Best Bicycle Seat for Kids

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1. XIEEIX Handlebar Attachment Detachable Compatible

XIEEIX Handlebar Attachment Detachable Compatible

The SHOTGUN Child Bike Seat has full rubber protection for your frame. Don't use low quality alternatives for your frame. Riding with your children will not only satisfy their curiosity about the world, but will also encourage their love for mountain biking and outdoor sports. A kid's bicycle seat makes riding easy. The Child MTB seat is designed for children less than 48 pounds. The angle of the seat can be adjusted to fit the bike's upper tube. Not applicable to electric bicycles, road bicycles or bicycles with jacking cables. A rubber-designed child bike seat can protect your bicycle frame. The soft saddle and children's handlebars will not affect the balance of riding, and your child can enjoy a happy riding journey. The child bicycle seat is easy to install and remove with a quick installation wrench. Kid bike seat, Kid handlebars, and installation wrench are included in the packing list. The design and manufacture of child bicycle seats meet high quality standards.

Brand: Xieeix

👤I took my daughter for a ride and she loved it. Excellent concept but poor quality. The bolts that I tried to remove to adjust the chair broke. You should not put your child on this mechanism. Don't buy this product until they improve it.

👤Really? The pictures on the outside of the box are not instructions. I had to watch a video of a competitor. Its easy. We are talking to kids here. I am making sure that the thing is assembled correctly. The handle bar side of the brackets have a thickness that is short. I had to steal from my parts bin.

👤I almost bought a similar one for over $100. I bought this for a fraction of the cost because I trusted prior reviews. We have an ebike that is wrapped around the larger frame. My kids had a great time with this and the install was very easy with the included installation guide.

👤If you are mechanical oriented, you will get it assembled in no time. My daughter loves it. I went for a ride with her and it was very safe. There were no problems until now.

👤My 2-year-old loves it and we've taken it for a few rides. This system is far superior to the bulky seat that we used to have. It gives us both more of a feeling of freedom and I don't think there are any safety concerns.

👤This was easy to use and install. My daughter likes to sit up front with me. This is almost exactly the same product as the original one that was almost triple the price, it has all the bells and whistles, and the handle.

👤The seat and handle bars are neat, but a few of the screws broke as we were installing them. I wanted to return it, but the window of return was not open. It made me wonder if the design could hold my 3 year old or if something would break as we rode. I don't recommend buying this product and I would like a full refund.

👤It was easy to install. I love it. My 3 year old loved it and it was a good purchase.

👤The second time I tried to fit the seat, one bolt broke. I chose it because it looked like a cheaper version of a well known brand but I didn't expect it to break after the first use.

👤Funciona a nios.

2. UZOASO Replacement Bicycle Multiple Options

UZOASO Replacement Bicycle Multiple Options

The application is for something. The size is 8.7inch and fits for girls and boys bicycles. The kids bike saddle cushion is non-slip,durable, feel comfortable, good elastic and very soft, it protects the buttocks! Children can enjoy riding a bicycle. The rails are compatible with most seat post clamps. Unique design for comfort. The kids bike saddle has a support system that will help distribute pressure from back across the saddle and eliminate sit bone pain. It is the best gift for children to ride a bicycle. 250mm x 140mm. It's for juvenile riders on bikes ranging from 14” to 24” They offer a 90-Day Money- Back Guarantee to make sure you are happy with your purchase. If you want to stop using the product, they will give you a refund.

Brand: Uzoaso

👤I bought this seat for my child. It's perfect. I like the handle on the back so I can help him balance. It was reasonably priced and quality seems good. I will definitely recommend.

👤I bought this seat as a replacement and it was the best choice. The quality is perfect and the handle is great.

👤It's easy to install.

👤An old bike was refurbished. It's easy to install.

👤Works well for a custom built bike.

3. Burley Encore Seat Trailer Stroller

Burley Encore Seat Trailer Stroller

The front-mounted bike seat is easy to remove and install. It's applicable to Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes and Electric Bikes. The included 1-Wheel Stroller Kit enhances use with a quick transition from biking to strolling out of the box. The suspension keeps the kids comfortable. Push button wheels are easy to install and remove. When folded forward, the heightadjustable handlebar is an additional roll bar. Adding protection to wet conditions is provided by water-resistant cover and zippers. The rear window has a vent. Passengers are protected from harmful UV rays.

Brand: Burley Design

👤We have a 1.5 year old. We used to ride our bikes along the lake front before she was born. Over the past year and a half, we have had to use a stroller to walk the lake front trail. No more! There is a I compared the attached seat approach to the dedicated bike trailer when researching options for biking with a toddler. The bike trailer is the safer option due to the child's shorter distance from the ground, according to Consumer Reports. I liked the idea of detaching the stroller from the trailer and riding with it. It was perfect for our lifestyle. The biggest questions were price, size and brand. I researched the different tiers of trailers and settled on the Encore X. After some time, it was apparent that Thule and Burley were the biggest players in this industry. The theme was "you get what you pay for" after comparing the different models and reading articles. It took a few days for me to stop thinking about how much I would be spending on one of these. I had to make a decision on whether to get a 1 or a 2-seater. The price point, the 2-seat option, and the stroller function made the Encore X 888-282-0465. We took the stroller out with our daughter for 3 excursions. All three times it was wonderful. During the Pride Parade, we went. We went to the zoo to get away from the crowds. It was a nightmare. Public transportation was backed up. The bike trail was almost empty. We loaded up the trailer with a small cooler for snacks and then we went to the zoo. The bike ride was easy. After we got to the zoo, we put the bikes in the trailer and walked around the zoo in stroller mode. My daughter was content the whole time. After the zoo, we attached the trailer to the bikes and rode home. The sudden rain gave us a chance to use the rain shield, and I'm happy to report that our daughter stayed dry. The article gave this a 5. I have not experienced the handle bar issue. It stays put. If it's a hot day, you can lift the back flap up completely, and if it's raining, you've got other problems. We like this thing. It's worth the price of admission.

👤Everything about this trailer is great. It's very strong. The materials are of the highest quality. The person on the bike and the kids in the trailer can enjoy a smooth ride. The only complaint I have is the poor air flow. When air is forced through the trailer, the rear plastic window pops open. While riding slowly through areas with little to no wind, the air inside becomes stagnant and warms up very quickly. Especially with two kids. Our current weather in Southern California is in the mid to high 70's. We rode our bikes to lunch. Was it a 10 minute ride? The wind was blowing at our backs. Both of my kids were sweating when we got back. There is a The only way to get a rear zip up plastic cover is to pay an extra $200 for the top end model. That's not going to happen. I'm trying to figure out if I can mount a battery operated fan. If that doesn't work out, I'll have to return this and find another brand.

4. SHOTGUN Mountain Mounted Children Compatible

SHOTGUN Mountain Mounted Children Compatible

Every purchase includes a helmet, charging cable, wireless remote, rubber bands, and a card. Share your passion for mountain biking. Your child will love riding SHOTGUN and mountain biking. Designed for children up to 48 lbs. The SHOTGUN Kids MTB seat can be adjusted to fit flat or sloping top tubes. It is not permissible for e- bikes, road bikes or older bicycles with cables on the top tube. The SHOTGUN bike seat is easy to fit and remove. Installation instructions and installation video can help with any questions you may have. The SHOTGUN Child Bike Seat has full rubber protection for your frame. Don't use low quality alternatives for your frame. Mountain Bike Moms and Dads designed From Their Mountain Biking Family To Yours. Premium quality standards for safety and comfort were designed and made.

Brand: Shotgun

👤The product was very good. I don't know why it's so much money. The product is nice, but not perfect, for example the quick release scratches the pant on the down tube. This shouldn't happen for this price. It is a fine line between too loose and scratching your bike. I think they give tools for instal that is a waist of money. Simple tools would be a cheaper price point. The handlebars should be sold together. There is a My kid loves going on rides with me.

👤The seller is confused about what a quick release is. A quick release is when you can take something off or let it go. A seatpost skewer can be used to adjust or remove the seatpost. A wheel skewer is used to release the wheels. This is not a quick release function. The Shotgun seat is hard to remove. You will have to do the reverse of the installation video and take the whole thing apart every time you remove it from your bike. You don't have to remove the seat and loosen the top bolt if you made it tight. Less secure is less tight. The only thing the quick release skewer does on this seat is give you a little extra leverage in order to help secure the seat a bit more. A useful feature, but not a quick release. A wing nut or thumb screw would suffice, but wouldn't allow you to tighten as much. To remove this seat from the bike, you have to remove the seat, the foot pegs, and the "quick release" skewer, but you also have to take the seat apart, which means you have to remove the top bolt. There is a The foot pegs are a bit difficult to get on/off. To remove the foot peg bolt completely, you have to first remove the frame and loosen the nuts between the foot pegs. I bought this because it said it was quick. I have to remove the seat from time to time.

👤The seat has exceeded my expectations. You have to learn to ride a little different to make this work. It is worth the effort. I use a trailer and it is the best option around. The memories made while using this seat are priceless. It also fits my bike. My 4 year old has been on all day trips and has not complained.

👤The design has flaws. The spacer at the bottom that prevents over-tightening is very flaky and requires a lot of adjustment. If you don't make it tight enough every time, you'll end up with a bolt that's pretty sharp and deep threadng, and you'll lose your rear brake line, as that usually goes under the down tube. There is a There is no way to screw the seat in to a point where it doesn't move. There is a The seat is starting to fall apart after 10 rides. The fake leather is very thin and flimsy. There is a The quality and attention to detail should have been ten times greater.

5. CyclingDeal Bicycle Baby Carrier Handrail

CyclingDeal Bicycle Baby Carrier Handrail

All of their products are shipped from US warehouses. Hanseryshop has a professional customer service team ready to help you. The baby seat is suitable for kids from 9 months to 30 months and body weight from 20-33 lbs. Seat belt buckles are designed to be opened at the same time. The feature makes sure the buckle is not accidentally released by the kid. Kids' feet are kept in the safe position with the foot straps. RIDE WITH COMFORT: As your child grows, the footrests are adjusted to fit. The positions could be moved backwards or forwards for optimal spacing. The child can use the handlebar during the ride. Your little one will appreciate the comfort padding that supports their back and the cushion on the seat. The frame seat tube has to be round in diameter. Including 700C bicycles. This is not suitable for a drop bar road bike, dual suspension MTB, or a beach cruiser. You can order now and pay free. They can provide a 2-year warranty because they're so confident in their product quality. It was made in Taiwan.

Brand: Cyclingdeal

👤Quizs la incomodidad, tuve para montarlo, se deba a la altura de las goma de la bicicleta. También as me ajustar por "timoncito del asiento". la incomodidad de las tuercas. Fuera de eso, estamos.

👤It's perfect for rides with my husband and baby. There is a It is a comfortable ride for us as well. There is a I was excited about this because I don't like the idea of a baby seat behind me. I recommend the product.

👤After two months of use, the straps are not as strong. We are a few days past our return window. I had to purchase a strap cover because the straps were digging into the baby's chest. The harness can fall off a baby easily, and it is difficult to tighten and loosen it. There are better options out there.

👤If someone pulls it back, the plastic will crack. I don't recommend that. It is easy to secure our bike after I purchased an accessory. The seat can be balanced but not over the weight limit. It is easy to clean. It can be hung on a hook in the garage because it takes up a bit of room. It seems like it is comfortable. The foot rests are nice.

👤This design is very interesting. My baby likes this a lot. This could be a great gift for a new mom. Excellent product! Good value for money. I highly recommend!

6. Aluminum Portable Foldable Mountain Suitable

Aluminum Portable Foldable Mountain Suitable

It is comfortable and close-fitting. Free space will not be affected by the design. It's suitable for family riding adventures. The armrest and pedals can be folded. The pedal can be adjusted by four levels. The front mount child bike seat has a quick installation wrench. It's easy to install. It can be put in a bag and carried with you after being disassembled and folded. Children are safe and comfortable with theThick padded cushion and skid-proof armrest. You can keep an eye on your child and the road at the same time with this front mounted kids bike seat. It's accessible to most. The child seat's bottom support bar can be stretched, and the stretched length and pedal installation method can be adjusted to fit different types of bicycles. It is suitable for a variety of bicycles. City bicycles, folding bicycles, etc. The kids bike seat is made of high quality aluminum alloy steel pipe and sturdy metal tube and can carry a maximum weight of 50 pounds. It is durable to use. Travel fashion is full of fun because of the neat appearance. MAXIMUM SAFETY MEASURES A child bicycle seat with a safety belt and a guardrail is good protection for children to prevent falling. The design is still a maximum safety measure.

Brand: Xieeix

👤The child seat looked very sturdy and promising when it arrived. Everything changed once mounted. We tightened it as much as we could, but it still wobbles a little from side to side. I would keep it if that were the only problem. My child was leaning on the front joints that were too far forward. She was sitting down. Her fingers were getting pinched between the handlebars. It was nearly impossible for me to pedal safely because the foot supports don't lock into place. Remember the slight wobble? She was completely leaning when the bottom clasp loosened and came out of the open slat. I only went down the street for our first ride with this item. Returning and hoping for a full refund.

👤I know there isn't anything better than this review. I ride a folding e-bike. The seat holds my son very well. It has a good connection point to the frame. The kid finds it comfortable, even though there is no back. There is a The motorized option is the only one I can use because the seat gets in the way of my knees. This should be obvious, but still. It can be folded to another direction. The joints that allow the folding are delicate, so I haven't damaged it yet.

👤I bought these for a vacation where I knew there were cruiser style bikes for free. They worked well. It was easy to use, lightweight, easy to pack and didn't take up a lot of trunk space. I think they should work on traditional style bikes as well. I will try them on another bike when it gets warmer. I would have spent a lot of money to rent a whole bike for my kids, and with that option, they wouldn't have been able to keep up or go as far.

👤It is very easy to install and stable. The best child bike seat I have ever used.

👤My toddler would love a bike seat. There is a It's easy to put together. It is nice and stable. Make sure you pick the right type. There are two types for mountain bikes. Both great!

👤I liked the seat and my son liked it. There is a second support bar between the footrests. Will be back.

👤Absolutely crazy! The baby weighs 32 lbs. He is in a good position. It's easy to install.

7. AVASTA Waterproof Absorbing Accessories Bicycle,White

AVASTA Waterproof Absorbing Accessories Bicycle%EF%BC%8CWhite

We offer a 90-Day Money- Back Guarantee to make sure you are happy with your purchase. If you want to stop using the product, they will give you a refund. The rails are compatible with most seat post clamps. Soft and high-quality foam material will eliminate sore bone pain for children. The materials have been tested by the commission. A young spider. It is designed to protect your child's body and make them enjoy riding. It's easy to install with the mount. If there is a problem, there will be a full refund or replacement. The application is for something. The size is 8.7inch and fits for girls and boys bicycles.

Brand: Avasta

👤Unless an adult is less than 80 pounds, this is not an adult saddle. The seat is made better than expected. Good shape, padding, and light weight. My 12 year old is very happy.

👤The seat had missing hardware. I tried to use a bolt that I had. The picture is attached. Without the bolts, it is useless. Very disappointed. My 3 year old daughter will be disappointed tomorrow.

👤I'm satisfied with the purchase.

8. WORAMUK Carrier Bicycle Children Toddlers

WORAMUK Carrier Bicycle Children Toddlers

The child seat's width can be adjusted to fit different sized children. The front armrest can be disassembled so that the child bicycle can ensure the safety of the seat while providing maximum comfort, which is convenient for parents who take their children to ride. It is durable. The kids bike seat carrier weighs 2.5KG and is made of high-quality steel. It can be used for a long time. The spray paint on the rear mount bike seat is very smooth and odorless. There are recliners and footrests. The bike seat toddler carrier has a seat that can protect children from falling off the bike. Children's feet can be scratched if the bike seat child rear footrest is not used. It was comfortable. The toddler bike seat rear mount has a soft cushion. You and your child can enjoy riding outside. The baby bicycle seat has a load-bearing capacity of 50 kilograms and is suitable for children aged 3-7. Go to install. The back shelf of your bike should be at least 25 cm wide and 20 cm deep. You can see the pictures they give for installation examples. The installation method is detailed in the video.

Brand: Woramuk

👤The seat is what we needed for the kids. The hardware that came with us was not very good. The bolts were loosened after each ride. We went to Lowe's to buy good nuts, bolts and lock washers to replace the ones that kept falling off, because we liked the seat. We used a long piece of steel we bought and cut it to fit our bikes, but the one that came with it was too short for our bikes. The seats are perfect for what we need. Make sure you check the hardware frequently if you don't change it. There is a We added a strap as a seatbelt.

👤I used to pull her in a bike trailer, but she outgrew it. Most of the other bike seats I found on Amazon had a low weight limit and wouldn't work for her because of her age and size. Until my daughter is ready to ride her own bike, this seat will be usable. The product is easy to assemble. The hardware issue must have been fixed after I had no issues with nuts loosen after this morning's ride. The seat is fastened to the bike rack. It was nice to have my daughter behind me during our ride because she was very comfortable. Small bungee cords were used as makeshift safety belts. I highly recommend!

👤I was looking for a bike seat that would fit my 6 year old. I decided to try it after reading other reviews. I added a belt for safety, but overall I am very satisfied. I ordered a second bike. There is a The hardware has been tight for a month, so it seems like an improvement over other posts. No instructions are provided. It was easy to figure it out.

9. UPTOYO Replacement Bicycle Multiple Options

UPTOYO Replacement Bicycle Multiple Options

The kids bike saddle cushion is non-slip,durable, feel comfortable, good elastic and very soft, it protects the buttocks! Children can enjoy riding a bicycle. The rails are compatible with most seat post clamps. Unique design for comfort. The kids bike saddle has a support system that will help distribute pressure from back across the saddle and eliminate sit bone pain. It is the best gift for children to ride a bicycle. The measurement is 230mm x 150mm. It's for juvenile riders on bikes ranging from 14” to 24” They offer a 90-Day Money- Back Guarantee to make sure you are happy with your purchase. If you want to stop using the product, they will give you a refund.

Brand: Uptoyo

👤The saddle on my used mt bike was shot, but I got it for my granddaughter. The dimensions were the same and it was immediately available. It arrived the next day. I didn't need the seat mount, but it is well-made and comes with a seat clamp. The saddle has a tough plastic cover similar to leather and padding in the right places. A good adult saddle has a smaller version.

👤My grandson got a bicycle for Christmas. This is a great replacement for the seat that fell apart quickly.

👤The stall is easy to install. Black makes my child's bike look more serious and less like a toy. She says it's comfortable.

👤It works great. It's universal, cute, and soft. It's affordable!

👤The seat is easy to install and reasonably priced.

10. Thule Yepp Nexxt Child Obsidian

Thule Yepp Nexxt Child Obsidian

The child bike is lightweight and stylish. The harness is padded so it is the perfect fit. A smooth ride is provided by the shock-absorbing seat. The seat padding is soft for child comfort. A magnetic childproof safety belt can be used to quickly and easily secure a child. The seat can be mounted/dismounted in seconds. The perfect fit for a growing child is ensured by theadjustable footrests and straps.

Brand: Thule

👤I really liked this one because I can have my son in front of me, so he can enjoy more rides. I was only able to install the bike because I still had all the rings, I moved one to below the mount and it worked perfectly. You have to be sure you have 2 inches of space. On my wife's mount, I had to trim around 2mm each side to fit the screws, but a rotary tool can do it in 1min.

👤This seat is great. Is it expensive? It is light and strong, and the quick release makes it very convenient. You can go from a ride with your toddler to cross country in a few seconds. When riding with a kid on a bike, you don't need a lot of steering. Excellent recommendation!

👤I bought it for my child. It works well. I installed a beach bike and a mountain bike and both worked great. It is easy to attach and detach. It is very comfortable for the baby and the rider. It's very enjoyable to have the baby in the front.

👤The instructions are so bad that they're really instructional. Thank you. Mount jacked up the head of my bike. The bolts grind on the head shaft without a sleeve. Need a new one. The leg mounts hit the shock when they couldn't turn the handlebars. This is a mess. The company is called Thule. You can find a different seat.

👤This is a great seat. Doesn't cause the bike to fall. I can see that my child is in front of me. My daughter likes it. She seems very comfortable.

👤Love the seat. My child will bike with me as long as I want. I have it on my full suspension. I wouldn't try to ride anything more technical than a dirt path. Steering angle is limited by the foot rests.

👤It was very easy to take off. The car seat can be mounted onto both bikes with no problem. The shoulder strap could be better. Our daughter's shoulder is sliding down.

👤It is easy to install a super light. It detaches easily. The size of the neck on the bike is important.

👤How would this chair affect steering was my main concern. I was surprised at how light the steering is. It's easy to use, and riding doesn't feel that affected. The turning circle on my bike is increased, it's not a problem, but if you're cycling down a tight alley or something like that, I don't think that would be a problem. Instructions to mount on an ahead system are not present, just need to figure it out. I'll need something to hold the straps together in the middle after finding another common issue with straps falling off shoulders. There is a It's light, very light, system for getting it on and off is a little difficult at first, but it's easy once you get used to it. It's fine. It's easy to cycle with, it's secure, and it has a good view point for the child. I'm 172 cm and the child is 71 cm. I think I would be better on a hybrid bike, but it works well and is comfortable to ride. I'd buy it again if this information helped you with your purchase.

11. Gialer Child Handlebar Accessory Combo

Gialer Child Handlebar Accessory Combo

Friendly and Responsive Customer Service team provide Lifetime Free Replacement or Money back guarantee for your Kids Bike Seat. If you have a question, you can email them and they will solve it for you within 12 hours. With your child riding, you'll foster a love of mountain biking and the outdoors funny, because the child is always under their eye and care. Designed for children up to 48 lbs. The Gialer bike seat for kids is easy to fit and remove. There is an easy to follow fitting instructions for the plastic circle. Kid bike seat with installation wrench and allen key is included in the bike bell for gift and packing list. The bike bell is 1. The design and manufacture of child bicycle seats meet high quality standards. Fits all mountain bikes The kids seat can be adjusted to fit flat or sloping top tubes. The bike seat isn't suitable for e- bikes, road bikes or older bicycles with cables on the top tube. Premium quality standards for safety and comfort are designed and made. The child bike seat has rubber on it. Don't use low quality alternatives for your frame.

Brand: Gialer

👤We love the saddle. He likes being able to feel the wind and feel in control. My kid doesn't use ir despite the kids handle bar. He likes to go on the drops. I am giving this saddle a 5 star because it still fits my road bike. The frame is too close to my front wheel to be adjusted. If you have an MTB, recommend the product. You and your kids will like it.

👤It's where I get my child wherever I go and she loves it. I was using something in the rear. I will always be afraid to look back if she is there. With this one, we talk with each other and it is very lively. She talks a lot. We love this product and I love to listen to her.

👤Absolutely terrible quality. It won't be enough to prevent shifting. My 30# daughter almost fell off when she tried to push it forward on the down hill. I tried to tighten it more and it stripped the bolts. Took it off and threw it away.

👤Well built and safe. There is a My son takes his 3 year old on bike rides. Both of them love it!

👤The seats for mountain bikes are very easy to install, and at a great price.

👤I love this for my three year old. The best purchase for our family bike rides.

👤It's perfect to do exercise with my baby.

👤It worked on my cheap Walmart mountain bike.

👤The mechanical parts of a kid seat are very easy to make, and there are many videos to teach you how. I don't have power tools. The kid seat is what you want. Make sure the screw is tight under the seat.

👤No me gust, las abrazaderas no se sujetan firmemente al manillar.

👤Deja a tout le monde.

👤Vraiment amusant!


What is the best product for bicycle seat for kids?

Bicycle seat for kids products from Xieeix. In this article about bicycle seat for kids you can see why people choose the product. Uzoaso and Burley Design are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle seat for kids.

What are the best brands for bicycle seat for kids?

Xieeix, Uzoaso and Burley Design are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle seat for kids. Find the detail in this article. Shotgun, Cyclingdeal and Xieeix are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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