Best Bicycle Torque Wrench Set

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1. EZARC Drive Torque Wrench Double

EZARC Drive Torque Wrench Double

The Ironclad Guarantee includes 1x1/4" Torque Wrench, 12xBit Sockets, 1xChain Checker, 1x3/8" conversion head, 1xExtension Bar, and 1xStorage Box. If you have a problem with the product, they will be happy to give you a new one. The Torque Value of the EZARC Bicycle Torque wrench has been improved to 2.0 - 20.0 Nm. The range is 0.2. Installation of high-precision components on bicycles can be done with the help of a professional Torque wrench. Accuracy is adjusted to 3%. Protect your bike. It is easy to follow the manufacturer's recommended settings with their 1/2-inch dual-direction Torque wrench driver. The wrench emits a click that can be heard and felt when it reaches a preset Torque value. It helps prolong the life of high- performance components and prevents damage from over tightening by letting you know not to put too much force on the wrench. The box contains the most common used bits, which include H2, H 2.5, H3, H4, H5 and H8. T10, T20, T25, T30 were constructed with S2 Steel. The extension bar is for reaching concealed bolts. It's easy to use and convenient. Pull down the lock knob and hold it until the setting is complete. The lock knob will automatically rebound if you release the hand. Laser scale markings on the novelty gloss Electro-Black background make it easy to catch the eye in low light conditions. The scale is easy to read and wear. There is a wide application. The Torque wrench is fully tested for accuracy to ISO 6789-2:2017 and DIN EN ISO 6789-1:2017-07 requirements. The direction of use can be adjusted by the paddle of the wrench head. It's more widely used for installation equipment. There is a wide application. The Torque wrench is fully tested for accuracy to ISO 6789-2:2017 and DIN EN ISO 6789-1:2017-07 requirements. The direction of use can be adjusted by the paddle of the wrench head. It's more widely used for installation equipment.

Brand: Ezarc

👤The wrench works well but it is difficult to discern the desired Torque value when the setting ring is not clear. The second significant figure is at 0.0 on the adjustment ring. Only the even whole numbers are marked on the setting ring for odd numbers.

👤This is ideal for home bike mechanics. The best size for bike parts. It is extremely accurate for the lower value. It is a must have for electric bike owners.

👤I ordered this Torque wrench to handle the smaller bolts on my motorcycle since my other Torque wrench isn't designed to handle small loads like that. This wrench is perfect for the job. There is a The range of values is adequate for my needs, and I think it would cover most bolts smaller than 10mm. There is a I don't have a similar wrench to compare it to, but using the elbow feel, this thing feels fairly accurate. I don't think it would be as accurate or consistent as a more expensive product, but it certainly feels adequate since I've been using it. There is a The rotating handle portion feels very tight, like there's too much tension in the system and the handle wasn't properly set up, which is my only real complaint. As I use it, it's getting better. Maybe it's just breaking in, but I didn't feel confident using it right out of the box. There is a I'm confident in using this wrench on small bolts that thread into aluminum and it seems like a good value. It seems like there is a break-in period, but it feels fine in my hands. I would recommend it.

👤I initially got this for bicycle parts to keep them square and parallel with the discs. I used this to do some retorquing of valve covers on a car and some other mounting bits located within the engine compartment. The wrench is accurate when scaled up with my USA made Armstrong dial Torque wrench, which I had previously used for Torqueing small ancillary engine components, but lacked a ratcheting mechanism. This was done perfectly by the EZARC. There is a nice blow-molded case and a bicycle sized drive sockets for bike assembly. This complete kit includes an accurate Torque wrench, so it's a great buy.

👤They publish the accuracy at 3%, which is enough for most applications. The tool is very heavy. It comes with bits, but it is a 1/4" drive Torque wrench, so anything you have that fits a drive can be used with it. There is a If you align the zero on the scale with the center line at the registration, you can fine tune it with some additional twisting of the handle. There is a black collar sleeve that you pull to make changes in the setting, and then let it go, it springs into a locked position to make sure that the setting won't change by accident. There is a It is nice to have a heavy-duty wrench like this one for the more delicate things in life. There is a The included plastic tool housing will not allow you to simply lock it by hand. The locking tab needs to be closed with a flat head screwdriver. It won't snap into position even if you apply a lot of force. I am willing to use a screwdriver to make sure this case stays closed, because of all of the frustration I have had over less substantially built plastic cases not staying closed. A very nice set.

2. EPAuto Torque Wrench Bicycle Maintenance

EPAuto Torque Wrench Bicycle Maintenance

The sliding shelf has a knob to loosen and tighten the links. Works for all bicycle chains. The included items are: Drive Torque Wrench (2-20Nm), H2, H 2.5, H3, H4, H5, H6, H8, H10), Star/Torx Bit Socket (T10, T25, T30), and a storage case. The chrome vanadium steel alloy is Hardened treated and has a smooth finish. It was made in Taiwan. Easy to read: High contrast and dual range scale. The sound of a click tells the preset value. When you hear and feel something, stop applying force. Each hand tool is fully tested for accuracy.

Brand: Epauto

👤I had to return the wrench. It won't click if you use the small allen attachment for the bike's brake levers and grip screws. I had to tighten the screws on my carbon handlebars as I was waiting for the click. I can't trust it with smaller delicate parts because it works good with large allen attachments.

👤I usually don't spend a lot on tools, but I took a chance on this set because it looked like it was cheaper than the big brand. I was happy to do it. The wrench and the attachment look good. There is a When the joint at the connection of the head to the handle breaks, you know you have hit your target Torque. You can feel it, but it's basically silent. It took me a while to figure it out, but I am very happy with the investment.

👤It seems to be working. It's easy to read numbers and adjust, just pull the silver thing and release. You will feel the threshold as it bends. When it bends, don't try to tighten as it has already reached the Torque setting. I got 4 stars because it doesn't click, and I hope the Torque is accurate though I have no tool to check it's accuracy.

👤I have a couple of larger EPAuto Torque Wrenches which have worked great and this is no different. The wrench has a small increment which can be locked in to place. I don't have a way to test the accuracy of this wrench, but I'm pretty sure it's good enough for a bike mechanic.

👤The best value for money is found in this tool set. Tools are reliable. The click when achieving the set tension was more noticeable to me.

👤I used this for a job on my VW Rabbit valve cover bolts. It's easy to adjust and lock in. It was easy to notice when the Torque was reached because of the clear numbers for setting. There is a The bits/extension set and case was a nice bonus. This will be a nice addition to my tool arsenal for jobs that require lighter ranges.

👤The wrench won't make an audible click as others have mentioned. When the correct Torque has been reached, you will feel a click. This can't be beat for the money. I couldn't justify knowing that this does what I need it to do, because the wrench that goes for 2 almost 3 times this cost is the same thing.

👤I bought this to assemble my bike. It required more than 20 Nm for most of the assembly, so it was worthless to me. The others didn't go low enough for the assembly. Can't find something that's cheap with the right range for bicycle assembly. Returned.

👤When I ordered this tool, I was initially skeptical. I wanted a small wrench to work on my new bike. I didn't want to spend a lot of money because it won't be used as much as my 1/2 drive Torque wrench. There is a I was pleasantly surprised when I unboxed it and found it in a case. It feels and looks better than I had thought. The sockets don't look cheap and the wrench looks good. It will be one of my better buys if it is half as accurate as the certificate says.

3. EPAuto 4 Inch Torque Wrench 2 26 22 6

EPAuto 4 Inch Torque Wrench 2 26 22 6

Magnetic sockets retain bits. The chrome vanadium steel alloy is Hardened treated and has a smooth finish. It was made in Taiwan. A sturdy plastic storage case is included. The non-slip grip is not slippery. The handle is Knurled. It is easy to read. Pre-Calibrated to 4% is accurate. The sound of a click tells the preset value. When you hear and feel something, stop applying force. The sound of a click tells the preset value. When you hear and feel something, stop applying force.

Brand: Epauto

👤I missed this wrench a lot. It does not operate correctly. The lower end of the wrench needed to be Torqued. It didn't click. I thought maybe I was asking too much of it. Fast forward to today. I needed to loosen the bolt holding my mower blade. I thought so. Redemption time for this purchase. My wife can't tell me that I bought a useless wrench. I followed the directions to set the Torque to 40 ft lbs. I thought I was using too much weight after working on the bolt. I got a distinctive click when I backed it off. Cool. It works. So I increased it to 30. A click. It was perfect. This thing works. 35. Click. Alright. We are at 40 here. Hmm. I must have not tightened it enough because it worked on the other settings. It seems that I am using too much force, but it worked on the earlier settings, it must be working now. Turn, turn. The bolt snaps. Yes. This thing won't work in the 10 to 15 ft range and won't work at 40. I learned my lesson when I bought a cheap wrench.

👤I'm writing this review because I read some of the other reviews and they said how they twisted off bolts because the Torque wrench wasn't right. I don't use a Torque wrench unless I know it's correct, since I use it on airplanes, motorcycles and engines. I've been a licensed A&P for 20 years and know how to use a Torque wrench. I'm looking forward to it lasting many years and it seems to be a well-made Torque wrench. There is a I submitted pictures of me testing the calibration on the wrench. If you don't understand the pictures, you can watch them on the internet. The weights that I put on it were 30.4 lbs and the Torque wrench was adjusted to 30.5 lbs. The weights made it barely click over. I have no issues using it. I won't have any problems twisting off bolts if I'm doing something wrong while using it. When you set it to a higher Torque you have to loosen the lock, which is one of the only con that I could find. It's difficult to get to the higher Torque with stiff twisting of the handle. I recommend buying one of these since they're cheap and easy to calibrate.

4. Venzo Drive Click Torque Wrench

Venzo Drive Click Torque Wrench

A standard handle is included for those tough jobs. Too much tightening will cause bike parts to be damaged. The parts are loose if there is too little Torque. The bike Torque wrench is a must have tool. Guage is perfect for bicycle carbon parts. 1/6'' The Torque Fix Set is for fixing things. The Torque range is 2 to 24 NM. One of the most accurate mechanical Torque Wrenches allows to preset up to 0. preset 5.4 Nm is 2Nm. The preset lock ring is what it is. The lock ring on the Torque wrench makes it possible to change the preset value when turning the handle. Accuracy is 4%. The package includes Allen Keys 3 /4 / 5 / 6 / 8 / 10mm. T20, T25, T30 Torques. The quality is high. It's great for bicycle parts or bolts. Don't use cheap quality tools, they will damage the parts. Also, note: When you feel a click, stop turning. "Click" means that the preset value has been reached. You can order now and pay free. They can provide a 2-year warranty because they're so confident in their product quality. It was made in Taiwan.

Brand: Venzo

👤I decided to get a wrench that had good reviews rather than a cheaper model that had mixed reviews. This wrench has a certificate of accuracy and seems to work well. I can't verify it's accuracy. It works, and it is easy to dial in the desired setting. The diagrams don't match up with the instrument and the instructions seem to be for multiple models. Once you figure out how to set the Torque by using the dial, it is straight forward.

👤This wrench is a good build for the price. It looks pretty accurate. There is a It's a little awkward, the first time, but once you read through it, it makes sense. Good deal, I like the handle of the locks.

👤It works as advertised, but don't bother with the instructions, they tell you to zero it between uses. It's really easy to line up the required Torque in the window, even though the written instructions didn't apply. Also liked getting a report in the box. Works as advertised.

👤You will eventually need a Torque wrench if you own a bicycle. This one works well and is priced right.

👤This is a good size, the bits seem well hardened, and the case is nice. Make me feel more comfortable on my bike.

👤A good wrench. It feels very precise. It's perfect for my road bike adjustments.

👤This is a must have tool for working on a carbon fiber frame bike. Very accurate and precise.

👤I love this wrench. I needed the smallest for my valve cover.

👤No Sirve. The rango de Torque was para mover. No gira, debera y es imposible programarlo. Producto Caro para la calidad, no recomiendo.

👤Es exacto lo, y me resulta. Lleg en forma.

5. Excel TWS 210ANS 7 Piece Adjustable Torque

Excel TWS 210ANS 7 Piece Adjustable Torque

Bicycle Torque wrench set includes a 9.3-inch (23.6 cm) longadjustable Torque wrench, 4-inch (10.2 cm) extender, and H2, H 2.5, H3, H4, H6, H8, H10, T10, T25, and T30 bits all securely. The lightweight aluminum body of the Torque Wrench takes the guessing and fatigue out of building wheels and keeps the desired tension of your spokes. Tightens all spokes to maximize the highest strength capacity and reduce the likelihood of rim/hub/spoke breakage. The new laser etched markings on the Torque Wrench make it easier to read. The most common sizes for the Torque Wrench Kit are 6.1mm, 6.3mm, 6.5mm, 6.7mm, and the Spline Drive head. There are additional and replacement heads in different sizes. There are additional and replacement heads in different sizes.

Brand: Excel

👤The tool works well. It seems to be made of metal. Installation and removal of the individual wrenches are easy. I used this to change the spokes on my dirt bike. I loosened the spokes and then retightened them back to the origin position after cleaning the spokes. All were close to the target. I looked at the radial and axial run out. I loosened and tightened the spokes to get rid of the wobble and then Torqued them all according to the instructions. The rim remained true after I Torqued it. TIR. To store it, set the wrench Torque to zero. The case was well made.

👤I know what I bought when I got this. If you're going to be working with heavy spokes, I would suggest buying the size wrench you need from them, as the flex meter style wrench only goes up to 60 inch pounds. I had to order this, plus the 6.9mm add on head, plus the non-torque wrench handle, to be able to work on my wheel. The full 10 piece set needs an option on Amazon. If I had to do it again, I would look at a different wrench.

👤The 6.9mm head is not supplied with the kit. The kit was nice, but the purchase was nice.

👤This tool is very useful. It has all the sizes I need. It is very easy to set the Torque.

👤I decided to step up my game after never using a spoke Torque wrench. I liked the fact that this wrench was adjusted since not all wheels use the same amount of Torque.

👤It makes it much easier to tighten spokes.

👤Excellent quality was what I needed.

👤It was easy to adjust and well made. It should come with the solid handle.

👤If you buy this, you will need the extra 6.84mm sockets. They missed this for the popular bike.

6. AKM Dual Direction Precision 20 160ft Lb 20 210Nm

AKM Dual Direction Precision 20 160ft Lb 20 210Nm

This automotive tool comes with a custom fitted storage case for safe and convenient storage. Industrial grade 1/2 inch Torque wrench withDURABLE Ratchet Head. The Hardened treated chromium-molybdenum alloy is better than other CRV material. Provide a good retention with the quick release button design. Click-Type 1/2-inch Torque wrench lets you confidently tighten bolts to precise specifications, ensuring parts are properly secured without being damaged. A certificate with a serial number is required. The dual-range scale is clear and easy to read. The handle is made of aluminum-titanium alloy, which is comfortable to grip, anti-skid, anti-rust and anti-corrosion. You can save more effort and money when using the wrench. When the set Torque value is reached, the wrench emits a sound to remind you to stop using force. The safety locking mechanism is turned. AKM has a 1-year warranty. There is a package of measures. The paddle of the Torque wrench head can be adjusted to measure Torque in both directions. There is a drive Torque Wrench, conversion head, 1x1/2 lengthening bar, and 1x storage case. There is a package of measures. The paddle of the Torque wrench head can be adjusted to measure Torque in both directions. There is a drive Torque Wrench, conversion head, 1x1/2 lengthening bar, and 1x storage case.

Brand: Akm

👤The Torque wrench is more than adequate for a Do-It-yourself type. There is a Pros: Well-made, sturdy and built to last. There are no cheap plastic parts. The wrench well is protected by a hard case. Including. The following are the items that are included in the following: a drive extension, a drive accessory, and a sockets. All sockets are driven by a drive. Positive click sensation when desired Torque is reached. The sockets are held solid, but can be changed quickly. The locking collar makes it easy to turn the handle. Instructions and a certificate of Calibration are included. The lbs-ft readings do not line up at any setting. The N.m line up well. This doesn't instill confidence in the operation. There is a It's a good value for the money. The wrench seems to work well, though I would not trust it to do the job if you need lab grade accuracy. Good for home mechanics.

👤I ordered a Torque wrench for the Ford Escape. The two-piece factory lug nuts are not compatible with your standard wrench because of the many operations done with an impact wrench. You can't get a wheel off if you are stuck by the side of the road. The Torque wrench feels solid and it gave me audible clicks when the desired Torque value was reached. The scales are hard to read and you need good lighting to read them. The values are easy to set. The sockets that the Torque wrench comes with will fit most of the nuts out there. It's nicely stored in a plastic case. This wrench is very good. You don't want to be guessing when it comes to your wheels, because you don't want your wheel studs to get stretched and weakened. The chrome plated wrench and accessories are made from vanadium steel. The Torque wrench should last a lifetime with a little care.

👤The scale numbers are hard to see. You must always find a good angle. Read the numbers. There is a I bought it for personal use, but I think it would be inconvenient if you need to change it frequently. There is a There were steps in the fine tuning scale with decimals in my example. It was 13.6 and 122.8. It's very inconvenient when you need to set 130 Nm. The lever that changes the rotation direction of the head is not very durable. It is made from a light material. I attached a photo of a smaller wrench. There is a I was not happy with the scuffs on that lever. I don't know if it is a wrench or paint that has worn off during the journey. The locking mechanism was unlocked when working with a wrench since the handle is short and can be accidentally shifted down.

7. VANPO 2 2 22 6 Bicycle Extension Adapter

VANPO 2 2 22 6 Bicycle Extension Adapter

There is a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. The Torque wrench is tested for accuracy to ISO 6789-2:2017 and DIN EN ISO 6789-1:2017-07 requirements and for accuracy to industry standards. The VANPO wrench set can be used on stems, seat clamps, lever clamps, chain sets, rotors and headsets. It is easy to use and feel. The drive for the Torque wrench is very easy to use. Pull down the lock knob and hold it until the setting is complete. The lock knob will automatically rebound if you release the hand. When the preset Torque value is reached, you will feel a click from the wrench to warn you not to apply any more force. The dual-direction adjustment mechanism will give you the best feeling. The bike Torque wrench with a quick release head can be used to easily install and remove the sockets. The wrench can be used in either counterclockwise or clockwise directions if the paddle of the wrench head is adjusted. Torque measurement with precision. The inch pound Torque wrench range from 20 to 200 in-lb with 1.5 locking micro-adjustment. The drive for the Torque wrench is 1/2 inch. It is easy to use in difficult spaces because of the anti-slip textured handle. The scale is easy to read. The PCS Bike Maintenance Kit and Storage is for 17 bikes. The most common bits are included in the package. The 17 Torque wrench set includes 6 wrench pieces and 5 sockets. The longevity and accuracy of the small wrench depends on how well it is stored. Follow their instructions for initial set up, storage and usage. Their goal is to make you satisfied, a 12 month warranty and always good service for their customers. Please contact them if you have a question. Their goal is to make you satisfied, a 12 month warranty and always good service for their customers. Please contact them if you have a question.

Brand: Vanpo

👤We bought a set for ourselves and a set for a gift. We just received them. I opened one box. I pulled down the silver locking ring and tried to turn the handle to a Torque setting. It wouldn't turn at all. I had my partner try it. No good. It wouldn't budge. We looked at the instructions again. There was nothing to suggest there was a problem. We watched some videos on the internet and saw guys pull down on the lock ring and turn the handle to their liking. We tried it again. It wouldn't budge. There is a So... We decided to open up the second one because we didn't want to give a bad gift. We opened the second wrench set and it was the same problem. The handle won't open. We have a hard time believing that we could have received two items, since we've tried everything we could to get them to move, but nothing worked. We will return both sets and try to get something similar from a different manufacturer. When I tried to find contact information for the company, I was unable to find anything, even though there is a 1-year warranty. No website, no phone number, no email. Even if both sets had worked, there is no way to contact the manufacturer. If there's a problem, it's too bad for you. There is a We will return both sets and avoid this brand in the future.

👤I found it fit well in my auto repair, even though it was described as Bike Torque Wrench. The build quality is decent. It is easy to adjust. When I need to Torque the nuts and bolts, it fits many tight space. The instruction manual need in English is something that needs to be improved.

👤I used it on a friend's chevy spark coil that was 18 foot pounds and I had to reverse Torque them out and re Torque them in to reach the set. Where is the sturdy Torque wrench made? Doesn't care or say anything.

👤I haven't used the 1/2 Torque wrench as much since it was replaced. I will soon but seems to be great, also like the red handle.

👤Excellent tool to work on my car. No complaints, easy to operate.

👤The first time it was taken out of the box it didn't work. I don't know what to do with it. I never had to return anything. It had a certification paper with it. I don't know who checked it. When it suppose to, it doesn't click. It's probably not a good idea to use it for a rachet.

8. Park Tool THT 1 T Handle Torx Compatible

Park Tool THT 1 T Handle Torx Compatible

The bicycle Torque wrench set includes a 9.3-inch (23.6 cm) longadjustable Torque wrench, 4-inch (10.2 cm) extender, 2.4-inch (6.1 cm) long H5 bit, and a 3/8-inch conversion adapter. Increased leverage and multiple access positions are created by sliding T-handle. T6, T8, T10, T15, T20, T25, T30 and T40 are compatible with the Torx wrench. Carefully selected combination of tool steels.

Brand: Park Tool

👤Fantastic product design. A wide range of sizes makes this a useful tool. The build quality is good. The fact that it has a spinning section in the middle makes it easy to hold while you tighten the bolt. They are very high-quality tools, even though they are overpriced. There is a The holder is the only negative point. It protrudes far from the wall. I don't know how to fix it, but it could have been better.

👤I enjoy working with these. It's good to feel good in the hand. Excellent quality and work. The older version of these looks a lot nicer. They don't stick out of the wall.

👤It works great and looks nice. It's perfect on torx bolts.

👤Superb function along with good looks.

👤T30 vino, pero las 5 estrellas, pero la llave T30 vino, pero la punta sealada. Ahora, un tornillo de la medida t 30.

👤The set of wrench is very nice. The name of the park tool speaks for itself.

👤High quality ist die bezahlt.

9. Vibrelli Performance Bike Torque Wrench

Vibrelli Performance Bike Torque Wrench

The package includes:CDI, spark plug, ignition coil, solenoid relay, rectifier, ignition switch, ATV switch and magneto stator. The vibrelli Torque Wrench is a high quality, click drive Torque wrench that lets you tighten to the exact Torque every time. A bicycle Torque wrench set is essential to not over tighten or strip your bolts, because most bikes now come with specific Torque rated components. Protect your ride. Certified Precision has a Torque range of 2 to 20nm. Torque wrench is made in Taiwan, triple tested (2mn, 12nm, 20nm), and comes with an individual tested Calibration Certificate. The tools you need come with Allen/Hex. T10, T25, T30 are the names of the testicles. A protective hard case has a 100mm extension bar in it. The perfect road bike and mtb Torque wrench. The slim design and anti-slip textured handle make it easy to use in difficult spaces. Setting the correct Torque is easy because of the spring-locking collar. It is important. When the correct Torque is reached, listen and feel. Read and watch their instructions on how to use this wrench correctly. Cyclists designed the tools that are built to last. The bike wrench set comes with a lifetime warranty. Cyclists designed the tools that are built to last. The bike wrench set comes with a lifetime warranty.

Brand: Vibrelli

👤The keys for the bicycle are made of solid construction. The case is great.

👤This is my first wrench. It was easy to learn how to use correctly from the clear instructions. Once you learn how to read the numbers, adjustments are easy. When I tried to Torque a mirror setscrew with one of the allen bits, it kept slipping and wouldn't grip into the allen setscrew. I tried it with my allen wrench. I had problems getting a promotional rebate from the company. My emails to them were not going through for some reason. The company was very proactive in understanding the problem after we re-established our email communication. Their post-sales support was great.

👤Toque settings are easy to set. The values are on the left and right. When turning the knob, click into place. You can turn the knob at the next 1 N.M. If you're on 2 N.m., turn the knob to the right and you're at 2.1 N.m. If you turn the knob one full rotation, you're at 3 N.m. Pull the knob down a bit. It is put in place at the detents. It's easy to dial in the value you want. When you're at the right Torque value, the head breaks away from parallel while it clicks, so you know when you're at the right Torque value. It's better than the simple hard-to-detect "click". Even though it's called a "click type" wrench, I think those with heads that break away should have their own category. You can feel, hear, and see when you're at the right value. There is a The tool is well made and engineered. It looks expensive. There is a The case is small and has a strong clasp to hold it shut. The kit includes Allen bits, which I already had, but is nice to have more handy. The accuracy certification is printed on glossy paper. My certificate is labeled with serial #90355, so hopefully yours is different. The accuracy is guaranteed better than 4%, but it wasn't obvious in the text. It was substantially better than mine. The tool's characteristics include: a 1/4" drive bi-directional Torque Wrench, Metric Torque Values, 2-20 N.m, tested +/- 4%, and certification of accuracy and the results from the certification testing. Over the years, I have had a number of different types of wrench, with different ranges. This is the best wrench of them all. The more I use it, the more I like it. It is a pleasure to use a tool of this quality.

👤The set is made well and works as it is supposed to. The bits and wrench have good tooling. The markings are legible and the positive stops on the correct settings are helpful. The "click" is solid when you reach the correct Torque. It comes with paperwork showing it has been adjusted. The case is strong and holds everything. It states there is a lifetime warranty, and I have used customer service from vibrelli for another product. This is a very good deal at $50, and it looks like it's the same price as other sets.

10. Venzo Premium Bicycle Torque Wrench

Venzo Premium Bicycle Torque Wrench

Too much tightening will affect bike parts. The parts are loose if there is too little Torque. The bike Torque wrench is a must have tool. Before packing, it is advisable to be drunk. The accuracy of the Torque is important for expensive carbon parts. The factory calibrates all the Torque Wrenches. Please read the instructions carefully. One of the most accurate mechanical Torque Wrenches allows to preset up to 0. preset 5.3 Nm. It is the only wrench with a preset lock ring. The lock ring on the Venzo Torque wrench makes it possible to change the preset value when turning the handle. The quality bit set comes with all the common bits. The best part is the extension which allows you to reach the bolts easily. The life time warranty. They are confident to offer a worry-free life time warranty.

Brand: Venzo

👤It works well. It is off by 5% by using the formula to compare the theoretical Torque versus the Torque displayed by the wrench, but it is close to being off by 4%. All is good if you set dial back by.7nm. The small size of the head makes it easy to get into tight spots. Click when set Torque is reached. It should not be set below 2nm or above 15nm. It takes a long time to turn the knob up to 13nm from 2nm, so you can easily over turn it. The lifetime warranty is on the website, but the manual says one year. Hmm...

👤The sizes are right. It should cover everything. It's easy to adjust. Click when you get the right Torque. It came with a little stamp that said it was factory calibrate so I'm assuming it's accurate. The simple hand test at 5 Nm seemed correct.

👤The "click" you feel when you use a quality Torque wrench is very noticeable. This is a little thing for bikes. I'm not sure how it can be missed, but that's my experience with my sample. I have notightened my bolts enough. It was close. If it lasts a couple years, I'll increase the ratings, but a 4 is where they are.

👤The bolt was stripped because the wrench wouldn't allow it. The head of the wrench will show the setting reached in a video. It will not freewheel at the given setting. If you don't understand how this type of wrench works, watch a video. I know how to use the wrench. I think it will last many years.

👤It seems to be good quality and a nice set, and I am trusting that it is accurate. haven't tested it. I knew it didn't have an 8mm bit when I ordered it. The click is subtle, but clear when you get used to it. Make sure you don't try to Torque something valuable like a part on a carbon bike frame, or you will miss it and over tighten. It's good when you get the feeling.

👤This is a top quality tool. Other reviewers have said that the click is not loud enough, but my experience is that the handle moves a lot when the preset Torque is reached. The locking Torque setting is very reliable and protects it from changing when you put it on the bench. If you have Torqued 10 screws to the same setting, then you should notice that the wrench has moved and you have to loosen each one and retighten them. I had an old bending-beam small wrench, but it was difficult to use the click-setting, so I decided to upgrade. I'm happy I did.

11. Bikehand Heavy Precise Bicycle Wrenches

Bikehand Heavy Precise Bicycle Wrenches

You can use it immediately when you receive it, because all the Torque wrenches are pre-calibrated in the factory. To maintain accuracy, the handle should be unwound to the lowest scale. The temperature is hot High quality steel construction is heat treated. It was tough and perfect to match the bolts. There are 9 sizes and colors with a set of them. The deal also includes a quality plastic slot. It is convenient to have a color coating. Each wrench is 9 cm long. Even with the smallest 1.5mm wrench, this gives you more leverage. The ball ends. The ball ends allow for a 25-degree entry angle. There is a warranty. They can offer a life time warranty for home use. It was made in Taiwan.

Brand: Bike Hand

👤As a volunteer at a crowded bike Co-op, I had been struggling to find the black wrench on the benches and read the black on black imprint of the size. The bike hand color-coded wrench has been a blessing. I keep the most frequently used sizes in my pocket. I used a Sharpie to mark the size of the wrench with a large number, but I couldn't remember the colors. We work on very rusty bikes and I was happy to find the Bike Hand wrench was up to the task of some very stubborn bolts. It was a worthwhile purchase.

👤I wish I had found them sooner. I own many sets of Allen wrench and am an at home bike mechanic. I put away all of my other items, including my T handles, after buying these as an extra set to keep on my work stand. You can reach for your most used sizes quickly with the color coding. The plastic case is functional and you can get tools in an out without too much effort as you see with other sets. The quality of the metal is important when you want to be certain not to remove the small aluminum bolts on your high end bike components. I think the price is right and I will be ordering another set.

👤The different colors on the different sizes are helpful. The sizes are stamped on the wrench. You don't have to look for the size again once you know the color. These were perfect for my bike maintenance.

👤The quality of this set was very good. They feel good in the hand and the ball end. The length is perfect and the color assortments make it easier to find the tool.

👤I'm not a tolerance expert, but every one of these are under spec and will strip the head of bolts, so only use with care and caution. I cut the holder down so I don't have to carry the 2 largest sizes out on the trail. I am back to looking for a better option. They fit my pack well.

👤I've used the same version of the silver hex wrench for years and they are all the same. This is the same thing but with a different color coating. I haven't had a chance to see the color.

👤These are heavy duty and are of high quality. The different colors help grab the right one.


What is the best product for bicycle torque wrench set?

Bicycle torque wrench set products from Ezarc. In this article about bicycle torque wrench set you can see why people choose the product. Epauto and Epauto are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle torque wrench set.

What are the best brands for bicycle torque wrench set?

Ezarc, Epauto and Epauto are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle torque wrench set. Find the detail in this article. Venzo, Excel and Akm are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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