Best Bicycle Storage Rack for Garage

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1. TORACK Mountain Foldable Horizontal Reinforced

TORACK Mountain Foldable Horizontal Reinforced

StoreYourBoard in Troy, Virginia, created the patent pinching design. The design is foldable. The bike rack is easy to put down and the bike hooks are foldable. The mountain bike storage rack is portable. To place two large mountain bikes, you need to turn the front and back of the two bikes in different directions, and if necessary, tilt one bike slightly. You can build Lego in your own way. Bike storage for bike rack can be found in the garage. Excellent durability with anti-rust, anti-crack, anti-scratch, and anti-slip functions. The load-binding design is triangULAR. The bicycle rack garage wall is made of heavy-gauge steel and can hold up to 100 lbs. GS certified the bike storage hook. Safety guaranteed! It's easy to install an electric drill. Installation of paneled wall sheeting must be located to solid structures. Installation hardware included. It's easy to install an electric drill. Installation of paneled wall sheeting must be located to solid structures. Installation hardware included.

Brand: Torack

👤Do you need horizontal storage for 2 bikes? This works. Make sure to face the bikes in opposite directions. One of my bikes has straight handle bars, but the other one has short curved bars, which makes it difficult to fit it in a tight space. There is some contact between pedals and wheels. This works well for the price. An extra long screw was used to support the top hole. This is the only option in a rack of this style.

👤It works! It is easy to use and sturdy. I bought three of them. I'm a woman in her 50s. I installed these and hoisted two hybrid bikes that fit perfectly. I was able to get my daughter and road bike. The design of the bike mounts is similar to several car mounts for bikes, so I think people who don't know how to take a bike on the road may not have experience. Get it. It is a great space saver. When it is not in use, the genius design allows you to fold it. Make sure you check your clearance when you install it. The road bikes fit across the mount because of how the stem is designed. The bike mount is great.

👤I have tried different brands and sizes of mountain bikes. I tried a lot of combinations of bike directions. There is a One barely works, but gears, pedals and brakes are mashed into each other. That combo was hard to imagine, it would likely damage bike components over time. Maybe if you have two of the same bike, it's fine. Most of us will curse. Unless you're pretty sure your bikes fit, I don't recommend. Don't use the junk screws they have. There is a My plan was to have 2 bikes on top and two under for storage.

👤On no planet will this fit my mountain bikes. I tried every combination backwards, but nothing worked. There is a I am going to mount one bike above the other because this is sturdy and I love the shelf for my helmet and shoes. It may work for two bikes if they are both the same geometry, but not with the robust components and wider handle bars of my bikes. There is a The quality of the rack and shelf is very nice and it feels secure on the wall. I like the fact that the shelf can fold flat if not used.

2. Koova Storage Bicycles Cruisers Mountain

Koova Storage Bicycles Cruisers Mountain

The quantity is 2 pieces and the Rim is 3.3 inch. Koova Bike Rack is a sturdy, easy space-saving storage system for bikes and helmets. It's simple to mount on a garage or shed wall. The hooks hold the bicycle until you are ready to ride. Hardware needed to mount in minutes is included. The bikes should be resting on the hooks. Up to two helmets are out of the way when storing your bikes, so it's a good idea to store them neatly. The steel component is cut and powder coated. Their innovative design supports the bike's weight while rubber encased hook cradles are not damaging the rim, tires or spokes. Water bottles, tubes, and other items are on a utility shelf. All bikes are compatible. You can hold your road, hybrid bikes and beach cruiser in one spot. Ample space between bikes allows for quick dismount. Fat tires? There are 3”+ sized hooks available. Koova's Bike Storage Racks are guaranteed to last. They offer a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. They will repair, replace or refund your money if you are not happy with a product.

Brand: Koova

👤I have always stored my bikes in the garage. I started talking to the owners of the bike shops and looking at the line. The Koova system is the best of the best according to the other reviewers. The bike storage rack has a top gun. To me, the most important thing is the wide of the tire and the properly-angled hangers. The J hook design used in the systems I had seen looked less sturdy, complicated or worse, and it made mounting a two person operation difficult. The helmet hooks are an added bonus. Everything can be stored in a single location. I bought the six bike rack. Three children were riding their bikes at the time of the review. You might see tire marks on the wall now that bikes are mounted. Not a dealbreaker. I'm sure I can come up with a solution. I had a question about the ideal height of the hanger channel above the floor to accommodate my cruiser bike. Within a few minutes of sending an email on a Friday afternoon in July, I got a nice reply from the founder, Mr. M. Richards. I know I made the right choice because of customer satisfaction.

👤It's very easy to install and hold 4 bikes. I don't know how you can get 6 bikes on this rack. The extra brackets were used to hold tie downs. It's easy to move the bike off the rack.

👤It's the best on the market. This product is worth every dollar. I couldn't get 3 bikes to fit, so I was confused. The CEO reached out to me after I wrote a review and explained that the middle bike and 2 outside bikes are supposed to be handle bars up. You can maximize the space by doing that. It's rare to have a CEO. It is advisable to send a gift for the confusion as well as go to this level of customer service. I left a review for the Koova Garden Wall Mount. Another great product from this company. I bought a second one because I liked it so much. In the picture, I only have a small portion of the sets up. I put 3 bars together in each set. The 4th bar is on a different wall. This is by far the best unit out there. Is easy to mount and durable. I told you that I have 30 items on my wall. It is not even 2 full sets. It looks organized and not cluttered. A good one.

👤This was the easiest bike wall mount I have ever installed. It can fit 6 bikes top to bottom. We have a mountain and road and it is not an issue. The only thing that happened during installation was the head of the mounting screws being twisted off. It needs to find another one and mount it lower. An extra in the package would be nice.

👤This is an excellent bike rack. If I had ordered the 6 bike mount, it would have been sent as a set of 2 mounts that are about 32ish inches long. If you don't have the space on a single wall, you can mount in 2 different locations. There is a It came with all the necessary hardware. I put it into concrete. I used the same screws as the included lag bolts. It worked fine and did not cause any issues with the bike mounting hardware. It was very easy to install. I received a package in the mail that contained additional screws because there was a report of lag bolts sheering, which seems like a small company. I would buy again.

3. Dirza Bike Wall Mount Rack

Dirza Bike Wall Mount Rack

Lifetime warranty is provided by them and they stand behind their product. If you don't like it, just return and they will give you a full refund. TIRE TRAY: The tire tray on the wall mount bike rack keeps the wall clean and makes the bikes look better. The bike hanger is easy to install. The bike storage system is suitable for any size of stud, because of the straight line screw mounting holes. The space saver is located in the middle of the room. If you want to keep your garage clean and tidy, you can get the bike off the floor by using their bike hanger which is great for apartments, garage, indoor and small room. The wall mount bike storage system is not compatible with bicycles with tire width over 2.5" Strong and safe. The bike hook is made of heavy duty iron and weighs up to 1.25 lbs per unit, which means it won't bend and last forever. The bike holder has an excellent suspension capacity with a single bike holder bearing up to 65 lbs. The unique safety hook design makes it hard to accidentally release the bike, but it's easy to store and detach the bike. High quality. The garage bike rack has a rubber cover on it to protect the bicycle wheel from being scratched. The design of theangled hook makes it easy to hang and take off the bike, but also uses the force of the wall to diffuse the pressure of the bike wheel. Good service. They are behind their products. The bike is built to last. Their service team can help their customers. You can contact them if you have a question. They're happy to help. The bike storage system needs to be installed on a concrete wall or a stud behind it.

Brand: Dirza

👤These are pretty good for the price. They are keeping my wall clean. There is some work involved in using these. The ones that came with the set did not work, so you will probably need some other anchors. I don't know if they are the right size or if the screws are too short to split the anchor so it will grab, but the top two pulled out of the wall as soon as I tried to put any weight on it. I ended up hitting the studs. There is a If these are going into a tight area, I wouldn't recommend them. The bike comes off to the right, but you have to push the bike so far to the left that you can't get the wheel off the hook. I have a bike that hangs 16" apart and I have to move it to the right to get it off the hook. That is annoying. We had to move them from the spot that we originally wanted to put them so that we would have more room to maneuver the bikes. There is a The mountain bike didn't fit. It wasn't that the tire was too wide, but that the tire and rim were too thick. I had to bend the hook to get the wheel over the tray. It would be fine if there was a bit of play so that the bike didn't rest as straight or as soft as the other bike. These are decent hangers. The price is great, but it depends on how many bikes you have, where you want to store them, and what kind of tires you have.

👤We painted the pine board white and it was easy to install. I screwed the pine board into the studs with 2.5” screws. The bicycle hooks were screwed into the studs. I did not use the wall anchors. I wouldn't use the anchors to affix the bike hooks. The bicycles are heavy and I wouldn't trust wall anchors in dry wall. The set up is very sturdy and very small.

👤If you want to keep your walls protected, then this is the set for you. I got two of them and they were installed in minutes. It's a tip. It's a good idea to hang the top one first and then set the bike in the top hanger to make it a perfect fit for your bike.

👤I've had this for a while. The bullet point is easy to install. You don't need directions, but you have to measure distances between hooks and plates. That can be a drag. It all depends on how much space you have. The wall anchor screws don't work. Go to the hardware store and buy the nice anchors. It could cost you an additional $3-$6. There is a The construction is good. Take notice. The hook plate is too short for me. I have a lot of bikes. All of them have 700c wheels. The hook plate is touching the wall. When the tire is deflated, the wheel contacts the wall even more. It is not an issue if you don't care about it. This product failed because it was one of the reasons I got this. There is a This is a good product, but the bullet point is above.

4. ZPARIK Storage Adjustable Bicycle Apartment

ZPARIK Storage Adjustable Bicycle Apartment

The package has a bicycle wall hanger, 8 screws, and an Allen wrench. The details of the product may be slightly changed with the improvement of the product. Saves space. When using a bicycle wall mount, put the beam down and put the bike on it. The hook can be folded up when not in use. It works well in your home and more. The hook length can be adjusted to fit the distance between the bicycle and the wall. The length of their bicycle rack before and after adjustment is 13 and 17 inches, respectively. It holds bikes up to 30KG. The hook can fit for all types of bicycles by adjusting the screw and keeping the bike level, like mountain bikes, road bikes etc. The arm of the wall mount bicycle hanger has a rubber cover to protect against bike paint damage. The sturdy and durable construction is designed to protect you bike better by holding the bike frame instead of the rim. Installation tips include attaching the hanger to the wall with anchors. Unless there is a wood stud behind the wall, don't mount the hanger on the dry wall. Installation tips include attaching the hanger to the wall with anchors. Unless there is a wood stud behind the wall, don't mount the hanger on the dry wall.

Brand: Zparik

👤It is a good option. I'm not giving 5 stars because they don't send proper screws. They need to send screws for concrete and drywalls. I had to attach a piece of plywood to the stud first in order to fit the base over it because it is larger than a stud. Some people put in the comment to place it in an angle so one role on the top of one side and one on the bottom of the other side would be screwed to the stud, but this awkward set up would bug me forever.

👤The stud is wide to mount on, and the clamps for the bike don't tighten enough.

👤Unless you want the pain of your bike scratched, don't buy. The metal washers on the edge of the unit are designed to touch the frame if you scratch it. I am very upset that my bike frame was scratched by using this garbage.

5. CyclingDeal Bicycle Floor Parking Stand

CyclingDeal Bicycle Floor Parking Stand

The rigid design of the rock solid base allows a secure base for awkward cycles. STABLE: The bike floor rack has been changed. The two holding plates with tire grooves are at an optimal holding angle. The feature ensures bikes are held in the stands. You need to fit 6 bikes in the stand if you put your bikes in different directions. One front and one back wheel. If there is large space, the bikes could be inserted from both sides. Strong. The stand is made of high quality steel. The black finish is powder coated. It is best to use indoors. The front and back plates hold the up holder. The bike holding stability will be affected by the wide holder. The bike stand holders are linked together so it is easier to use. Please watch the video in the listing. COMPATIBILITY: The rack is designed for all wheel size bikes, from the smallest to the largest. The tire width is 2.5. The back of the bikes should be inserted into the hold so that they sit in the front. The bike rack could not be touched by the disc rotor. The bike stand holders may be touched by bike hubs. You can order now and pay free. They can provide a 5-year warranty on their product.

Brand: Cyclingdeal

👤This product is very good. It's heavy, stable, and holds our mountain bikes securely. The video instructions have a bunch of bullocks. If you have two people and are a zen monk, you should not follow those instructions. It looks simple, but only on the video. If you follow them as recorded, you'll end up throwing it away or out your window, which could be fatal for a poor old lady trying to walk her Yorkshire terrier. Poor little Yorkie. To make this easy, build each stand as a separate stand and snap them together. It will be easier to keep everything lined up if you screw in the bolts that hold the sides of the tire holder. I wish someone had told me that before I tried to follow those directions. Maybe my neighbor Yorkie would be a good mother. There is a This is a quality stand and really worth the money we spent on it. It's long enough to fit all of our bikes and holds up when there's only one on the end. I gave this 5 stars, but I removed one at my physicist's request. If you get this stand, you will not be disappointed. Remember the dead.

👤It works great for our bikes. There are three adult bikes and three kids bikes. You have to take your time putting the bikes in. Each child can do it. It helps organize our garage. We preferred this over hanging. How could our kids not get hurt? They couldn't. The hanging or wall ones are great for older teens and adults.

👤We've been tripping over bikes for a long time and this solved the problem after half an hour of assembly. I didn't watch the video and the drawings were not good. If you've ever put together anything from ikea, you can handle this. It's a good thing. It's nothing fancy, but it does the job it's designed to do very well. We needed to put some in front wheel and some in rear wheel first. The bikes fit that simple modification.

👤It is easy to put together, but not level. It works fine for what we need.

👤It's easy to put together. I bought a bike stand. I had to assemble about 15 minutes. I had read that it was difficult to assemble and instructions were poor. I found it easy to assemble the instructions for these people as they are not capable of putting gas in their vehicle. I get a kick out of people bashing a product when it is their lack of ability that is the problem. If you need a nice bike rack at a cheap price, this will suffice.

6. Ultrawall Storage Hanger Garage 300bls

Ultrawall Storage Hanger Garage 300bls

Their first priority is your satisfaction. If you have a problem, just leave a message and they will find a solution that will make you happy. Large capital: The garage wall mount bike rack could hold up to 300 lbs. Bike storage can be tailored to fit your needs by attaching space to the rail. There is safety. The sturdy safety hook design is ideal for your garage storage. The bike storage rack is easy to attach and move around on the rail. Heavy duty mounting hardware. Bikes are not included in the kit for wood stud,drywall,create or brick wall. The material for resilience is powder-coated steel. The sleeves are scratch- resistant. The steel construction has a finish. The material for resilience is powder-coated steel. The sleeves are scratch- resistant. The steel construction has a finish.

Brand: Ultrawall

👤I was able to fit 6 bikes by alternating them. I would recommend installing on the studs. If you like clean walls, you may want to put up a sheet of plywood. The bikes will leave tire marks on the wall.

👤They make things look better. We have a large family with a lot of bikes. They are perfect.

👤This was purchased to hold four bikes in our garage. We have six bikes, but there is no way you can put six of them on this storage rack. Unless you have three bikes for 5-year olds. It is 4' across, and even if you put the bikes on it alternating front and back tires, it would be hard to get six across. I'm sure the manufacturer will say something different. There is a I had to put in some framing to make it work because my location was not on a wall. If I mounted this on the wall, I would recommend putting some tires pre-painted on the wall to protect it against tire marks. To keep the bikes vertical, I'm going to install a couple of 1.5 inch diameter pipes across the railing. There is a The instructions were very bad. My instructions show that this mounting rack is sold with garden tool hooks. There is no mention of how high to mount it, no mention of locating a stud so it can carry the weight of all the bikes you plan on hanging on it, just vague sentences. If you are going to mount this on a wall, I would recommend putting a strip of 1 x 4 across three studs with 3 screws going into the studs. The bike rack can be mounted to the 1-1/8" x 4-1/8" hole. I'm not sure how much stress this puts on the rim of the tire since it is carrying almost all of the weight. It isn't bad for the price.

👤The bike rack is perfect. It comes in two pieces. I put a 24 inch rack in one location and hung 3 bikes there, and the second 24 inch rack is available for 3 more bikes in another area. The mounting screws and plugs are provided in the instructions. The garage I have has a plastic garage tech wall panels which I did not need the plugs for. I installed both pieces in 15 minutes. There is a The rack and steel distribute the weight evenly. If you use a high speed drill with a screwdriver bit, be careful with the screws as they can strip. The hooks are larger than I expected. I hope you are as pleased with the rack as I am.

👤How well the plastic anchors hold up in a Florida garage? I installed it by the instructions. It is 24 hours later. I said this to my wife last night.

👤Did not have enough screws or anchors. The anchors it comes with are for brick walls only. If you want to hang this through a dry wall, wood or anything other than brick, you need to purchase your own anchor and screws. I used a very strong anchor and screw for the drywall that can hold up to 250 lbs per anchor and with 3 kid bike's on one pad, it was too heavy and pulled several of my anchor and screws out. The metal surrounding the screw hole was broken when it pulled my anchor out. I don't recommend this product until they provide customers with the appropriate hardware. It took us an hour to install and another hour to pay for it. I'm not happy.

7. Delta Cycle Leonardo Storage Vertical

Delta Cycle Leonardo Storage Vertical

Good service. The bike is built to last. They are behind their product. If you don't like it, just return and they will give you a full refund. The Space Saving Bike Wall Mount securely stores any bicycle up to 40 lbs off the floor. The Leonardo bike rack garage has a hook shape that makes it easy to access bikes. Your next ride is close by. Installation is easy with these bike hooks for garage wall. The peel-and-stick rear tire tray protects your walls. The contemporary design of the anti scratch coated hooks has a rubber coated bike hook. The bike hanger hooks are available in either a premium silver or black powdercoat finish and look great in any room. Over 1 million cyclists trust their bike's in Leonardo vertical bike racks. For over 30 years, Delta has been a leader in bike storage. The A+ customer experience was designed and engineered in the US.

Brand: Delta Cycle & Home

👤These were easy to mount. We used a piece of 1x6 Poplar and created our own steampunk style bar for the rear tire, instead of using the stick on the rear tire mount. They look great in our office.

👤The hook on this rack is so heavy that it's hard to slide your bike onto it. It takes a lot of spinning to properly orient the bicycle because the red padding slides down. The red padding is becoming difficult to use after a few months of use. The mess around the hook has resulted in a lot of scratches on my wall. I bought a second bike with a straighter hook last month and it's way easier and more efficient than the first one. The new hook is so annoying that we fight over it.

👤It is very easy to install a power drill and stud finder. It's not much to say. My son installed it himself. The package had to be opened before the bike could be hung. If it fails, I will update the review, otherwise 5 stars! There is a Dead simple instructions: 1) find wood studs 2) mark where the front tire will touch the wall 3) measure 12 inches above that mark, 4) drill a pilot hole in mark above, 5) line up the rack

👤It does not fit for mountain bikes. The wheel does not sit in the base when the hook is locked around the rim. The tire rubs on the base's side loops when the wheel is towards the top. The base should be centered on the wheel. There is a I bent it to make it fit. Vice grips and a pipe wrench were used.

👤I own a carbon fiber Trek bike. Our apartment doesn't have any building storage so I had to put it in my bedroom. I settled on the $9.78 Delta Cycle Leonardo bike rack. This is a total life saver space saver and I couldn't be more pleased. There is a The bike is mounted between my closet doors and wall shelving, which is about 8 inches of space. To keep the wall from showing the tire scuffing, I used a black vinyl strip and a Mr Clean magic eraser, but any wall paper can be used. No anchors are included in the kit. You should buy a pair of sturdy anchors. The weight limit for the Delta mount is 40 lbs / 18 kilo, so keep that in mind when shopping for a bike rack. There is a I hope it holds up, I couldn't be happier with this!

👤The first one we bought was fast but the packaging was torn apart and the items were thrown into the bag. We attached the rack to a concrete wall with Tapcon screws because it had no scratches or broken pieces and was holding up well. There is a The second order came on time, packaged neatly, a few scratches but no serious damage, and came with the screws, but the screws are the weak type almost like plastic. If you want to avoid having to do everything over again, you should toss them and get a few sturdy tapcon screws. There is a There is an edit. One in March 2020 and the other in June 2020. Both are holding up well. If it's placed with a lot of pressure on the edge of the front tire, it will deflate it. Great rack, still. Would still recommend.

8. TORACK Storage Vertical Bicycles Organizer

TORACK Storage Vertical Bicycles Organizer

You can order now and pay free. They can provide a life time warranty for their product. It was made in Taiwan. The finish rails and sleeves hooks are coated with a powder. Bike storage solutions are perfect. A rail interlock design. You can display or hang your bike with 4 rails and 11 hooks. The snap-hook design of Torack makes it easy to adjust the hook spacing. 64 inches extra long rails are assembled. It's easy to organize and clean your garage with the torack bike racks. The wall-mounted bike rack and helmet hooks save space. There are wide size hooks for bikes. Hang up fat bike tires. It's suitable for mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes, hybrid bikes, adult bikes, and kids bikes, scooters, etc. Hanging up and taking down your bike is easy with wide size hooks. It's guaranteed to be safe. There are rails and sleeves coated with rubber. Excellent durability with anti-rust, anti-crack, anti-scratch, and anti-slip functions. Heavy-gauge steel construction is used for safety loading. GS is certified. It's easy to install, you just need an electric drill and a level to make sure it's lined up in a row for mounting on the wall. The wall collapsed in 16 inches. Installation of paneled wall sheeting must be located to solid structures. All installation hardware is included. It's easy to install, you just need an electric drill and a level to make sure it's lined up in a row for mounting on the wall. The wall collapsed in 16 inches. Installation of paneled wall sheeting must be located to solid structures. All installation hardware is included.

Brand: Torack

👤It's not particularly difficult to install, and seems to be holding our bikes just fine. Some reviewers have noted that the segments are not long enough to span across the two 16" joists. They are designed to butt up against each other. You have to angle the screws into the wall in order to be sure you get the screws into the wooden studs. If you have basic skills with a home drill, you won't have a problem. Would buy again.

👤I bought this item because I have two fat tire bikes and the item is advertised to handle them. The frame flexed so much that I took the bike off for fear of it falling, even though the hook fits the bikes' wheels. The only way I could use this item was to mount the frame and hook low so that the bike rests on the floor. A couple of garage hooks would have cost less than 10 dollars. I would have given the rating a zero if I could. It may work for kids bikes.

👤It only holds five bikes. You will have a hard time getting individual bikes off with that many. I drilled a hole on the top of the wall and added an extra screw because the track that mounts to the wall flexes in the center.

👤The product was given with bolts meant for brick walls. There was no information on the page or description. I paid $60 for a product that I am not able to use due to the bolts coming out the wall. Doesn't hold a kid bike.

👤The rack is strong. Only 4 full size bikes will fit on the rack, so it was a good decision to order it. It is still a very strong rack. If you don't put a stud in your wall, then you should use a larger wall anchor. Due to the weight of 4 bicycles, it will pull out of the wall with the help of the anchors.

👤There are 6 bikes that fit and one can easily access them. The caps at the end of the tracks look cheap.

👤It is easy to assemble and save a room. The item works for the studs on the center, but the trick is to hang the front and back tires at the same time.

👤The mounting screws don't align with the wall stud spacing. Some of the screws are in the wall and some are in the studs. The bike rack is ripped out even with the molly's. There is a It won't let me return this item, but I would like to.

👤There were only brick wall plugs. I had to buy a piece of timber and bolts to secure the stud behind the garage wall. Without taking a bike down first, access to helmet hooks is difficult. It's better to have them than not. I will buy another rack soon. It's useful to fit 12 bikes in less than 3.5 meters of wall space. There is a The hooks are fully down. There is a It is supposed to have lots of bikes in a small space.

9. Garage,Hanging Bicycles Helmets Adjustable Mountain

Garage%EF%BC%8CHanging Bicycles Helmets Adjustable Mountain

There is an after-sale service. They offer a 2 years warranty and 24 hours e-mail service support, if you are not happy with the bike stand floor, just send an email to them and they will give you a 100% no question asked return or replacement. Place the order now! The wall bike rack accessory is included. The wall bike rack garage kit includes a pack of screw, a load-bearing bicycle hooks, and 4 slide bars. The quality is high. The bicycle suspension brackets are made of 304 steel and are cut, formed and powder-coated in their own factory. The foam on the surface of the bicycle hooks protects them from scratches. It's easy to install. There are expansion screws in the package. You just need an electric drill and a spirit level, and you can have it installed in a few minutes. The bicycle can be placed in different directions to make use of the garage space. The space is called "organiZing space". With a unique design, you can easily adjust the distance between the hooks, freeing up some valuable space for your garage, which is very suitable for cyclists. If you have any questions during use, please send an email to them at any time, they will help you solve the problem in the first time. If you have any questions during use, please send an email to them at any time, they will help you solve the problem in the first time.

Brand: Longads

👤During prime days, I got this idea. It is definitely worth it. I feel like I have reclaimed my floor space. It's easy to install. It took an hour.

👤There is too much space next to the pulley wheel. Between pulley and housing is where rope can get caught.

👤The design was very poor. Not very strong.

👤These are helpful. We put the two that we bought in our garage to hold our 10 bikes. Great purchase.

👤The bike rack was the solution for the amount of bike I have collected.

👤The bike rack is affordable. It is easy to install.

👤Mountain bikeTies are not easy to fit in hooks.

👤The producto es excelente. Es fcil de instalar.

10. Dirza Bike Wall Mount Storage

Dirza Bike Wall Mount Storage

Their first priority is your satisfaction. If you have a problem, just leave a message and they will find a solution that will make you happy. The length and angle are adjusted. The bike rack can be adjusted to fit different bicycle frames with the help of a hook and the angle can be adjusted from 0-360 degrees. Their bike hook can save space, but also allow the bike to be placed at a certain angle and position that you are happy with. The garage bike rack has a unique feature that it can be folded and adjusted in length. Put the beam down and put the bike on it. It can be folded up when not in use. Anti-scraTCH and resistance are two things. The sponge protects the hook from scratches. You can use with confidence any of the rack types. The bike hook is protected from rusting by powder coating. STURDY: The bike storage rack is made of thick steel. The bike rack weights up to 2.6 lbs. It holds bikes up to 66 lbs/30KG when 4 screws are installed. It's strong enough to hang most bikes. It's very easy to install a garage bike rack with the included tools and screws. It can be done with a drill and screwdriver. Unless there are wooden stud behind the plaster wall, do not install on it. It's very easy to install a garage bike rack with the included tools and screws. It can be done with a drill and screwdriver. Unless there are wooden stud behind the plaster wall, do not install on it.

Brand: Dirza

👤I wanted to mount my Trek Mamba 29'er Mountain Bike on this bicycle rack. The weight is 42 lbs. Issues were noted. There were four mounting bolts, but no Allen Wrench to tighten the bolts on the steel collar that goes into the wall-mount. 2. The mounting plate is supposed to be mounted into a wall stud. The mounting holes are different at the top and bottom of the mount. You can only mount the rack using one top and one bottom, or you can attach a wooden backing plate to the wall and mount it to the backing-board. 3. The mount for the top rail/cross-bar and the inadequately- knurled post stem was mounted into the mounting brackets, and the plastic sleeve on the mount was tightened as tight as possible. There was nothing that could be done to prevent this, as the cradle post had no high points to adequately bite into, and hold the bike in the desired position. There is a If the weight of the bike is equal from front to rear, but not equally balanced, the cradle won't hold it's position. An aluminum-framed bike such as mine was too much for the rack and it went into the trash can.

👤I have two bikes, a 30lb mtb and a 25lb BMX bike. They are wide to catch a single stud. I used different screws andanchors to catch the other 2 bolts that were rated for 30 lbs each. The other thing is that if you position the bike in a way that you don't want it rotating, you have to tighten the clamps all the way shut.

👤I just installed 3. There is a Can the distance from the wall be adjusted? It's easy to get the bike on and off the rack. It's easy to install the bike. Only 2 of the holes in the mounting plate can touch the stud. Instructions said to use wall anchors for parts that aren't touching studs. None of the 3 came with wall anchoring. My husband drilled holes in the center of the brackets. It would have been nice if it had come that way.

👤These are supposed to be used for mounting into a wall. Installation instructions show the anchors. The anchor sets are missing.

👤The bar is at an angle because I have a girls bike. The hook has to be at an angle because I want my bike to be somewhat straight on the wall. I screwed in the rack as tight as possible, and the rack would slide if I hung up the bike. This hurts. I will be returning it because I am sick of dealing with it.

11. Gootus Bicycle Storage Horizontal Adjustable

Gootus Bicycle Storage Horizontal Adjustable

Their premium utility hooks are an excellent addition to your garage, basement, or shed. Today is the day to start your garage organization. Hang and store your bicycle horizontally, which is convenient for storage and disassemble. The angle and length of the bicycle storage rack can be adjusted to fit different bicycle rack angles and shapes. The bike wall mount is made of heavy-duty thick steel and has a load-bearing capacity of up to 66 pounds. It is suitable for all types of bicycles. The bicycle rack has arms that can be adjusted. Put the beam on the bicycle when you use it. It can fold the brackets to save floor space, which is very suitable for apartments, homes, garages and sheds. The bicycle hook is wrapped in a sponge, which will help protect it from being scratched, and will give you a strong, durable and sturdy bicycle wall mount kit. The garage bike rack is easy to install. It can be done with a drill bit and screwdriver. The bicycle wall mount should be placed on a strong column, beam, masonry or concrete wall. Unless there are wooden pegs behind it, don't install the bicycle hanger on a wall. Please contact them if you have any questions. The garage bike rack is easy to install. It can be done with a drill bit and screwdriver. The bicycle wall mount should be placed on a strong column, beam, masonry or concrete wall. Unless there are wooden pegs behind it, don't install the bicycle hanger on a wall. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Gootus

👤This is probably the worst product I have ever ordered. The "expansion screws" in the doc do not expand. Look at the first picture for a view of the result. I bought larger screws that didn't correct the issue. I was able to get the anchors out of the wall with needle nose pliers. The second picture shows why they came out so quickly. At the very least. The instructions in the 3rd and 4th pics don't give a clue as to why the expansion screws failed. There are some "mystery parts" that were shipped with the item. I don't know where these are referenced in the enclosed doc. I went out and bought proper anchors and installed it anyway, even though I wanted to send it back. I will never buy another product with the brand "Gootus".

👤I don't usually write reviews, but this one is well deserved. I bought this a week ago, and after three days, the expansion screws were broken, and my bike fell, because they didn't support the weight of my bike, which is up to 66 pounds. I tried to fix it, and bought more expansion screws to make it more reliable. The screw expansion broke again after three days. I wish they could pay for the repairs to my bike. Don't buy this unless you want to bike on the floor after a long period of time.

👤The design of the rack does not allow it to mount all four holes on the stud. It doesn't look like it will last long because the mounting hardware is flimsy.

👤Absolutely junk. Can't keep it from moving. Wouldn't waste your money. Would not give it any stars.

👤Likes when not in use. My gravel bike's tube is not 100% parallel to the ground, but it can be accommodated with a swivel. The anchors and screws do not grip the wall board. That is important for the top screws. I picked up thicker, better quality anchors that spread out on the inside as you screw them in.

👤This item spins on set screws and won't tighten, so when you hang your bike it falls off. Try everything possible. Garbage and angry.

👤I couldn't make the nut tight enough to keep the arm from moving. It's not going to fall apart, hung up the bikes and work well.

👤I had to fit my bike in my garage so I could keep my car inside. This was a great solution.


What is the best product for bicycle storage rack for garage?

Bicycle storage rack for garage products from Torack. In this article about bicycle storage rack for garage you can see why people choose the product. Koova and Dirza are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle storage rack for garage.

What are the best brands for bicycle storage rack for garage?

Torack, Koova and Dirza are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle storage rack for garage. Find the detail in this article. Zparik, Cyclingdeal and Ultrawall are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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