Best Bicycle Seat with Backrest

Seat 30 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Oversized Comfortable Replacement Universal Tricycles

Oversized Comfortable Replacement Universal Tricycles

If their bike saddles don't improve your comfort, they will give you a refund. The comfortable bike seat is made with extra padding and spring suspension that makes it easier to use as a stationary exercise. It's a must have for bikes and tricycles. Extra wide bike saddle is perfect for your hips and leg movement. The tricylce seat increases the force area, ass support force and riding comfort at the same time. Ride with confidence and safety. High density memory foam and gel absorption offers better shock effect and better protection to your riding. The bike saddle is designed to fit almost all bikes. It's recommended to use on cruiser bikes. It is easy to install with the extra install tool and instruction. If you have any issues with it, you can return it or get a replacement.

Brand: Foxtell

👤The bike seat is great quality, but it is not compatible with a Schwin stationary bike. There is a I had to contact them because it was a third party seller. They immediately contacted me back with the best customer service I have had in a long time. There is a So impressed.

👤I bought this seat for my partner. The build quality leaves a bit to be desired, although it looks good in the pictures. The back of the saddle was so back that any person other than a very large one would have to lean back to even touch it. I was able to fix the issue by placing the slots on the underside. The height adjustment for the backrest can't be locked because of how tight the knob is. I think I can permanently lock the position with a set screw. This is the worst Chinese quality I have ever seen.

👤The box was turned all over and it must have been put on a shelf to resell. I returned it for a refund. The seat and back looked small.

👤It was easy to install.

👤I wanted to be comfortable on the bike. It was described.

👤The back support slides down and is hard to tighten so it doesn't move. I had to use super glue to keep it from moving.

👤The seat is well built. If seat would fold down for easier access, it would have been 5 stars.

2. Lixada Bicycle Leather Cushion Children

Lixada Bicycle Leather Cushion Children

The seat is wide and the position is comfortable. The thick sponge padding provides a lot of comfort. Backrest helps protect your children. Max. The weight capacity is 99lb. Water resistant and easy to clean, the surface of PU leather. It's easy to install on a standard rear rack.

Brand: Lixada

👤Fit the wagon 4! Twins love riding on the back of a rad wagon. The bench seat is sold out, but this works well. The supports aren't great, but they're pretty secure out of the box.

👤The bolts and nuts on the back seat of my child's school bus are not tight, as shown in the video, because they are loosened. If you want to fix it, you need to take apart the base and unholster the bolts from the inside, and then upholster it again. The 2 clamps that come to attach the seat to the bike rack are not of good quality and the shape of the rack is not consistent.

👤I love the simplicity of this thing. The back rest is pretty solid and the rider can wiggle around until they find the most comfortable angle. Allowing a 180+lb person to sit on the back and rest their back against it and feel safe. It makes the bike hard to fit in the car. It adds 7 inches to the back of the bike and makes it difficult to load the bike into the car. I would like the back rest to be black instead of white. I wish the back could fold down when not in use so that I could paint the white rear bar to match. It's a great back seat that works well for a great price. Get it!

👤I understand that this is a $20 seat. I would have forgiven some issues if I had low expectations. The threaded holes for the seat back were installed so far from the center that it was impossible to use or even install. There is a The stitching is off in multiple places. There is a The foam has weird dents. There is a One of the threaded holes for the main attaching system is loose and would be unsafe. There is a Fifth: The brackets are very sharp. All four of these problems are not just a one off problem. The piece was poorly made and given no quality control. I wouldn't trust this seat for my child.

👤The work is done by it. I wanted to be able to take my child with me. He likes it Mounted onto the rail.

👤My partner and I take the kids to school on bikes. It fits perfectly on our cruiser bikes, which had a rear rack built into the bike frame. The product has made going to places with the kids so much easier, but I didn't purchase the handlebars and the foot pegs that usually comes with it, so that the kids don't have to hold on to us. There is a This seat is a butt saver for adults. Your boyfriend is the most hated man in the neighborhood if you add foot pegs and wear a short skirt. There is a When the kids are riding with us, we get a lot of feedback from the people who see them. If you're parking your bike outside, the bolts need to be checked frequently, and it's a good idea to keep your bike locked up.

3. YLG Oversized Comfortable Replacement Waterproof

YLG Oversized Comfortable Replacement Waterproof

You can buy with confidence because they want you to be happy. If the bike water bottle cages don't meet your expectations, please contact them. The bike sheath is super convenient. Premium quality high elasticity high density memory foam and gel is padded. It is soft and shakeproof. The surface of the leather is waterproof. It is very durable for a long time. The extra wide design of the bike seat is perfect for your hips. It will increase the force area and support force at the same time. Stay safe with reflective band on back Enjoy safe riding outdoors and night. The dual spring rubber ball suspension in the bottom of the bicycle seat gives better protection to your riding and will not cause noise between the springs. It is easy to install the YLG BIKE SADDLE. You have to bring a bike accessory to fit it. It's best to use it on cruiser, mountain bikes, road city bikes, fixed gear and touring bikes. Extra install tools and instruction. Installation is easy. The United States designed a patent for a bike accessory. The company is working on a more comfortable bike seat. They help people get rid of seat pain. The original designer of the bike seat has a patent. Please buy the authentic to ensure your comfort. They care about your shopping experience. 90 days free return and refund is what they offer. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Ylg

👤This is the most amazing thing I have ever bought on Amazon. This is the answer to butt pain and I have to do a review. The seat cradles your butt. The seat I bought has a lot of foam in it. This one is not straight. I don't wear pants or shorts anymore. They didn't do much. I have been riding 17 miles a week for the past 3 weeks and it is pure joy.

👤The seat that came with the bike hurt my back after I rode it for over 30 minutes. I'm a woman, 5'10 and 170 lbs. For longer rides, I need comfort. The new seat is great. It's wide enough for my face. This saddle is very good. Thank you so much!

👤This saddle is very comfortable. I ride 13 miles one way to school and back 3 times a week so I am more than qualified to leave a noteworthy review. I was riding a saddle with springs. It wasn't bad until I started riding longer distances to school and back and it hurt my butt. I bought a pair of shorts with pads in the butt. It was hard to have to change at school. I bought this saddle. I have to tell you that its nice. I haven't worn those shorts in a while. This is the solution to long distance riding. I rode my bike in the rain after leaving it outside. After wiping the saddle off, my butt stayed dry. I can see the fabric doesn't absorb any water as the water wipes off like a squeegee. It feels like a dolphin, it is almost like a rubbery texture. The bad thing about this seat is that it's not very stealthy. The saddle performs as desired but the spring and linkages make noise. Nothing ugly sounding. There is a jiggle in the rough stuff. The level of comfort is far superior to the bad news. Excellent saddle guys.

👤I love this seat. It's a little awkward in the beginning but once you get used to the seat it's very comfortable and I recommend it.

👤I have a C9 seat but was looking for something bigger. It worked out well for the person who took a chance on it. The seat is comfortable and the wing tips act as stabilizer. I think this looks awkward on my mountain bike, but it's fine on my wife's bike.

👤The bike saddle is perfect for a six foot tall man. It looks huge, but I can't see how big the seat is. I can see myself using this bike seat to go back to biking.

👤I am writing this review because my purchase of this item was based on other reviewers comments. I don't agree with all of them. I ride my bike for 20 to 25 miles per ride and my tush always hurts at the end of the ride. I was looking for something to alleviate the pain. The product was reviewed and every review expressed love at the first seat. My heart and rear were broken. There is a There were sore spots on my inner thigh/crotch areas and my gluteus maximus was maxosaurass. The saddle that came with the bike was not as comfortable as this one. There is a The seat is going back. Thank you, Amazon Prime, for making it so easy.

4. BESPORTBLE Bicycle Cushion Safety Backrest

BESPORTBLE Bicycle Cushion Safety Backrest

It was easy to install. The installation of the baby bike carrier is very easy. They give detailed instructions. Front beams and straight bars are required for your bicycle. They provide pictures and videos for installation examples. It is possible to make cycling safer. Electric bicycles are light weight. It is easy to use and install. Keep your back comfortable. The product is easy to carry.

Brand: Besportble

👤I bought this for a back rest for my E bike passenger and it worked out well, the cushion is comfortable, and the size is right.

👤Good for me to drive my bike to pick up my child.

5. ISM Touring Saddle BLACK

ISM Touring Saddle BLACK

The MOON Backrest Saddle Bike Seat has a 1-year manufacture guarantee. They'll replace your seat or reimburse you back if you're dissatisfied. It is a wide base for stability and comfort. The nose-less design removes pressure from soft tissue, which makes the ride more enjoyable. 60-series foam padding. The ISM saddle was the original one.

Brand: Ism

👤I decided on this saddle after a lot of research. I wanted to avoid the saddles with the split-nose design, as well as the split-saddles. I decided that I would be trading one problem for another because of the saddles. There is a I had to eliminate the nose to end testicular pain, and the ISM Touring Saddle provided an easier dismount from the saddle. I needed a vacant area in the saddle to eliminate pain in the perineum. The "sitz bones" require a saddle with a wider rear portion. If you don't want the wider rear, there is a "Sport" model. Some reviews said that the points in the front caused some pain in the hamstring area. I tilted the saddle forward and it wasn't noticeable at all. Is the saddle as comfortable as your chair at home? The answer is no. There is a If you are going to ride your bike, I think you should use a saddle. It has to function. There is a The saddle performs well for what it is. It is very well made. I would recommend this to other riders. I have already recommended it. I'm tall. The number is 225. A person who uses his bike for commute, paved bike trails, and mountain bike trails. I hope the review helps you find what you're looking for.

👤There is aALE RIDER. I have not had the misfortune of having my taint go numb or my penis falling asleep because I have been using the nose-less saddle for a month. I tried a cutaway saddle for a couple of weeks but it was not good for my testes. Although it looks a bit funny, the ISM Touring Saddle is doing what I wanted it to do. I wear shorts without underwear or padding. My stuff is in the net. I prefer flat surfaces and prefer to be seated throughout the ride. My bike is not fancy. It is a Schwinn 21-speed. I enjoy riding as a form of exercise and swimming as well. Heavy duty bikers who challenge themselves to multi-level terrains, U-turns and racing may find it hard to choose because it has no nose. I don't go there. You may be heard when seen. That is quite strange. What kind of seat is it? I think the terms I used will suffice. Enjoy!

👤I own both ISM models. The Sport is very narrow and firm, and it has to support your sit bones, so it's not a good choice if you're looking for a saddle. The Touring is wider and better padded. I've ridden more than 10,000 miles in the past decade and even though I prefer the Touring, I'm fairly athletic. I don't ride a lot but I keep my Sport on a bike. When I ordered this item through Amazon, I thought I was getting the Touring, but they sent the Sport. I've never returned something I bought on Amazon. The Sport that they sent is a different model than the one they claim to be. I own both. I would rate it 5 stars if it wasn't for that. The saddle is very good. I know it's not for everyone, but I have come to realize that saddles with noses still contact your perineum, and that is a bad thing for both men and women. The only way to get rid of the nose is to eliminate the fundamental design flaw in conventional bike saddles. The ISMs are the best noseless saddles I've tried. The model that got rave reviews in the study of male bike police is the same model that was almost eliminated from the study. Have you ever thought that biking might be contributing to reduced bedroom performance? It is. Get the weight off of your taint now. Does it make it harder to steer the bike? I don't think so. I steer with my hips, like most serious riders, and I haven't found a problem. The weight on your butt can help steer your bike. Even if I'm riding light, I have no difficulty. I'm a mountain biker, not just a pavement rider. Losing the nose has not cost me control over my bike. The funny looks and questions you get are the only downside to a noseless saddle. Too bad. It's more important to make my wife happy than it is to make other people happy.

6. WING Universal Standard Mountain Stationary

WING Universal Standard Mountain Stationary

The seat for men and women has a special memory effect. The saddle is good for your health because of its comfortable design. The United States Patent & Trademark Office granted them a design patent for their bike seat. The Wing-Like Arch Design is unique on the outlook and also improves comfort by increasing seating space and stimulating wraparound effect on your buttock to reduce pain and soreness on your daily bicycle ride. The fit of the bike seat is universal. Replacement saddle seat works with all standard bicycles; universal fit on mountain, road, folding, comfort, stationary, and electric bikes and cruisers; dimensions (L x W x H): 10.16 x 13.19 x 7.48 inches The wing-arched design of the seat creates a wider one and reduces pain after long rides. There is a sudden absorber of suspension. Even on bumpy trails and rough roads, the dual shock-absorbing rubber spring coil offer a smooth ride. The cooling foam core crotchion is. Soft foam-padded cushion with anti-abrasion and anti-slip PU/PVC leather cover extends the longevity of your bike seat regardless of weather conditions.

Brand: X Wing

👤I replaced the standard saddle on the Pro Form stationary bike. The standard saddle was uncomfortable for my wife and I. The difference was made when I put this replacement on it. If you are getting sore or numb while riding, stop and make the switch. This choice is a pleasure to have.

👤The red light built into the rear of the seat is something I like best about this bicycle seat. I haven't used the red light because my rides have all happened during the day. The seat's comfort is disappointing to me. After about 30 minutes on my ride, my butt hurts on both cheeks, and my balls feel like they're being slowly tightened. I had to get out of the seat to find a comfortable position. The pain continues until my ride ends. I can't recommend this seat because of my experience with it.

👤It's a big fat fluffy seat for me.

👤I bought this to replace the seat on my bike. The original seat is comfortable, but it gets a bit uncomfortable after a while. The seat is wider so you sit on your hips rather than on your crotch. It seems to be well designed and made. I don't know how long it will last but I think it will hold up. If you have a seat that is uncomfortable after sitting for a while, I recommend it.

👤I have a hybrid street bike that I use indoors. Over the last week, I have been using this seat for an hour at a time. I have good things to say about it. After about 30 minutes, I would get pain and numbness in my bottom, after trying both foam and gel seats. Even though I'm 185 lbs, I bought this in Xl Size. I was glad I did. I found the seat a bit uncomfortable at first, but I lowered it. It worked as I hoped. I try to sit back so that I can use the width of the seat to my advantage.

👤After using a stationary bike for a while, I found my sciatic nerve was being compressed and causing pain. I researched the items to look for in a bike seat to make it less painful. I might have to use the seat on my outside bike because it is so comfortable.

👤It was easy to ride all day and comfortable. This is the answer to your fitness prayers if you are a big person. I would swap this out for a seat on a stationary bike and see how far you can go.

7. Most Comfortable Bike Seat Replacement

Most Comfortable Bike Seat Replacement

If this oversized bicycle saddle didn't improve comfort or have any quality problems within a year, please contact them for an after-sales service. A well padded bike seat can absorb shock and make your ride less painful, if you try their bike saddle, which is super comfortable for men, women, seniors, fat fanny, etc. Birthday gifts, Mother's Day, Father's Day and Christmas make workout nicer. The best friend for your hip is a soft, non-Slip, Wear-Resistant material. The surface of the bike seat is non-slip and padded with high density memory foam. It's perfect for long bike rides for men or women. If you are looking for a smooth ride, the two rubber balls placed beneath the bicycle seat will absorb the shocks coming from the bumps, potholes or any difficult terrain you are riding on. The perfect package includes a wide bike seat with reflective strip, a universal rail clamp, rain cover, and reflective armbands. This seat is the perfect choice if you want to ride to work, school, park, around the block or even off-road. The Universal Fit Design includes a rail Clamp which is 7 inches inside. The wide bicycle saddle can be mounted on any seat post. 100% satisfaction with the quality guarantee. The wide bicycle seat makes riding a bike very comfortable. If you have a problem with this bike saddle, feel free to contact them.

Brand: Luxoton

👤Installation was easy and the product looked good. I brought two seats because I couldn't ride for more than 20 minutes. There is a The upgrade seats were used for the first time on the cruise control ride. There is a I never go back to those pinocchio seats. This is a good seat but come close. No regrets are heard. Can't wait to ride again. There is a Good luck.

👤My butt is not being killed by my rides anymore. I wasn't sure if it would be the same as the seat the bike came with, but it was. My bones don't feel bruised anymore, and no more pubic bone pain. I know that posture has a lot to do with how your butt feels. I am an amateur rider. I need the support for my wide hips while I try to keep up with the workout. You will not regret this purchase if you experience any issues on your bike.

👤The bicycle seat came with Bowflex. The original seat was hard and uncomfortable, but now with this new seat, I can work out with no pain. Love it!

👤This is the most comfortable seat I have ever purchased. I own a motorized bicycle. Twenty miles a day is what I put on it. I need to be comfortable. I'm thankful for the green ankle bands that came with the seat. The seat has a waterproof cover. I will be using it to keep the sun out. Why? In the summertime, the sun in Tucson, Arizona is bad.

👤The rubber balls seem to be just for looks. I couldn't figure out any other function. It's too early to tell if the seat cover is durable. It's not at all "breathable" and makes for a hot bottom. It is a bit better now that the rain cover is in place. The seat might be a little more comfortable than the stock seat it replaced, but not much. Installation was easy. There is a It was adjusted and tried again. It is worse than my old seat. Will go to the donation pile. It might be okay for a child.

👤It's more comfortable than a stock seat and I like it on my tail. It was great for a 6 mile bike ride.

👤I bought this for my indoor studio cycle because I think the stock seat is made for people who are super fit in the commercials. The seat is very comfortable and doesn't make me feel like I'm riding on a fence post. It was easy to install and the allen key was sent with my bike. I did not need any other tools to install. Don't let your friends see it because it looks like your grandma's seat on her bike.

8. ERGO Seat Ultimate Bicycle Saddle

ERGO Seat Ultimate Bicycle Saddle

The horn-less bicycle saddle is designed to eliminate pain and numbness. The rider's weight is being moved to the sit-bone. The soft gel seat is covered in lyra. The rail-mount is standard for seat posts. The saddle is 9 Inches wide by 6 Inches long.

Brand: Ergo

👤Over the last 20 years or so, I have had three of these seats. I will never go back to a traditional bike seat. This seat provides consistent support over long rides and varied terrain, while leaving ample space for your jewels to dangle unimpeded. The sensation is more like leaning your butt against a bartool or wall, where you're not sitting on it, but just using it for leverage against your pedal stroke. I have done a 65 mile bike ride on one of these and used it for years on my daily commute. There is a The cushion holds up well over years of use. It's mostly flat and has a larger bulge in the front to cushion your back. I've tried to dig in to the back of my legs, but others tend to shift uncomfortably over time. This one is comfortable and solid. There is a The lycra skin can eventually wear thin, but this is more of a problem for the eyes than it is for the body. I replaced my skin after about 5 years. Get one if you stop mashing your nuts.

👤I found this saddle in order to be able to enjoy riding, instead of focusing on the pain which detracted from the whole experience, as a cyclist who has had Lady Garden issues from the get-go. The saddle I put under my tookis is the worst thing I have ever put there, aside from the fact that my old quarter horse threw me two times for every three that I rode her. The saddle gave me no pain in the girl parts. It was a joy to not have that right out of the chute. But... I was so focused on keeping my balance and not sliding off the seat onto my bars that I didn't even think about fighting to keep my balance. I felt like I had been working out for an hour because of my sore shoulders. I was trying to push myself backwards to stay in the saddle and my wrists were killing me. I was afraid of the long run. After I reached the five mile point, I got off my bike and called my husband to meet me. I felt in a very dangerous situation no matter what the adjustments were, and it was the benefit of the doubt on the long ride. I received an eighty dollar saddle that I rode a total of twelve miles on. That's about seven bucks a minute.

9. Comfortable Thickened Absorbing Waterproof Stationary

Comfortable Thickened Absorbing Waterproof Stationary

No risk purchase. Their main goal is to make you happy. If you don't like it, just try it, and if you don't love it, they will replace orRefund your purchase. Their bike seat is wide. The dual spring suspension design of the bike saddle makes it great for tailbone relief. The wide pad size helps you say goodbye to the pain and enjoy the ride now. The best choice of seat replacement. There are two shock absorbing spring balls on the bottom of the bike seat, which makes it more stable. Offer you a comfortable ride. Waterproof and wear are included. Their bike saddle cushion is made of high-end PU leather which is anti-scratch, waterproof and wear resistant. You can easily install the bicycle saddle with the two mounting tools wrench + screwdriver. You can come with a saddle accessory that is suitable for many types of bicycles. A unique non-slip design can effectively prevent slipping. The green color is related to the concept of energy saving and environmental protection of bicycles. It's a good bike seat for women and men. If you have any questions during use, please contact them via Amazon, they will provide a professional solution for you.

Brand: Yueyee

👤Works well! It's super comfy. The butt is nice and warm.

👤I had to figure out how to install it. It was a challenge to change a bike seat. I had to figure out a way to put it back together after I removed the bolts to fit the seat. There is a lot of pain. I figured it out and installed the seat. I'm not sure if I can change it, it seems to be at a weird angle. It's comfortable, but it's hard to get used to the large size. It's very large in both width and thickness. I think I might prefer a regular seat that's a bit narrower and thinner, with padded bike shorts. It's ok, but I don't like it.

👤The bicycle seat is good for me. I like wide padded seats and this one fits the bill. The green accent looks great. The ride is made from cones not springs. The seat installs like every other bicycle seat. It has a cover and a tool. Thumbs up!

👤My life has changed. I switch from a small seat to a pillow. I like this product. I can ride my bike for the whole day without any pain. I like the cover. I was surprised.

👤This is more comfortable than my old seat was. I was tired of the narrow seat and sore after a bike ride. The seat is very different from the other ones. It's wide so you can sit on it properly. It has absorbers in the back to cushion against bumps. I tested it on some roots and it absorbed the impact. After a long ride, I didn't feel any pain, and I was able to ride later which I hadn't done before. I wish I had this seat a long time ago.

10. Sibosen Oversized Replacement Compatible Exercise

Sibosen Oversized Replacement Compatible Exercise

Length: 10.25" (265mm)/ width: 7.6" (194mm)/ weight: 468g/ The comfortable bike seat is made with extra padding and spring suspension that makes it easier to use as a stationary exercise. This is a great bike seat. The extra wide design of the bike saddle fits your hips perfectly. The soft PU cover material has weather resistance. High density memory foam and gel absorption offers better shock effect and better butt support. The bike saddle is designed to fit almost all bikes. It's recommended to use on cruiser bikes. It is easy to install with mounting tools and instructions. What you get is an oversized bike seat, a mounting wrench, and friendly customer service.

Brand: Sibosen

👤There was no hardware to mount the seat to the frame on the moon seat that I ordered, so I had to return two of them. There were no holes drilled in the seat to mount it to the frame. I got this one out of the box and on my bike in less than 10 minutes. I'm not a small person. This seat on my electric bike is a game-changer for an old man with a bad lower back because I'm not a fat ass. I use it to carry my service dog, Tug, around the neighborhood. Everyone knows his name, but they don't know who I am. I think that's because I'm not like him.

👤It has a great look, but it is very stiff. There is not much padding.

👤The company didn't pay attention to what was shipped. A motorcycle cover was placed on top of a sticker on the bag that said Bicycle Seat With Back Rest. It was obvious that it was not a seat and backrest as the item was only 2 pounds and lay flat. This is the right job for you if you can't see what you're packing. Don't buy.

👤This was ordered in January and received in March. There was a mix up in shipping. The seller resents the seat after I contacted them. The seat is nice. My neice uses the exercise bike every day and she really likes it. It took my son 15 minutes to set it up.

11. SANMERSEN Bicycle Footrest Handrail Accessories

SANMERSEN Bicycle Footrest Handrail Accessories

Customer satisfaction is important to them. If you are unhappy with their gel bicycle seat cushion, they will give you a money-back assurance. The wide padded seat and backrest make it safe and comfortable to ride. The armrest handrail and footrest made sure your children were safe. Please note. Double check the screws for children over 5 years old. The material isdurable. A wooden board on a cushion and a strong steel armrest are included. The sponge is thick and can be cleaned more easily. It's the same size for most. The cushion is about 13.4 x 6.2 x 1.9inch and the arm is about 7.87 inch. FeetrestE is about 4.26 x 2.36inch/ 11.2 x 6 cm. The seat cushion is held onto a bike rack by straps, not included. The weight limit is the limit of the rack. It's easy to start. A bike rack is needed to mount it. It's easy to change a bike rack. It can be used on a standard back seat. A great child's food for bullocks. It is possible to make your child safety by matching a classic black bicycle. Don't worry about the risk of kids falling while sitting in the back seat of the bicycles, it's a neat appearance that makes travel full of fun.

Brand: Samyoung

👤This seat is great. If you have a good bike racket, you should not have any problems. I put the footrests on the rack so my son could reach them. I put a toolbelt under the seat to make him feel more secure.

👤My husband and son rode their bikes to the park after a quick ride around the neighborhood. Our son and daughter were not stuck in the bike trailer. The seat of my husband's bike seat is close to the handle bars. We put ours on a Acomfort rack. It was dropped to a one star due to poor craftsmanship and cheap materials. The seat broke in the area where the back support was attached. My husband and son feel unsafe. We tried to reach someone about this issue. A full refund was offered for the faulty item. We love the seat. There was something wrong with the one we received.

👤We loved it when it was installed and we drove it around the neighborhood. We made a picnic basket and headed for a family day out. My son fractured his ankle when he got stuck in between the wheel bars. This is a really dangerous product, that should come with add on equipment to close off the wheel portion where child's foots gonna sit, because small children can miss the foot rest, and their foot get stuck like our sons.

👤Loving this seat. Strudy. It was slick. It was thought to be too heavy. Really nice. I didn't know how it would fit on my bike. It's sturdy enough to use with a regular bike rack. My son might switch to a cargo rack when he gets a little heavier. It's perfect. My seven year old can't wait to ride.

👤My ebike build is a game-changer. My 6 year old daughter rides to school. She likes it. I was able to put a bar on the seat tube of my old bike, with the bar coming up between my seat stays. This allows me to adjust my seat post. It's important to mount it to the strongest rear rack you can find. I have mounted my bike frame with little M5 bolts. The bolts that come out of the bottom of the seat are the only complaint. I had to hold 2 of them with vice grips as I tightened them down, which made the threads foul. I give it 5 stars for the money.

👤There are no issues with the seat. I like the back rest and the foot rests that fold up. It doesn't come with instructions or a way to attach it to the bike, so just a few words of caution. It isn't really made for a cruiser as the handle bar won't fit behind my seat. I still use it with modifications.

👤I was expecting more than that. The RAD Runner Plus is here. Kids were terrified to ride the runner with the seat on it. It was difficult to ride the bike because they held me tight around my waist. That made me afraid. This worked out the trick. Our kids love it.


What is the best product for bicycle seat with backrest?

Bicycle seat with backrest products from Foxtell. In this article about bicycle seat with backrest you can see why people choose the product. Lixada and Ylg are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle seat with backrest.

What are the best brands for bicycle seat with backrest?

Foxtell, Lixada and Ylg are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle seat with backrest. Find the detail in this article. Besportble, Ism and X Wing are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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