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1. CyclingDeal Bicycle Floor Parking Stand

CyclingDeal Bicycle Floor Parking Stand

Before you put the kickstand in, please remove all the nuts. It should be tightened directly to the bike frame. STABLE: The bike floor rack has been changed. The two holding plates with tire grooves are at an optimal holding angle. The feature ensures bikes are held in the stands. Please put your bikes in different directions so that they fit in the stand. One front and one back wheel. If there is large space, the bikes could be inserted from both sides. Strong. The stand is made of high quality steel. The black finish is powder coated. It is best to use indoors. The holding system on the plates prevents the holder from being wider. The bike holding stability will be affected by the wide holder. The bike stand holders are linked together so it is easier to use. Please watch the video in the listing. COMPATIBILITY: The rack is designed for all wheel size bikes, from the smallest to the largest. The tire width is 2.5. It's good to hold on to the back tire only for kids bikes that sit in the front holder. The bike rack could not be touched by the disc rotor. The bike stand holders may be touched by bike hubs. You can order now and pay free. They can provide a 5-year warranty on their product.

Brand: Cyclingdeal

👤I have used bikes that my 4 grandsons ride. 3 of them did not have kickstands and were driving me crazy. I looked at a lot of bike stands and chose this one because of its price, it fits 4 bikes, looks good, and most reviews were good. I admit that I am a senior citizen and have no mechanical skills. I was able to put this together in 45 minutes. They have a video that you can watch with a QR code. All the pieces went together exactly as they were supposed to. It seems sturdy even though it is not heavy. I lined the bikes up the way they say they will be. The bike stays up despite being wobbly. The two sizes fit well. I put the kickstand in the bike to keep it organized. The bikes are off the floor.

👤It was bought to keep bikes upright. Once the bolts are in place, it's easy to assemble. Four bikes could not fit on this rack. The bikes were changed to front/back/back going in the rack. The discs on the mountain bikes are hitting when I back them in. I took the rack apart and changed every other part so I could have two bikes on one side and two on the other side. The bars don't fit together correctly because the rack isn't made to do that. Attached are pictures. I am sure the bars will work their way apart, so I might have to glue them together. Time will tell. It made my garage less cluttered and kept the bikes from falling over. It would be great for two kids and two adult bikes.

👤I only use half of the bike rack because it fits perfectly in the bed of my truck to hold up my Townie e- bikes. Not strong enough without straps, but I planned on using them as well as heavy cable locks to prevent theft. They don't recommend outside use, so will probably spray the rack with rustoleum. We only use this when we are on the road.

👤We have five kids with bikes and I needed a solution to keep them out of the shed where they are stored. I bought a single rack a long time ago. I bought this four bike rack to hold the rest of the bikes. I got to the house quickly. It was easy to assemble, it comes in segments and the body is flimsy. The structure becomes rigid and easy to move once all the parts are assembled. The kids love it and we put it in the shed. We love it when the bikes are simple to park, no more bikes on the floor, against the walls, or up against stuff. Highly recommended.

2. Voilamart Hanger Bicycle Storage Capacity

Voilamart Hanger Bicycle Storage Capacity

5. Quality assurance. If you have a problem with their products, they are happy to give you a Refunds or a Replacement. Only install bike wall hanger on a solid stud, Wood Wall, masonry or concrete wall. Don't install on unsupported wall surfaces. Heavy Duty is made of strong steel. It depends on how strong the wall is. There is a rubber coating. The rubber coating on the hooks protects your bicycle. The tire width can be 2.17" or less. It's suitable for road bikes. Installation is easy. It doesn't take much to install. Place studs, tighten screws, and drill hole. The screws and studs are included. Storage solution for small spaces. The locking mechanism prevents accidental release. Unless there is a wood stud behind the wall, don't mount the hanger on the wall. The locking mechanism prevents accidental release. Unless there is a wood stud behind the wall, don't mount the hanger on the wall.

Brand: Voilamart

👤This is my first ever review after hundreds of good product experiences on Amazon. It's not a good one. I chose this set because they were the cheapest and I saw no difference between them and the more expensive alternatives. The design flaw that I noticed was that the hooks were not fixed in place to hang the tire. It is nearly impossible to hang a heavy bike on a hook that is flat against a tire holder. I gave up and will return this in favor of one of the other options that said that the hooks are fixed in the "out" position for easy hanging of the tire.

3. MaxxHaul 80717 Foldable Sports Bicycles

MaxxHaul 80717 Foldable Sports Bicycles

Bicycle repair tool kit. Chain rivet extractor, chain ring nut wrench, Crank puller, Freewheel turner&lock ring wrench, Bottom brachet wrench, 15mm pedal wrench, 2-in-1 master link chain pliers, Tire lever, Flat/phillip screwdriver, Flathead screwdriver, Hex The bike stand has a one-pull-knife design. The dual arm design securely holds the front wheel of the bike. It is easy to store the arms when they are not in use. The design is lightweight and compact. Stand is less than 6 lbs. A rubber handle with a powder coated finish.

Brand: Maxxhaul

👤I would love to hang my bike in my apartment, but I was not allowed to. I got this instead. I found a way to secure the front wheel to the frame with a strap. The front wheel and front handlebars don't move. I put the back wheel in the stand and lean the front tire against the wall. The front tire is the only one that touches the wall. The handlebars don't touch anything because the stand is stable. It won't fall over if I throw pillows hard. It's pretty sure it will survive an earthquake. There is a The stand is strong. It's half the price of the other ones. Would recommend.

👤Sturdy construction for money. I own a Salsa 29'er. If I removed the tire holder and one of the spacers from the side, I found it fit better. It is easy to work with an Allen wrench.

👤I was worried that it wouldn't work or that it would break on me. There is a It fits my bike perfectly, either with the front or rear tire. There is a After a quick and simple modification, my tire size is 27 x 2.6 inches. I just took the plastic spacers out of the middle. I needed a wrench and Allen. Check out the pictures to see what I'm talking about.

👤It does its job for $12 less than other makes. There is a Handle it with care if you read the instructions. It will break if you try to force it in a way that is not supposed to happen. It is held with cheap, light-duty rivets. I replaced a broken rivet with a heavy-duty rivet. If you have a pop rivet tool, it only takes a minute. I'm thinking about replacing all the light-duty rivets with heavy-duty ones. The savings will probably be wiped out by that. Doh!

👤It is simple, inexpensive and works. There is a It's great for children's bikes. There is a It's not strong enough to support a men's bicycle. It was knocked over when someone walked by. If you did not balance the bicycle in the holder, it fell over. When the bike fell against my wife's car in the middle of the night, it was very annoying. There is a I made a simple modification and it works great. There is a My bike won't fall over even when someone hits it hard. I attached the hardwood supports to the bottom with screws and the metal supports to the side with screws. Very easy! It made a huge difference in the support of an adult bicycle. This modification is not needed for a child's bicycle. There are photos below.

4. Dirza Bike Wall Mount Rack

Dirza Bike Wall Mount Rack

Lifetime warranty is provided by them and they stand behind their product. If you don't like it, just return and they will give you a full refund. TIRE TRAY: The tire tray on the wall mount bike rack keeps the wall clean and makes the bikes look better. The bike hanger is easy to install. The bike storage system is suitable for any size of stud, because of the straight line screw mounting holes. The space saver is located in the middle of the room. If you want to keep your garage clean and tidy, you can get the bike off the floor by using their bike hanger which is great for apartments, garage, indoor and small room. The wall mount bike storage system is not compatible with bicycles with tire width over 2.5" Strong and safe. The bike hook is made of heavy duty iron and weighs up to 1.25 lbs per unit, which means it won't bend and last forever. The bike holder has an excellent suspension capacity with a single bike holder bearing up to 65 lbs. The unique safety hook design makes it hard to accidentally release the bike, but it's easy to store and detach the bike. High quality. The garage bike rack has a rubber cover on it to protect the bicycle wheel from being scratched. The design of theangled hook makes it easy to hang and take off the bike, but also uses the force of the wall to diffuse the pressure of the bike wheel. Good service. They are behind their products. The bike is built to last. Their service team can help their customers. You can contact them if you have a question. They're happy to help. The bike storage system needs to be installed on a concrete wall or a stud behind it.

Brand: Dirza

👤These are pretty good for the price. They are keeping my wall clean. There is some work involved in using these. The ones that came with the set did not work, so you will probably need some other anchors. I don't know if they are the right size or if the screws are too short to split the anchor so it will grab, but the top two pulled out of the wall as soon as I tried to put any weight on it. I ended up hitting the studs. There is a If these are going into a tight area, I wouldn't recommend them. The bike comes off to the right, but you have to push the bike so far to the left that you can't get the wheel off the hook. I have a bike that hangs 16" apart and I have to move it to the right to get it off the hook. That is annoying. We had to move them from the spot that we originally wanted to put them so that we would have more room to maneuver the bikes. There is a The mountain bike didn't fit. It wasn't that the tire was too wide, but that the tire and rim were too thick. I had to bend the hook to get the wheel over the tray. It would be fine if there was a bit of play so that the bike didn't rest as straight or as soft as the other bike. These are decent hangers. The price is great, but it depends on how many bikes you have, where you want to store them, and what kind of tires you have.

👤We painted the pine board white and it was easy to install. I screwed the pine board into the studs with 2.5” screws. The bicycle hooks were screwed into the studs. I did not use the wall anchors. I wouldn't use the anchors to affix the bike hooks. The bicycles are heavy and I wouldn't trust wall anchors in dry wall. The set up is very sturdy and very small.

👤If you want to keep your walls protected, then this is the set for you. I got two of them and they were installed in minutes. It's a tip. It's a good idea to hang the top one first and then set the bike in the top hanger to make it a perfect fit for your bike.

👤I've had this for a while. The bullet point is easy to install. You don't need directions, but you have to measure distances between hooks and plates. That can be a drag. It all depends on how much space you have. The wall anchor screws don't work. Go to the hardware store and buy the nice anchors. It could cost you an additional $3-$6. There is a The construction is good. Take notice. The hook plate is too short for me. I have a lot of bikes. All of them have 700c wheels. The hook plate is touching the wall. When the tire is deflated, the wheel contacts the wall even more. It is not an issue if you don't care about it. This product failed because it was one of the reasons I got this. There is a This is a good product, but the bullet point is above.

5. Qualward Bicycle Vertical Adjustable Upright

Qualward Bicycle Vertical Adjustable Upright

Attach the U pipes to the base first, then attach the bent pipes to it. You can assemble the bicycle rack by yourself. The Vertical cycling floor stand is a great place to store a bike with the tires less than 2.4" in width. PDF instructions are included. The height of the bike stand can be adjusted. Adapts to different heights of bikes. The vertical rod adjusts the support position so that it doesn't get stuck on the bicycle. Floor space saving is a great solution for limited indoor space and can be stored in corridors, balconies, warehouses, tool rooms or other places. Don't need drilling, no damaging walls or ceilings, it's easy to assembly. There is no scratching on the bicycles. Store your bicycle quickly and easily with the included screws and anchors.

Brand: Qualward

👤Assembly is difficult for anyone. I have questions. The A and B models are available. The B model comes with a metal floor sturdy thing, as well as a long Velcro strip, which you can use to secure your front tire when standing the bike. The bolts for the model were apparent. If you have half a brain, you can figure it out. I put this together in ten minutes. I have a huge space saver in my small apartment.

👤There was no mention of an A or B kit on the sheet. A 7/32nd allen wrench was included. Why? The wrong size allen wrench was included with the allen head screws. The allen wrench should have been larger. I have my own tools and know how to solve problems. Someone who knew what to do was the only one confused. The bicycle was put on the frame after the assembly went quickly. The design of the upright must be different between A and B. The metal brace on my upright unit was the same as the one on my ridged metal unit. The seat post is supported by a rod style instead of a rod style. The parts issue could be a problem for some buyers. The product seems to be a good solution for creating storage space with certain bicycles that are light in weight. A different style of stand is needed for bicycle that might have other accessories to make it heavy. I use the stand inside the apartment to store my bicycle.

👤I have a very light road bike that I can mount on the wall, and it is easy to assemble with instructions, wheel strap, and all the correct screws. I don't have any wall space orstuds to hang my heavier bike. This is a great option for our small apartment. I have a woman's Cannondale hybrid bike that is around 25-30 lbs with 700x35 tires.

👤This Sunday. Put it together in a few minutes. There were two washers and two screws. I am not sure why they sent them. Many people complained about not being able to assemble this, so they started sending instructions in the package. There is a video in the description, but the company clearly reads the reviews. The instructions are needed for those people. There is a It is easy to assemble. I will know how sturdy my bike is when I put it in my storage space. It will support my bike. There is a No regrets about purchasing.

6. StoreYourBoard Holds Garage Storage Heavy Duty

StoreYourBoard Holds Garage Storage Heavy Duty

A garage storage pulley system is a great gift for cyclists who might be difficult to lift their bike. Two sets of hoists were sold. The fat tire bike storage is a space efficient way to store fat tire bikes in your home, garage, or bike shop. Heavy-DUTY SOLID STEEL. A durable powder-coated finish will last a lifetime. The threaded hooks hold your bikes securely on the rack. It is easy to start. Simply mounts into wall studs for strength. The patent pending design is built to hold your fat tire bikes. The patent pending design is built to hold your fat tire bikes.

Brand: Storeyourboard

👤The fat tires on my mountain bike wouldn't fit in the hook shaped bike wall hangers I had in my garage. It was difficult to find one that would fit the new fat bike tires. This is very heavy duty. It's easier to get the tire on the hook if you slide in straight, instead of trying to maneuver into the hook. I still use the old system for my gravel and road bikes, but I have a new bike. I'm tempted to replace them all with this product.

👤The only bike rack that works with fat bikes is the best I could find. I was able to mount four bikes in about 20 minutes. Before you buy something. Make sure your bikes fit side to side in pairs and that you have wooden studs that are 16" apart. Double check that each pair of bikes weighs less than 100 lbs. You will need a stud finder, -5/32 drill bit, level, power drill, and sockets wrench.

👤When looking at the wall mounts for fat bikes, it wasn't clear what tire clearances they had. The bike I had was with 3.50” width tires and 27.5” wheels. They fit with a lot of clearance. The holder appears to be made of metal. The rubber coating on the tire holding arms seems to be durable. The strength of this holder is dependent on a secure install. A good stud finder needs to hit the studs squarely. The lag bolts were strong and seemed to hit the studs, making me feel good about the stated weight limits. There is a I think this is a great product and value compared to other options.

👤I have limited space in my shed for my ebike so I bought this. It's a good alternative for limited space and not complicated to install on a wall. The bike is over 70 lbs. It supports it well. The hook is not supporting the entire weight of the bike because the rear wheel is on the floor.

👤It works well for fat and regular bikes. I use it for a Specialized fatboy 26" size XL and a regular Specialized 29" size L, which saves a lot of space in my garage. There is a Happy with this.

👤This was installed by me. I'm very happy with it. Most mounts like this don't work because the fat tires on the rad bikes are just over four feet wide. The spacing for the mount holes is perfect. Happy so far.

7. Foldable Portable Mountain Adjustable Aluminium

Foldable Portable Mountain Adjustable Aluminium

The bike mount holds road bike tires from 20 millimeter to 2.4 inch wide and mountain bike tires from 20 to 29 inch wheel size. It's perfect for all bike styles. Kids, track, BMX. Home, garage,office and retail applications are suited for this suit. It's easy to park your bike in their foldable stand. When the carton is ready to be used, no assembly or tools are required. The floor bike stand rack can be folded and unfolded with one button. A smart design saves a lot of space. The aluminum alloy material is easy to carry. It is compatible with all kinds of bikes, such as road bike, folder bike, track bike. Stable and high quality. The bicycle storage stand has a four-foot design. The bike rack is made from high quality aluminum. Protect your bike from nicks and scratches by coating it with collision engineering plastics. Father's day gifts are great. Protect your bike from nicks and scratches by coating it with collision engineering plastics. Father's day gifts are great.

Brand: Klevsoure

👤I wanted a folding model that I could store easily, so I picked this item. If you want something that folds, you have to accept the limitations of the product, even if it is a bit more stable than other non-folding products. If you want your bike to stay on the floor, you have to put one foot on the legs. The spring and hinge allow it to fold. The legs will not be wide enough to be stable if you fold them in. It's a folding model, which you should expect before you buy it. After you park your bike, check the legs. I think it's an excellent product. I am subtracting one star because one of the plastic cones was damaged during shipping. It doesn't affect the way things are done.

👤I own a few of this stand. My brand went up in price. I decided to try a cheaper alternative. It was a big mistake. The plastic base on this stand is different from the metal base on my current stands. The legs have no mechanism to hold them extended. I tried to roll my bike into the stand but it just moved forward along the garage floor. I was able to get the bike in place after I put my foot on the legs. It was tippy and unstable. I re- purchased my stand at a higher price after returning it. You get what you pay for.

👤The foldable floor bike stand doesn't work for me. I have an electric bike that is too heavy for the stand and it will not stand on it's own when inserted into the stand. If you have a standard non electric road bike, mountain bike or hybrid bike, I'm almost certain that the foldable floor bike stand will work for you. It is sturdy and well made. I recommend this bike stand to all bike owners.

👤It's alright. It helps to have a place to sit on the front tire when the bike is bare. If you have bags on your bike, you will immediately notice a loss of stability and you will have to back off. If you need to adjust the stand's position, the legs on it don't stay put. It's not a big deal, but it's annoying to have to adjust your legs when you move. Not a bad purchase.

👤It needs a carpet or something. The bike would push it across the floor and into the wall, not allowing the tire to sit properly. The attempt to get the bike tire in the stand was hilarious. The stand was moving around. It was ridiculous when I tried to step on one side while pushing the bike in. It was funny, but not worth it. Send it back.

8. Vertical Mountain Standing Adjustable Space No

Vertical Mountain Standing Adjustable Space No

If you have any questions during use, please send an email to them at any time, they will help you solve the problem in the first time. The bike floor stand is made of high quality steel and has 4 corners covered with rubber cap to avoid scratch ground and reduce noise. It looks like it matches your bike. It can make your bike stand up. All bikes are fit. The bike stand will fit almost all bikes, except those with the tires more than 2.4" in width. If the fender is too long, just swap the front and rear position wheels. There is space. The bike stand is free of floor space. It's perfect for an apartment, dorm room, a garage with too much stuff in it or other limited space. The length is 21.65in, the width is 20.86in, the height is 44-50in, and the width of the tire track is 3.93in. The weight is 3.8 kilo. The portable multi-functional bicycle parking rack is easy to carry and install. The bicycle can be parked vertically or horizontally with the product manual. The length is within 1240mm. The bicycle storage stand height can be adjusted up to 50” after assembly. If you have a question about the product, they will try their best to help you. If you have a question about the product, they will try their best to help you.

Brand: Eocik

👤It allows your bicycle to take up less space. There is a It seems like it is stable holding my Cannondale Quick 4. The price was reasonable. There is a Shipping was fast. There is a It wouldn't fit together because of the bent lower brackets. The box the manufacture shipped it in was in perfect shape and as hard as it was to bend (hammer and a block of wood) back into the correct shape leads me to believe it was packaged already bent. Many people would have exchanged it. There is a I suggest you buy the LuBanSir Cinch Straps, which are 2 x 18 inches, to secure the wheel to the stand. If it had arrived undamaged, I would have given it five stars.

👤I ordered 4 of them. The item works well and does not require drilling into the wall. It gives flexibility. Some manufacturers have quality problems. The screw may not line up, the metal may not be removed to make a hole, and in one package a shorter screw was provided instead of a longer one. The plastic bag was made poorly. The produce's function is not impacted by these issues. The design is good. They did not find a good manufacturer.

👤The old stands wouldn't work with the new bikes, so we bought 2 new stands. They were one of the few that could hold the weight of the e bikes. The stands could accommodate the bikes with the handlebars facing to the back or the front. There is a A cap wouldn't stay on the intended piece when one of the stands arrived. I gave the company the order number and a picture, but they haven't heard from me after 3 weeks. I would have rated this bike stand a 5 star if it wasn't for this glitch.

👤The bike is extremely unstable due to the poor illustration of instructions and the fact that the 2 piece pole was put into wrong position when drilled. One tap and it falls down. I have a smaller version of this bike stand that is different from the one I have now. All the parts are the same. It sits perfect but not for a 29" tire which is what this one does, and it is very disappointed on just one part that could make or break this stand. I'm returning it because of the lack of support from the manufacturer.

9. Auwey Bicycle Storage Vertical Adjustable

Auwey Bicycle Storage Vertical Adjustable

Installation is easy. Independent mounting wall bike brackets can be used. The hook is easy to use. No assembly is required to save space. You can hang and detach the bike with the fixed hook. It's great for shed corner and garage storage. Safety The hook on the bike rack is rubber coated to protect it from scratches. The maximum hanging weight is 66lb. It's strong enough for a road bike. When you are ready for a ride, a vertical bike rack is the ideal way to store your bicycle. Lifetime warranty is provided by them and they stand behind their product. If you don't like it, just return and they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Auwey

👤The construction is very sturdy. I don't recommend using the hardware it comes with to mount to the wall. Other reviews have said to use differnt screws to mount the wall studs. I bent one of the hooks so I could hang our Fat bike with wide wheels.

👤These are cheap wall racks. You have to twist the bike sideways on the wall to release it from the rack because the hook is so long. It is very hard to do for adults. What is the solution? I cut the hook tip to make it easier to store and release it. It is doing the job, but don't buy it. I will eventually replace these.

👤The bike rack works well for street bikes and kids bikes with skinny tires, but not for bikes with fatter tires. The hook is too short for fat tire bikes. I had to cut the tip off the hook to get it to work on one of our bikes, and the other had to be turned sideways to get it into the hook. There is a The hinging action of the hook makes it difficult to get the bike into the hook. It would be better if there was a spring that held it in the right position for loading. I like the idea of these. The padding of the hook, the runway to put the tire into, and the hinging are all good ideas. They missed a few things that would have made it work better.

👤I trust the hooks to hold bikes up. There are two things that kept this from being five stars for me. The default screws are hot garbage. You will have to use your own because any drill you use to install them will strip the heads like they were made of plastic. You have to hold the hook up while hanging the bikes because of the lose in the swivel. It's fine for me, but my kids can't hang their bikes on their own.

👤At the bottom. Went from 2 to 3 stars. There is a The screws that come with the hangars are junk. The screwheads were broken using a typical drill andPhillips screw bit. The screws snapped right off. Buy at your own risk. I bought my own screws after they snapped. They're holding up well. A photo was included. Getting to middle bikes is not that bad because they allow the bike to pivot in the brace. You should buy your own screws. Get the same diameter, but longer and better metal. The hooks would be better if they were a little bigger. Sometimes getting bikes on/off mounts is difficult. If screws were better, they would get 4 stars. 5 stars if hooks were larger.

👤Poorly made stuff. The screws supplied for installation are so soft that the heads can be sheared clean off. The hooks are not straight. If you need two hands to hold your bicycle, you will need your third hand to adjust the hook.

10. JRS Storage Bicycle Hanger Capacity

JRS Storage Bicycle Hanger Capacity

We are committed to do their best to make sure their customers are satisfied with the purchase of wall mount garage utility hooks from them. If you have a question, please contact them. They want their customers to be happy. Hang a bike vertically with the 4 Bicycle wall mount hangers. Light-weight and durable, it is made of strong solid steel. Can handle a bike of up to 66 lbs. The hooks are rubber coated. Accommodates tires with less than 2.17" It's suitable for mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes, kid bikes, etc. If you're not satisfied, return to them. If you're not satisfied, return to them.

Brand: Jrs

👤I hang 4 cars in my garage. They used to take up a lot of room on the ground, now they only take up a small amount on the wall. The pictures are of my install. 1. Home Depot, Lowe's, and Local HW store 2. The photo shows my board which is 5' exactly, so cut the stud down to 2x12". Attach 2x12 to the wall with wood screws or long drywall. I offset each rack and flipped each bike to hang the racks. Your bikes used to be on the floor where you are now.

👤The design seems to hold. I put mine in the garage walk. ThePhillips head was chewed up in the package and one of the screws was not usable. The screws heads snapped when I was installing them. I used my own screws to secure it to the wall. My aluminum framed 26 inch bike is quite well held. It created more floor space in the garage.

👤For the price! I think they are great. They seem strong. I bought some mounting screws that were mounted directly to the wall studs and they have held up well, I followed the advice to not use the screws that came with it.

👤The hooks work well and hold the bikes. Lift the bike and hook it up. The "curb" to keep the tip tire in place isn't necessarily keeping the bike straight, but it is a small problem. I used good deck screws to securely mount the included screws, they are terrible and I deducted one star for them. I threw the deck screws away after the first two crews snapped off the screws. I don't think the screws would hold in sheetrock.

👤Sturdy and can be easily mounted to the wall. I wouldn't use the anchors. I put them in the wall. If you hang the bikes from the rear tire, they will hang better. The front tire makes it difficult to hang.

👤Installation of the bike wheel around the hook is difficult because of the length of the hook. I shortened the hook to 1.75" so that the wheel could more easily grasp the hook and sit within the stand.

👤The mounting hardware does not hold up. There is a The screws provided do not hold the anchors onto them. The bike came crashing down onto me after the 4 screws popped out of the wall. After trying it with another, all the screws were pulled out, with two snapping in half. I bought this because I want to hang my bike outside. There is a The mounting plate is sturdy, if you mount it to studs and don't use the provided screws, it will break.

👤The product is very good and the bikes hang perfectly. It's easy to take them out from the base. I drilled the holes into the wall and put the anchor and screw in. The product is made of pure steel and deserves a 5 star rating.

👤El producto una vez instalado, la bronca es intalarlo. Son una verdadera PORQUERIA, con los productos. I vino encima con la pared y la bicicleta, para el vendedor. Tengan mala calificacin, lo peor, as a las personas. Shame on you. No poner ni una sola estrella, la verdad fui.

11. Bikehand Bicycle Floor Parking Storage

Bikehand Bicycle Floor Parking Storage

It is welding a fixed plate with 2 holes. The free standing floor stand is great when you still need the flexibility to move your bike around, whether it is in your garage, bike store or at a race. A patent design has been awarded. The pulleys have a position. It fits any bikes with wheel sizes from 24 to 29". It's just a simple slide in. The max tire width is 2.4 inch 60mm. The front or rear wheel slides in. To make the bike stable, you have to sit in firmly. This rack is great for high end bikes. It does not bring scratches to the bike's frames, disc rotors, cassettes, etc. The package has a bike holder. The required assembly tool is included. A steel frame with a rubber base. It's perfect for cement or timber floor. A life time warranty on top quality. It was made in Taiwan. The product weight is 1.96 kilograms. 4.35 lbs.

Brand: Bike Hand

👤There is an update. I was sent 2 more stands and they were the same problem, wobbly and with unevenly or warped bars. I was able to get 2 stands that are at least acceptable after spending 4 hours mixing and matching pieces from all 4 stands. I had to spend a lot of time putting together and taking apart the stands and still wasn't able to get what I wanted. The tack welded on the backs of the curved bottom tubes is slightly slanted so it won't sit flat if you put the legs on. The design is a good one, but they cheap out and won't do quality control to make sure it's good. They could easily fix the problem by doing a partial assemble using a jig and tack welding the nuts on the back. It would solve the problems. If the stands were made correctly, I would pay a little more. Maybe this company should think about something. There is a The design of the bike rack is amazing. They came up with a great design. It holds your bike very securely. I ordered 2 of them and both had problems with the parts. A warped metal tube causes the bike rack to not sit flat, it has a lot of wobble to it, not exactly what you want holding your 3K bike. One of the hand nuts can't tighten the top rounded tube. I tried it on both sides and it can't tighten, where the 2nd hand nut does tighten easily on either side, so something is wrong with the 1 hand nut. Assembly is easy and straight forward, but I have to take them both apart and send them back, and hopefully they'll send out 2 more with unwarped tubes and parts that aren't broken. We will get to see how good the customer service is. I will come back with an update.

👤I have had them for a while. I like them. I built a shelf for our garage from the four I purchased. The shelf is free standing with legs and is about 24 inches tall. This allows the bikes front wheels to be elevated, in turn pulling the rear wheel in and saving floor space. The four bikes are parallel to each other but not on the wall, because I mounted them at a 15 degree angle. The rear wheels are saved space by this. I was worried that they wouldn't work on a table top, but they did. I used electrical conduit to hold the rack onto the wooden shelf top. They would work well mounted at ground level. These are easy to load a bike into. The bikes can be loaded into the holders. The rollers are important. My family's four bikes are not interchangeable between the four racks because you want to adjust to the individual bike. The rollers are plastic and not heavy rubber like I was expecting, but after using them for several months I see no problem with that.


What is the best product for bicycle stand vertical?

Bicycle stand vertical products from Cyclingdeal. In this article about bicycle stand vertical you can see why people choose the product. Voilamart and Maxxhaul are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle stand vertical.

What are the best brands for bicycle stand vertical?

Cyclingdeal, Voilamart and Maxxhaul are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle stand vertical. Find the detail in this article. Dirza, Qualward and Storeyourboard are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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