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Speedometer 20 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. IPSXP Waterproof Speedometer Automatic Accessories

IPSXP Waterproof Speedometer Automatic Accessories

The wireless waterproof design is more convenient and durable. Don't worry about the weather. A good personal fitness assistant that you don't want to miss. Wireless and waterproof design make it more convenient and durable. Don't put in the rainstorm or stay in the water, because you don't need to worry about the complex installation of the wires on your handlebars. The display is made of liquid crystal display. You can read your statistics easily with the digital display. The bike computer can be shared with your friends and family in 5 languages. The day and night are over. You are able to read your data easily and clearly during dark hours because of the backlight. When you press two buttons at the same time, the backlight will turn on. MULTIFUNCTION AND WIDE SUITABLE. It works well to measure speed, distance, riding time and calories burned. It is suitable for most types of bicycles, including road bicycles, mountain bikes, folding bikes, and other common bicycles. It is perfect for beginners who want to take their riding to the next level. The built-in auto on/off function means you don't have to worry about the battery wasting power. When you stop your bike computer will stop counting time and average speed.

Brand: Ipsxp

👤It was easy to fix as it didn't work properly. It was perfect for me because it could display both speed and odometer at the same time. There is a mode that shows alternate things such as average speed, max speed, trip time, and so on. You can show time with the speed. 1. The battery compartment on the computer is too big and the battery jiggles around and loses the connection and resets all the settings in the computer. I folded up some paper and put it on top of the battery to take up the extra space. It has worked so far. The system only uses 2 batteries and they included 4. I have more than one. The computer should be mounted on the same side of the handlebars as the sensor unit. 2. The magnet is made of plastic. Either buy a new higher quality magnet for $9 or squirt some Silicone sealant in there. 3. The cheap zip ties won't last long with the remote sensor unit. When you tie it to the bike, you should put some Silicone sealant on it. The sensor unit should be mounted high up on the fork. The signal doesn't travel very far, and it's easier to take your wheels off with more clearance.

👤The computer works well so far, however, the magnet that you attach to your wheel spoke is not the same as the one in the instructions. The instructions have a nut on them. The plastic screw on the magnet is not secure. The company asked for pictures after I email them about the issue. I tried to send the pictures but they were too big for the company to handle. I'll buy a better spoke magnet if that's the case.

👤There were no instructions included with this. What they show isn't what you get. I returned the item because it didn't read my miles after I posted a question online to see if others could help.

👤The box didn't work out. Changed the batteries. It didn't work. The batteries were installed correctly. It wouldn't be a good idea.

👤It is difficult to install. The unit failed after a week. The unit wouldn't light up after the battery was changed. I will be requesting a refund.

👤I wouldn't record speed. One review stated the battery was in backwards. I adjusted the sensor to drop the battery and the medal, as well as the sensor, over. It was supposed to be held in by three wires. The product was not worth the effort and the batteries are almost worth the price.

👤El sensor se me dao. por qué ha mucho.

2. HONGYEA Waterproof Speedometer Automatic Multi Functions

HONGYEA Waterproof Speedometer Automatic Multi Functions

If you are dissatisfied with their bicycle mileage tracker, you can return it for a full refund in 90 days. They're glad to hear that you like their products. There are 18 different functions of the wireless speed bike computer. Measuring speed, distance and riding time are basic functions. You can use more interesting functions according to the instructions, and it can also measure your calories and detect the surrounding temperature to prevent heat stroke. The wireless bicycle speedometer can be used for road bicycles, mountain bicycles, folding bicycles and other common bicycles. If the bike computer, the wireless transmitter and magnet can be installed within the specified distance, the device should be compatible. Please contact them if you have any questions. The waterproof rating of this bicycle computer is IP66. It can be immersed in water for a short time, but it is recommended not to soak for a long time to avoid malfunction. Remove the battery and dry it in time if water enters accidentally. It is easy to install the accessories according to the instructions. The distance between the bike computer and the wireless transmitter is less than 60mm, and the distance between the wireless transmitter and the magnet is less than 3mm. Pull out the white insulation from the battery. If you purchase the product and feel dissatisfied, please contact them, they will solve the problem for you in time.

Brand: Hongyea

👤There are some misinformation in the instructions. There's a tiny piece for the magnet that is attached to the spoke. There is no piece in the package. And... It's not needed. There is a The spoke has grooves in it that allow the magnet to be put on it. It is very useful to know.

👤The product is good, but the speedometer on the product does not work when I turn on the power on my bike. Does anyone else have this problem?

👤The instructions on how to install the fork have been upside down. If you have a long neck stem, this device won't work. You have to figure it out, I had to stick it on the frame and be looking down.

👤It is poorly written and confusing. I figured out a few things.

👤The product works great, it came with all of the parts.

👤Okay... Well. Nice in theory. Practicality. The directions are hard to understand. You need to program the remote to your bike. The screen won't stay on for long. It's glitching. Won't allow any changes or stay on. The spoke has to have a magnetic screw and nut on it. It won't work if they aren't in perfect alignment. The screen is working. Which it is not. Zip ties that connect the sensor are flimsy. I don't think it could work. It's a tight fit when riding fast. It's not possible to be absolutely perfect with what they provide. There are two different styles of brackets for the handle bars. It only tells you how to connect them. It says to take out the battery and reset the screen, but that didn't work. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what needed to happen. It's not worth it. Money or time is more important.

3. CYCLESPEED Speedometer Waterproof Multifunction Alternative

CYCLESPEED Speedometer Waterproof Multifunction Alternative

You can switch between km/h and m/h. In the first step of setup mode, press the right and left keys at the same time to change the speed unit. If you want to reset the speed unit, you can open the battery cover, take out the battery and enter setup mode. The low frequency wireless transmission technology, with convenient operation, easy to install, and to enhance the performance of wireless waves, makes the data more accurately, the measured data of super screen, make you easy to access the riding data. This bike computer wireless have 19 functions, including 5 languages alternative, auto ON/OFF, Led backlight,Clock, Stop watch, and all speedometer and odometer function. The mph speedometer can be used for outdoor cycling activity, and can help you control your physical energy consumption during long-distance riding. Even in heavy rain, the IPX7 waterproof bicycle computer could help you. Don't use it under water. The sturdy structure of the bike makes it almost impossible for the odometer and speedometer to fall down. Don't expose it to the sun for a long time when it isn't using. CYCLESPEED bicycle computer wireless have a large screen, suitable for night riding. Universal speedometer is easy to read, you can read the data in less than one second, it ensures the safety of riding. Don't pay much attention to the bike computer. If you are dissatisfied with their bicycle mileage tracker, you can return it for a full refund in 90 days. They're glad to hear that you like their products.

Brand: Cyclespeed

👤There is no way to turn it off, it has a batter save mode, but it only lasts for 4 minutes, and the night mode is turned off after 10 minutes. Why would they make this so bad?

👤The speed would fluctuate between 14 and 4 mph. I usually take a route that takes me half the distance. I have doubts about the distance between the magnet and transmitter.

👤I need to get ready for a long distance bike ride. It is easy to install and use. The price is great.

👤It's easy to install, I need it for recreational bike riding.

👤I gave it to my brother in law because it didn't explain how to put on complicated things.

👤I figured out how to use the rubber ring without instructions. It is a good way to compare my watch tracking to it. It is easy to use.

4. Maizad Speedometer Odometer Motorcycle Calculation

Maizad Speedometer Odometer Motorcycle Calculation

The XOSS G+ bikeGPS computer has a long battery life, a 1.8-inch screen, and time zone-based automatic backlight, which allow you to ride freely in rain or night. It has a 500mAh battery that can last up to 25 hours. Key information display. You can see speed, altitude, mileage statistics, and identify time zones with the help of the gps hud speedometer. Security Alert During long-distance driving, you should be aware of over speed alert and fatigue driving alert. Green light display can protect the driver's eyes, make the driver feel more comfortable, especially suitable for long-distance driving. The HUD projects the real and instance speed with a gps satellite. Plug the device into the car'susb port. Mobile power can be used to power bicycles. It is suitable for all vehicles and is applicable to trucks, motocycle and bicycle which are not supported by the OBD hud.

Brand: Maizad

👤The unit does not know what time zone it is in, what the correct time is, or what the correct speed is due to the quality of the components inside. You can make these changes in setup. To save money, there are not buttons for each function. I had to use a gps device to set the speed on the unit, but it was off 5 mph. It is not easy to make changes since it is set to primary desired use - speed. In daylight, they are easy to see. There is a double sided tape mount. The case is made of soft plastic. It would probably not hold up in hot weather. It needs a dimmer knob to operate at night.

👤It's a junky gimic. It made me buy a cts3

👤I needed an odometer that was described as a speedometer, but it only functions as one.

👤I expected the mileage indicators to be switchable to miles. This is not an option. I don't use it very much in Kilometers here in the states. I don't know its accuracy. I don't want to be converting back and forth so much. Occasionally.

👤It works well. There is some lag in the change of speed of the auto. There is a Really like the function of the odometer.

5. XOSS Computer Speedometer Waterproof Bluetooth

XOSS Computer Speedometer Waterproof Bluetooth

The wireless bicycle computer can be used to apply to most types of bicycles, for example, mountain bikes, road bikes, electronic bikes, folding bikes, and when you are outside, take the bike computer with you to provide the real-time record. To ensure the bike computer works properly, you must download the XOSS APP first. The bike computer has a high-sensitivity gps chip. It supports four kinds of positioning systems. Automatic Pause Mode is when you stop according to the gps location. Data can be uploaded to the XOSS APP viaBluetooth and synchronized with Strava at the same time. The XOSS APP can be used to set the time zone. The bike computer can set the last two datas. It helps you exercise scientifically by showing you current speed, current cycling time, current cycling distance, average speed, slope, maximum speed, and total mileage. The battery life is up to 25 hours. One-year warranty is offered by them. If you have a problem after the date of purchase, please contact them through email or other channels. They will try to find a solution.

Brand: Xoss

👤The unit works well. It's amazing how good it is at detecting start/stop. The path and trips are tracked in the app. There is a The brackets are not very good. The diameter of my handlebar was larger than the range of handlebar diameters the brackets worked over. You can get the gps unit without the brackets at a lower price. The cheaper alternative would have been better for me. I can't vouch for accuracy, but it seems right to me. I would buy this unit again.

👤Excellent bike computer! The best bang for the buck! There is a The current speed, distance, average speed, and elevation are all accurate. There is a The data is very close to my phone. There is a The battery, display and reliability have been excellent so far. The display is bright. The buttons are easy to grasp. There is a The bike computer is easy to use. A traditional bike computer is 5 steps up. It's cheaper than spending $300 on a one. There is a If you're looking for a bike computer that can track your ride and average speed, then you're in the right place. I highly recommend this!

👤I only used this product for 10 hours. The original charge of the battery is 50%. I noticed a drop in miles per hour when I was riding under heavy tree branches, but it did perform well in the open. The mount is made for 30mm bars, not vintage 23 to 24mm bars. It will need a rubber shim. The small mount is attached to a band. I'm happy with this unit so far.

👤The mount doesn't fit my bike's handlebars. The mount is made for a bigger bar. I don't recall seeing a reference to this in the ad. This is a great gps for a fair price. I almost sent it back as the first time locating the gps took a long time. Once it finds itself, it only takes about 30 seconds to be up and running. It might be an issue again if you travel with it in the off setting. There is a The AP can be used to track progress.

👤I buy a bike computer that will show me speed, distance, times and distances. It lasts about 20 hours on a charge. It bounced around on my bike in the rain. There is a Due to its small size, I left it in my pocket and washed it the third day I had it. I found it before the dryer. I don't think it's a good idea to wash in. It did not have an issue at all.

👤The accuracy is close. I compared it to my phone. It's always the same. I charge it after almost every ride, and the only time it showed less than 50% charge was after a 2 1/2 hour ride with a 45 minute pause in between. When you stop riding, it stops. Since the speed and mileage is determined with the help of a gps device, there can be a small lag when speeding or slowing, but it averages out to be very accurate. The G+ model allows for accessories to be added, such as a wheel speed monitor, so I wish I had bought it. There is a I am very happy with this purchase.

6. Flexzion Computer Waterproof Speedometer Backlight

Flexzion Computer Waterproof Speedometer Backlight

Their speedometer has multiple functions to meet needs, including 14 features related to cycling data and 5 performances of the odometer. Track your outdoor cycling real time distance, current/max/average speed, riding time, stopwatch, weekly riding time/distance with a simple operation. Function reset. Press and hold (M) for 2 seconds to enter the system parameters. Accurate readings of average speed, top speed, current speed, riding time, odometer, distance, time, maintenance alert are provided by Multi-Functional. It's waterproof, so it's ideal in raining conditions, and it has aLED backlight that improves visibility. Accurate data result, the odometer won't interfere with other devices. Shut off automatically when you leave it for more than 5 minutes. Press any button to restart normal operations. Attach the sensor on the front tire fork with the included magnet. They need to be aligned together and within 3mm of each other. The computer can be mounted on the top tube or on the handlebars. The sensor should not be mounted on the rear wheel. The installation process is simple and hassle-free with a lot of accessories. Most types of round tube bicycles, including road bike, mountain bike, folding bike, racing bike, and most common cycling bicycles with spoke-Wheel frame and thinner spokes are compatible with this. The perfect recording device can be used for hiking, climbing, and many other outdoor activities.

Brand: Flexzion

👤In the past year, we've bought 3 Raniaco units. The instructions did not mention many features and the buttons did not have a distinct click, making it difficult to set the time. I decided to try the Flexzion because it looked like the same unit as the one I got, but with a slightly different mount. The buttons have a great click. The wrench symbol was a mystery on the Raniaco. It is for a period of time. It explained how to reset the odometer after changing the battery. The Raniaco was annoyed by that. The method for Flexzion worked on the Raniacos. I have to give the instructions a boost. The displays and functions are the same, but the instructions are better, and the price is less, which is why I bought this.

👤The instructions were bad in English. I don't know how to turn it off. I have to remove the battery. It's hard to find instructions for on/off.

👤It works well. I expected it to do well.

👤The installation is easy.

👤We know how far we have traveled and how long we have been on a ride.

👤The box did not contain a wireless transmitter. I got a full refund.

👤Cela est un achat, il est comprendre toutes le guide d'instruction.

👤The odometer is very good. It's easy to install. It was easy to use. There are a lot of features.

👤It was easy to set up. It is easy to use. Exactly what I needed! I was happy with the price and product.

7. VLOXO Speedometer Waterproof Odometer Rechargeable

VLOXO Speedometer Waterproof Odometer Rechargeable

34High Quality MaterialMechanical Odometer is made of good quality materials, waterproof and sturdy, suitable for all weathers. Let you know the total mileage. The VLOXO bike computer set includes a bike light with a speedometer and 120DB bike bell and red tail light, which can be used for bicycle Tracking, lighting and Bell, One set can meet all your cycling needs. Installation instructions can be found on the details page. Simple and quick installation of equipment is possible. The illumination distance of the headlamps can reach 500 ft, 4 lighting modes for you to choose, brightness and direction can be adjusted. The bicycle has a light. The battery can be charged multiple times. When fully charged, it can be used for 5-8H. The scope of the warranty is within it. The VLOXO bike odometerlight set is waterproof and made of high quality material. Dustproof and waterproof, the bike front light and tail light are not afraid of rain. The bicycle lights can be used in any weather. If the speed data has a problem, the VLOXO bike computer can view the total distance, maximum speed, average speed, cycling time and one-way travel distance, accurately and comprehensively record your every ride. There are 6 different sounds that can be adjusted, and the bicycle horn can emit a warning sound up to 120 decibels. The bicycle light can be used as a flashlight for hiking, camping, walking, home or office power failure emergency flashlight, nighttime family/ kids activities, etc. Common bicycles are compatible with the bicycle speedometer. All VLOXO products come with a 30-day return guarantee. Please contact them in Amazon.

Brand: Vloxo

👤I bought this light to fix my wife's trike. I wanted to give this guy a chance because of the discerption. The design was more for an up right bike than a trike. Thankfully my wife has an up right which I will install on. I will revisit the review with the hope of giving this guy a five star hit. I will speak about what I know. There is a The light has all of the things you would expect, a high beam, low beam, flasher, and amber flashing light. One should be careful because of how bright they can be, because they could cause an epileptic seizure. Unless you use a magnifying glass or readers, instructions are hard to read. I'm pretty sure I would have had the complete install done in less than an hour. There is a I will leave this. This is a perfect light for riding an upright. I will come back once I install this on my wife's bike.

👤I love the light. My son's helmet has this mounted as a second light. If you want to illuminate where your bike is going, you need to use a light on your helmet, and if you want to illuminate where you are looking, you need a light on your bike. I don't use speed or distance options. We have e bikes and they are already being used. You don't see the screen because this is helmet mounted. There is a PROS 1. The helmet needs a rubber stretch mount to wrap it. It works well for that. 2. It's nice when the mount is mounted on your helmet. 3. The construction is made of plastic. You don't want something heavy mounted on your helmet, that's why this is a pro. There is a There are 1 cons. It's not very bright when running 2 lights. The plastic body seems to break easily. The plastic lense is easy to scratch. If you get mud on it, it could be an issue. You need to be careful when cleaning the lense.

8. RISEPRO Computer Speedometer Waterproof Backlight

RISEPRO Computer Speedometer Waterproof Backlight

Speedometer for bike provides a large display for easy viewing during dark hours. The light will be on for 4 seconds per time between 17:57 and 17:57. During the first 30 days, you could return with any reason. Their priority would be your satisfaction. Feel free to contact them if you have a problem. Risepro® Bike Computer has a large and clear 4 lines display. You can easily see your cycling data at a glance. The newest model allows you to pre-program all settings for two bikes. There was no more re-setting between 2 bikes. It's great to compare recorded data between Bike A and Bike B. The functions highlight include: average speed, max speed, driving time, calorie consumption, speedometer and etc. The range is between 60 and 1 cm between the Bike Computer and the Transmitter. There is a wheel with 4-40 inches. The computer is waterproof against raining and wet conditions. It works on any weather.

Brand: Risepro

👤Give me a break, because it is a 'Five Star' rating, but a wireless cycling computer with a calories count and a Thermometer for 16 bucks? It has to count. The not-great stuff first. It has three menus to choose from and what you get on each screen is what you get. You can't change the lines of data. I would like the speedometer with the thermometer, but I can't get it. To read the temperature, I have to use the second screen and the third screen. The screen displays 'Maximum Speed' instead of your current speed, which is useless for me. It would be nice to know what your fastest speed was after a ride. I don't need to know it on an ongoing basis. The instruction sheet is very detailed and involved, not well written and a bit confusing. When you're setting up various lines of display, you don't always know what the line you're working on represents... if you start reading the instructions, you'll eventually figure it out. You can't cram in a lot of lines of data in a small unit without the small side being visible. It isn't the unit's fault that the lines are small, but it can be annoying. Good stuff... The back light works well. I haven't changed anything from what it came with and you can push 'Mode' at night to get a good 3 seconds of light. It does light up the whole display even though it originated on the left side of the unit. The temperature works! I used to own a Planet Bike puter that was wired and terrible, I bought it specifically for the thermometer. I would leave my house in the 30's and it would be 74 degrees by the time I got to work, but it would go up to 56 degrees by the time I got to work. This one seems to work well and you can program Celsius or Fahrenheit for other settings. It is easy to set up. All the people in the reviews are crazy about what they see. I mounted mine on the left side of the bike, made sure the magnet was centered on the wheel sensor, and turned it on. It had a pulse. I didn't have to do this because the wheel magnet on this unit is pretty strong, and you can buy the tiniest of neodymium magnets and attach one or two to it to increase its strength and range. You won't have to adjust the sensor's distance to fit in with the life of the sensor. The craft magnets have a diameter of 2mm and a thickness of 1mm. The accuracy of the speedo. Yes. I'm not sure. It seems to correlate well with the trip distance and how far away the destination is. The instructions give you some common measurements for different diameter wheels. It doesn't have 700 x 25c, so I can't see how well my calculated circumference stacks up with their estimate. The keys off your mass are shown on the calories count. I don't think any of the features are worth anything. How fast you're going and how many calories you're burning is just one of many variables. Durability, water resistance, battery life, and so on are unknowns at this point. I will post updates if these are bad.

9. Sulens Waterproof Speedometer Automatic Accessories

Sulens Waterproof Speedometer Automatic Accessories

CONVENIENT: It is more convenient because of its small size, lightweight and wireless design. Automatically wakes from sleep mode when the bicycle vibrates. You can read your statistics easily with a 2.5 inch bright display with big numbers. This bicycle computer can measure speed, distance, and riding time. Any serious bicyclist or fitness fanatic needs to know what to look out for. It is more convenient and durable with the wireless and waterproof design. Don't worry about installing the wires on your handlebars, just wipe it dry, it's waterproof and you don't need to worry about rain. It's easy to view during dark hours with the white backlight. It is easy to install if you follow the instructions in the paper manual. It's suitable for most types of bicycles.

Brand: Sulens

👤The last speedo gave me trouble after I wrote a 1 week review. I've had this one on the bike for 500 miles. It's easy to use, but don't throw the instructions away. I have one complaint. The speed will suddenly go down. Sometimes it goes from 13.4 to 5.8 or even 0. I usually notice this when I ride. It will affect the distance by a few tenths. That isn't enough to bother me. I checked the gap between the magnets and the sensors. I'm set at a dime's thickness. I am satisfied with the product and would purchase again.

👤A lot of functions regarding bicycling like: speeds, distances, timings, few averages, etc., are provided by the design. Also, etc. I only use a few. There is a The batteries should last forever if not used. Sleeping mode. Firm snap-on mounting can't lose. You need to hear a click. I have a transmitter on the wheel. There is a The unit has a strong wireless connection. Follow set-up instructions exactly. There is a I compensate local residents for directions when they are lost. There is a There is no radar detection against rabbits running across a bike path. Sheesh! There is a Money was well spent. There is a Mike.

👤I didn't have to put my glasses on to see the numbers because I bought them for the big ones. I would purchase it again. It was important to keep track of distance. It's nice to see the time of day.

👤The bike computer was able to show the current trip and cumulative odometer. The wheel size number needs to be entered. The spoke device is close to the sensor on the fork.

👤Me duro una salida, producto de malsima calidad. No quieren perder su dinero!

👤The part of the sensor that is located in the bike frame is too wide to be mounted in front of the wheel. There is a I don't understand how not highlighted in the product makes sure that it fits. I was very disappointed.

👤I had to use a different magnet because the one I used did not fit spokes.

👤Just installed. I want to give it time before increasing my rating. This was purchased for our grandsons. He was able to track his miles because he was able to calculate the circumference of 14” wheels. We took it out for a few spins. There is a The instructions were hard to understand. Some of the wording is odd because it appears to have been translated into English by a non native speaker. We couldn't figure out what it was. We don't know if it's an alternate way to hold the computer on. Will update in a month or so.

10. HGC Resettable Speedometer Universal Motorized

HGC Resettable Speedometer Universal Motorized

1 year warranty Enjoy your cycling and a 1 year warranty, no matter how you install it. They will offer you a better service if you contact them freely. It's for 26" wheels. The bicycle speedometer is chrome. The classic style is for bikes and exercycles. The package includes a mechanical speedometer. The resettable is left or right mountable. No need to worry about the rain. The bicycle handle is 2.2 cm in diameter. The bicycle handle is 2.2 cm in diameter.

Brand: Hgc

👤Installation took about 15 minutes, including taking the front wheel off my bicycle to install the hub. There is a I can say that it has held up so far and is working well after a little over 100 kilometers. The trip counter resets to zero without fail and is accurate for my use. I'll probably buy another one if it breaks, but I'm not sure how long it will last. This is a good option for those who prefer mechanical over digital.

👤The plastic piece that goes on your axel was not comfortable to be placed between all the metal wheel-works. Naturally. Because it is made of plastic. There is a The speed on the speedometer was not correct. The needle would bounce all over the place and then just bounce around again. I found that useless. The display is cheap. I think this is the worst functioning speed-measuring device I have ever seen, and I am not sure if you have to modify it to make it work properly.

👤I only wish that this speedometer worked well. Depending on how you install it, it will calculate speed based on mph or kph. I used my phone app to measure distance, but the analog speedometer was way off. The app showed 10 miles, but the analog showed 5 or 6. I disconnected it and didn't use it again.

👤I can now see how far I traveled without having to use a calculator. It shows the MPH and KPH.

👤If you install it on an older mountain bike, it's easy, but it's not as easy as a beach cruiser, and if you hit a few big bumps, your trip mileage will randomly go 100s of miles higher.

👤I put this on our old Schwinn tandem to keep track of the miles. I like that it has a separate trip meter. I checked it against a gps and it was about 10 mph off. I was hoping for better accuracy, but I know it's inexpensive.

👤A piece of junk. The trip counter never worked. It's complete waste of time and money.

👤I have gone over 300 miles since it was installed.

11. ICOCOPRO Speedometer Waterproof Backlight Multi Functions

ICOCOPRO Speedometer Waterproof Backlight Multi Functions

The green and white color on the odometer display can be seen as a day and night backlight. The design of wireless automatic function causes the slight rattle sound from device. With solar panel,speedometer for bike mph can automatically charge in the sunshine or light, provide extra power to the cycling computer while built-in 2 batteries to keep your ordinary electricity need. Save your money by extending battery service life. When mounting the sensor with the battery, please pay attention to the power connection. The iron piece should be pressed to make the equipment and battery fully contact. There are multiple flues and wide applicable. The built-in 22 functions of the speedometer for bike works well to measure speed, distance, riding time, calories burned, and etc. The bicycle computer wireless is suitable for most types of bicycles, but may not suit some type with large spokes. After no signal inputs for 300 seconds, the screen of the bike speedometer wireless will go into a sleep mode. The cycle computer will wake up when you shake it or input it. The bike mile tracker is more convenient and durable with the wireless and waterproof design. No need to worry about the rain when installing the wires on your handlebars. It only takes a few minutes to install. The interface is easy to navigate with only two buttons. Just enjoying your ride. Speedometer for bike provides a large display for easy viewing during dark hours. The light will be on for 4 seconds per time between 17:57 and 17:57. During the first 30 days, you could return with any reason. Their priority would be your satisfaction. Feel free to contact them if you have a problem.

Brand: Icocopro

👤The instructions on the computer are terrible. They are very vague. They have a lot of pictures that aren't accurate. It is very confusing that the person who wrote them doesn't know how to write in English. The video on the Amazon page shows set up. It is better. The device is very nice despite the instructions being bad. It shows time, speed, average speed, max speed, calories burnt, odometer, and tempature. You need to open the panels on the back of the sensor and the device and take out the batter and replace the battery in order for it to work properly, something not mentioned at all. I like it now that it is set up. I wanted to destroy it before I figured out how to set it up. There is a Hope this helps!

👤This little device is easy to set up and install if you can get past the poorly written and translated instructions. The batteries are included. The unit feels secure on the bike with the supplied zip ties and I like how it also comes with rubber backings for both the sensor and the speedometer. The ambient temperature is one of the nice functions. I'm going to love having this accessory on my bike.

👤The bike computer was installed in 15 minutes. It works well and would recommend it to anyone. There was an update on 8/09/2018. The odomoter went crazy while riding my bike after I purchased this bike computer. You can't tell what speed you're going. Too late to return it. I will take it off my bike and find a new one. It did work for two months, so I would rate it one star.

👤I just got this and it's so good. There are videos here and elsewhere that will show you how to install this, but the instructions don't give you any guidance. It would be nice if the instructions were laid out. It took me a while to get the magnet to align but it worked out. The instructions did include a chart for the tire's circumference, but it took some time to set the clock, wheel diameter, and details. It came with foam pads so as not to scratch your bikes frame, and plenty of ties in case you mess up. The device is ambitious in its information provision. It seems like it will be in the ballpark from my tests, so I will update this as to accuracy. For the price, you can't go wrong.

👤Time will tell how long the batteries in the transmitter and unit last with the additional solar energy. The price is right and it is easy to use.

👤I'm very happy with this. I was not difficult to setup according to everyone's review. I have put over 100 miles on it so far, and I do everything I want it to do. I will put one on my wife's bike next.

👤Some of the directions didn't translate correctly into English. Correcting that should be done by the company because they do count. The perceived quality is affected if not correct. If you watch the video, you will see that there are paper insulators in the battery compartment. You don't know that paper is not a conductor. Zip ties are easy to replace. To determine inches, measure the wheel's circumference with a single circle roll. ply X inches times 25. If you move the decimal point one place the unit is millimetres. Get it? To ensure accuracy, enter the product. Put your weight on the seat with a helpers. The set up is easy if you make sure there is enough space between the stationary sensor and the moving metallic piece. Works for me. We will see about longevity.


What is the best product for bicycle speedometer mph?

Bicycle speedometer mph products from Ipsxp. In this article about bicycle speedometer mph you can see why people choose the product. Hongyea and Cyclespeed are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle speedometer mph.

What are the best brands for bicycle speedometer mph?

Ipsxp, Hongyea and Cyclespeed are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle speedometer mph. Find the detail in this article. Maizad, Xoss and Flexzion are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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