Best Bicycle Shorts for Men with Pockets

Men 30 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Mountain Bicycle Loose Fit Lightweight Cycling

Mountain Bicycle Loose Fit Lightweight Cycling

The mtb shorts have a lightweight material that helps draw sweat away from the skin and allow you to stay cool. The shock absorbent sponge padded liner in the ideal place is adequately sized and thick enough to effectively reduce the amount of vibration on long rides. Baggy exteriors are very useful for mountain bike rides. The legs are very soft to wear. You are protected from UV rays. The cycling shorts have a reflective design with 6 pockets and 4 big and deep side pockets. The reflective strips help keep you safe when hiking in the early morning or late evening. The bicycle shorts are made for most outdoor activities and sports. You can make them your daily attire.

Brand: Vayager

👤The outer shell has six pockets, two of which are zip up. The inner liner is too loose of a fit so it doesn't ensure that the padded area stays where it belongs. Isn't the whole point of buying padded bike shorts? The string is not very strong and it is inside the waistband. I don't think it will last very long. I wouldn't recommend this brand. Another review recommended a brand with a tighter inner liner. I also bought those and they were better than this product. It is much more comfortable. Draw string is on the outside. Padding stays where it is supposed to be.

👤These shorts are great. The shorts are soft, but have good padding. There are pockets that are thought out. I'm a bigger person. I wanted them to be too big, but would rather they be too small. I have a large waist. I would get a medium if I were to get another pair, but it would be a close call. Overall, very happy. The inconsistency of size was awful when I tried the EZRun shorts. The first pair was great. I couldn't get them high enough to be decent in public.

👤I've been on rides for a long time and have been in pain. I was told to check out these shorts and I am very happy that I did. Double pockets on both sides, good quality, and not cheap. The waste band is made of good quality material and can stay put even when sweeting. The padding is very comfortable for long rides. I am very happy with this purchase and will be buying more of it.

👤The review is on black shorts. They were very uncomfortable. They are too big for the size. Second. The elastic around the leg of the shorts doesn't stop them from riding up. They ride up while you are riding and make for a very uncomfortable ride. The padding is very thin and not comfortable. I was feeling sore with only 10 miles in and it didn't protect me. The grey ones are amazing. And on point! They should make another color besides grey. I bought these black ones because of that. Don't waste your money. I will file for a refund.

👤I wore these on a 21 mile ride yesterday and they were great comfort, good fit, and didn't have the drawstring waist. The legs are loose and need some positioning. If you put your wallet or something heavy in the cargo pockets, they will weight them down and the object will droop down along the back of your thigh. The smaller slash pockets are better for keeping items on your leg. Good zippers so far.

2. Souke Sports Cycling Bicycle Quick Dry

Souke Sports Cycling Bicycle Quick Dry

The padded bike shorts for men are made of a fabric that keeps you cool and dry and has a way to move sweat away from your skin. These bike shorts for men are made of soft materials and are suitable for long periods of riding. The protection PAD is 4D. The men's bike shorts have 4D protection padded. When riding in a fierce position, the pair of cycling shorts men padded put the sit bone in the right spot. The cycling shorts for men have multiple layers of padding that are compressed for comfort and have a surface design that keeps you cool. The grip is anti-sLIP. The biking shorts for men use wide Silicone Grippers to help keep everything in place and stop them from riding up. These men's bike shorts are made of stretch and seamless siliconeth, which makes it so you don't get rubbed and allergy issues. The elastic waistband gives a snug fit to prevent digging into your skin. There are details about the rate. The multiple panels with flat seams are designed to make bicycle shorts for men to move with their body on the bike to reduce rub for a better fit, and these bike shorts for men with pockets which are convenient for holding snacks, tissues, and essential personal items. No risk purchase and 100% satisfaction. These bike shorts for men with padding are ideal for a wide range of activities. They will give you a free replacement or full refund if you don't like the quality or size of their men's cycling shorts. Take it and ride!

Brand: Souke Sports

👤I bought these from my husband. He uses a gel seat cushion on his spin bike. He doesn't get sore after an hour or so of riding if there is plenty of cushion. The shorts are holding up great after 3 months, and he rides about 10 miles a day. I wash them frequently on the gentle cycle and air dry so that they last longer. I bought him a large size. He is tall and weighs 190 pounds and he says they fit. He says the cycling shorts are very cheap and comfortable. I will probably buy another pair for him.

👤I wanted to get some liners like this, but there's always a problem with the padding. These mens cycling shorts were not found until I found them. The padding is light and doesn't feel like you are wearing a diaper. I didn't pay much attention to it because it didn't make me feel uncomfortable. I will buy these again.

👤The elastic band around the bottom of my legs makes the shorts ride up on my legs. They seem too short after a half hour of cycling.

👤These are new shorts. The shorts fit perfectly and the elastic around the legs works well. The bicycle shorts are not able to ride up while you are riding. I have ridden 30 miles and the padding is great. I am very pleased with the purchase and will continue to support it.

👤My dad is a biker. He loves these shorts. The price is more competitive than what you'd find in store for the same product, and the padding is excellent. I ordered 2 in different colors. The Medium fit him perfectly.

👤I liked the way they fit. I got a large one for myself, but that is what I wanted and it is easier to pull on. Padding is very good. Product worked well for me.

👤I was looking for a pair of expensive biking shorts. These were good.

👤The waist doest roll, legs are a little tight but still a good fit.

👤The price was so low that I was a little worried. I am happy with the purchase. I have been wearing them for 10 hours and they seem to be well padded. I will see how they do in the summer on some longer rides but so far, for rides of about an hour at a time, they are great. The XXL was a good fit, I have a 35” waist. I think an XL would be okay.

3. Ally Mountain Bicycle Loose Fit Green Padded

Ally Mountain Bicycle Loose Fit Green Padded

Improved bike shorts offer a more comfortable ride. Water Repellent: Mountain bike shorts for men are made from highly durable material which offers vital protection when muddy water splashes to you. The mtb shorts have a lightweight material that helps draw sweat away from skin and allow you to stay cool. There are pockets: Their mountain biking shorts are strong enough to hold your items securely. The bicycle shorts for men have two adjustment hooks and loops on the sides that are great for hugging your waist.

Brand: Ally

👤I returned them because the liner that came with the 2xl was too large compared to the shorts that were on the small side. I left a three star review after I returned them. I received a message from the seller about a month later stating that they wanted everyone to be happy with their product and offered to send a replacement free of charge if I wanted to try it again. I took them up on their offer, but with one simple condition... please send an xl liner with a 2x outer short to which they happily agreed. I received them a week later and they fit perfectly. I will buy more from this company because of their great customer service and commitment to quality. It is even more appreciated now that this gesture is not so common.

👤I'm a dude, 5'9'', 190 pounds. I normally wear a 33'' waist in jeans, so I bought the Large size and it fits perfectly. Leg length is to the mid knee, inseam is not so low that it can get caught on a bike saddle. The fabric feels high quality and is used in expensive shorts from big brands. I only have about 80 miles on them, but so far they look brand new. They're cut to fit tighter than other shorts I've had, but they're not uncomfortable or showing my junk around like spandex road bike shorts. I'm happy. I love them. I'll get another pair soon. There is a The gel pad in the spandex is a little too wide for my liking. It does show a little through the shorts and makes walking or running less than ideal, so I'm not knocking any stars off, but it does make walking or running less than ideal. I'm happy that I didn't buy these to run in. They are comfortable and durable for riding.

👤The price was great, because it's expensive in local bike shops. The outer shorts have held up well through several washes, but the padded liner shorts are losing their stitching around the leg hem. The lack of a five star rating was disappointing. The outer shorts have pockets for things like keys and cell phones.

👤I bought these for my husband because he loves them because the underwear is separate from the shorts. He wears them together to bike, but the shorts alone when kayaking because of their water resistant/fast drying ability. Highly recommended.

4. Santic Cycling Shorts Bicycle Breathable

Santic Cycling Shorts Bicycle Breathable

Silicone leg grippers keep shorts in place with a 12-panel anatomic design. There is a reflective logo on both sides. The mesh design on the sides of the waistband is breathable. The 4D Coolmax Pad is comfortable. The size for this short is Asian and you should wear one size up.

Brand: Santic

👤Some people need 2 sizes up, while others need 1 size up. Why? The leg band is not as stretchy as the waist. It's important to measure the thigh size too, because most people know their waist size. Take out your tape and measure the leg band above the knee cap. My experience with the 2 sizes I bought is what inspired my modified chart. The lower limit is what will fit snug without flapping, and the higher limit is not tight.

👤I added a picture of the bike shorts inside out to show the seat pad. I think I would get a bigger size, but they still work well. There is a I got these when my padded bike shorts gave out. I'm 5'9", 160 lbs, 32" waist, and got the Large in these. I am glad I upsized. The shorts have a lot of spandex in them, so they work well when you are riding. The seat pad is thick and prominent when you are walking around, but once you get on a bike, it feels comfortable and provides good padding. When pedaling, the legs are tight and don't ride up at all. It was a good purchase. White panels on the sides of the flat seams are nice. I wish the pad was a little less bulky.

👤I have found that they are really comfortable even on rides of 2 hours or so, and I am sure they would still be comfortable after 3 hours of riding. I am 6 feet tall and weigh 175 lbs. The shorts do not have a draw string, but they do well with staying up. I use these on my commute and they work great. The pad is small enough to be comfortable on rough Pennsylvania roads, but not big enough to be awkward. If you are looking for shorts that will work for you day in and day out, these shorts are a great value.

👤I love these shorts. 35 miles on the roads was the only time they have ridden with them. They have exceeded my expectations. I washed them in the HE washer and dried them. There is a I ordered the large because of previous reviews and it fit me perfectly. There is a You should order one size up. A 55 year old male is in the midwest.

👤It has been about 3 years. I'm not sure if they've changed the size, as the chart looks different now than it did when I ordered it. I'm not sure if a medium fits a medium frame now, but I'm thinking of ordering another pair. There is a My point is that the shorts have lasted a long time. Well. The first day I used them, they were the same as now. They are my trainer shorts, so don't get used as much as my outdoor kit, but they have been solid. I would buy again. Just need to figure out the correct size. The original review is here. I was going to say I wasn't going to update to 5 stars just because they feel cheap, but then I realized... They are cheap, so really no reason to not. So 5 stars now. Cheers. There is a The first time I ordered, I ordered the large. I'm a 33" waste, with large thighs. The thighs were my concern as they measured the max size. The waste band was tight enough that it wasn't that tight. Even though I held onto the larger pair, I ordered a smaller one from the same company and assumed if they didn't fit, I would just send them back and not order another pair. There is a I don't have any issues with my circulation, and the LG are tighter on the thigh. The waste band is tighter so they don't get lost on rides as easily as the XL. There is a Chamois: The chammy is fine so far. It doesn't feel all that flattering when you're walking around in them, as it is stiff and sticks out from your buttocks, as it feels like a diaper. It feels good on the bike. It's not as good as high performance spandex, but it seems a little better than the low end models from big manufacturers. I'm not sure how the chamois will hold up over time, which makes me hesitant to order another pair. The price is hard to beat, and really great. I work in a bike shop and spandex costs me more than these. Premium models are not a straight comparison. Giving some context. I'll be ready to order more if the chamois lasts a year. I think the shorts get a 4 star rating, but for value, I would say 5 star. I'll hand over a 4 and adjust to a 5 if the chamois holds up.

5. Neleus Running Compression Shorts Pockets

Neleus Running Compression Shorts Pockets

Also, note: The third picture has a SIZE chart. The elastic in the shorts is firm and can be snapped back easily, which makes them feel comfortable. The phone pocket is large enough to hold the phone X Plus, and it has an 8 inch inseam. It is possible to prevent skin from chafing and irritation and keep you in good shape by using a tight fitting. The shorts are compression tight and have pockets.

Brand: Neleus

👤I bought these shorts for running and they have worked out great. After a number of washings, they have held up well. If you buy white shorts, they will turn gray after a couple washings, so I deducted one star from the review. I wear the Apple AirPods Pro earphones when I run and the white case will turn gray from the darker colors. You can keep the case in a bag if you don't want it to happen. The shorts that are darker in color will bleed to the shorts if you wear white shirts. I wear mostly dark shirts and shorts, so it's not a big deal to me.

👤I bought a pair. The red and black are not as strong as the grey. The shorts have a fair amount of compression, but not as much as I would like. These are good for running and lifting. They are not double lined in the front so you can wear them without shorts. You will need underwear for modesty. These are not squat proof as you can see your underwear through them. If needed, they have a nice drawstring. I bought medium and I'm glad I did. For more compression, I would suggest sizing down. The pocket holds my phone. All of these are not bad for the price. I docked a star because of the inconsistent size.

👤These fit well on my smaller thighs. I'm tall and thin. My ass look like a ballet dancer. If you are a chubby boy, then get a bigger size or the legs will be completely visible. Undergarments are a little transparent when stretched. The label is cute. The waist band strings are in the way and I don't need them. I will have to take them out. Great for running. It was comfortable. It was very absorbent for my swamp ass. Do recommend!

👤The design of these compression shorts looked great and I was looking for them. I like that they don't slide down when I run. The fabric applies compression while being worn. Good quality spandex shorts or tights have less compression than these. The fabric is very thin. I can't think of a better word to describe it. The pocket is large enough for my phone, but it's difficult to put it in because the fabric is so small. I would pay more for these if they used better material that had more substance to it.

6. BERGRISAR Cycling Mountain Bicycle Pockets

BERGRISAR Cycling Mountain Bicycle Pockets

The BERGRISAR Mountain bike shorts are designed to strike a balance between the two. It is made of quick-dry and lightweight fabric. It allows ample four-way stretch to last a long time. Side-adjustment tabs ensure that the fit of the shorts is easy to modify. A snap closure on a zip up fly to avoid awkward riding situations. For peace of mind on the trail. The practical pocket has 2 easy-access hand pockets and 4 secure zipper pockets that can meet your storage needs while any activity is taking place. It's important to be prepared for every mountain adventure. Baggy cycling shorts are cut around the knee to make room for knee pads. Leg opening seams are flat and neat, which helps them sit and slide over your knee pads. Mountain biking shorts are a more casual option. They are more functional as well. Mountain bike, road cycling, long and short distance biking, night riding, outdoor camping sports, etc.

Brand: Bergrisar

👤I was concerned after reading the size chart that I should order XXL instead of the larger one. The XXL was too large so they returned them and ordered two in the correct size. The XXL has plenty of room for big guys. These shorts are very comfortable, fit well, and have been worn while working in the yard on hot days. I travel a lot for kayaking adventures and had been looking for shorts that took up little space in my gear and were quick to dry. The length and fit is great for a big active man like me who likes to bike, hike, paddle or just relax.

👤I have a lot of these pants. Standard smart phones won't fit this pocket. The easiest pocket to reach is used for cell phone storage. The zip is close to your hand and easy to reach. They made the pocket short and cheap. You can use a credit card, but not a cell phone. You can fit the phone in the pocket that has the vertical zip. The hand pockets by the waist are not very deep. Shame. Make the pockets deep. y'all! Who doesn't like deep pockets? Really? :P Returning these. There is a I'm 6 feet tall and I'm 155#. The size I bought was small. I wear a 30" waist for most pants. These fit tight and made me feel fat, even though I'm not.

👤I'm a mountain biker. The crotch was ripped on the second ride. The side cinch straps don't hold and they fold shorts back on themselves, which is not durable. These shorts are not recommended by me. You should spend more money and be happy with the product. Fox is a better choice.

👤I've purchased the Zoic ether shorts for about 15 years. They cost about 80 dollars. It was time to buy a new pair. As the years go by, good products are coming out of more countries, so I decided to shop around. Bad products can come from any country. The BERGRISAR seems great! The cost was nearly a third. I'm 6 ft 185lb. I'm working on an athletic build for 2020. The waist should be 36. I'm back in my athletic routine so I decided to go with the large. The chart said I should be in a large. They fit well, just a bit snug in the waist, but not uncomfortable. It should be fine in 3-6 months. Four way stretch is better than Zoic. Even though other users said that the front top pockets were too small, I still think they're not small for me. My phone is not one of the big ones. A large phone won't work. Lower pockets are larger. The waist band adjustments are solid. They are only smaller than the short. Crotch is not big or small. I feel good on my bike, sitting in a chair, or running. I like the fact that it has a snap on the Zoic shorts that I pop when contorting. I went with black because I don't want to look like a scrub when I go to the store. Zoic doesn't have other colors that BERGRISAR has. I like this product. Thank you!

7. DEALYORK Cycling Pockets Bicycle Quick Dry

DEALYORK Cycling Pockets Bicycle Quick Dry

Pull on the closing. TheDealyork men biking shorts were made with a high quality fabric. The bike shorts are skin friendly and are suitable for sensitive skin. The biker shorts have side pockets that hold up a mobile phone. Night riding enthusiasts need cycle shorts with reflective strips to be safe. Cyclists of all levels are protected by the 3D padding. Widened foam padding provides optimal comfort while riding a bike. The riding shorts with anti-slip leg bands are great for cycling activities, such as road riding, mountain biking, spinning and motorcycle. Their biker shorts are comfortable. DEALYORK Trusted Cycling BrandDealyork specialized in developing biking equipment and bring a convenient and comfortable cycling journey for cyclists. Dealyork has 12 months customer service. If you have a problem with their size or color, please contact them.

Brand: Dealyork

👤I'm not a biker. My son, who is an elite biker, bought me top end cycling clothes which are 3-4 times as expensive as this brand. I don't feel any difference in comfort for my casual use, even though I think the material and quality is better with the high end clothes. When walking around in the cycling clothes, they have a weird fit, but on the bike they all feel fine. I chose a looser fit since they are compression and sitting on a bike they are still tight. The vendor offered me a gift card for 15 dollars if I would give it a 5 star rating, which I think is inappropriate and makes me suspect of their high ratings. I'm comfortable giving it a 5 star rating because of the price point, and I don't want or need a gift card, since they explicitly say don't mention the gift card and I am! I think you should know that ratings are being influenced. I bought a second pair for another person who is not a hardcore biker, thinking they would be fine for him. You have a good enough product not to try to influence the reviews.

👤I'm a bigger guy than most cyclists, and that's because I'm a bigger guy than most humans. Finding cycling apparel that fits well is a challenge for me. Even if they fit around the waist, cycling shorts are tight around the thighs. These shorts fit like a glove and I was happy to see that. It's important to buy based on the size chart, not the size you wear in other clothes, in some manufacturers I need 5XL and in these I need 3XL, so it's really important to buy based off the size chart, not the size you wear in other clothes The shorts I tried out when I bought my peloton are one of the most comfortable I have ever worn. It's not so bulky that it can cause chafing. The fabric is light and elastic has the flexibility to not cause leave marks on the skin but still stay firmly in place. I ordered another pair of these because I liked them so much. There is a Adding a drawstring would be one thing I could change. I have lost a bit of weight and my waist is getting looser, a drawstring like I have on some other shorts would allow me to wear these a bit longer as I lose weight. They are true to size, so this is a wishlist item. I'm very happy with these shorts and hope they last a long time.

8. Santic Cycling Loose Fit Bicycle Mountain

Santic Cycling Loose Fit Bicycle Mountain

If you want to order the bike short, please choose the size based on their size chart. Please send a message to them if you have doubts about the size. SANTIC SPORTS can be returned for 30 days of full-refund support. The mountain bike shorts are made from two different materials. Water and perspiration can be moved away from the body. Seat cushion with top 4D COOLMAX can provide good protection to avoid injuries. Making sure you health and keeping you comfortable are two things that can be done to reduce the sweat produced sour riding. The internal padded bike short is very useful for mountain bike rides. The legs are very soft to wear.

Brand: Santic

👤When trying on shorts, they were comfortable. I ordered 2 sizes larger than normal. I noticed that my black leg inserts were torn at the outside of my knee after I tried them on. I stayed in the living room after putting these things on. The black inserts seem to be made of cheap quality fabric that turns to threads when stretched or ripped. There is no rip stop material here. Purchase a proven product and save money. That's what I've learned. These will be returned tomorrow. Santic reached out to me regarding the torn shorts that I received. They wanted to make things right and restore my faith in their product. I received a replacement pair of shorts and have been on 4 rides without any issues. The padding is sufficient for riding the trails and the shorts fit well. I'm hopeful that they'll hold up because I haven't seen any signs of tearing or fraying on this pair. The customer service was very nice to send me another pair of shorts after I had already received a refund. My rating has been changed from 1 star to 4. It's good to know that the company is behind their product.

👤I rode on my local trails for about 11 miles after buying one pair of shoes. I bought another pair after they performed so well, so I would have two of them for my trip. I rode in Arkansas for 4 days and wore two pairs of shorts daily. The shorts are lightweight, have a draw string to pull them tight, two hip pockets on each side, and some padding that fit in all the right places. I'm a 33-34" waist and the XL fit perfectly. I was worried that the padding was too small. I was in the saddle and it did well. I rode about 40 miles on them last Saturday and never had a problem with fit or chafing. I have an older Sugoi pair with a separate liner that are not nearly as comfortable as these shorts.

👤I ride my mountain bikes a lot. The shorts have been great. It's not the most comfortable, but still exceptional and enough to keep me comfortable for up to 5 hours on a ride. It dries out quickly and doesn't bother you for a short period of time. I like riding in the humid woods of the American southeast because I'm dry and comfortable all day, and my normal cycling shorts lead to a lot of wet and damaged skin with how wet they are. There is a It's only a small complaint that the pockets fit a phone and multitool just fine. How could you be upset about shorts that are inexpensive and not have a zip? Spending 3x this much is not much better. They were comfortable the whole time, and did some big rides in the Pisgah area. 100% recommended.

9. BALEAF Cycling Breathable Excellent Performance

BALEAF Cycling Breathable Excellent Performance

The cycling bib shorts are made of high quality fabric and have a quick dry management. The back mesh fabric is perfect for different body types. 4D Gel Padding The Chamois in the bib shorts gives a good amount of protection around the crotch area. The Perforated layer design keeps you dry and fresh on long road rides. There are four utility pockets. The men's cycling bib shorts have two back pockets and two side pockets that hold your items securely. The reflective stripe is to improve the safety factor. Leg grips that are Silicone. The men's cycling bib shorts will not be too tight with the leg hem holding them in position. Flat seam construction makes it easy to fit. Muliti-Functions The men's cycling bib shorts are made for cyclists who love to ride. It is suitable for all indoor and outdoor cycling activities.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I have been on the road for about 12 years. I have always worn shorts and bibs. Some of my kit is in my tooth. I decided to try some of the less expensive brands from Amazon to save money and because the bibs that I love are not currently available in my size from any retailer. I thought I would give them a try. I rode in them for 1.5 hours today to get a feel for them. They seem to be in line with what I would expect. The height of the suspenders is odd. I'm not tall (6'1") and the straps feel tight on my shoulders. I don't like the fact that the chamois is common with the lower priced shorts. It's not as thick as other inexpensive bike shorts/bibs, but it still feels very thick compared to the top line brands that I am used to wearing. It's very uncomfortable when off the bike. It feels like you have something between your legs. It doesn't go as far up the rear as other shorts. I have to think about how I am aligning myself because of the thickness of the saddle I ride. If I miss, it puts more pressure on my sit bones. The edge of the chamois was very rough. There were parts of the cover fabric that were not aligned correctly when the material was cut, and there were rough edges that were not pleasant to ride. I used a pair of scissors to trim these down. I don't want to have surgery on a new pair of shorts. There is a The large tag is located on a side seam where the fabric is under tension and the tags are pressing against your obliques. It was okay for a short ride. I think it would become annoying on longer rides. I've only been in one of them. I don't think these will last more than a year. There are some loose stiches around the chamios. I'm going to give them a few more rides and will update my review if something changes.

👤The previous version of this product was very good. The value is amazing. It is better than other well known brand names. They held up for 2 years. I came back and bought more. They went with the diaper pad approach. This has never worked. The approach from leading bib short makers is always bigger is better. There is too much fabric between the groin sections. The danger zone is for chaffing. Put on a pair and ride 50 miles. You will see.

10. Beroy Cycling Reflective Stripes Breathable

Beroy Cycling Reflective Stripes Breathable

80% nylon, 20% spandex. It is convenient to have a pocket on the back of your bike shorts. Extra padding in the seat area will help to reduce the amount of pain during long rides. Breathable mucus is good for cooling and drying in the hot day, draw sweat away from the skin to keep it dry. When riding at night, the reflective striping on both sides adds visibility and safety. SILICONE LEG GRIPPER is on hems to prevent garment from riding up.

Brand: Beroy

👤The shorts fit in the same way as they would in a regular size. I'm 6'2” 190 lbs 31” waist and size Large felt just a touch roomy while I was going. This wasn't a problem for me and I preferred it. Their comfort was a problem. I don't know if it has to do with the diaper-sized padding, but I feel like it did some damage on me during yesterday's 80 mile ride. It is much wider than the saddle, and feels more like a diaper than a chamois. I ride a Selle SMP TRK ($80 on Amazon) saddle, which has held its comfort well into the 50 mile ranges, to make sure I don't feel uncomfortable on a long ride. I decided to try out these shorts because of the thought of doing a century. Everything was fine until around 40 miles / 3 hours. What cyclist nightmares are made of after that. I felt a burning sensation from the corners, possibly because the padding was too large. It felt like the corners of the padding were cutting into my thighs, unlike saddle soreness that we've all experienced. I needed to get home to finish the ride. I just powered through to the finish line after 70 or so miles in these shorts. I have to return them since they have debilitated me for a few days. I think there's a reason some chamois cost over $100. These might work for you if you ride 15-20 miles a week. If the road is your second home and you want to spend a day in paradise, invest in yourself.

👤You have to wonder what value there is to a review of biking shorts. It's a personal thing and how well they work may not be good for another. Many people won't buy these online because they can't try them on. I don't think trying them on in the store helps. I need to be with them. I took a chance on these because of the reviews and good price. I have worn them on my last two rides. I own several other "name brand" shorts and they are just as comfortable as the ones I own. The gel pad seems to be the right amount for me. There is a I have now worn the shorts for 20 and 25 times. mile rides. Again, no pain and a great performance. It is difficult to beat these for the price. There is a They seem well constructed, have good stitching on the gel, and are a nice, lightweight fabric. They are a good buy for $21.

11. Cycorld Mountain Repellent Cycling Pockets

Cycorld Mountain Repellent Cycling Pockets

No Pad with this shorts will not let you down. Sweat-wicking, quick dry and elastic fabric with reflective stips keep you moving and shine through every move. There are 6 pockets to help you store and move. The inseams are designed to move with you. Their mountain bike shorts are perfect for cycling, mountain biking, camping, other outdoor and casual activities.

Brand: Cycorld

👤It was quite surprised for the price. The pockets are easy to access while sitting on the bike. I like that they are on the side of the leg. If you're using them for that, you're not sitting on your wallet. I use them to ride around town and down the trails more than mountain biking. I like that they look like regular shorts, so I don't have to worry about my silly bike shorts.

👤I didn't feel like paying an extra $70 just to get a brand name pant. The pants arrived yesterday. I did a group ride wearing them. They exceeded all expectations. Their work is topnotch. The zippers are well placed. Water repels. They are incredibly comfortable for me. I'm buying a second pair. Both sizes would have worked for me. It was a good decision to go for the larger package.

👤So far, so good. I haven't ridden in them, but all the signs show they'll be fine. The large fit me just fine, I am 5 feet 10 and 182 lbs. The fabric is very soft and comfortable. The inner leg is made of a material that is breatheable. They should be worn around town to get a feel for the breatheablity. There are lots of pockets and sturdy zippers.

👤These are a great pair of shorts. There is a The price is a pros. There is a Quality crotch area. Sturdy material has a sleek fit. The hip pockets feel a bit awkward as they will definitely keep items in place. It is a matter of what you feel is more important.

👤These shorts are very good. Spend over a hundred on a pair of shoes. I ride around 3 times a week for a few months. No where you don't need to flex. There are a lot of low profile pockets on the inside. These are great.

👤I received these shorts a week ago and have ridden them a few times. These are some of the best shorts for the money. There is a The fit is true to size and the shorts have a small amount of adjustability. The large was a perfect fit. The belt loops allow you to wear a belt if you need it, and the rubber hook-and loop straps on the waistband allow you to snug up the shorts. There is an elastic band running through the back of the waistband so that snugging the waist down does not result in an overly-tight fit. The waist closure is very secure with a snap and the fly is very tough. The shorts are long enough to cover the leg when sitting but not too baggy or flappy when riding. There is a The shorts use two fabrics that are flexible. The majority of the short is made with stretchy material that will stand up to abuse. I crashed on my first ride with these and there was no damage to the shorts. There is a stretchy panel that runs down each leg and across the butt. The shorts breathe and have more flexibility. When I received the shorts, they felt very well-constructed and there were no loose seams or damage. Some people complained that the pockets were weak, but the pockets are durable and tough for me. The pocket configuration has two front pockets with two more zipper pockets on each leg, and I like the flap that protects the zippers a bit. There is more than enough room to store things. I only carry my inhaler and chapstick in my pockets. I like that I have the option to carry more. There is a I am very impressed by these shorts and I will probably be getting a second pair soon. If you are on the fence, you can compete with shorts that are three times the price. - William.


What is the best product for bicycle shorts for men with pockets?

Bicycle shorts for men with pockets products from Vayager. In this article about bicycle shorts for men with pockets you can see why people choose the product. Souke Sports and Ally are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle shorts for men with pockets.

What are the best brands for bicycle shorts for men with pockets?

Vayager, Souke Sports and Ally are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle shorts for men with pockets. Find the detail in this article. Santic, Neleus and Bergrisar are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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