Best Bicycle Torque Wrench 65nm

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1. Park Tool Preset Torque Driver

Park Tool Preset Torque Driver

When rotating clockwise, apply 4Newton Meter (Nm) of Torque. There are 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and T25 bits in the handle. All metal construction for a long time. It was assembled at their factory in Minnesota. Magnetic sockets retain bits.

Brand: Park Tool

👤I received this a week ago. Shop time is sped up by it. I dropped this item on the floor. The handle broke. I contacted the park tool and was told that they wouldn't cover it because they believe it's abuse. Anyone who uses tools frequently has dropped a tool. I was a very loyal park tool customer.

👤I'm very disappointed. The tool needs a magnet in the sockets to hold the bits. It didn't have one. I'm glad I wasn't in the woods trying to adjust my seat when the bit fell out. Park Tools had better quality.

👤The driver has a speed of 5 Nm. Returned the first one. The second one did the same thing. The driver is accurate. The problem is with the driver.

👤The quality is high. It's great for the usual 6nm of tension on bikes. I can't confirm the accuracy. The tool must be trusted. The magnetic hold of the wrench won't hold it in when you pull it from the bolt. It can either stay in the bolt or hit the shop floor. When I lost a bit, it amplified myconvenience. There is a bit at the trail head. It's really sad.

👤5 stars for a good design. When Torque is reached, there is a nice onboard tool storage and a clear change. Minus two stars for that clear click being so strong it rattles free the end cap and dumps the tools on the ground. It was disappointing for the money.

👤Park Tools are the best for bike tools. If you want to make sure you don't tighten the bolts on your bike, you need a Torque wrench. The set is portable and can be carried in a bike bag, but most likely will be in a tool box. It is a moderate investment, but a great example of a simple tool. Highly recommended.

👤A great wrench for bikes. Just use it. No need to change settings. There was no accidental setting.

👤Great tool. Works well. I have used the best one so far.

👤If you're an avid cyclist like me, you already know that there are endless products you can get to modify your bike. There is a The best tool you didn't know you needed is the Torque Driver by Park tool. There is a If you notice on your bike, close to where there are nuts, you'll see the symbol m. This tells you the recommended Torque for the nut. If you are more than that, the component may move while cycling and you are at risk of damage to your frame. There is a I have been hanging the bike behind my bedroom door for a while, and that means opening the stem screws a lot. The Park tool helps me adjust the nuts just to the right spot, rather than ruining the bike. If you try to tighten it, it will make a clicking noise and won't let you. There is a The wrench is bulky and has a set of 4 different heads hidden in the cap, but there is an option to adjust it. For me, it's either 5 or 6 and I decided the 5 is enough for me, as this is the main part I often tighten again and again. There is a The product is top quality but not cheap.

2. Park Tool Pedal Wrench Crow

Park Tool Pedal Wrench Crow

You can order now and pay free. They can provide a life time warranty for their product. It was made in Taiwan. They have everything you need for bicycle repairs. The interest in wild game will be improved by feeders and accessories.

Brand: Park Tool

👤I use my Torque wrench with my pedals. It's not easy to get the proper leverage when you position the crow foot and wrench at the same angle. You are working between the crank arm, pedal body, and the bike's frame. It's very easy to get the right preset Torque once you get that squared away.

👤It was exactly what I needed for a precise installation of my power pedals. There is a The tool has a 15mm pedal wrench with a 3/8" wrench opening. The TW-2 Torque Wrench was used with my Park Tool to tighten the pedals. There is a I researched and bought a better fitting Park tool than the one that some people had purchased.

👤I was trying to figure out how to Torque a pedal and learn about crowfoot tools but they looked thick. There is a But ran across this, perfect! It is nice and narrow.

👤I think it works, but it is so awkward to use that I am not sure if my pedals are Torqued or not.

👤Look a little more and find a 15mm pedal wrench and only one thing to use not two.

👤It's not much to say. Did the job. It's thin enough for pedals.

👤This was needed for gunsmithing. The tool is 5mm wide.

👤It's perfect for torquing power pedals.

👤How many times have you tried a different one because it just won't work for A/F? There is a This does. No problem. You can't miss it. . You will always be able to spot it. Problem and hours saved.

👤To get the benefit of this on both peddles, you'll need a Torque wrench which measures in both directions. When going clockwise, most Torque Wrenches only click when they are on.

👤Their standard quality was high, as expected. The need for a precision bit of kit is what I use this set up for. A very good piece of kit.

👤It fits nicely into my park tools Torque wrench.

👤Si smontare in pedali con diversi attrezzi, ma quando, sarebbe necessario chiuderli con la coppia di serraglio corretta. I rilevatori di potenza sui pedali, come me. Con una chiave dinamometrica questo tool.

3. Venzo Bicycle Torque Wrench Socket

Venzo Bicycle Torque Wrench Socket

Also included: A case to keep your Wheeler Digital FAT Wrench set safe. Guage is perfect for bicycle carbon parts and has a Torque range of 2 to 24 NM. T20, T25 and T30 Torques, High quality, Allen Keys 3 /4 / 5 / 6 / 8 / 10mm, plus 5mm Longer Allen Key for easy use. It's great for bicycle parts or bolts. Don't use cheap quality tools, they will damage the parts. When you feel a click, stop turning. The Torque has reached a preset value. ORDER NOW, WORRY-FREE! They can provide a 10-year warranty because they're so confident in the product quality. It was made in Taiwan.

Brand: Venzo

👤As many other reviewers have said, get it. There is a Maybe I can help. I've never owned a bike with carbon fiber. I got a Cannondale HiMod Synapse Dura Ace Di2 for my 50th birthday. It was a huge sacrifice for the family, and I didn't want to do anything to damage the frame or seat tube. I would not be able to replace it. I have raced and road steel and aluminum frames for 35 years and have never considered the possibility of damaging them. In all my years I have never seen threads being stripped on steel or aluminum. There is a I began the journey to buy a Torque wrench by reading reviews on Amazon for days and weeks before deciding to purchase the Park TW01. There is a Everyone knows that calibrating a Torque wrench is important. I was freaked out by any comment by any user that mentioned fears about the Venzo and the new Torque Wrenches. I put it in my cart, but I couldn't pull the Trigger. There is a I got the Park TW01. and the Park TW014 and started to use them on my bike build. I have used this type of wrench before and didn't like it, but I decided to just bite the bullet and use something else. There is a I hated using them on crank arm bolts. I couldn't see the scale very well and the TW02 requires you to keep the handle balanced in the neutral position when using it. I found it hard to do this because of the crank. You have to tighten the bolts slowly because you have to rotate the arms. I thought it was a pain, but I wasn't sure of the Torque I had applied. There is a I had no problem tightening the stem plate, but the issue with the crank bolts really bugged me. I didn't think the Torque was correct. I bought the Venzo after returning the Park TW01. There is a I saw a sticker when I removed the wrench from the case. I like that, but I know it could be wrong. There is a So... I decided to tighten it up. I have a small Ritchey tool that is just a straight 5Nm setting and I have used it on my stem bolts before. There is a Venzo, please work. I went to the steering tube stem bolts, set the dial to 5Nm, and then clicked the next bolt. Next, click on the whole stem. Good first test. I have to turn a little before the click to make sure I hit the bolt, but that is ok. No fear of damaging anything here. The crank arm bolts are for the compact crank. Set the dial and begin. Is it going to turn too far, I have to turn this a little more. Click. Move to another bolt. Click after 1/2 turn. I knew I had not properly Torqued those bolts with the TW02. The tool seems to be well built and this is a good kit. I think the hard core Park Tool guys will be interested in this. I'm tired of it. I can't say anything about the tools' quality, but they are all I will ever need for my bike. There are a couple of things that I will need to get a heavier tool for, but that is ok. I am going to buy a Kobalt at the store. I have had one before and they are good. There is a Hope this helps someone make a decision. I would have spent a lot of time and stress if not for those outlier reviews. Sometimes reviews can really suck. I hope this one doesn't. .

4. Ritchey 5Nm 6 Bit Torque Key

Ritchey 5Nm 6 Bit Torque Key

The package weight is 0.529 kilograms. Proper installation and tightening of stem bolts, seatpost bolts, and more can be done with the help of the Ritchey Torque Key. The set includes 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and T20 and T25 keys. The bit holder is convenient.

Brand: Ritchey

👤Over-tightening a bolt on a carbon frame can quickly become a very expensive mistake, and I recently bought a carbon-fiber road bike. A friend recommended I grab one of these, as almost every bolt on a road bike is designed to be tightened to 5Nm. I had no idea that owning a key was so satisfying. The adjustment of the saddle height ended with a satisfying click. I moved on to the rest of my condo after the bike was turned on. I had a wide range of different types of fastenings at my disposal, so I was able to tighten the key to exactly 5Nm. There is a I ran out of things to tighten quickly, and a last-ditch desperation Amazon search for "things I can tighten with a 5Nm Torque Key" turned up no results. That is not a fault of the tool. I agree with a previous reviewer that the shape is a little cumbersome in tight spaces, and for example tightening the screws holding water bottle cages in place would be a little tricky, as I'm not worried about those being under tightened. I didn't crank them down. This is an ingenious solution for cyclists, and for the price is a no-brainer.

👤I had a chance to try out the small hand held Torque wrench by Park. When this one arrived, I had to compare it. This one does the job, no problems. It is not as polished as the Park one. You would expect that. I am sure the shop uses the Park tool on a daily basis, but how often do we check the Torque on our bikes? Maybe four times a year? Let me point out our differences. The handle on the tool is bigger. The Richey tool is difficult to use with one hand. I did it. The lever arm is not as long so you have to put on some pressure. It is not impossible but it is not as nice. Both releases at 5nm. Both of them get the job done. There are two more The Park tool and Richey tool are both made with 4mm bits, but the Richey is a little less nice. The Park tool 4mm bit fit the bolt head a little better than my tool did. More secure fit. It's secure with no play at all. For what I need it for, it's a great little product. It will get the job done. If you think you will be doing this on a regular basis, I would recommend going to the Park.

5. Neiko 03714A Adjustable Vanadium Inch Pound

Neiko 03714A Adjustable Vanadium Inch Pound

DUAL-DIRECTION MEASURES & WIDE USE The wrench head can be adjusted by the paddle at any time, so that the wrench can be used in either counterclockwise or clockwise directions. Installation equipment, electrical engineering, bicycle/motorcycle maintenance, and product assembly are more widely used. There is an instruction manual with a storage box. CR-V steel construction is heat-treated and has extreme shock resistance. The machined factory was tested and adjusted to help prevent breaking or over tightening bolts. Quarter in. Dr. Torque wrench has a wide range of settings to loosen and tighten bolts on cars, motorcycles and small engine repair. The 1/2” drive Torque and ratchet has hard-to- find lower Torque settings. The MM conversions are displayed on the tool and case. This automotive tool comes with a custom fitted storage case for safe and convenient storage while not in use. This automotive tool comes with a custom fitted storage case for safe and convenient storage while not in use.

Brand: Neiko

👤I am training technicians to repair large volumes of outdoor power equipment. The student with the highest score on the weekly test was given this prize. I compared it to my own drive wrench and it was pretty good. The Proto has been spot on. Adjustment is a bit crude compared to the Proto, but has not been difficult. It is more difficult to read due to the depth of the marking. In some lighting conditions, you can see the markings. There is a It seems to be a good match for a beginning tech as it is holding up well with near daily use. There is a It was a fraction of the Proto's cost and provides good service. If you are a pro or use it frequently, you should buy the best quality tool you can afford. This is a good starter for a click type Torque wrench.

👤It's easy to use for a mechanic. It's more accurate than the elbow. These are just peace of mind tools, unless you are paying top dollar for quality tools and getting them all the time, as a professional should. Most people tighten until it either stops or breaks. There is a If you want a budget tool that gives you peace of mind that it's more accurate than your elbow, then this is a decent tool.

👤I bought this to fix transmission pan bolts. The first time it worked, all 14 bolts were tightened to 150 inch pounds. I had to repeat the process the next day because the pan had a slight bend and continued to leak. There is a The first two bolts were perfect on the second pass. It was as if the teeth had stopped working. I had to go to a local store to get another wrench to complete the job. I was thrilled at the end of the first day, and had sorted it out overnight. I followed all directions. There is a I have another one from a local store and I don't want to give this one a second chance.

👤After sitting in my tool box for a few years, I finally got the chance to use this on an intake job. I was trying to Torque to 60 inch pounds with the second bolt that I broke. My loss was way past the return time. Don't waste your time on this tool. Thanks.

6. Park Tool TW 5 2 Ratcheting

Park Tool TW 5 2 Ratcheting

The cleaning kit can be used as a daily household cleaning tool. The range is 18–124 inch pounds. The drive is curblesscurbless and has a 0.4 Nm increment. Register for threading on the left and right hand. The dial-adjust system allows preset settings. The scale is Calibrated to be 4% accurate.

Brand: Park Tool

👤Park Tools is contracting the manufacture of their TW-5 Torque wrench out to a supplier in Taiwan that uses the same factory in China used by Tekton. I found out that the same factory that makes the Park Tools TW-5 also makes the Tekton 24320, which is a huge difference. I ordered the Tekton 24320 and tested it against my Park Tools TW-5. To do an accuracy test, I attached the TW-5 and the 24320 to 4Newton meters to my heavy duty vise and set the recommended Torque from Easton for their EC90SL riser bar. I measured the distance from the center of the drive to the center of the handle where the string was tied holding the weight. I converted the weight I used to the weight I used in the setting it had clicked in. The TW-5 is correct to within 7.1%, while the Tekton 24320 is correct to 0.9%. When the internal spring is stretched, the type of Torque Wrenches are more accurate, so a further correction could be in order. This is a poor result for the TW-5, and not within the 4% spec Park Tools claims. There is a method to reset the wrench back to its original position. The TW-5 uses a 1/2 inch sockets, so you will want to buy a 1/2 inch to 14 inch adapter to use many common sockets. There is a I don't work for the company, but the TW-5 lacks some nice features that the Tekton 24320 has. The scale on the handle is easier to read than the little window. The plastic of the Park Tools TW-5 is not as strong as the steel of the knurled handle. The feel of the Tekton 24320 is much more intuitive and it is easier to notice when you reach the limit in Torque. This is a great feature when you are wrenching and torquing. The Tekton 24320 feels better and has a higher quality of construction with more steel used throughout. The Park Tool TW-5 measures Torque in both directions, while the Tekton model only measures Torque in a right hand direction. Most modern bikes have left handed threads at three places, the left pedal, and the right hand bottom cup. The left pedal and bottom cup are not in the range of the TW-5. There is a There is a price. The Park Tools TW-5 is selling for between $104 and $118 currently, while the Tekton 24320 is selling for between $41 and $65. It becomes almost comical when you combine that with the fact that the TW-5 is less accurate, and it becomes a huge amount of difference. I have been wrenching my own bikes for almost 20 years and Park Tools makes some fine products. This isn't one of them. The older TW-1 beam Torque wrench is still available for sale on Amazon. If you want a really high end professional wrench, look at the CDI. The price of the tools they make is the same as the TW-5. You get better quality. I am not sure why the TW-5 could not have been made in the new Park Tools facility in Minnesota. I have nothing against the good people of Taiwan, but in this case I was spending the extra money on a Park Tools item because I was hoping for a higher level of quality control and workmanship, and the hope that American workers would be supported even if the price is higher. It's bad for publicity to charge Made in the USA prices when outsourcing labor to China and Taiwan. Especially for educated clients who have the funds to afford high level carbon mountain and road bikes and who would buy the TW-5 for home use on delicate carbon fiber components. The TW-5 Torque wrench is simply beaten by the cheaper and more accurate Tekton 24320 in all categories. I can't recommend this wrench.

7. MARQUE Adjustable Torque Allen Wrench

MARQUE Adjustable Torque Allen Wrench

Each hand tool is tested for accuracy to the requirements of ISO 6789-2:2017 and DIN EN ISO 6789-1:2017-07, as well as test methods for quality conformance testing. Each set has an individual certificate of calibration. If you have a problem with your purchase, they are happy to give you a Refunds or a Replacement. Fasten and tighten bike parts with correct Torque between 4, 5 and 6 Nm. Includes four most commonly used tools and a T 25 to cover most adjustments on the bike. Attaching a click out mechanic to your bike part will prevent it from being damaged by over-tightening a bolt. Once the Torque exceeds the settings, the tool will click out. Each tool is recorded with a serial number. Please note. They can't recommend the correct settings for each part because they have their own preferred ones. The sturdy elmoMIC handle is made with steel internals and has a Torque mechanism. It is easy to store it in your tool box or bike bag for last minute adjustments at home or on the road. There are additional tool bits in the tool. If you have a product issue, they are very happy to either replace orRefund your item. If you have a product issue, they are very happy to either replace orRefund your item.

Brand: Marque

👤It took me a long time to buy a bicycle-specific driver. This makes adjusting bars, stems, saddles and headsets much simpler. The driver has four bits you're most likely to encounter when making adjustments on your bike, however it will accept any standard 1/4" hex bit. It also covers 4, 5, and 6nm settings, which is a good range for its intended purpose. There is a The cap is easy to use. It keeps the bits in the driver when not in use. It does not fall out on its own, which is a common complaint of the Park version. There is a I found it annoying that it requires an Allen wrench to change the Torque setting, but in the end I really enjoy the fact that it can't be done by accident. The allen key is attached to the handle of the tool. There is a The seatpost tends to get in the way of the T-handle when it's time to tighten the bolts. I've found that the common 1/4" bit holders that you'd use with a power drill are good for getting the driver bit into tight spaces. If your bike has any bolts that can only be accessed at an angle, you could invest in ball-end bits. There is a I find this useful for the price, and a great investment against stripping the threads out of expensive components due to over-tightening.

👤I bought this for my mountain bike. The size of my bike pedal is made of hard dense plastic. It comes with four heads. Three Allen and one Torx. It comes with a wrench that is needed to change the settings. If you have a strong grip, you can change the settings. It was small enough to fit in my pack. Park Tools is a good choice.

👤The description of the Marque tool is accurate. It is a wrench for bikes. Today's frames are made of titanium or carbon fiber. To little force and things like a seat post may slide, too much, and you might crush the seat post, or worse, strip the clamp and destroy the frame. The tool works. You can change it for 7,5,6 NM of Torque. It's easy to adjust, just turn the setting on the top. The 6mm wrench makes it easier to turn to the correct setting. It takes standard 1/2 inch bits, so you can use any size wrench or sockets you need. The handle is removed and it stores a few sizes. The tool is of the highest quality. It has a strong feel to it. There is a The tool is easy to use. Set the force and turn the tool. When you reach the right amount of force, it will click loudly. I checked it against a full-size wrench. It is perfect. Park and other companies make similar tools that cost a bit more. The Marque tool is just as good as any of them. It's a great tool for fastening bolts. Highly recommend!

8. Park Tool Ratcheting Torque Wrench

Park Tool Ratcheting Torque Wrench

You can order now and pay free. They can provide a 2 years warranty for their product. It was made in Taiwan. The proper amount of Torque can be measured and applied with a high quality Torque wrench. The TW-6.2 has a dial-adjust click system. The fitting is for a drive.

Brand: Park Tool

👤Does everything it needs to. The click is soft so you need to pay attention and not jerk it around so you don't miss it. I fear that the box it comes in could crack, because it could be made of slightly thicker plastic. The quality of the Torque settings is very good, and there is little play in the driver, which makes for an easier-to-use wrench and a more accurate outcome. Park's TW-5.2 is the only one in the category that uses a 3/8" fitting, which is nice for precision and compatibility with sockets and bits. There are things like bottom brackets that need bi-directional Torque in this category. The choice in my case was either this wrench or a pricier digital one. There is a If you're willing to deal with quarter-inch bits or an accessory for your 3/8" bits, it's easier to go off-brand. It really did end up being Park or trouble in this larger power range.

👤The Park TW-2 beam style range is difficult to use for installing bottom brackets and cups. The TW-2 requires a lot of effort and contortion to get where you want to be. The tw-6.2 avoids these issues. It is a shorter wrench without handle flex that makes it less likely to slip off the bolt I am trying to tighten. There is a The wrench came in a plastic protective case, but four of the case's corners were damaged when I received it. It was dropped at least four times before I received it. Great. I kept the wrench because I was excited to use it and it seems to work. It's unacceptable to ship a $130 Torque wrench in an envelope. Dropping this instrument has consequences. It is not a pipe wrench.

👤A clear window for setting the Torque was lost first time and the big black handle on the wrench made the setting inaccurate. I need to figure out where the black handle should be sitting so the red line in the clear window matches the specific setting. I was expecting ParkTool to be quality, but it wasn't. I wouldn't recommend this wrench to others.

👤The package I received today was brand new, but the tool box had a small scratch on one of the corners. The tool had scratches and fingerprints when I opened it. If I'm buying a tool at full price, I want a brand new tool. I'm returning this.

9. IceToolz Multitool Ergonomic Automotive Maintenance

IceToolz Multitool Ergonomic Automotive Maintenance

This automotive tool comes with a custom fitted storage case for safe and convenient storage while not in use. The function is that the measurement is accurate and covers most manufacturer settings. There are 3,4,5, and 6mm keys. The range is 10 NM. It's small and lightweight, making it a perfect tool for your bike box, so that you can rebuild your bike on vacation or a weekend away with no stress. The handle is lightweight and smart, ideal for mechanics and riders. The Ocarina is very compatible with no need to set up between different Torques. Made with quality materials, it is constructed with the highest quality steel, alloy and plastic with comfort and longevity in mind. The pieces are in the handle. You won't have to lose parts while working on your bike. Don't worry about damaging what you are working on if you over tighten a bolt.

Brand: Icetoolz

👤It's simplicity is elegant. I learned a lot about the different types of tools on the market and how they measure Torque. My bikes are made of soft metals and they are not difficult to ruin. I was not satisfied with guessing, especially with the safety related parts on the bike, such as the handle bar and stem bolts. If a person is going to be a home mechanic, they need a Torque wrench. If one is dealing with carbon fiber bikes, it is very important to have a Torque wrench. The outfit that put this on the market will probably have a lot of success, as they are filling a need in the bike world. The design of this one, which uses the beam approach to measuring Torque, is ideal for bike mechanics, and it was the only one that came close in value and design. No one Torque wrench is going to tighten the bolts on a bike. Part of the bike. One of the parts of the bike that will need a Torque wrench is the part that has the most Torque. I mean bottom brackets and pedals. These parts are likely to be low maintenance.

👤Nice tool. This isn't a clicker type wrench that you set to a certain Torque and then click or slip when you reach it. As you tighten it has a dial that goes up. The advantage is that you don't have to set it for each bolt and can tighten to any Torque at any time. The disadvantage is that it can be difficult to tighten and watch the indicator at the same time on some bolts. This is a great option for the home bike mechanic who doesn't want to spend a lot of money on a settable wrench. If you need to tighten bolts in tight spaces, it may not be a good option if you can't see the dial.

👤The IceToolz Ocarina Torque Wrench is a different type of wrench. When you reach the correct setting, it doesn't click. It has a broad range and a needle that moves like a scale. Today's frames are made of titanium or carbon fiber. To little force and things like a seat post may slide, too much, and you might crush the seat post, or worse, strip the clamp and destroy the frame. You need to use a wrench. You can use the IceToolz for anything from 1-10 NM. You just need to insert the correct bit. It is almost impossible to see the scale. The lines are pencil thin. It needs to be white to give a better contrast. I need to use readers to see the lines and numbers. If you need to do a quick adjustment, it does work. It is light and plastic so you can take it with you on rides and use it for a number of different applications. The accuracy is not great. I tested with a full-size wrench. It was stopped by a full NM. I will use it for quick adjustments as it is better than nothing. If you want a pro-grade tool, I would recommend the Marque, which is available in Amazon for about $12.00 more. There is a There are pros. Wide range of Torque values accepts standard bits.

10. Pro Bike Tool Mini Ratchet

Pro Bike Tool Mini Ratchet

A Practical and Classic Gift for Men. You will need a multitool sheath organizers to make yourself look decent. It's a perfect gift for your dad, your boy friend, and yourself. Reliable and built to last with a high quality handle. Magnetic tool bit extender and 10 tool bits can be used to tighten bolts. 4mm. There are 6 The number is 8. T25 /T30 /PH1 /SL4. There are videos in the Related Video Shorts section. Convenient and stylish storage for the tool set and other small ride essentials can be found in the handy hard case pouch. It is a versatile and stylish tool that can be used for cycling and at home, perfect for small jobs at home and work. They are so confident in the quality of their products that if you have any product issues, they are very happy to either provide aRefund or aReplacement.

Brand: Pro Bike Tool

👤The bike multi tool is larger. I've never used a Sturdy as any ratchet. The standard sockets can be shared with any compatible screw gun. Works with or without an extension. I will not carry the case to save space. It would be great if there was a knob to stick over the extension's end.

👤I find it difficult to use, often useless, compared with other, more traditionally-shaped portable multi tool. I thought I could use it without the attachment. It's not easy to tighten something. I can't adjust the angle of the ratchet. The tiny tool makes it hard to tighten. The butt is hurt by the packaging. It was difficult to remove the package. I destroyed the package, so I can't come back. I don't think I do.

👤The bits are starting to rust. The tool kit is very convenient for me. The bit set is almost complete. It is missing a 2.5mm bit for Sram Force and Red FDs. When I am out on the road, I keep a Topeak Nano Torque bit with me for a complete kit. There is a If you want to keep the kit in a jersey pocket, you need to keep it in a plastic bag. I have owned it for about six months and it has started to rust. It's kind of sad. There are no signs of rust on the ratchet.

👤This kit is very good. It's small and easy to fit inside a seat bag or other, and it uses standard driver bits. If you want to, you can swap out the bits to fit your bike. If you want to get serious, you can get a mini Torque Limiter. The Fix It is a cheaper alternative. Sticks are the same as the Torqbit. I have two sets on my road bike and one set on my trail bike.

👤It will not get into the most holes on your bike. This was not able to reach the screws of the front derailleur and brake lever. They are useless for small screws. Buy multiple screwdrivers.

👤It's rare to purchase a product and get decent value. The tool is great. I didn't like the idea of spending almost $25 for a multi-tool, because there are so many other bike tools for less on Amazon. The tool is the real deal. A quality hard shell case with quality netting and quality zip ups. The details of the macro and micro are important. It feels good, and you know it's durable. There's a macro. The micro is the same as the mesh net design, and for me it's the quality of the zippers. I don't like having anything that opens and closes because I'm bound to break it. The case has a good zip. I'll have to change my review to 4 stars if it breaks easy on me. You get a nice little tool in a tight package. I've only used it a couple of times, but I love it.

👤When I ride, I keep buying bicycle multitools. Many of them are clever and well made, but they still have limited functions because they are small and they try to do everything. There is a A decent quality little case and a high-quality miniature driver are all included in this little tool set. The bits can be replaced if they get damaged or worn out. I find the set to be superior to the little clever multitools for most of the real world minor adjustments that I might do while I am on a ride. Excellent kit! Excellent warranty! Buy it!

11. BULLTOOLS Dual Direction 20 200in Lb 72 Tooth Accuracy

BULLTOOLS Dual Direction 20 200in Lb 72 Tooth Accuracy

The ships were pre-calibrated to an accuracy of 4%. The high accuracy is 20-200in.-lb/2.26-22.6Nm industrial grade Torque wrench. The 90-tooth head only needs 4 degrees to work. The professional wrench production technology makes the precision higher. High quality and dependability. The wrench head is made of hardened chromium-molybdenum alloy. Bite teeth don't slip. The handle is made of aluminum-titanium alloy, which is comfortable to grip, anti-skid, anti-rust and anti-corrosion. The life of the wrench is extended by excellent material. LIABLE and SAFE. When the set Torque value is reached, the wrench emits a click sound to remind you to stop applying force. The wrench head has a quick release button, which can be used to easily install and remove the sleeve. It's easy to use and convenient. Pull down the lock knob and hold it. The lock knob will automatically rebound if you release the hand. The dual range scale is easy to read and wear. It's more convenient to use. DUAL-DIRECTION MEASURES & WIDE USE The wrench head can be adjusted by the paddle at any time, so that the wrench can be used in either counterclockwise or clockwise directions. Installation equipment, electrical engineering, bicycle/motorcycle maintenance, and product assembly are more widely used. There is an instruction manual with a storage box. DUAL-DIRECTION MEASURES & WIDE USE The wrench head can be adjusted by the paddle at any time, so that the wrench can be used in either counterclockwise or clockwise directions. Installation equipment, electrical engineering, bicycle/motorcycle maintenance, and product assembly are more widely used. There is an instruction manual with a storage box.

Brand: Bulltools

👤Excellent build quality with smooth handle operation. > Accurate between 40 and 60 lbs. The sweetest spot for bicycle nuts and bolts is 4.5 N-m. > The sound is very distinctive and feels even at the lowest setting. Only accurate between 40-60 lbs. Outside of that range, you're looking at something. The accuracy is 10%. Difficult to read the markings on the handle. I bought this wrench for home use. I tested its accuracy with a digital Torque meter. The test range is limited to 90 lbs. That is the max capability of the meter. I only tested for the correct direction. The Percent Error are based on the average reading of five measurements at each setting. : Average reading is 22.24 lbs. 40 in-lbs.:Percent error is 11.2%) Average reading is 40.36 lbs. Impressive!Percent Error is 0.9%. 60 lbs. : Average reading is 57.48 lbs. 80 in-lbs.: 4.2% error Average reading is 70.86 lbs. The percentage error was 11.4%). : The average reading is 81.33 lbs. The percentage error is 11.9%). I was tested at 90 lbs. The weight method and a dumbbell were used. I tried suspending the dumbbell on the handle at different distances from the drive and going outward to see where it clicks. 78 in-lbs is the amount of time the wrench breaks/clicks at 6” from the center of the drive. There is a The values on the certificate show an error of less than 1%. The certificate seems to disagree with the percent error I got at five different settings. I need a Torque wrench that is accurate at a wider range than just 40-60 in-lbs. There is a maximum of 4.51-6.77 Nm. I would've bought a preset driver.

👤My previous three star review has been updated. The company reached out to me after I reviewed it and offered to replace the wrench that was faulty. The wrench worked in both directions. If anyone is looking for a high quality 1/2 inch Torque wrench that works in both directions, you need to look no further. The seller's customer service is first rate. They stand behind their product and will do everything they can to make sure you are satisfied. This company and its customer service efforts should be an example to other retailers. Buy with complete confidence.

👤I don't write reviews. I don't understand how it gets that many stars. There is a It's very easy to use and it's good in reading the scale. The Torque doesn't work so it's useless. I returned one of the two that I bought because I didn't like them. There is a Neither of them clicks. Even on the lowest settings. I know how to use the Torque wrench. There is a The instructions didn't give me any new information. I can get a damaged item from a good manufacturer once in a while. Two of them are in a row. It is highly unlikely. I'm returning both of them. Decreased: I was able to make these clicks by applying an extra pressure to the non- Torque wrench. They are working correctly now. There is a They are both clicking at the same time. I'm going to keep one of the stars.


What is the best product for bicycle torque wrench 65nm?

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What are the best brands for bicycle torque wrench 65nm?

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