Best Bicycle U Lock Combination

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1. Kryptonite Keeper Standard Bicycle FlexFrame U

Kryptonite Keeper Standard Bicycle FlexFrame U

The bike cover has an amazing waterproof rating of 1,500mm and is made of extra thick ripstop fabric. This bicycle cover has added protection. 12mm hardened steel shackle resists hand tools. The dimensions are 4 x 8. If you lose your first 2 keys, you will be able to get a free second one. Up to $500 Reimbursement for Anti-Theft Protection Offer.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤The lock is useless. I had my bike stolen after using this lock. They cut through it with a knife. I am so angry. The name of the brand doesn't mean it will protect your bike. Look somewhere else.

👤My husband and I have a lock. We were worried about the reviews complaining about the lock jamming, but we thought they were just complaining. Both of us have had issues with jamming, but messing for a minute or so with a slight wiggle usually fixes it. We assumed that was what the reviews were about. I couldn't lock my bike because of the jamming issue. I tried for a while. I tried to open the lock on the bike. I couldn't get it to lock. Thankfully, I was able to bring my bike to my office. I waited and tried again in the afternoon. I was able to get it locked again after messing with it. There is a My husband has never had an issue like this, but I used my lock daily. There is a Maybe the cold was the issue. A lock that doesn't lock is garbage. You can buy a different one.

👤The lock is easy to use. Can someone cut this lock off with a battery operated sawzall? Absolutely they can. They can cut through the lock with the same method. I use this to lock my electric scooter when I go into a store for a few minutes or when I go to the gym. locks only deter lazy theives If someone wants your bike, they will take it.

👤The instructions for the Kryptonite Keeper don't explain how to mount the lock to the bike. I didn't know how to install the mounting hardware. The screws that came with the bike lock were so cheap that the openings for the screwdriver became useless. The quality of the bike lock is questionable due to the poor quality of the screws. I returned it. A bike lock should have mounting hardware that is of the highest quality.

👤When closing the lock, it becomes a problem. The lock needs to sit on the U in order for it to work. That alone isn't enough to close it. The key won't budge when I turn it. I have to pull the lock as if I'm going to remove it, but I only move it up a fraction of an inch, after this the key turns easily without applying pressure. The process is easier if I hold it from the side that has the brackets. If you're forcing the key, you're doing it wrong.

👤It would have been better to make this lock with one of the tines angle so that thieves wouldn't use a jack to break it. There is a The lock mechanism is difficult to use. My is. I'm pretty sure the manufacturer didn't deburr some of the components, so it has a hard time locking. There is a I was expecting a better quality lock. I would happily spend $20 more to get a better lock from a different brand.

2. Titanker Combination Shackle Secure Bracket

Titanker Combination Shackle Secure Bracket

The user manual for technical specifications can be found on this page. The U lock is heavy duty and has a steel cable. Lock length is 8.6 inches and width is 5.7 inches. The Titanker U lock is made of zinc alloy and covered with a 3.85mm coating. This 16mm bike Lock with a 4-foot flex cable and mounting brackets provides you with bike security in all areas to save money. The bike U lock combination is resistant and secure. The combination is covered by a dust cover. Quality PC material protects the lock from scratching and makes it look good. The bicycle lock is a U-lock and is a securer model. With a keyless design, you don't have to worry about the key being lost. Thieves can use a universal key to get into your lock if you have a 4-digit combination. Solid zinc alloy is used to make the 16mm heavy duty shackle and cylinder. It can resist cutting and leverage attacks. No bike lock is the most secure. Don't leave your bike locked outside for long periods of time. Especially in high crime areas.

Brand: Titanker

👤Don't buy this. My bike was gone when I found it smashed on the ground. It looks like someone smashed it with a rock in the middle of the day. It probably didn't take long. Attached is a picture. There is a The lock has an awkward design where once you set the combination you have to press a button on the inside of the lock which is not always accessible. It didn't last that long. It was a pity.

👤I think this lock is sleek. The dial is covered so it doesn't look like a lock. I like that you can open the dial with a click. The lock can be slid off the stem with a click. It was very fast and convenient. I had a key lock that was acting up with time. I bought this lock because it was cheap and came with a cord to secure the wheel. There is a I saw a review where a thief cracked the lock to get the bike. So. That is a major downside. If you have a bike with a jazzy design, use a chain lock. Don't leave your bike in a busy spot for hours. A thief is looking for nice bikes to sell. There is a My bike is not a pearl, so this lock is perfect for me. I'm pretty happy. To people trying to unlocks, you have to line up your numbers perfect. The alignment is sensitive. I would cover the a/b button with black tape if you set your code.

👤Woke up to a broken lock on the bike that was parked in front of the dorms. I thought this was one of the reliable locks, but not hard for thieves to break. Do not recommend.

👤I would give this a 0 star review. It seemed like it worked out well. I used this to keep my bike locked up. It was stolen when I got back. The lock can be broken. The pole was used to break the lock. $600 bike and at least $100 in accessories have been taken or broken.

👤I guess it works because my bike hasn't been stolen yet. I still have my bike because it's well made and I think the thieves do too. I would buy again.

👤The lock is small and light. The settable combo and the dust cover are my favorites. It seems like good quality. This is small, that's one caution. I don't know how to get it around a tire, frame, and a bike rack. I lock the frame to the rack in my bike cage at work and don't worry about the tires. I do not have quick release hubs, but I will do the same on the street. I use the cable with it for places where a thief would have some privacy. It is difficult to get around both tires and the U lock on my large men's frame, but it can be done. I put the cable through one tire and then through the other. The free loop has to go through the other tire and back to the U lock. There is a The bike frame attachment was easy to use.

3. Abus 540 USH Shackle U Locks

Abus 540 USH Shackle U Locks

Billions of bikes are stolen every year. Police statistics show that only a small percentage of cases are solved. It doesn't have to be like that, as ABUS covers the whole range of bike security devices with high-quality locks. ABUS has the right bike lock for every situation. Even the cleverest thieves can be stopped without costing you a lot.

Brand: Abus

👤There is proof in the pictures. Scumbags cut through my cables, barely scratching the ABUS. Thanks for making a bike lock aBUS!

👤If you lock one arm and not the other, the lock will be un-removable. I was on a crowded rack and thought this was impossible. I had to lock the lock without knowing if the arms were in it. I could not disengage the lock after it locked with one arm, the key was stuck in the lock and the lock remained locked. If you decide to purchase this lock, be careful to put the U in the lock, both ends, and be able to see it when you lock the bike up. Extreme unhappiness will occur if one end of the U is in and the other is out.

👤The Abus Granit X Plus 540 U Lock was mounted on the rear bar of my " Juiced" RCS E-bike, but the bolts on the mount brackets interfered with the lock sliding in, so I had to modify the mount brackets. The bolts were put in the way because I Counter sunk the hole just a tiny bit. The Abus 540 Plus X is probably the best U Lock on the market, but please be aware that it can be cut from a video in about 35 seconds with a portable grinder/cutter. Use more than one to slow the thieves down.

👤Even though I got a great lock, it's not a good one. Abus is a good quality and I have no problem with the workmanship. The Granit X Plus has a 230mm and 300mm shackles. The 300mm seems to be more popular than the 230mm. I wanted the 300mm version because my bike has some space between the downtube and the rear wheel. I wanted to make sure I had a lock that would fit this. I ordered this lock from the Amazon Global Store UK on February 5, 2020. On February 15, 2020 I received a damaged box with a small packing slip inside. I received standard text and e-mail messages that my lock had been delivered, but it wasn't an empty box. I was able to get a refund from Amazon. I ordered the lock again because I thought the odds of another accident would be low. I placed the order again from the same page, this time for the ABUS Granit X-plus 540 + USH Brkt 300mm LS Shackle U-Locks. I received an Abus lock, but it was not the 300mm shackle. I have to pay the postage on this because it is international. The policy states that they will give a 20% refunds for shipping when the product is received, but any excess needs to be sought from their customer service department. I might keep the lock if it fits my bike. I was disappointed that I waited so long to get the wrong product, which is difficult to return in the US compared to Amazon's domestic returns.

4. Kryptonite Kryptolok Standard Combo Bicycle

Kryptonite Kryptolok Standard Combo Bicycle

The 12mm hardened high grade carbon steel shackle resists hand tools. The dimensions are 4 x 8. Up to $1,750 Reimbursement for Anti-Theft Protection Offer. A 4-digit resettable combination. The high security design of the foot makes it easy to use. The anti-rattle bumpers reduce noise.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤I thought the lock was a great one, but it was cut down the center when my bike was stolen. I left it outside for 2 hours. They must have been able to do it quickly because there are usually students and faculty walking around.

👤They are prone to jamming and getting stuck even though the combination is correct because they don't have an emergency key. The sliding latch can pop off, preventing you from being able to open it without serious tools. My wife and I were on our bikes in the city over the weekend. You are stuck if you don't have an emergency key. A proof of purchase is required to open it. It was home, get tools, and back. I was able to open it with awl. The convenience of the combo, which is not getting stuck by losing a key, is not something that can be overlooked when it is more likely that the mechanism will jam and leave you stuck over 6 months. The U is too small to fit around a bike rack. Stay away from this model if you buy a long neck U-lock and one with a key.

👤I set all of the locks to the same combo. They all worked well until two of them refused to open. The bike had to be cut with an angle grinder. Some people have experienced the same problem. There is a The opening button is a joke. It's a tiny little nub, and requires a bit of force. The nub can pop off. The lock is toast if it does and it's broken or lost. The black numbers on the silver background make it hard to see them. It's hard to read at night and it's hard to read during the day. The numbers should have been white.

👤The first lock I bought was four years ago. I began to stick. There was some rust. I assumed that the rainy winter was not the fault of the alien race. I bought another lock a long time ago. It's barely two years pass. The small sliding part fell off. You can't open or lock the lock if you don't have this small part. I am thankful that my bike was not locked when it happened. I filled out a form on the website. The picture was attached by me. I received an email asking me to send a picture again so they can send me a new lock. I sent a picture to them. Again. They are giving me a new lock. I am happy that there is a warranty, but I don't like the quality.

👤I paid $36 for the combination of the rack and basket and now it is useless. I bought a lock four months ago. I attached it to my bike rack before I went for a ride, but when I tried to remove the lock, it wouldn't budge, completely jammed. I unlocked the combination 5 minutes ago to attach it to my bike. It won't come off now. I will have to cut the bike rack to remove the lock. August.

5. Schwinn U Steel Cable Bike Accessory

Schwinn U Steel Cable Bike Accessory

There are SPECIFICATIONS in this picture. The lock body is 1/2 in. The shackle is 2 in. The length is 1-5/8 in. width It's important to secure your bike to prevent theft. The steel U-lock is very strong and resistant to 10,000 cutting force. Extra 4 feet x 10mm double crimped cable is included. The U-lock and cable have a cover that is scratch free. There is no need to memorize a combination.

Brand: Schwinn

👤This is what Amazon said I bought: 6 foot/15mm cable. The lock is a Security Level 5 lock with only a 4 foot cable. There is no light to illuminate the lock. The mount on my bike made it difficult to slide the lock in and out. The security level 5 lock is only $20 and can't be beat. The flat part of the lock is made of plastic. I wonder if the locking mechanism can be defeated if the plastic is smashed. There is no bike lock that is perfect. I watched a video about how easy it is to break into locks. A standard cable lock is not as deterrent as a U-locks. It seems like over time the mounting brackets might break. I'm pretty happy with this purchase.

👤The locking mechanism is very simple and works well. I like the double cuts on the shackle. If only one end of the shackle is engaged with the locking pawl, the lock won't allow for enough rotation, so a thief would have to do two cuts. Good design. There is a The lock holder that mounts to the bike is very loose and rattles when you ride around, so you should get a new one. The shackle is 12mm thick and is at the very least case hardened. There is a I have 3 locks on my bike because I plan on keeping it for my time in college. cable locks are garbage and strength in numbers are things you should know about your bike.

👤I needed a new lock for my bike after it was stolen. The answer seemed to be this lock. It worked great the first time I used it. The lock on my bike wouldn't open when I tried a second time. I tried both keys. Very disappointing. The piece of junk is being returned.

👤After I fixed my bike's seatpost, I was happy to be able to use my lock holder. Guess what? The plastic holder was useless after a week. The weight of the lock it is supposed to hold cannot be handled by plastic. The rubber on the U-lock is cheap. I put the U-lock around the frame because I didn't have the holder. The rubber completely disappeared from the spot where it touches the frame after a month. The lock is rusty and the winter is half-way through. You can probably get something better for a couple more dollars.

6. AKM Lock 18mm Mounting Security Motorcycle

AKM Lock 18mm Mounting Security Motorcycle

If you have a problem after receiving the goods, please contact them. Within 24 hours, they will provide you with a solution. You get a full refund if you are not happy with it. Please add to cart now. There is serious security. The bike lock package contains a U lock, a cable, a mounting bracket, and two keys. The cable can lock more bikes. The AKM team makes locks that are high quality and safe. Provide security for your property. The weight is about the weight of 7 apples. Strong. The body of the anti-theft has double bow hitch and strong locking. High safety performance is achieved by double protection of Cable and U-lock. High quality. The lock's surface is made of paint that is friendly to the environment. It is non-toxic, odourless, and elegant to prevent injury to the bike. There are multiple functions. The bike lock is made of 12mm thick steel and has a diameter of 0.47inch. It is more convenient to expand the locking area for bicycles, motorcycles, baby carriages, Ladder, barbecue rack,doors,Lawn mower and windows. Dust cover and conveyor. The lock hole position has a dustproof cover and protects against rust and dust entry. It is easier to carry the lock with a 1.18inch mounting bracket. Dust cover and conveyor. The lock hole position has a dustproof cover and protects against rust and dust entry. It is easier to carry the lock with a 1.18inch mounting bracket.

Brand: Akm

👤I locked my bike at the community college and there was an attempt on stealing some of the bikes near the college but the thief completely ignored my bike due to this heavy duty lock and didn't touch it, my bike was the best of all around.

👤I have this to keep the electric kick scooter locked up. It works with some of the racks. There is a I don't know how to use the cable to deter thieves, but the U-lock works with the tall bike racks. It won't work for all scooters. -Change. Knocking a star off the U-lock itself cracking/splitting after the first use. The weather seal is compromised now, but it does not affect the use.

👤The Heavy Duty U lock is very strong and compact. The key mechanism is still working. I can put it in a backpack or over my handlebars. The cable is needed to secure my front wheel or rear rack. My bike is covered with metal components. This lock and brand is very good.

👤I used it for less than a month because the lock is jammed and doesn't work, but it was a sturdy buy. Don't buy and try to get a refund before the window ends. Don't spend your money and time.

👤This was a gift for a friend. He was happy. It's easy to lock and open locks. It was much more heavy duty than I anticipated.

👤I returned the item I ordered. It would work well, but it might be better for a heavy bike like an electric bike. It was too heavy for me to put it in place.

👤A heavy lock. The lock holder and cable are included. Also provided were 3 Velcro bands.

👤Two bikes are secured on my porch with one lock and a thick lock and long handle. I have had the lock for 1.5 years and it has weathered the elements well in North Texas. I was very pleased with the purchase and highly recommend it. Customer service was great, I lost a key and they replaced it.

7. DINOKA Combination Bicycle Mounting Mountain

DINOKA Combination Bicycle Mounting Mountain

The carrying bracket is for easy storage. The thief needs to break the bike lock on both sides at the same time to open it, which is safer than a single- opening. The lock cylinder of the bicycle is made of pure copper blades and has a precise structure to prevent various technologies from opening. The bike is equipped with two rust-proof copper keys and a complex snake-shaped slot, which is safer to use. The bike lock is made of hardened high- performance alloy steel, which can resist cutting and lever attacks, increased the sturdiness and durability of the lock, so The large U lock size is a bigger size than a 9.7in tablet or the magazine and is convenient to carry. Also, there is a mounting bracket that is suitable for all-round tripods with a diameter of . The Ulock bike lock comes with a double-loop steel cable which is coated with a protective material to give you a more secure method to lock your bike. The Ulock bike lock comes with a double-loop steel cable which is coated with a protective material to give you a more secure method to lock your bike.

Brand: Dinoka

👤This is a large lock. It's big enough to lock a drug dealer up in your basement. If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch the first season of the show. It is large enough to lock your bike frame and wheel.

👤26.8 ounces, 2 lbs. Before turning, make sure to insert the key fully. If it is only partially inserted, it will bend/break easily. It's soft and good for resisting corrosion. I bought this lock because it is a good fit for my bike frame to a bike rack, without much extra space that would be needed to break it. It weighs less than my larger one. It took 90 minutes with a Dremel to get one off of the lock I had. They had survived a week at the notorious stolen bikes store. There are a few sellers who are selling the same lock under different listings, at least they look the same and the keys have the same logo. There is a Extra keys are not available, and they seem to be different from each other, at least for the 3 that we have received.

👤My bike was jacked. It was my favorite bike. That is the reason I bought this lock. It is for my new bike. I don't like it as much. I might flip if that one is taken from me. The lock is strong. Nobody has taken from me yet. I only leave my bike out for a short time because I am terrified. I miss my bike.

👤I bought three U-locks for my sons. They are happy with their locks. It is easy to use. The bike mounting brackets are an added bonus. My son is very happy that it has a cool feature. The lock has good safety features. This U-lock is recommended by us.

👤The lock has no noticeable flaws and comes with a pair of keys. This is not the lock for those looking for a secure bike lock. If you already have a good lock, this is a great choice for you to have another lock for things like your front wheel or less important items. It does the job for the price. Don't expect this to stop the angle grinder. It comes with a carrying handle and the lock is coated with a Silicone lining to prevent it from scratching your bikes paint. I am satisfied with my purchase. These are just the first impressions, I haven't taken it out to the field for testing yet.

👤Someone tried to steal the bike and the lock held up. If you don't want your bike taken, recommend it to someone else.

👤The lock is small and decent. You can't lock your bike in a stop sign. It took some maneuvering for me to lock it up near my apartment.

👤I said that did not bring instruction. It looked as if it had been used before.

8. Titanker Shackle Bicycle Mounting Mountain

Titanker Shackle Bicycle Mounting Mountain

Product dimensions are 3/16” (5mm) cable diameter and 4' (120 cm) cable length. The product weight is 0.25 lbs. 0.11 lbs. Heavy duty bike locks are made of 13mm hardened steel and solid zinc alloy and 1.7mm PVC coating. It can resist the cutting and leverage attacks of the hand tool. The whole lock is covered with a quality material coating to keep it from scratching and looking dull. You can get a free mounting brackets for easy transportation. Please measure the diameter of your bike circular tube before placing an order for their brackets. Refer to their instructions to install the brackets. No worry about forgetting your password with keys design. You can get the security bike U lock, which comes with a steel cable and mounting brackets. You can get the security bike U lock, which comes with a steel cable and mounting brackets.

Brand: Titanker

👤The lock on the bike is garbage. I locked the bike up outside of Target and left for 5 minutes, but it was gone when I came back.

👤The reviews of the highest priced U locks have photos of them cut or broken, so no lock will save your bike from a dedicated thief. This one is easy to lock andunlock for me, and it feels very sturdy. I park at the beach. The little piece you can slide over is a great way to protect the keyhole. It would be awkward to stand and see through the U lock if I put the cable through both wheels and the U lock. I think most thieves would pick an easier target. I consider my Schwinn to be irreplaceable so fingers crossed this does the trick.

👤The lock mount works well. I secured it in a vertical position. It is very sturdy and not heavy. I own an ebike. I use a cable lock and a U lock. You deserve it if you can figure out how to steal my bike. The titanker's mount has been criticized. I think it's brilliant. The mount allows me to mount it where I don't have to worry about the clearance of the bike. Ingenious design. For 6 months, use it every day. There is no problem with lock or mount. If you have any problems with lock keys or mounts, I recommend using Dollar Tree lubricant every so often.

👤The mounting system is awful and the lock itself works fine. I bought this about five or six months ago and was immediately skeptical because it felt like I was about to break the mounting mechanism every time I removed the lock. The lock won't release properly if you don't press the red release lever all the way in, because it's tiny and tricky to do. It takes a fair amount of force to remove the lock. The mount doesn't stay in place on the bike even if you tighten the mounting bolts significantly. The mounting mechanism broke as I tried to remove the lock. The entire mechanism sheared in half after I tried to jimmy the lock free. I have a decent lock with the broken remains of a crappy bike mount stuck to it, but I have to figure out a way to break it off. The mount is terrible, and the lock is fine, but I wouldn't recommend this purchase. I changed it to: After I posted my review, Titanker contacted me and said they were looking into improving the design and would give me a partial refund. One star was added for good customer service.

👤It's just as good as a similar lock and more than half the price, and comes with a thick plastic coated cable so you can protect your seat and front wheel from being stolen at the same time. I've been cycling for exercise and transportation for 25 years and have learned from experience that if your bike is not locked or removed, it will get stolen at any time. I like the fact that this lock does not have a bend while locking on the other side, it slides straight in and out, making it so much easier to fit different bike rack styles in town. The key mechanism is very smooth, only takes a half turn, and has a slide over cover for the lock cylinder to avoid dirt and grit. I would buy again if I could, I can't go wrong with this price. There is an update. I had to mount the lock on the seat post to not hit my legs because the mounting hardware sticks out too far from the bike.

9. Kryptonite Kryptolok Shackle Bicycle FlexFrame U

Kryptonite Kryptolok Shackle Bicycle FlexFrame U

Performance steel shackle resists hand tools and attacks. The dimensions are 4 x 11.5. If you lose your first 2 keys, you will be able to get a free second one. Up to $1,750 Reimbursement for Anti-Theft Protection Offer.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤I will not buy a lock again. We will tell you why honestly. There is a The lock had a problem. The key would stick in the lock and it would be difficult to open it. I'm talking about being frustrated. Having to stand there for 30 seconds at a time trying to understand which position the key must be inserted into to lock or unlocked. The lock had more than one key. The same problem arose when I tried the other 2 keys. I called Kryptonite and asked them to give me the 2 extra complimentary keys that I was entitled to, and they did, but both of these keys had the same issue. I bought a replacement after putting up with the situation. Maybe it was the only lock, based on the reputation of the city. The second lock had the same problem. I continued to use this lock brand because I was unfamiliar with other brands. There is a The extra keys that came with the product and the other 2 keys that I ordered for free from Kryptonite got stuck in the key hole as well. There is a My bike was stolen in less than 5 minutes in front of a health food store. I locked my bike and went to the store to see if there was a muffin in stock. I turned around and left. The only thing left was the lock on the ground. It is only a short period of time to defeat the lock. I reported it to the police. I sent the information because of the warranty on the bike. I never heard back. There is a I will never deal with this company again. There is a I will never buy a lock from them. There is a I will never recommend one of their locks to anyone. There is a I bought a heavier duty U-Lock from another company that opens and closes the lock easily. Problem solved.

👤The lock is difficult to open as the key is difficult to get. There is a It is easy to stick off the frame and be huge. The lock was the same size. It's mount allowed me to mount my bike on the side of the frame and it stuck out by the width of the lock, which never got in the way of peddling. This one sticks out over 2 inches and gets in the way. It has to go inside the frame. You can't have a water bottle if it's vertically or horizontally. The silver mount clip on the lock ahead of the brackets has to be mounted so that you can slide it into place. It runs into most of the frame angle. The only way that a water bottle works is if you mount it horizontally and adjust the brackets so that the lock stick is at the front. Looks stupid. It works for most of the time. There is a I clip the lock on the first morning and head out on my hour ride to work. The lock slides out of its brackets and into my cranks and under the wheel after 10 minutes. After avoiding a wipeout on a road with traffic going by, I go back and get the lock. If you go with this lock, make sure it's locked in place because there is a stop that isn't quite locked in place. There is a The nylon strap is wrapped around the rubber band that holds the frame in place. The nylon is notoriously not light stable, so it's likely to fall apart in the next couple of years since it spends all day in a bike lot in the California sun. It vibrates when you are riding. Please, make a low profile bracket for this lock. This system makes your lock useless. I got a lock that fits on my bike and doesn't require me to wiggle the key like a lock pick after I sent this one back.

10. Kryptonite New U Fahgettaboudit Heavy Bicycle

Kryptonite New U Fahgettaboudit Heavy Bicycle

The technology is compact and versatile. The 18mm Hardended Max Performance Steel Shackle Resists Hand Tools. The dimensions are 25" x 6". If you lose your first 2 keys, you will be able to get a free second one. Reimbursement for 1 year is included in the anti-theft protection offer.

Brand: Kryptonite

👤Someone tried to steal my bike, so I beat them with my lock. It is durable.

👤If you didn't register your New York Fahgettaboudit lock within 15 days of purchase, you should start saving for a replacement bike. There is a A friend came back to find it gone after he met it in Chinatown. The policy of Kryptonite is tough. I understand legalities, but it's different when you can't stand by your product because it's 3 days beyond warranty registration deadlines which aren't even clear or broadcasted. There is a If you want a lock that does the job, I would suggest you look at the delivery guys in NYC. 100lb chains and quick reflexes.

👤After my lock broke down, the warranty department didn't respond to my emails for a couple of months, maybe they will see the negative review and finally respond.

👤The design of the keyhole cover is terrible. It's so flimsy that it arrived broken out of the box. There is no excuse for the design on this. The cover should be riveted to the metal and then sealed with a yellow covering. There is a They cheaped out so badly that two screws on the outside went through the yellow covering. They drilled two additional holes that expose the internal mechanism to water instead of just the keyhole. The problem is worse. The screws do not screw into the metal of the cylinder, but into a cheap piece of plastic. There is a This lock is more expensive than a child's toy, and they rig the plastic around the keyhole worse than a toy. This will let water in and cause the mechanism to rust. obsolescence is planned

👤I'm away from them and need to secure high dollar bicycle investments. I use different lock/chain/u-locks in order to maximize deterrence and slow down thieves the most. I realized that a determined thief will eventually defeat any security measure if given enough time. The Mini is in conjunction with a New York Disc Bike Lock. I use American Lock A700 and Master Lock 931 padlocks to secure my other bikes. The 25 year old bent-end Kryptonite long-shackle U-locks in my collection have been used to secure my extension ladders and utility boxes. The toughest U-lock in the world will be on my list of locks to acquire by the end of 2019. The Abus Granit Extreme is 59. Replacing the bikes will be worth it, even though it is pricey. A small investment may prevent a big expenditure in the future. Bike thieves, thanks for reading and for sharing your stories.

👤I've had a bike lock for a long time. I have never had my bike stolen while I ride around Brooklyn or Manhattan. A few years ago, I found the lock and steel completely unaffected, even though the rubber casing had been cut open. The thief was stopped. Thought it was expensive. It costs me about $8 each year for it, and it shows no sign of slowing down.

11. Bicycle Combination Security Mounting Motorcycle

Bicycle Combination Security Mounting Motorcycle

The bike U lock is made of high quality alloy steel and Silicone cover, which are both eco-friendly. It will make your bike safer. The cover of your lock is made of silicone to resist dust and dirt. The bicycle lock will protect your bike from scratching. The bike U-lock with 4ft steel loop cable can give you greater locking flexibility and better protection. Steel cable has greater locking flexibility. You can secure your bike, motocycle, and other items. The mountain bike locks have a zinc alloy lock core and a complex key slot which are designed to prevent technical opening. The bike lock has 2 pure copper keys, which will be more safe and you will never have to worry about losing one. The U-lock is light enough to carry around and heavy enough to keep your bike safe. It's 7.6in wide and 5.1in deep. The mount is suitable for all circular tripods in diameter 30mm. You can put it in your backpack or mount it on the frame of your bike with the portable size and mounting brackets. Installation and convenience are what you get with their high-quality mounting brackets. You can take and store your bike lock quickly with this easy installation. Installation and convenience are what you get with their high-quality mounting brackets. You can take and store your bike lock quickly with this easy installation.

Brand: Kastewill

👤I ordered both locks to check out because this lock looks similar to another lock that sells here for $10 more. The lock has plastic inside and failed when I tried to mimic a bike theft method. I heard the sound of plastic cracking and then the side of the lock that was held by the lock was no longer being held by the lock. This is the reason it's cheaper than the other one. If you want to avoid this model, you should buy a lock from the Blackburn U range, they are well built and inexpensive. If you want a lock that's really secure, but less expensive than the fancy ones from New York, you can get a OnGuard brand 8112 Mini U-lock. The lock mechanism is rugged and secure and it's very well made. Good luck.

👤The product works well given the cost. If you're looking for the absolute best product that works the best for the given application, you don't need to look at this bike lock. You are most likely looking for a U-Lock and were attracted by the price. If you can live with the negatives, it is a candidate for purchase. If you ride with the most pristine form of the lock, you could potentially catch your skin on the lock if you are more person or if you don't ride with the most pristine form. The bar is more sturdy than a chain lock, but if someone is determined to take your bike, it's still doable through the lock. The fitting of the attachment to mount the lock on the bike is plastic and can work with a small range of diameters, so check your bike for applicable locations before purchase. The lock is held on with screws and nuts and elastic around the shaft and rubber piece to add grip, since it will be easy to get a tighter connection. This is held together by the two screws and nuts and I see it as a critical point of failure given the wear and tear on it. The inner diameter of the U part of the lock is small so it won't fit around a lot of poles, which is noteworthy in purchase consideration. The product is satisfactory and meets the basic needs of a U-lock.

👤This lock is heavy duty. It can also be used to secure other things. The lock is sturdy and well constructed. It is coated with a glossy cover which makes it resistant to scratches. There is a The cable is made of steel and strong. There is a They give you 2 keys, which is great since I misplace my keys all the time. There is a The lock/key set seems like a normal set and mechanism. There is a It is a good investment to have the peace of mind that the bike won't be stolen when you return.

👤This lock is very good. I thought it was small, but it fits in my bike pouch. The cable allows you to secure your bike to trees and poles. I can go with confidence that my bike is safe and secure because it easily locks my quick release front tire to the rear. When you get this lock, you will not be sorry.


What is the best product for bicycle u lock combination?

Bicycle u lock combination products from Kryptonite. In this article about bicycle u lock combination you can see why people choose the product. Titanker and Abus are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle u lock combination.

What are the best brands for bicycle u lock combination?

Kryptonite, Titanker and Abus are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle u lock combination. Find the detail in this article. Schwinn, Akm and Dinoka are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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