Best Bicycle Shorts for Men Padded

Men 26 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Sponeed Shorts Moisture Wicking Padding

Sponeed Shorts Moisture Wicking Padding

It is possible to absorb impacts and vibrations while riding, and it can be comfortable. Their padded cycle shorts are made with premium padding to fit around your hips and relieve hip pain from long distance cycling. It's like second skin for leisure bike riding shorts. The men's cycling tights are made of lightweight, durable fabric, stretchy quick drying, and feature 4-way stretch for absolute super comfort. The bicycle shorts men are not too tight. It is lightweight and durable. The men's padded bike shorts are made of 80% polyester and 20% spandex, which absorb sweat and keep you dry and cool. The private protection of your legs is supported by the cycle shorts stitches design. The pants have legs in place to stop them from riding up. The elastic band of the waist and leg won't loosen or slip when cycling. These shorts color never fades out because of Italy high-tech printing. The size option is US size, please check the size chart in the product description. If you prefer to loose fit, please go up one size to buy, because few cyclists say half one size smaller than US standard. If you need to modify them, please send a message to them.

Brand: Sponeed

👤I have had these for a couple months now. These get washed a lot. They have held up well so far. They are comfortable and seem to be sturdy. I haven't had them for long, but so far they've been good and I'm not seeing any signs of the seems coming apart. I would buy another pair at the moment.

👤Maybe it is because I am new to riding indoor bikes, but I asked a friend about padded shorts and they recommended them. The pad is not large enough to provide any comfort for a long ride. On the day after I ride 30 minutes, I am sore. I wouldn't buy again.

👤I bought one for my husband to try and he said to get another pair. That's what it's all about folks. He loves them. Excellent support in the right places. The Waist band is perfect. He thinks they are a bomb.

👤They're fine without all the extra packaging and plastic. The butt part is in the right place, so as far as minimums go, okay.

👤I haven't worn biking shorts in 30 years, but they have improved a lot. I like these shorts because my program has started. I recommend them.

👤It fit like a post. I'm happy that it was my color and I'll be getting the pants as well.

👤The waist and leg elastic is shorter than I'm used to, but it's not bad for the price. Look good.

👤It fits. It is quite difficult to find purple men's shorts. Thanks a lot.

2. Sponeed Shorts Bicycle Bottoms Cycling

Sponeed Shorts Bicycle Bottoms Cycling

80% nylon, 20% spandex. If you have doubts about the size of your pants, please send them a message and they will give you a replacement. Don't wash them in a machine, put in a mesh laundry bag. Bicycle shorts with 4D gel padded 80% polyester and 20% spandex,UPF 50+,9-Inch inseam that elastic breathable, it's comfort cushion is at the proper location, these cycling men shorts alleviate the pressure or discomfort,rushes on buttocks when The bicycle shorts for men are worth the cost. The bike pants are soft to wear. The elastic waistband is comfortable. For Christmas,Thanksgiving, and various holidays, bicycle padded shorts are a good gift. Bicycle shorts uniform are popular for spo cycling team because they are dry and comfortable. Even for long rides, shorts for bike are safe and can provide maximized comfort. Don't wash them with bleach or brush them. Put them in a mesh laundry bag. They will reply within 24 hours. Quality is what they believe in and their padded bike shorts are definitely worth the cost. They can provide top quality product and first rate service.

Brand: Sponeed

👤Excellent shorts. I bought these because of curiosity. I own an expensive pearl izumi and these are very similar to the ones I have, with features that are not found in the more expensive shorts. I wore these on a 25 mile ride through hot and cool coastal conditions. There is a The fabric of Pro is soft and smooth. Excellent padding for the money, just the right amount. It's better than selecting by pearl. I own and wear frequently for shorter rides. There is a The padding is at the right places. There is a The dots are larger than the picture but they still look very good. There are many nice things to say. Enough space for the delicate body parts to settle will not cause pain. It's easy to go to the pit stops. They did not ride up for me. There is a I don't have a lot of negatives. I think they ride a bit high for shorts. I got used to it quickly and now don't do it at all. They breath well. I will buy again. I'm an athletic leaner and these didn't come apart or become a problem.

👤These shorts are good. I bought these with a matching jersey. These shorts are under the belly button. If you have a belly, these shorts will roll down to your pant line. The nature of the cycling shorts makes that happen. The leg opening has rubber around it that prevents the short from riding up your legs. The opening of the legs is correct. I have larger thighs and they don't bother me when I ride. The shorts are prevented from riding up the leg by the rubbers. The padding is also right. It allows you to perform while providing enough cushion for comfort.

👤I buy these because I want to wear a sauna shirt when I ride my bike to make me sweat more. I wear a large size. I ordered the XXXL pair and it worked out great. The elastic in the waist and lower thighs keep them from riding up. The padding made my ride good. I was very pleased with my purchase.

👤I wore them for 7 hours after 3 rides. The elastic around the legs works. The "Asia" is a nickname for Asia. The US X- Large size is good for my waist. They were quite comfortable in the temperature and humidity. I think that the smaller sections of the gel are a bit better than the big sections that I'm used to. They feel solid, not flimsy, despite not knowing how durable they will be. I use suspenders, so I can't say if the elastic would be enough on its own, but there is not a drawstring at the waist.

3. BALEAF Cycling Shorts Bicycle Pockets

BALEAF Cycling Shorts Bicycle Pockets

The fabric for the bike shorts is more comfortable. Offer to keep you cool and dry. 4D Gel Padding The padded bike shorts give a good amount of protection around the crotch area. It keeps you dry and fresh on long road rides. There are three utility pockets in the biker shorts, one for phones and two side pockets. The biking shorts have reflective elements. The elastic waist of the anti-slip leg bands gives a better fit for the men's cycling shorts. All indoor and outdoor cycling activities, such as biking, riding, road bike, spinning, and MTB, can be done with 9 inseam bicycle shorts gel paded.

Brand: Baleaf

👤These shorts fit me perfectly and are very comfortable to ride in. The stretch pockets are a nice touch and hold a phone or wallet securely. I don't give them five stars. There is a I put mine into the dryer because the laundry tag says they can be tumble dried at low temperature. I smelled a burning smell from the laundry room a few minutes later. I took the shorts out of the dryer and they smelled like burning plastic or rubber. These should only be line dried, no matter what the tag says. I'm not sure if the padding in my first pair was damaged by being in the dryer on low heat.

👤When I received the shorts I knew they wouldn't fit over my knees. The tag on the inside said something. I ordered size L and found out that there were two different size stickers on the bag. I returned the shorts. It looked like a pretty nice product, but I didn't want to order them again. Someone needs to have better warehouse controls.

👤The shorts are very cool. I rode a century after breaking them in. The padding is well positioned. There were no issues at all. It's true to size. It was nice flex. Storage pockets. I held my phone and fuel was perfect. Great product. I have many now.

👤The price, material, and construction are all excellent. The only issue I had with these was the rise of the back waist band. The legs, crotch and padding were all perfect. The waist is low and as a result my a** was hanging out when I squatted down. I'm built like a fire hydrant. The rise didn't work for me. A different body type may not find this to be a problem. I would have kept the shorts if it weren't for this.

👤I like the pockets, butt padding, and the color. I would like it to be at the waist. I originally ordered medium for a 34 inch waist, but returned and ordered a large.

👤The bike shorts are nice looking and at a good price. Bayleaf is a return customer and they do not disappoint. Our household has a lot of female bikers. This is a good company to know.

👤These seem to slide down in back.

👤The shorts were very positive to me. After riding on an indoor trainer for 10 weeks with these shorts, the material quickly lost it's stretch and became sacky and loose. If you're training daily, they aren't going to last.

4. NOOYME Lowest Cycling Shorts Bicycle

NOOYME Lowest Cycling Shorts Bicycle

80% Polyamide, 20% Spandex. The 3D structure chamois is comfortable. Smooth flatlocked seams can be avoided. No slide up and non-slip silicone legs to keep shorts in place. There are two reflective marks for highly reflective and visible. It's suitable for M/29-31" L/35-37" XL/38-40" XXXL.

Brand: Nooyme

👤This iteration of shorts is not a winner, as they used to make really good shorts for the under $25 price range. They look good, but they're not comfortable for rides over 90 minutes. There is a The area that needs the most padding is the perineum, which is where these shorts are made. The padding on your groin is so thin that he will be painfully aware of the stitching. I train for 6 days a week and these are the only shorts that give me any trouble within the first hour. They all feel the same. I have one pair with a little red on the sides, but it doesn't look good.

👤I was surprised by the quality of the shorts. You wouldn't be able to tell these are $20 shorts because of their quality. I feel like my shorts are 4 times the price. I'm 160 lbs and bought the medium. Fit is as expected, they are very impressed with these and will probably buy a second pair soon.

👤I bought these based on the great reviews. They were decent but not great. I noticed that the Lycra was not as strong as my cheap Santic shorts or my old Performance Bike shorts. There is a The pants were around my crotch when I started riding. The fact that they climbed up my legs was not a surprise because of the small amount of grippers at the bottom of the leg. The pad was decent, but not as comfortable as the other brands of shorts that I have, which is a personal preference. The pants were shorter than my other shorts. These will probably do the job if you only do occasional rides and want a decent pair of shorts. If you want a product that will last for a long time, you should look elsewhere.

👤My wife says I'm 5' 11.5" and 195 lbs with Bird Legs. 5 years ago, I was never home after my job changed and I was riding on a magnetic trainer. I got back into riding. I decided to add more shorts to my collection. I bought a Large after reading reviews. It's a bit loose than I would like. I will get a medium if I reorder these. There is a Don't bind up and butt padding is nice. Overall comfortable. My legs didn't ride up, even though I wanted them to. The Waist band was too tall and had to roll it down twice so it wasn't uncomfortable. The waist band came up to within an inch of my belly button and would bunch up when I rolled them down. There is a My wife got me a pair of Older Canari shorts, which have blue padding. These fit tighter and are more comfortable. The padding in the Nooyme shorts is better for the butt. I will probably purchase another pair in the future.

5. Troy Lee Designs Protective Short L

Troy Lee Designs Protective Short L

18% Spandex. The crotch pad is integrated.

Brand: Troy Lee Designs

👤I bought the 4600's a week before buying the 5605's. The 4600's are very protective but don't have a built in chamois. They went back. I decided to try the 5605's because they have a padded chamois, but I am very disappointed that the thigh and hip padding is useless. I put them on and poked my finger on my hip, and it felt like I was not wearing anything. I can't imagine hitting the ground like that. biking My search for mtb pants that are comfortable, protective, and have a chamois will continue. These pants have a rating of 2 out of 3.

👤Not the most comfortable shorts I've ever had, but I feel more protected with just non padded shorts. I can hear stitching popping when I put them on and pull them up. I think the stitching holds the padding to the shorts. We will see how they hold up. The waist band is not comfortable. I'll wear them until they're no more than that.

👤Troy Lees LPS 5605 was the most comfortable and the best protection I could get. The padding is minimal, I wish it had more padding for the hard falls. It is adequate for the riding I do and is better than a pair of shorts. I can't confirm on the protection because I haven't crashed since purchasing these. Knock on wood. I will update the review if I do. These shorts are a great buy.

👤It is compression shorts with no padding and thicker fabric on the sides. If you crash in slow speeds, it might protect you from simple bruising, but it won't do much else.

👤The padding in these shorts is very soft and thin, which would not provide any protection for mountain biking. The Troy Lee 7605 shorts are my go-to for mountain biking because of their substantial padding for the hips.

👤It's a foam liner. The foam is not dense. It wouldn't protect you from stones or rocks, but it might blunt the impact of a flat surface or gravel. It was comfortable. Would not double as a liner. I've been mountain biking for 12 hours on these shorts.

👤An older model is depicted. The current model does not have inner padding. I docked a star for the wrong information. I wanted the older model. The padding is very thin. Other models have too much padding, so I chose this version.

6. Przewalski Padded Cycling Shorts Clothes

Przewalski Padded Cycling Shorts Clothes

Breathable andMoistureWicking The bike shorts fabric has a great function and is skin friendly. It is helpful to keep the skin hydrated and cool. The Silicone Leg Grippers hold the cycling shorts in place preventing cuffs from rolling up when riding. Men with Four-way elasticity have a freedom of movement. Hip and low back support and anti-friction wings give their cycling gear good protection and enhanced comfort. Men's cycling shorts are highly visible reflective logo to enhance visibility in low light condition, keeping you safe while biking at night. Muliti-FunctionsBicycle shorts are suitable for all levels of cyclists, perfect for indoor and outdoor mountain biking. The spo cycling club likes biking shorts.

Brand: Qualidyne

👤First of all, you need a right bike seat and then bike shorts. The shorts are well made and a good price. I'm 6' 1 tall and weigh 220 pounds. The fit of the Large is great. Don't shy away from biking. The shorts seem to be very good so far. The padding is in the right place and is very comfortable. I've only done a couple rides so far, but they've already made a huge difference in comfort. Can't speak of the resilience yet. I don't see why I should worry about it.

👤Update 12/12/19. For the last couple months, I have been using my original one pair of shorts to train indoors for 3-6 hours a week. I wash them after every use and they are just now starting to have a couple loose threads from seat wear and the chamois is starting to feel a little less firm than it used to be. I think they have held up to a lot of use and have lasted this long, so it's pretty impressive at this price point. I bought another pair of shoes thinking they wouldn't last long. For the comments about the lower cuff being loose, do some sprints or squats and beef those chicken legs up. I have expensive bibs from the big names and they perform just as well as the cheaper ones. The Chamois have made these a no worries pair to grab for training, day in and day out, the fabric is a level lower for feel, but the performance and Chamois have made these a no worries pair to grab for training, day in and day out. I bought a second pair of these because they were so good and I wouldn't have to worry about availability when the first pair goes belly up. I have close to 1000 miles on this pair and have no complaints. I need these shorts and some chamois buttr for the century season. The chamois is on the large side, like some of the other reviews have mentioned. I am built on the large side and this isn't an issue for me. They fit well and I ordered a large one. The lower leg cuffs are not loose enough for them to ride up. Some designs are tighter than others. The inseam is long enough to keep either end from being offensive. There is a The pad felt great on its first spin. There were no weird seams or pressure spots. It was great and never crowded. I have shorts in all of them. Three times more expensive than it feels. They ride up a category. I would recommend and buy again.

7. Comfortable Bicycle Cycling Padded Shorts

Comfortable Bicycle Cycling Padded Shorts

80% nylon, 20% spandex. It is convenient to have a pocket on the back of your bike shorts. Extra padding in the seat area will help to reduce the amount of pain during long rides. Breathable mucus is good for cooling and drying in the hot day, draw sweat away from the skin to keep it dry. When riding at night, the reflective striping on both sides adds visibility and safety. SILICONE LEG GRIPPER is on hems to prevent garment from riding up.

Brand: Beroy

👤The shorts fit in the same way as they would in a regular size. I'm 6'2” 190 lbs 31” waist and size Large felt just a touch roomy while I was going. This wasn't a problem for me and I preferred it. Their comfort was a problem. I don't know if it has to do with the diaper-sized padding, but I feel like it did some damage on me during yesterday's 80 mile ride. It is much wider than the saddle, and feels more like a diaper than a chamois. I ride a Selle SMP TRK ($80 on Amazon) saddle, which has held its comfort well into the 50 mile ranges, to make sure I don't feel uncomfortable on a long ride. I decided to try out these shorts because of the thought of doing a century. Everything was fine until around 40 miles / 3 hours. What cyclist nightmares are made of after that. I felt a burning sensation from the corners, possibly because the padding was too large. It felt like the corners of the padding were cutting into my thighs, unlike saddle soreness that we've all experienced. I needed to get home to finish the ride. I just powered through to the finish line after 70 or so miles in these shorts. I have to return them since they have debilitated me for a few days. I think there's a reason some chamois cost over $100. These might work for you if you ride 15-20 miles a week. If the road is your second home and you want to spend a day in paradise, invest in yourself.

👤You have to wonder what value there is to a review of biking shorts. It's a personal thing and how well they work may not be good for another. Many people won't buy these online because they can't try them on. I don't think trying them on in the store helps. I need to be with them. I took a chance on these because of the reviews and good price. I have worn them on my last two rides. I own several other "name brand" shorts and they are just as comfortable as the ones I own. The gel pad seems to be the right amount for me. There is a I have now worn the shorts for 20 and 25 times. mile rides. Again, no pain and a great performance. It is difficult to beat these for the price. There is a They seem well constructed, have good stitching on the gel, and are a nice, lightweight fabric. They are a good buy for $21.

8. Mens Padded Mountain Bike Shorts

Mens Padded Mountain Bike Shorts

8% Elastane. The bicycle shorts with internal pad offer a most comfortable ride and can effectively reduce the amount of vibration on long rides. Breathable and lightweight, the Unsoo Mountain Bike Shorts with high water repellence help draw sweat away from skin and allow you to stay cool. The shorts are loose and comfortable for mountain bike rides. The legs are soft to wear. The cycling shorts with two side big deep pockets, two front zip up pockets, and one small pocket can make your things safe. When in low lights, reflective strips reflect light brilliantly. Please measure yourself to find your size. The smaller one may be the better choice if you are between sizes.

Brand: Upsower

👤I didn't think these shorts would provide any comfort, but they do. I have been looking for a little extra cushion on my exercise bike, and these shorts really do provide that. The shorts are comfortable to wear. I still wear my thin bike shorts with these, but I don't have to worry about giving myself more padding in those shorts. I ordered a large, which is the size I normally wear in shorts, and these fit me perfectly. If I have something heavy in my pockets, it can weigh the shorts down, so having that drawstring is very helpful. I wash and dry these shorts the same way I do all of my other shorts. The padding still has padding.

👤They were too large for a 35 inch waist. I wore a medium for the first time today. The fit is good, padding is comfortable, and they are a lightweight material which I appreciated on this ride. We will see what the shorts are like by the end of the summer, I am very happy with them so far.

👤The fabric is very good. The cup is for protection. Breathing material. Excellent work. Next size up from what you normally wear. Sports shorts are reasonable and perfect. Recommended.

👤I decided to get a more casual riding shorts. The shorts at the bike store were less expensive, but I was impressed by the quality of the shorts.

👤The pockets hold most anything I need handy.

👤I like how they fit. These are for men who have a family.

👤The padding on the seat was improved.

👤After every ride my butt was hurting, but after wearing these biking pants yesterday for a 25 mile ride there was no pain at all. The pants did the trick. I ordered my second pair today. I wish I had bought them a long time ago.

9. Baleaf Cycling Bicycle Pockets Quick Dry

Baleaf Cycling Bicycle Pockets Quick Dry

80% nylon, 20% spandex. The fabric of the cycling shorts is high quality and suitable for sensitive skin. Two big side pockets can hold a mobile phone. The bicycle shorts have reflective elements. 3D Pad3D padding is adequately sized and thick enough to provide decent protection on your bike saddle while middle-distance riding. The padded bike shorts for men are held in a Silicone leg particle gripper. Whether you are riding a road bike, mountain bike, commuter bike, spinning or motorcycle, you'll love this long half bike shorts.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I'm a very fit man, 6'3"/190lb, and have been a cyclist for 20 years. The pant size is 33w/34l. I ride 3-4 times a week in the foothills and mountains of East Tennessee. I decided to try 3 new pairs of shorts this week. I bought a pair of BALEAF at $26.89 and I am reviewing them. I read comments on each pair to figure out what size to order. I have other reviews for the other 2 pairs. I have worn high end and low end shorts for many years and have good and bad results. You have to sort the usable from the bs when reading reviews. It was enough to try, at $27 with good reviews. These are the most expensive of the 3 pairs I am reviewing. There is a This review will have additions as I continue to use these shorts and I will update as I feel it is appropriate, so check back. The initial fit is *. I rely on customer feedback so I can always find a better fit without being able to try it on in person. Most shorts manufacturers in Asia don't do a good job with sizing charts, so if you want to return for a different size, read reviews and take time here. This pair fits nicely around the legs and crotch, with decent padding and stitching in the right places, thanks to the reviews of people of similar size and build. The feel is very similar throughout the coverage areas. The fabric stretches well. We will see if they can take a long ride because I like the feel and fit. I think these shorts are the best of the 3 pairs I am trying, but that doesn't always hold up when used regularly. Good for $27. As I continue to use, I will adjust the review rating. Stay informed. Took these out for a 50 mile ride. I was surprised by comments about fit and cut. I received a pair that was perfect. I have several pairs of cycling shorts that are 3x more expensive and I found them to be outstanding for the price. I have changed my review to 5-stars. If you don't get your size correct, you will be unhappy with any pair of cycling shorts. The shorts were snug after 50 miles. It feels like it's on the bottom of the shorts, with no sliding or riding up. I will order another pair after paying what I paid.

10. Eco Daily Cycling Bicycle (Reflective Print Black

Eco Daily Cycling Bicycle %EF%BC%88Reflective Print Black

It is possible to make compost and compostable. The bike shorts men with padding are made of nylon and spandex that have good air permeability and sweat releasing properties. It can prevent you from feeling uncomfortable during workouts. Flatlock seams reduce chaffing. The bicycle shorts for men are very stretchy and give you freedom of movement with your body like a second skin. 14-Panel anatomic design helps to reduce fatigue by supporting the movement of the flesh and increasing blood flow to the muscles during workouts. Flatlock seams reduce irritation. 6 layers of high impact foam offer comfort and high protection from injuries during long-distance cycling. A four-way stretch and laser-cut rounded edges make the design very smooth and comfortable. The surface of the pad is ultra-perforated, which makes it lightweight and helps to prevent saddle sores. Great feature. The mens cycling shorts are very durable. The mesh panels on both sides of the thighs and on the waist provide excellent cooling. The 4.5 - 8.5 cm width anti-slip silicone fabric leg bands won't leave marks on your legs. Night riding and low- sight can be dangerous. No risk purchase. They are a manufacturer of cycling supplies and have a professional design team and independent design of product appearance. If you have any questions about their biking shorts or service, please do not hesitate to contact them.

Brand: Eco-daily

👤I will give you a direct comparison to my Zoics. There is a You should order a size up from your normal underwear size. I wear a medium boxer brief. The large in these is the same size. I think they were a tad bigger than the zoics through the hips and waist. It's still a good fit. Initial quality was great. The material was a bit thin but did not show any signs of tearing. Seams were solid and there were no big issues with loose threads. The edge of the legs were a nice feature. The flatter area is what I appreciate. The 'encased' one here functions just fine, even though I would have preferred a proper elastic waistband. The overall pad is the same size and thickness as the zoics and others I have, only the butt section was twice as thick as the zoics. I would not call it super excessive if it were turned off by the thickness, but only in the 2 sections. The main part of the pad between the legs is the same thickness and width as the diaper part. There is a I'm very happy with my purchase and feel good about the money I spent. I don't see that as a negative as I cycle through the underliners every time, and I think they will wear out a tad faster based on their material choice. The fit is described as a loose jammer with a diaper complex.

👤They're inexpensive even if you grab them on an Amazon lightning deal. These shorts are some of my most comfortable cycling shorts to wear because of the soft, thin, stretchy material. After a long ride, large, wide leg grippers don't leave marks in my skin. The lack of a waist drawstring is not a problem. It makes them more comfortable. I think I'm done wearing bib- shorts. I'm 5'8", 136 lbs, with a 30" waist, and the size small fits well. If I were a little bigger, it would fit. There is a The interior pad material is very comfortable. I dinged them 1 star down because the pad is small on the sit-bone and has minimal density. It was reduced to very little. If you're a regular cyclist, you probably don't need a lot of thick padding. If you ride a lot and get hurt after, you might want to look for a gel pad. This one is not. I only have a few rides on them so far, but so far they have been good.

11. Seirus Innovation 5656 Snowboarding Athletics

Seirus Innovation 5656 Snowboarding Athletics

Protection for your hips, tailbone, and buttocks is called superior protection. The shorts fit comfortably under pants. The replaceable pads are Breathable and protect from injury. Extra padding keeps you warm and dry in wet windy conditions. A snug fit is achieved with the comfortable waistband with draw cord.

Brand: Seirus Innovation

👤These shorts fit me well. A female is 5'5" The length that I was looking for was the length of the legs that fell above my knee. The material is snug, meaning all the padding stays in place, but still comfortable and flexible, and not restrictive at the waist. The tailbone padding is thin. I have yet to wear these shorts while snowboarding, but I may try to find some extra padding material that I can cut up and insert into the tailbone area before hitting the slopes. I would have given these shorts five stars if the tailbone padding had been thick, but they fell short. I will probably keep them and try to modify them, because the four items I purchased off Amazon were the best of the bunch. The other items I tried didn't offer much tailbone protection.

👤I bought these for the first time to snowboard. I had a bruised tailbone. The padding is not as thick as I had hoped, so they are not the best for this use. If you're using them for something where you're more likely to fall on your hips or the sides of your butt, they'd be better. The padding on the tailbone seems to be thinner than the other areas. Hard falls on your tailbone are not super padded. " I'm 5'5" and 115 lbs, and the Small/Med size fits me very well.

👤The pads on my tailbone protected me from the fall when I snowboarded yesterday. All I could think about was the impact on my bottom. These seem to have good protection for your tailbone, even though there wasn't much ice. I only used them once, but they held up well. There is a I purchased a size up for these shorts, I am a 32/33 waist, and they fit well. They fit well, are easy to maneuver in, and are Breathable. The product was great for the price.

👤I bought this to protect my bones. The shorts expand when I sit. Since the pockets are on either side of the seam, there is no way to add padding to my bones. I don't know how these would protect someone from a fall on their rump.

👤These pants were the best, the best padding, the best butt coverage, the best fit, and my wife and I bought them after trying cheaper brands. I recommend these pants in L/XL size if you're 32/34 waist because they're too tight for me. The only downside is that the padding gets thinner after some falls, I'm hoping to be able to replace it or supplement it as the padding is removed.


What is the best product for bicycle shorts for men padded?

Bicycle shorts for men padded products from Sponeed. In this article about bicycle shorts for men padded you can see why people choose the product. Sponeed and Baleaf are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle shorts for men padded.

What are the best brands for bicycle shorts for men padded?

Sponeed, Sponeed and Baleaf are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle shorts for men padded. Find the detail in this article. Nooyme, Troy Lee Designs and Qualidyne are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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