Best Bicycle Tires 27 X 1-1/4

Tires 20 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Levers ×1 75 Bicycle Interior Puncture

Levers %C3%971 75 Bicycle Interior Puncture

The size of the regular valves is 32mm. The tire width is between 1.75 and 2.125. Better air tightness, a longer lasting tube, and a high-quality butyl rubber compound are some of the benefits. Easy installation. The tire levers can help you get out of the tire. The nylon plastic tire levers are very effective. It is suitable for most bicycle wheels. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return the products for a full refund.

Brand: Zsflzs

👤The tubes were created in 2001 and 2003 and were shipped by the seller. The 2001 tube had 50 lbs of air. The tire is rated for 65 lbs. Don't buy from this vendor's stock.

👤Wrong size bike tube was delivered. I bought for the correct size. 262.125 I received 261 75/1. Wrong size! I didn't try to put it on because it won't fit.

👤The size listed was 26 X 2.125", but the tubes are marked with a different number. I can't remove the valve stem because it's screwed into it. It's so deep in the valve stem that my tire inflation tool can barely open it to add air. I have used my tire inflation tool on every tire I have owned. The tubes are not recommended.

👤I went to a couple brick and mortar stores to find the right size for my son's bike tubes, but they didn't have them. I pulled them out after they arrived. The inflation valve was sturdy, the rubber was good, and the tool to remove the tire was plastic. That was a bonus. The fit of my kids tire was perfect. Everything worked out great after inflating the tube. I was hesitant to purchase something online. I am glad I did. Will purchase again. The product is good, you get two tubes, and the tool is useful. Highly recommended.

👤Two different bikes were purchased with double packs of 26" tubes. I put these on the bikes so I could leave them inflated for the last two days of my vacation. Each of the two bikes had a flat within those two days. I have a 50% success rate with these. There is a warning. If you buy these, you will be paying more than the listed price. One of the flats was on a new never ridden tire that I just purchased and I did check each tire internally and outside for any punctures or debris in the tire.

👤I wanted to replace leaking tubes on my mountain bike. I had trouble getting the air supply connection to depress the schrader valve stem because they were easy to install. You couldn't depress the valve enough to accept air. I had to use a pair of vise grips to hold the valve stem as I pushed down on the air supply connection. I know that the problem was not my air supply connection because I couldn't get my tire pressure gauge to work on the tube valves and I have three different hose connections. The buyer should beware.

2. PACK Tubes PRESTA Bicycle Sunlite

PACK Tubes PRESTA Bicycle Sunlite

It was designed to reduce flats. 48mm Presta Valve, Threaded with a Core. If you have an old inner tube, please check the side of it for the correct valve size and length. Adding a little air to the tube is a must when changing your bicycle inner tube. This gives it form so it doesn't get twisted or bunch up. Once the new tube is installed and fully inflated, only add a few PSI to form the tube. You should be able to see an even bead of the tire on both sides. Re- inspect the tire bead to the rim after inflating to half the desired PSI. inflate to the recommended air pressure if the beading is all the way around on both sides. If the bead doesn't hook properly on the rim, the inner tube can slip out between the tire and rim and then explode.

Brand: Street Fit 360

👤Most of the negative reviews for these tubes are because the 60mm valve length is not threaded. The 32mm and 48mm stems are threaded, the 60mm is not. A standard weight tube is less expensive than most other brands. If you get lucky, your local bike shop will sell the Specialized brand tubes for $8. The Street Fit tubes are made by Sunlite, a good maker of inner tubes, and they cost me less than $6 per tube in the value pack. I think that's a good deal. I have no issues with mine and I will keep buying the cheaper tubes until I see a reason to switch.

👤The tubes blow in every instance. I have ridden less than 10 miles on three sets of tubes. The tubes blow close to the valve. I am assuming that the machine used to hold the tube produces a round that punctures the tube. I thought I had done something wrong two times, but three times is the charm. I only rode this bike once after putting the newest tubes in. I put it on the road. When I hit 80 pounds, the tube blew. Wow, given that it's rated at 112... It was a big let down. I will not recommend these tubes to anyone.

👤I can't recommend these brands. Bike tubes are the type of thing you buy and they sit on the shelf until you need them, but they turned out to be unreliable. One of the tubes was installed a year ago. Since the tube was installed, the bike is rarely used. It was used four days ago and got a flat. There is a It wasn't a puncture. A hole was created where the stem meets the tube. The location made it impossible to patch. These things happen again. I filled the 2nd tube to 1/3rds pressure after installing it. All was fine when I checked it the next morning. The bike has not been used since the 2nd tube was installed. I was expecting it to be a problem at the stem/tube connection. It was not. The tube split. There was a small separation on the rim side of the tube. It could not be patched because of the location.

👤Three of the four Sunlite tubes that I bought in the last month have failed. I'll give that one the benefit of the doubt, but it could've been a pinch flat/install error. The valve stem core failed in the same way as the other two. I will replace with any other brand if the fourth one fails this week. Look elsewhere? If you can! This is not the fault of Amazon or the seller, the price was good and shipping was good.

3. PACK Tubes PRESTA Bicycle Sunlite

PACK Tubes PRESTA Bicycle Sunlite

The package includes a bike repair tool kit, a portable carry bag, and a metal RASP. Easy to collect, quick to take out, and easy to use the tool kit make it easy to put all items together. The Presta Valve is Threaded with anRemovable Core. If you have an old inner tube, please check the side of it for the correct valve size and length.

Brand: Street Fit 360

👤My bike is a light trail bike, but it gets ridden a lot. When the tires were worn through, I decided to replace them with new ones. For thousands more, that set of tubes lasted. There is a I put on a new rear tire and set up my CX indoors on a trainer, because my Kenda mild knobbies were loud on a trainer. When I removed the training tire a few weeks ago, I accidentally pinched the tube with the tire levers and poked a tiny hole. There is a I only needed one of the two packs of tubes, but I used my mountain bike in the meantime, even though they normally last me years at a time. Throw the Kenda back on after opening a tube, mount it to the rim. Set the bike to the side so that it can be ridden the next day. There is a The rear of my bike is flat. I will censor my next few words. I pulled the tire and tube off and checked my rim, rim tape, and tire for any issues. All is clear. If you want to try for a tube, grab tube #2, mount it, and head out to the trail. The tire is losing pressure 15 miles into the ride, and things are feeling a bit squishy. I was fortunate to find a trail side pump, but I didn't bring a mini or inflator. I pump it back up when I am on tubes. I took the bike out for 22 miles and put it in my car. It was un loaded the next morning and completely flat. 0/2. These are just junk tubes, I am perfectly willing to admit when I goof up and ruin a tube. Even if I had a third sitting on the shelf, I wouldn't use it at this point, as I would be worried about it failing and waiting for it to fail.

👤Why do you have to spend so much time making a product like this? A short presta valve. Thanks for wasting time. If you don't know anything about the cycling products industry, you should turn your factory into an animal rescue center.

👤I have a bike for both road and single track trail riding. It is very difficult to get tires to seal on the rim without tubes. Tubes are prone to pinch flats if not inflated with higher pressures on trails. The traction is reduced by the higher pressure. I can run lower pressures and avoid pinch flats with the help of the tubes and tubeless sealant.

4. Continental GatorSkin DuraSkin 2 Count Folding

Continental GatorSkin DuraSkin 2 Count Folding

Sidewall protection is lightweight. The item's package height is 10. The package length is less than 4. The package width is less than the item.

Brand: Continental

👤I bought used tires for the Giant Defy 4 Road Bike and Continental Race 28 700x20-25c Bicycle Inner Tubes. The bicycle is very fast. The ride was jittery because of the old Gatorskin 23mm tires. The 25mm tires absorb the rough surface of the streets and make the ride very supple. I would not advise against puncture proof tubes. This is close to a tubeless setup without the price and tire-slip. Racing tires are too soft for street riding. The wire bead version of the tire is 315 grams, compared to the folding Gatorskins's 480 grams.

👤I don't have a lot of miles on these yet. There is a I think the rims I have are tubeless and designed to fit tires tightly. I have the same issue with other tires. I prefer not to use tire levers, but they are necessary. A little soapy water on the bead helps. I don't know how they'll last in the long run, I haven't put a lot of miles on them yet. They were thrown on my bike and I wanted a tire that was puncture resistant and comfortable for commute. There is a I've only used them on roads and bike paths. I ran them around 85-90 PSI with 700x32 My previous tires were 32mm, but with a lot thicker tread. These feel more responsive and lighter. They offer more grip because of the rubber compound used. Due to less tread, they are pretty quiet. There was no buzz or hum. I was surprised how much they improved my ride. The tires changed the ride more than I expected, even though they were supposed to be a little faster and more responsive. The ride feels more like a bike. I would definitely recommend them. I don't ride over broken glass, thorns, thumbtacks, or spike strips often, so I can't say much about the puncture resistance. I've had no problems so far. I put these on a Trek. A basic hybrid commuter, carbon fork, and basic groupset. I've been looking at the Trek Checkpoint. I'd like to put these tires on a gravel bike and do some group rides and climbs on the road.

👤Never buying from Movatik again. The GatorSkin tire is one of the best I have ever used. This is not the norm. I replaced the tube with a blow out after less than 100 miles on the tire. My back up tube "blew". The tire separated near the rim allowed the tube to "pinch out". I had to call support 42 miles into the ride to get a lift. I had to walk 2.5 miles in a heat index of 105+ to get to a road that was close to the paved bike path. They are waiting for the manufacturer to respond and send me a new tire. Their customer service was poor and their correspondence stopped responding the last time I purchased from Movatik.

👤Not going to lie. Thought they would be a little more difficult than they were. I need to replace the tires on my road bike because I have a route that I have ridden for years. I was swayed by the positive reviews and saw some mixed ones. The tires failed to perform. It seems that these tires don't hold up as well as I thought they would, and that's no different from the road conditions that I am aware of. I ordered a set of tires at a higher price point. Hope they hold up.

5. Bell RideOn Universal Bicycle Tube

Bell RideOn Universal Bicycle Tube

Made heavy duty from quality materials. They do it right by making dependable and durable inner tubes. Count on it! High pressure blow outs are prevented by mold cured rubber. The inner tube was reliably tested. 35mm with cap is the valve type. It's great for Mountain bike tires.

Brand: Bell

👤The gum walls of my 1981 Schwinn LeTour were starting to crack after decades in storage. The tubes were ordered about 3 years ago. It never held air over night after it was installed. The other tire and tube can be put in the original packaging. I checked the tube with soap water after dismounting the first tire. I decided to change the other tire and tube while I was at it. It was flat to 90 PSI per the spec. The seam blew about 5 inches. Where can I buy quality inner tubes? Been on wheelbarrows, bikes, lawn tractor, etc. In the past few years, there have been many times. Either the whole seam blows or it keeps tearing at the seam a little at a time. When I dismounted the tire of my plane in 2010, I found an original 1940 inner tube from my Stearman that had been patched 14 times and was still flying. I still have it as a souvenir, even though I replaced it. NotRECOMMENDED.

👤It's not worth replacing a cheap price when it breaks. Go for a little expensive one, this is the last few days for me, now I have an order for a new one. There is a When you are riding away from home, there is an additional hassle.

👤I bought this tube for my bike. I can't say that it works. It was easy to do and held air for over a month. That seems good to me. I put between 60-90 pounds of air in the tires. I bought a bike tube. My tire was small. There were no issues with the tube in the tire. I can't comment on "durability" since it's only been a month.

👤I thought it was a high quality tube. It exploded when I tried to blow it up. I used the tires recommendation of 102 pounds because there was no instructions on the box. It popped when I reached 80 pounds. I had a tube blow up for the first time in my 20 years of bike riding. You should spend a little more money and get a tube. I was not on the bike when it happened. You should take your chances if you buy one of these tubes.

👤These are so cheap that I was skeptical about them. I can tell after a year on these that they are the same as any other tube. Tubes won't help you avoid flat tires. I had a flat tire all the time. No more flats after I installed good tire liners. My friend bought expensive puncture proof tires and got few flats while riding the same distance. If you want to avoid flat tires, you can save some money by buying tire liners instead of the tubes.

6. Helonge 700x25 32c Bicycle Presta Hybrids

Helonge 700x25 32c Bicycle Presta Hybrids

Useful for adding extenders or using Revo Sealant. The tire width is between 1.1 and 1.25 inches and the outer diameter is between 700 and 28 inches. The Presta Valve has 48mm. It is compatible with 700x25C/28C/30C/32C or 28x1/1.2/1.25 or 25/26/28/30/32-622. Their cycling tubes are round cured to ensure roundness. The construction is seamless to ensure roundness. High-pressure blow-outs are prevented. The bicycle tube is self-sealing. The tube is heavy and has nice thorn resistance. Leave your worries behind. The common tubes have great performance in puncture resistance and endurance. High butyl rubber has better airtightness, heat resistance, and durability. Dust is prevented from entering by using a highly airtight nozzle.

Brand: Helonge

👤I have only had one on my bike for 3 days, but it's great. Tubes are a perfect fit on the rim, and the install was very easy since I was told to do it the way I was told. This will be my first stop if I have to purchase more. It depends on my 2nd and further rides.

👤These are inexpensive tubes. I thought I would try. The presta valve wouldn't open with finger pressure, it took a small plier to loosen. It was trash because it was not able to accept air via the pump. I think I'll stick with tried and true tubes.

👤I tried inflating both tubes to 60 psi, but neither would hold that. I ordered two more tubes with the Schrader Valve, hope they work better. The price I paid for the Helonge tube was not worth it.

👤After a little tune-up, my husband put these into his tires. The tire was flat, and they didn't last for one ride. There was a hole near the air pin in the tube.

👤I bought it for spare in my long rides, I haven't tried yet, I'll update as soon as I use them.

👤I got a pack of two, the first one exploded after I pumped it, the second one was inflated but not as evenly as the first one. If I had to guess, I would say the advertised size is bigger than the actual size, so if you are at the high end of the size range, don't get this.

👤I have never seen tubes that cheap. They don't have the powder that other tubes do. I used baby powder to help install them. They have a shiny rubber. They seem to work. Time will tell how long they will last.

👤One side of the tube fills up more than the other. The tire is not even. Couldn't use either tube.

7. Schwinn Replacement Kevlar Hybrid Comfort

Schwinn Replacement Kevlar Hybrid Comfort

Rolling resistance is low. Schwinn bike tire with puncture guard has a folding wire bead and a Kevlar tread center that reduces punctures and makes for a sturdy replacement. A worn tire can be replaced on a hybrid or comfort bike. The tread has shallow knobs that can be used on pavement or dirt. The steel bead makes the construction durable. Before mounting the tire fully onto the rim, make sure the inner tube is deflated as much as possible. Before mounting the tire fully onto the rim, make sure the inner tube is deflated as much as possible. Schwinn's hybrid cruiser tire has puncture resistance and is thorn resistant. Look for Schwinn replacement bike tubes.

Brand: Schwinn

👤Sasquatch pay the full price. I'm giving these 5 starts for an excellent combination of affordability andDurability. I have had these for a while now and they still look good. Are they special? I don't know. I got them for a good price. They are doing their job. The answer is no for those of you that are wondering if these things are so cheap that they fall apart immediately or have some kind of problem. There is a If Sasquatch helped you make a decision or if you enjoyed the review, mark him helpful. Sasquatch likes that.

👤Four stars until we can use them to tell about longevity. Everything was packaged nicely and shipped the same day with Prime. I have ordered other tires through Amazon and they come in a flat box so that the tire is not distorted. The tire is packed into a small display box after being tight rolled and zip-tied. I was worried at first. The display box and the way the tire is zip-tied are shown in the attached photos. There were no problems installing. It was easy to put on the 26" rims without using additional tools. I replaced a pair of standard knobby mountain bike tires with these since my son rides mostly on concrete. I'm hopeful that these Schwinns will have an effect on his mountain bike, as he had taken to using my road bike for the lower rolling resistance. The tread pattern is tighter on these tires. Attached are pics. I like the tires. Hopefully they will hold up.

👤They are not Schwinn tires, they are not Schwinn tires in a Schwinn box, and they don't know how they are being allowed to continue this false representation. You can't beat the price for a tire. They are a much thicker and heavier Duty rubber lining, so don't think they are lined with Kevlar. I use plastic flexible inserts in my bike tires to help prevent punctures from things like small pieces of glass, thorns or other road debris, which is why I use Mr. Tuffy's in all of my bike tires. No matter what, nails would go through any tire. I only give 4 stars because of the false advertising on the tires, but Innova have been making tires for years and years for tractors, cars, lawn mowers and bikes so they are not some cheap company. We will see how long these tires last. I'm happy with them so far.

👤My child can bike to school if I switch my mountain bike tires to this comfort bike tire. If possible, keep them away from the Slimes tubes. It was a smooth ride. Schwinn seemed to be a better value and I decided to go with it. I put the tires under the sun for 30 minutes to make them softer, and they were a little stiff at first. It was easy to install, it is a 3 in a scale of 1-10. Tubes and tires fit nicely around the rim once installed. This tire is great for those who want to upgrade their mountain bike tires to comfort tires. I bought two more tires for my son's bike because I love them so much. The Sunlite Standard Presta Valve Tubes, 26 x 1.90, work great with these tires. I decided to add some pics and instructions after reading a lot of comments about the difficulties of putting on tires. 1. Add enough air to the tube so that it will form a circle. Put the tire around the tube and rim after you slide the valve through the rim. The tire is not pushing in yet. 3. Push the tire into the rim by focusing on one side. Make sure the blue line on the tire is no longer visible before you start. Don't worry about the other side of the tire. 4. Push the tire into the rim and go around the whole tire until you get one side of the tire in. 5. The rim should be flipped over to work on the other side. Start from the valve and push the tire into the rim. 6. Resistance will be encountered when you get to about 7/8 through the tire. I used a wrench handle to push the tire in. Don't use a sharp tool. 7. Slowly filled the tire with air. The valve nut needs to be tightened. Make sure the tube is distributed by bouncing the tires a few times. There are 8. Make sure the tire is completely in the rim and not the blue line. Continue until it is complete. Each tire took me about 10 minutes to complete, and I used just my hands and a wrench. Hope these pictures help.

8. Continental Ride Trekking Bicycle 27x1 1

Continental Ride Trekking Bicycle 27x1 1

The continuous center tread has good rolling characteristics. Extra Puncture Belt has puncture protection. On all rides, the durable casing and long- lasting tread impress. Ready for the higher speeds of E- bikes. Rolling resistance is low.

Brand: Continental

👤700 x 23mm is the measurement of my 2012 Specialized Roubaix. There is not much room for large tires. This is a bike. I thought the size 700x 28 tires would be a tight fit but they were a little bigger than the race tires. Wrong. When mounted, they measured 23 across. Mild gravel roads were handled well. I ordered the 700x28s for my wife's bike because I wanted something a little bigger, but I didn't want to have to return them. I have been happily married for over 25 years. Take note. The 700 x 32 tires measure 28 across when mounted to my race wheels. There is a lot of clearance. They handle the gravel roads well. They have a nice feel to them. Would not be the first choice for a paved road ride. The recommended tire pressure is 70 and they absorb some bumps. Light gravel and limestone are very well handled. Very safe. They are very attractive. They are not for people who want to mount. You definitely need tire mounting things. I really like them! They turned my road bike into a bike that I can use on some gravel roads, and we have a lot of gravel roads out here.

👤I've been riding Continental City Ride tires for about 20k miles until they discontinued them and went to the City Ride II. I thought these tires would be the same, but they are not. In all weather conditions in Colorado, I'm 80% concrete surface and 20% dirt. Good grip in all conditions. As compared to Continental City Ride, Con has high rolling resistance. The difference is dramatic. There is a There is no reflective side. The City Ride II's design includes siping across the face of the tire, which is not a solid center. I am a huge fan of Continental tires. I'll try them out.

👤Went from California to Kentucky. I bought these Continental tires. Traveling from Kentucky to Arizona. Thank you for these tires.

👤The 700x42 version was the one I got. Not my first set of rides. I know what to expect. There is a These are big mean tires that have a lot of tread. Handles going off road are very smooth. The rubber tread is very thick and will last a long time. As expected, tougher then nails, glass, thorns, and wire. flats are not an option for you, but you don't want to use solid tires, so you get these. Downside is that these roll are only marginally better than solid tires. They are heavy and inflexible. I put up with the loss in speed, for the gains in tread life, and all terrain function.

👤The tires arrived in 2 days. There seems to be some controversy about Continentals size. I ordered a 700cX35 and it showed up as a 700cX28. The 700cX32 was actually 2mm wider than the previous 35mm tire that was 30mm wide. The metric is different in India than it is in Germany. Someone must have a correction chart. There is a The tire has a thicker belt and deeper tread than most street tires, and I used my 30 year old rims with only the last 6 inches to balance it out for a heave tire. There is a Rolling resistance was down even though the cyclo cross tire was harder to ride. The deep tread on the tire feels like it's drifting in a hard turn, but 10 pounds of air in the back makes that feeling go away. First, check the size. There is a I'll have to find some thorns.

9. Schwinn 27 4 Inch Self Sealing Tube

Schwinn 27 4 Inch Self Sealing Tube

It works on most 12.5-Inch bike tires. The tube is 12.5-Inch in diameter. Each tube has a valve. Don't let your bike go flat with a replacement tire on hand.

Brand: Schwinn

👤I used my last tube out of this pack. I thought my wheel was malfunctioning and that the leaks in these tires were due to it. I took the last tube out, aired it up a bit, and sprayed it with soapy water to find the leak. There was no puncture from not using a rim strip. The metal and rubber meet on the valve stem. I wish I had tested all the other tires because this is a manufacturers defect. I don't ride on places where I could get thorns or glass because I never did anything that caused them to pop. I wouldn't use these tubes. I spent money on something that was not up to par for the job. If I left the bike sitting for a few days, the tubes would leak.

👤I'm pretty sure this was a mistake by Schwinn. The tube size was larger than it was supposed to be. I didn't realize the problem until the tire blew off. I used the old tubes with the new tires. Before installing, make sure the tube is against the rim.

👤The last two batches I bought had valves that failed, so I'm downgrading my review from 5 stars to 3. After putting air into a tire a few times, the valves got plugged with the slimy sealant, and it took a while for them to be okay. I had a few that failed out of the box. I just bought the most recent batches, and the vendor is still selling old tubes, so either the factory hasn't fixed the quality problem, or the vendor is still selling old tubes. My original 5-star review was from before I got all the bad valves. These tubes are the best I have ever tried. You will get less flats if you use self-sealing tubes. If you buy puncture-resistant tires. Schwinn self-sealing tubes, Mr Tuffy tire liners, and Serfas drifter tires are my favorite combination. I'm not sure if Amazon will allow me to post a review mentioning these brand names, but I have ridden for years on roads covered with broken glass, and now I rarely get a flat tire when I use this combination.

👤The inner tube was removed from the rear tire and checked for burrs, sharp edges, and debris. The Schwinn inner tube was slightly inflated. Aired it up using a compressor. The inner tube burst. It was loud enough to make my ears ring for a few minutes, so I should have worn ear protection. The inner tube was slightly cheaper than the competitor's, even with tax included. The rear wheel and tire should be checked. Found nothing. The store bought inner tube was installed. Took it on a test ride after airing it up to 40psi. There were no issues. Everything was fine after the next day's ride. There is a I probably got a bad one. It seemed as though the inner tube the store bought had a slightly thicker wall and/or tougher rubber compound. It was not as flexible as this one.

10. 2 125 Replacement Schrader Mountain 1 75 2 125

2 125 Replacement Schrader Mountain 1 75 2 125

Make sure the inner tube matches the size of the tire, inflate it a little before the installments, install the valve correctly, and make sure the nut is locked after the installments. The road and mountain bike replacements are high quality. TUBES are compatible with a wide range of road, mountain, and BMX bike tires. The inner tubes can hold tires from 1.75-inch wide to 2.125-inch wide. The inner tubes are compatible with both kids and adult bikes. Dynacraft, Huffy, Ozone, Roadmaster, Schwinn, and Titan bikes are compatible brands. The inner tubes have strength and flexibility that contribute to their effective shock absorption and vibration dampening properties. The inner tubes will absorb the impact and vibrations, so you can perform stunts and ride over bumpy roads. First, safety with explosion proof. In. TUBES - don't worry. The inner tubes won't explode even if they are subjected to hard pinch flats, overinflation, cuts, or large punctures. Their replacement inner tubes are tear resistant. The inner tube will create an instant seal around the perimeter of the cut and puncture holes. There are 26 inches X 1.75/1.955/2.125. Inches of inner tube. The inner tubes should be inflated with standard bike pumps. There is no need for an accessory. Compared to other types of valves, the Schrader valves are easier to pump, more robust, and fit most standard rims.

Brand: Calpalmy

👤The merchandise was in good shape when it arrived. The tire tubes were described on the bag as being in the size of 1.75/12.95/2. 215. When we took the tube out of the package, it had a size of 1.75/1. We returned and ordered a different tube.

👤It's perfect on a 26x2 rim. The six were pressurized to see if there were any leaks. There were no leaks found. It seems like good quality. It was worth the money to me. Would buy again.

👤I had several bikes with flats that were worn out. The fam's Mt. bikes and beach cruiser were left out of the pack, but I was able to get them back on the road last weekend. I appreciate the assistance with the tire levers.

👤I was surprised that I bought these thinking great deal. Only 4 would fly. I have two new tubes that won't work. I was thinking about returning them. It's not worth the effort.

👤These work great for a house with a lot of bikes and were a great value compared to store pricing, I couldn't find them in store last fall.

👤The new tube was just like the original. It is not self sealed so the nozzle does not get stuck. The value is great.

👤Wait and see if you fit well. The bag is un branded. Let's hope they hold up.

👤I am not happy with the inner tubes. There are holes on three of the inner tubes. I had to patch them up and I had two patches already on one of them. I won't buy these again.


What is the best product for bicycle tires 27 x 1-1/4?

Bicycle tires 27 x 1-1/4 products from Zsflzs. In this article about bicycle tires 27 x 1-1/4 you can see why people choose the product. Street Fit 360 and Continental are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle tires 27 x 1-1/4.

What are the best brands for bicycle tires 27 x 1-1/4?

Zsflzs, Street Fit 360 and Continental are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle tires 27 x 1-1/4. Find the detail in this article. Bell, Helonge and Schwinn are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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