Best Bicycle Shorts for Men Gel Padded

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1. BDI Panel Short Black Large

BDI Panel Short Black Large

It was made out of 6oz nylon. The waist has elastic cuffs.

Brand: Bdi Cycling Apparel

👤The price is right for these shorts. I have to say that I love these shorts, they are my first pair of cycling shorts with a gel pad. They made a huge difference in the way that riders feel. I will not ride without these shorts. I would like to see other color options for these shorts.

👤These shorts are very comfortable. The fit is right, the price is right, and they are comfortable even after a few hours on the road. The padding is great when riding, but a bit bulky when off the bike.

👤I own a few of these shorts. The padding is good. The back of the shorts don't cover your lower back very well. Some of your back may be exposed. I would order it again.

👤I bought these because I didn't want the bike crotch pad. I had to send them back. The material was thick enough for them to be constructed. I didn't want the pad.

👤These shorts work well for biking. I haven't tried them on a long ride yet.

👤The large was too large because the legs kept riding up, but the medium was too tight for my liking.

2. Mens Cycling Short Black Medium

Mens Cycling Short Black Medium

The material is 84% nylon, 16% spandex. The gel pad absorbs road shock and provides extra comfort. Flat seam construction reduces irritation. The elastic on the cuffs keeps the shorts from riding up the leg.

Brand: Bdi Cycling Apparel

👤Excellent quality for the price. I was shopping for sporting goods and bicycles. Most stores will charge the same amount. I agree with the other reviewer that the pad is a bit thick, but it doesn't affect riding. It will feel weird when you walk around.

👤Good construction. The pad is a little bit thicker than I like. It's a personal thing. Some people might like it more than I do.

3. JPOJPO Cycling Compression Tights Shorts

JPOJPO Cycling Compression Tights Shorts

The material is nylon, spandex and lycra. Reducing the sweat produced sour riding is important for your health. The Jersey shorts don't stick to your skin when riding and make you feel more comfortable. Coolmax Pad is comfortable and Breathable. Please Cool iron, do not brush or bleach, wash with room temperature water. Put in a wash pocket when washing.

Brand: Jpojpo

👤I ordered this jersey because I love the style and it's large, but I won't be ordering again because it's the 3rd time I've ordered it. That's it.

👤The front part of the shorts is too high, which makes this bib almost perfect. It is difficult to use the rest room when almost comes up to my chest. There is a lot of material there. I don't think it's necessary.

👤It gets washed about twice a week, and it hasn't fallen apart in the wash. Butt padding does the job, even though it isn't as thick as others. I should order at least one more pair of cycling shorts.

👤My husband is an avid bicyclist, these short bibs are perfect, I had to order a bigger fit.

👤I have never worn cycling shorts before. I ordered a bigger size up from what I normally wear. The colors are bright. I would recommend this and buy another one.

👤I got these as part of a Halloween costume and can't comment on the performance. It was odd that they came slightly dirty. The tag was damaged but I always wash it before I wear it.

👤The shorts were too small.

👤I love these shorts, I ordered the wrong size, but they are close enough that they work. I should have ordered a Large at the smallest waist. I love the colour and they might be a little see-through. I liked them so much that I bought the second smaller pair. It has been difficult to find something light colored that is not see-through. 5 stars

👤Rapidité de la livraison, matériel solide. Merveilleux, Merci beaucoup...

👤Buen producto, un poco bromo. So el soporte, pero in general.

4. Canari Mens Liner XX Large Black

Canari Mens Liner XX Large Black

5 inch inseam with 4 panels of comfort fit. The construction is flat seam stitch. 2 inch waist elastic. The leg gripper has a soft touch.

Brand: Canari

👤I only used these shorts twice, but I love them! It is comfortable to ride in padding that is not excessive in size or thickness. The thigh elastic is not too tight and does not pull on my hairy legs, but shorts do not ride up at all. It seems like it's fine. The Medium size fits me perfectly, I'm 31-32" waist, 6'0" and weigh 175 pounds. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a cheap pair of shorts. You will like them. Right now, I'm about to buy another pair.

👤Me is 5'9" and has a 30" waist. The proportions were ordered and the fit was perfect. There is a Here's the deal with these. You're going to have a bad time if you expect these to be "century-day" padding or "all-day epic" comfy. I don't think Canari intended that, and they won't work for that. These liners are great for anyone who wants to add padding to baggies or turn street clothes into riding clothes. Thanks to the small padding, they fit well, are comfortable, and don't make you look bad. These are my go-to's for weekly 1-2 hour night rides, and did great for a "Tour-de-Brew" thing I did with friends recently where we rode our mountain bikes from brewery to brewery using all the trails we could within Phoenix. It lasted about 6 hours, but I was comfortable both riding and chilling, and didn't have to stay in a kit all day. There is a I'd be looking to get into some quality lycra if it was more than 3 hours. I was getting saddle sore in the last 30-40 minutes after wearing these for three hours. I'll probably buy a second one because they're always in the laundry hamper and I wear them frequently.

👤It's great in the hot weather in So Cal. I ride every day and just dry them out. I don't wash them often, they go in the wash with the elastic sport stuff once a week, and air dry. There is no dryer. I have a small hole in my last pair, which lasted a year like that. The pad is just right for my sit-bones, but it's like saddles, "your individual butt may vary." An excellent product. I have a 39" waist and the XL fit me perfectly. Can you wear them all day? If you take them off immediately after rides, you run the risk of jungle. They don't "breathe" very much.

5. Sponeed Shorts Padding Bicycle X Large

Sponeed Shorts Padding Bicycle X Large

80% nylon, 20% spandex. If you have doubts about the size of your pants, please send them a message and they will give you a replacement. Don't wash them in a machine, put in a mesh laundry bag. Bicycle shorts with 4D gel padded 80% polyester and 20% spandex,UPF 50+,9-Inch inseam that elastic breathable, it's comfort cushion is at the proper location, these cycling men shorts alleviate the pressure or discomfort,rushes on buttocks when The bicycle shorts for men are worth the cost. The bike pants are soft to wear. The elastic waistband is comfortable. For Christmas,Thanksgiving, and various holidays, bicycle padded shorts are a good gift. Bicycle shorts uniform are popular for spo cycling team because they are dry and comfortable. Even for long rides, shorts for bike are safe and can provide maximized comfort. Don't wash them with bleach or brush them. Put them in a mesh laundry bag. They will reply within 24 hours. Quality is what they believe in and their padded bike shorts are definitely worth the cost. They can provide top quality product and first rate service.

Brand: Sponeed

👤Excellent shorts. I bought these because of curiosity. I own an expensive pearl izumi and these are very similar to the ones I have, with features that are not found in the more expensive shorts. I wore these on a 25 mile ride through hot and cool coastal conditions. There is a The fabric of Pro is soft and smooth. Excellent padding for the money, just the right amount. It's better than selecting by pearl. I own and wear frequently for shorter rides. There is a The padding is at the right places. There is a The dots are larger than the picture but they still look very good. There are many nice things to say. Enough space for the delicate body parts to settle will not cause pain. It's easy to go to the pit stops. They did not ride up for me. There is a I don't have a lot of negatives. I think they ride a bit high for shorts. I got used to it quickly and now don't do it at all. They breath well. I will buy again. I'm an athletic leaner and these didn't come apart or become a problem.

👤These shorts are good. I bought these with a matching jersey. These shorts are under the belly button. If you have a belly, these shorts will roll down to your pant line. The nature of the cycling shorts makes that happen. The leg opening has rubber around it that prevents the short from riding up your legs. The opening of the legs is correct. I have larger thighs and they don't bother me when I ride. The shorts are prevented from riding up the leg by the rubbers. The padding is also right. It allows you to perform while providing enough cushion for comfort.

👤I buy these because I want to wear a sauna shirt when I ride my bike to make me sweat more. I wear a large size. I ordered the XXXL pair and it worked out great. The elastic in the waist and lower thighs keep them from riding up. The padding made my ride good. I was very pleased with my purchase.

👤I wore them for 7 hours after 3 rides. The elastic around the legs works. The "Asia" is a nickname for Asia. The US X- Large size is good for my waist. They were quite comfortable in the temperature and humidity. I think that the smaller sections of the gel are a bit better than the big sections that I'm used to. They feel solid, not flimsy, despite not knowing how durable they will be. I use suspenders, so I can't say if the elastic would be enough on its own, but there is not a drawstring at the waist.

6. Canari Cyclewear Exert Short Black

Canari Cyclewear Exert Short Black

The fabric is made of nylon and 18%. The Spandex is MT. Pro. The nylon-spandex blend is durable and absorbent. The design has a flatseam construction for a sleek fit. There is a tall comfort waistband for added support in the ride position. The XRT band has a stay-put option. The G2 Pad has strategically placed gel inserts that diminish road shock and abrasion.

Brand: Canari

7. Ally Mountain Bicycle Loose Fit Black Pad

Ally Mountain Bicycle Loose Fit Black Pad

Improved bike shorts offer a more comfortable ride. Water Repellent: Mountain bike shorts for men are made from highly durable material which offers vital protection when muddy water splashes to you. The mtb shorts have a lightweight material that helps draw sweat away from skin and allow you to stay cool. There are pockets: Their mountain biking shorts are strong enough to hold your items securely. The bicycle shorts for men have two adjustment hooks and loops on the sides that are great for hugging your waist.

Brand: Ally

👤I returned them because the liner that came with the 2xl was too large compared to the shorts that were on the small side. I left a three star review after I returned them. I received a message from the seller about a month later stating that they wanted everyone to be happy with their product and offered to send a replacement free of charge if I wanted to try it again. I took them up on their offer, but with one simple condition... please send an xl liner with a 2x outer short to which they happily agreed. I received them a week later and they fit perfectly. I will buy more from this company because of their great customer service and commitment to quality. It is even more appreciated now that this gesture is not so common.

👤I'm a dude, 5'9'', 190 pounds. I normally wear a 33'' waist in jeans, so I bought the Large size and it fits perfectly. Leg length is to the mid knee, inseam is not so low that it can get caught on a bike saddle. The fabric feels high quality and is used in expensive shorts from big brands. I only have about 80 miles on them, but so far they look brand new. They're cut to fit tighter than other shorts I've had, but they're not uncomfortable or showing my junk around like spandex road bike shorts. I'm happy. I love them. I'll get another pair soon. There is a The gel pad in the spandex is a little too wide for my liking. It does show a little through the shorts and makes walking or running less than ideal, so I'm not knocking any stars off, but it does make walking or running less than ideal. I'm happy that I didn't buy these to run in. They are comfortable and durable for riding.

👤The price was great, because it's expensive in local bike shops. The outer shorts have held up well through several washes, but the padded liner shorts are losing their stitching around the leg hem. The lack of a five star rating was disappointing. The outer shorts have pockets for things like keys and cell phones.

👤I bought these for my husband because he loves them because the underwear is separate from the shorts. He wears them together to bike, but the shorts alone when kayaking because of their water resistant/fast drying ability. Highly recommended.

8. BDI Mountain Short Black X Large

BDI Mountain Short Black X Large

The inner short has a multi level pad. There are side slit mesh pockets.

Brand: Bdi Cycling Apparel

👤I agree with the reviewers that the shorts help the bike. My butt is on fire, these shorts are about a 4 on a scale of 1-10. I need to stop riding for a while. "OK, but still sore after a 20 mile ride, but that's better!" I sit in my comfy office desk chair all day. Key things to look out for are the manufacturer's size and length. 1. You will need to buy a longer drawstring if you buy the larger size. The waist is about 44 inches and the neck is 48 inches. I couldn't tie it. The waist band is so short that I had to remove the drawstring from it. This needs to be fixed by the company. I would have given them 5 stars if they had the correct size. 2. You can watch the price on these. The price of the first XXL size went from $34 to $42 and the price of the second size went from $32 to $22. They are $24 when I write this review. It's really strange. It was not a bad experience, but who needs to go through that again? 3. You should buy a bigger size than you think you need. It became apparent that not all manufacturers are the same when looking for a standard waist size chart on the web. The manufacturer is on the small end of the range, so if you normally use the XXL, you will need it. I would assume the same for the other sizes.

👤I work 20 miles a day on my bike. I wanted some cycling shorts that were cost effective, fit well, had a decent quality chamois and were styled as street clothes appropriate for an office environment. I stumbled upon these at a discount price and really like them. I bought two more. After six months, I don't notice any wear on the three pairs that I wear every week. I highly recommend these because they have been perfect for my application.

👤I enjoy cycling and ride 30 miles a week, but I am not a hard core enthusiast. I was looking for a pair of shorts to make the ride more comfortable without making me look like a freshly shaved goober. There is a These are comfortable, don't ride up, and don't make me self-conscious when walking around afterwards. I've been washing them on a gentle cycle and drying them off to be safe. I took the advice of other reviewers and ordered a larger size than I normally wear, and am happy I did.

9. Comfortable Bicycle Cycling Padded Shorts

Comfortable Bicycle Cycling Padded Shorts

80% nylon, 20% spandex. It is convenient to have a pocket on the back of your bike shorts. Extra padding in the seat area will help to reduce the amount of pain during long rides. Breathable mucus is good for cooling and drying in the hot day, draw sweat away from the skin to keep it dry. When riding at night, the reflective striping on both sides adds visibility and safety. SILICONE LEG GRIPPER is on hems to prevent garment from riding up.

Brand: Beroy

👤The shorts fit in the same way as they would in a regular size. I'm 6'2” 190 lbs 31” waist and size Large felt just a touch roomy while I was going. This wasn't a problem for me and I preferred it. Their comfort was a problem. I don't know if it has to do with the diaper-sized padding, but I feel like it did some damage on me during yesterday's 80 mile ride. It is much wider than the saddle, and feels more like a diaper than a chamois. I ride a Selle SMP TRK ($80 on Amazon) saddle, which has held its comfort well into the 50 mile ranges, to make sure I don't feel uncomfortable on a long ride. I decided to try out these shorts because of the thought of doing a century. Everything was fine until around 40 miles / 3 hours. What cyclist nightmares are made of after that. I felt a burning sensation from the corners, possibly because the padding was too large. It felt like the corners of the padding were cutting into my thighs, unlike saddle soreness that we've all experienced. I needed to get home to finish the ride. I just powered through to the finish line after 70 or so miles in these shorts. I have to return them since they have debilitated me for a few days. I think there's a reason some chamois cost over $100. These might work for you if you ride 15-20 miles a week. If the road is your second home and you want to spend a day in paradise, invest in yourself.

👤You have to wonder what value there is to a review of biking shorts. It's a personal thing and how well they work may not be good for another. Many people won't buy these online because they can't try them on. I don't think trying them on in the store helps. I need to be with them. I took a chance on these because of the reviews and good price. I have worn them on my last two rides. I own several other "name brand" shorts and they are just as comfortable as the ones I own. The gel pad seems to be the right amount for me. There is a I have now worn the shorts for 20 and 25 times. mile rides. Again, no pain and a great performance. It is difficult to beat these for the price. There is a They seem well constructed, have good stitching on the gel, and are a nice, lightweight fabric. They are a good buy for $21.

10. BDI 6 Panel Flatseam Cycling X Large

BDI 6 Panel Flatseam Cycling X Large

The gel pad absorbs road shock and provides extra comfort. Flat Seam construction reduces irritation. The elastic on the cuffs keeps the shorts from riding up the leg.

Brand: Bdi Cycling Apparel

👤My husband likes them and they fit as expected.

👤I've never owned bike shorts. There were no complaints.

11. Canari Cycling Shorts Killer Yellow

Canari Cycling Shorts Killer Yellow

The fabric is made of nylon and spandex. Pro. nylon-spandex blend is made of nylon and spandex. The Blade Gel is a basic short that has a touch of color but doesn't skimp on features. The GEL pad and double banded gripper are very soft. Flatseam construction for a sleek fit is what the design has. There is a tall comfort waistband for added support in the ride position. GEL pads with a gel-fill system spread shock throughout the saddle region. This creates comfort for weekend warriors.

Brand: Canari

👤Nice shorts. The shorts are shorter in the leg than the shorts I have been wearing, so I have a funny looking strip on my legs where the sun is hitting skin that hasn't seen it for a while. These seem smaller than the ones I have been wearing for a couple of years, even though they are sold as having a tall waistband. The gel padding is better than the foam padding. I bought 2 pairs and plan to buy more. I bought more of these shorts from Canari and they were really disappointed. Canari has so far refused to do anything to make it right, despite the fact that I bought the same size. Since I washed them, Canari won't accept them for return or exchange even though they are mis-made. I won't buy from a manufacturer if they don't stand behind their product.

👤I commute daily for 30 miles. Over the last year, I have accumulated 5 pairs of these shorts. I can order the larger size that I would normally wear, and I can just throw them into the wash a few times a week, and then into the dryer, without any special care. They shrink over time. They are perfectly comfortable due to buying oversize. Even though they are oversizing when new, there is still enough give in the spandex that they fit comfortably. The gel pad is well-proportioned so it doesn't bunch up in bad places or be thin in others. The only thing that shows wear is the logo, which is a kind of appliqué that eventually has torn off on my oldest pairs of these shorts. The shorts are not a factor for their ease of use.

👤The "gel" padding has completely moved to one side after about 30 rides. There is no padding on one side and no padding on the other side. You can feel the padding is made of felt or foam that is not in place. These are a complete failure. The leg and waist grippers and material are perfect, but the pad was never put in place. I will have to throw them out. There is no way to fix them. It's better to buy a more expensive pair. I ride a road bike for 10 to 20 miles.

👤This is my first pair of shorts that are not just a liner. I have never done the tight cycling shorts before, but I usually wear compression pants when running. I wore these on a 25 mile bike ride and found them to be very comfortable on a hot day. I would expect a compression short to fit like that. There is a I would buy them again if I started riding more often because they are a good buy. I would wear them with shorts.


What is the best product for bicycle shorts for men gel padded?

Bicycle shorts for men gel padded products from Bdi Cycling Apparel. In this article about bicycle shorts for men gel padded you can see why people choose the product. Bdi Cycling Apparel and Jpojpo are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle shorts for men gel padded.

What are the best brands for bicycle shorts for men gel padded?

Bdi Cycling Apparel, Bdi Cycling Apparel and Jpojpo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle shorts for men gel padded. Find the detail in this article. Canari, Sponeed and Canari are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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