any questions.

Brand: Dinoka

👤This is a large lock. It's big enough to lock a drug dealer up in your basement. If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch the first season of the show. It is large enough to lock your bike frame and wheel.

👤26.8 ounces, 2 lbs. Before turning, make sure to insert the key fully. If it is only partially inserted, it will bend/break easily. It's soft and good for resisting corrosion. I bought this lock because it is a good fit for my bike frame to a bike rack, without much extra space that would be needed to break it. It weighs less than my larger one. It took 90 minutes with a Dremel to get one off of the lock I had. They had survived a week at the notorious stolen bikes store. There are a few sellers who are selling the same lock under different listings, at least they look the same and the keys have the same logo. There is a Extra keys are not available, and they seem to be different from each other, at least for the 3 that we have received.

👤My bike was jacked. It was my favorite bike. That is the reason I bought this lock. It is for my new bike. I don't like it as much. I might flip if that one is taken from me. The lock is strong. Nobody has taken from me yet. I only leave my bike out for a short time because I am terrified. I miss my bike.

👤I bought three U-locks for my sons. They are happy with their locks. It is easy to use. The bike mounting brackets are an added bonus. My son is very happy that it has a cool feature. The lock has good safety features. This U-lock is recommended by us.

👤The lock has no noticeable flaws and comes with a pair of keys. This is not the lock for those looking for a secure bike lock. If you already have a good lock, this is a great choice for you to have another lock for things like your front wheel or less important items. It does the job for the price. Don't expect this to stop the angle grinder. It comes with a carrying handle and the lock is coated with a Silicone lining to prevent it from scratching your bikes paint. I am satisfied with my purchase. These are just the first impressions, I haven't taken it out to the field for testing yet.

👤Someone tried to steal the bike and the lock held up. If you don't want your bike taken, recommend it to someone else.

👤The lock is small and decent. You can't lock your bike in a stop sign. It took some maneuvering for me to lock it up near my apartment.

👤I said that did not bring instruction. It looked as if it had been used before.

3. ICOCOPRO 18 76mm Bicycle Security Mountain

ICOCOPRO 18 76mm Bicycle Security Mountain

The bicycle lock set includes bike bock, 2 keys, cable and mounting brackets. If you have a complaint about the bicycle locks, please contact them, they offer 24 hour online customer service. They designed the NEWEST bicycle lock on the market, it has a small size and thin inner material drawbacks. The anti theft bike lock is stronger. No one will be able to open this lock. Minimum 18.76mm U lock for scooter is required. It is built to resist attack from bolt cutter and leverage attacks. There is a notice. No brackets are available. The thief needs to pry both sides of the lock at the same time to open it. The top bike has a dual locking mechanism that provides resistance to pry, pull and jacking. Scooters have double locking systems that are less likely to be broken than cheap ones. The anti-theft bike U-lock is covered by a 4-11mm premium silicone coating, which will not scratch your bicycle when in use. Bicycle d lock weather protection mechanism keeps the lock in good working order by preventing rust even when it rains a lot. The anti theft bicycle lock has a long service life. It is suitable for bicycles, motorcycles, electric bikes, scooters. 3 sets of keys for convenience! You can leave a second key at home in case you lose one, and take one key to use in daily life. The bicycle key lock comes with 3 non-rust keys that have a complex slot and they are tested and proved to be resistant to harsh weather conditions. The larger than EverE scooter lock is a high security bike lock that allows you to secure it to any part of the bike. The e lock scooter is larger. It's easy to lock and open. You get a lifetime warranty and superior customer support from the company. If you have a problem with the scooter lock with key, please contact them. The larger than EverE scooter lock is a high security bike lock that allows you to secure it to any part of the bike. The e lock scooter is larger. It's easy to lock and open. You get a lifetime warranty and superior customer support from the company. If you have a problem with the scooter lock with key, please contact them.

Brand: Icocopro

👤It's too heavy for one bike, but will be great for connecting all 3. We'll make another purchase if we recommend it.

4. Abus 540 USH Shackle U Locks

Abus 540 USH Shackle U Locks

Billions of bikes are stolen every year. Police statistics show that only a small percentage of cases are solved. It doesn't have to be like that, as ABUS covers the whole range of bike security devices with high-quality locks. ABUS has the right bike lock for every situation. Even the cleverest thieves can be stopped without costing you a lot.

Brand: Abus

👤There is proof in the pictures. Scumbags cut through my cables, barely scratching the ABUS. Thanks for making a bike lock aBUS!

👤If you lock one arm and not the other, the lock will be un-removable. I was on a crowded rack and thought this was impossible. I had to lock the lock without knowing if the arms were in it. I could not disengage the lock after it locked with one arm, the key was stuck in the lock and the lock remained locked. If you decide to purchase this lock, be careful to put the U in the lock, both ends, and be able to see it when you lock the bike up. Extreme unhappiness will occur if one end of the U is in and the other is out.

👤The Abus Granit X Plus 540 U Lock was mounted on the rear bar of my " Juiced" RCS E-bike, but the bolts on the mount brackets interfered with the lock sliding in, so I had to modify the mount brackets. The bolts were put in the way because I Counter sunk the hole just a tiny bit. The Abus 540 Plus X is probably the best U Lock on the market, but please be aware that it can be cut from a video in about 35 seconds with a portable grinder/cutter. Use more than one to slow the thieves down.

👤Even though I got a great lock, it's not a good one. Abus is a good quality and I have no problem with the workmanship. The Granit X Plus has a 230mm and 300mm shackles. The 300mm seems to be more popular than the 230mm. I wanted the 300mm version because my bike has some space between the downtube and the rear wheel. I wanted to make sure I had a lock that would fit this. I ordered this lock from the Amazon Global Store UK on February 5, 2020. On February 15, 2020 I received a damaged box with a small packing slip inside. I received standard text and e-mail messages that my lock had been delivered, but it wasn't an empty box. I was able to get a refund from Amazon. I ordered the lock again because I thought the odds of another accident would be low. I placed the order again from the same page, this time for the ABUS Granit X-plus 540 + USH Brkt 300mm LS Shackle U-Locks. I received an Abus lock, but it was not the 300mm shackle. I have to pay the postage on this because it is international. The policy states that they will give a 20% refunds for shipping when the product is received, but any excess needs to be sought from their customer service department. I might keep the lock if it fits my bike. I was disappointed that I waited so long to get the wrong product, which is difficult to return in the US compared to Amazon's domestic returns.

5. OTTOLOCK Sidekick Compact U Lock Lightweight

OTTOLOCK Sidekick Compact U Lock Lightweight

The micro-light key projects a bright white beam. The SIDEKICK brings innovation to the traditional U-lock with a compact, lightweight design that effectively deters opportunity theft without weighing you down. The portable SIDEKICK is easy to carry and fit in many backpacks, bags, or pockets. The SIDEKICK is a lightweight bike lock that allows you to lock a single tube to a post or pole at a fraction of the weight of a traditional U-Lock. The opening is 7 cm tall and 7 cm wide. Each lock has 2 keys. The SIDEKICK is coated in high quality silicone that won't scratch or damage your bike frame. It is made with double-shackle 12mm hardened steel and an antirotation deadbolt. Depending on the length of your stop and location, the SIDEKICK can be used on its own or with a secondary lock. The side kick is easy to use, it has two keys, and it's bright colors make it great for kids and new riders.

Brand: Ottolock

👤A sturdy little lock. It's a good way to lock your tire rim to the frame. If you don't have access to thinner poles or bicycle racks, you should buy a larger lock. This one is very small and may pose a problem for people who live in cities with sparse locking options.

👤The lock needs a lock. They stole my scooter within an hour. The design was poor. Any key can open this lock. Do not waste your vehicles.

👤I have used this lock with the flex band a few times when I needed to get my bike into town. I like the size of the lock. I can carry it with me on my bike. I know that it will do the job of keeping my bike safe if it is put to the test. Would definitely recommend.

👤The lock is not small. At its longest point, it is over 7.5 inches long.

👤The lock is made from plastic. It wouldn't take much to open this thing. It's really sad given the price.

👤The lock is water resistant and works great, but the rubber outer coating is cracked and peeling at the center where it rests on the bike when not in use. This doesn't affect it at all.

👤This is a mini lock and so requires a bit of positioning to find the right orientation to include the bike frame and whatever your locking to.

👤Does what I expect. I can't comment on that aspect yet.

👤The weight penalty and size of U-Lock style bicycle locks are not something I like. This one from Ottolock is small enough to take with me on longer rides, and it's light enough to bring with me but definitely feels robust, it does have some weight to it, but much less than that of comparable U-Locks from, for example, Kryptonite. I'm no longer worried about my mountain bike being locked up in the city where I live. When I'm riding, the lock is not noticeable. The silicone outer material helps it hang wherever I put it, and prevents it from scratching my bicycle frame. The lock has no gaps in it's construction, the keys turn smoothly in it, and the connection of the U to bottom bolt is very stable when closed. Sometimes it is difficult to find a pole due to the small size of the lock. I knew what I was getting when I bought it. I am very impressed. There is a The only criticism I have of the product is not related to the design or implementation. I was a little worried about how to remove the zip-tie holding the keys. I was worried about cutting into the lock when I removed the zip-tie with scissors because it is a silicone sleeve. I was able to do it with a pair of small swiss army knife scissors and some patience. This product fulfilled all of my expectations.

6. AKM Lock Heavy Mounting Security Motorcycle

AKM Lock Heavy Mounting Security Motorcycle

There is a 100 days warranty on the bike lock chain and a 90-day money back policy. If you don't like it, you will get a full refund. Rest assured. There is serious security. The bike lock package contains a U lock, a mounting bracket and 2 keys. The AKM team makes locks that are high quality and safe. Provide security for your property. The weight is about the weight of 7 apples. Strong. The body of the anti-theft has double bow hitch and strong locking. It is resistant to cutting, breaking, sawing and shearing. High quality. The lock's surface is made of paint that is friendly to the environment. It is non-toxic, odourless, and elegant to prevent injury to the bike. There are multiple functions. It is more convenient to expand the locking area for bicycles, motorcycles, baby carriages, Ladder, barbecue rack,doors,Lawn mower and windows. Dust cover and conveyor. The lock hole position has a dustproof cover and protects against rust and dust entry. It is easier to carry the lock with a 1.18inch mounting bracket. Dust cover and conveyor. The lock hole position has a dustproof cover and protects against rust and dust entry. It is easier to carry the lock with a 1.18inch mounting bracket.

Brand: Akm

👤I don't see that as a negative because I don't feel the weight during my leisurely bike rides, people who race/ bike for longer distances may feel differently. I haven't used the mount yet, but I have hung it on the frame in case I need to stop. I've been using it for about a month in a busy apartment complex in a large city and my bike hasn't been stolen, so that's a plus! I think the lock is doing its job. I took off 2 stars because the metal parts on the bike are starting to rust. I bought this lock because I knew I would have to store my bike outside in NC, but it didn't work out. I don't have much I can do to prevent the bike from getting wet, so I will have to replace the lock after a year. I think that the little keyhole covering helps prevent rust in the key entry area. If the rest of the lock is rusted together, this won't matter. It's referred to as the TLDR. If you store your bike outside in a rainy climate, the lock will rust.

👤I have had no problems with the bike lock so far. I don't like that I couldn't find a lockpicking video on the internet and that the lock body has plastic inside. It does not seem easy to pick. The type of plastic used inside the lock body would be nice to know. It seems like a melting point of 270 degrees is what UHMW would have. There is metal surrounding the lock body. The lock body is the weakest point of the lock, if bolts could get around it. I live in a low crime area and I'm confident that my ebike is safe.

👤I love the thicker bolt. It never takes more than 10 seconds to get the locking mechanism unlocked when it gets stuck, but it does happen when it is cold. There is a I would love to see a version of this lock with a long U bolt. I only had it for 2 weeks, I will update if I have any other problems. The lock has worked out great for me and I love the 18” thick bolt, but I feel like it might break easily if struck or dropped, I feel like it is plastic. The body should be more durable in the future. Update as of 6-20-21. Even with an attempted theft, the lock is still working great. The lock U-bolt parts were scratched up and damaged but still in one piece. The locking mechanism was fixed with a review from 3 stars to 5.

👤After a few tests of the new combo, it just stopped working after I recorded what I set it to. No joy is given by the default combo. The manufacturer did not reply when contacted. There is a No one knows what "sheerness" means in your ratings system.

👤The bottom of my mountain bike is too big for it to fit. The lock is too big from the seat. I had to attach it on the top because I have break wires and it juts out to the edge. If I did it over, it would be a bit lighter.

7. Kryptonite New U Messenger Extender Bicycle

Kryptonite New U Messenger Extender Bicycle

Installation and convenience are what you get with their high-quality mounting brackets. You can take and store your bike lock quickly with this easy installation. The 11mm Hardended Max Performance Steel Shackle is made of steel. The dimensions of the interior locking are 3. 25" x 3. If you lose your first 2 keys, you will be able to get a free second one. Up to $2, 500 Reimbursement for 1 Year included in the Anti-Theft Protection Offer.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤This lock was purchased last week. I used it on my bike for two days before it was stolen, and had no one to contact about the warranty. A few blocks away, a bike shop said that they don't carry U locks anymore because of how easy it is to break them. The manager said chain locks move when someone is trying to cut them with a saw. U-locks are easy to cut through as they are solid and don't move around. You should get a chain instead of the U lock, because Kryptonite makes good products.

👤I have not had a lock in a week and I have broken one of the keys. I dropped a key in the front disc brake, but the key was cut in half. I think I'll be requesting my two free ones soon. I have to fiddle with this thing for a while to get it open and to lock my bike. It's not clear which way to insert the key, so I end up flipping it over multiple times until I get the darn thing open. I don't want to take my front wheel off. I added a small cable for that, though I know it's not ideal. I'll sign up for the protection plan one day if I find my bike receipt. I would give my bike 3.5 stars if I could, because it's my main job. I'm on a ride that takes me one way to work. It's not heavy to carry in my backpack.

👤This is a great lock. I think it's a great lock because my $5k bike hasn't been stolen. It's hard to close and lock it. The U portion doesn't go completely into the locking mechanism, so it takes some fiddling and chutzpah until the key finally turns and locks the unit. I feel safe once it's locked because thieves will choose an easier target than my bike.

👤The Evolution 7 had a 4 foot cable. It wasn't a good fit for my hybrid when I tried to lock up the frame and tires. I couldn't lock my rear tire because the cable was long. The Messenger Mini was the reason I returned the Evolution 7. The Messenger Mini is perfect. The frame and tire of my bike can be locked up. I was able to secure my front tire with the 7 foot cable from Amazon. You want to buy a lock.

👤This will keep an honest person honest. It was an over purchase for me, but I kept it the same. I don't want to leave a bike unattended with a lock in a populated area since anyone can pick it up, regardless of strength or make.

👤My daughter took her bike to college and I wanted a big lock. Her bike is safe despite being stolen from dorms. It can be difficult to get locked up as it doesn't have much reach, but it works great.

👤It is worth the money. It is easy to carry while biking. I don't have to worry about my bike being stolen while I'm running my errand because I'm able to securely lock it.

8. Master Lock 8170D Fusion U Lock

Master Lock 8170D Fusion U Lock

All kinds of bicycles are compatible with this bicycle computer. Some electric-assist bicycles may not be compatible with this bicycle computer. The computer display, sensor, and magnet should be compatible with the device. If you are unsure, please contact them. The bike U-lock is best used as a bicycle lock. The bike lock has a carrier for easy transportation. The bike lock has a hardened steel body and double locking shackle. The bike lock body is large. It was 16 cm wide. The length of the shackle is 20 cm. The width is 10 cm and the length is 1/2 in. The diameter is 13mm. There is a bike lock and two keys. U-Lock Protection is affordable. Additional anti-pick protection can be obtained with a disc key.

Brand: Master Lock

👤The lock does not have a disc cylinder. I called Master Lock and they told me that they had changed the cylinder for all U-locks. They did not change anything on their website.

👤There is a piece of junk. The lock wouldn't open for a week after I purchased it, so I was initially satisfied with this product. The key was a little difficult to turn and a little wiggle would do the trick. It was so hard to fall into place that the key would almost break if I tried to shake it. This happened when I unlocked my bike. I thought I was going to have to call someone with bolt cutter because I couldn't get it to open. I was so angry after 20 minutes that I didn't even want to look at it anymore. The POS was returned the next day. You should shell out the extra bucks for a quality product. The company needs to look into this problem, as many customers have experienced it, and they're suggestion to "jiggle" the lock is USELESS and even if it does eventually work, nobody wants to spend a lot of time trying to get their bike unlocked.

👤Master locks are still top notch, even though they are cheap. My kid uses this for his electric scooter and the key won't come out if it's open, it's all solid metal. This lock will make your average opportunist thief look for an easier target because it has cheap plastic housing.

👤I have had this lock for a few months and it has served me well so far, will it be broken by a bike thief? For the price to performance ratio, it's very good, but it's not a premium lock. If you want an affordable lock that works well, I would recommend this. There is a The picture on Amazon is different from the one I received. The Amazon image seems to be cased in a solid plastic around the heat sealed rubber film that I received. It comes with 2 keys and a brackets to attach to the bike frame.

👤It's probably typical of U-locks. Very safe. Very heavy. It's not possible to get extra keys, but it is possible to get 2. The mount is a joke. We don't fit any of our mountain bikes and need a large diamond shape frame. It would probably block the water bottle cage on my old road bike. I prefer combo cable locks, but they are less secure.

👤I bought this to deter the theft of my tire. I already have a lock for the rear tire and frame, so I wanted to make it easier for the thieves. This lock is easy to cut if you want to secure the whole bike. Don't do it! There is a The lock is not exposed to the elements and is stored inside.

👤Keys work well, have been rained on many times, drain and add wd40 There is a The frame mount is attached while riding. Has not fallen into the spokes. The U bar is straight down on both sides, which bugged me as they looked like a lock. If you're used to a curved bar that holds one end while you're locking up with one hand, you have to hold the lock bar to the U to lock it with both hands. I still miss that curve despite being used to it. It was simpler to lock the bike.

9. Master Lock 8118DPF Vinyl Covered U Lock

Master Lock 8118DPF Vinyl Covered U Lock

The security rating is 65. There is a lock application. Heavy duty mini U-lock is best used for bicycles. The protective vinyl coating helps prevent scratching. The minimum security requirement is MAXIMUM SECURITY. The bike lock has a 7-pin cylinder for maximum pick resistance and a hardened steel body that resists cutting, sawing and prying. There are SPECIFICATIONS in this picture. The lock body is 1/2 in. The shackle is 2 in. The length is 1-5/8 in. width There are SPECIFICATIONS in this picture. The lock body is 1/2 in. The shackle is 2 in. The length is 1-5/8 in. width

Brand: Master Lock

👤It's great for my bike since I wanted a lock that wouldn't bang around while riding. Difficult locking the shaft to the lock was mentioned in several other reviews. Sometimes I have the same problem. You have to make sure the insides of the lock are lined up so the two pieces fit together. You have to turn the open lock back and forth to get it lined up when the keyhole is vertical. You can't tell which way the key goes into the lock unless you've used it many times. I solved that by marking one side of the key and locking it with a dot of nailpolish so I don't have to guess when I want to open it.

👤We bought this ahead of time. I went to my son's first high school race but could not get the lock undone. It took almost 15 minutes. I thought he would have to borrow a bike. It's really frustrating. We had to use the lock again because we were outside over night. It took almost 15 minutes to open it after the same problem. We missed the return window because we planned ahead. I'm guessing we can get a warranty replacement, but will have to pay for shipping for an item I won't trust enough to use. Don't buy this.

👤It's a good lock, but the spinning pieces of metal inside the lock key can cause it to grasp the key and then you have to figure a way to fan dangle it so it will let go of the key so you can actually open it. I trust the worthiness of its ability to protect from theft, but I'm a little worried that it may cause me to be able to unlocks it at times. The average review.

👤The lock body is made of plastic and metal. Someone could use a hammer. The lock's core can be pulled out to open it. There are videos on the internet showing this. Even for $10, there are better locks out there. I have not experienced any issues opening the lock like other people have. The teeth of the key need to be engaged with every pin. The key can be turned back and forth while you push in.

👤Didn't like the lock. Made out of plastic and metal. I found that the key was difficult to use with the locking mechanism. I threw it away because I found it unreliable and unreliable as a security device.

10. Kryptonite 2079 Evolution Bicycle KryptoFlex

Kryptonite 2079 Evolution Bicycle KryptoFlex

It's perfect for bicycle, motorcycle,cable, skateboards, sports equipment, gates fences, grills, boxes,ladders, hand trucks, scaffolding, other tools and more. It's convenient to use with no keys. The 13mm Hardended Max Performance Steel Shackle Resists Hand Tools, Bolt Cutters, and Leverage Attacks. The cable length is 4'. If you lose your first 2 keys, you will be able to get a free second one. Up to $2,500 Reimbursement for 1 Year is included in the Anti-Theft Protection Offer. The vinyl coating is protective.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤I bought this lock because it was reviewed by Wirecutter. There is a The lock was very inconvenient to use. The key wouldn't budge. The lock would get stuck as well. My bike was stolen after only 6 months of using this lock. Their anti-theft protection offer is not real. You have to send a picture of the broken lock to make a claim. What idiot thief would leave behind the broken lock with their fingerprints all over it at the crime scene? I made a police report. I haven't heard from the company in a month.

👤After our son's Trek Marlin 6 was stolen from the bike parking at his high school, we upgraded the lock to protect his new replacement. For almost a week, it was protected. The lock on his bike was destroyed when it was stolen from the high school. They all fall to power tools regardless of which lock you purchase. Don't be foolish. No lock will stop them if the bike is unattended. The lesson was brought to you by a parent who wondered how his child could get to school on a bike.

👤The lock should be recalled. It seems like it works well when you test it over and over indoors, but as soon as I try to use it to lock my bike outside, it doesn't seem right. Forget it! I can't get the key to turn for the rest of my life. Is it because I can't push the bottom of the lock all the way? It got worse over the 3 times I tried to use it, and I had to carry my bike inside my gym because I couldn't lock it up. The lock is limited to use with a bike rack, which is hard to find in a shopping center. It is easier to lock up a street post with a folding lock. I was able to lock this to the street sign post a few times, but it took me a long time to get my bike aligned right to the post, even though my mtn bike is the smallest size. Was so angry.

👤Had to return it. It was difficult to lock the lock. I'm talking about the mechanism. We have two things. Both keys were not properly ground after cutting. It was difficult to insert the key and turn it. I was unable to secure my bike because the lock wouldn't lock. I tried to get it to work with a nasty injury to my thumb. Thank you Amazon, no problems returning it. I bought a folding lock from the company.

👤The lock I received from Amazon was difficult to operate, but it was exactly what I needed. I wonder if they have all the bugs out of the lock yet. I could see that the back layers of the cylinder were not in line with the outer layers when the key was only half-way. I don't know how many layers there are, but since the key only goes in half-way there was no way to turn the back layers so they would line up with the outer layers. After turning the key back and forth for about ten minutes, the layers lined up and the key went in all the way. I had to ask for a replacement for the key after it turned in the cylinder, as it continued to meet resistance. I wouldn't trust the lock I received to operate. The keys are very easy to open in the cylinders. I wonder if I have a bad lock or if the new design will cause problems. The black housing that rotates to cover the keyhole was difficult to operate. The plastic was visible under the edge of the housing. As I turned the cover back and forth, I saw more and more shavings working their way out of the keyhole. I pulled them out and the cover began to move. All of the hair in the attached photo came from under the lock. The cylinder is difficult to turn and the layers of the cylinder sometimes get out of line as the key is inserted or removed, if any of the shavings found their way down into the cylinder while the lock was being assembled or when it was bounced around during shipping. There is a further update. I looked at the lock again while waiting for the replacement lock. The design of the metal body of the lock has a narrow split that extends from the keyhole to the black plastic end, according to a flashlight look at the lock. I can't see how far the split extends, but I can guess if the lock body has sharp edges or if the rotating black cover is shaped too tightly around the lock body. The cylinder operation I encountered could be caused by any of the shavings working their way into the cylinder. One comment asked if the replacement lock had the same problem. The replacement lock has worked well so far.

11. SIGTUNA Bike Lock 1800mm Steel

SIGTUNA Bike Lock 1800mm Steel

The U lock for US, CA, UK, EU Cyclists, 90-day money back policy, and online customer service are included in the concierge service. If you don't like it, you will get a full refund. Rest assured. For all of your security needs. The Heavy Duty 16mm U-lock is easy to use, and the 1800mm cable gives you solid security at every location. Enjoy your bike rides. Adhere to security rules against attacks. The bike U lock is made of 16 MM Hardened Steel and has an extra 1800mm Flex Cable. Thieves will think twice about using this lock if they know you are secure. The U-lock is easy to use and durable, and it has a smooth cover and a cable that can be used with the Velcro strap. You will enjoy easy-locking season after season with this lock. Customer service is provided. If you don't like the U-lock, just return it and get a 100% refund. No questions were asked. They stand behind their products. They know their customers will love that. Get it tomorrow. If this lock is what you need, click "add to cart" to get it tomorrow. You can contact their customer service any time when you order and enjoy the bike security you get with this U-lock.

Brand: Sigtuna

👤I use it for my motorcycle. I wish it was bigger. It's still worth buying for serious bike security. It is definitely worth buying. The price is less than other brands.

👤When I ordered the lock, I had never heard of this brand. I noticed that it is heavy and has two small "mini"locks. The "U" is a weird shape and size, and it can't fit in the rear-rack gap or other places you might put one, so it's not something you'd put on a bike. The lock's girth looks more thick than a typical lock, this makes it a deterrent to thieves with a grinder. The "U" is larger than a mini lock, making it difficult to find an object within reach of which you could lock your bike, and impossible to ever lock two bikes to an object with it. There is a The locking mechanism works well. When the "U" is removed, the key stays in the lock until both ends of the lock are reinserted, at which point the key automatically moves to the "locked" position. The lock lets you know if you're fastening it properly. It's possible to disengage the key without the lock being fastened and there's usually a bunch of fiddling with the key, neither of which were issues with the Sigtuna. If you have to leave your bike locked up in a high-theft area or if you don't have to carry it around, I would recommend this lock. I would consider something lighter if you have to commute daily. If you have a lot of trouble with mini locks being too short, or you have to lock up two bikes, I would consider something longer. The lock is built well and the mechanism feels more solid than OnGuard.

👤Like my title, it's solid and sturdy. I'm not sure how it will stand up against thieves with machine tools, but where you park your bike is part of your responsibility, right? Don't park them in a shady location. I hope it won't get tampered with, but if it does, it's hard to get around the smaller diameter lock. The cable is soft enough to form a circle, but strong enough to hold up. The big key has a weird pattern in it. I hope I don't lose it because I don't think Home Depot carries it. You don't need to hold the U-ring and the lock together in order to lock it, just snap the rod into the lock holes. There is a The lock and cable were a bit heavy. The cable has a strip on it.

👤This lock works. I came back on the lightrail and found the cable cut through, but not the lock, so my bike was still there. Maybe they thought I was foolish to use the cable as the primary method of keeping my bike secure, or maybe they didn't succeed in their main goal. There is a The lock is heavier and stronger than my old U-Lock, so it feels more secure. If I had to guess, it would be easier to cut through the lock on the bike. Very happy! It's time to find out if it's worth replacing the cable.


What is the best product for bicycle u lock set?

Bicycle u lock set products from Ushake. In this article about bicycle u lock set you can see why people choose the product. Dinoka and Icocopro are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle u lock set.

What are the best brands for bicycle u lock set?

Ushake, Dinoka and Icocopro are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle u lock set. Find the detail in this article. Abus, Ottolock and Akm are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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