Best Bicycle Shorts for Men Pearl Izumi

Men 8 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Pearl IZUMi Short Black Medium

Pearl IZUMi Short Black Medium

If you want to see more information, you can copy the number B09NCL7GF8 into the search bar. The Italian PRO Transfer fabric provides balanced compression. The PRO Escape has a floating top sheet design. The seven panel design has been designed to minimize seams. Silicone leg grippers are used for a seamless transition to skin. The reflective elements of the BioViz are low-light.

Brand: Pearl Izumi

👤I've been buying Pearl Izum clothing for a long time. The company's products are well made and have a good feel. They're not cheap but have been worth it. They have lasted a long time in the past. Pearl Izumi clothing has fit me well in the past. These shorts are very expensive and have a very stiff chamois, which is very uncomfortable for walking, standing or sitting on the bike. I returned the shorts because they are not good. Very disappointed. There is a I bought Bontrager Velocis shorts for about 60 percent of the price of the Pearl Izumi. They look and feel like the high-quality shorts that Pearl Izumi used to sell.

👤I have several pairs of bike shorts from different brands. I ride anywhere from 1,500 to 2,000 miles per year on my road bike. I have a pair of PEARL IZUMI shorts and am very happy with them. The shorts are twice as expensive as the ones I have. I was hesitant about buying them because of the price, but I went ahead and purchased them because I thought they were the most comfortable shorts ever. The padding is not better than the shorts I bought 10 years ago. My 10 year old PEARL IZUMI shorts were less than half the price of these shorts and still feel great. I have to keep pulling these shorts up during my ride because they are not elastic around the waist. Even if that wasn't a problem... I don't feel that the price is justified. I would not recommend these shorts because they are just as comfortable and for almost half the price, and I will probably never buy a pair again.

👤The waist is too loose. I couldn't fit my legs in a size L. I got a big one. The leg fit on the XL is good for me, but the waist is too loose and I'm not a skinny person. If I got out of the saddle, I had to keep pulling them up. I have several pairs of Pearl Izumi Escape shorts that fit great, so I thought a size L would be a good call. The fit is a problem, the pad is nice and well made. I'm going to have my daughter use her sewing machine to remove a couple of inches from her waist so that I don't have to return them. Hopefully that will fix the problem.

2. Pearl Izumi Liner Shorts X Small

Pearl Izumi Liner Shorts X Small

The MTB 3D Chamois is powered by 37.5 minerale and has odor resistance. The strategic seam placement provides Optimal chafe-free comfort.

Brand: Pearl Izumi

👤I was really disappointed in these. I was always impressed with the quality of the gear I wore. I thought I could count on PI being solid because I was on a budget. These don't live up to my expectations. The lycra used in thechamois is very uncomfortable to the skin. The weave of this fabric seems to grip and pinch on a micro level, causing my skin to feel a little burn when riding. I missed the return window.

👤The Pearl Izumi liner is an excellent fit for cyclists and has a padded chamois. For dual suspension mountain biking, the Bellweather chamois is an adequate option and the liner flexes with your motion as good as any liner and better than typical shorts. I used to wear regular padded shorts under non padded tights for cooler weather cycling, but now I prefer a liner like this to flex better, control humidity better, and generate less bulk. It's ideal for summer baggy shorts. I paid $60 for a slightly better Bellweather shorts at a LBS, but the price on Amazon makes them a real bargain. The best value is the PI.

👤These are good for people who are not used to wearing tights. The pads are soft and not as supportive as the pro version of regular tights, but it is a good middle ground for those who want to be discreet or who may be self conscious. Four stars for compression.

👤The liner shorts I use for mountain biking are very nice. I don't get the chamois for long rides on a road bike. These breathe well, have enough padding for a ride, don't ride up, and don't cause friction in the right places.

👤I own 2 pairs of these. I've been happy with the fit and the fact that I don't notice them when riding. I ride a lot of singletrack and these move/flex with you. I ordered a large, and I'm about 185 lbs. There is a The padding is good, but unfortunately they don't keep everything in place, so you may choose to wear a lightweight pair of athletic boxer briefs with these. I'm not going to tell them about it because I haven't found any liners that solved the problem.

👤These are used under a pair of padded cycling shorts. It is important to me that the degree of padding is just right and that there are no race-ending problems. These were correct. If they are going to be over 80 degrees, they may be too much, and they are long and elastic. I have not had a problem with curling or fraying since I cut the bottom off. Well worth the $20!

3. Pearl IZUMi Escape Cycling Shorts

Pearl IZUMi Escape Cycling Shorts

The design: The padded cycling shorts for men with a 9.5" inseam and 6-panel anatomic design offer performance and comfort so you can get the most out of your rides, whether it's in the gym, on the road, or through the mountain trail. PERFORMANCE: The benchmark for compression and moisture transfer is set by the men's bike shorts with SELECT Transfer Dry fabric. COMFORT: The Escape 1:1 Chamois is smooth on the skin. Bicycle shorts with quick-drying, highly breathable blend of materials help you perform your best for longer. There is safety. Excellent road cycling with BioViz reflective elements.

Brand: Pearl Izumi

👤The shorts used to have an excellent chamois, but now they are made of a new material. The old product will be reflected in the wonderful reviews from before and after. The new fabric is not nice. It's soft but not conforming. It looks like you are wearing a diaper. The riding performance is worse. They slip down because of the poor fit. You have to pull them up. You will catch them on the seat whenever you sit down. These shorts should not be worn until PI brings back the proper scuplture.

👤August 15, 2018) is an update. The rating was lowered to one star. They start getting very uncomfortable after 15 miles on a ride. I said in my original review that I have 2 pairs of shoes that have at least 1,500 miles on them. This new version is more comfortable than those. Don't waste your money. I have two pair of the old version and it's not the same. The material is not as comfortable against the skin as the padding would suggest. I do a 30 mile ride every other day, and I have three pairs that I ride in. Even though the other two have thousands of miles on them, this new pair feels uncomfortable.

👤I am familiar with the pearl Izumi. I had several shorts that were good. This style has different padding. They look like the padding is inside. Not comfortable, little padding affects.

👤I know this is the economy tier. These are AWFUL. I have several of these shorts from a few years ago. They changed the design and ruined them. These shorts do not hold up. The hem is losing. The hem is much wider on newer versions. I don't have sprinter legs but I have never worn shorts from a manufacturer that doesn't grip. Terrible. CHAMOIS: There is a giant 2D pile of foam. You will feel like you have adult incontinence products on. There was no thought to the human body. They will rub on your legs. This is a recent example of inconsistency with PI. They don't seem to make their products with the same attention to detail that they used to.

👤Every generation of Pearl iZU Mi is cheaper. The elastic around the legs disappeared first. The padding in the bottom is not the same as it was before. It's a piece of foam. It was very rough riding.

4. Pearl Ride Pursuit Attack Shorts

Pearl Ride Pursuit Attack Shorts

The SELECT Transfer fabric is the benchmark for keeping you cool and dry. Anatomic design supports muscles. The flatlock seams provide excellent stretch and irritation. The fabric at the leg opening is turned to hold in position for a ride. Visibility increases with reflective elements.

Brand: Pearl Izumi

👤Do not buy these shorts. I bought a pair of "Pearl Izumi - Ride Men's Pursuit Attack Shorts" and am returning them. The seat padding is very thin. I purchased two pairs of "Pearl Izumi Attack Short" in 2015, which I was very pleased with, and I was assuming that my recent purchase of the "Pearl Izumi - Ride Men's Pursuit Attack Shorts" was the same thing. It is not close. I don't think these shorts are a good idea.

👤These shorts do not hold up. The hem is not tight. The hem is much wider on newer versions. This was not an issue with the previous version of the product. I don't have sprinter legs but I have never worn shorts from a manufacturer that doesn't grip. Terrible. This is a recent example of inconsistency with PI. They don't seem to make their products with the same attention to detail that they used to. I became a convert after trying on a pair of Garneau's.

👤I've been using these for a month. They are decent riding shorts. I was a little disappointed with the price. I have a pair of Club Ride liners that are just as good as the one I have. The shorts were for under $100 according to my searches. I wanted a short with better cushion for longer rides since I'm doing more street riding than trail riding. These are not that. Maybe my expectations were too high. There is a They are larger than the large size in my other brands of riding shorts. The large doesn't fit very well and they feel a little baggy in the backside, so maybe I should have ordered a medium. Not comfortable walking around in them before or after the ride. I won't pay $80 for these again since they are not better than cheaper shorts.

👤The shorts look similar to the original Attack shorts. Over the years, I have had many pairs of these that are always large. The fit is less than desirable, the leg openings are loose, and the waste is in the back. There is a They are going back. I should have read the reviews before I said that. No one cares about quality anymore, just charge more for less.

👤These are for sprinter's quads. Over the last six years, I have worn and enjoyed eight pairs of size medium pearl izumi shorts, but they fit differently and are useless for me. I wore them once and they are mine now.

5. PEARL IZUMI Attack Short Black

PEARL IZUMI Attack Short Black

The SELECT Transfer fabric is made from recycled nylon. The Escape 1:1 Chamois provides optimal hydration. The reflective elements of the BioViz are low-light. The inseam length is M.

Brand: Pearl Izumi

👤I had two pairs of these that held up well. The new version is not like them. Lighter weight material and stitching, pad is not as large. They are a decent $30 short, but they are not $30. From here on, I will ignore Pearl Izumi.

👤The shorts have been used 25 times and are still holding up. I am an avid cyclist. These shorts have traveled over 2400 miles so far this year. If you want to concentrate on mileage, buy Izumi Pearl. I've tried them all from Nashbar and they are the best. One important point is to wash these clothes separately from the rest of the wash because you aren't supposed to use fabric softener. The elastic fibers will be destroyed by the softener over time. I have an old pair of shoes that have white elastic on the tops.

👤Crap material won't last, and returning won't happen. Pearl Izumi is charging $80 for a short. Have liked these shorts in the past.

👤The world of cycling was different when I first got back into it in 2009. I needed a kit and pedals. What? I died and went to heaven. The first pair of shorts I wore were Pearl Isumi P.R.O. InR Cool shorts. I loved them. I wore the Pearl Izumi P.R.O. InR Cool shorts until they stopped making them. I went to the PROs. There is a When it was time to maintain my inventory, I thought it was too much to spend $170.00 for Italian material. The price for performance was not something that an amateur like me could afford. The shorts were mid-priced. Wow. It was a big mistake. The padding is not good for me. It is relatively flat and has been moving into areas it shouldn't be. After a 20 mile ride, I'm done. The "no panel" design is very nice. There was no resistance to slow me down. I can't justify the $80.00 price when there are so many other brands to choose from.

👤I bought these for my husband as he needed a replacement for several old pairs. We thought we'd give these a try because he likes Pearl Izumi. He didn't like them. The padding was sewn in with a zig-zag stitch. Older versions used different stitches to bind off the ends. I bought 3 pairs and he had to keep the ones he used, but returned the other 2 pairs. Looking for another brand. The Pearl Izumi shirts/shorts of the past were better made than the ones we bought recently.

6. Pearl Izumi R Cool Shorts Black

Pearl Izumi R Cool Shorts Black

The nylon is 34% elastane. Graphics at the leg opening. Anatomic multi-panel design provides optimal cooling and sun protection. Anatomic PRO Seamless 1:1 Chamois is Silicone for added grip on the folded PRO Transfer fabric at the leg opening. There are reflective elements for low-light visibility.

Brand: Pearl Izumi

👤The P.I. quality is excellent. I own some Pearl Izumi shorts and tights. Some of them are 5 to 10 years old. What's my opinion of this product? I have a similar complaint with the Pro Jersey. I've been wearing the same size for 25 years. The shorts add 10% more resistance to any leg movement, which is a problem with the Pro shorts and jerseys. If you stand up and raise one leg so that the knee is close to the hip, you will notice a restriction. The superbly tight fit and the strong elastic quality will be obvious if you do that twenty times. After 10 reps, you will "get it" if you take the shorts off and do the same exercise. These are more snug than sexy looking pants. Resistance adds to the workout and is a goal on training rides. You can't do better. The upstroke is more difficult than I thought. Adding some resistance would strengthen the lifting muscles and after you have completed 10 or 20 training rides you'll be a faster spinner, for sure when you switch to your racing pants without this newer technology. Try the next size up.

👤The new version is very comfortable. It runs a bit smaller than my P.I. Elite pair. I love how the new Pro chamois is thick where it needs to be, yet has a thinner pad in the front and sides so as to not feel as bulky as my old Specialized model. I ordered the large size in this model because I was right between a medium and large in the chart. I can't imagine fitting my legs in the medium version as they seem to have more compression in the legs. I called P.I. to confirm that this style was the new version of the model and that Amazon was an authorized P.I. dealer. I recommend these to anyone who wants a thin, comfortable, well-made short with a chamois that resulted in absolutely zero soreness on this morning's ride compared to the slight soreness I experience wearing the Elites or my pair of Specialized using the same bike/saddle on. If you're looking at a product that's the same model as the one you're looking at, check the style number to make sure you know which version/year it is.

👤The shorts are designed for cyclists. I agree with other reviews about the size. These shorts fit differently if you upgrade from Pearl Izumi's Select or Elite style. 1. It's not a big deal, but the inseam is shorter. 2. They are designed for skinnier legs. 3. Unless you have a flat stomach or have spare tire, the waist band will roll under. There is a The Pearl Izumi Elites were large and fit well. I bought the large size of the Pro's after my accident. It doesn't feel like they will break in. I think it will take some getting used to, they are still ridable. All things being equal, I probably should have gone for x-large or tried them first. I'm in weight loss mode and I'm confident I'll shrink into them. The fabric feels durable, and the seamless chamois is great. They are wearing shorts. There is a Try them on at a store and figure out your size before you buy.

7. Pearl Izumi Select Liner Shorts

Pearl Izumi Select Liner Shorts

The Chamois provides odor resistance and optimal moisture transfer. The pattern is updated for optimal fit when riding. The transfer mesh fabric on the main body prevents overheating. The transfer fabric on the lower legs is designed to allow shell shorts to move. The wide waistband provides comfort.

Brand: Pearl Izumi

👤These are great. I wear these under my Pearl Canyon shorts because they are leaps and bounds a head of the default liner. The surface area of the comfortable material is larger than the rubber band used to keep the legs in place. The waste band is very comfortable. The material where the sit bones make contact to the seat is not mesh, so it reduces the amount of grinding the seat does to your butt on a bumpy road. I have multiple liners, but if they get washed in between rides... I take them out of the laundry basket and wear them again. Don't judge them, they really are better.

👤I bought these liners for our 13 year old son because they were recommended by a group of mountain bike experts. I was worried that they would be too big for him. He has a thin waist and thin legs. He said that the small fit him better than his racing bibs. We bought some for dad because he was jealous.

👤The design of these pieces of Pearl Izumi bike clothing is an epic fail. The legs are excellent for compression and staying in place, but the waistband on these is so unattractive that it's hard to tell. If you buy these based on your waist size, the waistband slides down a lot, which is very annoying. They have a poor amount of elasticity. Don't buy!

👤The shorts are 5 stars, but the size is a disaster. The seller received a negative 10 stars. These shorts are too small. I've been a medium size for 40 years, I have to wear an extra large in these shorts, and they're still tight. They have posted a copied sizing chart. The actual size of these shorts has nothing to do with it. I'm 5 foot 9 inches, 170 pounds and have 20 inch thighs and a 34 inch waist, which is a medium in America. I tried the same thing and it was too tight. The seller had a terrible size. There is a The shorts make my rides comfortable for the first time.

👤I've been trying different mountain biking liners. bib shorts are a bit warm in the Arizona summers, but I used to wear them. Finally found ones that work well and don't feel like they are there. I'm 186 lbs. The waist is 36". The waist band is above my hip bones and keeps the shorts in place. The desert mountain bike rides are very relaxing. These are under Troy Lee and FOX shorts. The liners that came with the shorts were not as good. I have found that the PI brand works well for my road bike kits.

8. Pearl IZUMi Select Pursuit Shorts

Pearl IZUMi Select Pursuit Shorts

The benchmark for compression is set by the SELECT Transfer Dry fabric. Flatlock seams are abrasion resistant and don't scratch or irritate your skin. The leg has elastic Silicone. The draw cord is stretched for better comfort. It won't affect your run because of the quick-dry chamois.

Brand: Pearl Izumi

👤Keep in mind that these are Tri-shorts people. You will swim in them and there is minimal padding. The size runs large. I weigh 140 lbs. There is a skinny waist and skinny legs. The medium-sized shorts should have been ordered the small size.

👤For years, I have been riding 150+ miles a week in Pearl Izumi shorts. I wanted to use these for my triathlon. There is a It's good for the swim and slim for my bike ride. There is a Padding is not as nice as biking shorts. There are no problems yet. I think they won't last as long. There is a I'm 5'8" 190 lbs with a waist of 10 percent body fat. I am wearing large and they are correct. Great grip on thighs. Extra tight waist for the swim is ensured by the draw string. It helps with drag. I hope these shorts are as good as my others. When I have done a few races with them, I will update.

👤I only use these for cycling. I don't like the padding on most bicycling shirts. The ones with minimal padding feel like I'm wearing a diaper to me. The shorts have barely any padding so you can run and swim in them. They're perfect for cycling. The sizes are a bit large. I buy them when they go on sale, because I think they're overpriced most of the time. The best fit for my body is a medium.

👤I own several pair of shorts. These are not the same. The material is thin. It was spandex-y. .... It's not the same as the bike shorts. I used them in my first triathlon. I used to run on the treadmill and spin class before the triathlon. There are no problems with rubbing or ill-fitting. They were good for my purpose, even though they were not comfortable on a longer event. I think you might want a higher-end short for Ironman. These are perfect for my event.

👤The Medium is a bit tight and I'm 5-11, 175, 33 inch waist. You might want to go up a size. If you get my meaning, these shorts seem to be "unisex" where it matters most. The combined effect of small size and lack of accommodations is not very pleasant. The padding is about right for my biking needs.

👤I wore these for an adventure race. I was worried that my backside would get sore after 90+ miles of biking, but it was not worse than I would expect. They held up well over 30 miles of trekking in that race. I wore the boxer briefs under as I didn't want to get irritation from the seam of the pad against my skin.

9. Pearl IZUMi Pro Short X Large

Pearl IZUMi Pro Short X Large

If you want to see more information, you can copy the number B09N2CWKQF into the search bar. The Italian PRO Transfer fabric provides balanced compression. The PRO Escape has a floating top sheet design. The seven panel design maximizes body fit. Silicone leg grippers are used for a seamless transition to skin. Laser cut bib straps are low profile and provide superior skin comfort. The reflective elements of the BioViz are low-light.

Brand: Pearl Izumi

👤It's the same thing. I love these bibs so much that I sent them back. When I decided to add a pair of Navy bibs to my collection, I gave the Interval and PRO bibs a chance. The Interval is what I wear as my daily bib, and it was replaced by the old ELITE Escape bibs last year. I have a collection of PRO bibs for my longest rides. I thought I would add a pair of both to my gear closet, one for every day riding and one for longer rides. The second pair was supposed to be the PRO bibs. I have to say, these are the most soft bibs I have ever tried on. The material of the prior generation PRO bibs was very soft. It's very soft and nice. The PRO Escape chamois is the same one that has been in the bibs for a while now, and I know it's good to go for long days in the saddle. There is a I sent them back. Well. Pearl decided to make their bibs more modern and longer in the year 2019. The Interval bib and the PRO bibs have an extra half inch of inseam length added to them. The bibs are too long for me. I'm not very tall, and the extra inseam length makes these bibs perfect for me. Oh no. Don't say that you ruined my favorite bibs. For me that's what happened here. There is a If you're a taller person, these bibs won't cause you any trouble, because you'll have leg to spare. If that is the case, you're going to love these bibs. They are great bibs. There is a If you're on the shorter side of things, you're probably going to find that the bibs hit my knee when I'm in the riding position. I could feel the light back there. The longer I rode, the more I disliked it. I knew these had to go back after a few miles. There is a Desperate to add a pair of these to my collection, I tried down a size to see if that would help, but it sadly did not. I don't think the inseam length is different between the Medium and Small bibs. It didn't seem significant enough to notice if they are different. There is a I'm terribly disappointed that both pair went back at the end of the day. I know that bibs can't fit everyone. I stopped wearing the older PRO and ELITE bibs because I didn't want to wear them anymore. I'm not sure why Pearl can't offer multiple inseam lengths. The redesign has shut out a portion of the riding community. There is a I'm going to try out other brands and see what I like. I'm going to add a pair of Navy bibs to my collection, but I'm sad that they won't be the PI PRO Bibs.

10. Pearl Izumi Elite R Cool Shorts

Pearl Izumi Elite R Cool Shorts

3D Chamois reflective elements are used for low-light visibility. ELITE Transfer In-R- Cool fabric is powered by cold black and provides superior cooling and sun protection. Anatomic multi-panel design Folded ELITE Transfer fabric at leg opening for soft stretch comfort with Silicone for added grip Direct-Vent panels have a 9 inseam.

Brand: Pearl Izumi

👤The padding is good and the fit is comfortable. There are pros and cons. A little pricey. The shorts are good, but you have to buy them when they are on sale. Review: I'm a mountain biker, but I skip the baggies because it's usually hot where I live. I thought they were the Elite Pursuit variety and was a little disappointed. I kept them because I got them at a good price and the Pursuit cost more. I stopped being disappointed after wearing them. These are a step up from the Quest and Attack shorts that I had worn before, and they are solid cycling chamois. They fit better, don't compress as much, and the chamois will hold up longer. I wouldn't pay the retail price of $110 for them. You should get the Elite Pursuit for that. Wait until you can get them for less than 70 dollars. I'm about a 32 inch waist and the medium fits just right. Like the pictures, they go to about an inch or two above the knee.

👤After reading the reviews, I was unsure of what size to buy, I have a 36" waist with thick legs, but wear 34" pants. I'm 6'4" and weigh 190. I bought a large because the quest shorts seemed to fit well. These are compression shorts, so they should be tight. That is what I got. The shorts are tight, but they move well. They fit like my quest shorts. I think compression makes riding more comfortable and more productive, even though some people won't like it. The pad is great. I rode for an hour and a half. My butt felt good. I've used the best shorts. I've used low end stuff before, but I'm sold on these shorts.

👤Small and tight! I can't get these on because I've been wearing medium for years. I thought they needed a break. I kept wearing them. They feel great but tight. I have a 30/31 waist with average biker legs. If you have thin legs and small butt, you won't recommend.

👤These shorts are too small. I'm a 36 and thought I'd be safe in these. These fit me very tight in the waist area and also in the legs. I would have ordered XL even though these have stretched a bit. I bought a pair of Pearl Izumi's 22 years ago, and they are still going strong. I hope these last half as long as possible and stretch out a bit more.


What is the best product for bicycle shorts for men pearl izumi?

Bicycle shorts for men pearl izumi products from Pearl Izumi. In this article about bicycle shorts for men pearl izumi you can see why people choose the product. Pearl Izumi and Pearl Izumi are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle shorts for men pearl izumi.

What are the best brands for bicycle shorts for men pearl izumi?

Pearl Izumi, Pearl Izumi and Pearl Izumi are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle shorts for men pearl izumi. Find the detail in this article. Pearl Izumi, Pearl Izumi and Pearl Izumi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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