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1. Conceited Super Waisted Shorts Regular

Conceited Super Waisted Shorts Regular

The material is 98% Polyester, 8% Spandex. The yoga waistband has a high waisted design for ultimate comfort and control. Their fabric is about as close to your skin as leggings can get. One Size for Size 0-10 and Plus Size for Size 12-22 are available for a flattering fit. Premium stretch fabric has no side seam. They'll pay for return shipping if you return the item for any reason, and they're confident you'll love their products.


👤I thought I would still order some because I had seen a few people say that they received used leggings. I am going to rant about how I discovered leggings and how I got used to them. I received a dirty, used, worn out pair. There is animal hair on the leggings in the picture. I dismissed it, but then I noticed how faded the leggings are. The material is very soft. The material is not the best and these were only fifteen dollars. The last thing I thought to check was that yours has the problem. I have large thighs. I wore out my inner thigh with holes in multiple pairs of pants and leggings. The fuzz ball from my thighs is what I experience. I thought I would look to see if it was possible, and sure enough the material in between the thighs was worn out, and there were small holes. I have received online tights before, but there were no tags on them. I didn't try them on, so I can't tell you how they fit. The material is very thin. I would imagine it would be the legs, butt, and private area, not sure if this will get banned for using the proper terms. This is not ideal for someone who is heavier and I try to avoid it. Again, I did not put these on, so I am assuming based on previous experiences. This company should do better about not giving back used returns. If you receive the leggings, you should check them to be sure they are new.

👤These pants are what I have been looking for. I have a condition called allodynia and it makes me so sad. I have been searching for a pair of leggings that don't feel tight anywhere while being close fitting and these are amazing. The price of a certain brand is 1/6 the price of them. I will need to buy every color and 10 of the Black because I will never wear any other pants again.

👤I have purchased a number of black pairs. The first two were very good. It was just like my more expensive pairs, but without the skin staining. I got a brand called Always after purchasing a two pack. There was a sticker on the packaging that said Conceited, but the packaging had always been printed on the plastic and the leggings had Always tags. The waistband was not correct. The material was much cheaper. I returned them. There is a I thought I'd try one more time after the return since I love the first two. Again, I received a brand called Always. The waist band was correct but the material is not as nice. The waist band has no structure. I have to adjust the leggings so they don't fall down. You are not getting the listed brand when you buy these leggings. So disappointing. Please let me know where I can get the Conceited brand black yoga waist leggings.

2. LXNMGO Control Running Workout Compression

LXNMGO Control Running Workout Compression

The yoga shorts are 2 inches in length. These are made of nylon and spandex. It is comfortable. The shorts are designed to absorb sweat. It can keep you dry. It's great for summer workouts. The yoga shorts for women are designed with high waists. There is a wide waistband for no muffin top. There is support for the waist. The shorts are four way stretch and non see-tHROUGH. You can feel supported and recovered. It is not see-through when you exercise. It's perfect for everyday use and can be used for running,biking,yoga,volleyball,gym fitness, Zumba, beach and so on. It can be under a skirt. These shorts are a must have in your wardrobe. It's easy to pair with any top. It will always be in fashion. There are different colors to choose from. Purchase it from the store. Money Back Warranty by LXNMGO. You can return it if you don't like it.

Brand: Lxnmgo

👤I was looking for shorts to wear under dresses for summer, and these were perfect. They're thin enough that they don't add bulk when worn under loose skirts. I'm about 5'8", 150 lbs, with a 28" waist and 44" hips, and got a Large with a 7" inseam. These are stretchy enough that they hug everything nicely and offer a bit of shaping as well, which is something I usually have trouble with in high-waisted styles. I wore them all day and never had any issues with the legs rolling up or the fabric stretching out. I liked that they had a pocket, since the two dresses I wore that day didn't. They were dried on medium heat with no damage to the fabric, after washing up nicely on a delicate cycle in warm water. I would buy again if it was worth the price.

👤When I read the title, I thought the shorts would have a side pocket, but they didn't. The shorts don't have a side pocket or any pockets for that matter. There was no hidden on in the waist band. I only like to work out with shorts because I have a side pocket for my phone. I kept them because they fit well and look good. They ride up pretty badly while working out. I had to pull them down. I wouldn't buy again.

👤I love these shorts. The white pair fit perfectly. The short length of the buttocks is perfect. I am 5'7 and weigh 150 lbs with 40" hips. They didn't have pockets that were advertised.

👤These shorts are perfect. I wear them for comfort more than for exercising. They kill it for both. They're thick and soft and hold in the tummy. A number.

👤I love these! I bought the green ones in medium. I was going to buy a small because sometimes you buy a big size of workout bottoms. This was not the case and I am happy with the medium. I would like to see more women put the size they bought and their body size on their application. The stupid height thing won't allow me to change the inches from 1 to 3, so I have to use 5'3". I am 36 years old.

👤These are the most comfortable shorts I have ever worn. I've worn brands like Nike and FLEO. I feel like I can relax and get a good workout in without feeling self conscious because my thighs and waist are nice and stretchy. Will be buying more.

3. Aoliks Workout Control Exercise Leggings

Aoliks Workout Control Exercise Leggings

There are 2 pockets on each leg. The Aoliks workout shorts hold your phone, keys, or other essentials so you can focus on your activity. A crotch that supports free movement and interlock seams minimize rubbing and chafing are included. You can bend, squat, stretch and do any pose you want when you exercise. The high waisted waistband with tummy control hugs everything in for that sexy hourglass shape, giving you a streamlined look. The high waistband will keep your leggings in place, so you can move freely. The ultimate comfort. The yoga shorts feel like a second skin because they are made of smooth brushed polyester and spandex blend. Their material promotes compression, support and comfort. They want a lot from these yoga shorts. They expect them to be comfortable and slim fit. The fabric is non see-through and it's good elasticity makes it perfect for yoga, exercise, cycling, running, marathons, fitness, hiking, swimming, any type of activity. The Aoliks high waist yoga shorts are out of stock so order now while they last. You can add these workout shorts to your cart by clicking the "add to cart" button.

Brand: Aoliks

👤I thought it was a little big but it was really durable and worth my money. Medium would have fit just as well as a large.

👤My wife wanted to work out. They fit her perfectly, I got her the small. She is around 115 lbs. She said that she likes that they are not short biker shorts, but they don't go down to her knees. They are the perfect length. She said that they are very comfortable. If you're looking for a really good pair of compression shorts, then look no further.

👤They are very soft and wish they had more compression. I ordered a small but could've used an extra small, I'm 150 pounds and 5'4". If you're looking for a full coverage bike short, this would be the one. There are pockets that are very good.

👤These shorts are very comfortable. They are very soft. The short legs fit your knee perfectly. They don't offer much support, but the comfort is worth it. I will buy these again.

👤The crotch is not stated in the description. When moving around, the phone slips out of the pocket. These shorts are useless. I'm coming back.

👤The shorts have a nice feel to them. I might buy a lighter color and wear it under some summer dresses. The pocket in the side is a nice addition.

👤The waist is very comfortable and I like it above the bellybutton. I'm 5'3" and 175 lbs and have a size extra large. They fit on the looser side. I was going for that. I don't want sausage legs that are too tight at the thigh.

👤The material is soft. These are longer than the photo. They go past my knees. I am 5 years old. It looks like they go longer on other buyers photos. I don't think they would hit mid thigh like the photo.

👤Me encant la calidad de la tela. There is a El humoro y feliz con la compra.

👤La tela is very nice. Se ajusta. I am y me. Cuenta con bolsas. en. The people are called los laterales. Me increble.

4. ODODOS Pockets Waisted Athletic Charcoal

ODODOS Pockets Waisted Athletic Charcoal

The 4 Way Stretch fabric provides protection and comfort. The fabric stays dry and comfortable. The high waist is related to it. And. A wide waistband for no muffin top and maximum coverage while bending and stretching. The high waisted gives women confidence to look and feel their best. Two side pockets that hold a smart phone and keys are not moving. Chafe-free and flatlock seams increase comfort. The crotch has been set for greater freedom of movement. It's perfect for yoga, running, biking, dancing, hiking, exercise, fitness, and everyday use.

Brand: Ododos

👤I don't know what to say. These are amazing. I am 5'2 and 150 lbs. I wear size 9-11 jeans. These fit in a glove. Both squats and runs are proof. Don't have to pull them up constantly. I don't buy my workout bottoms from lululemon anymore. I will be ordering more from here. The fit is perfect, the pockets are a plus, and the quality is great. I highly recommend them.

👤These shorts are very soft. They fit like they should. They hug you but not too tightly. I have purchased three more pairs of pants and capri pants from ODODOS. I will definitely buy more. I bought a baby. Since I am losing weight, there is an extra room for me in size 18.

👤The shorts are very comfortable. I wear a size 12 and these are not an issue for me. I ordered a big one. They fit around my thighs. They don't ride up. I ordered two more pairs because I was happy with them.

👤It was a perfect fit. They are good for running. The big waistband is comfortable and doesn't fall down when you run. Love the pockets! I will be getting more for future runs. Thanks!

👤I got this product in a medium and large because I was unsure and they were cheap. I don't know what my normal size is. I needed a L according to the weight/size chart. My butt is bigger than my waist and I am 5' 4. I love both sizes. There is a The medium is snug. There is a The large is loose fit. Both sizes work for me. The medium is good for sleeping and exercising.

👤It felt like it wouldn't ride up because of the fit, so I gave it 4 stars. I'm returning it because someone else had that darn seam. It's very obvious, right down to the crotch. Even on the black, it's always a darker color. It's obvious, it cuts through the lady parts and creates an instant toe of the camel. Not appealing. I thought I had finally found shorts that didn't ride up into the crotch, which really sucks. There is a bad design flaw. If that doesn't bother you, it's very comfortable.

👤I needed something that covered my ass without riding up or folding down, so I bought this pair. There is a It's cute, covers what it needs, and has side pockets for small items. The tight hem at thighs prevents riding up. The hem is tight and the side pockets aren't deep enough to hold my phone. There is a It's okay for a short one, but maybe too short for my job. It's not flattering for me to be confident, so may be used for home workouts. I bought the leopard pair a few months ago. The thigh hem is not as tight as it could be. Also has longer pockets. Amazon comes with the territory because of the inconsistent products. Do you want to buy again? Probably not. Hope this helps someone.

5. Just My Size Plus Size Charcoal

Just My Size Plus Size Charcoal

The cotton-blend short has a tag-free elastic waist. A classic 9-inch inseam. Flat-locked non-chafe seams are easy on the skin.

Brand: Just My Size

👤I ordered the 3x to combat the chub rub under dresses because I am a size 24. I was surprised that they were completely opaque. They are cotton and not slick material. I have not noticed them rolling up while wearing them. They are a lighter shade of black than pictured, but that's not a big deal to me.

👤Being a plus size semi fashion forward girl, I was looking for a simple not too expensive Biker shorts to wear with my cool oversized shirts. This summer, nothing too hot or restrictive is what I'm feeling. I checked a lot of places and found some that were overpriced and others that had bad reviews, but then I checked out Amazon and found these babies. These are very comfortable for a child. These are perfect for Plus Size Queens to wear on their own for the summer, either under a dress or on their own. I have thunder thighs because they don't ride up or roll up. They hug my thighs in a way that I wanted them to not baggy on the thighs or butt. Ladies, please size down a notch or two after reading these helpful honest reviews, no restricted waist band that makes you feel uncomfortable or that would give you any muffin top, which is also a plus, but please, no restricted waist band that makes you feel uncomfortable or that would give you any I can imagine that they have a lot of stretch and will stretch out a little more just like any other piece of clothing. There is a These shorts are toned down and not like Jet Black or Black Black. If you can understand what I mean, then you are still black. It's funny. I don't think that's a big deal for me, they came fast with no damage so I would definitely be buying more so I can survive these brutal summer months, don't hesitate to get you some too! I almost forgot to mention that they are not seen. You don't have to worry about everyone seeing your butt because you wear a shirt.

👤I bought the black one. I am currently 8 months pregnant and weigh 243 lbs. These fit perfectly over my babybump. Very comfortable! I went back to get another one. My thighs are large and this is perfect for eliminating chub rub. The band doesn't cut into my belly. If I have to leave the house, I could live in these since I don't leave the house or wear tunic dresses. Highly recommended!

6. Cadmus Workout Pockets Control X Large

Cadmus Workout Pockets Control X Large

Using a non see-through fabric. It's perfect for yoga, exercise, fitness, any type of workout. If you don't like their products, return them within 30 days. Pick your favorite color and add it to the cart. Two pockets are large enough to hold a phone, card or key. Flatlock seams increase comfort and freedom of movement. It is possible to keep you dry and comfortable with Quick-Drying and Sweat wicking fabric.

Brand: Cadmus

👤The price and quality are great. I am over 200 lbs but the fit is great. I got The shorts to wear under my dresses. It was perfect. The shorts were tight at first. They are very stretchy. I will be buying more and more colors. I like the pockets. I have room to spare for a pro and I have a pro. The shorts don't show through on me, and I had no issues fitting my phone in the pocket, as these were issues mentioned in other reviews.

👤The price is close to being a great product. The fabric is not as stretchy as leggings I am used to, but it has a thin elastic band at the top that is annoying. I think they are trying to look like the typical waist on leggings. It feels like your underwear are falling down because of the elastic band they have added. Think about how it feels when you have a sick person in your shoe. It is your butt. The seam/stitch was tight enough to cut my butt in two and give me a set of four cheeks. I should be satisfied with the price, but after wearing quality comfortable leggings I can't decide if I should keep them. I have added pictures so you can see what I am talking about, just not the horrible four cheeks.

👤I have wide hips. I wear anything from 18 to 24. I am 5'10 and 300 lbs. My hips are about 52 inches. These are very stretchy. The band stays high. The inner thigh has barely begun pilling because I have worn them constantly. The pockets are large. I bought a second set. The size 3x was a little big after a while, but it was accurate. The material is cooling in the hot, humid, urban Maryland summer. I love them. I'll never wear nice clothes again after I did church in these shorts on Sundays at home. Quarantine has shattered society's expectations, and the cult of respectability can pry these shorts from my hands.

👤The shorts are perfect, the fit is comfortable, and the length is perfect. The price is $23 for three pairs of pockets.

👤It is a little snug for a large, but it is still comfortable and they fit. I wear a size 10 and am 5'5 and 150. It's good for flattening. There is a good amount of stretch and a nice thickness. It feels like good quality to me. Will update after more use.

7. PERSIT Spandex High Wasited Athletic Leggings

PERSIT Spandex High Wasited Athletic Leggings

The material is 75% Polyester, 25% Spandex. These yoga shorts are designed to show off the best assets of a person. yoga shorts can outline your line curve, make you look very fashionable and special, whether it is dating or everyday wear. The unique print design of the leggings can show your unique beauty. The leggings don't shrink or fade after washing, because of the high-quality print tech. yoga shorts can outline your line curve, making you look very fashionable and special. Mischief knife: Breathable fabric closes your skin and regulates your body temperature. You can move more freely. There are 2 pockets. Pocket holds a key, cards, phone, and other items when you work and run, it makes you feel more comfortable and convenient, and you can focus on your runs.


👤It's worth what you pay for. I like the pattern and length. I usually wear a medium for shorts. For reference, I am 5'8" and 145 lbs. They fit well. The seam at the bottom of the legs is not very tight. The waist band had a little extra fabric, but not enough to make it gap or something. I really like them.

👤I got these because I don't like wearing leggings all the time, but I'm too big for shorts. I ordered an extra large and I wear any size from 12-16 in pants. The bottom part of them was snug, but they weren't see through, and there was no cellulite. I will be buying them in more colors. Don't ride up, they aren't itchy. They are stretchy but not too loose, as in they are pretty thin. These are not the most flattering pics. I was trying them on to give you an idea. 10/10!

👤I was cautious of these. I don't like this type of shorts because they don't stay put if you move too much. These were comfortable when I tried them on, were exactly the length I was hoping for, and they stayed put when I moved around. I wore them to kickboxing. The waist, legs, and feet were squat proof. I like them. If you'll excuse me, I have to buy more of them.

👤These are very cute. The quality is amazing. I was worried that they would be too tight, but they are perfect, true to size. These are highly recommended.

👤These are amazing! So soft and comfortable. A lot of shorts move around while working out, but these did not. I want to get more for workouts and just hanging out. I love them. They fit perfectly and look like the picture. I usually wear a small in leggings and they are great. I'm 5'3" and have a build weight of 125-132.

👤It's super soft, stretchy, and comfy, and I could sleep in it. There is a The thigh elastics do cut into my thighs, but with 0 compression, the waist line does keep rolling down a bit. I'm keeping it for home work outs, otherwise I'd go with my other preferred one. I wore these for 3 days. The stitching is coming out of the thighs and waist.

👤I like the fact that I didn't have to worry about pulling them up during my workout, I love these shorts. There were reviews on the size. I ordered my normal size. They had a weird smell. After washing, it went away. I will order more.

8. VALANDY Buttery Workout Athletic Running

VALANDY Buttery Workout Athletic Running

VALANDY biker shorts for women are ultra-durable and combine performance, style, comfort and function all in one. The multicolored 5 pack athletic shorts offer naked sensation and unrestricted movement for your summer, because people love their smooth yoga shorts. VALANDY High-rise waistband workout yoga shorts are designed with tummy control and butt lifting, and are perfect for a flattering streamlined look and get you covered. Their women's compression shorts are made from non see-through, quick drying, and 4-way stretch fabric, plus the skin care seams that minimize rubbing and chafing, you can move easily, bend, squat, stretch for workout. Ladies and girls wear VALANDY multi-pack spandex shorts at home or out. It's like a second skin shapewear that keeps you hugged in and looking slim; with perfect thickness, stretchy and comfy, it's versatile enough to keep your confident and comfortable for your sports, training, workouts, lounging and casual fashion. 5 pack long shorts for women are available in small to xx-large and are suitable for most body shape and types. The popular short pants were designed by VALANDY with passion and heart. You can add your favorite color to the cart. They offer world-class customer service to make your purchase worry-free.

Brand: Valandy

👤For my honest review, these yoga shorts were sent to me for free. These shorts are made from the same fabric. They are very soft. The s/m fit well and the wide waist band is very comfortable. If pulled all the way down, the length hits above my knee. They slip up a bit as they are worn, but they are not uncomfortable. The colors are correct. There is a The fabric is a bit thin. They do show panty lines. I plan to wear these with a longer tunic top and shorter dresses, so I'm not overly concerned. There is a I think this is a good product, and I find it mostly satisfactory.

👤I wear a large size. 18W I bought a bunch of shorts in 2x. They are so soft and comfortable that I wanted to wear them around the house. I put on some light colored undies and bent over in front of my husband, but he couldn't tell what color my panties were. It was great because in plus size these kinds of shorts are often unwearable due to sheerness, but they are perfectly opaque. The legs don't ride up as I move around and the waist doesn't roll down. I will be buying another set soon.

👤After purchasing a similar product, I received this product free for my honest review. The fit is perfect, I am between 5'4 and 5'5 about 195. I am not a girl who wears leggings or pants without a dress or long top, but these shorts are so comfortable I have been tempted to live in them all. Time is up. They fit and feel great, they don't roll down my chubby tummy, they don't squeeze my thighs, they fit and feel great. I hang them to dry after washing them on a gentle cycle, they are color fast and seem to be a great quality. I'll be buying some leggings and capris for the winter. I am very happy with these shorts.

👤I love them and there isn't much to say. They are very comfortable. I opened them immediately after I received them. I couldn't wait to try them on even though it was cold outside. Got them on. I am in love! I will buy more of these in the future. There is a I got the XXL and they are perfect. I think I could have squeezed the next size into them.

9. Dragon Fit Pockets Workout Running

Dragon Fit Pockets Workout Running

Using 4 way stretch and non see-through fabric. It's perfect for yoga, exercise, fitness, or everyday use. The Dragon Fit Compression Yoga shorts are made of compression fabric. The Dragon Fit workout running yoga shorts for women are made from the highest quality fabrics to remove water from your body. The fabric is designed to fit perfectly to your body. There are big side pockets for mobile phones. If you don't like their products, return them within 30 days. Pick your favorite color and add it to the cart.

Brand: Dragon Fit

👤It is almost perfect. I love these shorts, they fit perfectly, they don't roll down or up, and they don't have a butt wedgie from the seam in the back. The shorts I got for an LX are not squat proof and I will probably get another pair, but beware, they are not squat proof when light hits them. I think a bigger size might help, but as of right now, this is my reality. I only walk and cycle in class when the lights are off.

👤I bought these shorts to expand my running wardrobe for the summer months, and I absolutely love them. I'm 5'4 and 155 lbs, and am an 8 in most pant sizes, and the Large fits perfectly. They are not a muffin top or a camel toe, they are true to the definition of high waist and sit right at my waist. I was worried that the pictures would be too short, but they are a great length and prevent the "chub rub". They stay in place without falling down. I can fit my phone in the side pockets with no fear of it falling out. The material is not see-through, as others have mentioned. These are my new favorite running shorts. I would buy them again.

👤It's not easy to buy white stuff. These are amazing quality, but aren't seen through. They are sleek and thick. The pocket is flat and handy when I need it. The waist is the perfect spot to flatter and not get in the way of movement. I can't recommend them enough. I have a 26 waist and 36 hips. I bought a small. It works great.

👤I like these. I have a big butt and thick thighs and these are so flattering. The length is perfect for me. I feel like they hold me in and make everything look good without being too tight and making unflattering bulges like I've experienced with other shorts. I have already bought 6 pairs. I only like black. I feel like the marble ones or navy blue don't fit the same as they look, but maybe it's just not as flattering a color on me. I love these shorts, they're the best shorts for working out, hanging out in the house, sleeping, whatever. They're the best.

👤I have bought a lot of workout shorts in the past year to find the best ones. This is the only pair of shoes I have ever purchased that does not give me wedgies, does not squeeze my tummy fat or thighs when I sit down, and makes my butt look good! They're very comfortable to sleep in. I might buy more. I am aware that this sounds dramatic. I've never been so excited about a workout item. 10/10

10. ChinFun Control Stretch Workout Running

ChinFun Control Stretch Workout Running

Spcial yoga fabric technology. Breathable and stretchy fabric is sweat-free. The cutting is designed to fit to the shape of your body perfectly with a streamlined look and great support. Triangle Crotch Gusset with 4 Needles 6 Threads Stitching. The stitching creates a flat seam, which allows long- lasting quality, and it also allows for great freedom of movement. 612" inseam and deep side pockets provide ample coverage and prevent thighs from rubbing. Deep side pockets are convenient to store small essentials. It's perfect for yoga, running, jogging, walking, training, weight lifting, fitness, exercise, GYM, football, soccer, baseball, basketball, golf, hockey, tennis, all-weather sports and activities, indoor or outdoor.

Brand: Chinfun

👤These shorts are perfect. Just order them now. They are long enough to keep your thighs comfortable. Rub proof and sweat proof. They hug you nice and snug without being too tight. I love them. I'm 5'3" and 14/16 Got a big one.

👤I bought these to wear as swim suit bottoms since I am not interested in being a 40-something year old mom. Like these a lot. Dry fit doesn't stay wet after leaving the pool. It was easy to match the colors of the tankini tops. The length of the short is the best part because it doesn't roll up to my crotch because I have a thigh bulge.

👤I love these! They are very comfortable. I got these for the gym. They are awesome! I want to buy them in as many colors as possible. I have a medium. I am 5 feet 4 and my Waist Hips are 37 29 40.

👤I don't care about writing reviews about things I buy on Amazon because I feel like it's a waste of time. I told anyone trying to find a pair of yoga shorts that they are the best things in the world. It doesn't squeeze anything in the wrong spot. They are really nice to work out in.

👤I should have ordered my normal size after buying a large because I usually need to size up on clothes from Amazon. There is a gap around my waist since I ordered a size too big. Love the pockets. They are not see through!

👤I weigh 170 lbs. I bought a large size. They fit well. I need compression to the thigh,glute, and stomach area because of the right amount of stretch. I like the cell phone pocket. I have an Apple device. It fits perfectly. I forget that it is even in there. I live in these and will be buying another pair.

👤The legs fit perfect but the waist is a little big so I don't feel like I'm bulging over the shorts. I got a medium and I am very happy with it.

👤The shorts are longer than I expected and not what I was hoping for. I was expecting a small inseam. They are more like 6. It is great for working out. I was hoping for more of a brushed look. I was certain that I would return when I first got them. I tried them again after a few days. I love them. They are high waisted, a little higher than most of my other yoga shorts. They are about an inch and a half above my belly button and seem to stay put when squatting. I can see them sliding if they run. I will keep them. They make my butt look good. There is a 5'3 175 lbs, mom of 3 belly. I bought an extra large and they fit well. They seem to hide my belly skin. Black is a true color. The selfies look faded because of my camera.

11. A2Y Basic Cotton Bermuda Shorts

A2Y Basic Cotton Bermuda Shorts

The cotton jersey is hits above the knee. It's suitable for a casual everyday look. The machine wash is cold. Do not use bleach. Hang up. There is a color statement. They can't guarantee the color that you see will be the same as the product. They want their colors to be as accurate as possible. The colors are approximations.

Brand: A2y

👤I love these thigh leggings, I bought 8 pairs of different colors and they fit perfect and nice. I bought 5 more colors the following summer in love with the fit in Lg.

👤The shorts are the best ever. I wore them once and ordered more. I'm going to be getting every color. There is a Ladies with curves in the trunk. These are the onessss. The couple month update. These are my favorite biker shorts. They fit perfectly, they're comfortable and they make your butt look good. Since my first review, I've probably ordered about 6 more pairs. I'm buying more today.

👤I ordered three pairs. There is a Within minutes of wear, pair one ripped at the seams. There is a The seams were completely un-sewn in Pair 2. There is a Pair 3 is not holding together. There is a Not the fabric I was expecting to see. I wasted my money on these and hope to see a return soon.

👤I love these! I was able to wear them high waisted without being seen through. They wash well.

👤I love these shorts. They are made of a jersey material. It's stretchy and stays in place. I'm going to buy more in different colors. They are not see through after I bought the charcoal. I weigh 155 lbs. I have a medium.

👤I needed a 3X and these were a little longer than I expected but I love them. When I bought them, there was only one pack available. I hope to purchase more. I recommend them because they are very comfortable, wash and wear well.

👤I liked the shorts. It is like a t shirt. They fit well, but they had a hole in them. I didn't return them or buy another pair because I couldn't get to my event on time. I would probably buy again in a different color.


What is the best product for bicycle shorts for women white?

Bicycle shorts for women white products from . In this article about bicycle shorts for women white you can see why people choose the product. Lxnmgo and Aoliks are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle shorts for women white.

What are the best brands for bicycle shorts for women white?

, Lxnmgo and Aoliks are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle shorts for women white. Find the detail in this article. Ododos, Just My Size and Cadmus are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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