Best Bicycle Shorts for Men 4xl

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1. Neleus Athletic Compression Short Black

Neleus Athletic Compression Short Black

Please ignore the size chart provided by Amazon, check the size chart of the third picture to find the right size. Quick Dry fabric helps keep you dry and comfortable. Smooth HeatGear fabric, good elasticity, compression design, wide stretch waist with print detail. Natural feel is provided by the stretch fabric. Excellent support shorts for sports, work or everyday wear.

Brand: Neleus

👤I'm very impressed with these. I have been buying stricly Champion brand compression shorts for a long time. I've decided to shop elsewhere. I picked up a pack of these to try out. Initially, I thought they were tagless, but I don't notice a tag on them when I wear them, so it's not an issue for me. These are more comfortable than the ones I wore before. They fit better and stay where they're supposed to. I liked them so much that I ordered a second shipment. This is the best bang for your buck.

👤I got these to replace my old pro that was ripped. These are a great deal. I play a lot of sports and do a lot of hiking. These are great to keep the grocery sack in place, instead of hitting it upside down or side to side. If you want to keep your sack in shape while you do active sports, these shorts are a good choice. Well made, but not too thin. They remove sweat. They don't slide down so air drying and washing with other clothes is the best way to go very cheap. I recommend these to anyone doing active sports who wants to keep the grocery sack together.

👤These form around my shape and fit perfectly as a dancer. Since I have them, they are very durable. It is a steal having three for the price of one and I have washed them over 10 times.

👤I wanted to get back into running and regular exercise, but after one mile on a treadmill in my old boxer briefs, my legs were so bad they were almost bleeding. They solved the problem after I picked them up. I bought a couple pairs of compression shorts from my local store, but then found out I could get three similar shorts on Amazon for less than I paid for one. This set hugs to my body but isn't as strong as others. If you want a pair that will really squeeze you, try something else. They are great so far.

👤I think these shorts are worth the money. They are light, cool and comfortable to wear, so they are worth the 23 bucks I paid. They are thin, so most people wear undergarments that show their lines. I don't agree with the idea of compression shorts being marketed as compression shorts since I think they should be tight fitting and offer support for circulation needs. These shorts are very thin and offer very little support. I didn't see any reason to deduct from the rating the fact that they are more like yoga pants. The price of these shorts would have been more expensive if they were true compression shorts. The shorts were packed well enough and arrived when promised, I had no issues with workmanship or packing. I've done business with them before, and I'm sure I'll do business with them again in the future, I like their products!

2. Wrangler Authentics Premium Twill Anthracite

Wrangler Authentics Premium Twill Anthracite

Relax fit. The cargo shorts sit at the natural waist with a relaxed seat and thigh. The short is made with an 11 inch inseam and will keep you comfortable all day. There is a quick-access vault. There are cargo flap pockets, back flap pockets, and slash pockets for easy-access storage. It's a great way to safely store your cell-phone, tools, wallet, and other items. The materials aredurable. These shorts are made from long- lasting cotton and are comfortable. The style of cargo is classic. The classic cargo short is comfortable and functional for everyday wear. This short is built for comfort and convenience, with a timeless silhouette and extra storage, from the outdoors or work. Heavy-duty hardware. A heavy-duty button and fly closure was finished.

Brand: Wrangler Authentics

👤I wanted cargo shorts. You know, the military look without all that drilling, marching, and shooting. A fashion victory! Is that a fruit in my pocket? Yes! An orange. There is a pocket comb. There is an extra set of keys. My sunglasses! Totally prepared now! How many times have you been in a restaurant? I wish I had my own jar of mayonnaise. That's what I wanted. I own the jar of mayonnaise. There is a That's not what I got. None of the pockets I have will hold a jar of mayo. I don't put my phone in sideways unless it wants to jump out because the pocket is barely deep enough for a sideways phone. There is a The person who came up with this idea should be assigned to the company cafeteria, where people can get extra mayo in the paper cups. The pockets are not big enough for everyone. There is a The form and fit are good. I would love to wear these shorts. They get an F for function. Look elsewhere for your mayo needs.

👤I purchased these for a week long trip to the theme parks and couldn't have been happier. I didn't have to put my items in a locker because I kept my wallet in my pocket and put my sunglasses in them. There is a I was worried that the material would be heavy and make me sweat more in the heat, but it was just right.

👤I wear these shorts all the time. I have for a long time. I usually buy them at Walmart. My size 42 is not available there. Has not been since last summer. There is a Do I want to shop at Amazon? Prices can vary. I think it's acceptable to have around $20 plus a little. Finally, I find my size 42. It is in stock. Awesome. It takes 2 weeks for me to place my order. They forgot to send it. Someone gets a spanking in the back office and someone else gets to send it out. It arrived like 10 days late. I open the package to check the size because I expect evil mechanisms to play. It's over. It's a 42. Thank you. There is a I try them on a week later. Let's rephrase that. I try to put them on. I am too big to wear a size 40, but my old 42 is loose. Is this a new pair of shorts? I am close to closing the button. No way can I wear them. There is a If a real 42 is loose for me and a real 40 is a bit tight, what size is this? A 38 or 36? Do you mean with a 42 label on it? There is a Relax fit, comfort fit, plaid or straight are some of the different models that come to mind. They should all be 42, not the smaller sizes. I don't like ordering online. There is a I am torn if I should send it back. The next guy is going to get a spanking if I do. There is a I think I will give them away. There are a lot of people in need. If you see a homeless man in NYC with cargo shorts hanging under his butt because they are too small, you know where he got them. There is a I don't have a new pair of shorts.

3. CYCWEAR Cycling Bicycle Breathable Quick Dry

CYCWEAR Cycling Bicycle Breathable Quick Dry

80% nylon, 20% spandex. Excellent material is used to improve the resistance of shorts. The shorts can be tightly attached to the legs with the help of two fabrics that are soft and full of elasticity. The shorts will not bring the weight of riding. Belgian 5D foam padded with a thickness of only 0.39in has a great degree of abrasion resistance and comfort. Multi-layer sponges are made of butterfly-shaped cushions. The ground is used to reduce the impact on riders. Premium and multi function. The elastic and flexible waistband brings great comfort. Silicone particles inside the trouser leg prevent it from slipping off during riding. The visibility of riding at night is enhanced by the large logo and fin reflectors. There are multiple cycling sports. Cyclists can wear cycling shorts. You can do a lot of cycling in these shorts. REMINDER Refer to the size chart data before purchasing to facilitate your purchase of suitable size pants. If you have a question, please contact their customer service.

Brand: Cycwear

👤I bought this for my husband. Here is his review of the bike shorts. It is very comfortable for long rides. The chamy butter will give you a nice ride. I am slim and L size fits perfectly. They are wellventilated and have some mesh areas. I would recommend this for anyone who wants a good pair of shorts that doesn't break the bank.

👤Great purchase. The padded underwear style bike shorts are great. The right amount of padding makes riding fun and pain free again. After using them for a few rides, I washed them on a gentle cycle with air drying. It's still nice and tight. There were no loose threads or seams. Good to go again! Excellent construction and sewing! These are designed to be worn underneath your shorts. I will wear them every time I ride. It's better to have these under whatever you wear, than it is to have a pair of dedicated padded bike shorts. Much more versatile padding works as well. I'm very happy with the price and purchase. I will be buying more sets. I ride about 15 miles per ride. It was very comfortable.

👤The shorts are high-quality. The pad is superior to every other one in my shorts. I have many shorts with Coolmax pads, but this one is of a higher density foam, and it doesn't feel like gel, unless the gel is sandwiched between outer foam layers. The quality of the pad is important after 20 miles. I would like to know about a better pad, but I can't imagine it would get better than this. If I can get even a season's riding from them, they will have been worth the reasonable price. A breathable fabric is used in some places for improved cooling. The anti-slip material used to prevent riding up of the shorts on the thigh is different from the silicone bands that are used on other shorts. The 2XL are a little tight but still comfortable for a long ride and I will try the 3XL next time. Highly recommended.

👤I just bought a second-hand road bike off a social media platform, but I had no idea what a pain in the butt it would be, so I started looking for cycling wear that would help diminish the discomfort. The shorts did the trick for me. They're a great value for their comfort.

👤These shorts are great for cycling at home. There is a I got back into fitness recently at 40 years old. I needed some inexpensive shorts to get started because I laid out a lot of money for a new exercise bike. I was not expecting much from these shorts, but they are more comfortable on long rides than other brands I've tried at the same price point. The CYCWEAR 4D padding seems to be better designed than the 4D Souke Sports cycling shorts. I don't know how to describe the spongey nature of this padding, but after a few rides it is obvisoly superior. I compared them to the BALEAF Men's Bike Cycling Shorts 3D and the SYKROO Cycling Shorts triathlon 3D shots with both feature gel. I thought it was going to be better when I tested it with my fingers. It feels like I have a rock in my shorts and regret everything after being on the bike for a while. I know I can ride longer in the CYCWARE shorts because I don't have that thought in my head. CYCWEAR takes care of my backside, so I am not thinking about it. I like to ride longer than two hours. Being 205 lbs. is a fit. I hope to fix my shapely bottom soon. I like the design of the pad from CYCWEAR, it really fits me. The holes they have help keep the sweaty areas dry and prevent badness from happening. I ordered 3X which fit well. I will probably order a 2X next time, so I can get more compression. The anti-slip elastic is something I like. It is not going to stop your circulation, but keep it in place. I was skeptical about the elastic at first. I liked the non-slip silicone tape used by other brands. There is a The craziest part is that they are as comfortable as my shorts and cost 1/3 of the cost. A great purchase. There is a I will definitely be picking up more pairs in the future. I hope they work out well for you. The shorts are designed with comfort in mind. When I lose more weight, the style is cool and I can imagine myself in a real world without baggy shorts.

4. Souke Sports Cycling Bicycle Quick Dry

Souke Sports Cycling Bicycle Quick Dry

The padded bike shorts for men are made of a fabric that keeps you cool and dry and has a way to move sweat away from your skin. These bike shorts for men are made of soft materials and are suitable for long periods of riding. The protection PAD is 4D. The men's bike shorts have 4D protection padded. When riding in a fierce position, the pair of cycling shorts men padded put the sit bone in the right spot. The cycling shorts for men have multiple layers of padding that are compressed for comfort and have a surface design that keeps you cool. The grip is anti-sLIP. The biking shorts for men use wide Silicone Grippers to help keep everything in place and stop them from riding up. These men's bike shorts are made of stretch and seamless siliconeth, which makes it so you don't get rubbed and allergy issues. The elastic waistband gives a snug fit to prevent digging into your skin. There are details about the rate. The multiple panels with flat seams are designed to make bicycle shorts for men to move with their body on the bike to reduce rub for a better fit, and these bike shorts for men with pockets which are convenient for holding snacks, tissues, and essential personal items. No risk purchase and 100% satisfaction. These bike shorts for men with padding are ideal for a wide range of activities. They will give you a free replacement or full refund if you don't like the quality or size of their men's cycling shorts. Take it and ride!

Brand: Souke Sports

👤I bought these from my husband. He uses a gel seat cushion on his spin bike. He doesn't get sore after an hour or so of riding if there is plenty of cushion. The shorts are holding up great after 3 months, and he rides about 10 miles a day. I wash them frequently on the gentle cycle and air dry so that they last longer. I bought him a large size. He is tall and weighs 190 pounds and he says they fit. He says the cycling shorts are very cheap and comfortable. I will probably buy another pair for him.

👤I wanted to get some liners like this, but there's always a problem with the padding. These mens cycling shorts were not found until I found them. The padding is light and doesn't feel like you are wearing a diaper. I didn't pay much attention to it because it didn't make me feel uncomfortable. I will buy these again.

👤The elastic band around the bottom of my legs makes the shorts ride up on my legs. They seem too short after a half hour of cycling.

👤These are new shorts. The shorts fit perfectly and the elastic around the legs works well. The bicycle shorts are not able to ride up while you are riding. I have ridden 30 miles and the padding is great. I am very pleased with the purchase and will continue to support it.

👤My dad is a biker. He loves these shorts. The price is more competitive than what you'd find in store for the same product, and the padding is excellent. I ordered 2 in different colors. The Medium fit him perfectly.

👤I liked the way they fit. I got a large one for myself, but that is what I wanted and it is easier to pull on. Padding is very good. Product worked well for me.

👤I was looking for a pair of expensive biking shorts. These were good.

👤The waist doest roll, legs are a little tight but still a good fit.

👤The price was so low that I was a little worried. I am happy with the purchase. I have been wearing them for 10 hours and they seem to be well padded. I will see how they do in the summer on some longer rides but so far, for rides of about an hour at a time, they are great. The XXL was a good fit, I have a 35” waist. I think an XL would be okay.

5. Eco Daily Cycling Bicycle (Reflective Print Black

Eco Daily Cycling Bicycle %EF%BC%88Reflective Print Black

It is possible to make compost and compostable. The bike shorts men with padding are made of nylon and spandex that have good air permeability and sweat releasing properties. It can prevent you from feeling uncomfortable during workouts. Flatlock seams reduce chaffing. The bicycle shorts for men are very stretchy and give you freedom of movement with your body like a second skin. 14-Panel anatomic design helps to reduce fatigue by supporting the movement of the flesh and increasing blood flow to the muscles during workouts. Flatlock seams reduce irritation. 6 layers of high impact foam offer comfort and high protection from injuries during long-distance cycling. A four-way stretch and laser-cut rounded edges make the design very smooth and comfortable. The surface of the pad is ultra-perforated, which makes it lightweight and helps to prevent saddle sores. Great feature. The mens cycling shorts are very durable. The mesh panels on both sides of the thighs and on the waist provide excellent cooling. The 4.5 - 8.5 cm width anti-slip silicone fabric leg bands won't leave marks on your legs. Night riding and low- sight can be dangerous. No risk purchase. They are a manufacturer of cycling supplies and have a professional design team and independent design of product appearance. If you have any questions about their biking shorts or service, please do not hesitate to contact them.

Brand: Eco-daily

👤I will give you a direct comparison to my Zoics. There is a You should order a size up from your normal underwear size. I wear a medium boxer brief. The large in these is the same size. I think they were a tad bigger than the zoics through the hips and waist. It's still a good fit. Initial quality was great. The material was a bit thin but did not show any signs of tearing. Seams were solid and there were no big issues with loose threads. The edge of the legs were a nice feature. The flatter area is what I appreciate. The 'encased' one here functions just fine, even though I would have preferred a proper elastic waistband. The overall pad is the same size and thickness as the zoics and others I have, only the butt section was twice as thick as the zoics. I would not call it super excessive if it were turned off by the thickness, but only in the 2 sections. The main part of the pad between the legs is the same thickness and width as the diaper part. There is a I'm very happy with my purchase and feel good about the money I spent. I don't see that as a negative as I cycle through the underliners every time, and I think they will wear out a tad faster based on their material choice. The fit is described as a loose jammer with a diaper complex.

👤They're inexpensive even if you grab them on an Amazon lightning deal. These shorts are some of my most comfortable cycling shorts to wear because of the soft, thin, stretchy material. After a long ride, large, wide leg grippers don't leave marks in my skin. The lack of a waist drawstring is not a problem. It makes them more comfortable. I think I'm done wearing bib- shorts. I'm 5'8", 136 lbs, with a 30" waist, and the size small fits well. If I were a little bigger, it would fit. There is a The interior pad material is very comfortable. I dinged them 1 star down because the pad is small on the sit-bone and has minimal density. It was reduced to very little. If you're a regular cyclist, you probably don't need a lot of thick padding. If you ride a lot and get hurt after, you might want to look for a gel pad. This one is not. I only have a few rides on them so far, but so far they have been good.

6. Athletic Performance Basketball Essentials Shorts Set

Athletic Performance Basketball Essentials Shorts Set

Dry-fit technology keeps you cool and dry, while Breathable construction offers great ventilation that helps release the water from the body. These shorts are great for a variety of activities, from running to tennis to volleyball. A full range of motion is provided by the 9-inch inseam. Storage for all your small essentials is provided by the pockets on the side seam. A custom fit and feel is delivered by the elastic waistband.

Brand: Real Essentials

👤A few friends stopped by when I was wearing these shorts. We were all sitting around and I reached for the remote. My scrotum came out in front of my friends as the crotch seam pulled apart. It was pretty embarrassing. The picture is not attached.

👤I bought them for use on the track. They are very thin and you can see through the entire pair at the same time. Two layers of fabric are shown in the first picture. The second pick is a single layer of fabric. I washed them first and the seams are coming out. There is nothing that will cause this in the washer that I used. It is simply shoddy tailoring. You get what you pay for. I will return them immediately. We would be better off paying for a single pair, rather than five ratty pairs. Think twice before buying these. I have bought cheap shorts before where the quality is better. I was expecting them to be cheap but not this bad. Sorry. I am not walking around with shorts on that show my underwear.

👤I'd have to disagree with another reviewer who wrote that you get what you pay for. When buying in a pack of 5, you are not getting your money's worth, as it is $6 a short when buying in bulk. There is a The pros The material is light and airy and it does not burn calories. The material was not excessively transparent as reported in other reviews. Four of the five shorts fit well and one is more like a large. The shorts are great for lounging around the house and some light work outs, but not much else. There is a The positives: I can tell you that what was used to put these garments together is probably too old to work with the material that these shorts are made out of. Poor quality control measures and a poorly trained workforce are indicators of lack of quality and attention to detail. These shorts are the bottom of the barrel garments that are trying to be a mid-level garment. The shorts I bought at Walmart were made better. The seams are hastily put together with material bunching that indicated more need for speed in construction. The threads on all the garments are loose and will probably need restitching after the first wash. The stripes don't align correctly and cause the garment to look sloppy and poorly made even from afar. You might want to be at home when these fall apart after you get up from a chair or do any heavy stretching.

7. Under Armour HeatGear Shorts Graphite

Under Armour HeatGear Shorts Graphite

The fabric is lightweight and has all the performance benefits. The inseam panels deliver strategic ventilation. The new design keeps seams off high areas. The construction moves better in every direction. The material dries fast.

Brand: Under Armour

👤I'm not sure if this is a legit Under Armour product. The bottom of the shirt has a logo on it, but the top says "Armour" over and over. These are cheap and thin. The pairs I've gotten in the past are much thicker, softer, stretchy and have 2 layers of material in the crotch. My junk gets chafed by my shorts when I go for long runs because this has one layer in the crotch. I will not buy them again, and I considered returning them because they were so stinkin' wet from 2 weeks of running in them.

👤Agree with other reviews. I've purchased at least 5 or 6 of these compression shorts in different colors and the navy blue ones I just purchased are at least an inch or 2 shorter. I can now enjoy going to the post office to return false advertised underwear.

👤Agree with the previous reviewer. These are at least a couple inches shorter than other Under compression shorts. These are not for you if you are looking for Longs. The photo is longer than this one.

👤I have bought compression shorts before. All were great. I go to the gym 4-5 times a week and wear them. I received a pair of black ones. The waist was gray and not black. I thought it was fine until I looked over the compressions. The groin area had been rubbed together and made them look like someone wearing them. The compressions looked like they used to have washing instructions screen printed in the area where a normal tag was. The print faded away as if the compressions had been washed multiple times. The tag was stapled on instead of through the waist. Really? You stapled the tag on? I paid $29.99 for new shorts, so sending them to me was disrespectful. When they partner with Kohls, they have better exchange options. I have to wait for my new compressions and have to drive to a store to get my used compressions back. I hope they don't try to sell these as new again. Don't try and trick people with inferior clothing, I will continue buying clothes. The replacement compressions I was sent were also used. I returned them for a full refund and won't be buying more of them from Amazon.

👤I don't know what's going on with UA but these and two other pairs I ordered have come undone along the seams before I washed them, and now there are holes that cannot be sewn up because of the fabric. I have been wearing these for years and I am so disappointed that there is nothing like them for women in larger sizes. I have never had a problem with these shorts or any of the other compression shorts I have ordered. Very sad.

8. Neleus Mens Compression Short Black

Neleus Mens Compression Short Black

The third picture has a size chart. The 4-way stretch and streamlined design fits perfectly into your thighs, it supports athletic activity, work or everyday wear. The compression design decreases recovery time. TheMoisture Transport System dries fast and is based on size medium. When you are in the gym or running, tight fitting prevents skin irritation and reduces the risk of chafing.

Brand: Neleus

👤My urologist recommended compression undies after my vasectomy. They keep twig and berry in stasis and ready for peas. There is a When the small talk between your doctor and nurse stops and you hear him say "lower the table so I can get some leverage", things go awry. The bad boys were involved in the recovery process. They have been great for more cardiovascular workouts. Who would have guessed? There is a They form a compressed target for my son's foot. There is a The price of entry for the green pair is worth it. I often tell my wife to make way for the sexy lime when I'm around the house. She rolls her eyes when she says something like that. Stand by for pictures.

👤My life is a lie. I have been wearing boxer briefs since I graduated from diapers. The difference was night and day after I slipped these on. I wear them all the time. The elastic hem doesn't need to dig into parts that don't need digging. These things are for meatballs and cannoli.

👤I run a lot. I burn through compression shorts quickly because I'm a big guy. I've always bought Nike. It was always sad when I had to buy another pair after I had gotten a hole through one. I decided to try this brand because it was cheap. Even if they sucked, it wouldn't be that big of a loss. There is a They don't stink. Not at all. They are amazing. I have been running in them for a month now and they are holding up. My wife says they fit, feel great, and look great. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is tired of paying an outrageous amount for brand names.

👤The compression shorts are great. I am 40 years old. I wear 34" pants with a 34" inseam, which is easier to get with a 33" waist. I read a few reviews and decided on the big one. I went larger. They are not tight. They do their job and hold the stuff they are supposed to. Under my mesh shorts, they do not ride up. Follow the merchant's size, not the Amazon's. These are compression shorts, not underwear. People complain about not having a front access. No raping people! These are jock straps, not underwear. There is a If you want a pee hole, buy tight underwear. If you want compression shorts that do their job, don't ride up, and are affordable... I suggest these. I plan to buy more so I can do laundry less often.

9. Mountain Bicycle Loose Fit Lightweight Cycling

Mountain Bicycle Loose Fit Lightweight Cycling

The mtb shorts have a lightweight material that helps draw sweat away from the skin and allow you to stay cool. The shock absorbent sponge padded liner in the ideal place is adequately sized and thick enough to effectively reduce the amount of vibration on long rides. Baggy exteriors are very useful for mountain bike rides. The legs are very soft to wear. You are protected from UV rays. The cycling shorts have a reflective design with 6 pockets and 4 big and deep side pockets. The reflective strips help keep you safe when hiking in the early morning or late evening. The bicycle shorts are made for most outdoor activities and sports. You can make them your daily attire.

Brand: Vayager

👤The outer shell has six pockets, two of which are zip up. The inner liner is too loose of a fit so it doesn't ensure that the padded area stays where it belongs. Isn't the whole point of buying padded bike shorts? The string is not very strong and it is inside the waistband. I don't think it will last very long. I wouldn't recommend this brand. Another review recommended a brand with a tighter inner liner. I also bought those and they were better than this product. It is much more comfortable. Draw string is on the outside. Padding stays where it is supposed to be.

👤These shorts are great. The shorts are soft, but have good padding. There are pockets that are thought out. I'm a bigger person. I wanted them to be too big, but would rather they be too small. I have a large waist. I would get a medium if I were to get another pair, but it would be a close call. Overall, very happy. The inconsistency of size was awful when I tried the EZRun shorts. The first pair was great. I couldn't get them high enough to be decent in public.

👤I've been on rides for a long time and have been in pain. I was told to check out these shorts and I am very happy that I did. Double pockets on both sides, good quality, and not cheap. The waste band is made of good quality material and can stay put even when sweeting. The padding is very comfortable for long rides. I am very happy with this purchase and will be buying more of it.

👤The review is on black shorts. They were very uncomfortable. They are too big for the size. Second. The elastic around the leg of the shorts doesn't stop them from riding up. They ride up while you are riding and make for a very uncomfortable ride. The padding is very thin and not comfortable. I was feeling sore with only 10 miles in and it didn't protect me. The grey ones are amazing. And on point! They should make another color besides grey. I bought these black ones because of that. Don't waste your money. I will file for a refund.

👤I wore these on a 21 mile ride yesterday and they were great comfort, good fit, and didn't have the drawstring waist. The legs are loose and need some positioning. If you put your wallet or something heavy in the cargo pockets, they will weight them down and the object will droop down along the back of your thigh. The smaller slash pockets are better for keeping items on your leg. Good zippers so far.

10. SANTIC Cycling Shorts Bicycle COOLMAX

SANTIC Cycling Shorts Bicycle COOLMAX

Silicone leg grippers keep shorts in place with a 12-panel anatomic design. There is a reflective logo on both sides. The mesh design on the sides of the waistband is breathable. The 4D Coolmax Pad is comfortable. The size for this short is Asian and you should wear one size up.

Brand: Santic

👤Some people need 2 sizes up, while others need 1 size up. Why? The leg band is not as stretchy as the waist. It's important to measure the thigh size too, because most people know their waist size. Take out your tape and measure the leg band above the knee cap. My experience with the 2 sizes I bought is what inspired my modified chart. The lower limit is what will fit snug without flapping, and the higher limit is not tight.

👤I added a picture of the bike shorts inside out to show the seat pad. I think I would get a bigger size, but they still work well. There is a I got these when my padded bike shorts gave out. I'm 5'9", 160 lbs, 32" waist, and got the Large in these. I am glad I upsized. The shorts have a lot of spandex in them, so they work well when you are riding. The seat pad is thick and prominent when you are walking around, but once you get on a bike, it feels comfortable and provides good padding. When pedaling, the legs are tight and don't ride up at all. It was a good purchase. White panels on the sides of the flat seams are nice. I wish the pad was a little less bulky.

👤I have found that they are really comfortable even on rides of 2 hours or so, and I am sure they would still be comfortable after 3 hours of riding. I am 6 feet tall and weigh 175 lbs. The shorts do not have a draw string, but they do well with staying up. I use these on my commute and they work great. The pad is small enough to be comfortable on rough Pennsylvania roads, but not big enough to be awkward. If you are looking for shorts that will work for you day in and day out, these shorts are a great value.

👤I love these shorts. 35 miles on the roads was the only time they have ridden with them. They have exceeded my expectations. I washed them in the HE washer and dried them. There is a I ordered the large because of previous reviews and it fit me perfectly. There is a You should order one size up. A 55 year old male is in the midwest.

👤It has been about 3 years. I'm not sure if they've changed the size, as the chart looks different now than it did when I ordered it. I'm not sure if a medium fits a medium frame now, but I'm thinking of ordering another pair. There is a My point is that the shorts have lasted a long time. Well. The first day I used them, they were the same as now. They are my trainer shorts, so don't get used as much as my outdoor kit, but they have been solid. I would buy again. Just need to figure out the correct size. The original review is here. I was going to say I wasn't going to update to 5 stars just because they feel cheap, but then I realized... They are cheap, so really no reason to not. So 5 stars now. Cheers. There is a The first time I ordered, I ordered the large. I'm a 33" waste, with large thighs. The thighs were my concern as they measured the max size. The waste band was tight enough that it wasn't that tight. Even though I held onto the larger pair, I ordered a smaller one from the same company and assumed if they didn't fit, I would just send them back and not order another pair. There is a I don't have any issues with my circulation, and the LG are tighter on the thigh. The waste band is tighter so they don't get lost on rides as easily as the XL. There is a Chamois: The chammy is fine so far. It doesn't feel all that flattering when you're walking around in them, as it is stiff and sticks out from your buttocks, as it feels like a diaper. It feels good on the bike. It's not as good as high performance spandex, but it seems a little better than the low end models from big manufacturers. I'm not sure how the chamois will hold up over time, which makes me hesitant to order another pair. The price is hard to beat, and really great. I work in a bike shop and spandex costs me more than these. Premium models are not a straight comparison. Giving some context. I'll be ready to order more if the chamois lasts a year. I think the shorts get a 4 star rating, but for value, I would say 5 star. I'll hand over a 4 and adjust to a 5 if the chamois holds up.

11. Under Armour HeatGear Compression Graphite

Under Armour HeatGear Compression Graphite

The fabric is lightweight and has all the performance benefits. The new design keeps seams off high areas. The construction moves better in every direction. The elastic waistband is 6 inches. The material dries fast. The relentless pursuit of innovation and passion for design is what Under Armour is all about.

Brand: Under Armour

👤I wore these to work while working. No contact sports. I bend and squat just 12 hour. The crotch tore in the first pair. The two people in the picture worked 3 shifts. The brand used to be a good deal. You are throwing your money away.

👤I bought a pair of these and a cheaper brand from Amazon. The other brand works 10 times better than the other brand. I will not be buying this brand again. The waist band stays put, but the legs stretch down like there is weight hanging from the bottom of them, causing a gap in the crotch. I bought a pair from this brand about 5 years ago and they lasted a few months. They don't work well when I try them again. I will be throwing them away. The trash has $28 dollars in it.

👤My husband had a surgery that required him to wear compression shorts while he was healing. We could've gotten cheap ones but I'm a big fan of Under Armour products so we found these. He wanted something comfortable and I've never had an issue with my clothing. We bought two pairs of these for him. He likes blue so we got the midnight navy/steel pair. He weighs about 350 pounds and usually wears 44" pants. The size chart showed that he should get a full set of these. The band around the waist is two inches and the length of the shorts is 16 inches. I can't confirm the material used to make them or the country of origin because he ripped off the tags. There is a My husband wore these shorts for a week. I washed them every day. I don't know how to wash. I hung them up to dry after washing them in a normal cycle. They dry quickly. The shorts are made well and feel like a lot of my other products. He said they are comfortable and did what he hoped they would do. I got out of him. There is a They ended up working great for my husband even though he didn't use them for working out. He has these in case he needs them in the future. They work for more than just working out.

👤These are not compression because the description says so. These are soft and flexible, which does not fit the description of compression. I bought a 2 pack of the same brand regular boxers from here and they feel more like compression than they do. I paid the same price for these as I did for the 2 pack. My 16 year old was looking for something different. I am not happy with the description. I will be buying another 2 pack after returning these. The descriptions on Amazon are usually close, if not exactly what I expected. I was let down by this purchase. I will continue to shop here because I get a lot of good deals and their customer service is always helpful.


What is the best product for bicycle shorts for men 4xl?

Bicycle shorts for men 4xl products from Neleus. In this article about bicycle shorts for men 4xl you can see why people choose the product. Wrangler Authentics and Cycwear are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle shorts for men 4xl.

What are the best brands for bicycle shorts for men 4xl?

Neleus, Wrangler Authentics and Cycwear are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle shorts for men 4xl. Find the detail in this article. Souke Sports, Eco-daily and Real Essentials are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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