Best Bicycle Trailer Hitch Adapter

Trailer 20 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. MaxxHaul 50027 Hitch Platform 2 Bike

MaxxHaul 50027 Hitch Platform 2 Bike

Allen's warranty doesn't cover third-party sellers. The hooks are foam-padded and do not scratch the bike's finish. Hooks and tire cradles are used to fit most bikes frames. The post can be removed quickly. Bike tire cradles can be adjusted along horizontal bars using quick knobs for convenience. Steel. Class III and IV standard hitch receivers are compatible. 80 lbs maximum capacity or 40 lbs per bike Universal Fit is the type of fit. There is a patent pending. ROLL DOWN AND BROWSE THE A+ PAGES FOR MORE INFORMATION. Quick hitch pins assist in accommodating different size bike frames for safe and reliable transport. Universal Fit is the type of fit. There is a patent pending. ROLL DOWN AND BROWSE THE A+ PAGES FOR MORE INFORMATION. Quick hitch pins assist in accommodating different size bike frames for safe and reliable transport.

Brand: Maxxhaul

👤The product was in good condition. Over the years, we've had several bike racks. The type that hangs your bike from the cross bar is all of them. There are only two frames we have to transport. The female bike was a pain with the extra bar. Not any more. We love this rack. It took about 15 minutes to get it together. It works well in our 2 inch receiver and is stable. They said it was rock solid when I used the clamps. The bikes are super secure and easy to load. Going down the freeway. Awesome. The name brand units are a great price if you check them out. The quality is very good. Highly recommend this product.

👤You can tell by the weight of the box that it is a large hunk of metal. Do not be deterred by the posts that say "too many parts" or that it's too confusing. The average person can figure this out in 20 minutes if they have pictures and instructions. There is a You will want to use the hitch lock piece. It is a deterrent to theft as someone will need a deep sockets or inc wrench before they can remove the carrier, and it keeps the carrier rock solid in the receiver. It will take more work to get your bikes to fit without touching each other. The bikes are reversed in the photos that come with the carrier. I couldn't make this work because the handlebars on one bike made contact with the seat on the other. There is a I have two bikes facing the same direction and the carrier works great. Everything was safe and sound because of a high speed run down the freeway and a drive all over Houston's crappy streets. The red arrow should be noted. As with all bike carriers, it is important that you put some kind of material between the bike and the carrier, as movement and vibration can wear paint.

👤I was worried about the price and the fact that it had no reviews, but it was easy to put together and it fits on the back of my jeep wrangler with the spare tire.

👤I read reviews. Know when I do... I took out the 5 stars. They have to own the company or stock. One star can't even see the pictures and this is easy to assemble. Period. I saw a lot of things. The husband and wife team. It's funny. Repacked and sent it back? You sent the bike rack back. Not a bolt or washer to assemble! The rubber tire straps would be difficult to push over the steel peg. The instructions were terrible. Agree! Take a look at the parts picture. It is easy if you use common sense. I adjusted the bike by shaking it. It is going to your destination. Oh yes... No common sense people... There is no off loading your bike pics. The bottom line. I look forward to my first trip with my bikes because of the inexpensive, sturdy, easy to assemble bike rack. The bike rack is very EXPENSIVE but at a fraction of the cost of a bike shop rack. Those of you that can't figure it out will get totally assembled bike racks. There are bike shops waiting for you. Enjoy your travels with your bikes.

2. Hollywood Racks HR1400 Platform Receiver

Hollywood Racks HR1400 Platform Receiver

Max weight is up to 60 lbs. Product pictures for this item's dimensions. The weight is 85 lbs. The weight limit is 50 lbs. Max bike length is 60” (72” long wheelbase kits available, not included) and the hitch size is 2” only. Includes locking hitch pin with 8' security cable to prevent rack sway and locking frame hooks to deter theft. Features patented. You can fold the rack flat against the car or tilt it down for easy cargo door access with the No Wobble-No Tools" hitch tightening system. Any trailer, fifth wheel or towed vehicle has a slight side to side motion that's very low Frequency and that fatigues the steel from which the rack are manufactured.

Brand: Hollywood Racks

👤I spent a lot of time trying to locate a bike rack that would hold four adult bikes and not a hanging version. The cost of most high-end rack is between $900 and $1,000. My kids are getting older and their bikes are now larger, so I purchased this one to replace a Thule 4-bike rack system that I purchased four years ago. This is an amazing rack. The instructions that were sent with the project are not that good, and there is a video on the Amazon site that shows how to put it together. It took me 35 minutes to have it operational. The bike rack is very sturdy and can be adjusted so that it doesn't sway or jiggle. You are not doing it correctly if it does. There are two more The PINS are attached to the rack by strings, so you don't lose anything. You know where PINS should go. Four bikes can be loaded in less than four minutes. I didn't like it. It is difficult to adjust the sliding cradles, but once you have them set for your four bikes, it is all good. There are two more You have to take off the sliding hooks to unload and load. Buy this over higher end products if you save $500 to $600.

👤The bike rack looks sturdy. The first time we went to a park, the clip that you use to tilt the rack down was not used. As we entered the highway, we were terrified. We pulled over and made sure the clip was fully engaged. It tilted again a minute later. We are driving back home and stopping every few minutes to get the bikes back up. We are not sure if this is a design flaw or a defect, but we wanted to flag.

👤We still love it after 3-4 years of owning it. We can take the kids as well with the bike attachment. I traveled from North-Central Indiana up into Michigan, down to Southern Indiana, and over to Central Ohio with 2 bike and 4 bike set ups many times. The bikes don't move. If you want to press into suspension as you tighten down, you're set. A thief will cut the lock cable if it's not secured, but it'll take some doing. It can be folded up if you need it for hatch opening on our SUV, or it can be adjusted out of the way so careless drivers don't wipe it off the rear of your vehicle. Fast on; fast off; flexible. You need some room to store it when it's off the vehicle.

3. Swagman Current Approved Bike Rack

Swagman Current Approved Bike Rack

The bike was approved. The current hitch mount bike rack is designed for all types of bikes, including fat bikes. Set up in minutes following instructions. Load your bike and you are ready to go! CONVENIENT: The rack can be moved away from the vehicle for easy access. The rack folds up against the back of the vehicle for easy access to the trunk. It'sTILE: It's compatible with Class 2 or higher and can easily transport up to 2 bikes. It fits most frame sizes, shapes and styles. The maximum weight capacity is 60 Ibs. per bike. It's free of charge to protect your bikes with locking hitch pin and locking ratchet hooks. It's free of charge to protect your bikes with locking hitch pin and locking ratchet hooks.

Brand: Swagman

👤I bought this to haul my bike around on my jeep. I had less than 100 miles with it on my jeep before one of the cheap plastic straps meant to hold the tires in place broke, and my brand new bike popped loose, fell behind my jeep and was dragged until I could pull over. The rear tire was held in place with a locking cable. I ripped a hole in the side of the tire. I know my way around tools. I drove it less than 100 miles from the time the rack was mounted on my jeep, all on paved streets in my area. My travels have been limited to short local drives for the last few months. My point was that this rack wasn't taken off the road. It held a single bike for just over a week and a half before the strap broke and it bounced my brand new mongoose fat tire bike off of the road. I was very disappointed all the way around. There is a The back gate of a jeep is blocked by this rack, it's a note for jeep owners. It folds out of the way, which is pretty cool if you drive a Subaru Forrester. It makes your rear gate functionally inaccessible if you have a trailer hitch mount on a jeep.

👤I needed a rack that would fit the top tube of my commuter bike, so I was looking for a platform type bike rack. I wanted a rack that folded up against the car and a rack that tilted down when the bikes were loaded to access the back hatch of my car. I needed a rack that would fit my car's receiver but also my van's, and the Current had all of these features. I have had the rack for a couple of months and so far no problems, the entire rack is made from steel and the only plastic bits are the release levers and the ratchets for the top tube hooks. The lock on the rack can be operated with one key, as well as a cable lock and a locking receiver pin. There is a The wheel trays are shaped to fit both fat tire and road bikes equally well and the bikes are rock solid when mounted with no rattling or shaking. I tried another rack that secured the bikes by applying the front tire, but it didn't work and the bikes seemed to wobble while driving. This rack was the best I had tried, as most platform racks were twice the price for these features. The only negatives I have is that it is a bit rattling when the rack is empty, but I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a platform rack that doesn't cost a lot.

4. IKURAM 4 Bike Bicycle Foldable Receiver

IKURAM 4 Bike Bicycle Foldable Receiver

Universal Fit is the type of fit. There is a patent pending. ROLL DOWN AND BROWSE THE A+ PAGES FOR MORE INFORMATION. Quick hitch pins assist in accommodating different size bike frames for safe and reliable transport. The bike hitch rack is made of all steel and has a protective powder paint finish. The dual-arm bike carrier rack is more stable and easily accommodates up to 4 bikes. Convenient access to the rear of the vehicle with tilt-down feature. The easy fold-down Arms are great for transporting and storing bikes that are not in use. IKURAM Lifetime Warranty is backed by it. IKURAM bike carrier racks are backed by professional consulting services. For more information, please visit the IKURAM web site.

Brand: Ikuram

👤We needed a bike rack to get into mountain biking. The features that I have not seen before make this rack convenient to use. There is a Most of the metal was very thick and heavy duty. Sturdy and strong. The free hitch stabilizer means very little wiggle. When not in use, folds compactly. The tailgate can be adjusted to open without bikes. There is a There are rubber latches for attaching bikes. A very good deal. There is a The rubber is a bit stiff at first, but becomes easier to work with after a few uses.

👤Assembly was easy. The product is well made. We took four bikes on a trip and drove over 600 miles. The bikes weigh 95 lbs. This is rated at 140. There is a ThePivot function to utilize tailgate is nice and works as designed, the straps are easy to use, and it came with an extra replacement strap. The arms seemed to be too short. The brackets for the last bike were very close to the end of the tubes, meaning bikes were crowded on each other. If you care about the finish of your bikes, you should probably use tape or something similar to protect them from rubbing. The loop for the pivot pin retaining wire came loose after a few uses. See the photo. This was being used in a normal way. This shows a rush in the manufacturing process. It's easy to crimp this. I am confident I can fix it with a pair of pliers in about 10 seconds, but it was a small annoyance after so little use. It doesn't make the product non-functional as a bike rack. Attaching the bike rack to the hitch receiver requires a nut and bolt. There was not enough room for the bolt head to be tightened. I don't think most people will install a bike rack to their hitch, so a hitch pin is more appropriate and should be supplied. I bought a locking hitch pin. It's harder for someone to remove the rack. I was always aware of it when we went over speed bumps and rough roads with this type of rack. It was difficult to tell if there was flex in the rack or if it was just moving with the vehicle. I checked the welds when we got home. There is a This is a good product.

👤The entire top section bent downward when I traveled 65 miles. After several weeks, the company sent me a new top section. I took a 23 mile trip and the top broke, the rubber straps broke at 65 miles an hour, and the green wheels were smashed all over the interstate. If you don't have money to spend, don't buy this company. If you have to, throw the bills out the window so the people following you don't kill the family. I will never buy anything from this brand again. I don't want a free replacement, I threw it in the scrap metal pile. Trash is dangerous. The company contacted me and gave me a full refund after reading my review. The strings were attached to the bottom line. They sent me something and I copy and pasted it. There is a Jody, I'm here. Thanks for your reply, please check it in your account, I have full refunds for you. Can you help me revise your review? This is important for our store and I need your help. We will keep improving the product quality. I am so sorry for the situation again. This was next after the revised review. There is a Jody, I'm here. Sorry to bother you. Is it possible to change the review star to 4 or 5 stars? This is very important for our store and I would like to not talk about the refund or revise the review content. There is a I need your help. Thanks in advance. They need to pay for my son's bike. Guess what no more responses from them will be. You are the judge.

5. Swagman Cross Country 2 Bike 2 Inch Receiver

Swagman Cross Country 2 Bike 2 Inch Receiver

It only takes a few minutes to assemble and the upright ratchet arms can be adjusted to different bike frame sizes. Keeps your bike stable. Sturdy design includes a built in anti-wobble hitch device. You can save yourself space. You can conveniently store it when it folds in to a compact mode. It'sTILE: It's compatible with 1-1/4" and 2-inch receiver Hitch. The maximum weight capacity is 35 Ibs per bike. There are separate accessory sales. The fat tire wheel trays have a Locking Hitch Pin or Security Cable.

Brand: Swagman

👤I bought this rack 4 years ago. This is a capable and reliable carrier. It is light and well made. It looks like the picture. I won't be able to add anything new to the reviews, but I will give you better pictures so that you can make your own decision on the construction. I still use a strap to hold the wheels to the metal loops, even though I think it will probably not go anywhere once the top tube is pulled down. I only use the rack for one bike and it only weighs 21 pounds. It's easy to carry in one hand when it's not on the car.

👤I just bought this and broke it during assembly. I am hopeful that the company will replace the broken parts because the instructions were not clear and I used a magnifying glass to see them. If you purchase this, I've learned 3 things you might find helpful. The set screw on the 2" sleeve is difficult to remove, as well as several other reviewers. I needed a small pipe to slip over the allen wrench to turn it. The instructions don't say where the various washers and lock washers go. The lock washers go on the two large set screws, the 4 flat washers go on the quick adjust knobs, and the other washers go on the two large set screws. Match them up with the right size screws. If the "quick adjust" does not tighten easily, do not turn harder as that will strip them. They will tighten easily if you switch them to the other side of the tire holder rack. I stripped 2 of the quick change knobs before figuring out my mistake. I hope he replaces them.

👤Just returned from the road trip and had a vintage Schwinn Hollywood women's bike. I bought a cross-bar accessory for the bike so that the hook on the rack could be tightened. I used straps on both wheels, but I don't think that's necessary, the bike rode solid as a rock. I think you're doing something wrong if your bike falls off the rack. I'm going to take this rack on a 4,000 mile road trip and will update this review after I'm sure there are no issues. I can't see how there will be problems with it. The assembly instructions are so bad that I'm going with four stars. If step 1 is meaningless, you're going to have trouble putting this together. If yours comes like mine, you will also have left-over parts. I called the helpful customer service people in Canada to make sure I had it right after figuring out where they should go. There is a You will probably have 4 washers. The sliding wheel trays are locked down by those under the knobs. When you put them on, they won't be left over. There is a You are likely to have two lock washers. The factory left the upright arm and the two side arms off if yours comes with them. The two nuts hold the two bolts on the brackets. You will have to disassemble and reassemble them. Make sure to get the bike back together if you want to avoid the risk of dumping it on the road.

6. Stromberg Carlson CC 125 Cargo Adapter

Stromberg Carlson CC 125 Cargo Adapter

You can order now and pay free. They can provide a LIFETIME WARRANTY because they're so confident in their product quality. Adapts your Caddy into a carrier. Accommodates tire lengths up to 2.25 inches. Four wheel brackets, applicable hardware, and two tie down straps are included. Each bike has a custom fit for tire holders. Each bike has a custom fit for tire holders.

Brand: Stromberg Carlson

👤Product is sturdy enough to hold the heaviest of bicycles. It is easy to install. The paint has held up to scratches, rain and road rash. There is a I would have rated the product higher for its strength if thewashers were useful. The useless washers they send in the kit should be thrown away. They are worthless because they bend easily. The bikes will flip down the interstate if the washers pull through expanded metal. The second step is to find a cheap metal plate that is 1/16 inch thick. Cut at 4.5 inches minimum and drill a 7/16 inch hole for each piece. To avoid rust, clean and paint. You have something that will work with expanded metal. This issue needs to be fixed by the manufacturer. It would cost about a dollar more per kit to make these, but people would still buy them. For the additional hard work of making the rectangular washers, drink a Bourbon. The installation should be done according to the manufacturer's instructions. I made sure to place the outside rectangular washers under the rack frame to provide more support. If you hit a potholes, you'll be able to support your bikes with the poorly welded camper rack. I hope the review was helpful. Brian.

👤The first photo shows how these work. The rack needs to be bolted to the wire mesh. It is held in place by compression. It was wobbly after I did all four and added bikes. I loosened the nuts and the rack fell off. Not good! The second photo shows the modification I made. I bought a piece of flat steel at Home Depot for about 15 dollars. I bought HDG bolts, nuts and washers. This thing is tight after all were installed. Very strong. I feel good driving with them. The straps are rock solid and I use them. I wouldn't use this without modifying it. If the thin wire mesh breaks, bye bye bikes and probably a lawsuit.

👤If you don't want to buy a bike rack separately, this is a great option. I mounted the wheel guides differently because the rack folds up and I already had it. The wheel guides are on the outside of the rack. The rack can be folded up when not in use and the wheel guides won't hit my car. I can use most of the rack without removing the wheel guides. You use care when tying the bikes down. Put a tie down across the middle bar of the bike and put one to the short side to keep the bike stable.

7. Vibrelli Electric Bike Hitch Rack

Vibrelli Electric Bike Hitch Rack

No more special adapter is needed for your equipment from now on, it can be tied with a Silicone strap, and there is a Lifetime warranty. Two bikes weighing 65 lbs are held by Ebike compatible. The V70 Hitch Rack is for fat tire bikes. The tow hitch receiver is compatible with SUVs and cars. Not for use on Class B vehicles. The easy tilt down and fold up feature allows for easy trunk access and also folds up out of the way when not in use. The Universal Wheel Cradle can fit bike tires up to 5” wide. The straps hold the wheels in place. Triple Lock Security is a way to keep your bikes safe. Feel confident with your cargo with the safety strap. The Anti-Wobble Hitch is a patented invention. Enjoy a smooth journey! It is important. Not for use on vehicles with less than 12 Inches from the bottom of the hitch receiver. The 10-year manufacturers warranty against manufacturing defects is part of the Ironclad Warranty. The 10-year manufacturers warranty against manufacturing defects is part of the Ironclad Warranty.

Brand: Vibrelli

👤There are a lot of great features on this rack. There are security features that lock the rack to your car and lock the bikes to the rack. Everything can be changed. I was able to get the bikes to fit together without touching them. It looks great when you fold it up against the car.

👤I have spent over $500 on Yakima and Thule rack and I use them 3-4 times a week. I decided to give the rack a try because I was impressed by the wall mount from the Vibrelli. It arrived on Thursday and I was impressed with the quality and features that I had 2 bikes on the back, each worth more than my car, doing a 300 mile drive for a weekend of riding and racing with friends. I put this thing through hell this weekend and it is now my primary rack. No problem with fat tires. No problem with rough fire roads. I-95 and 85 MPH, no problem, last minute repairs to your rig before go time, no problem. I only had to use the dropper on one of the 2 MTBs. This thing is solid. It's easy. It took about 20 minutes to assemble, with good instructions and quality materials. I would recommend putting your money in the bike. Unless you have a brand name piece of jewelry hanging off the back of your vehicle. I will be posting a video soon.

👤I replaced my roof-mounted bike rack with a hitch-mounted one and I am very happy. Overall quality is great. The instructions and how-to video made assembling the rack easy. My fat tire bike and road bike fit on the rack. You can access the truck with a press of the foot. The included cable lock and rubber pads are some of the things that really impressed me. Cyclists designed this. Would definitely recommend.

👤It took me a couple of days to figure out what type of bike rack I wanted. I looked at price, brands, reviews, aesthetic design, weight, and features. The features of the most recent and expensive ones were all present in the bike rack that I came across. I was not sure if it had only one review. It was put into the market recently. I think it's perfect for my needs, especially the aesthetic ones, there are some expensive racks that look bad when you leave them on, and they might obstruct the license plate and rear camera view. The 2 bike tray style rack was very nice. The parts and finish of the product look very good and the price is fair, as a Quality Manager I can tell. Positive reviews will start to show up soon, as it will soon be one of the most popular bike racks.

👤Wow. I'm new to the bike rack market. My wife has a 15lb rock Hopper and I have a 60lb ebike. We're going to get another ebike soon. A Kuat or Thule is just so expensive, because we just installed a hitch on our outback. I understand. They're very nice. Then I came across a book. I'm very happy. It is incredibly sturdy. It was easy to use. For me. There are multiple locking features, sold to me. You can save a few hundred dollars and support a good cause. I bet you will also love this rack.

8. Sikawai Connector Couplers Attachments Carriers

Sikawai Connector Couplers Attachments Carriers

It is designed to replace Part # 25-SA75. The models were made after 11 February 2016 All-in-Precise Set bike trailer Couple has flatr, washer, and locking pin. The Bike Trailer Coupler is compatible with Instep and Schwinn trailers. The bike trailer coupler attachment is easy to install, just put the pin on and fix the bike with a screw nut. The pin will not fall off once you install them. The bike trailer hitch attachment is made from heavy duty iron material and has a black coating. They will make your satisfaction their top priority and provide a 90-day return and exchange policy. If you have a question, please contact them, they will try to solve it.

Brand: Sikawai

👤Buen adaptador para el carro.

👤The sturdy grandson loves to ride with me.

👤The Instep trailer parts were replaced. Works well!

9. LAJIAOZ Connector Accessories Attachment Trailers

LAJIAOZ Connector Accessories Attachment Trailers

China is the Country of Organization. The bike trailer hitch attachment is made of quality steel with black coating, durable and sturdy, equipped with precision welding technology, can bear heavy duty. It fits almost all bike and trailers. Before you buy a trailer, make sure it fits, the pins on the trailer's connect pin can't be opened, they will fall off once you install them. An additional tow bar attachment means you can have multiple bikes that can be used to tow your kids, cargo or pet trailers. Attaches to the bicycle at the rear of the vehicle with a nut, and the bike trailer has a connect pin. They will reply within 24 hours if there is anything missing or broken.

Brand: Lajiaoz

👤I used an angle grinder to make it fit, it seems like a solid product, not compatible with the trailer I bought them for. None of the descriptions can tell you which trailers they will fit on.

👤Good price and good quality. They were the wrong size for my trailer, so I had to return.

👤The trailer holes are different from the holes in the house. I have to drill them. It looks like this will be a problem for a long time since the metal gets wider after the connection point.

👤Works as advertised.

👤The product was great and works just as it was described.

👤My daughter can be pulled with different bikes.

👤Justo lo, requeria.

👤The Allen sport bike does not fit. It is too long for all sport trailers.

10. Tyger Auto TG RK4B102B Receiver Protector

Tyger Auto TG RK4B102B Receiver Protector

Allen's warranty doesn't cover third-party sellers. All types of dual-arm bikes are compatible with this accessory. Please check the listing picture for any exemptions. A sturdy and handy construction with 4 bike capacity. The buckles are easy to use. A cable lock, hitch lock, and security strap are included. Black color E-Coating is used for rust resistance. Convenient vehicle access with tilt down feature and foldable carry arms. The cradles and protection pads are designed to protect your bike frames. Installation is easy. There is a package with instructions included. Also, note: Safety straps must be installed to keep bikes stable. Any damage or accident that results will not be covered by warranty. TYGER No-Hassle Lifetime Warranty for US customers! TYGER No-Hassle Lifetime Warranty for US customers!

Brand: Tyger Auto

👤The rack is moving. The top fork folds down to make it easier to open a car. Both of these are secured by a long bolt and a nylon insert. There is no pin or clip. On our way back from vacation, the lower bolt vibrated out and the rack tipped down, dragging our bikes on the road. The front wheels on two of our bikes were destroyed by the tip-stop. Kids bikes were too small to reach the ground. We were in the middle of the bay bridge when it happened and we could not stop, which created emotional stress. Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play? I'm pretty happy with this thing. I will use it, but I will secure the bolts. It's easy to do, and I did it for the rest of the ride. I ran zip-ties through the holes in the knobs to prevent them from turning. I think clothes-hanger wire would work. If you buy or own this rack, I recommend you do something similar. The included straps were used, and despite all of the abuse, everything stayed firmly attached to the rack.

👤We decided to purchase this rack as we liked the appearance and reviews and were not going to spend a lot of money on a different rack. We're very happy with our decision a month in. The hitch lock, and straps are included, and the rack is rock solid, the clasps hold bikes firmly in place, and the hitch attachment is solid metal. We took two bikes from Virginia to Ohio and they didn't move an inch. I was somewhat concerned that there was no quick release to lower the rack so you could open the hatch quickly, but I disagree with that assessment. It's true that you have to remove it, but it takes 30 seconds and there is a plastic knob for the job. The advantage to this is that the screws make sure the rack doesn't jiggle. All in a great deal!

👤The straps that hold the pins and bikes are made of cheap plastic and break at installation. There is a If you have a hide-a-hitch, the receiver may not work. If you want to return it, you will have to pay return shipping and you won't get your money back. I tried contacting customer service, but they said the transaction was complete because I got it at Amazon. Do not purchase this piece from this company.

11. Attachment Replacement Connector Compatible Trailers

Attachment Replacement Connector Compatible Trailers

If you received a faulty item, please contact qkurt, they will always give you a hassle free return. qkurt shop has more bike tools. Please add it to the cart if you need it. You will get two sets of bicycle trailer hitch coupler, each set accounts for 2 tools, enough to meet your daily needs or share with family or friends. The bike attachment is universal and compatible with most bicycles and children trailers, but not Breezer style dropouts. The bike trailer hitch is made of quality steel, which is sturdy and firm, not easy to bend, and it is durable for a long time. With their bike attachment, you can pick up your son or daughter as well as pets by bicycle and enjoy this fast interaction, and have a good time by riding together. You can carry the bike attachment in your bag for outdoor activities, connect your kids trailer with your bike, and mount it on your bike.

Brand: Boao

👤I used these to attach a flyer to my bike for some dangerous fun with the kids. It works, but you can't make right turns. I'll probably add a curve to my tow bar, but I can't really expect to go around curves quickly. It works for me.

👤If you want to attach a burley trailer to more than one bike, you should buy this. That was us. It works. Leaving this on a bike makes it easy to switch between bikes. Since pulling the trailer is a lot of work, trading off makes bike rides more enjoyable. We can have up to three bikes ready to haul the trailer since the kit includes two and the trailer only has one.

👤It was easy to add in and work with the conversion kit. It took 3 minutes to install this. I should have done this a long time ago.

👤It's a good replacement for my trailer. My original hitch was made of aluminum and may need a longer one.

👤The thickness of the material was enough for these to fit.

👤It works great with this combination.

👤The parts are easy to install and work.

👤A great product for bikes.

👤The burley branded ones are expensive, but this works perfectly for our burley d'lite trailer to be hitched to the back of the bike.

👤Just what they say they are, and work well for all that.

👤"Anhngerkuplung" ist damit der Adapter passt. Haben ist ungefhr 400 km damit gefahren.

👤Sehr gutes Ersatzteil. Passt problemlos und beide Rder bestcken.

👤Es passt leider, die Anhnger ist.


What is the best product for bicycle trailer hitch adapter?

Bicycle trailer hitch adapter products from Maxxhaul. In this article about bicycle trailer hitch adapter you can see why people choose the product. Hollywood Racks and Swagman are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle trailer hitch adapter.

What are the best brands for bicycle trailer hitch adapter?

Maxxhaul, Hollywood Racks and Swagman are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle trailer hitch adapter. Find the detail in this article. Ikuram, Stromberg Carlson and Vibrelli are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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