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1. Maveek Bicycle Waterproof Protection Resistant

Maveek Bicycle Waterproof Protection Resistant

It's easy to store when not in use. There is a draw string in the storage pouch. You can carry it when you are cycling. 3 bikes,fits for mountain bike, electric bike and city bike up to 29" wheel size. The non-stretched dimensions are 200 cm L x 105 cm H x 120 cm W. Make sure you order your bike before you do. The 190T nylon and PU coating is thicker and more durable. Special designed at the bottom to help stabilizing the cover, strap and buckle on the bottom keep the cover secure on windy days. Pepels water is heavy duty and UV resistant. It protects your bike against rain, snow, wind, dust, scratches and sun damage. A bicycle cover with a storage pouch is included. Saving space is achieved by folding.

Brand: Maveek

👤I just bought a bike cover. It was delivered today. I searched the internet for a cover for my trike. The overall length of the tricycle is 80 inches because of the extended basket. The tricycle covers are too long for this measurement. The cover is made for 3 bikes. It fits perfectly. See the photo. I don't need to put my basket back in its original position. I will update the cover'sDurability at a later date. The bike is outdoors in Florida. Will look at the material to see if it holds up.

👤The cover is the same as advertised. I use it to cover 2 large E-bikes on my rack mounted on my Class C RV, but it's only for 3 regular bikes. I'm in the middle of a 3000 mile trip and it's working great. I wouldn't rate it in 5 stars because of weight and durability. I only used it for a day. I'll see how it holds up after the next two weeks. It is very small and easy to pack back into a carry case pouch when not in use. The price seems to work well. This cover held up perfectly. I'm ordering a second one for my bike rack.

👤I bought this bike cover a couple of months ago to keep my two bikes out of the elements. It's easy to take off and put it back onto the bicycles when I need to, and it doesn't blow off or rustle around like my old blue tarp used to. Even when it gets a little windy, the elasticized edges and strap keep the tarp down. If you want to keep your bicycles out of the sun and rain, this is the cover for you.

👤It has ripped 2 months after it was purchased. The corner of the basket went through like tissue paper as he put it on the bike. Very disappointed. There is a I bought this cover for my trike. It fits perfectly. There have been storms. I put it on from the back end. I live in a place where the wind blows at 40mph. It has stayed put so far. I had it for a few months and had no issues with ripping or tearing.

👤In the summer it gets really hot. I was hoping that the silver color would allow it to last longer than black. The material became brittle and began tearing after a year because it couldn't handle the sun. I tried to be careful but it got so brittle that I couldn't move it. If you live in a warm climate, you should avoid riding your bikes in the sun.

👤I wouldn't try to fit another adult bike in this cover. The item came in the mail and was used the next day on a road trip. The product was ripped at every seam from the wind as we arrived at our destination. I would only recommend using this for indoor storage in non windy conditions. Will not purchase again. We got what we paid for.

2. ShelterLogic Outdoor Storage Waterproof Reusable

ShelterLogic Outdoor Storage Waterproof Reusable

There is a storage bag in the package. It's easy to pack up and transport, making it an ideal tool for most trips. A 6 x 6 x 6-foot frame made from all-steel is thick. Bonded with a premium powder-coated finish that prevents chipping, peeling, rust, and corrosion. The coverage is waterproof. Grey cover is made from an advanced triple-layer rip stop that is waterproof and UV-treated to resist fading. The cover tensioning system ensures that the cover is tight and neat. The Easy Slide Cross Rail System locks down frames for the initial and continuous frame. The dimensions are 6' x 6'. The interior dimensions are 5'8" x 5'9"

Brand: Shelterlogic

👤I'll try to keep it short. I think this is a great deal. I only use a few pieces of equipment at my 11 acre wooded property, so I needed a place to store them. I looked at plastic sheds and couldn't justify the money for them, and a portable building was out of my budget. I found this shed at ShelterLogic. There is a It was easy to setup. People who have no mechanical ability are trying to put this shed together, even though the frame is falling apart. Common sense is not common. These people don't know the difference between a crescent wrench and a set of vice grips. If you're one of these people, you should use duct tape on the joints where the poles connect. If you have common sense and a shred of mechanical ability, you should keep going. It took about 3 hours to put it together. I had a cooler full of drinks in the middle of the woods, and I was by myself. I took my time, took a lot of breaks, and I found that putting this thing together is a cakewalk if you can read and decipher a picture. There is a The shed has been up for a week and it's been raining and storms. I went out to check the shed and it was solid. It wasn't flustered by the strong winds. I think throwing down some bricks is a good idea. I used Lowes for the 3212"x pavers. I took them from my truck and threw them on the ground inside the shed. I only care about function, not leveling. Cheap, durable, and waterproof. What more do you want?

👤The unit doesn't have any hardware to hold the pieces together, aside from four places at the bottom. It was difficult to put together because it falls apart whenever you try to move it. I was hoping that once the cover was on and the straps were tightened, it would stay together better. The cover is not strong enough to hold this together and I had to tear it apart to keep it from falling apart in high winds. The cable ties and nuts didn't work. The entire thing upended when the cable slipped through the nut during a good breeze. The unit was tied to the augers with baling string. I don't know what happened. The poles that slide through the bottom of the cover disconnected and separated, so the feet that attach to keep the cover tight spun, releasing the tension on the cover and I got to watch as the entire thing just collapsed and the only thing left standing were the poles tied to the auger. Shelter logic knows that their covers wear out within a few years so instead of improving the product they have a replacement cover program that is less expensive than a new one, and this unit is not worth what you pay. If you see it funny, get a larger one that comes with the hardware that it won't fall apart. There is a The photo shows what happens in the wind. The bottom half comes apart when the straps are off.

3. YardStash Bicycle Cover Bikes Trikes

YardStash Bicycle Cover Bikes Trikes

Buy with confidence under their life-time Guarantee Policy. If you don't like the bike rain cover, you can get a replacement or full refund. Protect your bikes from the ground up with an easy solution to outdoor bike storage. The bicycle cover is large enough to shelter up to 3 bikes from dirt, dust, rain, snow, and UV rays. YardStash bike covers are designed to protect dirt bikes, 29er, beach cruiser, motorcycle, snowmobile, tricycle, moped, and other two- and three-wheelers with baskets or racks. This bike tarp is built to handle tough conditions while keeping the rain out, with UV protected fabric, a 600D heat shield, sealed seams, and air vents. WIND RESISTANT - Each outdoor bike cover is waterproof and features elasticized hems and 2 buckled drawstrings to secure the perimeter and provide reliable protection from strong winds. Their waterproof bike cover has reflective strips for enhanced visibility at night, along with large front eyelets for an easier time locking up. Their waterproof bike cover has reflective strips for enhanced visibility at night, along with large front eyelets for an easier time locking up.

Brand: Yardstash

👤I don't usually post reviews because I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon. I like the cover. It is easy to fit over two adult bikes. Both Treks. It is too snug up. It is a strap that goes underneath. The bikes are in the back of the travel trailer. I use it once we land, even though I don't use it while I'm traveling. You can get the cover back into the carrying case by holding up the cover. Have you put it back in the carrying case? We will see how it holds up, but I am very satisfied.

👤I decided to give that well reviewed cover because I have to store my bike in my back yard. It arrived quickly, looked good, and came with a bag. I used the cover for three days and it rained some. It's lo! This cover is not water proof. Water resistant is a good thing. Maybe 'water averse'? It hasn't stopped my bike from getting wet. A small hole has been developed on the top of the cover. It's not water proof or durable.

👤This cover fits over my adult tricycle. It seems to be more durable.

👤There is a bike rack on the back of the travel trailer. We have been looking for a cover for two years. I thought it might fit our needs. We tried it out last weekend and it fit over our bikes. We put bungie cords over the wheels to keep them in place for the two hundred mile drive. It looks like it will hold up in the weather. It has two large plastic grommets at one end which are good for attaching bungie cords. I wish they were at both ends. This is sturdy and well constructed.

👤A bike cover large enough to cover my beach cruiser is what I have been waiting for. I have a bike that is 76"L x 32"W x 52"H with a rear cargo rack and I am able to pull it just enough under the front and rear tires because of the YardStash XXL cover. I'll be covering my bike with a cheaper cover when I put it outside, even though the underside of my bike is exposed. I rarely do product reviews, but I'm very happy with the size, look and quality of this cover. I inspected all the seams, drawstrings, and top heat shield and found them to be strong enough for outdoor protection. The real test will be to see if it can hold up under the Florida sun year round and frequently hit by the rain. The YardStash cover has a two-year guarantee, so I'll definitely be holding them to that!

👤The Yardstash cover is designed to cover the top of the bikes, but it is not wide enough to fit the handlebars and the seat and rear wheels. This prevents you from storing the bikes with one handlebar at opposing ends from the other as one of them will not have its handlebars under the thicker material and will be subject to puncture. This is what happened to me. I will lay a heavy material across both handlebars to prevent future punctures. It would be great if they made them with a rectangular shape. I still like the cover. The cover completely covers our two bikes, so it got 3 stars.

4. Keter Factor Outdoor Backyard Storage

Keter Factor Outdoor Backyard Storage

The rubbermaid deck boxes are designed to last even in harsh weather. Premium features such as double-wall construction and weather-resistant materials provide a safe place to store your pool accessories, gardening equipment and more, and add an attractive decorative element to your deck, patio or pool area. DIMENSIONS External is 51” W x 74.5” D x 85”H, Internal is 44” W x 67.5” D and 82.50” H. The roof weight capacity is 15 PSF. The storage capacity is 140cu. Ft. is a large area. Resin construction is made from plastic and steel reinforced to ensure it will last. It isdurable: It will not peel, rot or rust. Natural light and air circulation can be achieved by skylights and windows. It'sTILE: Use as a storage shed for a lawn mower, garden tools, and patio furniture.

Brand: Keter

👤This storage shed is very nice. The delivery was on time, it was delivered quickly, and the sholders were friendly and professional. I chose to install it in the only small space it would fit in because the space is quite long but limited in width. The person who installed this type of shed was very good. I have a very even brick backyard area in my condo, and it was suggested by Keter that I place it on treated plywood, however, the installer had another idea, he actually built a base with treated 2 X 4s and placed the plywood on top, just to be certain there It is strong. I was worried about the installer coming alone because I was told it takes two people. Setting up stand alone shelving units that I already owned was one of the tasks he completed in 3 hours. When I complete my current project, I will fill it with filing boxes and use it for other things. There is a The skylight looked like an electric light and the window looked like a light source. I am very pleased and amazed. I called Keter several times to get information before I made the purchase. When I sent photos of the area, I told them the pros and cons of the two sheds that would fit in my area. I have not yet placed any items in the shed, but I checked it out because I was concerned that the installer may have taken a quick route since he was alone and completed it so quickly. There is a The roof is very strong and I was not able to budge it. I live in Southern California and the area the shed is in is between my building and a very large building next door, so there is no concern about wind. I had been looking for a shed that would fit in my space for a long time, but was hesitant to buy it because it was so flimsy and difficult to install. I'm happy that I made the right decision.

👤I've assembled a lot of products in my life. I have learned that I need to use my imagination to get the job done. There is no way to attach the door to the unit because of the wrong hinges. You can't get the roof installed if you can't attach the door. After a full day of preparing the foundation, I have a skeleton of a shed that I cannot complete. There is a The material is cheap and flimsy. One of the wall panels fell on the ground during the setup and almost broke off. Most parts have plastic overflow that you have to clean up with a knife. There are holes for screws and snap on parts that need to be re-drilled because they are covered with plastic. Larger parts need a lot of effort to be attached to each other. Excellent idea and size, but poor execution by Keter!

5. ZCOINS Waterproof Outside Protective Mountain

ZCOINS Waterproof Outside Protective Mountain

There is a storage bag in the package. It's easy to pack up and transport, making it an ideal tool for most trips. Stronger fabric. Their bike cover is made from high-quality 210T nylon, which is more durable and waterproof than those made from 190T or 210D nylon. Can last years of wear and tear. It won't rip, grab or puncture easily. There is full protection. This bike cover is waterproof and UV resistant. You can protect your precious bikes from the damage caused by heavy rain, snow, dust, scratches and the sun with the help of it. There is anti-theft and heavy wind protection. Extra security can be achieved with Front Lock-Hole Design. The bike cover will be secured with the Buckle Straps. No matter how heavy the wind is. The Elastic Design makes it easy to use. Allow for cover to be easily removed from the bike with the reflective safety loops. The can fit 1 bike up to 29 inches or 2 bikes up to 26 inches. It's ideal for Mountain Bikes, Beach Cruisers, Mopeds, and Bikes with Baskets, Baby Seats or Racks. The package includes a bike cover, a storage pouch, and a bike seat cover. Excellent After-Sales Service is guaranteed. Feel free to contact them at any time.

Brand: Zcoins

👤My bike sits on the porch exposed to the elements and I bought it to protect it. I went through a week of rain and winds over 20mph. The bike was nice and dry, and no problems yet, with the cover straps giving way. It was easy to ride the one bike. The extra cover for the battery is small. I use it to cover the monitor. This would be a tight fit for 2 bikes. If you can do it. There is a I would order again at this price point.

👤The material used to make windbreakers was used to make this product. I used it to cover my bike in the winter and it seems a little late for my needs. It wouldn't cover the whole bike, it kept pulling up and revealing the tires, not really protecting my bike at all. It needs to be bigger and it needs to wrap around the bike for me. It has been too long since I sent back my bike, which is pulling up and Shrinking.

👤I'm not sure how it would fit two bikes.

👤I bought the cover for one beach cruiser only thinking that it wouldn't be big enough to cover both of them, but it fits perfectly, it's water resistant, and it protects your bikes from getting rust and leather seat damage. The price is reasonable and I would recommend it.

👤It's a great cover for rain and snow, but it's not big enough to fully cover a 63 cm bike. The frame and wheels are covered but there is a lot of wheel show at the bottom. I'm sure it's better for a bike that's slightly smaller.

👤The cover fits over my bike. It protects from rain. The bag to store the cover is a bonus. It is very easy to install and uninstall the phone holder, it should fit most phones.

👤We got the electric bikes to carry on the back of the motor home. We went to Maine for 6 days and the covers kept the bikes dry.

👤The cover has been through several storms. I found my bike, which is stored on a bike rack behind my RV, and it was completely dry and clean. The cover still looked new. I've already recommended it to friends and family. A+.

👤I had to take my bike from the balcony where it had been stored for the last 9 years after moving house. I bought this one to protect my bike because the cover was filthy and fell apart. It's very light and soft. It has straps with clips that attach the sides to each other through the spokes of the wheels, and big metal hoops that run a chain through to secure your bike to something. The extra saddle cover and mobile phone holder are bonuses. I can't comment on theDurability. After being unused for 9 years, my bike needs a good clean up and new tires, so I put it outside. The cover should stay in good condition.

6. Rockoo Bike Cover Waterproof Outdoor

Rockoo Bike Cover Waterproof Outdoor

A bicycle cover with a storage pouch is included. Saving space is achieved by folding. The double bicycle dirt protectors cover is large enough to cover 2 bicycles and one bicycle. It also covers most size road bikes, mountain bikes, mini exercise bike, electric bikes, scooter, spin bike, lady's shopper, beach cruiser, pendleton bike and provide coverage from top to bottom including wheel, pedals, bicycle bell. The waterproof bike cover is made of 190T nylon and has UV protection. The bicycle tarp is dust proof, does not leave any scratch marks, shields against ultraviolet rays, rains, and other seasonal change, and is also dust proof. There is an anti-theft feature. The front has two metallic lock holes, one on each side, making it easier to put a bike lock. Also provides protection against dust, rust, and unpleasant weather. Did your previous bicycle cover fly away? Their cover sits on 2 bicycles perfectly, it happens due to poor fit. The bottom end of the cover has elastic hems in front and back and a clip in medium to keep it in place. One of the valuable bike accessories for men and women. The double stitching on the non-shrinkable fabric does not rip off when used frequently. One-time purchase will serve you for a long time. One of the valuable bike accessories for men and women. The double stitching on the non-shrinkable fabric does not rip off when used frequently. One-time purchase will serve you for a long time.

Brand: Rockoo

👤I am very pleased with the Rockoo Bike cover, it fits my Mountain Bike great, and has extra room to spare, even with all the bulky accessories I have on my bike, such as the travel bag, in back. See the last picture. There is a It comes with a nifty little bag for storing when not in use, and I appreciate the attention to detail. The holes at the base of the cover are important in windy weather. There is a I like that. It is easy to slip on thanks to the elastic band. I looked at a lot of covers, but chose this one for its price, quality, and simplicity. I did. It is a winner for me. This Winter will be the real test of how it holds up. Stay posted!

👤The bike rack was on the back of the RV. Can be used with or without the bike.

👤I live in a one bedroom condo and the only place I can put the bike is in my living room. The cover is a simple way to hide it. I would love to have an exercise room of my own. This is a good solution for $20 For basic use, fabric is fine.

👤Who writes all these 5 star reviews? This is one of the worst products I have ever purchased. It didn't last long before I saw pieces flying. Terrible quality! The material and stitches don't hold up. I wasted my time. Don't waste it!

👤I received my cover as promised. I read the reviews before buying. I have a bike in a building. The material is thin but reliable. I hope it will keep the animals out. The wind is blowing a bit here. I have it on a table as well. I will use an outdoor horse blanket if it doesn't last.

👤I had a Rockoo cover on my bike through the nor' easter. There was heavy rain and wind. It was a good test. The bicycle remained dry and the cover stayed on. The value is great.

👤I like that it is inexpensive and does the job. My daughter is going to school on her bike. We live in the rain. To allow it to go on and off quicker, I would like the material to be a little thicker. It is still quick. It is uncomfortable to touch when it is soaked. I also have sensory issues. Our bike is not rusted.

👤I got this for my bike. A cheap buckle is the only thing that holds everything on the bike. Even though this thing was on, my bike got rained on. It is cheap and flimsy. I have used pop up hampers that are more durable. Save your time and money and get something else. I will return this.

👤I asked if the product was made in China. I had it confirmed by another purchaser but it was not on the label. AMAZON should change their policy to include all items that were manufactured.

7. Hwayslon Storage Portable Waterproof Reinforced

Hwayslon Storage Portable Waterproof Reinforced

We will provide 100% satisfying service for you if you contact them as soon as possible. The bicycle shed has a large capacity. The large bicycle shed is easy to store two adult bicycles in. Under special conditions, the large bicycle shed can be used to shelter people. The bike shed protects bicycles from the elements. There is no need to worry about parts getting damaged by the weather. The door has full zippers on it to protect it against weather, dust, dirt and sun damage. The bicycle shed is made of high-quality 190T polyester Oxford cloth, which is tear- resistant, waterproof, UV and wind resistant. A thick layer of PE waterproof cloth is added to the tent. The small window design makes it convenient for ventilation. Hwayslon Bicycle Storage Shed can be used to store bicycles, swimming pool supplies, garden equipment, children's toys and other things. It can be used as a campground. Can be used for anything. It takes less than 10 minutes to assemble the tent and requires no tools. If you want to protect the bicycle shed more from the elements, you can bend the frame into an arch with a little force and use a shorter frame to open the width to use.

Brand: Hwayslon

👤It was very easy to assemble. The wind blew a section of the pole. It seems to be strong enough to hold up the structure.

👤Poles splintered and cracked after two uses. It's a piece of shit!

8. Suncast BMS2500SB BMS2500 Horizontal Storage

Suncast BMS2500SB BMS2500 Horizontal Storage

It'sTILE: Use as a storage shed for a lawn mower, garden tools, and patio furniture. The storage is outdoors. A beautiful shed to store and protect your garbage cans, lawn and garden tools, snow blowers, bicycles, and more. Long lasting strength and stability can be achieved with multi-walled polypropylene panels. REINFORCED FLOOR: The heavy-duty floor is designed to support heavy equipment. It is not possible to access unrestricted access. Corner to corner access is provided by hinge lid technology. There are locked doors. The hasp allows doors to lock securely. There are accessories. Only compatible with the BMSA8S.

Brand: Suncast

👤It is easy to assemble. The generator is in it. Cut some holes for things. It works well to keep the generator dry and to cut down on noise. Put a floor in.

👤Suncast has abysmal customer service. They did not include the metal hinge assembly. I called to let them know I needed something. The woman on the phone said the part would arrive in a few days. I called again after a week and was reassured the part was on its way. I had been following the tracking details, but no one bothered to send the label until after the second call. The plastic hinges were not the metal hinge assembly. I have had a partially assembled shed sitting on my property for 3 weeks. It is Saturday on a long holiday weekend. I am faced with the dilemma of returning this giant or starting over again on Tuesday, because no one is answering the phones at Suncast. I own a shed and grill cart. The cart was so bad I almost put it out for a curb alert. Customer service couldn't help me with the cart either. I wouldn't buy from them again.

👤The scissor hinges were still in the product photos. The new one is gone. I found out at the end of the installation. I realized the instruction did not mention them. The door hinges are problematic, I found a video on the installation. I sanded down the plastic where the hinges bind and pre screwed the bolts to make sure it could start the thread. That helped. The installation didn't say where the screws are, but the steel bar is at the front lip. There is a It does the job, looks good, giving the current lumber price a hard time to build one for budget. It's not right to remove the hinges just to increase the profit. The hinges cost $32. Someone can pop the top from the back even if the lock is in the front. I have to pay more for the parts. Just bad business.

👤This is retired! People are having issues because the people don't have pantyhose to place it anywhere. Are we supposed to guess? There is an instruction for something that is very EXPENSIVE to buy. The box was a mess. It was a return prophylactic because some people were so paranoid that it was all back in the box. Then you sent me your reply. Thank you AMAZON! Get it together by sundown.

9. OPAMOO Bicycle Cover Outdoor Waterproof

OPAMOO Bicycle Cover Outdoor Waterproof

Buy it once and use it for years. The cover can be washed easily when it gets dirty. VELOSOCK will look new no matter how often you wash it. Windproof The waterproof cycle cover will keep your bike dry in the rain. Even in heavy winds, the bike cover is very secure because of the windproof buckle design. Improve durable material. The bike cover can protect your cycle from scratches, dust, dirt, tree sap, and damaging UV rays, and can be upgraded to tear-resistant and wear-resistant material. There are anti-theft lock holes. You can lock your bike with the two anti-theft silver lock holes. You don't need to worry about rust or metal-off, it's perfect for bike outdoor storage. Their bike cover is easy to carry and clean, it is machine washable, and it is very easy to store when you are outside. Universal Fit The waterproof motorcycle cover is designed to fit all bikes.

Brand: Opamoo

👤I bought this cover to protect my e-bike. I need protection when I am transporting on my truck on long trips where it may rain and the water may ruin the electronics. Scenario 2 is when I go camping because of the protection from the rain. The cover is large enough that it fits my large size and it has a fastening for the front wheel, this way the wind can blow and I know the cover won't go anywhere. I will be ordering another bike for my husband.

👤The cover is very light and thin. It is black but has a silver inside. It's big enough for a full size road bike, but also works well for a kids bike. It has a strap in the back and a cable lock in the front. I think I can use this on the roof rack. We stay in FL in the winter and keep the kids bikes outside, because the sun is terrible on the bike, and it will be nice to keep the weather away.

👤Some people think it doesn't hold rain out. We had one of those heavy rainy nights that we get here, thunder and all, and I live in Texas. The bike was not damaged in the morning. No problem. One of my cats is hiding. I can't say much about it because it's still new. Time will show, but I'm happy for the cat.

👤I bought a new bike. I decided to buy this in order to prolong the longetivity of my bike and not attract any attention to it. It was easy to put on my bike. Light weight as well. I hope it lasts a long time.

👤Even when treated with water repellant, there are leaks at the seams. Better than nothing. It will leak. All of the bike covers will leak.

👤It does its job at covering my bike, which I leave outside in the hot Florida sun, for the amount of money. When it rains outside, my bike gets wet even with the cover on, because it is drier than normal. It fits on a mountain bike and protects it from damage if it is left outside. If you need something that will protect you from the weather, look elsewhere.

👤It covers my e bike on the back of my RV. It seems to protect the bike.

👤It's easy to put my lawn chairs under the cover for my bike. It's great for camping.

10. Suncast BMS4700 Stow Away Horizontal 70 Cubic

Suncast BMS4700 Stow Away Horizontal 70 Cubic

It'sTILE: Use as a storage shed for a lawn mower, garden tools, and patio furniture. The storage is outdoors. A beautiful shed to store and protect your garbage cans, lawn and garden tools, snow blowers, bicycles, and more. Long lasting strength and stability can be achieved with multi-walled polypropylene panels. REINFORCED FLOOR: The heavy-duty floor is designed to support heavy equipment. It is not possible to access unrestricted access. Corner to corner access is provided by hinge lid technology. There are locked doors. Features a three door locking system.

Brand: Suncast

👤I have a storage house on the other side of my backyard that is almost two decades old, rusted, and full of stuff that hasn't been touched in years. There is a I bought this because I'm looking for a shed to store my new bikes. I've looked at many sheds from different brands. There is a The other ones would've cost me hundreds of dollars. There is a I'm a little short after spending a lot on bikes and accessories. I made sure that the shed had the minimum measurements needed to hold the bikes. I could've saved space by folding them up, but there was enough room for them to unfold. I had enough space for another adult size bike and accessories after storing both of them. The booklet gives suggestions on what foundations to use to build the shed. They'll give the dimensions on what's the minimum requirements, and which type of lock and max size (5/6" thick lock with max length of 1.5" when opened). There is a They have prepared a slot for the inside of the shelf so you can put it inside.

👤I bought this storage shed because I wanted to hold my neighborhood bike in our driveway. It fits my bike, a folded bike trailer, two adult scooters, and various other small play things. It was easy to put together on my own. The doors on the left kept slipping off since the original assembly. My husband is a contractor, so I thought he would be able to find a solution to keep it in place. I stripped the screw before he had a chance to look at it. He switched out the screw and tried to get the door to open. As we opened and closed it, it wouldn't stay in place. The walls bow in when the door isn't in place, as illustrated in the photos. I called the manufacturer to see if there was a way to keep the door in place, but they couldn't give me any advice. They confirmed that the doors stayed on using tension and that I assembled it correctly. Five months later, we have a big plastic thing in our driveway, and it looks like a cheap piece of plastic is falling apart. It is actually pretty disappointing. We would give this a five star review if the doors stayed in place. The doors are the linchpins of this structure and the whole thing breaks down without good doors.

11. Keter Stronghold 10x8 Large Furniture

Keter Stronghold 10x8 Large Furniture

There is a premade assembly. It is ready to be assembled with pre-cut and pre-drilled parts. The dimensions are 120.50 in. W x 96.25 in. D x 98.70 in. H. The maximum storage is 540 liters. The storage capacity gives you enough space for your lawn mower, garden accessories and tools. Foundation is required for maximum performance. It is easy to clean and maintenance-free. Ambient light is provided by a full-length skylight. Air flow through the gable vents and windows is supplied by cross ventilation. Most riding lawnmowers and other larger items can be supported by floor panels that are installed correctly. There is an opening of 62 in. Large items can be stored for a while.

Brand: Keter

👤Don't be fooled, this is very hard to assemble, it's plastic. Some parts do not align and are not textured properly. One is constantly trying to figure out what to do with the directions. It would cost more to have it done than it would be to build the plastic shed. If there were no stars, this would be a minus 10 stars. TuffShed has a structure that will last as long as your home. This is garbage. The same shed was advertised $90 cheaper before I received it. Don't hold your breath, you might get a refund.

👤This was a gift for my wife. We have to shave off excess plastic, holes that were not placed correctly, and missing wall panels, which can take up to 10 days to be sent, and that is not taking into account the fact that we have to wait for the correct parts which can take up to 10 days to be I had to repeat everything three times. She told me that I didn't need a supervisor and that she already helped me. She put me on hold for 12 minutes when I pushed her. The suoervisor was helpful. There is a I am a purchasing agent for a company that is one of the largest in the U.S. I have worked at a custom cabinet shop and bought 12 different military aircraft. This should be a simple build if all the parts are there.

👤I ordered this unit as a second for the backyard and it has been great. The doors and walls of this unit are still decent. I received it within 2 weeks, but when my boyfriend was assembling it, he realized it was missing a right and left, so he contacted the company for the missing parts, and they told us it would take 8-14 business days to get it. CSR said it wouldn't cost me anything as it was under warranty, but never asked the size of my unit only for the codes which were LG and RG for right and left gable. There is a It took my boyfriend a long time to put it together but he said it was very easy to assemble. The shed survived its first night without a hitch because he anchor the floor to the base. If you are just storing yard items and regular items that go outside, then this product is for you. I am very disappointed that there is. We are having to look at other brands to complete this part because we have an option for Keter shelving that you can attach inside the unit. I will not be 100% satisfied until I receive the rest of the unit.


What is the best product for bicycle storage outdoor?

Bicycle storage outdoor products from Maveek. In this article about bicycle storage outdoor you can see why people choose the product. Shelterlogic and Yardstash are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle storage outdoor.

What are the best brands for bicycle storage outdoor?

Maveek, Shelterlogic and Yardstash are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle storage outdoor. Find the detail in this article. Keter, Zcoins and Rockoo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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