Best Bicycle Trailer Coupler

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1. 2 Pack Baby Bike Trailer Hitch

2 Pack Baby Bike Trailer Hitch

It is compatible with the current nomad. The Instep bike trailer is compatible with the Instep bike trailer. The 2-pack bicycle trailer hitch pin is designed for a wide range of bicycle carriers, trailer sizes, models and styles. The bicycle trailer attachment comes with everything you need for a quick and easy installation. The bike trailer brackets are wide compatible and act as stabilizers and woks on a variety of hitches. The support is compatible with Instep and Schwinn trailers. It is designed to replace Part # 25-SA75. The trailer coupler pin is made of black, power coated STAINLESS steel which is strong, durable, and won't rust or corrode when placed outside for longer periods. The bike trailer attachment gives you peace of mind that your child is safe. It is easy to install a child bike trailer for your dog or child, making it more convenient when you are out. The bike hitch trailer makes it easy to get the family out on a bike ride. Purchase with confidence and add to cart now. They provide a 6 month product warranty for the instep bike trailer parts. It is designed to replace Part # 25-SA75. The models were made after 11 February 2016

Brand: Evo Dyne

👤Adding attachment to other bikes made it easier for people to use the Schwinn trailer.

👤It's perfect for my dog who had a stroke. He likes riding with me.

👤Having a spare to leave on wife's bike is a big help. You can switch the trailer between bikes at any time. If there are flats, hang back and get the kid home. This is a victory.

👤Just what I needed. We can hitch each bike up.

2. QKURT Trailer Connector Attachment Trailers

QKURT Trailer Connector Attachment Trailers

Do not buy this if you think it will fit your trailer. The bike trailer hitch attachment is made from heavy duty iron material and it is hard to damage. Please be sure to check the size and type of the couplers before buying. The embedded part has a shaft diameter of 0.58 in, a hole diameter of 0.27 in, and a length of 0.76 in. The screw nut is 0.87 in and the fixing hole is 0.4 in. The connect pins on the bike trailer are hard to open, and they will not easily fall off if you install them up. The package comes with 2 packs of bike trailer coupler sets, which can be used for both mom and dad's bikes. When your kids are tired of riding, you can tie him next to your bike. If you received a faulty item, please contact qkurt, they will always give you a hassle free return. qkurt shop has more bike tools. Please add it to the cart if you need it.

Brand: Qkurt

👤The product was good but didn't work for Allen Sport.

👤This won't fit unless you have time and a drill press. 30 minutes later, I had two bikes ready to pull my kid trailer.

👤It works well but is a little snug when added to a trailer. It works great to get it on there.

👤I had to make a larger trailer reciever hole and make a locking tab to keep it from floating.

👤Had to drill a bigger hole. A dog is enjoying her ride.

👤Had to drill out a fitting to get it to fit.

👤I needed this to fit our second bike to pull the children's bike trailer. It works with the original part.

👤Needed more attachment for our bikes. The mounting hole was small for all of them. If you own a drill, it's easy to fix. I don't want a large hole that might cause wobble and wear.

👤It was not clear if it would fit Bell Bike trailers. To fit it all the way into the Bell receiver, I grinded it down far enough that it would fit.

👤No se ajusta. No entra lo suficiente, para dejar paso al pasador.

👤The transaction was very smooth, thanks.

3. Schwinn Rascal Trailer Orange Grey

Schwinn Rascal Trailer Orange Grey

The material of the bicycle seat cover is new. There is no recycled material or second used material. There is no harm to the human body. You don't risk anything with their bike saddle cover. If the bicycle seat cover didn't improve comfort or have any quality problems within a year, please contact them for after-sales service. It's a great way to take your dog for a bike ride. The unique folding frame and quick release wheels make it easy to pack up. The frame is made of steel. Coupler is easy to attach to almost any bicycle. The tire is air filled and inflated with a bicycle wheel pump. The internal leash has an adjustment so pets can jump out of the trailer. There is a lot of air. The safety flag is included. The rear doggy door has air filled tires and 16 inch aluminum wheels. There is a bug screen.

Brand: Schwinn

👤Please be careful. Three rides tipped over. Engineer by trade means not just knucklehead making false claims or doing irresponsible things on the bike. The puppy is 40 lbs, 20% below the max weight requirement, but she likes to stand up, making the center of gravity too high for minor corrections. If I closed the flap in the front she would have to lie down. My plan is to add more weight to the frame and widen the wheel base. Just want everyone to be careful. Straight is great, but don't make a sudden correction. The puppy is fine, the first wreck was super slo-mo turning off a rail trail but the second wreck was about 13 mph and she got a little road rash on her chin.

👤I didn't want to leave my baby behind when I went bike riding with my boyfriend, so I never did. I didn't want to just attach her leash to my bike handle and ride with her along side because it's a dangerous idea. We decided to get a pet trailer so we could take her with us. This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. I have no doubt that I made the right choice in this one, even if it was hundreds of dollars more expensive than this one. When I paid for it, it was only $85.00. It is worth every penny and some. There is a It took us a few minutes to put it together. My boyfriend is an avid cyclist, and he kept praising how well designed it is. They thought about everything when they designed the pet trailer. She doesn't get too far if she tries to jump out, so she has a small strap and hook on her harness. My boyfriend mentioned a mechanism on the wheels that helps absorb the bumps on the road so that our dog can ride in a smooth manner. If you want to store the pins after folding them up, there is a small pocket on the top. The features are practical and functional. We like that this isn't a lot of bells and whistles. The little flag is adorable. It is well designed. It's very strong. I have a beagle that's 25 lbs and there's plenty of room for her and another dog if one of her friends wants to hitch a ride. She doesn't care that we put a blanket and toys with her. She loves the feeling of the wind blowing through her ears. She looks very cute in it. She seems to like it. See the pic. When we're done with our bike ride, it folds up nicely and is easy to store. We have attached the trailer to each of our bikes and both of us felt that it was very smooth and there was barely any extra weight we were pulling. We didn't feel a difference. He and I fight over who gets to pull her on the bike. There is a After unpacking it, there was a strong rubbery smell but it went away after we let it sit out of the box overnight. The smell went away after our bike ride. It's not that big of a deal. There is a My boyfriend concluded that there is no reason for us to drive now that we have a bike riding solution for our baby. We will be all set now that we have her a little helmet. It's a good thing.

4. Free Fly Coupler Attachment Trailers Bicycle

Free Fly Coupler Attachment Trailers Bicycle

It's for models of Schwinn and Instep trailer. Even when no trailer is connected, the black coating blends into your bike perfectly. Comes with a lock washer, a plate and a pin. When attached to the bike, the locks are securely in place and do not swing back and forth. It is easy to install on a quick-release bike.

Brand: Free-fly

👤I forgot to attach the coupler when I sold my bike. It's *duh*. The replacement works like a charm. Well made, strong, and doesn't seem to rust. Bon voyage!

👤It was exactly what I needed. It was easy to install. A friend gave me a bike trailer. This piece was missing. My 2 year old can ride a bike with me.

5. Biange Trailer Connector Cycling Accessories

Biange Trailer Connector Cycling Accessories

The side panels are no longer there. It fits most bikes. Please check your trailer to make sure it fits the shaft diameter, it is 0.59in. It is made of steel with black coating. Steel replacement parts. Each one has a weight of 6 ounces.

Brand: Biange

👤Does not fit a sports bike trailer. I got this for my husband. I could switch the bike trailer with ease. I had it for a while before I tried it. I should have checked it before I put it on the bike, but we found out during the ride that it wasn't the same mount as the trailer.

👤Doesn't fit the trailer. It is too thick. Bigger than stated.

👤I have a bike trailer that is too large for this item. I am certain that I can modify it so I will keep it. It could be an issue if you don't have any serious power/welding tools. I made it so that the pieces fit together and didn't compromise the hitch or connection, but the holes to secure the pieces together with the pin won't line up now. The hole in the connection is too close to the end, I think I can widen it to accommodate the pin. I'm happy that I can modify it and I'm excited that I could find something close enough to it.

👤This does its job. I feel like they should know what trailers are compatible with this piece, and at least a good idea of what trailers work with it. My husband had to modify our trailer to fit this piece. We are using this with our CoPilot bike trailer and it works well. He made our Copilot aluminum because it was easier to manipulate. He had to modify the receiver because the holes did not line up for the mounting pin, and he had to drill the hole out to make it larger. If you're thinking about using this with a CoPilot, I would just buy their piece if you don't think it's worth the extra effort. Had we known what we were doing, we would have paid the extra 10 dollars.

👤It doesn't fit my trailer because it says it's for Allen. This is useless to me. I measured it and it was more like.62” thick, which is why it doesn't enter my trailer.

👤The actual dimensions are not in line with the website description. I had to return because this did not fit my bike trailer.

👤They either work or they don't. I got a new part for my bike because it was stolen. It works. It seems like there are two different types, just make sure you order the hole one or the stub one. I was sure of the size of the little part. I got the wrong one. I dug deeper and found the trailer company and ordered their hitch, which I am returning. Some ads talk inches, while others talk millimeters. There is pain in the ass. It's nice that Amazon makes returns easy.

6. Supkiir Portable Connector Attachment Childrens

Supkiir Portable Connector Attachment Childrens

There is a 30-day money back guarantee and a 12 month warranty. The package comes with a set of bike trailer couplers. Before purchasing, please mention the shaft diameter. Quality steel is the durable material. It is durable and sturdy. Wear-resistance and anti-rust can last a long time. The attachment keeps the trailer secure. There is a fixing point for bicycle traction belts. It's perfect for a bike carrier. The portable design is great for folding bikes. It's ready to hook up the trailer whenever you put it on the back axle. If you have a question about their item, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Supkiir

👤I bought ones that came with the trailer, but these are a lot beefier. I have 2 bikes and a scooter that I won't throw away. It looks like iron. There is a Before they are powder coated, they are ground down. They look like they are coated in powder. Don't quote me. I am impressed. The extra clips are ridged stronger than my other one.

👤The price for the two hitches is great. I bought another brand that didn't work with my trailer. The finish of the powder coat feels tough.

👤I need the pin because they are well made, but I can't use them because I didn't notice the taper.

👤It's easy to remove. Never had a failure. Have used for more than 100 lbs. It's not recommended for such load.

👤We can pull the bike trailer on the trails now that it works. It's easy to install.

👤The sign of the previous installation on the bike trailer couplers appears as though they were already used. Very disappointed.

7. Fat Cat Trailer Attachment Replacement Complete

Fat Cat Trailer Attachment Replacement Complete

The bike trailer hitch is a practical item. It fits most bikes. Please check your trailer to make sure it fits the shaft diameter, it is 0.59in. Sturdy and durable, made of high quality steel. It is made of heavy-duty steel with a welded hitch arm at an approximate 45 degree angle for ideal attachment position for many types of bicycle trailers. There is a replacement hitch for burley trailers. Works with most child and cargo trailers. There is a 30-day money back guarantee and a 12 month warranty.

Brand: Fat-cat

👤The easy to install kit has everything you need to attach a trailer to a bicycle. Will work with standard or quick-release axles. It has something. The flexible bar inside the spring helps keep the spring from getting stretched out. If you need to tow a bike trailer, I recommend this to anyone.

👤Simple to use. It is very safe and secure to connect quickly. Quiet matches-kat hitch.

👤The sleeve is made of aluminum and has holes drilled into it. Every time you connect the trailer, you have to line up the 3 holes: the coupler, the spacer, and the sleeve. The other bits are fine. I'm working on a replacement sleeve from Lowe's or Home Depot, or some metal supply online, and I'm wondering if it's possible to use a 1/2 wall.

8. Sikawai Universal Attachment Connector Accessories

Sikawai Universal Attachment Connector Accessories

The joy and excitement of transporting your kids or pets with your bikes is utility. You can spend time with your family. The Bike Trailer Coupler Hitch is constructed with high quality durable Steel material and nylon strap. The bike trailer coupler is suitable for most child, cargo and pet bicycle trailers. Fix the hole with a diameter of 0.43 in and the screw nut with a diameter of 0.9 in. Please check your bike size before purchasing. The complete hitch arm and hitch connector is easy to install. The connect pins on the bike trailer are hard to open, and they will not fall off if you install them up. The Bike Trailer Coupler Hitch is a practical bike trailer hitch for towing solutions, which allows the user to lay down a bike while the trailer remains upright. The Universal Bike Bicycle Trailer Coupler Attachment is a great way to tow a kids trailer with your bikes. It only takes a few minutes to install. You can save hundreds of dollars on a trip to your local repair store if you connect your bike handlebars.

Brand: Sikawai

👤When they were making this, they were not thinking about your child. I didn't think twice about not connecting the buggy to pull out the kids because it was very poorly made and it was about to break. SMH.

👤Unless you can get the pvc pipe to line up with the hitch and tube, this hitch is useless. This product is full of fake reviews and should not have more than one star. I will be back soon. I don't leave reviews. Don't buy this.

👤The plastic cord that runs through the spring was drilled off to one side, making it very thin and weak, and the picture I received for the bushing was not what I was expecting, it was a home made one. Poor quality craftsmanship.

👤The paint on my bike frame was scratched by a different hitch on my bike trailer. I like that this easily connects and detaches from the frame. I worry about losing the inner plastic piece, but it is worth it. Happy with the conversion!

👤Fantastic. Very fast delivery. The seller recommended it.

👤Is it not stocking that? To stocking at back, wheels, Alex. Turblem.

👤It was perfect for my son to haul the wagon.

9. Thinvik Attachments Trailers Accessories Size(Flat)

Thinvik Attachments Trailers Accessories Size%EF%BC%88Flat%EF%BC%89

Please check your trailer size before buying it. The bike trailer hitch is multi- compatible with most bikes. Before ordering, please check the size and type to make sure it fits your bike. The bike trailer hitch attachment with a connect pin is hard to open after installation, and the hitch is not easy to fall off, making it safer for your baby and pets. The baby bicycle trailer accessories are made of steel with black enamel coating and are not easy to break, rust or corrode, they are suitable for long-term use. The bike metal attachment accessory is easy to install and can be applied to instep bike, pet stroller, and so on, suitable for daily use and family tour use, bringing much convenience for your getting around. With an additional trailer attachment, both Mom and Dad's bikes can be used to tow the kids trailer, your kids will enjoy the bike ride. You can put him next to your bike when your kids are tired.

Brand: Thinvik

👤It worked great for my instep trailer, it looked exactly like the one that came with it.

10. ULTECHNOVO Bicycle Traction Head Attachment

ULTECHNOVO Bicycle Traction Head Attachment

There is a 30-day money back guarantee and a 12 month warranty. You can get it ready in a few seconds. One nut. You can get it ready in a few seconds. It is easy to attach the bike trailer attachment to the bike rear wheel assembly. The attachment is made of high grade material. A great design for your bike.

Brand: Ultechnovo

👤The item shown in the photo has a smaller hole than the one shown in the picture, so it won't fit on the larger ebike wheels. You will have to return the incorrect item to get your money back. If it were possible, I would give zero stars to this seller and Amazon.

👤Great product! Work the same way as the original. The fitment is exactly matched.

👤I installed this on the trailer in my house so I can see if it will change shape, luckily it doesn't. It is suitable for most trailers. It is easy to install, and it can easily tow the trailer from one location to another.

11. BESPORTBLE Universal Trailer Release Attachment

BESPORTBLE Universal Trailer Release Attachment

We will reply within 24 hours if there is anything missing or broken. Works with axel wheels. Does not work with brakes. The strap is made of steel and nylon. Universal bicycles and electric bikes can be compatible with the hitch adpator. It is easy to install with the complete hitch arm and hitch connector. The bike trailer hitch is a practical item.

Brand: Besportble

👤They used lock nuts where they should have used them. I have replaced all the bolts and screws and it works. After I fixed it, it worked well after I hooked it up to my bike and carrier. This is a rare part and saved me money.

👤A piece of equipment that has proven to be easy to use and has provided a way for me to tow my kayak with a low center of gravity has been used by me.

👤The hitch arrived without the plastic part that goes inside the coupler. The connection to the bike is not confidence inspiring. I don't feel comfortable using it with my child. All I need is that part.

👤We had a bike trailer and wanted to add an accessory to it. The trailer we bought from academy was made of two thick pieces of material.

👤Installation is easy and there are no missing parts. I was able to convert my old bike trailer to a quick detach. Thank you!

👤Flimsy. It looks like it's made from spare parts, so it's slim chance it will last more than a few uses. I am not going to let my sons safety depend on this mass of scrap aluminum and plastic.


What is the best product for bicycle trailer coupler?

Bicycle trailer coupler products from Evo Dyne. In this article about bicycle trailer coupler you can see why people choose the product. Qkurt and Schwinn are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle trailer coupler.

What are the best brands for bicycle trailer coupler?

Evo Dyne, Qkurt and Schwinn are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle trailer coupler. Find the detail in this article. Free-fly, Biange and Supkiir are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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