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1. PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Multitool

PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Multitool

Tools must be locked into place during use and unlocked manually for safe storage. The Seventeen tool is built to last and uses a lightweight aluminum body and precision steel tool bits. The pocket companion is perfect for the open road. The tool is lightweight at only 4.0oz. Great small tool companion. It's easy to pack or carry a flat body. A pocket workshop has tools such as the Allen/Hex key, Star shaped/Hex tool, and thePhillips Head 2 cross drive. The tool bit is moving. The bag is discreet and stylish to protect the bike tool. Fix any on-ride accidents with this pocket workshop. Most of the repairs and adjustments you need to make are covered by the range of functions. If you have a product issue, they are happy to give you a Refunds or a Replacement. If you have a product issue, they are happy to give you a Refunds or a Replacement.

Brand: Pro Bike Tool

👤I ordered the pro bike tool 17-in-1 tools to add to my saddlebag and the one from Crank Brothers 19-in-1 to add to my wife's. What a difference! The pro bike tool is cheap. If you push too much, it will break. The tools are short because they alleviate how fragile it is. The end of each tool is not "precise", but with a cheaply made shape that ends up being loose in the holes they go into. It's a very uncomfortable tool to use because it's short. The CrankBrother tool is so small that it's sturdy. It doesn't make a difference. When you hold it in your hand, it feels very solid and you feel very confident to use it. The chain tool is more precise and has assisting pins. The ends of the tools are very well made. The ProTool comes with a very fragile imitation leather plastic pouch, whereas the CrankBrother tool comes with an extremely sturdy and fashionable metal case. There is a There is no reason to spend more on a lesser quality tool. I highly recommend that you go for the Crank Brothers or ParkTool.

👤I need to be able to carry a tube, CO2, and a multi tool with me on rides, but I don't like using a huge saddle bag. I was trying to find a multi tool that would fit in my road bike bag. I used the chain breaker when I got it. I think taking a link out of an old chain will test the strength of these. It fits in my palm bag. Definitely recommend.

👤I accidentally ordered a second one for my son, who is a cyclist, after ordering this for him. I almost sent the second one back, but I'm happy that I didn't. My son is fond of him. Despite its small size, it's well made, durable and easy to use. My husband is a medical field service engineer and I gave him the second one. He loves his tool case so much that he immediately added it to his collection.

👤The Great Allegheny Passage trail is a 150 mile bike ride. The tool was small and light. I can justify taking it on most bike rides because of the small size and weight. There is a During my 150 mile ride, I used this tool to make a variety of small adjustments and even repairs on the trail. It exceeded my expectations during the field test. It seems to be able to tighten/loosen almost every head on my bike. I use it for my uses and it seems durable. I recommend this to my friends.

👤I went directly into my seat bag for the repairs. It works really well in there. There is a It looks like it will never rust. It's easy to get in a seat bag. Everything you need, except tire levers. Some of the drivers may not be able to get in hard to reach places.

👤It is a great tool to have with you on a bike ride. During an urban ride, I used it to adjust my chains. It's great in a pinch, but screw drivers and allen wrenches can be difficult to use. The chain tool is sturdy. I give it a 10 for quality, but a 4 for ease of use. It is too wide for tight spaces. I have told my family about it.

2. Park Tool EK 3 Professional Travel

Park Tool EK 3 Professional Travel

Each hand tool is tested for accuracy to the requirements of ISO 6789-2:2017 and DIN EN ISO 6789-1:2017-07, as well as test methods for quality conformance testing. Each set has an individual certificate of calibration. If you have a problem with your purchase, they are happy to give you a Refunds or a Replacement. You can type a message. A professional level bicycle tool set is designed for portable use. There are 56 of their best tools for bike repair and maintenance. It's perfect for home mechanics who want the ultimate portable tool kit. The BX-2.2 Blue Box Tool Case is locked. Extra space for future expansion is included in BX-2.2.

Brand: Park Tool

👤The quality of this set is excellent. I would like to know where and how to organize all of the tools. I am very happy with it.

3. Professional Quality Bicycle Maintenance Mountain

Professional Quality Bicycle Maintenance Mountain

Customer satisfaction and product quality are very important to them. If you have any problems, they can give you a full refund or a replacement. The bike repair tools are made for bicycle maintenance and repair. There are 17 different wrenches, 5 different sockets, and other necessary tools in it. It is very easy to use for most regular bike service, such as changing the bottom of the freewheel, adjusting the spoke, repairing the tire and so on. All sockets and wrenches are made of high-quality steel and have undergone good heat treatment. It can be used for a long time without being damaged. The design is user friendly. All metal tools have been deburred. You can operate more freely with the non-slip handle. Excellent quality is reflected in the perfect details. Bicycle maintenance tools are easy to store and carry with a sturdy storage box. It is a great kit for a beginner mechanic.

Brand: Ruby-q

👤I have a lot of tools. Most of my tools are not bike specific. There are tools for cassettes and headsets that wood workshops don't have. It seems like this kit is complete with all the odd tools you'll find in a bike shop. I've used it for a number of jobs on my bikes, and so far I'm very pleased. I have no problem trusting that these things can handle anything they're designed for, even though it doesn't seem like it's on the level of some of the highest quality tool manufacturing I have to work with at my job. I have everything I need for working on my carbon Stumpjumper, as well as a good bike Torque wrench set. There is a It comes with a decent tool box that is useful for keeping the bike tools separate from my other tools. I would give it a 4 and 1/2 out of 5. It's not the highest quality materials, so it's not perfect for me, but it'surdy enough to get the job done. If it were a Park tool set, I could see it being a lot more expensive. It was a great price and I was very happy with it. JSV

👤The tool kit is great for beginners. I have used every tool in the kit. The chain breaker was cool. I used one for the first time and I was not disappointed. Some of the tools don't stay in place when closing the box, that's the only negative thing I have to say The quality of the tools doesn't have anything to do with that. I highly recommend you, Mikie Likie!

👤I bought this for my boyfriend as a christmas gift as he was so upset that he never had the right tool to work on one of our bikes, and he would highly recommend it.

👤I decided to buy this kit for future projects because I only needed 2 tools to complete my project. The chain wrench and the cassette sockets were needed. The inside diameter of the cassette was too small to fit over the post that the Freehub goes through. The Park brand sockets worked great for me. I haven't tried any of the others yet, but the tools look sturdy.

👤I don't like the tool set. The quality is not great, but it is good enough for someone who works on bikes occasionally. It's missing some important things. There are no spline wrench for removing brackets. I needed a tool to remove my freewheel cassette. Everyone already has a screwdriver and monkey wrench, why not include them? The cone and stem wrenches are difficult to use.

4. Park Tool SK 4 Bicycle Mechanic

Park Tool SK 4 Bicycle Mechanic

4 pairs of chain link, totally 8 pieces, packed in a box, convenient to carry, and avoid losing. A great way to start a bicycle tool collection. The SK-4 has more than 15 genuine Park Tool products. Extra room for spare parts and more tools is included in the custom Park tool box.

Brand: Park Tool

👤This was a gift for our grandson. He asked for a tool set so he could work on his own bikes. He assembled the bike repair stand after he mounted an older bike and pulled out the tools. The big repair book is a bonus.

👤What else needs to be said? I promise that less expensive tools will not last as long as Park tools. Park tools use high-end metal that won't start stripping bolts out after a short amount of time.

👤I have never had a park tool fail. I have used many other tools to rebuild bikes that have failed. You should spend a little more on park tool stuff. You will not regret it.

👤The cheap box is expected to be more expensive than the better brand. The tools seem to be less graded.

👤When shopping for bike tools, you can find cheaper ones, but there is something that stuck to me. Good tools and cheap tools last a long time, but you should buy good tools once and they last a long time. Most people would do most of their work on their bike.

👤You get the most needed tools to repair your own bike, plus a few extra that you use for adjusting your bike, and a nice toolbox with plenty of extra space for more tools.

👤Park Tools were made in America. China, Taiwan and the USA were the countries of origin of the components. The Park Tool sticker was falling off of the tool set. Improve your QC!

👤The starter set is great for the home mechanic.

5. Bikehand Bike Bicycle Repair Tool

Bikehand Bike Bicycle Repair Tool

The wheelset is between 10 and 29 inches. There are 9 tools: crank puller, chain hook, chain tool, bottom brackets wrench, 15mm spanner, freewheel turner, dust cap wrench, and the one with the 8mm key. The temperature is hot High quality steel is heat treated. It's tough and matches the screws, spoke lock nuts, pedal spindle and crank arm thread. The rubber coated handle has a better grip and is long enough for more leverage. A quality storage case holds every tool for your convenience. You can order now and pay free. They can provide a 2 years warranty for their product. It was made in Taiwan.

Brand: Bike Hand

👤The crank puller is missing and I didn't open it up until today.

6. Olyeem Bicycle Motorcycle Portable Multifunctional

Olyeem Bicycle Motorcycle Portable Multifunctional

A great gift idea. A multitool with a cute snowflake shaped look can be a great gift for your family and friends. All in one tool with a sockets wrench, a lotted screwdriver, a sockets extension rod, and a solid wrench. Super lightweight and small to carry, Motorcycle repair tools kits can help you to fix most problems for your bike when you are riding outside. Good quality with durable: made of high-quality carbon steel and ABS material, professional workmanship, fashion design, durable, stronger and more effective. Special design for quick to take out and use the tool kit for repairing, and easy to collect and put them all together. It is portable and easy to mount and remove.

Brand: Olyeem

👤Good for the money. Nothing of high quality. It will get the job done and I will have it in my swing arm bag for an emergency update. My mirror was saved once on the road and another friend had a forward control linkage. The ends should get a blue loctite and it should be perfect.

👤This is essential for my motorcycle. I have used it many times to get my seat off. The screwdriver is difficult to use, but that is not a problem as it eliminates the need for me to carry a full size one.

👤If you own a motorcycle, you need one of these tools. It has everything you need to fix your bike. The size is small and convenient for storing.

👤The great tool for your motorcycle trunk has the essentials, but it lacks a place for it other than that, and it comes with a loose Allen wrenche to tighten it. I have what I need and it doesn't feel cheap. It is made in China.

👤It's a very useful tool for fixing your bike. I haven't had a chance to use the many features yet, but it appears to be well made and is about 3.5 in. 1.5 in.wide and 1 in. long. At the widest point. The tools fold out from a small size.

👤The tool seemed like it would be useful. I put it in the pouch on my bike. I pulled it out of the pouch and it fell apart. Not worth it.

👤I bought it for my boyfriend, who is usually carrying a backpack or saddle bag on the road, but we tried it out before buying, and most of the pieces were too hard to take out. The bolts or nuts couldn't fit on my bike.

👤This tool saved lives this summer. I run bike tours and people always have a problem, brakes locking up, seat at the wrong angle, etc. I didn't have to pack a bunch of bulky tools to get the job done because everything I needed was in one handy dandy device.

7. Hommie Mechanic Portable Reflective Multi Functional

Hommie Mechanic Portable Reflective Multi Functional

There are any quality problems of the bicycle triangle frame in one year. They can either replace it for free or give you a full refund. The same price, better quality, and more assured After-Sales Guarantee is whatNDakter provides. A lightweight and durable car package with a 16-in-one bicycle repair tool, 3 tire spoons, 6 glue-free tire pads, a frustrated tire piece, and a value-for-money suit. A 16-in-one tool, multi-purpose bicycle repair tools, include: one and cross screwdriver, one and 2.5mm wrench, one and 3mm wrench, one and 5mm wrench, one and 6mm wrench, and one and 2.5mm wrench. The bicycle saddle bag can be used to store tools and small things. The material used is high quality. It is very strong. If there is something wrong with the product, please contact them so they can fix it. They will respond quickly to satisfy their customers. The bicycle saddle bag with reflective strips on both sides can be hung at the rear to make night trip safer.

Brand: Hommie

👤My love for cycling has not waned even though my knees are failing. My electric motor assisted bike... It is not fun to be broken down on a ride. This kit and air pump will make sure that I will be back up and running quickly. A small First Aid kit would be enough.

👤It's a small bag that can fit under the saddle, but it's still big enough to fit in an extra tube with the tools. I didn't think it would fit my pump, but it did. The 16-in-1 kit has a multi-tool in it. The kit is not perfect, but it is quite good.

👤I like the design of the Giant REVOLT gravel bike. There is a lot of room for the inner tube and repair toolkit. There is a It is easy to assembly with the velcro straps. There is a It comes with a strap that can be used to attach a rear light.

👤I bought this kit because I was tired of having to walk miles back home after my tire was damaged on the street. I decided to buy the kit and fix the tire myself after I had already had a flat tire. There is a The bag is perfect for my saddle. I used the three plastic levers and didn't test the other tools in the set. There is a The tension between the wheel and the tire caused two of them to break. I switched to a screwdriver to finish the job because the third one broke. I will return the whole set.

👤I really liked this until I needed to use it. I bought a second kit for a different bike. If you try to use the wrench as a wrench, it only looks like a wrench, it's not terrible for the most part. The first time I tried to tighten down a pedal that had come loose, the wrench was useless. The little piece that holds the wrench in place was bent by the small amount of Torque put on it. I have a dozen bikes and had planned on ordering a few more of these kits, but will look elsewhere now. I have only bought 2 so far.

👤The bag is easy to install under the bike's saddle. It can be removed and attached quickly if you don't want to help bike thieves steal your bike. It has a patch kit, multitool, bike levers and a spare bike tube. There's more room for things like gloves and tweezers. You can add the bike pump to your frame if you don't have a bag, but it's not included in the bag. The bag can be seen in the dark with a backlight. I used the multitool to mount accessoiries to my bike, and it didn't cause any problems. I'm happy with the price and product.

👤The bag is small and has some basic tools. The bag has to be mounted in an angle because I had to remove a safety light and a reflector. The new styLe bags seem to be in this position. The red flashing tail light can be clipped on to the back of the saddle-bag with a new head and tailight bundle. It is difficult to get a spare inner tube in the compartment space. I have a CO2 tire-inflator that I haven't tried yet. The saddle-bag is decent for the money.

8. Pro Bike Tool Mini Ratchet

Pro Bike Tool Mini Ratchet

A Practical and Classic Gift for Men. You will need a multitool sheath organizers to make yourself look decent. It's a perfect gift for your dad, your boy friend, and yourself. Reliable and built to last with a high quality handle. Magnetic tool bit extender and 10 tool bits can be used to tighten bolts. 4mm. There are 6 The number is 8. T25 /T30 /PH1 /SL4. There are videos in the Related Video Shorts section. Convenient and stylish storage for the tool set and other small ride essentials can be found in the handy hard case pouch. It is a versatile and stylish tool that can be used for cycling and at home, perfect for small jobs at home and work. They are so confident in the quality of their products that if you have any product issues, they are very happy to either provide aRefund or aReplacement.

Brand: Pro Bike Tool

👤The bike multi tool is larger. I've never used a Sturdy as any ratchet. The standard sockets can be shared with any compatible screw gun. Works with or without an extension. I will not carry the case to save space. It would be great if there was a knob to stick over the extension's end.

👤I find it difficult to use, often useless, compared with other, more traditionally-shaped portable multi tool. I thought I could use it without the attachment. It's not easy to tighten something. I can't adjust the angle of the ratchet. The tiny tool makes it hard to tighten. The butt is hurt by the packaging. It was difficult to remove the package. I destroyed the package, so I can't come back. I don't think I do.

👤The bits are starting to rust. The tool kit is very convenient for me. The bit set is almost complete. It is missing a 2.5mm bit for Sram Force and Red FDs. When I am out on the road, I keep a Topeak Nano Torque bit with me for a complete kit. There is a If you want to keep the kit in a jersey pocket, you need to keep it in a plastic bag. I have owned it for about six months and it has started to rust. It's kind of sad. There are no signs of rust on the ratchet.

👤This kit is very good. It's small and easy to fit inside a seat bag or other, and it uses standard driver bits. If you want to, you can swap out the bits to fit your bike. If you want to get serious, you can get a mini Torque Limiter. The Fix It is a cheaper alternative. Sticks are the same as the Torqbit. I have two sets on my road bike and one set on my trail bike.

👤It will not get into the most holes on your bike. This was not able to reach the screws of the front derailleur and brake lever. They are useless for small screws. Buy multiple screwdrivers.

👤It's rare to purchase a product and get decent value. The tool is great. I didn't like the idea of spending almost $25 for a multi-tool, because there are so many other bike tools for less on Amazon. The tool is the real deal. A quality hard shell case with quality netting and quality zip ups. The details of the macro and micro are important. It feels good, and you know it's durable. There's a macro. The micro is the same as the mesh net design, and for me it's the quality of the zippers. I don't like having anything that opens and closes because I'm bound to break it. The case has a good zip. I'll have to change my review to 4 stars if it breaks easy on me. You get a nice little tool in a tight package. I've only used it a couple of times, but I love it.

👤When I ride, I keep buying bicycle multitools. Many of them are clever and well made, but they still have limited functions because they are small and they try to do everything. There is a A decent quality little case and a high-quality miniature driver are all included in this little tool set. The bits can be replaced if they get damaged or worn out. I find the set to be superior to the little clever multitools for most of the real world minor adjustments that I might do while I am on a ride. Excellent kit! Excellent warranty! Buy it!

9. Portable Inflator Maintenance Essentials Emergency

Portable Inflator Maintenance Essentials Emergency

The set includes a megaphone Exhaust pipe, 3 waterproof and Super Durable Motocards, an Awesome 24 Piece Sticker Pack, and all the tools for ages 6+. No electronics, 100% pedal power. No batteries are required. There is a limited product inventory, bike tool kit, bike repair kit, bike tire repair kit, bicycle tool kit, bicycle repair kit, mountain bike tool kit, bike patch kit, bike tools kit set, and more. The Mountian Compact Professional accessory supports the repair in a harsh environment and immediately continues to ride without danger. The Bike Repair Kit With Pump And Bag and Bicycle Tube Repair Patch Tool Kit are better than other similar products. You can use a nylon Velcro to hold the bicycle stand in place without losing it. Increasing your safety is their belief. This product is produced for experience, it is the most convenient bicycle indoor and outdoor tire repair.

Brand: Xch Robots

👤I would suggest this to someone who uses a cruiser bike or just rides around for transportation, not someone who is an avid road biker or mountain biker house, it would interfere too much and make moving at high-speeds awkward. When you buy tools, you get what you pay for, so I suggest spending a little bit more money on getting some strong reliable tools, a few of them have soft metal and I damaged them the first time I used them. This is great for someone on a budget who just wants to have peace of mind.

👤Don't buy this if you have an electric bike. The tool is too small for removing the bolts. There was no rubber cement in the package. I'm very happy. I have a flat close to home. I decided to use the tool kit to get back on the road. I would not have been able to get this kit if I had not been out. The shop is better equipped. I'll be making my own kit after this experience.

👤The threads holding the strap to the bag separated after just over a year of hanging off my handlebars. Very disappointed. Would not buy again. The year of 2021. I had a flat for the second time. The wrench snapped when I applied pressure on the wheel. 2.5 miles from home. This proved to be poor quality twice.

👤This is a good kit. It doesn't have the most pieces, and they're not the best built, but you're not going to pay over $75 for it. The bag is large enough to hold your keys and phone, which is a nice bonus, and it has the bits that you'll need the most if you get stuck on the side of the road. I would have liked to see a pressure gauge addressed. It's easy to put a $2 one in there, but not to include it. Some of the parts don't have elastic strap spots, and are floating around in the bag. This is a poor design choice to save money.

👤I used the bone tool on the first day but needed to make an adjustment. It snapped in half. It is weak and cheap. The carrying case hangs loose on the bike, the straps are not made to overlap so that you can tighten it to the bike. Buy something else if you want to.

👤I went to check the spoke wrench on my bike after I got this kit. The kit was already paid for. There is a The bike I bought had some defects. I wore out one side of my brakes on my first ride so I ordered new ones and installed them using the tools from this kit. I got a lot better using this kit because the rear rim was out of round. The front rim needs to be done.

👤A good set of tools. Couldn't give 5 stars because of the carrying case. The case is awkward on a mountain bike, the only place I could find to make it fit was on the top bar, it flopped on my knees and hit my knees.

10. Park Tool AK 5 Advanced Mechanic

Park Tool AK 5 Advanced Mechanic

There is a multi- funtional complete tool. The bike chain kit has a bike master link pliers, bike wear indicator chain checker, chain breaker splitter tool, and 3 pairs missing link connector. It is a perfect match for all your bike chain repairs. There are 36 carefully-chosen tools for a wide variety of bicycle maintenance. The guide to working on bikes is included. A great way to start or add to your collection of bicycle tools. A tray insert and small compartments are in the toolbox. There is a full list of tools.

Brand: Park Tool

👤I bought this kit in Summer 2020 after I broke a gear shift cable and couldn't find the right wrench. I decided to buy identifiable tools for bike repairs because I was frustrated by the fact that I didn't know what household tools were for. The kit has met most of my needs, and while I haven't used all the tools to make it a resounding great value, it has saved me the time of buying each individual part when needed. There is a Most parts are easily identifiable with either Park Tool's blue finish or their label, and the tools appear solid and have held up through repeated, although light, use. I noticed chain slippage in my usual bike as well as in a brand new bike that had a clearly-aligned rear derailleur. The local bike shop wasn't able to fix the issue on the new bike correctly after two visits after I bought the DAG-2.2 tool. I adjusted the derailleur on my old bike using the gauge, but then found the chain was worn and I had to use the CC-4 tool. After replacing the chain, slippage was limited to three gears, and I found the necessary tools in the kit to replace the rear cassette. It was easier to reach tight spaces through various adjustments. I'm very happy with the kit. If you own a bike with something other than the ones from Sram/Diore, you should check the Park Tool videos to see if you need to buy a cassette lockring tool or a chain tool. If your bike occasionally falls onto its right side, and you need to replace your disc brake pads, you should consider buying the hydraulic piston press.

👤It isn't a complete set of bike tools. It is very expensive. The Allen wrench is flimsy and could break at any moment. The picks are too small. The box has all the other tools in it. It does not come with break bleed tools. It is not worth the premium price.

👤I enjoy the construction tools. I think that Park is more expensive than it should be, but they are quality tools. The bike repair manual can be very helpful. I will be using these tools on my bike and others for a long time.

👤It seems like a great tool kit for a bike repair beginner like me. It would be great if it came with a Torque wrench. I had hoped the blue book would be helpful. Online videos are helpful to me.

11. Bikehand Heavy Precise Bicycle Wrench

Bikehand Heavy Precise Bicycle Wrench

There are cutouts for storage in the soft shell carrying case. The screws are mounted on the wood table or wall stud. Don't screw into the wall. The T-handles are perfect for comfortable use. The set includes 10mm sizes.

Brand: Bike Hand

👤Terrible tool. I have ruined 12 different devices that needed different sizes. The bikes that I ruined were neighbors and friends. I thought that their crappy bikes were the problem until I saw a rider with a seat cap that was too high on his Trek Project One bike. The bike hand tool ruined his locking bolt. The tools get stuck. I compare them to cheap Harbor tools because they have never ruined anything I own.

👤The ball end side is small and gets stuck in bolts. Not worth the money.

👤This is a nice set of tools. I would guess another store would have a similar set for less. The mics were thrown on them and the 10 were measured. Things got worse after that. The 8mm was measured at 7.94 and was on and on down the line. They all work well and are probably within tolerance for an allen wrench. If you have used MIP stuff from the RC car world, they are not as good as those drivers. The holder is great, but not great like the reviews suggest.

👤I have used it a few times for adjusting and maintaining my bike. I bought it because it was a fraction of the cost and I have not had any complaints thus far. The tool mount works well for me. I had a good place to mount it. Unless high torquing is required, I use the ball end most of the time. The short end is less likely to remove the nut. If needed, would buy again.

👤I have already used this set to adjust the tension on my gate hinge springs, even though I bought this set to work on my bike. I don't run a bike shop, so I don't know if the Park Tools set is better. The quality of this one is great and it will work for my needs.

👤These tools are easy to use and make the job easier. The T handle is comfortable and gives you more power when needed. They are a good value. If you work on bikes like I do, you need these.

👤When you need leverage or a long one, there is a really well made and substantial tool. I am happy that I bought them. They are ready to go when you need them.

👤I've been wanting a set of these for a long time, but have been hesitant to purchase due to the cost. I wanted a wrench that had a ball end to reach harder-to-reach screws. I've been using them for a while now and they are doing a great job.


What is the best product for bicycle tools kit set professional?

Bicycle tools kit set professional products from Pro Bike Tool. In this article about bicycle tools kit set professional you can see why people choose the product. Park Tool and Ruby-q are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle tools kit set professional.

What are the best brands for bicycle tools kit set professional?

Pro Bike Tool, Park Tool and Ruby-q are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle tools kit set professional. Find the detail in this article. Bike Hand, Olyeem and Hommie are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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