Best Bicycle Shorts for Men Loose Fit

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1. Mountain Biking Bicycle Cycling Lightweight

Mountain Biking Bicycle Cycling Lightweight

LOOSE-FITTING: The cargo bike shorts have a nice loose fit that allows for great freedom of movement. Quick-drying: The lightweight fabric draws sweat away from the skin. The built in pad of the bike shorts gives excellent padding comfort. There are functional pockets. These shorts have two side pockets and two cargo pockets to hold your things. An elastic waist with inner drawcord is an ideal fit. There is garment care. Dry and machine wash.

Brand: Priessei

👤I have a very boney rear end and sitting down on a bicycle seat for long rides can be a pain. I haven't had any quality issues so far and they fit slightly larger than expected but we will see how they fit after a wash. I have a few pairs that I have been rotating. The material is lightweight and great for hot weather. It feels like you are wearing a diaper but they are not walking shorts so I don't fault them. I might need to find a pair of pants like this when the weather gets cooler.

👤I was looking at a lot of padded bike shorts but they all seemed to top out at 36 to 38 inch waist size and spandex is not a good look for me. The Priessei Men's Mountain Bike shorts are in a 2X size that fits my waist. The fly fabric is lightweight and dry, and there are a couple of pockets. These bike shorts were very nice.

👤I am a 6'2 and this product fits as expected. The 205lb dude is comfortable. I like how it looks like regular shorts. The material is very soft and not mesh which would make the interior very itchy. I like the one cargo pocket that I can put stuff into. It does not get in the way. There is a The padding is not unbearable when sitting in a chair, but it is a little uncomfortable when walking around. These shorts are still recommended by me.

👤Since getting a trainer, I've been trying to see if it would help cut down on some of the pain that comes with riding a bike without a seat. I had worn chamois in the past, but as I got used to the seat have not needed, but never had a problem with saddle sores. Since stopping using these shorts, the sores that started developing within a few rides have gone away. After one ride, I can already feel the sores coming back. The stitching on these is very pronounced and it's the cause. I wouldn't buy these shorts because they are a "you get what you pay for" type item.

👤I bought them for my ride. I was always sore. I was not as sore after this weeks riding. The inner lining of the short is a little loose, but I like the loose fit. They will be perfect if they shrink with washing. I bought the larger size because I wear a 36-38 waist.

2. Qualidyne Mountain Lightweight Cycling Version

Qualidyne Mountain Lightweight Cycling Version

There are two shorts in one. Seat Cushion with top 3D Coolmax fits snug on the rider's sitting bone, riding transit can provide good protection, to avoid injuries caused by riding. The adjustment waist is a great fit for biking shorts for men. This padded baggy bike shorts for men have two side pockets, one back pocket, and one cargo pocket, which can be used to store items. Durable & lightweight-MTB shorts made of high quality material,durable, light, stretchy fabric allow free movement, highly breathable material helps draw sweat away from skin and allow you to stay cool throughout your riding. Their mountain biking shorts are versatile and easy to wear.

Brand: Qualidyne

👤1. They look nice and feel comfortable, mine are gray. 2. They fit as expected. I ordered Large 3 because I am 35 years old. They have a built in under-short. The under-short is not removed. They are strong. They are flexible. It is a bit like nylon but softer. They are clean. 5. I cycle in the hot weather and they are a bit on the warm side. They are a good deal. I paid $26 and now they are $19. I ordered another pair. 7. The elastic waist is simple. The fly zippers can fail. The waists are stiff. The black shorts are just as good as the white ones.

👤The shorts are very long and extend past my knees. Sometimes they get on my knees while pedaling. The shell fabric is very thin. I ripped a small hole in one of the legs after grabbing the shorts on the branch. The fabric rubs against itself and is noisy. The pockets are lower on the thigh, which is not an ideal location for me since stuff in the pockets tends to pull the shell down awkwardly. There is a The liner shorts are not as durable as the road shorts made by the same company. The chamois is similar to what this company includes on their other shorts. There is a I'm going to stick to traditional bike shorts in the future because the aesthetic of having a baggy outer shell doesn't outweigh the pragmatic drawbacks of traditional shorts.

👤The pain I get after a couple of miles is the least enjoyable thing about biking. I can already tell that these bike shorts will be buns. The waist has elastic and a drawstring so it is not the critical dimensions for most of us. They fit well and look great. I can tell you that I am almost 80, and as I was cruising the neighborhood on my ebike, some of the walkers almost let go of their walkers to catch my eye. It could have been the ebike. I think it was the shorts.

👤These shorts were the best buy for me. I've paid twice the price for top bicycle brands, and not had the same quality. The fit is perfect, they feel lightweight and airy, the inner lining is padded and stays in place, and they are true to label. A cell phone is held in a cargo pocket on one leg. The pocket works even though it could be more snug by eliminating the bellows style. I now own 3.

3. Baleaf Mountain Shorts Bicycle Cycling

Baleaf Mountain Shorts Bicycle Cycling

The lightweight material feels comfortable next to the skin. elastic with inner drawcord offers ultimate comfort and adjustability, and Buili-in 3D padding provides you comfortable ridding and best fit. Water resistant fabric keeps you dry and cool. Two side pockets and a pocket with a velcro flap offer secure storage of valuables. The side of shorts has a "Baleaf" logo on it.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I liked the shorts, but the stitching on the pocket became loose and I dropped my car keys. I had to retrace my ride.

👤I am 6ft, and 250 lbs. The fit was correct for me. The XX large is great for my waist, and I have a 40 or 42 waist for most pants. There is a I have been having a hard time finding cycling gear for a bigger guy. These are a winner so far. I hope they feel good on the rides. I will reflect if they don't. I am very pleased so far. The liner is not removed. Not a deal breaker for me.

👤There were many reviews about what size to get. The size I bought was according to the chart. They fit around the waist and around the legs. That is very annoying. They fit if I pull them up above my bell button. Stay clear.

👤It's an ok fit for bigger guys, up to a 40” waist. They are only slightly baggy on me, I am 6'1" and 238 lbs with a 38-39 waist. There is a They seem to be made well, and they didn't skimp on the size of the sewn-in chamois pad. It is large. Yuuuuuuuge! Like sitting on a old fashioned hemmiroid.

👤I am past the age for spandex. I ride a bike a lot in the city. I have several sets of Pearl Izumi baggy shorts with liners if they were bought as model closeouts. These shorts are good baggy shorts and have a liner and pockets that are easy to open and close. The material is more comfortable than my P.I. The waist is elastic. The padding can't be removed. The shorts in a large are a little snug, I wear 36 pants. I wouldn't downsize them. Will be buying more.

👤I think they are about right. I wear a 34" and the L is slightly too big, so I will be ordering a Medium to try. If you are 36" or so, a L is probably a good choice, otherwise, these are a great value. I am very happy with them, they fit well and helped save my tush on the trail ride I did today. The draw string is nice to tighten if needed.

👤I'm 5 feet 10 and 150# wet. The size medium is perfect for the bike shorts. Not impressed with overall padding, only true padding is under the butt/tailbone area. There is no padding in the front area. I like the shorts, but there is no padding up front. It's not a huge difference when you compare normal shorts to road bike shorts where you are sitting on a memory foam pillow. It does the job. The shorts do well after riding downhill and around the block and I wouldn't mind the front padding being a piece of cloth in thickness and comfort.

4. TACVASEN Loose Outdoor Capri Shorts

TACVASEN Loose Outdoor Capri Shorts

It's lightweight and comfortable. There are three pockets, one on the back and two on the side, that hold your cash and keys. The side strip design has one back pocket and slanted pockets for storing cash and keys. It's a great choice for running, hiking, jogging, cycling, workout, training, bodybuilding, walking, holiday traveling, bxing, camping, both outdoor and stay at home.

Brand: Tacvasen

👤I bought these long shorts on a whim, no plan in mind, but the photo of them made them look comfortable for wearing around the house or out to run errand. I was correct this time. The shorts are made of a cotton blend that is not a dri-fit material. They are not heavy or bulky. I was comfortable in the heat. There is a The legs are below the knee. I barely noticed the stretch band at each cuff, but it is not close to being too tight. The cut in the thighs is generous but not big. If you have a lot of weight on your backside, these might not be large enough for you. There is a The cotton fabric is the same as the rest of the pants and the waistband is broad. There is a good strength. The band at the waist is not like a cheap pair of underwear. Either way, you would be comfortable and it would be tuck in. There is a The front pocket has a secure-feeling zip that is vertical. It is a heavy duty zip. The pockets are not very deep. Keys, cash, and most likely the iPhone, can be securely zip in. This is a good choice if you keep it in your front pockets. There is only one back pocket on the right side. There is no end to it. I would be cautious putting a wallet, billfold, phone, or cash there, because it could slip out at a restaurant or out of the car. There are still pickpockets. Don't want to be seen as a target. If you want to carry things that don't work in the front pockets in a bag or shirt/jacket pocket, you'd want to carry them in a bag or shirt/jacket pocket. I decided to give these shorts a try because I don't have anything else like them. They will be useful for three seasons. I have not washed them yet. I will not put these in a high temp dryer if I encounter a problem. Good investment in something that is still comfortable and practical. Would purchase another pair.

👤The pants don't look the same. They're more of a spandex, stuck to your skin look, which is not a good look for the gym.

👤The elastic around the calves is the most important thing about them. There isn't any. It flairs out in some places around the calves. I received a second pair to confirm I didn't receive a defected one. Same results.

5. Mountain Bicycle Loose Fit Lightweight Cycling

Mountain Bicycle Loose Fit Lightweight Cycling

The mtb shorts have a lightweight material that helps draw sweat away from the skin and allow you to stay cool. The shock absorbent sponge padded liner in the ideal place is adequately sized and thick enough to effectively reduce the amount of vibration on long rides. Baggy exteriors are very useful for mountain bike rides. The legs are very soft to wear. You are protected from UV rays. The cycling shorts have a reflective design with 6 pockets and 4 big and deep side pockets. The reflective strips help keep you safe when hiking in the early morning or late evening. The bicycle shorts are made for most outdoor activities and sports. You can make them your daily attire.

Brand: Vayager

👤The outer shell has six pockets, two of which are zip up. The inner liner is too loose of a fit so it doesn't ensure that the padded area stays where it belongs. Isn't the whole point of buying padded bike shorts? The string is not very strong and it is inside the waistband. I don't think it will last very long. I wouldn't recommend this brand. Another review recommended a brand with a tighter inner liner. I also bought those and they were better than this product. It is much more comfortable. Draw string is on the outside. Padding stays where it is supposed to be.

👤These shorts are great. The shorts are soft, but have good padding. There are pockets that are thought out. I'm a bigger person. I wanted them to be too big, but would rather they be too small. I have a large waist. I would get a medium if I were to get another pair, but it would be a close call. Overall, very happy. The inconsistency of size was awful when I tried the EZRun shorts. The first pair was great. I couldn't get them high enough to be decent in public.

👤I've been on rides for a long time and have been in pain. I was told to check out these shorts and I am very happy that I did. Double pockets on both sides, good quality, and not cheap. The waste band is made of good quality material and can stay put even when sweeting. The padding is very comfortable for long rides. I am very happy with this purchase and will be buying more of it.

👤The review is on black shorts. They were very uncomfortable. They are too big for the size. Second. The elastic around the leg of the shorts doesn't stop them from riding up. They ride up while you are riding and make for a very uncomfortable ride. The padding is very thin and not comfortable. I was feeling sore with only 10 miles in and it didn't protect me. The grey ones are amazing. And on point! They should make another color besides grey. I bought these black ones because of that. Don't waste your money. I will file for a refund.

👤I wore these on a 21 mile ride yesterday and they were great comfort, good fit, and didn't have the drawstring waist. The legs are loose and need some positioning. If you put your wallet or something heavy in the cargo pockets, they will weight them down and the object will droop down along the back of your thigh. The smaller slash pockets are better for keeping items on your leg. Good zippers so far.

6. NOOYME Cycling Shorts Bicycle Riding

NOOYME Cycling Shorts Bicycle Riding

80% Polyamide, 20% Spandex. The 3D structure chamois is comfortable. Smooth flatlocked seams can be avoided. No slide up and non-slip silicone legs to keep shorts in place. There are two reflective marks for highly reflective and visible. It's suitable for M/29-31" L/35-37" XL/38-40" XXXL.

Brand: Nooyme

👤This iteration of shorts is not a winner, as they used to make really good shorts for the under $25 price range. They look good, but they're not comfortable for rides over 90 minutes. There is a The area that needs the most padding is the perineum, which is where these shorts are made. The padding on your groin is so thin that he will be painfully aware of the stitching. I train for 6 days a week and these are the only shorts that give me any trouble within the first hour. They all feel the same. I have one pair with a little red on the sides, but it doesn't look good.

👤I was surprised by the quality of the shorts. You wouldn't be able to tell these are $20 shorts because of their quality. I feel like my shorts are 4 times the price. I'm 160 lbs and bought the medium. Fit is as expected, they are very impressed with these and will probably buy a second pair soon.

👤I bought these based on the great reviews. They were decent but not great. I noticed that the Lycra was not as strong as my cheap Santic shorts or my old Performance Bike shorts. There is a The pants were around my crotch when I started riding. The fact that they climbed up my legs was not a surprise because of the small amount of grippers at the bottom of the leg. The pad was decent, but not as comfortable as the other brands of shorts that I have, which is a personal preference. The pants were shorter than my other shorts. These will probably do the job if you only do occasional rides and want a decent pair of shorts. If you want a product that will last for a long time, you should look elsewhere.

👤My wife says I'm 5' 11.5" and 195 lbs with Bird Legs. 5 years ago, I was never home after my job changed and I was riding on a magnetic trainer. I got back into riding. I decided to add more shorts to my collection. I bought a Large after reading reviews. It's a bit loose than I would like. I will get a medium if I reorder these. There is a Don't bind up and butt padding is nice. Overall comfortable. My legs didn't ride up, even though I wanted them to. The Waist band was too tall and had to roll it down twice so it wasn't uncomfortable. The waist band came up to within an inch of my belly button and would bunch up when I rolled them down. There is a My wife got me a pair of Older Canari shorts, which have blue padding. These fit tighter and are more comfortable. The padding in the Nooyme shorts is better for the butt. I will probably purchase another pair in the future.

7. Sponeed Shorts Padding Bicycle X Large

Sponeed Shorts Padding Bicycle X Large

80% nylon, 20% spandex. If you have doubts about the size of your pants, please send them a message and they will give you a replacement. Don't wash them in a machine, put in a mesh laundry bag. Bicycle shorts with 4D gel padded 80% polyester and 20% spandex,UPF 50+,9-Inch inseam that elastic breathable, it's comfort cushion is at the proper location, these cycling men shorts alleviate the pressure or discomfort,rushes on buttocks when The bicycle shorts for men are worth the cost. The bike pants are soft to wear. The elastic waistband is comfortable. For Christmas,Thanksgiving, and various holidays, bicycle padded shorts are a good gift. Bicycle shorts uniform are popular for spo cycling team because they are dry and comfortable. Even for long rides, shorts for bike are safe and can provide maximized comfort. Don't wash them with bleach or brush them. Put them in a mesh laundry bag. They will reply within 24 hours. Quality is what they believe in and their padded bike shorts are definitely worth the cost. They can provide top quality product and first rate service.

Brand: Sponeed

👤Excellent shorts. I bought these because of curiosity. I own an expensive pearl izumi and these are very similar to the ones I have, with features that are not found in the more expensive shorts. I wore these on a 25 mile ride through hot and cool coastal conditions. There is a The fabric of Pro is soft and smooth. Excellent padding for the money, just the right amount. It's better than selecting by pearl. I own and wear frequently for shorter rides. There is a The padding is at the right places. There is a The dots are larger than the picture but they still look very good. There are many nice things to say. Enough space for the delicate body parts to settle will not cause pain. It's easy to go to the pit stops. They did not ride up for me. There is a I don't have a lot of negatives. I think they ride a bit high for shorts. I got used to it quickly and now don't do it at all. They breath well. I will buy again. I'm an athletic leaner and these didn't come apart or become a problem.

👤These shorts are good. I bought these with a matching jersey. These shorts are under the belly button. If you have a belly, these shorts will roll down to your pant line. The nature of the cycling shorts makes that happen. The leg opening has rubber around it that prevents the short from riding up your legs. The opening of the legs is correct. I have larger thighs and they don't bother me when I ride. The shorts are prevented from riding up the leg by the rubbers. The padding is also right. It allows you to perform while providing enough cushion for comfort.

👤I buy these because I want to wear a sauna shirt when I ride my bike to make me sweat more. I wear a large size. I ordered the XXXL pair and it worked out great. The elastic in the waist and lower thighs keep them from riding up. The padding made my ride good. I was very pleased with my purchase.

👤I wore them for 7 hours after 3 rides. The elastic around the legs works. The "Asia" is a nickname for Asia. The US X- Large size is good for my waist. They were quite comfortable in the temperature and humidity. I think that the smaller sections of the gel are a bit better than the big sections that I'm used to. They feel solid, not flimsy, despite not knowing how durable they will be. I use suspenders, so I can't say if the elastic would be enough on its own, but there is not a drawstring at the waist.

8. Mountain Lightweight Bicycle Cycling Shorts Baggy

Mountain Lightweight Bicycle Cycling Shorts Baggy

The mountain bike shorts have a lightweight material that helps draw sweat away from skin and allow you to stay cool. 3D padded shorts for men are made of premium protective multi-density foam and have a compact, seamless chamois with 4-way stretch. The waist is adjusted with the help of the inner drawcord. The casual, stylish mtb shorts design looks normal and you can fit right in after the ride at the coffee shop or brewery. All of the side pockets and cargo pockets have a way to keep valuables out of the way when ridding. The reflective strips help ensure your safety when you wear bicycle shorts. 2 in 1 cycling shorts are made for most outdoor activities and sports. You can make them your daily attire.

Brand: Kpsun

👤The liner that is supposed to hold the gel padding in place is too baggy and large, and it looks like it is not going to work. The gel padding should be held in place by it. The padding doesn't stay in the same place while walking. I took a lot of stuff in my drawers while standing. Another poorly designed product.

👤I bought these for my son, who decided to start taking his bike to school for exercise. There is a He takes them off when he gets to school. No more complaining about bike sores. A high quality blend of materials. Hold up well to nearly daily use, wash and dry in warm water and low heat, holding their shape and no shrinking at all. Also fit as expected. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I really like these shorts, but I don't like the fact that they can't be washed in the dryer. I will just buy another pair if they last. The liner is sewn so it might be uncomfortable for some people, but for me it is a great fit.

👤It fits well, not too snug, and not loose. Very comfortable. The areas that were designed to be protected are now protected. No pinching or chafing. I bought a second set because I was so happy with the first one. There were lots of pockets, all but one zip closed. The remaining one is secured with a piece of fabric. There is a Fit is good and price is good. The pockets are nice. Padding is good. There are pros and cons. A quick untwist corrects the twisted pull every now and then. Only the pull tab is not the zip up.

👤The size is off. It might not fit a medium child if you ordered a large. Doesn't have any padding at all. The second I got on my bike, I tore it. Not recommended.

👤I bought my boyfriend a pair of shorts for riding his mountain bike. I bought him another pair because he loves how comfortable they are.

👤The padding in the back was not good. It felt like a full diaper. The seam and padding in front stop were not where a guy would want them to be.

👤I want a pair of bike shorts that are not baggy or long. These fit perfectly. The small was perfect. Women's shorts have shallow pockets which is always a bad thing. I will buy another color as well.

9. Cycorld Mountain Cycling Lightweight Pockets

Cycorld Mountain Cycling Lightweight Pockets

Baggy Fit MTB shorts are made of cationic yarn-dyed fabric and are more reliable and durable than other shorts. Breathable and comfortable, their mens mountain bike shorts keep you comfortable and cool while cycling. The deep pockets have YKK Zippers. Their bike shorts have deep pockets that can hold small items. The zip top was used. The reflective strips on both sides help improve visibility and safety. The waist of the shorts has hook and loop straps to make sure it's the most secure. Their cycling shorts are non-restrictive, loose-fitting for all types of biking, including mountain biking, regular roads, downhill and even daily dress.

Brand: Cycorld

👤I liked the black shorts so I bought them. They're lightweight and stretchy. I like the pockets. I wish they had a back pocket. It's a positive thing that I've received a few positive comments about them. I usually wear 34" waist pants and the size L black shorts, but they run small and I need the larger size shorts.

👤They fit well and look great. The pockets are well positioned. I am not sure how they will stand up to the Florida sun or to wash, but I assume they will pass that test too. I will be happy to buy another pair in a different color.

👤I have been riding mountain biking for 8 years. The first pair of shorts I bought was for the application. The purchase was spurred by a wreck in shorts that scratched my leg. I wanted it to be a little more difficult to not hike up. There is a I was pleased with my first ride. They are comfortable and true to size. I thought they did not breathe well compared to the running shorts I use. I would like to know how the more expensive options compare, but I am happy with the ones I have.

👤Most westerners will take at least a L or XL; I wear 38's or even 36's in some jeans, which I bought on Amazon. I got the 3XL size because I wanted them not to feel binding since I was going to use them for biking and walking, and I wanted them to be too tight. I wish I had gone for the 2XL because the side self-belts with Velcro won't be enough to keep them from sliding down on me, and the heavier than I expected are 888-270-6611 I need to have a big cellphone, a wallet, and an asthma inhaler. I wanted shorts that were good for exercise, dried quickly, looked good enough for wearing around town as a tourist, and had pockets that were zippered, as I have had problems losing things out of zippered pockets. The weight of the material combined with these makes them difficult to carry around, but they have several pockets in the front that are great for biking and for other sitting situations. I would rather give up one pocket and have the long cellphone pocket start higher up. If I only biked in them, it would be less of a problem. The stitching in a lot of clothes nowadays is not good. I don't think I'll ever wear shorts over $100 or $200, but I thought it was worth it to get those pockets because they were more expensive than my usual budget, but I'm not an intensive cyclist and shorts over $100 or $200 are not on my horizon. I might be able to keep the side-cinchers up. I might need to get the 2XL if I keep losing weight.

10. Hiauspor Mens Mountain Shorts Padded

Hiauspor Mens Mountain Shorts Padded

There are two shorts in one. Their men's cycling shorts with a 3D coolmax gel padded underwear inside are soft and comfortable to ride in, which makes them the most comfortable riding you've ever had. Water-resistant, 4-ways stretch and durable are some of the qualities of quick dry and lightweight. The material of the biking shorts mens helps draw sweat away from the skin and allow you to stay cool. There are 5 multi-pockets that include 2 slant pockets, 1 thigh flap pockets, 1 thigh zip-closure rear pockets. The mountain bike shorts for men could be used to store your valuables. The waist has been adjusted. Their mtb shorts are great for hugging your body and are made with side elastic. The stretch Lycra Stitching is done. Their padded bike shorts are designed with 4-way stretch fabric and lycra spandex, which are best for outdoor recreations as mtb, cycling, motorbike, hiking, fishing, camping, climbing, etc.

Brand: Hiauspor

👤I'm digging my shorts. They fit the bill. I'm on the verge of small and medium. It's working out great, I chose medium. The shorts have a nice drape and plenty of room in the crotch. They are well thought out and have good options for keeping them secure. The shorts have a lot of useful pockets. The material is light and comfortable, like a pair of casual shorts to wear around town, and the black color gets a little hot in the sun, but the material is not heavy and they look great. I'm happy with this purchase and I'm going to use the padded under shorts on a long ride. If they hold up under pressure they will be an amazing deal.

👤These shorts are great for bike riding. Light and comfortable to ride. I use 34 in pants, I'm 5'11 and 215 lbs. I bought a large and it fit me well, not tight or baggy, just loose enough to move around. If you want baggy shorts, order the next size up. I have thick legs and not all of them are the same size.

👤These cycling shorts are what I was looking for. I wanted a biking short that looked like regular shorts but also had padding in the seat section so I wouldn't get sore from the seat and I also wanted the under garment to be padded so I wouldn't get sore from the seat. The Hiauspor shorts do that. I'm more comfortable with the look and my rides are more comfortable which allows for a more pleasant ride.

👤It was worn on 4 rides. Fit is what it was expected to be. Padding is great. Enough pockets and zippers to do the job. Would purchase again. We will see how it holds up.

👤I like that the liner is not sticking to the floor. There is a The waist size is snug, but comfortable.

👤I have many cycling shorts, but these are my favorite. If you don't want to wear the cycling shorts underneath it's a very comfortable and stylish summer short.

👤Nice pair of shorts. Light weight and comfortable. I was led to believe that the inner pad was included with the purchase. I give the short a thumbs up.

👤I had these for a few weeks and already saw the nylon material wear near the seat of the pants. I don't like the string that is used to tighten the waist of the pants It gets stuck in the waist button's connector. The liner is not a good fit. The waist seems to have a low rise.

11. Santic Loose Fit Mountain Coolmax Lightweight

Santic Loose Fit Mountain Coolmax Lightweight

Please choose according to your needs. 3D Padded Underwear is included in the mountain bike shorts. The Without Padded mountain bike shorts have a loose fit. The shorts need to be padded. The Men's Bike Shorts have two pockets that can hold your phone, keys, or other essentials that must be carried. The safety of the night riding is improved by the reflective print on the left leg and buttocks. The bicycle shorts are made of 100%nylon and are waterproof. Professional cycling underwear with 3D padded underwear. 3D padding is used to reduce the pressure on your crotch.

Brand: Santic

👤I bought my first road bike about a month ago. After riding my bike for 30 minutes or more, I find that the seat is not compatible. The seat has very little padding. When riding a long period of time, it is recommended that you wear cycling shorts to make the life of your butt not painful. I recommend these shorts for those who don't want to wear skinny fit cycling shorts and still want the comfort for their butt. The shorts are very comfortable and can be short without the cushion. I will purchase more of this in the future.

👤I liked the shorts so much that I bought another pair without the inner liner for working out at the gym. The length is touching the center of the knee. The material is similar to a ripstop type of material. If you buy them in the US they will fit. If you purchase them with Asian sizes, you will want to size up one size. I'm a 33 waist. I bought a large in Asian sizes. They fit perfectly. These shorts are worth the money.

👤The product could be sold at Walmart. The weekend bike trail fitness bike beginners are not for aggressive cyclists. There is a The fit is loose. I wear a size 35 waist jeans. The drawstring is too long. These are very baggy. Keys and phones flop all around because of the low pockets. The bike is cheap and thin, but I am not sure how they will hold up. I'm not going to pay the shipping to return, just thought the build quality would be better. There is a If you're a serious cyclist, stick to brands with R&D departments. The waste band of spandex developed a hole after less than 10 outings. Disappointed.

👤Since cycling wear tends to run small, I decided to go with the XXL for their size chart. Good: has elastic to tighten the waist. It feels too big in the waste and thigh and tight in the hip. Since these are more for loose, it's loose in the wrong places. I had to lift the shorts up multiple times when I got back on the bike. They had to be lifted a little higher so that the thigh part wouldn't get caught around my knees. The liner is not damaged. After a few 25 mile rides, I was still uncomfortable. It's doubtful that the price would be worth it again.


What is the best product for bicycle shorts for men loose fit?

Bicycle shorts for men loose fit products from Priessei. In this article about bicycle shorts for men loose fit you can see why people choose the product. Qualidyne and Baleaf are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle shorts for men loose fit.

What are the best brands for bicycle shorts for men loose fit?

Priessei, Qualidyne and Baleaf are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle shorts for men loose fit. Find the detail in this article. Tacvasen, Vayager and Nooyme are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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