Best Bicycle Seats for Comfort Women Gel Extra Large

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1. Zacro Oversized Bike Seat Replacement

Zacro Oversized Bike Seat Replacement

This soft wide bicycle seat is made of thick memory foam and has a widened design that will provide you with the comfort you need. A comfortable bike seat is a must-have for any cyclist. The large bicycle seat is perfect for people who want a comfortable seat. It is waterproof and wear-resistant. The bike saddle can be wet by the rain if the splicing edges are not perfect. The design is called the Middle Groove Design. The bike seat has grooves to make sure there is enough exhaust and Ventilation during riding. The dual shock absorbing ball will ensure you ride smoothly. The universal saddle adapter is easy to install, it is suitable for any standard indoor and outdoor bikes. The design of the bike seat will increase the ergonomics of the saddle. More comfortable bike saddles are in the works.

Brand: Zacro

👤I put the seat on my best decision because I am a bigger guy.

👤I don't know why I didn't replace my bike seat before. The bike seat from the Zacro has made me very happy. You can see the difference in the size of the two seats in the attached photos and video. There is a The directions were easy to read, but the size made them hard to read. The tools were provided. The old was easy to replace. I had to adjust the height of the handlebars, lower the seat, as well as push the bike back a little because the seat on my bike was thicker and wider. I think I have it. There is a The squeaking noise that I experience while working out is the only negative thing I have experienced with the new seat. It is loud enough to be heard by my phone's speakers. I have sprayed the seat bolts and springs with a solution of Silicone and then tightened them up a few times. The problem is solved temporarily. The seat starts up again after a little exercise. I think it may be because I haven't been able to tighten the bolts enough. I will have to borrow some of my son's muscles to tighten them. I will update this review with the results. I am very happy with this bike seat and my tush is the same.

👤I have a new electric bike that I love but don't like the seat. There is a I ordered this because I wanted a seat that was more comfortable than the one I got with my bike, and I am very happy with the change. It's worth the swap for all that comfort, even though it may not look as cool as the little seat that came with the bike, but who will notice? There is a You will not be sorry. My butt is happy. The cover is waterproof and can be used when transporting or storing.

👤I bought a secondhand bike a few months ago. I've been looking for a new seat and debating on brands since the seat on which I was sitting was terrible. When I saw this one, I decided to go with it. It looked very comfortable, and for me that's what it's all about. I was pleased with the quality of the seat I received. It fit my bike just fine and was easy to adjust. It's a good quality seat.

2. Cushion Comfort Breathable Stationary Exercise

Cushion Comfort Breathable Stationary Exercise

A tubeless ready bead is used to lock the rim with or without an innertube. Their seat cushions are large enough to make riding more stable, without side slipping, and to reduce pain in your buttocks. The best Gel Material is memory foam, which makes it feel like you are sitting on a sofa. The width of the bicycle seat is widely applicable. It's perfect with mountain bike, spinning bike, exercise bike, road bike, cruiser bike, electric bike. You will find that riding for a period of time in the summer is a very comfortable experience. The bike seat cushion cover is easy to install and remove. It can be done in a minute.

Brand: Boxgrans

👤I was worried that this product wouldn't fit in my bike seat, but it does fit very well for a cushion that has an advertized seat width range of 8.5- 10 inches. It's very easy to install, which is something I like about this product. I use the bike seat cushion on the seat post on my electric scooter. I did not feel the hardness of my bike seat while I was on a long ride today. Before every ride, I would recommend checking the fit and installation of this cushion to make sure the cloth ties in the front don't come undone.

👤I had high hopes for this seat because of the reviews. I put it on my bike. I thought it would be nice and snug since it was difficult to put on my seat. Nope! I have to stop to adjust since the seat slides around while I ride, but it distracts me from my workout. I pulled the rope tight so that it wouldn't fall. Very disappointing.

👤I needed a bike seat that had an extra wide seat measurement at the back. The seat cover could only be on top.

👤The seat cover makes my bike seat much more comfortable. I wish I had bought it before I bought a seat that was so hard to install. The seat cover slides on top of your seat and stays in place with the tie that is under it.

👤The seat on my new bike was not comfortable. I was very pleased with the seat cover I bought. Very comfortable.

👤I tried another gel seat cover, but it didn't fit as well as this one, so I decided to use this one.

👤I got a beach cruiser. I got a sore butt after riding 2 miles. I better get some padding. I put the seat on. It was perfect. I rode 3.25 miles with no pain. It is worth the cost.

👤I bought my exercise bike. It feels good on the keister.

3. DAWAY Comfortable Exercise Bike Cover

DAWAY Comfortable Exercise Bike Cover

You can check the original seatpost size on the body, choose the same size as the original one, and measure the inside diameter of the frame. It is not accurate, considering Operator,measuring tool, temperature, etc. Inquire the bike frame seller if you want more information. Unlike cheap bike seat cover, their bike seat cover uses a new vacuum process technology, padded by eco-friendly transparent silica gel and high density milky foam. There is no harm to health. It's soft and comfortable. Can protect your butt from the shock. Bring a more comfortable experience. BREATHABLE, REDUCE MUGGY. This padded bike seat cushion is good for private parts because of its fast dry, comfortable and absorbent surface. Air diversion slot design in the middle of exercise bike seat cover, speed up air circulation, keep buttock cool and dry, make private parts no pressure. You will love cycling with their cushion. Extra wide large. GEL BIKE SEAT CUSHION The bike seat cushion is 12.98 x 12 x 2.2 inches. Please measure your bike seat size before purchasing and confirm if their bicycle seat cover fits your requirements. Not only fit for Spin Class, Cruiser, Stationary Bikes and Indoor Exercise bike saddle, but also for outdoor bike seat. The elastic fixing sleeve, mesh cloth and draw-string will make your bike seat and bicycle seat cover fit closely, preventing the bike seat cushion from sliding. It's easier to install or remove the straps without binding them. It's ideal for exercise or long-distance ride. The material of the bicycle seat cover is new. There is no recycled material or second used material. There is no harm to the human body. You don't risk anything with their bike saddle cover. If the bicycle seat cover didn't improve comfort or have any quality problems within a year, please contact them for after-sales service.

Brand: Daway

👤I started a regimen of diet and exercise because I look like a movie star. I was on the treadmill, but I started to feel unwell. I switched to the upright stationary bike because I couldn't lose my Cardio. I love it. I do the bike and watch shows on my tablets. There is a It was killing my aus. I would get off the seat and it would be sore and numb. I tried folding a bath towel a few times, but it didn't work out. I had to straddle it because it kept sliding. I looked right at the gym. There is a I talked to my friend, who does a lot of mold and 3-D scanning, and he said I could make a Pillow of Fat Shame out of Silicone. We thought about how much money we'd make on Etsy after he agreed it was a good idea. There is a I realized that I am not the best in the area of inventions. Someone else thought of it if I thought of it. It must be on the market if someone else thought of it. I looked at the model of the bike I was using. I found a seller online that sells them and did a live chat to get the dimensions for the seat. They said it was 1012 x 1012. It was a Daily Deal on the Amazon, as luck would have it. How about those egg rolls, Mr. Goldstone? I saved five bucks. They said it was for a small seat. The half inch wouldn't matter to me, I rolled the dice. There is a The seat is tight, but not tight enough for you. The manufacturer told me not to worry if I rip some mesh. There is a The foam and gel is great. I don't have to get up off the seat 20 times in a 45 minute ride just to get some blood into my body. I do it three times now. I wish it had more padding, but I am not sure they could fit it in without ruining your posture on the bike. Sometimes I find the sweet spot. There is a My athletic shorts slide a little on the seat, so I don't have a complaint. I have to adjust. It's not a big deal. It will be easier once I do squats and build some muscle back there. I'm very happy with this seat. I will go to the elliptical before the end of the year. I didn't want to dread working out.

4. PDXtraordinary Bike Cushion Compatible Peloton

PDXtraordinary Bike Cushion Compatible Peloton

Bring back the fun of cycling by burning calories. It is ideal for extreme cycling activities because it allows you to reach further distances without hurting your body. You can return it for free if you're not happy with it. If you have a question, you can always contact them. New absorbent technology. PDXtraordinary's new formula reduces shock to the hips and back, and decreases the chance for saddle soreness, while adding enormous comfort to your bike ride. A bike seat cover is an investment in your comfort and health. Other $10-$15 products don't compare. PDXtraordinary's main focus is to be a leader in excellence on the market. The Comfort Bike Seat Cushion for women and men is made of thicker gel that lines the entire seat and is made of heavy duty materials. With your new comfort bike seat cover, designed by PDXtra's Physical Therapist and Bike Fit Specialist, you will be able to crush those workouts without limiting pain and lasting discomfort. Reach new limits and regain your body. Give the gift of quality for any occasion. If you have a loved one that owns a bike, spin bike or Peloton, they will be delighted with a gift given with their comfort in mind - a shock absorbing Gel bike seat cushion that reduces hip joint and back pain as well as saddle soreness. It's compatible with the seats. The bike seat cover is not created by Peloton. If your rear isn't completely happy with the comfort you experience from their gel bike seat cover, you can return it for a full refund. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from their products. Their customer service team will be happy to assist you. Customer satisfaction is their highest goal.

Brand: Pdxtraordinary

👤I wanted this to help me sit on my bike more comfortably. I found it hard to do more than a 10 minute ride as a first time rider. The seat made a big difference for me and I am enjoying the bike more.

👤This made a huge difference in our rides.

👤I got this for my seat and it works great.

👤I have had a hard time riding my bike in the past because the seats are so uncomfortable and I live in a country where there are lots of hills, so I have had to stop riding my bike. It's harder to ride my bike without hurting my back. I put this seat on my bike and it makes a difference. It is very comfortable. The gel like seat is so soft that it doesn't hurt my behind like the cheap seats that come with bikes, and I had a much easier time riding it where I live. It makes bike riding more enjoyable.

👤I got a bike that I was ready to ride to a healthier life. I felt like I was sitting on a log splitter when I sat on that seat. The log splitter is gone after installing the bike seat cushion. I am finally able to cycle away without fear and pain.

👤I weigh 190 lbs. and am 6'2 inches tall. The seat is not comfortable and I wear padded shorts for comfort.

👤The seat is very comfortable and could be used for a long time. I found it to be very comfortable. Some bike seats are hard and uncomfortable, but not this one. I would recommend it for a loved one. The price is reasonable.

5. Noseless Bicycle Oversized Comfortable Universal

Noseless Bicycle Oversized Comfortable Universal

The cooling foam core crotchion is. Soft foam-padded cushion with anti-abrasion and anti-slip PU/PVC leather cover extends the longevity of your bike seat regardless of weather conditions. The seat helps to alleviate pressure points. It'sNose-free design is intended for upright riders. Shock Absorption It is ideal for low-seat upright riding because it provides you with comfortable shock absorption and strong support. Installation and quick release of theCycling Seat Cushion Replacement is easy. The universal design is suitable for the standard bike seat post. It's possible to fit most traditional bikes and stationary bikes, such as road bike, fixed gear, cruiser and mountain bike, e-bike, electric bicycles, etc. The cycling bike seat is a shock absorbent and high resistant big bike seat. It was designed for men, women, boys, girls, and kids. High quality waterproof PU leather,Smooth touch, high elastic foam sponge, comfortable and breathable, and wear-resistant.

Brand: V-cyclin

👤The seat that came with the Nordictrack s22i was very difficult to sit in. It caused genital numbness and gave me an uti. This one is easier on my body. It is tilted too much and makes me nervous. There is no way to change the angle as far as I can see. It is the second seat I have tried and I am going nuts.

👤The first time I used this seat, the plastic skin separated from the seat base in a big bubble. The seat is wobbly as I peddled. I live overseas so I couldn't return it. After only using it once, I had to replace it with a regular seat. It's complete waste of money.

6. KIKO Oversized Anti Slip Comfortable Breathable

KIKO Oversized Anti Slip Comfortable Breathable

You can order now and pay free. They can provide a 2-year warranty because they're so confident in their product quality. It was made in Taiwan. The most comfortable bike seat cover is made of REAL GEL. Reduce pain by absorbing shock. Better protect your butt. Bring a more comfortable experience. You don't need to replace the whole seat if you use the bike seat cover. The padded bike seat cover is made of high quality fabric that is fast dry, absorbent, and comfortable. The reflective strips on the back of the bicycle seat cushion cover are designed to enhance night riding safety performance. The middle of the saddle has a nice shape that allows your butt to breathe freely. The streamlined design has a narrow front and wide back. If you ride in shorts, you can travel without being concerned. Don't slide: The seat cover has extra straps and anti-skid particles to prevent it from slipping. It's easy to install, slip the bike seat cushion over the seat, secure the draw-string and straps, keep the bike seat cover in place, and it's more stable than a regular cushion cover. There are multiple applications for the oversized bicycle seat. It's perfect with mountain bike, spinning bike, exercise bike, road bike, cruiser bike, electric bike. They aim to provide the best service to their customers. If you don't like it, please contact them and they'll give you a new purchase.

Brand: Kiko

👤It fits as stated. The seating is very comfortable. Would buy again.

👤This seat cover is perfect for my bike seat. It is very comfortable.

👤The seats were easy to install. Great ride.

👤Gel is hard. Buy another one.

👤The seat on my new bike made long rides very uncomfortable. I didn't want to spend more money on a new seat, so this easy to adjust cover was the perfect find. The gel in the cover makes my seat easier to sit in. The cover was easy to attach to the seat, and it stayed in place, unlike some covers I have read about. I recommend this cover to anyone who needs more comfort in their bicycle seat.

7. Giddy Up Bike Seat Comfortable

Giddy Up Bike Seat Comfortable

High quality. Customer service professionals. If the soft bike saddle didn't improve comfort or have any quality problems within a year, please contact them for after-sales service. The wide bicycle seat has a L x W ratio, which makes it very comfortable for the rider. A bicycle seat is a good festival or birthday gift. Premium complete pantyhose. The bike seat has a protection cover, a band and a mount. This seat is the perfect choice if you want to ride your bike seat indoors or outdoors. Giddy up! The bike seat was designed to be comfortable. There is a dual spring, memory foam material and waterproof. Are you looking for a smooth ride? The springs beneath the bicycle seat are placed to absorb the shocks from the bumps, potholes and difficult terrain, while theORY FOAM will give you the comfort you seek. There is a replacement for a stationARY bike. This oversized bike seat will make riding inside your home more comfortable. TheORY FOAM will provide all the extra comfort you need to complete the longest distances on your INDOOR bicycle. It's easy to install and it's universal. Giddy up! The universal fit system makes it easy to install on almost any type of bicycle, and it comes with all the parts you need to start benefiting from the perks of the seat in the shortest time. Please make sure to measure the bike pole gauge. No risk purchase. Their main goal is to make you happy. If you don't like it, just try it, and if you don't love it, they will replace orRefund your purchase.

Brand: Giddy Up!

👤I had to write a review for this seat. After waiting almost two months for my bike, I was so excited to receive it this week. I bruised my tailbone when I fell down the stairs three weeks ago. I was eager to try my bike out, but there was a lot that distracted me from the ride itself. The seat feels amazing, I had some fellow riders recommend it. I like it because I realize I'm one of those with a larger butt, and the skinny bike seats don't work for that. The dip in the tailbone is a great place to go for those with coccyx pain. I was able to install it myself. The product would 10/10 recommend. There is a If you want it to fall into place based on your body type and weight, you should tighten it a little and then sit down on the seat. You're good to go if you tighten it all the way. There is a method for this.

👤The seat on my bike is in need of replacement. If you know what I mean, I will be packing a bit more in the trunk. I was surprised by the size of the seat. I took a picture with my hand. It helps the pedal pushin'. It has a nice cover.

👤I love this seat! Sounds funny. The seat on my bike was killing me when I started spinning. I know I have pain on my street bike, so I knew it was me. I found this on Amazon and thought it would be ridiculous. I am so happy with it! I have been able to extend my workouts longer and not have to stop due to being uncomfortable. I might switch to the smaller seat once I get more workouts under my belt. I recommend anyone who needs a bit of comfort to get the job done.

👤I've tried a lot of different comfort saddles on my bike. If this seat holds up, it's what I was looking for, comfort enough to ride 10 or 20 miles without being bothered. It has to be adjusted so that the seat is just right, so there are no points of pressure on your back. It looks flimsy compared to other seats. I was surprised that it was possible to lean with your butt pressure to one side or another. It's frightening. It is more comfortable because of this feature. There are no washers on the bolts that hold the springs in place. The springs will eventually slip over the ends of the bolts. I am astonished at the comfort it affords and I am pleased that it all works.

👤The seat is made of thick cushion and springs that are mounted on it, so it's a safe bet. We love it.

👤The seat is not accurate. This saddle seat looked perfect when I was looking for a more comfortable seat. It looks wide enough to disburse your body weight over a larger surface area. The support structure underneath is not large enough to support a standard bicycle seat. The small sheet of plastic underneath is holding up the winged edges. I thought the seat was wobbly. The frame needed to be widened to support the seat. 0 stars.

8. Gel Bike Seat Cover and Cushion for Men Comfort

Gel Bike Seat Cover and Cushion for Men Comfort

Quality: Excellent. The best gel bike seat covers are provided by them. The Bikeroo team is available to assist you if you have any questions. Is biking a real pain in your body? You'll be cruising comfortably in no time if you get the cushion you crave with their Silicone Gel-filled bike seat cover. The bicycle seat cover is built to last no matter how far you ride. Their wide cushions are made of high quality materials. Installation of their gel bike seat covers is easy because of the adjustability of the drawstring on the covers. It works on most mountain, fixed-gear, exercise, or stationary bike seat cushions. Don't sweat slipping, sweat safely! The bicycle seat cushion is made with non-slip fabric to ensure you stay put. The chic black bike seat pad is sure to upgrade any lowly steed. A treat for you and your derriere!

Brand: Kts Kt-sports

👤It might add 30% more comfort to my ride. I ride between 3 to 10 miles most of the time. There is a lot of cushion for the upper butt area, but there is no good relief on the seat bones where your vagina sits. I will probably create my own cushion because I haven't seen anything that will do the job. I don't know why the design of the seats is shaped in such a way that the vagina of a woman is put under a lot of pressure when she sits. I am 5'1, 165 lbs and have a fat butt, so I need something to support my weight. The label is easy to install, but it starts peeling after 2 uses. It was cheap and I think women should be able to ride comfortably with $29.

👤I have used the seat twice and am very happy. It was thrilling actually. How well the gel holds up is something that will be learned over time. I'm not sure why my cat was so happy when she smelled it and rubbed against it, but I think it was because the dog was trying to do it's business on it. I hit him with the seat and he should have heard that. He will never try to do that again. I would like my butt to be thinner or the seat to be wider. That's the nature of bike seats. It's probably an adequate size. I showed it to my wife and she laughed and said that the size of the seat cushion wouldn't hold up under my weight. I thought the comment was not nice. I'm not fat. I don't think it would fit in my tractor seat, but it gives me some ideas of where this thing could go. The neighbor asked if he could borrow it, but I refused because he has displayed a propensity toward flatulence. The insect eradication guy came by and thought that the padded seats he used to spray poison down near the house foundation was one of the best he had ever seen. I swear he sees dead bugs. They don't like him.

👤The cover doesn't fit on theINNER bikes. The cover doesn't fit well in my class. It would be perfect if the sides were a bit longer, so that the seat would be cinched under more.

👤We bought two of these for our bikes. Noticed comfort. Immediately! It's worth the money and it's a very good price. My wife has a Trek Verve 2 low bar. Both fit well and were snugged with the skirt cord on the underside. I am very happy with our seats.

👤After the first class I couldn't sit on the bike without hurting my butt, so I started taking Spin classes. It made the pain go away for an easy ride. I don't use it anymore as I've become used to the bike, but I probably would've given up on Spin class if it wasn't for this!

9. Bike Seat Cushion Cover Comfort

Bike Seat Cushion Cover Comfort

The size chart is based on the palm thicket. Their padded bike seat cover was designed for a tailored fit over narrow bike seats, men's bike seats, and universal bike saddles. It has a secure drawstring for the perfect fit. It's convenient. Is bike riding a pain in the butt? The gel bike cushion provides both men and women with comfort. It'sTILE: Their gel bike seat cover is great for both indoor and outdoor use and can be used as a spin bike seat cushion or for active road and trail bike saddles. The bike cushion covers are built to last for a long time. The anti-sLIP grip is made of metal. The bicycle seat cover has an anti-slip interior surface to keep it from shifting. Still not enough? The e-book has tips and tricks. Quality: Excellent. The best gel bike seat covers are provided by them. The Bikeroo team is available to assist you if you have any questions.

Brand: Bikeroo

👤I bought a seat cushion for my new bike to help it ride better. The seat cushion feels great. Thank you so much!

👤I don't like padded bike shorts and the padded seats work better for me. A few weeks ago, I bought a bike. This seat is perfect for the bike. It takes less than a minute to install, as it fits over the seat you already have on the bike. I have done three rides with the seat, and I noticed a huge difference in comfort, especially in the performance muscles, which get really sore at first. It's a great seat and inexpensive. I have junk in my trunk, so if you are worried about size, don't be, it's perfect. Highly recommended.

👤saddle soreness is one of the main drawbacks to cycling. It's a question of how long you can tolerate the seat pain. My legs and core are not what limits my riding time for me. saddle fatigue is the limiter. I have been told that riders build up a tolerance to it over time, but I've been riding for years and it rarely gets better. I wear two sets of padded shorts, which doesn't help me extend my riding time as much as I would like. I know there are saddles for older riders. I like the slim road saddles that are designed for better riding. A saddle cushion cover is the best solution for a fat cushion saddle. The Bikeroo fits my slim road saddle and is easy to switch between bikes, it really extends my riding time. The product performs as advertised.

👤This product is made in America and I love it. I am using it on my home bike, and I can only say that it is aahh! It's like it's made for the bike. It makes my rides more enjoyable. I would definitely buy it again if I ever had to, it is very well constructed and fits perfectly. Thank you for a great product!

👤I couldn't get this seat to stay in place. It is padded nicely. It was too skinny to hold in place on the seat, no matter how much I tightened it down.

👤The Keiser M3 was retired from a studio. I need something that will help me get through the transition period until I get used to a hard road bike spin class seat. I did a lot of searching and found a person on the internet who I liked and chose his seat because I liked him. It works great, it's secure, it's a stable platform, and it really eliminates the problem of the punishing hard seat that came with the bike. The gel seat call makes multi-hour rides much more comfortable and less punishing, even after my bottom gets used to the seat.

👤My husband bought me a stationary exercise bike for Christmas, but I have never taken a spin class or ridden a bike. The first week I tried the bike, I was very sore and uncomfortable from the seat. I had a hard time using the bike. I found this seat cover on Amazon. It had good reviews. I decided to buy it. I am happy I did. It took seconds to put on my seat, it stays in place, and it adds a little cushion so that when I ride the bike, I don't feel sore or uncomfortable, and it helps me feel more motivated to get on the bike.

10. Zacro Excercise Comfortable Stationary Waterpoof

Zacro Excercise Comfortable Stationary Waterpoof

If you don't like your purchase, they will take it back. Return through Amazon. Improve your cycling. All bike seats cover are thoroughly tested before being sold. Please contact them if you have any questions. They will give you a solution. The bike seat cushion hopes to change the way you ride. The gel bike seat cushion is made of stretchy spandex and has a transparent gel surface. There is no harm to health from the high quality memory foam and gel padding. Reduce pain by absorbing shock. Better protect your butt. Bring a more comfortable experience. The bike gel seat cover is wide. The cushion is in the range of 11 x 10 inches. It's suitable for spin class, cruiser, stationary bike seat cushions, indoor exercise bike seat cushion, and also for outdoor bike seat. Measure before you buy. Water and dust resistant seat cover can protect your seats in rainy days and on the dusty road. The gel padded bicycle seat cushion is made of lycra fabric that is fast dry, comfortable, and can help reduce muggy feeling. Non-Slip design and easy installation are what it is. The bicycle seat cover can slide if there are too many straps. No tools are needed, just slip the bicycle seat cushion over the seat, tie the draw-string and straps, and keep the exercise bike seat cover in place.

Brand: Zacro

👤I have a gel seat, but it wasn't enough to keep my tushy from getting sore. This cover is great. The seat has a dust cover so it stays clean when my husband uses the saw in the garage. There is a I have been using this for 3-4 weeks and love it. I don't wear padded bike shorts and I have not had any sore knees. It doesn't shift or slip and has not lost its cushion despite being on the road for 4 to 5 days a week. I've told my friends about it. I am finding that the fabric on my leggings is rougher. I wish they would have used a different method. I still love this seat cover.

👤The bike seat feels terrible for anyone that has bought a Yosuda. The seat cover is the right size to fit on the seat and makes riding more than 3 miles bearable. It is not as comfortable as I would like, but I don't think any seat for a riding bike is going to feel like a cloud for your butt. The stock seat the bike came with is a lot worse than this one. It was easy to install in the back, but the front part had straps that you had to tie. I had to tuck the straps into the bottom of the cover because they were hanging down so much.

👤I searched high and low, and bought various seats for my bikes. This one is the best so far. The installation is the same as the rest. It's soft, has give, and feels comfortable right out of the box. Some of the others I've bought have taken a while to get used to. This one doesn't slide. The last one I bought for my bike was tight, but I was able to slide it back and forth. There is a The best bike seat cover I've ever purchased.

👤I started riding my mountain bike again. I had some time off after having a baby. This product is a must for my butt to get sore when I don't ride. I am very impressed. I used to have a much more expensive seat cover, that I misplace, and it didn't work as well as this. My butt is not sore after riding all day on a rocky road. The seat cover was very comfortable. It didn't make my bike seat feel like a bike seat. It felt like sitting on a chair. If they hang down at all they can get caught in your spokes, so my only complaint is that the drawstrings are long. I used the other set to secure them after I wrapped them up. The product is great.

👤It was too big for me. It became my new best friend after adjusting it. This has been a lifesaver for me, I'm new to spinning. It's worth it!

👤I told the sales person that the seat was very firm. He said that most people find the seat breaks in after a couple weeks. After every ride, I was still having pain in my backside. I purchased a bike seat to try and remedy the situation. The Gel Bike Seat was a big improvement. After my rides, there was no more pain. It was very easy to put the cover over the seat and tighten the straps. The seat was in place while I was riding. No slipping at all. I decided that I needed a better seat. I went back to the bike store and bought a gel seat. I didn't have any pain with this seat, but I still wanted more. The big size bike cushion for bike saddle came out again. I installed this on top of my gel bike seat to get the most comfortable seat. This product is very nice. It has a rain cover.

11. Bikeroo Oversize Memory Foam Saddle

Bikeroo Oversize Memory Foam Saddle

100% satisfaction with the quality guarantee. The wide bicycle seat makes riding a bike very comfortable. If you have a problem with this bike saddle, feel free to contact them. The special design is designed to support both men and women in upright riding posture. The bike seat is long and wide. Includes saddle, mounting tools, seat accessory and waterproof cover. No more peanut butter butt. The mountain bike seat has a pressure relief channel. Improve your performance by saying goodbye to those pins and needles. Universal fit is a seat accessory that can be used to replace the stock seat on many models. The wide bike seat can be used on any city bike. Easy installation. The easy-to-mount tools make installing the exercise bike seat quick and painless. The dual spring suspension gives you the strength you need. Customer support. Their team is ready to help with any questions or concerns about your bike seats or bike accessories. They are available to make sure that your customer journey is smooth.

Brand: Bikeroo

👤This is the most comfortable saddle I have ever used. It is large and bulky and not cool looking. If you care about how your bike looks and don't want to be accused of using a granny seat, then you may want to pass on this saddle. If you don't care about how your bike looks, then this is a great saddle. It is very comfortable. I want to build endurance on long rides, not shave seconds off my time trials. I can ride for hours without feeling pain or becoming numb. I don't care how it looks. Hope it's helpful.

👤The seat rails are a bit wider than the seat mount. The rails were squeezed closer to fit. The seat is very comfortable. The seat that comes with the S22i is 10 times better. We are both almost 60. The seat fits us both under 200 lbs. My wife was having some issues with the girl part. Proper adjustment of the seat and handlebar height is a key to S22i comfort. There are videos on proper setup. This seat is a good replacement for the S22i.

👤I am an older rider and have lost some muscle in my body. The saddle on my new road bike was terrible. I have just started riding. It was amazing. Not tired or sore. The product was excellent.

👤I took Nishiki down from the ceiling of the garage and put new tires on him, cleaned it up, and started riding again, just around the neighborhood for now. The original seat was very uncomfortable, even though it was still in perfect shape. It was very uncomfortable. I read a lot of reviews and looked at several saddles. I bought this seat from a store. It is very comfortable. It was easy to install and it comes with its own tools and a rain cover. I'll stay a happy guy if it turns out to be as durable as it is comfortable. I apologize for the pictures. When I uploaded them, they were side up, but not rotating.

👤I bought this seat to replace a very uncomfortable seat on my Nordictrack S22i. The size and shape of the seat made a huge difference. I'm still getting used to it, but it's not painful. I don't have to wear shorts.

👤The memory foam saddle is said to be very comfortable for long rides. The seat is well made and comes with a seat post that is $10 more expensive than a seat that does not include it. It was easy to build and install. The memory foam padding is good, but not great, and it is quickly compressed to the hard plastic underneath. It provides adequate comfort for short rides, but not for long rides. The Avenir Comfort Plus seat provided more cushion and comfort. The springs below the saddle make a difference. I will keep it, but I hoped it would provide more cushion.


What is the best product for bicycle seats for comfort women gel extra large?

Bicycle seats for comfort women gel extra large products from Zacro. In this article about bicycle seats for comfort women gel extra large you can see why people choose the product. Boxgrans and Daway are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle seats for comfort women gel extra large.

What are the best brands for bicycle seats for comfort women gel extra large?

Zacro, Boxgrans and Daway are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle seats for comfort women gel extra large. Find the detail in this article. Pdxtraordinary, V-cyclin and Kiko are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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