Best Bicycle Shorts for Girls

Shorts 30 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Simple Joys Carters Little 3 Pack

Simple Joys Carters Little 3 Pack

There is an elastic waist band on the shorts. It's just enough stretch to make them fit. Carter's quality, every day low prices, and hassle-free packaging are exclusive to Amazon members.

Brand: Simple Joys By Carter's

👤I ordered a 4t for my 20 month old who is large for her age. I ordered a bigger size because of the reviews. She wears a 3t. The 4t is great for a small growing room. The legs are a little larger than other bike shorts we have purchased. The shorts hit her. The light pink is what made me give it 3 stars. I will order more of these shorts because they are great for spring, but not the pack with light pink. You should order one size up from what you normally order.

👤They run small and make it hard to fit. I was looking for a quality that hit above the knee, and they appear to be that. She is a size 4T right now, but based on other reviews I was glad I sized up to 5T and they fit perfectly. I love them and am glad I was able to size them up. If your child is big for their age, I might size them up two sizes.

👤Definitely bigger! My daughter is 2 years old and very skinny, and we bought 3T great quality and fit, she likes them.

👤I bought 5T for my two-year-old because they're too big. They are not tight or short, but they are long. The bottom hem is about knee-length. She wears them under skirts and the shorts are longer than the skirts, but it just looks like she's wearing a skorts-style outfit. The shorts are well made and don't shrink or pill when washed. I would only order 2 sizes bigger than my daughter's normal size, not 3 sizes bigger. The bigger size is likely to last for a couple years.

👤The biker shorts look like normal quality. They are a tad bit small. My little girl is 18 months old but not 22 lbs, and according to the size chart she should be 18 months. She is 30in tall. She wears a size 12 or 18. These are tight around her waist, but don't leave a lot of room for growth, which is normal for her clothes. She has things that run a little baggy on her. I want her to be able to wear these all summer, so I will probably return for a larger size.

👤I washed the items before I could return them. There is a They are very small. My daughter wears 18m in Carter's pants. I got her a 2T based on reviews and the size chart. She is not under the size chart's specifications. She was uncomfortable because the pants were tight. What a waste of money.

2. Amazon Essentials 2 Pack Running Raspberry

Amazon Essentials 2 Pack Running Raspberry

The pack of two active running shorts is a must-have for cartwheels and playground equipment. The shorts have an elasticized waist. Woven active fabric is lightweight. The waistband is elastic.


👤These seem like good quality and soft material, but they have a weird built in underwear that isn't pictured or mentioned anywhere on the product description, which makes for a weird and uncomfortable fit.

👤There was a horrible liner in them. They are not shorts.

👤My daughter has a larger backside, so I'm always weary with shorts. The shorts show too much. These fit nicely and modestly. They're great for hot weather as they're quick drying. They clean easily so they are a perfect play short. My daughter was thrilled with the fact that it has an in built liner/panty, but I'm not sure the purpose of making running shorts so small. She says it's comfortable.

👤The material, style, and colors are what I love. I bought these for my daughter to play soccer. They are too big for her. Once they fell off of her playing, they rolled up. I kept them because she will grow into them.

👤My three year old wears these for soccer. She likes wearing them. The one thing that is not great about them is how thin of a material they are. She has underwear lines through the material. She is three, so it is not a big deal. There is a Once she needs new ones, I would buy them again.

👤I needed these for a cross country race, but they were late. They are fantastic, it's ok. There is a They are legit running shorts. My daughter said they were perfect after she practiced for the first time.

👤My daughter wears cute athletic shorts. They have built in panties as an added layer of coverage. I love that about them. She wears them every day for PE. They were sold out in Versailles when I tried to order more. I will order more.

👤These were what I wanted. The quality, price, and fit made me happy.

👤Light fabric for the summer. They are too small to fit a 3 year old girl of average build so I would recommend you go up a size.

👤I don't need to try them on to see the size 4-5 is too small for my 4 year old. There are no available in the next size up. Disappointing.

👤It could have been for smaller size.

👤These are large enough for 10 year olds.

👤A great fit daughter loves playing in the summer.

3. PUMA Active Double Faster Medium

PUMA Active Double Faster Medium

The mesh short has piping at the sides and a logo at the left hem.

Brand: Puma

👤The shorts are of the expected quality. I ordered a large for my daughter who wears a 10/12, but they were too big. I'm stuck with these shorts because they don't allow returns or exchanges.

👤My fault was not reading the reviews. I've never had a clothing item from Amazon that I couldn't return. My older daughter couldn't wear these shorts because they were too short. The size M will be listed on mercari soon. The Softee shorts fit perfectly.

👤I ordered a bigger size for my daughter, but they still don't fit. If you look in the reviews, you will see that there are no returns which aren't information. How can you not let clothes be returned? How is Amazon allowing this to happen? Never buying again, ever!

👤I ordered a size up for my small child after reading reviews that said they were too small. They were perfect! She wore them at soccer games. Not too short, not too tight, very comfortable!

👤Fit, color, and quality are all great for this price point. They are a little too short. An extra inch or two would be great. She doesn't want her shorts to be down to her knees, but they are a little short. She's a 10 year old girl. What's wrong with having long shorts?

👤It was perfect. My 5 year old girl needs to play basketball. The medium is perfect for her. You can see in the picture that it's not sheer, but against a bright light. I can't see my tattoos. Not too long. I had her do all sorts of poses and it wasn't revealing. The value is great.

👤I bought these for myself because adult sizes don't fit me, I'm 5'4 and Petite. These fit well and are comfortable. The teal and orange color is mine. You need to wear nude undies under them because black or bold colors will show through the shorts.

👤Esto es un short hecho, pero no sirve para otra cosa. No vale nada.

👤I think it's too short for a 9 year old.

👤My 7 year old daughter is tall but slim and I bought these for her. They are shorter than I would prefer, but they do the job and are lined as well. She loves how soft they are and that she can do all of her sports in them.

👤For my daughter, they worked well for her at the outdoor sports camp and into the early fall at school. They wore clothes and washed them well. I hang-to-dry most of my twins' clothes. I bought them in pink and blue.

4. Lucky Me Little Tagless Coverage

Lucky Me Little Tagless Coverage

Girls are wearing bike shorts. The toddler to kid sizes are from 1/3T to 9 years old. The Cartwheel shorts are made of a blend of Cotton, Modal, and Spandex for a perfect fit. Your child will stay cool and comfortable all day with their stretch fabric. Tagless undershorts with wide waistband are designed for comfort and fit. Your child's sensitive skin is never touched by the elastic at the waistband. The lace at the hem is soft. OEKO-TEX Standard 100 is free of harmful chemicals and dyes. It was designed in New Hampshire.

Brand: Lucky & Me

👤I have been purchasing these sets of Lucky & Me Jada shorts for my daughter for at least 3 years, many of them, to wear both as regular shorts and dresses. The quality before had been consistently high, and we loved them. The last set was completely different. The same as out of the packaging. I noticed they looked longer, but I didn't think much of it. It became apparent that a long stretch of the inseam was never sewn at all. The lace is pilled after 2 days of light play around the house, which is different than before. When you find a superior product that you are willing to pay more for, the company will change the formula to save costs. My daughter is disappointed that we will be looking for a new brand of bike shorts.

👤Love them. The little girl likes to wear them. Great under dresses and skirts. I plan on ordering more skirts. They are still in great shape after several washes. 3 year old can manage without help. The 1/3 fits our slender girl. We have more under the uniforms this fall. There is a There is an update. The girl is now 4 years old. They fit nicely around the waist with a little room in the leg, hitting about an inch or two above the knee. The 1/3's are snug to the leg, hitting about 3-4 inches above the knee. All of them have held up to abuse and wear school uniforms. The use of our dresses is extended as the girl grows taller. Our house has a staple in it. We love them!

👤My daughter is skinny. She wears a size 7 for length. I ordered based on her size but the shorts were loose around her legs. I don't know if they'll shrink over time in the dryer. We like these shorts for a girl who lives in leggings in the winter.

👤I bought these for my daughter when she started Tball and they work great. I was looking for bright colors and patterns under them, but they are not visible under her underwear. She had to get used to the lace at first. She didn't care about it after the first or second time. I think the lace makes a nice look. They are soft and made well. My active girl has no lace ripped. There is a She now wears these under dresses all the time and I love that she can wear any outfit of her choosing and still play as a kid. The quality is great, they are soft and comfortable. When I started shopping for bike shorts, I realized they were more expensive than I thought. For the price of basic cheap itchy ones, you can get three awesome quality shorts, which are longer than any other short I've been able to find. This purchase is perfect. I might get more colors for other options. My daughter doesn't have uniforms, but I think they are essential. There is a My 5yo is about 50 lbs and 43 inches tall. I ordered the 7/8 and they fit perfectly. They aren't tight on her legs, but are a little long, hitting her right above the knee. She will be able to grow into these and wear them a bit longer.

5. Resinta Shorts Breathable Safety Colors

Resinta Shorts Breathable Safety Colors

Each pack comes with 8 pieces of bike shorts that allow lots of stretch and ease, their available sizes are suitable for toddlers to teens. The material is made of high-quality fabric with good breathability and features an elastic waist that makes your kids comfortable and easy to wrap on. Young girls can wear their tights and dresses without worry of accidental exposure while running and jumping because they are fit perfectly as undergarments and safe pants. It's suitable for sports, dancing, school or under skirts for added coverage, it's also ideal for yoga, cycling, swimming, and dancing. They make sure that the shorts retain their shape and color after washing, and if you have any problems with product quality or other aspects that are disappointing you, please feel free to contact them and they will provide you with a friendly service.

Brand: Ruisita

👤It fits accurately. Similar to basic girls underwear, the fabric is very thin. The colors are true to the photo. It was bought to be worn under dresses. I wouldn't use as shorts or dance.

👤I should have read the reviews before buying these. The diaper is visible through the shorts in the photo. The same is true for all shorts in the pack. Since she is only a year old and still in her diaper, we are fine with her only wearing shorts, but we wouldn't want her to wear them when she's older. There is a The material is soft and comfortable, but I would suggest buying a bigger size. She will be cooler in the hot summer months thanks to a good stretch.

👤These are great for putting something under your daughter's dresses. The material is very thin. I don't recommend these to be worn with a tunic, but they are perfect to help cover your daughter's modesty. They are a good value. I spent a lot of money on "bike shorts" last Spring. Oh well. Lose some and win some. Later!

👤I bought a 6 pack for my daughter last year. They loved them. They held up well. I bought more because my daughter needed more of them. The lighter colors are soft and perfect for under dresses.

👤My daughter uses these shorts to wear dresses. I ordered my daughter's normal size and they fit perfectly. The shorts arrived quickly, the size is correct, and the colors are as described. The seam that goes down the middle of the front and back is not straight. It doesn't affect wearability since they are worn under dresses, but it would be obvious if they were worn with a tshirt. If you wear printed underwear under the lighter colors, you can see them. These shorts are ok, but I wouldn't buy them again.

👤I bought these shorts as pajamas for my almost 2 year old daughter so these inconsistencies are not a problem for me, it is just more to help others out there. There is a Positives include soft material and good stretch. The colors I ordered were in line with the picture description. It is sheer if fully stretched and it is inconsistent in length, some shorts are longer and some are shorter, ranging from 1/2 inch to a full inch length difference. If you are buying these with the intention of dancing with your child, I don't think they have the right material to form a fit to the leg because they are stretchy.

6. Resinta Dance Shorts Breathable Safety

Resinta Dance Shorts Breathable Safety

Each pack comes with 10 pack colorful bike shorts that allow lots of stretch and ease, available sizes from toddlers to teens. The material is made of high-quality fabric, with good breathability, and features an elastic waist that makes your kids comfortable and easy to wrap on. Young girls can wear their tights and dresses without worry because they are fit perfectly as undergarments and safe panty. It's suitable for sports, dancing, school or under skirts for added coverage, it's also ideal for yoga, cycling, swimming, and dancing. They make sure that the shorts retain their shape and color after washing, and if you have any problems with product quality or other aspects that are disappointing you, please feel free to contact them and they will provide you with a friendly service.

Brand: Ruisita

👤I read reviews on everything. I bought these for potty training accidents. Even with a standard these. Are. THIN! We are barely thicker than a pair of tights. If they were less than $10, they would have worked for what I wanted them for. Maybe less than $7 for all of them. There is a Return began.

👤They're a little thin but that's ok. I bought these for her. The smell of chemicals in the fabric is horrible. I'm trying to get the smell out of the washing machine. I'll return the shorts if it doesn't work this time. The chemical smell is still there after the third wash. I'm returning the shorts.

👤Cheap china products have a weird odor. There is a There is no clothes label or information. It looks like you bought it from the store.

👤I have never had to write a negative review about anything I have ordered from Amazon, but I do not have anything positive to say about these shorts. The material is very thin. I should have sent them back, but I didn't. I have never seen shorts that were so cheap. I threw them away. If the child wanted to wear them as shorts, they should have been made with thicker material. Will not order from this company again. I went to Wal-mart to get shorts that fit her well and last for a long time.

👤I wouldn't be comfortable with my mini wearing them as shorts alone because you can see through the lighter colors, as other reviewers have said. She loves wearing under dresses and skirts and over leotards. We've purchased the soft ones so far.

👤My granddaughter could not care less if her panties show, but for us modest folk, these worked great.

👤My little one has out grown this one and I purchased it during the recent Prime Day sale. I decided to take a gamble on them because of the size, color, and price. I'm happy I did. They were impressed with how soft the material was after they received a plastic mailer. Little one agrees that these are very soft and comfortable. It's too early to say how long these will last, but hopefully at least a year. Will update review is shorts can get messed up after being washed a couple times, or if the stitching begins to come loose. I'm glad I gambled on them.

7. Resinta6 Shorts Breathable Safety Cotton

Resinta6 Shorts Breathable Safety Cotton

The package includes 6 comfortable dance shorts in 6 different colors, with multiple color choices for girls to choose according to their mood. The material is made of high-quality fabric, with good breathability, and features an elastic waist that makes your kids comfortable and easy to wrap on. Young girls can wear their tights and dresses without worry because they are fit perfectly as undergarments and safe panty. It's suitable for sports, dancing, school or under skirts for added coverage, it's also ideal for yoga, cycling, swimming, and dancing. They make sure that the shorts retain their shape and color after washing, and if you have any problems with product quality or other aspects that are disappointing you, please feel free to contact them and they will provide you with a friendly service.

Brand: Resinta

👤These are very lightweight and great under my daughters dresses. They are very transparent. I bought the 2t/3t and they fit my 4 year old perfectly. They aren't snug at all. I'm happy with the purchase, I love how light they are for her dresses. I'll be looking for thicker ones as well.

👤I wanted to go under my child's costume for a play. I was expecting a cotton item. I didn't read the description very well, as it seemed to be the only option for a multi light colored set. You can see if they are worn alone. They are not the same cut from one color to the next with different lengths from the shortest to the longest pair. The shorts have a funky smell when you take them out of the package.

👤These are good for the price. I didn't expect them to be thick because you are spending less than $3 per pair. They are thin and are perfect for under dresses. They don't have a smell. My girl wears a size 7 in shorts and I ordered a medium because they fit with some room to grow. We don't wear short dresses. We should be okay. I haven't washed or dried them yet, but I will try to remember to update when I do. These are wonderful at about $2.10 each. Will buy again if they hold up.

👤I bought them for my daughter. These are perfect because of that purpose. They add coverage without adding heat. They can't be worn on their own. They are too thin and transparent. The black one in my set was small, no larger than a 12-month or 18-month size. I couldn't get in touch with the seller to get a replacement.

👤I was excited to see these shorts, but they were disappointing, the material is very cheap, and they are under your dresses, so I thought you could wear them under a dress.

👤We wear these with our dresses and skirts for ballet class. These are not good for regular shorts, but you could. They are used for under dresses and skirts. It's perfect to keep a kid's dignity. We wear a lot of dresses that are shorter as she grows, these make so many dresses that are still useful, even though the shorts are peeking out, I would not use them if we didn't have a short on butttt. Love!

8. Resinta Black Shorts Breathable Safety

Resinta Black Shorts Breathable Safety

Each pack comes with 6 comfortable dance shorts for your child to wear. The shorts are made of high-quality 100% cotton with good breathability and nice comfort, easy for your kids to wear on-and-off. They are nice pants to wear while your kids are exercising and running, as well as undergarments and safe pants. The shorts work well with dress, short skirt, shorts, long tops and jeans in most places, for example, school, outdoors, indoors and so on. You are welcome to contact them if you have questions about the shorts.

Brand: Ruisita

👤I bought these for a 5 year old girl who is 23 waist. I think I bought a size 4. She wears bike shorts. The white shorts in the picture are different brands. She wears 5Slim in jeans or pants. The fabric is not quite like a bike short, but it still has good coverage for playing and wearing under a dress. The lose fit helps keep her cool. This purchase was a decent deal and came in a multipack. I'm keeping them. There is a They are incredibly thin. It was so thin it could tear. It comes in a multi pack for backups. It is a thin fabric and seems to be sewn well. The type of fabric they chose was not suitable for children's shorts. Something to wear for a scarf in the fall. I wouldn't wear them with a shirt because of their thinness. There is a They were a good price per short. It works for us. Otherwise I would return them. I wish I had known. I would have bought thicker ones so she could wear them later. I would recommend them for someone looking for a deal and just wants shorts.

👤My 3 year old daughter will be wearing 2 sets of clothes. They are soft and have a small room to grow in. I will definitely be buying again.

👤My daughter is in the middle. The shorts are cheap. They are soft, shiny and form fitting. The size was correct. My child is 7.5yo. I got the 6t/7t. They fit perfectly and you can see the rest is just a few inches above the knee. They will be used for tap, gymnastics and wearing dresses.

👤The colors included in the shorts do not match the photo or description, and the shorts look good. We received a nude color and a pink color, instead of purple and green. I'm not happy with the lack of variety in photos.

👤My 5 year old had some dresses that were too short. It was great for the price. It's nice to have several colors to choose from. They fit well and have no issues with riding up or being too tight on the other side. So far, they have held up well.

👤My daughter is 2.5 years old. I ordered her a size smaller because they don't have a 3-4T size. They were trying to figure out how these have 5 star reviews. They are very soft, but very thin, like a cheap material. I am so sad. They are so small that they could fit a toddler. They are short to be considered bike shorts. These are shorts that are loose. I was expecting a sturdy bike shorts. I picked her up a pair of bike shorts for $2 at Walmart last week, and they are better made than these. It is a pain to return these. You didn't have to "guess" if what you were getting was made in China or not. It is more miss than hit when ordering from here. I was so excited for this steal of a deal and 4 new colors to wear under or with any shirt, and now I am just annoyed. It is yet another product from Amazon. I don't know how this has 5 stars, or how anyone could say these run big. Not my experience at all.

9. Amazon Brand Spotted Little X Small

Amazon Brand Spotted Little X Small

The cotton blend is lightweight. The waistband is elastic.

Brand: Spotted Zebra

👤My frustration with a lot of girls clothing is that the bottoms tend to be transparent, no matter what I buy or what grandma gets her. The shorts are cute, comfy, and wash well, but you can't see the pattern of her underwear through them. The white unicorn print was not included. The pale pink color is more see-through than the rest, but the coral and white unicorn are not. They don't cling like bike shorts and have a soft waistband. If that's true, they're more like bike shorts. We love these and will do more. My girl wears a 6 and these fit as expected.

👤They run small in the waist, but the rest hang off like regular shorts, while the waist is tight. My daughter is 5 1/2 years old and is tall and skinny. She wears a 4 in leggings, but these are too tight for her, and her legs hung off oddly, not like regular bike shorts. She was sad to be sending them back but said they were too uncomfortable to wear. The material is partially spandex, so they feel like a leotard, but the leg holes don't cling to the legs, at least not on my skinny kid; the legs are also very long, a little above the knees. Overall, these are not well proportioned and therefore a huge miss for us. The light pink ones are not black.

👤I bought these shorts for my 3 year old. Both of us love them. I bought the 6/7 for her because she is growing out of a size 5. The fit is comfortable at the waist and above her knees. She can wear them under her dresses. The material is soft. The pink is on the shear side. They didn't appear to shrink in the wash, but I don't know if that's true. Cold wash and dry. I think she will be able to wear these into the fall. The price and quality are great.

👤The price for cotton play shorts is good. I like the length as well. They are above the knee for my tall girl. They will work well on their own if you wear them under dresses.

👤I ordered a multi stripe set with pink, white and striped pairs. I liked the pink one and thought white would be a good backup color. I got two white and striped pairs after opening my package. There was no pink. The pink ones would have matched my baby's wardrobe the most. The shorts look good. I was expecting the colors to match the picture.

10. Spotted Zebra Shorts 5 Pack Monsters

Spotted Zebra Shorts 5 Pack Monsters

The cotton blend is lightweight. The waistband is elastic.

Brand: Spotted Zebra

👤The quality is good, but the size is off. I received pants that have two inner tags, one for 2T-4T and the other for 3T or 4T, but they are all the same size, even though they are all physically the same size. Why are the tags so different? These are not a 4T, but a 2T. There is a The colors are great, except for the yellow which is too see-through.

👤The only thing that matters to us is that they are comfortable. My granddaughter likes to wear dresses. My daughter wants her to wear leggings or shorts. My granddaughter is very sensitive to seams and stiff fabric and sometimes this causes conflict. My daughter and granddaughter love these shorts. My granddaughter thinks they are cute. She has many options for matching the fabric of her dresses. Will get another set.

👤My 8 year old daughter is in a situation where it's hard to find a size that's right for her because size 8 is getting tight and size 12 is huge. She has room for her to grow. She likes the bright colors. The length is great for her since she's very modest about shorts lengths.

👤Both my daughters, ages 7 and 8, love them. They wear them with long t shirts, or under dresses, and both say they're very comfortable. These are the shorts they use the most.

👤My daughter has a big butt. Finding shorts in stores that cater to that is hard and we want to be cute while we are wearing them. I could be a spokes person for Amazon. These shorts are great for play. She is comfortable in them. She can roll around in the grass and I can wash them. I don't see much of her panty line, but I'm happy she's wearing panties these days. She sweats a lot. She does it in these shorts, but they're Breathable. I will be buying again next year.

👤Sometimes an activity requires some coverage. These shorts are very nice. She was happy because she likes the leggings but they get hot in the summer. The shorts made getting dressed easy.

👤These were great for the summer and now the fall for a young child who is very active. She already has some of the shirts I purchased at the same time. Would buy them again.

👤The girls like them and they wash well. A great deal for shorts.


What is the best product for bicycle shorts for girls?

Bicycle shorts for girls products from Simple Joys By Carter's. In this article about bicycle shorts for girls you can see why people choose the product. and Puma are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle shorts for girls.

What are the best brands for bicycle shorts for girls?

Simple Joys By Carter's, and Puma are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle shorts for girls. Find the detail in this article. Lucky & Me, Ruisita and Resinta are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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