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1. BIKEBOY Bicycle Cycling Accessories Mountain

BIKEBOY Bicycle Cycling Accessories Mountain

You can put your accessories in a front pocket. The package includes a bike travel bag and a storage bag. The Bike Seat Bag is made of Oxford cloth, with a stylish appearance and strong material, which can provide good protection for your belongings. The bicycle saddle bag is waterproof with a waterproof edge and caulking treated waterproof zip. TheBicycle Saddle Bag has enough inside room to hold a lot of things. The bike bag works well with all mountain bike road bikes. Easy loading and unloading. The bicycle bag can be fixed under the seat with the help of the straps on both sides. It's suitable for most bicycles, such as road bicycles, mountain bicycles and folding bicycles. BIKEBOY products will be guaranteed by service. They will solve it for you as soon as possible if you contact them, please rest assured.

Brand: Bikeboy

👤Excellent quality, worth the money. It's big enough for a pro. It is stable.

2. BV Bicycle Strap Saddle Cycling

BV Bicycle Strap Saddle Cycling

3M Scotchlite reflective trim and taillight hanger are required for a safety ride. The perfect size for all your essential items. The bag is secured in place with a strap-on mounting design. Large and Medium can expand. A limited product warranty is included.

Brand: Bv

👤My experience with this bag is limited, but my initial impressions are that it is an awesome little bag. There is a The first thing I noticed was that the bag is very well made. The stitching is sturdy and robust, and it is obvious that whoever made this bag spent a lot of time making sure that it was crafted properly. If properly cared for, this bag will last me for a couple years. Being seen at night is always important to me, and this bag has 3M reflective tape on the side, which is a pro. The pictures I have attached show how bright that tape is when hit by a light. The bag has a lot of space inside. I have enough space to fit my wallet, phone, keys, tools, and a spare tire. There is a The only con is that the bag wiggles a tiny bit when you're handling it. It's completely unnoticeable when you're riding the bike, but when you open and close it it seems to move a little bit. This one is a stretch, but I couldn't think of anything negative about it. There is a If you're looking for a bag that's sturdy, well made, and thought through, this bag is for you. I could not recommend it enough. If there is anything happening in the next couple months, I will update this review.

👤I wish I could have found a similar review when I bought it. I am looking at a small saddle bag. The bag is too small. This bag is too small if you plan on putting all of your personal belongings in it. There is a If you only want a full repair kit, this bag is perfect. Is it possible that it's Snug? Yes. The whole point is that. I have enough space in my repair kit saddle. The Portland Design Works CO2 Inflator is the smallest one Topeak makes, so I specify it as the smallest item in the full repair kit. That is a good list. It may be too tight if you want to squeeze in your phone. I recommend going for the next size up. Adding a photo gives a glimpse of how everything fits. If you're looking for a large saddle bag, it's highly recommended. Hope this was helpful. Happy riding.

👤The medium size was ordered by me. I was taken aback by the size of the box when I opened it. I was expecting something bigger. I was surprised how much stuff fit inside when I put it inside.

👤I'm not surprised that this cycle seat bag has such high reviews. The bag comes in three different sizes, for this review I will only discuss the Large size. There is a The construction is solid. There were no obvious defects or points of potential failure. There is ample room. I was able to fit without using expansion. There was space for my phone and car key, but it was not enough to expand it. There are internal hooks and mesh nets for keys. There is an extra layer of security. The attachment mechanism is simple. The thin profile does not stick out wider than a narrow seat. The seat tube strap is too long. If you want it to be attached to the seat post, you will have to cut and sew it. There is a strap on the back. Most lights attach vertically because they go around the seat tube. I had to put my light sideways. An additional strap above the horizontal strap would solve this problem. Bag sways side to side, but this is unavoidable. I don't think it will affect anything. The only way to avoid this is to have an internal frame. The bag will collapse if there is no frame. It's a good idea to cinch down the strap completely and let the bag compress onto the contents to minimize swaying on rides. There is a I would absolutely recommend the bag. I would suggest that the manufacturer include my two recommendations for the future iteration of this great product. Until the manufacturer applies the recommendations, a rider can always take the bag to a sew shop and have the modifications done for a few dollars. A side profile with a ruler and a perspective angle are included.

3. Whale Fall Waterproof Bicycle Holder

Whale Fall Waterproof Bicycle Holder

There are multifunctional occasions. It is an ideal choice for a wide range of outdoor sports. The Whale Fall bike frame bag is made of 100% harmless TPU and 100% recyclable EVA. They tried to use materials that are friendly to the environment. It is suitable for a phone up to 6.9 inches. A large interior for mobile phone, power bank, wallet, repair kit and more. The double-layer mesh bag design prevents items from falling out. You can install the straps on the E- bike. The frame bag's touch screen is made of 0.25mm TPU film with high sensitivity and clarity. You can view a map on the phone while cycling. You can easily use Face ID while riding. It's easy to install for any bike. The frame bag can be adjusted with three magic straps. The frame bag is firmly on your bike. It's very convenient to install and remove, you don't have to worry about your knees or legs. If you put your phone in the bag, please turn off the accidental touch protection in the phone settings to prevent it from malfunctioning. All-in-one design with 3D die-casting process make Whale Fall EVA frame bag waterproof and hard. This bike handlebar bag is non-forming, shake-proof, and pressure-proof.

Brand: Whale Fall

👤I was pleasantly surprised that I could fit my phone into this without it being removed from the otter box case. The fit and finish seems good and the waterproof zip is seal well. It looks like it was a good purchase, for now. I went 4 stars because I haven't time tested it, and if it's reading 5 stars it's because I've updated after the first few rides. After my first couple rides, I bumped up to 5. The touch screen works perfectly through the protective cover.

👤I ordered several of these to hold my phone and keys on my bike. None of the others had long straps for my bike. The whale fell. There is a I am able to use the Touch screen on my phone because it is well made and has a case on it. I need it to hold everything. I am very happy with the purchase. If you have an E- bike and you are having trouble fitting something around the battery, look no further. It is easy to install.

👤I ride a small bike. I was excited to have something to carry my stuff with. Since I'm vertically challenged, my handlebars are too close to the holder. I hit it often while riding. I almost lost control of my bike a few times. If your handlebars are on the lowest position possible, you may want to look for something else.

👤Will be using this for the first time this week. The design is nice, except for the zip up. It's difficult to open. I hope this will fix itself over time. Comes with a cute cover. The product was packaged well to avoid damage. Will update after using for a while.

👤This works great for my phone. There's a lot of space under the phone, so you can fit a tube, snack, battery brick, bike tool, etc. It takes a few seconds for it to be secured. When I stand to pump/pedal, I hit it with my legs.

👤I like the structure. All aspects of the Touchscreen worked as they should. The product was well built, functional, and exceeded my expectations, which made it a high rating. The heavy duty structure is easy to use, holds firm to the bike, and fits my phone perfectly.

👤It's a nice concept, but I was unable to record my Ride because the app paused so I couldn't see what I was doing. I believe the pouch wasn't allowing the gps to work correctly. I would have to return it. I don't know if there are other brands that work with Strava.

👤I bought a Trek e bike with a large frame. This case has a lot of storage.

👤The pully system is very secure, it's a great fit on the bike frame. I preferred the handle bar mount as I was worried someone could steal the phone from the bike. Thieves do that with this one. It is possible to control the phone through the cover. I own a s20 and it fits very well. It has a strap behind the phone compartment that you can adjust to fit your phone. There is a nice size storage compartment. It works for my glasses, keys, backup battery pack and wallet. It feels sturdy but also lightweight. Very happy.

4. DZNTMY Cycling Cyclist Bicycle Storage

DZNTMY Cycling Cyclist Bicycle Storage

Hang on your bike tube or frame if you pack all the tools in a portable bike bag. This bike repair kit is a good choice if you are planning a short or long bike trip. The perfect size and convenient design of the bike saddle bag makes it perfect for holding daily essentials. Night vision is not always available. The seat bag has a reflective strap around it. The Taillight doesn't include the seat post. The idea of small is to be compact. There are mesh pockets that hold cashes, keys, bike accessories, bike multitool, snack bars and other small repair tools. The material is made of 1,200denier Cordura and has a coating for weather resistance. The fabric is waterproof and has a zip for rain. Do not put this seat bag in the water for a long time. If you have a product issue, they are happy to give you a Refunds or a Replacement. If you have a product issue, they are happy to give you a Refunds or a Replacement.

Brand: Dzntmy

👤I'm used to exaggerating size metrics, but when they say 6 inches length on this bag, they mean it! I didn't believe the measurements, but that's not the product's fault. I've included photos to warn others of how ridiculous they'll look on a ride with a former racer. It seems very sturdy. I've owned a lot of bags, and this is the most well-made one I've ever owned. I don't know the bag's there when the riding starts, that's a good thing. There is a You'll be the butt of your friends' jokes and your ex-wife will think you've been padding your StravaKOMs when you stop by on your 2001 Serotta hooked to a trailer to pick up your 3 teenage kids for the weekend. You can't rent it out as a room for college students because it doesn't have a window. There is a If you're in California, where space is a premium, you can probably rent the excess storage to your friends so they don't carry tubes and tools with a conscience. To take up the slack in the space and reduce jingling, you can pack arms warmers, COVID masks, which come in handy.

👤I had a saddle bag. It was too big for my new bike and it would drag on the back wheel. I needed something small that would hug the saddle and not get in the way of the wheel. For taller riders, an elevated seatpost will give better clearance, but for shorter riders and frames, you need a smaller, tighter fitting bag. This is perfect for those situations. The snap-clip saddle straps hold the bag up and the anchor around the seatpost keeps everything in place. I have a spare tube, mini-pump, tire levers, a multi-tool, and a few emergency bandages. It works fine without added bulk. My photos show a lot of clearance from the tire and I took it on a short journey to make sure nothing loosened up on a ride before I wrote this review. Go for it!

👤The product is poorly assembled. The top seam on the bag started unraveling when I barely had it out a few times. We were caught in a light rain a week ago, and my wallet and cellphone were wet by the time we got home. If I needed another one, I wouldn't buy this again. I wish I could return it, but the window is closed.

5. Epessa Waterproof Cycling Accessories Storage

Epessa Waterproof Cycling Accessories Storage

Visibility can be very dangerous when cycling at night. Their bicycle triangle frame bag has a reflection strip for your safety. The carbon fiber pattern on the surface of the PU fabric blends with the metallic texture of various bikes. The material is light and resistant to falling. The reflective warning signs design will keep you safe. The double-side pocket design has a 1.2L capacity. Both sides of the mesh pockets will keep your valuables safe. It's a good idea to keep your water bottle, keys, glasses, phone, wallet, mini pump, and other repair tools in a safe place. The waterproof PU fabric uses the integrated molded technology, which has a better waterproof effect. The surface sealed design zippers are made of waterproof material and do not absorb the rain for a long time to avoid leaking. The bike bag size is perfect for your bike. Even if your bike wobbles, you won't have to worry about it rubbing your legs. Cool design will make your bike stand out. 3 straps design bike bag will be attached to your bike tube, it won't wobble even on rough trails. You can install the bag in a few seconds. The length of the straps can be adjusted to fit the bike.

Brand: Epessa

👤The space in my triangle and the placement of the water bottle cage made it necessary for me to have a bag at this exact dimensions. I wanted the bag to be sturdy and open from the top. I got more than I wanted. It opens from the top, but also on both sides, with stretchable dividers in each opening. I don't think I'm pushing any limitations on the ability of the zippers to endure the stress forces that occur when repeatedly opening and shutting the section. There is a It appears more than adequate in the water incursion department with an outer material that does not absorb water. My legs hitting the outer sides of the bag is not a problem. I applied a surface paint protectors cut out to fit the area in question, as the surface paint protectors will wear away the paint finish. They are usually used to protect car paint finish, but they work perfectly here. I bought this bag because I don't have enough room for my seat bag in my bicycle trunk bag. I found this bag to hold more items than my large seat bag and it's easier to get to. I don't think I'm going back to my seat bag. Excellent product. Get them while they are still there.

👤Most bike bags have flimsy zippers that give way after use. I think the bag will last much longer than the average bag.

👤One side has a deeper pocket that holds my tool pouch, the other side has a shallow pocket that holds my phone and keys. It is easy to access while riding. It's narrow enough to be out of the way while riding. I don't know if the sippers are strong enough, but they work well so far, and I have had bags where the quality was an issue from the beginning.

👤It was much bigger than I thought it would be. It looked big. It didn't say that on the side. It had a logo that looked wrong.

👤It was too wide. I felt it when I was cycling after taking it on a test run. It would bother me on long rides. Returning. It's well made and feels sturdy.

👤I ordered a second one for my other ElliptiGO SUB because it was the perfect size for bike tools, a digital compressor and 2 bike tubes, got everything I need and still room for my phone.

6. DAVANDI Bike Cover Waterproof Protection

DAVANDI Bike Cover Waterproof Protection

You can trust the quality of it. This heavy duty waterproof material will offer constant protection for your bikes indoors or outdoors. Not designed to be used on car batteries while traveling. In any weather conditions! The tarp will protect your bike against the elements, including the sun, rain, wind, snow, ice, dust, and hail. It's secure anddurable! All bikes can be easily secured. Put the bike in the air, secure the front and back straps, and connect the central buckle for a snug fit. Strong winds and storms can cause it. It was designed for easy use. Extra security with both front and back lock holes and easily noticeable thanks to the reflective lines on both sides. The top handles can easily be used to remove it. Both men's and women's bikes are compatible with the black and silver style. You can choose between Stationary L/XL or Transportation L/XXL. There is a 2 year warranty. Imagine buying a bike cover and not having to worry about it again. This product will meet all your expectations and they are here to make that happen. If you have any problems with your cycle protector, they will fix or replace it for free.

Brand: Teamobsidian

👤The cover works well on the vehicle. No problems over 450 miles. It's easy to install and remove, bikes stay clean and dry in the rain. I used 2 cinch straps on the ends and the bottom center strap along with an additional center strap over the top to prevent the cover from billowing, but not sure this is really necessary. Light inflation and deflation were visible, but not to the point of strain, while cruising at 60 mph. It is protected from direct wind blast by the rear of the motorhome, so not sure how it would react if mounted on a car at higher speeds.

👤I bought both products from Team Obsidian and Pro Bike Tools. The story of One which is the Original Invention *pro bike tool and The Team Obsidian Imitator begins to be told when you remove the products from the storage bags. The PRO BIKE TOOL product is 2X thicker than the DeniermRip Stop nylon. The clasps are better. The nylon gathers at the bottom are of better quality. There is a One of our former presidents said these words. Benjamin wrote "The Bitterness of Poor Quality remains long after the Sweetness of Low Price is forgotten". Franklin. There is a It was a no rainer which item had to be returned.

👤I needed to get the right bike cover. The balcony of my apartment is large and screened on two sides, so blowing rains and wind get in along with the sun, so I had to cover my bike. The bottom of my bike was pulled tight so the wind wouldn't pull it off. The cover looks better than a tarp, which makes the area look nice. I received a free 5 year extension on my warranty.

👤The bike cover is not the best one you can find. Trust me when I tell you this. I am writing the truth based on my experience and not affiliated with this company. This cover is made from a high quality material and it is a really good looking cover if that matters to you. It will not puncture if it catches up on the bike when removed or installed. I bought this to protect my bike. I travel around the USA in my van. When I am out for 2 weeks at a time in sometimes unforgivable but beautiful environments, I need something to protect my bike, and this cover does a great job of that. I park close to my rig, cover and lock, and even in bad weather this cover has been amazing. My fellow full time nomad has been told about this by me on my You Tube channel. This is a great find and I like to share it. Thanks for the great quality product for the solo nomad.

👤The holes that allow me to put a lock through a wheel are what I like the most. My wheels don't have quick release, but you might want to consider that. Having to remove a cover is a deterrent. I haven't used the cover yet, but it seems like it's high quality for the price. It folds down small enough to fit in a long frame bag I bought separately, so I always have the cover with me if I want to use it. I have an e-bike and this cover gives me some extra peace of mind, but I'm not sure how much I should be concerned about the water damaging the electrical parts, I might just be paranoid.

7. PDEEY Waterproof Capacity Adjustable Mountain

PDEEY Waterproof Capacity Adjustable Mountain

The size is 5.9 x2.95 x4.13 inches. Their bike seat bag is made of 900D Oxford fabric, which is sturdy, stylish and in good shape, which offers well protection for your belongings. The bike saddle bag will use for a long time because it has high tear resistance and prevents damage from friction. The bicycle saddle bag is water resistant and has a waterproof edge and caulking treated waterproof zip. The saddle bag can be found easily, it is designed with reflective signs on the three sides of the bag, it can reflect light from any direction. The reflective tape on the back of the bag can be used as a mounting ring to install tail lights, which can protect your night riding safety. The cycling wedge pack has a main pocket and three auxiliary mesh pockets inside, so it has plenty of storage space. You can store cash, watches, keys, phones, small bicycle pump, cable lock, maintenance tools separately and get them easily. The bicycle under seat pouch is easy to remove and adjust on and off the seat bar. The two straps on both sides can be fixed under the saddle, so it can adapt to most bicycles, such as road bikes, mountain bikes and folding bicycles. High-quality belts are hard to tear. The large opening and closing design is easy to access.

Brand: Pdeey

👤Great price on Wednesday, 7/21. It is durable. It was sleek. It's functional. Storage is good. I like Aesthetics. There is a I shipped the other bag back today. Boop. Coco knows quality.

👤The issue was resolved after contacting the seller directly. This company went above and beyond when it came to addressing the issue with their product. Thank you for the great customer service. I would buy again from PDEEY with confidence because they will stand beyond their product. Changing back to 4 stars is because the product consists of the item itself and the business behind it. This bag is large enough to hold what I need. I remove it occasionally to make seat adjustments and to wash my bike. The bag come undone on bumpy roads because the loop parts are not holding well. I only had it for two months. I have a bag that I can not use. I changed to 1 star because I got caught in the rain and it is not waterproof, as stated in the description. The bag was wet and had to be dry with newspaper. I will be looking for a better product. If the return window is closed, I would return it.

👤This is a small bag. I like the size of the bag and the internal pouches that hold things like a bike tool kit. I like that the bag is waterproof because I got caught in a huge downpour while riding my local trails last weekend and everything inside the bag stayed nice and dry. I have been pleasantly surprised by the bag and I would recommend it.

👤I've had saddle bags that are a real pain in the neck, but this one is a cinch to install. It's a bit narrow inside, that's my only complaint. The battery pack occupies too much space in the lighting strip around the edges. Since I just purchased the bag and have not seen rain, I can't give any stars for water resistance or durability.

👤I was looking for a pouch that was both practical and durable. I was quite pleased with how the lines flow with the bike, it was streamlined and roomy. I was able to fit my phone, wallet, snack bar, CO2 canister, tire levers, bandages, antiseptic spray, mask, and still some room left. I checked out several other brands, but their pouches were shaggy and puffy.

👤I wanted this to work for me. This was great for keeping small items when biking. I had to return because the bag wouldn't fit correctly and I didn't want to lose the ability to use the reflectors on my bike for safety reasons. I wouldn't recommend this to others, it didn't work for me.

👤The light tube is made of plastic and has 2 AA batteries. It looks dull. The storage is long but short. My inner tube was not all the way in the back. The battery package and connecting wires didn't fit in the extra space. My search for a bigger saddle bag is on.

8. Velmia Triangle Bike Bag Waterproof

Velmia Triangle Bike Bag Waterproof

A bicycle carrying bag and a picnic blanket are part of a multi-PURPOSE. The triangle bike bag has a volume of 1.5 liters and a size of 8.6 liters and is functional. The frame bag for your bicycle is triangular in shape, which makes it fit in between the seat and the top tube. The bag is held in place and not in your way. 100 per cent waterproof. The Velmia triangle bag is waterproof and protects your valuables in all weathers. The frame bag for bikes has reflective elements on both sides. You draw attention even if it is late. Velmia is the future of cycling and offers high-quality products as well as a trustworthy, English-speaking customer service.

Brand: Velmia

👤The triangular shape of the bag is maintained by its internal frame, which is spacious and well-made. I think the straps used to secure it to the bicycle frame fail where it fails. The inside of the straps that contact the bicycle frame is very rough and eventually will wear on the paint/finish of the frame, which is why the straps seem cheaply made. Something that should have been thought through better in the roll-out of this new product is not the biggest issue for all bicycle owners. I am returning the item on my own.

👤There are 3 waterproof storage compartments. There is a Each compartment has a different size. The largest compartment has a large triangular opening, the two smaller ones have a horizontal zip across the top. This compartment holds a bottle. The bag is narrow enough that it does not interfere with cycling. It should fit all bikes. I had a fit issue with my bike. The bikes top tube runs at a steep angle because of the smaller frame. The bag easily cleared the front derailleur cage. The bag was squeezed by the water bottle cage. The water bottle cage was a half inch smaller than the one I bought. They were designed to hold a twenty ounce bottle. The bag barely touches the cage with the new one. The cage expands when I put the bottle into it. I decided to keep the bag because I like it and I think this is a minor issue. Another reviewer complained that the straps seemed rough and that she thought they might scratch her paint. The reviewer was mistaken. There is a rough side of the straps. The inside of the straps are smooth and should not cause any problems. The straps are long enough to hold most bikes and are easy to trim with scissors. I removed a couple of inches from each strap.

👤The bag is a slam dunk at this point. It fits between the seat post and the top tube. The bag fills the triangle so that I can put a water bottle on the top two braze-ons and use the rest of the triangle for a water bottle. I use my bike for rides around town and self-supported trips with kids. The tool kit, first aid kit, COVID mask, and general toiletries all need this bag at all times. It's really difficult to dig to the bottom of a pannier for the tire levers. You don't want to have to bring this stuff up when you leave the house. There is a The main compartment of the bag is large enough for a windbreaker, rain coat, or a vest. The bag is small enough to not cause a leg rub. The length of the straps makes it possible for someone to install the bag in a lot of different ways. Don't know if the zippers will fail with frequent use. We'll see. I don't know if it's water resistant.

👤The bag will hold the long 35" chain of the E-Bike. There are two smaller pockets you could place something thin in. It will work with the waterbottle holder.

9. ROCKBROS Bicycle Cycling Mountain Accessories

ROCKBROS Bicycle Cycling Mountain Accessories

There is a hidden earphone hole on the backside that allows you to listen to music and answer the phone while cycling. The newest flagship product is the Extension Sides Bag. There is a side bag with a frame bag. Up to 2L large capacity. The bag could be easily opened and closed. The left side of the bag is a mesh bag. There is a cloth bag that can be used to take car keys, ID card, and energy glue. TheBLE MOUNT SYSTEM. The mount system is the same as the other ROCKBROS bike frame bag. The left tube is on the bike frame. The bag can be held in three straps. The water supply is upgraded. Bike phone mount bag has a rain cover. The bike bag is made of 100% polyester and can prevent the rain from entering it. The rain cover can help protect the bicycle bag. 80% of phones: The bike phone holder can hold more than 80% phones. The largest size is 6.5” You can take phones, check emails, and see the map with a sensitive TPU screen. Lifetime warranty. Please let them know if you have any questions. The cycling storage bag is a great gift for your husband, kids, or friends. Lifetime warranty. Please let them know if you have any questions. The cycling storage bag is a great gift for your husband, kids, or friends.

Brand: Rockbros

👤The holder and storage are great. The main reason I bought was the water resistance. It has a shower cap that is fitted to cover the entire bag.

👤I sit in the right spot on my bike. My phone is accessible and in view while I ride.

👤It has been useful for displaying my phone and using the touch screen. Hope for longer bike rides.

10. Bicycle Triangle Storage Cycling Accessories

Bicycle Triangle Storage Cycling Accessories

Not only can the bike bag be used as a bike top tube bag, but also a stylish commuter bag or a handbag as well. Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other holiday is a great gift. There is a one year warranty against defects. The bike triangle bag has only 0.35lb and 1.2L of space for daily use. Their designer tried many sizes for this bag to get the largest space and the best fit. The bag is designed for mountain bikes. The most durable shell is used in the ROCKBROS bike bag. The middle layer is foam and the inner layer is cloth. The material is suitable for daily storage. It's big enough to hold all of your tools and small enough to sit under the frame of your bike. There is a big mesh pocket that fits your keys, nutrition, and more, while a smaller mesh pocket holds your phone, earphones, and money clip. The structure of 3 Mounts. The bike frame bag has straps for the bike tube. The staps can hold the bag stable. The triangle bag is easy to install and won't move if you are riding on rough roads. Most mountain, road and commute bikes have a pouch. The big opening mouth design is easy to access. A durable zip up. It wouldn't rub against your legs while riding. The bags have reflective trim on them. The Slim body design has a high capacity to minimize wind resistance. 100% satisfied customer service and free money back.

Brand: Rockbros

👤I was looking for a bag to hold my phone and snack, but the seat bag was too small. I'm not sure if anything larger would fit in my snug iPhone XR. The logo is a bit prominent, at least it is not very offensive. Comes with a 15 day warranty. Yes, 15 days.

👤This is a small bag. It's the perfect size for a phone, wallet, and still room for a couple of snacks.

👤My SO needs to hold her big items on rides, and everything fits. Doesn't add as much drag as a bag. Doesn't hit knees on ride. I bought two. Good enough for my needs.

👤It's a small bag. The main compartment has a mesh pocket inside that holds a Spigen Tough Armor case, but the straps hold well and the zip is sturdy. Outside the mesh pocket, it will hold a bigger phone. There is a When I tighten the straps on this bag, the cable between the top tube and the bag is pressed. I worry that this could cause wear over time as the cable rubs when I apply the brakes. That is not a flaw of the bag. The same bag would have an issue if it were fitted to my bike. I tried not to tighten the straps too much.

👤It's easy to move between bikes. Cons. None This bag is great for your bikes. It has enough tools to keep you going while you are climbing. Straight tube bikes only work with it. Women's bikes won't be able to use it.

👤It's too small to be of use to me, but it's fine for a phone. The bags that attach to the frame with a few straps seemed to be problematic to mount. I think the solution is poor. The rear rack is bulky, but far superior.

👤I like the bag that holds the bike. It's well made and has a good quality zip. I can hold my phone, keys and glasses.

👤I was a little worried about fitting to a non_standard frame, but the straps provided a snug fit. It's big enough for a phone and a wallet. I use the mesh compartment to protect my phone. Seemo is very strong.

👤The design is nice, but it has a huge flaw - the angle of the bag, next to the saddle post, must be reversed so the bag can fill up the space between the top tube and seat tube. It looks silly, almost as if the straps were wrongly placed.

11. NIGUE Triangle Adjustable Position Accessories

NIGUE Triangle Adjustable Position Accessories

3 straps design bike bag will be attached to your bike tube, it won't wobble even on rough trails. You can install the bag in a few seconds. The length of the straps can be adjusted to fit the bike. The material and water are separated. The bicycle triangle bag is made of waterproof and eco-friendly materials and has functions of sun protection and scratch resistance. High-frequency seamless welding technology is used in the zipper to prevent rain from entering the bag. The waterproof bike triangle bag can be easily installed on the bicycle frame. It won't move around on rough roads. It's stable and is suitable for most bikes. The bike mount bag has a large capacity, which can hold a lot of things. The size is reasonable and won't cause any problems when riding. Their bicycle triangle bag has reflective trim on both sides, which can reflect light in any direction to protect your safety. This is a great choice for cyclists who like to ride at night and in the dark. The opening ZIPPER is large. The cycling saddle bag has a large opening design, high-quality zippers opening and closing, and provides great convenience for your riding.

Brand: Nigue

👤I wouldn't use it to carry sharp, awkwardly shaped, or heavy objects because it's not the lightest pouch I've seen. I'm not sure how well the stitching can keep the bag attached to the straps. It's a nice bag with a mesh pocket inside, and a coated, rubberized zip that hopefully keeps rain out. The design is attractive, and it doesn't take much space up on my women's bike, and it has a mini light for extra visibility. I could see this bag being used for a lot of things, including your phone, headphones, keys, wallet, and/or winter gloves. I was biking and found a DVD on the ground that I was able to slip into a bag, but it was not possible to zip the bag. Take it home, clean it off, and watch it. In a pinch, this bag is useful.

👤So far, it's pretty good. A good mesh is found in the inside of the kewpie and it holds items in place. I will probably use the side light on the frame as a side light since I like to ride at night. I want to use this so I can ride longer without a backpack. I can take my phone, keys, small bike pump, and Air Pods Pro with me. I have no complaints about it being shipped quickly and for the price.

👤I keep my belongings in this bag when I ride my bike. It is easy to install. It came with a light.

👤I liked it while it lasted. After about three weeks, the zip came off. It's a typical made in China.

👤I love this bag. I used it on my road bike this summer. I recommend! I think I'll buy one for my new bike because there are so many colors to choose from.

👤My sister and her husband bought these for themselves. They had to return because they didn't fit their bikes in a convenient way. Nice bags.

👤It's a good idea to trim fabric threads to avoid getting caught in the zip ups and to use a long strap for easy storage. There is a security cable with lock. The price of bike shops is three times this price.

👤The bag is large and well-made. There is an inside pocket. The light is hard to operate but still an added bonus. Would recommend this.

👤La bolsa is practica, it's de poner, quitar, and materiales son de calidad.


What is the best product for bicycle storage bag?

Bicycle storage bag products from Bikeboy. In this article about bicycle storage bag you can see why people choose the product. Bv and Whale Fall are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle storage bag.

What are the best brands for bicycle storage bag?

Bikeboy, Bv and Whale Fall are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle storage bag. Find the detail in this article. Dzntmy, Epessa and Teamobsidian are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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